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Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius and Astrology Forecast May 31- June 6

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We let you know this current Eclipse Season was beginning at the Gemini New Moon on May 22.

And what a powerful and disturbing week it was after that New Moon in Gemini.

What happened during this last week gives us a sense of some of the issues that will be important during this Eclipse Season.

The first actual eclipse is this coming Friday June 5 at 3:12 PM EDT.

The issues that were initiated last week that will be themes for this Eclipse Season are so evident.

An African American man, named George Floyd,  was being held by police in Minneapolis Minnesota for apparently passing a counterfeit bill for $20 at a local store.

He had no weapon and was said not to have resisted arrest.   A policeman put his knee down on the prone man’s neck.   Mr Floyd was heard on the video of this incident crying out because he could not breathe.  He was held down in that position for almost 10 minutes, during which time he died.

He was murdered. And several other policemen stood watching and did not intervene to save Mr. Floyd.

Protests have turned into riots not only in Minneapolis, but in cities all over the country.  The collective anger from African Americans and also from people of all colors, is pent up rage from the injustices perpetrated against them since they were put into slavery during the early days of America.

The Civil War of 1860-1865 was largely a war between slave holders in the South and people in the North. The North was considered as a country called the United States, led by President Abraham Lincoln at that time.

This was the first major culture war in the USA. And that Culture War still exists in the USA.

This culture war has been more evident over the last few years, especially since a Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville Virginia in August 2017, one that was filled with white supremacists. That turned into riots that ended up killing a young woman.

It happened during the Summer Eclipse Season of 2017, whose planetary highlight was a Total Solar Eclipse in Leo.

This time, rage will likely continue and increase in intensity, as people are fed up with the injustice that has lasted so long in America.  The ’60s brought some breakthroughs, but the job was not finished then, nor was the movement into the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

Another issue that got strong last week was the war of words between China and the USA over Hong Kong and China’s newly passed law giving it more security controls over the island that is democratic and very capitalistic.

China is threatening more controls over Hong Kong. And it last week threatened to use force against Taiwan if it tried to become independent from China.

War of words also got strong with Iran, which brought oil to Venezuela.

Also last week, countries, including the USA, have opened up more out of  lock-downs caused by the Covid Virus.

And though the Stock Market has been recently mainly going upward, the economy in the USA is on shaky ground since Covid began its power over humanity last winter.

The USA Empire is eroding from the outside and the inside now, as did the Roman Empire which began around the time of the beginning of the Pisces Age, which is beginning to end now. The Age of Aquarius is waiting in the wings.

This Eclipse Season is already important and powerful as was the last one, which was last winter.  That Eclipse Season, along with the devastating Pluto conjunct Saturn in Capricorn, opened the gates for the Virus and breakdown of the Stock Market.

So this week as we move into the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Sagittarius on Friday, it is best to ride the wave of change and release what in your life needs to go now.

With Venus Retrograde at the same time (until June 25), this Eclipse Season will have relationship issues in the spotlight of our lives, all kinds of relationship including romantic, family, and friends.

This is a majorly good time to make changes in relationship, to look old toxic patterns “right in the eye”, at the core of the problems.

From there one can experience what needs to be accepted, what needs to be worked on, what needs to be changed and transformed, what needs to end.

The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon has the Sun in Gemini exactly opposite the Moon in Sagittarius. This combination promises needs for much communication now.  Gemini is in charge of the objective facts and details, expressing the message, and clear communication.

Sagittarius is in charge of intuitive understandings, finding meaning, providing the bigger picture, and working for solutions.

Neptune and Mars in Pisces are square to the Sun and Moon of the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius. This forms a strong mutable T-Square, which pulls us in three different directions, and can cause stress and anxiety in many people.

So clarity will be most important as the tendency will be for some fogginess or difficulty in understanding what is being said.

From a more positive viewpoint, the Pisces planets can help bring in a more imaginative perspective with liberal use of metaphor and image to explain what is not readily understood.

And of course keep in mind that Venus is Retrograde during this Lunar Eclipse, so old relationships or old relationship and communication patterns will likely be present.

Releasing the attachment to those old relationships in our minds and hearts is quite possible at this time.  And with that release, the old stuck patterns that came with those relationships can also be released.

We are moving into the Age of Aquarius and there is much work to be done in letting go of the old consciousness.

The old consciousness will fight to stay alive. The old world will fight to stay alive.

And out in the greater world “out there” there may be military action taken in our cities and martial law enacted.  Chaos versus Order is likely to be part of what happens during these transitional times.  There already is the growing chaos of the Virus, volatile Stock Market, and riots in the cities.

It is not out of the realm of possibility that that chaos and lack of control will cause an over-reaction of domination and rigid control by government forces.

There is much more Eclipse Season coming after this week’s Lunar Eclipse. There is an unusual 3 eclipses in row. The next two eclipses will be a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer on Summer Solstice, and another Lunar Eclipse in Cancer/Capricorn on 4th of July.

Mercury will join Venus being in Retrograde on June 17; and there is another Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn on June 30.

Please join me in my next Webinar on June 6, just after the Lunar Eclipse on June 5.

It is a powerful time for the webinar which will put world events in perspective, look at charts of world leaders and countries, view charts of candidates for President and Vice President, make prediction of coming events, and deeply discuss how our personal lives and consciousness will be open for transformation now. Change is here, the old normal is gone, a new normal has not yet formed. Let’s look at the Big picture and our Age of Aquarius.

The fee for the Webinar is $20 payable through PayPal.   It is on Saturday June 6 at 10:30 AM PDT and will last until around 12:30 PM. Questions and comments at the end will be very welcome.  The Webinar will be on Zoom. If interested in registering please write Leo at

Till next week,


My next Webinar is on June 6, the day after the first Eclipse on June 5.  it will be powerful and informative. Write me at to register or for more information.

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Now it Begins and Astrology Forecast May 24-30

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We are less than two weeks away from the 1st of 3 eclipses in a row: a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius on June 5.

Just last Friday May 22 there was a Gemini New Moon, which effectively began bringing in the first breezes from Eclipse Season, which will show us increasing winds of change.

For many people these first breezes will show the way into an Eclipse Season that has relating, relationships and communicating as central themes.

Gemini, ruled  by messenger  of the gods Mercury, has much to do with sharing information and communicating.

On May 13 Venus,  Goddess of Love and relationships, went Retrograde. It will stay Retrograde until June 25.

So  we can say with confidence that a central theme of this Eclipse Season will be about relating and communication.

Adding to the theme of communication and relating is the fact that Mercury will also go Retrograde on June 17/18, in the middle of this current Eclipse Season, which has its 3rd and last eclipse happening on July 4/5: a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn.

It will be very important during this Eclipse Season to be very present for what one is saying and listening to.  Being present means in part, going deeper than our biases and truly hearing what someone is trying to convey.

Our biases are often governed by our traumas or past wounds, our being often misunderstood or “not seen”.

As a result we often go directly into defensive position, and from there will not truly “hear” what someone is trying to relate to us.

And the opposite is true too. When you speak to someone, they may have their biases blocking their ability to truly hear what you are trying to communicate to them.

During Venus and Mercury Retrograde, with the energetic volume turned up by the Eclipses, it will be easy to mess up our relating and communicating. So best to stay aware and conscious.

Keep in mind that Venus Retrograde intends to put relationship issues front and center in our consciousness and lives.  All kinds of relationship apply, of course often that means our more intimate romantic relationships.

Relationship patterns that began with earlier relationships will need to be examined and processed.

Memories from earlier relationship events, especially those we were traumatized by, will come flying back into our faces.

Actual people from earlier relationship events will come back to us through dreams, waking memories, or actually in the flesh.

I saw today that Jeff Sessions, who was the Attorney General for Trump’s early Cabinet, has come back to Trump’s consciousness as Sessions is now running for Senator in Alabama.

Trump showed he is still upset at Sessions for being in his integrity and ruled by the law, when he recused himself from leading the investigation against Russia. Do either Trump or Sessions have something to learn about relationships from that encounter?

Social media has brought us another way that old relationships and relationship patterns can show themselves to us again.

Of course family relationships will be prominent during this Eclipse Season, with Venus and Mercury Retrograde.

And of course those relationship patterns from our families, as far back as our childhood,  can severely affect the state of our current relationships.

And the benefit from these times of relationship processing, is that we have the opportunity to transform old relationship patterns and to release those old stories and wounds. Sometimes we need to release the relationship itself or at least cut down on time spent with someone.

Also often we need to let go of our over- attachment to family, in order to respect  ourselves more and to grow more fully into our authentic self and more out of our old ego self, which is held by the old stories that keep us stuck. Those old stories give us a mirror that keeps us feeling bad about ourselves and it needs to be broken.

This Eclipse Season will shake up our reality even more than it has been shaken up this year.

This applies to events out in the world.  Perhaps some of the shakeup will be an improvement from what we have been forced into with Covid and the Economy.

But also perhaps the shakeup will drive us deeper into these challenging times.

If Covid continues strongly, the economy will continue to be greatly affected, and that will alter many facets of our lives that have not been truly touched yet.

Out in the greater world, China versus the USA is heating up; Iran versus the USA and Israel is heating up; the presidential election is fast approaching.

Elizabeth Warren’s chart looks especially good for future leadership in the USA and world.  Kamala Harris also has planetary placements that are conducive to leadership in the USA.

Biden and Trump both fit what it takes astrologically to win this coming election, but honestly Trump’s chart looks somewhat better to me.

A change of who is candidate for President for the Democratic Party may be necessary for it to win. Or the selection of Harris or Warren, especially Warren, as Vice President, could push the lever to the Democrats this coming election.

All in All, the overriding direction is toward the Age of Aquarius and its new consciousness and evolution of the human species.  The overall movement is also toward healing the Earth and it environment.

No matter which way the election turns, the revolution and evolution of the people, country, and world cannot be stopped.

Even in your own life, you must have had events that looked horrible when they occurred, but turned out to be a blessing in disguise seen from the bigger picture of your  life overall now.

The loss of a marriage or relationship for many people, for instance, has brought to them later a life or relationship that is an improvement from what they had.  Such is the nature of transformation.

Do we need Trump again to get us to make revolution and truly transform our country back to its original values, it Aquarian values of Equality; “of the People, by the People and for the People”; and Diversity within Unity.

Do we need another term for Trump in order to more fully embrace Love and Truth as leading the way for a New Age?

Maybe we don’t. Maybe the last few years has begun the process of changing this world, transforming it from its roots into a fair and just world, one that has moved beyond the Paradigm of Patriarchy and hope for Matriarchy.

Hopefully we are ready for a world of equality and connection of opposites, just like the Yin/Yang symbol.  We do not need to compete to be at our best.  We need to be our best because we desire to be the best we can be.

All relationships will improve when the war to dominate and/or control the “other” ends.

Keep that in mind as these Retrogrades and Eclipses pass through our world now.

Till next week,


My next Webinar is on June 6, the day after the first Eclipse on June 5.  it will be powerful and informative. Write me at to register or for more information.

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Winds of Eclipse Season Blowing In and Astrology Forecast May 17-23

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

There is an energy shift this week.  Taurus’ calm comfort and connection to its senses and need for security;  shifts into Gemini’s mental questioning, curiosity, open possibilities and interests, and desire to learn and communicate.

In a nutshell, we shift from a concentration on the physical and practical, into the mind and information sharing.

This shift happens because the Sun moves from Taurus to Gemini on Wednesday the 20th; then on Friday the 22nd the Moon joins the Sun in Gemini to form a New Moon in Gemini.  That sets the tone for the next month.

Keep in mind that Venus is already in Gemini, where it went Retrograde on the 12th/13th; and Mercury is in Gemini too, its favored sign.

We move our concentration from body, security, practicality, and calm grounding; to faster thinking, talking, and faster general movement.

Also energies will be overall intensifying as the New Moon in Gemini signifies the beginning of Spring/Summer Eclipse Season 2020.

The first actual eclipse will be on June 5, a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius.  It will be followed by a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer at Summer Solstice.

And this Eclipse Season brings us a more unusual third eclipse:  another Lunar Eclipse Full Moon, this time in Cancer/Capricorn on July 4 USA birthday.

This is the first Eclipse Season since the onset of Covid 19 and the Stock Market dive.  The Gateway for those events opened at the last Eclipse Season in January, when Saturn made conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn.

Those Eclipses and Saturn/Pluto warned us that our old world “normal” was being destroyed so a new world could be ushered in.

And so much focus has been on the destructive forces of the Virus and the falling economy, and how to go back to normal.

Normal as we knew it is going away.

As the new Eclipse Season is rapidly approaching, our energy needs to transition from the old normal to what our New Chapter will become.

It may be best for us now to spend less time listening and watching the mass media or traveling through social media, or getting too involved with conspiracies.

In other words, it may be best now to get more involved with true Life, with a sense of Purpose, with living an authentic Life unfettered by the programming tentacles of Mainstream Society.

Spending more time in Nature and/or Meditation and Spiritual practice will be very helpful for jumping off the train of Covid and Money worries. which is headed for disaster.

We cannot truly influence or stop that train’s journey into Nightmare; but we can look into the growing light of a New Age of Love and Truth, Diversity Within Unity,  greater Soul and Spirit, healing the Earth and each other, and living a life with more of a sense of individual and collective purpose and authenticity.

Yes we still need to be aware of the dark dramas unfolding; we need to keep some caution and be safe; we need our empathy and compassion for those who are suffering.

But we do not need to be immersed in the dark stories; be enveloped in fear or panic; or make important decisions based on “negative” thinking.

We can think and feel “outside the box” of the culture’s programming and its dying paradigm.  We can envision, work toward, and move toward the energy and light emanating from the frequencies and consciousness of an evolving Age of Aquarius.

Where we choose to immerse our minds, hearts, and souls determines so much of our destiny.

We cannot always influence what will happen to us or our world. Yet we can greatly influence how we respond and react to what is dropped on us, like this virus and downturn of the economy. And how we respond can greatly affect future destiny.

We do not need to react with great fear and panic. We can instead respond with love and faith in where we are moving toward.

We can experience all the connections all around, and know that all happens meaningfully even if we do not immediately know the meaning.

We can connect with others of like mind and heart, joining together in a “family” Circle of those who know the Truth at a deeper level and know that Love permeates the Universe.

Covid does not rule the Universe, nor does it rule our human experience here on Earth.  Do we need to demonize this virus?  Death comes to us, sooner or later.  That is the true “demon” we are all afraid of.

But every death is accompanied by Birth- sooner or somewhat later.

A New Age is squirming in its womb. The community of humanity who will nurture it and raise it are now experiencing very strong labor pains.

Keep remembering the Birth is on its way. It is a Birth containing the Evolution of human into the New Human.   We will talk more about that New Human in future writings of Perspectives from the Sky.

For now, let us prepare for the Spring/Summer Eclipse Season that begins late this week.  Keep an eye on personal and global issues as they come up in your consciousness.

Remember Venus has gone Retrograde and will stay there for much of the Eclipse Season.   As a result old relationship patterns may be experienced.

Past relationships will likely come up strongly in your memory, dreams, or in real life as someone resurfaces in your life.

Since we will be in Eclipse Season for much of the Venus Retrograde time period, we can expect greater intensity and importance of those relationship issues.

The possibility of relationship crisis is greater than usual.  The possibility of transformation out of old relationship patterns is greater than usual as well.

Out in the greater world,  this Eclipse Season will shake up the “old normal” some more, showing us new ways of being.

Power structures in the greater world are shifting too, so be more aware of what that means and will mean in our world.   Allies in different groups of nations and cultures are forming. Nationalism is growing stronger, as it did prior to WWII.

But Globalism is also growing, as nations are also forming together with desires to heal the planet and the human family.

Those two movements, Nationalism and Globalism, will set the table for Diversity Within Unity in the Age of Aquarius.

See you next week,


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Riding the Roller Coaster and Astrology Forecast November 25- December 1.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The recent Full Moon in Gemini and Venus being Retrograde are in our rear view mirrors now.

So now we are in the waning half of the lunar cycle, and we still have Mercury in Retrograde motion.

Later on in early December, on the day of the New Moon in Sagittarius, Mercury will also go Direct that day:  December 6. That day also represents the first winds of change for Eclipse Season 2019 blowing in.

So on December 6 there will be a strong feeling of moving forward.

From now till then, we are moving kinda downward and inward in anticipation and preparation for that important movement forward after the 6th.

For the last few months we have been confronting and attempting to resolve and heal various relationships and relationship patterns.

This has been and is essential, as working out these relationship patterns is helping to build the foundation of our New Chapter of life more fully and strongly.

No one wants too much heavy baggage to carry as we travel more fully into this New Chapter.

Some have gone back into childhood wounds and issues, or even past life relationship issues in order to work through the inner demons of relating that keep us stuck.

Letting go of the past relationship baggage means we need to let go of the old stories and dramas in our heads and hearts.

For instance, if you are telling yourself that nothing ever works out for you in relationships,  you need to confront that story inside yourself.

If you have told yourself that all men are selfish or that all women are conniving, for instance, then that will limit your ability to draw in men or women who are good for you.

And you know sometimes it is so difficult to let go of these stories, as we apparently have much proof from the past that will prove our point.

But this is the chicken that came before the egg, as believing something will tend to make it happen.

But regardless of which came first, the negative event or the negative belief, confronting the belief will serve you well.

Maybe a large part of the true reason no relationship has ever worked for you before is that you do not really like or respect yourself.  This can be worked on and resolved or healed sufficiently to help you let go of the story and attract better relationships.

So now, with Mercury still Retrograde, Venus not yet back to “normal”, and the lunar cycle in its darkening phase; we still are pausing and maybe rewinding our life memories in order to build healthier more functional relationships and lives.

Remember also that Jupiter is now in expansive, progressive, inspiring,  uplifting, and adventurous Sagittarius.

For the next year, while Jupiter stays in Sagittarius, you will have more ability to see things from a wider perspective, and more help in finding meaning or resolution for issues that have previously held you back.

And also remember that in January 2019 we will experience 2 more powerful eclipses, eclipses that are meant to help us break out of stuck places in our minds, hearts, and lives.

And this weekend, going into Monday/Tuesday, we will feel things opening up more as the Sun makes exact conjunction with Jupiter in Sagittarius on the 26th.

For many this will translate into desires for expansiveness, freedom, and/or travel and adventure.

Just keep in mind that Mercury is still Retrograde, so it is best not to be too impulsive or to jump to conclusions too quickly. That is one of the “side-effects” of the rising of spirit from Jupiter and Sagittarius.

Best now to process our thoughts and emotions, to find higher meaning for our lives,  and to get more in touch with what inspires us.

You can think more about final decisions, or taking action after the 6th or December, and probably not till after early January.

We enter the 4th and last quarter of the lunar cycle on Thursday the 29th, with the Moon in Virgo and Sun in Sagittarius.

We will receive a dose of sobering reality to counter any ideas or plans that are over inflated, grandiose, or in some cases just too positive.

Sag has a tendency to see the “glass as half full”, while Virgo has a tendency to see the “glass as half empty”. Truth lies somewhere in between.

On Friday the 30th, Venus in Libra will oppose Uranus in Aries. 

The days surrounding this planetary event will bring to some a breakthrough or awakening around relationships that have previously felt stuck. For others it will be a breaking away or freeing from an old relationship pattern or even liberation from a person.

Venus is no longer Retrograde, but it still has not gone back to where it started in Retrograde, which is a significant fact. It will be back to that place on December 17, completing that Venus cycle and completing the investigation and repairing of relationship.

Remember this can be a romantic relationship but also can be a family one, or friendship, or work related relationship.

In the greater world now, everything is certainly way out of healthy balance. So much is shaking up and breaking down. As we have been letting you know would happen, the stock market has been going down.

Saturn in Capricorn has been opposing the USA natal Venus and Jupiter in Cancer. And Uranus has been squaring the USA natal Pluto in Capricorn in its 2nd house (money, comfort, and security).

Eclipse Season will bring that same transiting Saturn to oppose the USA natal Sun in Cancer, while a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn will also oppose the USA Sun in Cancer.

Saturn and Capricorn are not expansive. They contract and limit. They represent gravity and hence bringing down to Earth.

This will mean more stock market downfall, though it may have a short up-lift as part of the process.

Our economy is transforming. Eventually, and hopefully there will be a good balance between capitalism and socialism as the result.

And Trump will face more slings and arrows thrown his way, especially by Mueller who heads the investigations of Trump.

And combative issues with Iran, Russia, Syria, China, and North Korea will soon expand also.

Cries for solutions for Climate Change will get louder and louder now also.

All is part of the enormous transformation of the country and world. Uncontrolled fear and panic are our only real enemies.

We are in certain movement toward the Age of Aquarius; and this current transition into a New Chapter of our collective and personal lives leads us into that New Age, which will begin with baby steps in the 2020’s, pretty much after the next presidential election.

Keep the faith, keep fighting for what you believe in, be aligned with the natural energies, frequencies and cycles of  the Universe, and keep your center and integrity during this roller coaster ride of our lives now.

Till next week,





Breaking the Chains and Astrology Forecast November 11-17.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This past week was really intense for many.  Wednesday and Thursday brought a New Moon in Scorpio followed by the passage of Jupiter from Scorpio (where it had been for the last year) into Sagittarius (where it will be for the next year).

“Out with the old and in with the new” was a common theme, a theme which continues as one’s New Chapter of life is becoming more clear.

As Election Day was just before these important planetary passages, that fact plays into the Old Chapter/New Chapter theme.

Democrats took over the House of Representatives while Republicans kept dominance of the Senate.  And so now Democrats will have more power and will use that power to seriously counter the Trump presidency.

That shift in power will help define the New Chapter politically and culturally, as the so-called USA culture war goes to a whole new level.

And each of us is being “persuaded” to know more surely where we stand and what we believe.  It is more challenging now to keep a middle ground observation view between these two opposing forces,

And in many ways these two opposing cultural viewpoints are about the past and future, though most involved would likely not see it that way.

Conservative by definition is about keeping things as they have been, and Progressive by definition is about progress.

Much of what Trump and his followers want is “make America great again” which infers going back to the past.

So much is changing now in such a big way. Look at gender roles and expressions, as can be seen through transgender people and their rights.  Look at the growing influence of AI.   Some are seeing that robots will replace humans sexually, as sex robot brothels are opening up in the country.  New kinds of relationship are being explored with more people attracted to open relationships and poly-amorous relationships.

And some people are concerned that current minorities like African-Americans and Hispanics will before too long become the majority in the country, hence the fear of some white people.

And women are becoming more empowered than ever, which scares some who see old traditions and old religious gender roles dying. An accepted Patriarchy is seen to be passing away.

And underneath all this is a shift of power, as those who have long held power and privilege are losing it and know it.

In a healthier world we bring along with us some old ways and traditions, but we do not bring it back.  We move forward into a NEW world.

And the old privilege is certainly leaving our world, which is headed to greater fairness and equality.

And minorities will be in the majority before too long also.

And LGBTQ peoples will more and more be accepted in our new world, this is certain.

But other changes are up for discussion. Do we truly want robot sex brothels?  How far do we want to go with AI and robots in general.

And do we want to let go of traditional relationships and monogamy?  Do we want there to be choice in these matters? And are open relationships right for our world and society?

In a healthy culture there are kind and respectful discussions about matters like these, and some conservative ideas are taken with us as we progress into the future.  We decide together- No culture war!

But we all know that is not happening right now.  There is culture war.

There would not be a war if everyone rode this wave we are all experiencing, which cannot deny a changing world into a New Chapter and even bigger a New Age.

And then together we sort through that which is inevitable in this New Age, that which can be preserved from the old world, and that which is open to discussion.

Overall we are progressing into a world of Diversity Within Unity, equality and fairness, Love and Truth.  And as long as we stay true to those principles, all else will naturally form as it needs to.

So now as we pass the New Moon in Scorpio and get used to a full year of Jupiter in Sagittarius, we have begun to liberate ourselves from the parts of our individual lives that feel trapped and chained.

In essence, we are each free spirits that are adjusting to a world of matter and form.  This is how I believe we need to know life now.

From that view, we hold our spirits and souls in the highest regard, but also realize we came to this world of form for a reason, to actualize and manifest purpose.

We develop a healthy relationship between spirit and matter, and then this is the foundation for our personal and global transition into an Age of Aquarius.

This week,  we begin to open the wings of our spirits as we get used to Jupiter in Sagittarius.

For some this last week has been painful as the baggage from our old conditioning has weighed us and our wings down.  We need more work in resolving our past and releasing our old patterns and ways.

And of course as Venus stays in Retrograde, relationships are an important part of our transition. Old relationship patterns that do not serve our souls and lives are being transformed.

In some cases these relationships need to be released and let go of, as difficult as that may be.  Chains need to be broken now, hopefully through discussions between people, but if not unilateral breaking is necessary.

And at the end of this week Venus leaves Retrograde and goes back Direct. That happens on Friday November 16.

We then begin to get more clarity and direction about relationship, and we begin the process of needed change. Remember however, that Venus does not get back to the position it started its Retrograde movement at until December 17.

So clarity, direction, and needed changes in relationship may take some time longer for many.

Interestingly, on the same day as Venus goes Direct (Friday November 16), Mercury goes Retrograde.

Yes Mercury goes Retrograde this Friday November 16.   So confusion may be strong around this time.

Both Mercury and Venus are about relating. Mercury through the mind and Venus through the heart.

So mind and heart are seeking a new balance between one another. With Venus going Direct, our heart matter begin to clear up. But Mercury going Retrograde suggests our thinking and mental communications are readjusting.

As usual, Mercury Retrograde shifts our mental outlook, prompting us to be more reflective and “right-brained”.  We may also question what we have previously decided.

Additionally, people from our past may come back to us in our dreams, thoughts and in reality.  And this is just after Venus Retrograde may have done that with us.

Remember to let the process unfold without jumping to any fast conclusions. Mercury stays Retrograde until  December 6, when it goes back Direct again.

Much is in flux still, yet all is moving toward greater freedom from old programming, toward healthier relationships, and bigger steps into the consciousness of the Age of Aquarius.

Till next week,


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Robots and Zombies, and Astrology Forecast October 21-27

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week’s spotlight is on the Taurus Full Moon, Wednesday October 24 at 12:45 PM EDT.  This is not the typical Taurus Full Moon, as Uranus is closely conjunct the Moon. Additionally Retrograde Venus in Scorpio makes an opposition to that same Moon in Taurus.

The action gets started this week on Tuesday the 23rd when the Sun makes its annual entry into Scorpio. That happens at 7:22 AM EDT.

The relative civility of Sun in Libra gives way to the primal passion of Sun in Scorpio.  Since some of that civility of Libra has been compromised already (witness the Kelly/Bolton profanity laced blow-up in the White House this past week), I can only imagine what this Scorpio time period will be like this month.

Jupiter is still in Scorpio also, where it has been for almost a year now.  It moves into the fire light of Sagittarius on November 8, 2 days after Election Day in the USA.

So this week will likely be quite intense, and with Uranus’ influence “out of the ordinary”,  “out of control”, and for some “out of their minds”.

Intensity may accelerate as soon as Monday morning when the Moon moves into forceful Aries, then increases when the Sun moves into Scorpio on Tuesday.

And by Tuesday we will also be feeling the power of this Full Moon in Taurus.

Uranus in the Full Moon signature shakes up the same-old status quo normality (whatever is left of it).

So expect sudden turns of focus and events.  Taurus is a fixed earth sign, and as such it usually provides stability, comfort, and security.

Yet the Sun conjunct Venus in Scorpio- opposing that steady Moon in Taurus, promises passion and emotional power in contrast.

And Uranus in Taurus is very closely conjunct the Moon in Taurus and opposite the Sun and Venus in Scorpio.

Venus is Retrograde in Scorpio, which suggests relationships will intensify and get shaken up some more.  This is especially true for any relationships that are already troubled, or which have previously pushed important issues “under the rug” of daylight consciousness.

The strength of this Full Moon may push some to the edge.

There is a drama building in regards to refugees coming over the border from Mexico into southern USA.

The aforementioned blowup between Bolton and Kelly was over this issue. Bolton favors the military going down to the Mexican/USA border and stopping anyone from crossing into America. Trump apparently agrees more with this approach.

Kelly on the other hand favors a more tempered approach that is not so hard-line.

This Full Moon in Taurus is made of fixed signs Taurus and Scorpio, which means there is a lot of stubborn digging in with one’s beliefs and needs- not much room for compromise.  It can be like a “tug-of-war” between people.

Taurus can quite stubbornly hold the line and not budge.  But Sun/Venus in Scorpio can push for its agenda in quite intensely powerful ways.

And then Uranus in Taurus can create chaotic circumstances to help break issues and events open, facilitate breakthroughs, and break down anything in its way.

So order versus chaos is a potential theme of this Full Moon in Taurus.

You can expect order to begin to break down, and then as a result some will use more oppressive means so order can be restored.

In your personal life relationships are already in the spotlight with Venus Retrograde until November 16Now with Venus still Retrograde, Uranus in the Full Moon structure will help you to break away from any relationships or relationship patterns you are stuck in.

Uranus is great for helping people think out side boxes of limitation, awakening people to look at things in all new ways.   And in this process, Uranus helps to free or liberate people from situations or mindsets they were previously trapped in.

Uranus was discovered in 1781, during the USA revolution and France’s revolution too.

Uranus is the “ruling” planet of Aquarius, so is the ruling planet of the Age of Aquarius.

Each of us deserves to be free of the cultural programming that starts the day we are born into families and societies that have created paradigms we are all herded into.

Now as we transition out of the Age of Pisces and into the Age of Aquarius, de-programming is essential and there for us when needed.

And with Uranus strong this week, we can each make real progress on our soul’s journey into more free minds and hearts.

To me it is pretty obvious we need a revolution again, out of the corporate dominated, materialistic society we are brought up in.

We are free souls, free spirits, and free minds first and foremost.

Yes we may need structures and rules to live by to keep a somewhat ordered and moral way of living.   But those structures and rules need to be made to lovingly support our free spirits, not to dominate and control them.

Our hearts belong to ourselves and the Universe, not to a nation, not even to a family.

Somehow we have been hypnotized in giving our power away to the state, which is now governed by big money and big military, not truly serving the people.

Yes you may seem to get security benefits from an allegiance to the nation and its rules,  but at what price?  In many cases, slowly but surely heart and soul fall asleep, spirit dies.

Zombies are metaphorically real. Movies and shows about them have been so popular because there is a ring of truth to them.. More and more people are “walking dead”, without knowing it.  They stop thinking for themselves, and instead make knee jerk opinions that are always loyal to the “team” they are on.  An example is liberals versus conservatives.

Politics has become more like a team sport or better yet army war games.

You are different from me and so you are my enemy? People do not even try to understand where someone from the other team are coming from. They have lost the ability to think and feel for themselves.

They have robotic reactions to everything important. No wonder robots are being thought to replace humans in so many ways. Robots and zombies- our future?

Till next week


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Reconciling Past and Present, and Astrology Forecast October 13-19.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The New Moon in Libra square Pluto blew in very powerfully last Monday the 8th.  Adding to the intensity, Venus had gone Retrograde in Scorpio just 3 days earlier.

As we wrote last week that is a powerful dose of underworld intensity from Pluto/Scorpio energies.

And we mentioned how Kali would be connected to the powerful planetary movements as a counter to the Kavanaugh events of the previous week.

So what came just about a day and a half after the New Moon in Libra?   There was an 800 point drop in the USA stock Market (followed by an over 500 point drop the next day).  And on the same day the wrath of Mother Nature brought a huge and devastating Hurricane to Southeast USA.

Deep and powerful transformation was at work this past week.  The old Paradigm, which includes the “old boy’s club”, is being shaken up.  The economic structures that keep it propped up were threatened this last week, and you can expect more to come.

The Military/Industrial Complex is the power of the Empire, and so both economy and military might are in the process of being challenged by extraordinary events.

In your personal life, relationships are at the top of the list for being looked at now. That is because Venus has just gone Retrograde (until November 16), and the Venus-ruled Libra New Moon had transformational Pluto in its signature.

Relationships of the past come back into our awareness (through dreams, memories, and real-time reconnections).  This is often “romantic” relationships, but many times it is family and friend interactions instead.

These old relationships may remind us of the old patterns, the old disappointments, the traumas and wounds, the disillusions. They also may remind us of more loving times.

We are often, as a result, given the opportunity to change the patterns, or to release the past, or just to remember how it used to be.  Healing can also come as a result of revisiting.

Sometime after the end of the Retrograde period, we will feel we can move on into a  New Relationship Chapter.

Current relationships can be shook up during Venus Retrograde, shook up so we can look deeper and more realistically at the condition of said relationships.  And then we can choose to change the patterns, end the relationship (or at least its current form), or keep it just the ways it is (not as likely a result).

And remember this can be family or friend or work relationships too.  Family relationship issues are quite common during Venus Retrograde.

Last week we did not include some other Venus issues that can be experienced during Venus Retrograde.

Venus is not only the ruling planet for relationship oriented Libra. It is also the ruling planet for Taurus.

That means that during Venus Retrograde, we may also experience important issues around money, land, house changes, body and health issues, and security issues in general.

Whatever comes up in those regards need to be processed as much as possible, often without ultimate resolution or answers being easily found.

But after Venus goes back Direct those solutions, clarity and direction are more available.

Keep in mind that in the bigger picture we are moving out of an Old Chapter of our lives and into a New Chapter.

Whatever we are being confronted with now during Venus Retrograde is for the purpose of sorting out what needs to be released, or instead what can come with us during this transition into a new phase of life.

And of course the greater world we live in is going through this same transition.  It is not mere coincidence that Election Day is smack dab within the time of Venus Retrograde.

What happens then will help determine what our next collective chapter will look like. Will the Trump culture get a boost to continue what it has been doing?

Or will there be a shift that shows us the beginning of a turn in a different direction?

So this Venus Retrograde (which includes Election Day) will be a big turning point in our human culture’s travels into a New Chapter and eventually a New Age.

No matter what ,we are headed for the Age of Aquarius,; but the condition of the ride there will be affected by this time period.

How intense will the USA culture wars get?  How much can we bring some sanity back into our world? Is the old boy’s club beginning to break up?  How far will our stock market and economy need to fall?  How much will the world power structure start to change and how destructive will that be?

And more importantly, how much are we leaving behind the paradigm of “survival of the fittest” “dog eat dog” mentality? How much are we instead entering a collective consciousness of equality and fairness, of Diversity in Unity, of Love and Truth guiding our human path?

How far have we come to knowing all of our lives are meaningful, with signs, symbols and synchronicities showing the way?

Have we come to realize we are all connected and in fact All is connected? Do we understand that Soul energizes our temporary body vehicles, so we can serve our purposes this incarnation?

Do we know that Natural Cycles and Seasons govern the Nature of the Earth, but also our Solar System and Universe and all our human lives?

We are each held in the arms of our Mother/Father Spirit Source, safe and secure in its Love.  This is larger and more powerful than any society, corporation, government, tyrant or Empire.

This week we continue through the lunar cycle begun at the New Moon in Libra on October 8. We enter the 2nd quarter of the cycle on Tuesday the 16th of October.  Venus Retrograde continues this week.  The Full Moon in Taurus is on October 24.

Also this week, Third-Eye related Mercury in Scorpio makes insightful conjunct connection to Venus Retrograde,  and trines Neptune in Pisces.

This is a great week to go deeper, to go inside where core truths reside.

Till next week,


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