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True to Self and Astrology Forecast June 3-9

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week there is comedown of energies and affairs as we enter the 4th and last quarter of the lunar cycle on Wednesday June 6. The Moon is in Pisces that day, another indication of slowing down and trusting the flow more.

Yes the Moon is waning in its last quarter, but the Sun and Mercury are in Gemini, so mental activity is moving fast and needs to communicate are strong.

Next week, as the 4th quarter Moon ends at the New Moon in Gemini on the 13th, mental agility and communication needs will increase exponentially.

The on again off again USA/North Korea summit meeting for June 12, just before that new moon,  is on again and of course the Gemini communication focus should help in making everything more mentally clear during that meeting.

And Trump’s birthday is on the 14th, but his Solar Return is actually on the day of that New Moon at 8:24 PM EDT.  This all happens conjunct the USA natal Mars, a planet of the military.  This should be an important day for the USA and Trump, but maybe in a way not anticipated.

We are at such an important time in the evolution of humanity on Planet Earth.

We are in transition into an Age of Aquarius; and since the Portal busted open on April 15 this year, we are in a New Chapter of life, closer to that new age.

It is important for all of us to be true to our individual authentic self now.  That is an important part of this transition. When we are not true to Self, we are giving the middle finger to whatever created us just how we are.

Or do you instead believe in original sin, which means from the day of our birth we should apologize for who we are.

Sure we each have karma to work out from our past lives, but that does not mean we are bad by nature and should feel guilty for who we are.

Learn from mistakes, improve your self, take responsibility for your self and what you have done.  But don’t let anything you have done make you hate yourself or feel you are worthless or bad.

If you do feel guilty or worthless, you will then try to live up to that judgment and hence will magnetically bring in people and situations that will reflect back to you that poor judgment of yourself.

Let go of guilt,  let go of judging your worth,  or feeling you are not deserving of love or a good life.

The better you truly feel about your self, not from an ego place, but from a heart and soul place, the better person you will be.

Truly loving yourself helps you to be loving. Hating yourself helps you to be hateful.

As more and more people hate and judge unfairly, it becomes contagious. Do you really believe that unhappy people will develop a world full of love?

And if you hate yourself, you will spread misery all around.  So forget about original sin, as it says there is something wrong with us from the day we are born.

And our culture and many religions perpetuate the paradigm that tells us we need to be different than who we are, and we need to live up to something in order to be loved.

You may need to live up to something to be successful or to accomplish something important, but you should not have to live up to anything in order to be loved!!

Sure we each need to develop an awareness and sensitivity for others in relationship and culturally, but that does not mean we are bad or no good if we do not always relate properly.

That old paradigm actually creates “bad people” or “goody good people”, both of which are unnatural.

As soon as the identity becomes “I am a bad person”, you know that becomes ingrained and he or she will certainly act it out and become it chronically.

It is so important to release the old programming now as these new energies come pouring through.

We all are made of dark and light, yang and yin, male and female. It is how we balance and integrate these different traits that make us who we are.

So now this week, as we finish up this current lunar cycle, and enter the last quarter phase on June 6, we begin to get ready for the next New Moon, in Gemini on June 13.

And just a day before the 4th quarter begins, on June 5 there is a potential for communication or relationship issues coming up.

Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn that day, and so relating goes deeper in expression, and intensity of expression is stronger.  There is the opportunity in the days surrounding this aspect, to truly confront an old and unhealthy relationship pattern.

Mercury in Gemini is also conjunct the Sun in Gemini that day, so clear communication is really important.

It is also a good time to think more objectively and clearly too, as long as the intensity of emotion from the Venus opposition to Pluto is not too out of control.

On the 6th at the beginning of the 4th quarter Moon in Pisces, Neptune will be conjunct that Moon and square the Sun in Gemini.  Allow yourself to let go and surrender.

Any tight agendas or pushed for results may break down. Spiritual practices and meditation are more aligned that day. Do not “push the river”, let it flow naturally.

Summer Eclipse Season begins on June 27 at the Full Moon in Capricorn conjunct Saturn.  3 eclipses, not the usual 2, will follow in July and August.

Then transformation and change will accelerate, and status quo will be broken down.  Breakthroughs into new consciousness, new ways, new horizons and new dimensions will be ready for each of us.

Just get out of the way of the old world, its consciousness, its fears, its disasters.  Stay emotionally unattached to its dramas and stories.  Watch but do not dive in.  You will be taken away into black emotional waters if you do.

Keep your faith in the Universe, Love and Truth, and your authentic Self

Till next week,


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Mars Direct and Astrology Forecast June 26- July 2

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week brings an important turning point as Mars goes back Direct late Wednesday the 29th of June.  It has been Retrograde since April 17.

During that time we have been reflecting on what we truly want and what directions we truly want to take.   We have been dealing with issues of personal empowerment, self assertion and proper use of one’s will.

Our lives have been on hold since mid April, but now it is time to start up your life engines again and lead your life from a more empowered place.

You may have felt uneasy before being in your own power, afraid to truly assert your self. But now you are ready to put yourself out there and let people know you have value.

Remember back in mid April we had just gone through a couple of powerful eclipses and many felt ready for some big change in the world and in their personal lives.

But then soon after the eclipses, Mercury and Mars went retrograde- putting some pause on fully entering a New Chapter of our lives.  Mercury has already gone back Direct and Mars will follow this week.

In the greater world so much has been changing during Mars Retrograde.  Most notably Orlando faced a grave tragedy; and Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump have been apparently chosen as Presidential candidates.

So many important issues have been brought up in our collective consciousness during Mars Retrograde as a result of those events.

Gun control is back on the front burner as an issue to be resolved.  LGBT rights and abuses around the world are being looked at more seriously.   We also are debating how to better handle terrorism and the Islamic State.

Many have now opened their minds to a third political party in the USA, like Libertarian or Green party because of potential disappointment in presidential choices.

The reality of this new Chapter of our collective lives politically will become more real now as the Democrat and Republican parties have their Presidential conventions in July.

The 8 year chapter of President Obama is ending and there will be some grief for many.

Britain has also been deciding during Mars Retrograde if it will leave the Europen Union or not.  Now a few days before mars goes back Direct, it has chosen to leave the Union. This is a move that will severely affect the markets and world economy.

Israel now has a more conservative and nationalistic government than before and many other countries appear to be going that way too.

This portends intense conflict in the Middle East and around the world.

But the Aquarian Age seeds that have been planted during this passing chapter of our lives will grow into a full Age of Aquarius in the 2020’s.

We will likely endure, however, a very challenging 3-5 years before that grand opening into a New Age.

There are many old ways of being human, like “dog eat dog” power struggles and “greed is good” attitudes, that need to die. These next few years will show how obsolete these attitudes are.

During these next few years we can also learn to be more authentic and true to our selves in anticipation of being more connected and whole as a human race.

That is because Diversity in Unity ( Aquarian Age paradigm)  requires a person or country or any entity be true to its individuality before it can join in unity with others. England is going through this process now with its withdrawal from the Eurpean Union.

Even though Mars goes Direct this week, we will be in the last quarter lunar cycle most of the week, usually a time to wind down, reflect and prepare for new beginnings at the new moon.

So rev up your life engine this week when Mars goes Direct, but true forward movement will not happen until the New Moon in Cancer on July 4, and for many not until the more fiery New Moon in Leo on August 2.

So this week you can nevertheless feel the shift forward, and sense the new beginnings.  There should be some sense of relief- similar to when Mercury goes back Direct.

Sunday the 26th of June brings a very collective Jupiter trine Pluto aspect.  This can be often bring strong world events, and with Mars also being in the spotlight you can likely expect more important world events this week. 

On the 30th/31st Venus makes aspect to both Jupiter and Pluto, so it can be expected that heart issues and relationships will be in the spotlight.     Your relationships could intensify emotionally later this coming week, giving an opportunity to transform old patterns that no longer work for you both.

So this week should be an interesting week that shows us a true turning point into a New Chapter of our lives on the way to the Age of Aquarius.

Till next week,


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Times Are Changing and Astrology Forecast May 17-23

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

This coming week brings changing planetary patterns that will shift the energy field for us.

Last week was difficult for many during the last quarter Moon phase, as the Moon wanes and then goes dark.

Many people felt down and felt like their lives were stuck and not moving forward.

The lunar cycle is often compared to a woman’s cycle as they are both around 28-29 days in length.  The time before her New Moon, so to speak,  can also be rather difficult at times.

On Sunday night May 17, overnight into Monday the 18th, there will be an end to the last quarter darkness- at the New Moon.

There will be a New Moon in Taurus at 12:13 AM EDT May 18.   In reality the darkness does not truly end right at the New Moon.   The Moon will not usually show a lighted sliver until the second night after the New Moon.

So either on Monday the 18th or Tuesday the 19th we will see some light again.

Of course some people are more sensitive to lunar phases than others.  But nevertheless, it is a great time generally speaking to meditate and make intention during the dark Moon.

That period will likely be Saturday through Monday.  Being in the “void” of your consciousness is a positive and aligned way to experience the dark Moon, and in fact a good way to experience much of the last quarter Moon phase.

This New Moon will continue themes that have already begun since the Sun moved into Taurus on April 20.

At a New Moon, the Moon joins the Sun in conjunction.  In this case the Moon and Sun will join together at almost 27 degrees of Taurus.

Taurus themes get even stronger, so body and physical issues predominate.  Nature, home, physical resources like land and money are important.  That which was initiated recently can be felt at a more “grounded” level, and the more practical understandings will be emphasized.

To go along with the more earthy energies of Taurus, there will be a more mental focus as Mercury goes Retrograde several hours later on Monday the 18th.

Mercury goes Retrograde in mentally fast paced Gemini at 9:49 PM that night.  So from then until June 11, when it goes back direct, our mental perceptions will be shifting to rewind, remember, reflect, rewire, reintegrate, and realign.

It is usually not a good time to make major decisions or sign important contracts as so much is shifting mentally during Mercury Retrograde.

Communication issues can also be brought into the spotlight during Mercury Retrograde, which sometimes includes usually minor problems with communication equipment or devices.

People or memories from the past often come back into lives either through dream or waking memories during Mercury Retrograde. Yet also sometimes people from our past will actually “in the flesh” be seen again. We need during these times of revisiting to remember past times and to reintegrate that which we have put aside in our consciousness and life.

During Mercury Retrograde we often are forced to rethink some decision or direction we have previously chosen for our lives.  If this happens, it is best if at all possible to wait until after Mercury goes back Direct before making an absolute decision to change directions.

In the greater world, watch for people to begin to change their minds about previously decided issues.  Watch to see if the potential nuclear agreement between Iran and world powers will be reconsidered and maybe even fall apart.  Other world issues may suddenly also shift direction because new events will change and alter the previous perspective.

To add to these planetary changing winds, we will also experience this week the Sun moving into Gemini as well as Venus in Cancer triggering the Uranus/Pluto square, which is still very much in effect.

The Uranus/Pluto square will not be exact again, but nevertheless they will stay closely square for several more months.  So you can expect much more transformational change in our personal and global lives.

As Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto on Thursday May 21, our emotions and relationships will likely be more volatile than usual.   There is potential, however, for breakthroughs and healings as well this week and into next week.

The Sun goes into Gemini on May 21 also, so there will be more motivation to vary your interests, to take classes, to be more social, to be more in your head.  The nervous system also speeds up with the Sun in Gemini.

There still is much world change ahead as we move toward the eclipses late Summer and Autumn.

And before that important Eclipse Season, there will be a big turning point for world events in late July and early August.

The natal charts of the USA and Israel will be triggered then and throughout the rest of the year.   The Cardinal Grand Cross of 2014, when the USA natal Sun and Saturn were closely impacted, is being affected by Pluto’s movement this year.

There is still much transformation ahead for the USA as we move toward a more equal status with peoples all over the Earth global community.  Diversity in Unity is forming at a “cellular” level now, to be manifested in reality in the 2020s.

There is danger before that, however, of more militarily hawkish leaders to take over governments, including our own.  President Obama, though not as peaceful as his Nobel Prize suggests, is at least showing the way to more peace and equality with the Iran peace process, inclusion of Cuba, and moves away from Israel’s domination of our foreign policy and of the Palestinians.

And Pope Francis is another breath of fresh air as he has gone further then any Pope in my memory for freedom for Palestinians, concern for people who suffer, and even some empathy for the LGBT community.

He and President Obama have crossed old lines of limitation that were created by a wealthy and corrupt Vatican and a dominating Military/Industrial complex.   I believe they have both taken chances with their lives in the process.  They may be a model for others to follow even after they are gone from the world stage, as there are more difficult times ahead.

In America, almost all of the Presidential candidates in both parties are very militaristic and beholden to special interest money.

And a look at the world shows there is much movement in Europe, Russia and elsewhere toward more nationalism. Europe is having immigration challenges and economic challenges and hence turning much more to the “right”.

Nationalism always rears its ugly head before major conflicts in the world, but no matter what happens in the short term, there are plenty of signs the overall movement is toward a healthier, more inclusive and equal world community.

People are waking up all over the world, especially so our young people.

I saw a young woman on TV challenging Jeb Bush about Iraq.  She was confident and strong in telling him his brother Bush invaded Iraq without cause and that that was the reason for the birth of ISIS.

There is a revolution building, even as there is a movement toward protecting the systems of the world that oppress so many people.

Uranus/Pluto is symbolic of this revolutionary and evolutionary movement, just as it was in the ’60s.

The “Times They are a Changin” again, so get used to leaving old comfort zones.  There is no going back to the old normal.  Get used to people, especially young people who will be making gender and sexual roles more fuzzy than ever.

Consciousness changes are necessary if the world is to change.

If you were a member of the ’60s and ’70s transformational times or even those who were born somewhat afterward, remember where you came from.

As you see your kids with tattoos or sexual identity issues or anger toward our world and its governments and corporations re-member.  Remember how your parents were.  You may try to convince yourself that this is different, but in essence it is the same.

Young people are beginning to stand up strong again and are fed up with how this world runs.  Revolution and evolution are growing energies again. The young people now will make their changes in their way, not the same way we did when we were younger.

Guide those children, but do not judge or dominate.  You will lose them.

We need each other in our journey toward an Age of Aquarius.

Till next week,


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Dawn’s Early Light and Astrology Forecast July 27- August 2.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are truly moving forward now into a New Chapter and Season of our lives on Planet Earth.  Yesterday Friday July 25 Mars went into focused and intense Scorpio, and the New Moon conjunct expansive Jupiter is today July 26 at 6:42 PM EDT.  This new season at the New Moon has begun after the Cardinal Grand Cross this last spring and thus represents a powerful new beginning.

Maybe for some loose ends still need to be tied and a bit more clarity needs to form, but we have each hopefully jumped on the moving train and are ready to go.

The only thing you need to be sure of now is what you believe.  Do you at the core of your being believe we live in a connected and meaningful Universe?  Or have you bought into the fear based programming of the world?

What you now attract to your self is very dependent on that belief system.   Will you attract the “better angels” inside your self and in the Universe, or will you attract the ones that will swallow you up into more hellish places in your mind and heart?

Are the circumstances that unfolded during this past Spring Eclipse Season with the Cardinal Cross meaningful and meant to usher in a new Chapter of your life; or were those events random bad luck or good luck?  It is your choice.

Even if the those events were painful and difficult, they still happened for a reason, were a learning experience or a motivation to accept the turning pages into a New Chapter of your life.  Or do you see it differently, through eyes of more “glass half empty” focus?

We cannot stop the changing tides of life, but we can better adapt and evolve within those changes if we believe our lives are sacred and meaningful.   This is not necessarily about believing in “God”, but more about believing in spirit and soul and believing that we humans are capable of evolving into beings who can have love and truth as our guiding lights.

This is absolutely necessary now. Take a look at our world now.  The old world is beginning to come apart.  We are being brought to “judgment days” inside ourselves.

Do we see the unravelling, which has much violence in its process, as a sign we are all going down into the abyss together?  Or do we see this as part of the transformation into an Aquarian Age, part of the process of releasing old programs and beliefs that can not come with us if we are to truly evolve and survive?

What is happening now in Gaza is a terrible tragedy.  These bombings are indiscriminate and reflective of a lack of concern for the people there. As of this writing over 1000 people have died in Gaza as a result of these attacks, the vast majority civilians, and many children.

This is part of the old paradigm of only caring about “me and mine”, “us versus them” mentality, needs for superiority and inferiority, and needing enemies to fear and hate.

The Middle East, a place of the original human civilizations and organized religions, reflects our roots which have decayed.   Now we need a deep transformation, from the core of our beings, so we can build an Age of Aquarius from the ashes of that old world and paradigm.

You can expect more turmoil in the Middle East and in Ukraine/Russia and elsewhere, as old borders from a contrived world of nations break down. The Old Order is no longer viable.

A new world, an Age of Aquarius is within our grasp if we get to a consciousness that believes we are equal in value, and that a world of Diversity in Unity is possible, a world where love and truth are our guiding lights.

In your own world do your best to balance an allowing of the change, with a holding onto some security and stability.

And now, with the New Moon in Leo and Mars moving into Scorpio, there is a  breaking open of that which was still stuck, a release of the old, and a burst of energy giving movement to go forward.  In addition, Venus will trigger the Uranus/Pluto square and the old Cardinal Grand Cross this coming week, to add to the intensity and power of transformation.

Much of this energy will be passionate and potentially quite creative too. It is best now not to try too hard to control or repress the natural movement inside and around you.

Find the proper boundaries or limits so you are not flooded with emotion or anxiety, but do nonetheless allow nature to take its course.

This is only the beginning of chaotic turmoil in the greater world, it will continue to intensify.   It will affect all corners of our Earthly world.  The way we have been programmed to believe, the world we have been conditioned to find stability within, will be entering our rear view mirror.

We are being awakened to the truth and to new ways of thinking, being, and feeling.   We are being dis-illusioned from the government, media, and corporate programming of who are the “good guys” and who are the “bad guys”. Wake up and realize the so-called bad guys see the supposed good guys as their bad guys.   It is all made up as an excuse to fight against those who seemingly threaten our way of life.   We must end this old paradigm.

As we awaken out of our slumber, we drop into a deeper knowing that we are all one human family in an Age of Aquarius.

Resist the urge to hate Putin or hate Islamists or anyone else, as our media and corporate/government powers from an old age try to convince us.

Resist also your desire to hate your ex-husband or boss or father or whomever.   Their presence in your life is as a teacher of something you need to learn or experience.

And all of us are moving back “home”  inside ourselves, some faster than others, but all wanting to know we are safe in the arms of a loving Universe.

See you next week,


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