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All In This Together and Astrology Forecast May 14-20.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

As we move past the Wesak Scorpio Full Moon from May 10, we experience the waning half of the lunar cycle that was begun at the Taurus New Moon on April 26.

This current lunar cycle ends at the Gemini New Moon on May 25.

So now as we move downward with the waning Moon, we process all that has been happening since April 26.

The 4th and last quarter of the Taurus lunar cycle happens on Thursday May 18, with the Moon in Aquarius.

Even more processing energy is then available, as well as needs to finish things up, and use more of our detached thinking abilities (Moon in Aquarius).

Moving out of concentration on the physical plane and into more mental concentration will continue as the Sun moves into Gemini on May 20, and then with the New Moon in Gemini on May 25.

Until then the trend is still toward nature, our bodies, the Earth, as well as security, money, physical pleasures and physical resources.

This time concentrating on the physical plane grounds us and grounds our recent ideas, intentions, and visions.

We have slowed down and it has been easier to stay present and pay attention to our surroundings.

Possessions are also important for Taurus and they will hold on for dear life to what they want to keep in their lives, including people.

As we move into Gemini energies and experience, we will find it easier to let go and be more flexible, especially mentally.

Gemini is a mutable air sign, and just using that as a metaphor can give you a sense of what that means.

Everything is lighter and one is more open to thoughts, ideas, information, and communications that stream in and out.  Changing one’s mind is easier to do during Gemini times.

Donald Trump is a Sun in Gemini and it is obvious how often he changes his mind and policies.

For instance he had stated clearly before he was elected that the USA should not intervene in other countries’ affairs like we did in Iraq and Libya. He said we should not fight Syria, but instead put all our concentration on the Islamic State.

Then he decides to bomb Syria when he receives uncollaborated information that Syria used chemical weapons against its own people.

We will not be able to know what he will do next on most any issue, as his ideas will keep changing.  His ethics are totally situational, as they are for many Geminis.

There is not a tendency toward firm foundational mental structures composed of firm ideas and principles.  Instead their minds are changeable and fluid.

Of course this mental fluidity can be great for fast thinking, and tends to be open minded to new ideas and ways of perceiving things.

But it also can be clever at turning and spinning words deceptively.  It may not always be conscious of the fact that it is lying or deceiving.

And of course this open mind will be valuable when new information becomes available, like with Extraterrestrials or Star People, or with investigations into cases that were previously and apparently solved and carved in the stone of set opinion.

But in Trump’s case, his narcissism may need him to spin toward what is favorable to his image of himself and to what he wants to believe, and what he wants us to believe.

He is not a “normal” Gemini, but instead a flawed and unbalanced one.  When someone is flawed or deeply traumatized or with mental and emotional imbalance; they will respond in the worst way of what a sign can be.

For instance Leo is a sign of heartfelt, authentic creative expression. It shines a light of hope and happiness.  That is at its best.

At its worst Leo is totally self centered, dominating, and even narcissistic. It places a high priority on its image and popularity.

Bill Clinton, a Sun in Leo, is a good example of someone who expresses both the highest and lowest potential of what a Leo can be.

Donald Trump has Leo as his rising sign, and his Mars is in Leo conjunct that Ascendent.

When the August Total Solar Eclipse New Moon erupts in August this year, Trump’s Leo tendencies will be heightened because that Eclipse is closely conjunct both his Mars and Rising sign .

His aggressively defensive ego (Mars in Leo) will be triggered by some world event and/or person. And he will then very likely overreact to the situation causing some major experience and drama.

The USA, Israel, North Korea, and Syria will also have important natal planets very closely triggered by that eclipse. This August will be a very important turning point month for world affairs.

We are all so closely connected in so many ways now to peoples all over the world with mass transportation, international commerce, and international communication systems that relatively recently includes social media too.

Just yesterday 99 countries were affected by someone who hacked Microsoft software. Hospital systems and other important systems suffered as a result.  Real innocent people were also greatly affected as a result of this hack.

There will be more events that awaken us more to the fact that we are all so closely connected to one another in this world.

While we have connected so well through media and commerce and other ways, in human to human relations we have not done so well.

Too many of us still make foe or enemy of those who are different: different nation, race, sexual orientation, gender, political affiliation, or religion.

We have a long way to go before we deeply acknowlege we are all of the same family here on Earth.

What will it take for us to evolve to this place of Diversity within Unity, the consciousness needed to enter the Age of Aquarius?

Will we experience an even more devastating computer failure, one that breaks down our usual ways to survive and thrive every day? How about a World War?  Maybe mass communication from some person or group who wants to take over the world or who tell us they are a Savior(s)?  Or maybe a worldwide seen Visitation from other dimensions or planets?

We are quite a ways from having enough people in Age of Aquarius consciousness.   Will the December 2020 date I see as a marking point in our journey to an Age of Aquarius show us enough people in that consciousness to give us hope we have entered the gateway?

This week, however, will be rather tame in comparison to those aforementioned potential events.

Use this week to ground your self and your life, to maybe bring more together what has been your past.   You can then be in better position to more completely embrace this New Chapter of our personal and collective lives on Planet Earth.

This is an important year in our evolution.

Till next week,


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Deepening our Experience and Astrology Forecast October 25- 31

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This coming week should bring a deepening into one’s body and soul.  Water and Earth signs are strongly represented this week.  Water and Earth together bring energies “down and in” instead of “up and out”. Together they represent Yin instead of Yang.

There is a Full Moon on Tuesday the 27th at 8:05 AM EDT.  That Full Moon has the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus.   Scorpio is water and Taurus is Earth, both Yin signs.

Both are “fixed” signs as Scorpio is fixed water and Taurus is fixed Earth  Water is feelings, emotions, and soul.   Earth is nature, practicality, and the body.

Since Scorpio is fixed water there is a tendency to hold onto feelings and emotions.

Since Taurus is fixed earth, it tends to want to hold onto that which gives it a sense of physical security.

At a Scorpio/Taurus Full Moon, as this one is, there can be “tugs or war” between people who stubbornly hold onto their position or agenda.

Taurus does not like too much emotion or intensity, and Scorpio does not like anyone who lacks emotion or passion.

So there can be a conflict between people who represent each of those positions.

Be careful this week not to let your “buttons” get pushed or to push someone else’s buttons.   If it does happen, then it must be because emotions need to be expressed in order to clear the stale air of suppressed feelings.

All week there will be a pull downward into that which is real.  There is a strong emphasis on the signs Scorpio, Taurus, and Virgo.  That leaves little room this week for escapism or avoidance or over romantacizing.

There is a need to make real now, to go deeper to know the truth.

Finding the truth may take you down into the dark corners of your psyche.  In fact you may also be able to go even deeper than that.

Saturday the 31st brings us into Samhain, an annual energetic passage that our ancestors celebrated.

Modern pop culture calls it Halloween and in religion it is called All Saints Day.

Samhain is approximately half way between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice.  It is a time when the veils between worlds are very thin.

As such one can, with meditative effort, get in touch with the spirit world and with those who have passed through death into other dimensions.

Try this through your meditation or through ceremony and ritual or even just staring into fire and making a soul intention to contact spirit.

It is easy to see why, as a result of this easier contact with the spirit world at Samhain,  tha tHalloween was created.   The more easy contact with spirits must have brought some fears of ghosts and monsters to people back in the day.

So use this time of year to let the spirit world into your consciousness. Allow the increasing darkness at this time of year to help you to go deeeper into the soul.

To foster this process we turn our clocks back overnight from October 31 to November 1.   It is time to be more inner directed, with less energy put into striving and set outer directed agendas.

Getting more in touch with mysteries, and with opening up previously closed secrets is in order now.  Also doing more introspection and delving more deeply into one’s unconscious is  in order now.

After the Full Moon on Tuesday the 27th we enter the last and waning half of the lunar cycle.  The light of the Moon will begin to dim, prompting us even more to go deeper.

It may be helpful at this time of year to be able to process your feelings with someone.  That will help you to gain objective perspective.  Do your best to not allow yourself to get into dark dramas inside your self or with others.

There is still alot to process, sort through and make sense of from all the storms of the eclipse season.

After the New Moon in Scorpio on November 11, it will be time to get more fully immersed in the new chapter of your life.

In the greater world, the eclipses took us into a faltering economy and stock market; major upheaval in Jerusalem and elsewhere in Palestine and Israel; Russia beginning to bomb in Syria; and China and the USA daring each other in waters near the South China Sea.

For now most of these issues have settled down in intensity. But the fact that they all erupted during the Eclipses in September strongly suggests that these matters are important ones that will come back to haunt us- excuse the pun.

The transformation of our old world and its institutions will continue.   There will be much more powerful changes on the way. The events during the recent Eclipse Season “set the table” for what is to come.

So it is likely that around and after the New Moon in Scorpio, world events will intensify again, especially those that are connected to the events that erupted in September.

In your own life, you continue to be ripe for awakenings, deeper realizations, and generally big breakthroughs into new lands of consciousness.  We are each evolving, through personal transformation, into more authentic soul beings.  As we transform we become more attuned to the energies and realities of the Age of Aquarius.

These breakthroughs also help us to shed the weight of EGO, the part of each of us that has allegiance to needs to dominate and control reality in service to the laws of separation and chance.   As we trust more, we let go to our soul self, our “higher self”, the part of us  that is connected to the Universe, nature, and that which connects everything and everyone together with meaning.

We give allegiance to the flags of Love and Truth and the birthing of a New World of stewardship of our Earth, its creatures, and our human family.   We can sense more and more the tone and frequency of a world of Diversity and distinct Individuality connected to the Unity of greater Community.

Till next week,


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Leo Knighton Tallarico has been a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for 30 years.

Hand Of Time Restarts and Astrology Forecast August 2-8

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Venus is solidly Retrograde now and will be until September 6, so relationship issues continue front and center in our lives, for better and worse.    And Saturn overnight from Saturday August 1 to Sunday August 2 turns from Retrograde to Direct.

As it turns Direct, metaphorically the hand of time starts up again, and there is a turning point feeling of Time Marching On.  Though you may still feel there is time to choose a direction, on a deeper level destiny (with your intentions) has already made up its mind.

Now you can try to close up the flow of heart and soul to where it is meant to go, but this will just delay the inevitable as life support systems do for the dying.

And in the process of ego control of natural cycles, the controller can develop illness either mental or physical or spiritual as a result.

Keep in mind however, that even though Time now marches on this week, it does not do so all at once.  Saturn turning to Direct just gives us a turning point sense of time.  It may take more time before we truly realize what has been “decided”.  And even more time before wheels are set in motion to get going.

Many of these decisions have to do with relationship now as Venus is Retrograde until September 6.  But that is not the only subject of our interest.   Where we will live or what we will do for work, etc. may also be aligned for a shift in destiny now.

After Saturn goes Direct, later in the week it makes important aspects to other planets: On Monday August 3 it squares Jupiter in Leo,  on Wednesday August 5 it squares Venus in Leo, and on Thursday August 6 it squares Mercury in Leo and trines Mars in Cancer.

In the middle of all this Venus conjuncts both Jupiter and Mercury.

All this planetary action occurs at 28+ degrees of the signs Leo, Scorpio, and Cancer.  This becomes a most important degree in natal charts now.

If you have planets 27-29 degrees of Scorpio and Leo you are most affected.  If you have planets at 27-29 degrees of Taurus or Aquarius or Cancer you are at least somewhat affected.  And hence the issue of impending destiny, especially around relationship is prevalent for you.

As an example of a nation with planets in such places, Israel has it natal Mars from its birth of May 14 1948 at 28+ degrees of Leo.  So Saturn will square that Mars while Jupiter, Venus and Mercury conjunct its Mars.

Mars in a nation’s chart represents its military and police, male influence, conflicts and sometimes war.  Of course Mars was the Roman God of War.

So we can expect some turning point, conflict laden events to ensue in early August with Israel.  And that turning point will likely develop into some bigger events later this month or next when the Eclipses erupt.

In fact there is as Total Lunar Eclipse Full Blood Moon in Mars ruled Aries occurring on September 27.   Israeli scholars have noted that there are 4 Total Lunar Eclipses in a row, all falling on Jewish holidays.  This Total Lunar Eclipse on the 27th (28th in Israel) falls on the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. It is the last of the 4 eclipses in a row.

The Israeli scholars expect quite dramatic events to happen to Israel surrounding this last Blood Moon; and combined with the important planetary movements this week to Israel’s Mars, we can expect significant events concerning Israel  to unfold from August through October 2015.

Life will likely change appreciably over the next few months in both personal and global ways for all of us.  Do your best to surrender to the energies at work from the Universe, knowing that if you are aligned in your heart and soul you will be in just the right place and time for what will be shifting.

Some changes may be very deep and profound in your consciousness and life, and those changes will provide the healing and transformation your soul now requires.

Much of the transformation over the next few months in essence is to shift you more strongly out of your ego and into your soul or higher self.  From that place you will be aligned with the Universe and Spirit and ready for what comes.

Meditation and spiritual practice are highly recommended now, or if you are already doing this, then it is time to increase the effort.

Receiving healings and spiritual/psychological guidance is also good now.

And remember that this week, with all the Saturn aspects, there also is a Jupiter conjunct Venus in Leo aspect. When they last made conjunction was on July 1st, on the same day as a Full Moon in Capricorn.

That day Jupiter and Venus were so close that they actually looked merged into one in the sky. This week they are conjunct again, though they will not merge this time. And since Venus is now Retrograde and square Saturn, your heart connections are even more important to tune into then ever.

We recommended during the last conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in early July to check in to see what and especially whom your heart was into.   Now there will be more conflict to those connections from desires for security and familiarity and safety.

So it is incumbent on you to set your priorities of importance in your life around relationships and heart connections.  What is more important- love or security if you had to choose?  Are you more a romantic or a realist?  Your destiny depends on your priorities, or more to the point your destiny is dependent on Who you are at this time.

In many ways, as is aligned with the laws of attraction, Who you are energetically on a deep soul level determines what and whom you will attract to your consciousness and life.  That of course determines your destiny.

So now as Saturn goes Direct and makes important aspects this week, you can better know what “fate” has in store for you if you can dive deep into your psyche and soul to know Who you are at this time in your life.

Have you transformed and healed sufficiently to be able to attract to your Self healthier people and circumstances?  Of course healing and transformation are always evolving, but as Saturn shifts to Direct now- the Universe is taking a “snapshot” of You to determine your approaching “fate”.

And in the greater world this is true too.   The USA is in the final few months of having Pluto oppose its natal Sun in Cancer of 13+ degrees.  This process all started at the Cardinal Grand Cross in April 2014.

And now as Pluto is almost exactly opposite the USA Sun for the rest of this year, a USA fate will be unfolding.

Who are we collectively now as Saturn goes Direct?  Take a close and deep look and you will have a sense of what is coming our way soon.

Till next week,


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Leo Knighton Tallarico has been a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for 30 years.

Healing and Humbling on the Way to Autumn Eclipse Season 2014 and Astrology Forecast September 7-13

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week the planetary highlight is  a Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces.   This lunation may bring in the first winds of Autumn Eclipse Season 2014, yet the official beginnings of that eclipse season will not be until the New Moon in Libra on September 23/24.

The Full Moon in Pisces this week is on Monday September 8 at 9:38 PM EDT.   The combination of Sun in Virgo and Moon in Pisces is usually very gentle and yin-like energetically.   There is a “coming down” into one’s body and soul,  a joining with the wisdom within.  This Full Moon in Pisces has a humility that comes with it, so any need to inflate one’s ego will get little support from the Universe at this time.

Pisces and Virgo have in common well developed sensitivity- Virgo more to the physical world and Pisces more to the emotional soul world.   Virgo wants a purity in the body and so is very sensitive to toxins and environmental stresses. Pisces picks up the moods and emotions of others quite easily and so is very sensitive to toxic emotions.

So it is advised to be aware of one’s body and feelings during the days surrounding this Full Moon.   This is not a time to be manic or even overly excited. It is a time to “check in” and be present to all that may be going on inside your self and around you.

The time of influence for this Full Moon is Saturday and Sunday leading up to the Full Moon, Monday the day of the Full Moon when there will be the greatest intensity of it,  Tuesday as it begins to subside, and Wednesday as its influence passes.

On Wednesday you will begin to feel more “active” energies as the Moon has gone into Aries that day. Be careful before Wednesday not to fall into any depressive attitudes.

To look into the eyes of what feels soulful and sad is OK and natural around this Full Moon, but make sure not to wallow in it or to develop a “story” that is based on old memories or patterns.

Remember also that this Full Moon is a kind of culmination, conclusion or climax from what was begun around the time of the New Moon in Virgo on August 25.

Getting things fixed or putting things in order,  going for checkups and maintenance, and focusing on details and mundane concerns has been a theme of these last couple of weeks of Virgo influence.  And this will stay a theme until the week of September 22 when the Autumn Equinox and Libra New Moon shift our attentions, and we experience the true beginnings of Autumn Eclipse Season 2014.

This year the Cardinal Grand Cross has brought our human family into a powerful new chapter in our personal and collective lives.  Our sense of what feels normal in our psyche and lives has shifted. The greater world also feels very different now, as we process the events in the Middle East, Ukraine, and elsewhere.

The Cardinal Grand Cross made a very close aspect to the USA natal Sun from July 4 1776, and it planted the planetary seeds of a vast transformation for the USA.

The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aries on October 8 this year forms a Cardinal T-Square with Uranus and Pluto that is close again to the USA Sun and Saturn, bringing more large waves of change and transformation.

The USA is losing its status as Superpower and making its way into a more equitable role in the developing Age of Aquarius, which will form a world of Diversity in Unity.

There is a reworking of the balance of power in the world, and we citizens of the USA and also the Western World in general, are in the beginning stages of developing more collective humility.

It is apparent that a military macho hawkishness is developing in the USA and Western world as a result of the “terrorist” mentality.  There is an attitude that the enemies must be destroyed and that the “vermine” in the world need to be eradicated. Military Orkin needs to kill the dangerous pests that are growing stronger and stronger.

And it is certainly the case with a most ruthless and hateful group like the Islamic State, that a “knee-jerk” reaction is to want to kill them all to protect ourselves and our way of life. And of course we do need to defend ourselves against dangers to our existence. But if we do not get to the root causes of the problem, the same dangers will come back over and over again, each time with greater ferocity.

And just like in your own life when something threatens it with disease or rejection or abandonment or failure, you go deeper to find out why you are being challenged in such a way. Then you need to find meaning to it all, and find out what kind of healing and transformation is needed.

The world that we all have co-created has a foundation that is decaying because of a deficiency of love and truth, fairness and justice, equality and connection.  It is run by a paradigm that is not honoring our Earth and environment, not caring enough for those who have less and suffer, and not recognizing the connections and meaning that the Universe is fueled on.

The rulers of the Old World can only see life through the lens of power and wealth, and thus can only react with military power and an economic system that controls so much of the world.

What has begun to shift our consciousness and world this year will intensify during the Autumn Eclipse Season, especially in late September and October.  Greater changes are on the way.

There is no return to the old chapter of our lives, so we must now adapt to this new world, and of course adaptation is what brings evolution of consciousness.

In your personal life, the new chapter of your life is forming a bit more clearly now, but you are with the baby steps into this new chapter.

Autumn Eclipse Season will soon pick up the pace again, the energy field will intensify more, and we will be thrust more fully into this New World.  It is normal to grieve what will be no more, but it is becoming time to accept the reality of your “new season” and to put more of your heart into making it work and into it being more satisfying.

This week brings the humble and service oriented Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces.  Mars will be finishing up its passionate and intense journey in Scorpio on Saturday the 15th, when it travels into fiery, inspired, joyful, and adventurous Sagittarius.

This week also brings the 13th anniversary of the 9-11 tragedy in the USA and the USA Moon in Aquarius is being aspected by Mars in Scorpio at that time. Israel’s natal chart will also be triggered by Mars in Scorpio this week. Events concerning those two countries is more likely than usual this week, though not at all certain.

See you next week,


There will be a new YouTube video put our at the end of September for Autumn Eclipse Season 2014

You can also review the youtube video created that was created for Spring Eclipse Season 2014 and the Cardinal Grand Cross.

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There is an old YOUTUBE video Astrology Forecast for Spring Eclipse Season. Check it out if you feel so moved.

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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years



Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon and Astrology Forecast April 13-19.

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Here comes the first eclipse this spring:  This Tuesday April 15 at 3:42 AM EDT.  The night before, on Monday April 14, Pluto will be changing directions to add to the anticipated increased intensity.

Already many are feeling the effects.

Things are cracking open, parts of our selves, our emotions, or our relationships that have been on lock down are coming up to be experienced again.

If you are or will be feeling out of your normal balance; feeling more emotional; getting more upset, anxious, stressed; and you are less able to keep a lid on issues; then it is a good time for breakthroughs and awakenings.

If you are able to talk about what is going on with your mate or a family member or friend or a counselor, you will soon see that you can get to the core or bottom of issues more easily. And from that place you will be more able to gain deeper awareness and insights, and more able to work through your issues.

This ability to go deeper, to see the core truths, and truly work through what has been bothering you will be greatly enhanced all month long.

This first eclipse on Tuesday April 15 is Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon.  In North America you will be able to see it, as it is in your path and it will happen while it is dark outside.

This will be a Full Moon in Aries/Libra, and because it is also an eclipse it has many times more energy, impact and importance than the usual Full Moon.

As it is an Aries/Libra Full Moon, relationships will be in the spotlight, relationships of all kinds.  There will be the necessity of balancing your need to be true to your self and do what is best for you, with truly listening empathically to the “other” and being in relationship with them.

Old issues may be coming up again and new issues may be coming alive. But remember that it is important to truly listen while holding onto your empowerment.

Another issue between Aries and Libra is between being frank, direct and straightforward (Aries); or saying what you want to say with more “sugar” on it.   Sometimes it is best to just say what you mean, the hard truth, so the other person wakes up.  Other times it is best to sugarcoat so the other person does not go on the defensive and then can truly listen to what you have to say.

Aries wants independence and Libra wants to make relationship; so another issue to work out may be around how you can balance those needs in your relationship.  If either or both of you are very independent and don’t try to get close, then your relationship will eventually die. If either or both of you are close all the time without much space or freedom from one another, then you will get co-dependent and build a resentment because you will lose touch with your self.

If any of these issues come up for you now, please know that there is the opportunity to work on them.  Of course there is always the chance that you will find you are not compatible, but there is also the chance you will transform your relationship to a healthier one as you break through old and stuck patterns.

Keep in mind that the intense energies of change will stay alive all month long as the Grand Cross is building its energy and will reach its climax of influence from April 19-23.  And then the 2nd eclipse will occur on April 29. It will be Solar Eclipse New Moon in Taurus.

So let your self take the ride of these important and powerful planetary aspects.  So much is ready to break open and break through so you can move forward in your life into a new chapter or season.

If you get glimpses or memories now of times gone by, it is because this transition into your new season of life is a big one.  There may be some grief or sorrow attendant to the shifts, and the grieving is in part meant to help you release the past.

Holding on will only cause you pain, and is against nature.  Your soul and body are a part of nature and they know when you need to move on.  Trust their wisdom now, and move forward.   What you think makes you feel safe is in reality just a security blanket of what is familiar to you.

Once you let go of the shore in your mind and heart, you will be taken down the river of your soul’s path, taken to where you are ready to go.

For many this month will be one of big doors opening into new vistas, and new adventures, and a liberation from what has held you back.

In the greater world you can see things breaking down with more tragedies, natural disasters, and war cries. More and more people are becoming aware that the foundation holding the markets and economy is cracking.

The last time there was a Cardinal Grand Cross that held Uranus square Pluto within it, and in the same month there were eclipses was in September 1931. In fact the last time Uranus squared Pluto, as is now happening from 2012-2015,  was in the ’30s.

We all know what was going on then: The Great Depression.    So we are coming Full Circle on that event as can be seen astrologically.  What will that mean over the next couple of years?  It could mean a collapse of the old economy and markets and a powerful transformation into a new way of doing business on the Earth: one that is more just and equitable and less run by ruthless competition and greed.

And whatever happens with Russia, China, Iran, Egypt, Israel, Palestine, etc, even potentially in the form of great conflicts, is happening because the power balance is shifting to one of more equality, and into Diversity in Unity.

The USA natal Sun will be almost exactly in aspect to the Grand Cross from April 19-23.   So potentially important events and challenges are coming to America. If they do not all happen during April, April’s Grand Cross will set the table for when future triggering planetary events happen over the next 18 months.

This coming autumn and next spring’s eclipses ignite the same cardinal degrees of the zodiac and reignite the USA natal Sun position as well as its natal Saturn position.

That means that whatever events happen concerning the USA this Spring, they will just be the beginning of its immense transformation.   We will need to re-member what values and principles are at the heart of this nation, and release the decay that has been growing within its soul.

We will need to join the world community in a new way as an equal member who respects the rights of others for liberty and self determination, equality, dignity and self respect.

And in our own home we will need to stop the childish bickering between parties, the back biting and the priority of self gain. We need to think less of winning and greed and more about doing what is best for our American and world communities, for the Earth and our collective human family.

There will be breakdowns and breakthroughs now in our individual lives and in our world.

You can already see what some of our new chapter here in America is looking like just by seeing what is happening in late night TV.  The older generation of late night talk hosts is leaving with the retirement of Jay Leno and David Letterman.

This is a microcosm of what is happening in our world in this new chapter:  A new generation is rising and will bring new voices to our country and world.

Jimmy Fallon and especially Steven Colbert represent a new voice wanting to be heard in our land.  It is true they will be on mainstream, corporate owned TV, and that severely limits creative freedom, but still it is change and hopefully voices and messages outside the old boxes and patterns.

So see in your own life how this new chapter is affecting you.  What needs to be released and what needs to be born in your life?  Take the ride this month and keep your mind and heart open so you can be in alignment with your self and the Universe.  We are moving faster into the Age of Aquarius now.

If you have the time please enjoy the youtube video created for Spring Eclipse Season 2014 and the Cardinal Grand Cross.

See you next week,


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There is already a YOUTUBE video autumn 2013 forecast out at

There is an old YOUTUBE video Astrology Forecast for Spring Eclipse Season. Check it out if you feel so moved.

You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

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Spring Eclipse Season 2014 Begins and Astrology Forecast March 30- April 5

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Spring Eclipse Season 2014 promises to be one we will always remember.    The New Moon in Aries on Sunday March 30 at 2:45 PM EDT can be considered the time of turning the ignition key into that Season.  Aries is like the thrust outward into the world at a new baby’s birth, of the buds pushing through branches in spring, of a warrior’s courage to fight for what is right, of the courageous statement of a gay man or woman to be true to themselves and come out.   Aries is the force of nature to emerge.

If you have holding back from starting something new, doing something new, turning over a new leaf in your life, or truly living your life alive, now is a good time to begin. It is a good time to emerge from winter’s slumber of self protection.  It is time to clean up the act, dust off the cobwebs, and breathe in the fresh new air.

The day before the New Moon in Aries, while the Sun in Aries still awaited the Moon to join it there, the force of a strong 5.1 earthquake was felt in Los Angeles, which can be seen as the beginning shakeup of our USA experience this Eclipse Season.  The USA will be going through some growing pains during this Eclipse Season, in large part because the Cardinal Grand Cross, which will be in effect much of this month of April, will be exactly in aspect to the USA natal Sun position of  13+ degrees of Cancer on July 4 1776. This will happen toward the end of the month.

We citizens of the USA are on a journey of great transformation, and Spring Eclipse Season 2014 will spike and accelerate that transformation.  During our American Revolution we created sacred documents like our constitution and bill of rights, documents that channeled Universal Rights like Freedom and Liberty, Self determination, and Equality of all humans.

Our natal Moon in Aquarius gives us values aligned with the Aquarian Age, like Diversity in Unity, seen inside our shores through immigration of peoples from varied cultures over the years.   Our democracy is supposed to give power to the people, beyond the old age of kings and queens, and dictators.   Freedom of speech is another Aquarian Age principle that is a part of America.

Where we have gone wrong is the fact that many of our citizens fail to know that these Aquarian values are for all peoples, not just Americans.  We are equal to all others, not better.   Our Superpower Empire status precludes worldwide equality and Diversity in Unity.  Our invasion of other countries and pushing other countries to our style of capitalism and democracy does not allow for others’ Self Determination and freedom.

Corporate control of our country takes power away from the people.  Our over-valuing and over-paying of celebrity goes against our values of equality.

We are on the verge of a humbling and a breakdown of institutions and ways that have taken us away from our core principles.   We are at a turning point in our evolution as a country, as we choose our fate to be like Rome’s decay or like a renewed breath of fresh air in the world.

We need to return to our core soul values, values aligned with the Universe and the Age of Aquarius.   Our Moon in Aquarius reflects our soul’s voice.  When a country or an individual lose their soul, the life force that animates them dies. They become an empty shell.

As we breathe new life into our soul, we are reborn.

And soon world events will challenge us to grow and evolve or not.  Russia’s new flexing of its muscles, China’s strength in the world, Iran’s desires to be empowered, all promise a new balance of power in the world.

How will we react to others’s wanting to level the world playing field?

When the 9-11 tragic attack on the World Trade Center and America occurred in 2001, do you feel that the way the USA responded showed movement toward decay in relation to its core values or did it transform in a positive way and evolve?

New events will challenge the USA again to evolve or die another layer of soul death.

And in your personal life, which may be challenged this Spring Eclipse Season, will you see whatever happens in a meaningful context, as part of your soul journey this lifetime?   Will you learn from the experience, and take responsibility for your life?  Or will you mostly look for blame or see through the lens of good and bad luck?

Will you release that which keeps your ego in charge, keeps security needs as your top priority, and fear as your primary guide?   Or will you yield to the wisdom of your soul, and let it guide you to your authentic self and your core inner values?

This season, beginning forcefully this month of April,  will be a test of trust and faith for many.   Do you trust the new way of a new era in your life, or do you feel old fears and doubts and needs to control taking over your mind and emotions?

If the latter doubts get too strong, it is time to do some releasing- releasing old attitudes and beliefs, releasing people, jobs or property that reflect your fears and doubts from your old era of life.

As you release, doors of opportunity will open, new insights and inspirations will emerge, and light will have a place to enter your heart and mind.

Old programming creates blocks to the light, blocks in our bodies and souls.    Old patterns of thought and behavior that keep “Groundhog Day” same old, same old patterns to keep repeating, repeating can now be transformed into healthier new ways of being.

So get ready to emerge into new light rays this Spring 2014, and do not be daunted by any world events that tend to inspire fear in your heart.  All is in divine order and happening for a reason.  Your job is to stay aligned and to make choices that reflect and maintain that alignment.  Keeping your mind, body and soul healthy is of paramount importance and gives you a strong foundation for your personal evolution.  That does not mean being perfect and not enjoying life, but instead means doing what is necessary to keep you sane and in balance.

After this New Moon, which forms a strong T-square because of  a conjunction to Uranus and a square to Pluto, we will have entered our Eclipse Season.  Energies will intensify as we get into mid month of April.

On April 15 is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries/Libra.   Then the Cardinal Grand Cross gets near exact after April 19 until around April 24.  Then the second eclipse happens on April 29, a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus.

Mars goes Direct on May 19, pushing us in a renewed way, forward again after the shakeups of April. Then late spring and summer bring new events that are aligned with how we weather the storms in April.

Of course we will look more insightfully into the meaning of each planetary configuration as we get closer to the actual astrological events.  We will also look more closely at how the planetary alignments this spring will affect the different astrological signs.  And we will put whatever world events that occur this spring into the context of the planetary movements and our voyage into the Age of Aquarius.

See you next week,


If you have the time please enjoy the youtube video just created for Spring Eclipse Season 2014 and the Cardinal Grand Cross.

You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info..

There is already a YOUTUBE video autumn 2013 forecast out at

There is an old YOUTUBE video Astrology Forecast for Spring Eclipse Season. Check it out if you feel so moved.

You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years





Another War and Astrology Forecast June 16-22

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are fully in the aftermath of the Eclipse Season,  viewing the results and repercussions of what was shaken up and shifted during that time period.

We wrote during that Eclipse Season that both transiting Jupiter and Mars would making conjunction with the USA natal Mars in Gemini from its birth date of July 4 1776.

We let you know that between May 18 and June 30 there would be issues ignited around USA  military adventures, conflicts, and wars. We also let you know that the Middle East was the likely place for these issues to play out.

So this last week, President Obama declared that the USA would sent military equipment and arms to the rebels in Syria, effectively bringing the USA into the war in Syria.   This will likely turn out to be the match that ignites the Middle East region into a more intense and broad based war.

How this decision came about is startling to me.  Bill Clinton, while speaking at a meeting about Syria with John McCain, said that President Obama was being a  “wuss” if he did not get more involved in the Syrian War.  “Wuss ” was the exact word he used.

Less than 24 hours later Obama, who had been for a long time holding off on getting involved in Syria, all of a sudden announced he would send in military aid to the rebels in Syria because of use of chemical weapons in Syria.

So soon after being called a “wuss” he decided to do the macho thing and get involved in war, another unneeded war for America.

Our leaders in America are 18 year old boys!  I dare you to go to war?  You are not much of a man unless you get in this war? My God how can this be true?  How can our country be run by boys who call each other wuss?

I grew up in a very macho culture in Cicero Illinois, where Al Capone built his mafia empire. I am Italian American and believe me that was a very macho culture I grew up in.    As a young man I had to be tough to survive.  But then I grew up, left the hood, and became a man.

Many boys are brought up to do anything to not be considered unmanly.   But you grow out of it.   You grow up and realize how destructive those attitudes and behaviors are, and you want to help create a better world than that.  You still will fight for what you believe in, but you will not fight because you do want to be a wimp or wuss.  What kind of cause is that to fight for? At what age do stop caring who blinks first or how big your dick is?

So here we have the leader of the free world, as they say, and the ex leader of that world, acting like teenage boys and putting so many lives in danger by going into a needless war.

That war is no business of the USA. No matter what you are being programmed to believe, the war in Syria is a civil war, no bad guys and good guys, but a civil war.

Major countries like the USA and Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia, are swarming around Syria like vultures to take what they can get.  It is about power and control of the Middle East region.

The American people in polls are overwhelmingly against Americans getting involved in this war. Bill Clinton said it did not matter what the polls said, that Obama must lead the people into this war showing them caution and good reasons to get involved and they will follow.

So what he means is to lead the sheep into war, even if they do not want to go.   We must not let them do this again. Last time in Iraq they told us there were weapons of mass destruction there and we had to invade. Now of course billions of dollars and thousands of dead bodies later, we know there was no good reason to go to war.

And now we are told that chemical weapons is the reason to go to war, and soon they will drum up more reasons to get even more involved.

Now you know it does not matter what party is in power, they are both corrupt and represent an old world and paradigm that must go.

We are at a major crossroads in our journey between a dying Pisces Age and a developing Age of Aquarius.

Aquarius is about “we the people”, equality of all peoples, and Diversity in Unity. It is about respect for all peoples all over the world, and a knowing we are all of the same family of human.

Soon we will know there are peoples all over the Universe, not just here on Earth. Many powerful revelations about extraterrestrials are coming our ways, disclosures about aliens who have and are visiting our planet. Please take the time to view these two videos. The first is from an ex Defense Minister of Canada with powerful revelations about extraterrestrials:  The second is an ex cia agent on his deathbed who says he saw aliens:  Judge for your self what seems true.

We are entering a powerful new chapter in human life here on Earth, and it is essential we develop a community of Aquarian Age humans, with leaders who know we need to live with love and truth as our guiding principles.

We need to rid our world of an old paradigm that condones power over other people, abuse and mistreatment of anyone, not matter what they have done, no matter if they are considered enemies or misfits or weirdos or inferiors or useless.   We need to transform a world that victimizes those who are more weak or vulnerable, that rewards those in powerful positions no matter what atrocities they perform or crimes they commit or corruptions they condone.

We are the ones that need to change from the inside out, ridding our consciousness of the programs the old world has conditioned us to believe. And at the same time we must empower ourselves, move beyond our self esteem issues, and join with others to change this world.

This week we move into our annual Summer Solstice on June 20/21. here on the East coast USA it is on June 21 at 1:04 AM. This is the day of most light minutes in a day. Yang is at its zenith, but Yin dark moments of the day begin to increase.  It is Sun in Cancer time of year, the time of Nature’s abundance here in the Northern Hemisphere on Earth.

Cancer is the sign of the great Mother, of the power of unconditional love and nurturance. It is soul, feelings and inner values. The planet that is most attuned to Cancer is the Moon.  Cancer time of year honors family, whatever kind of family that helps you feel “at home” and welcomed, whether blood related or not.   The weakness for Cancer can be lack of boundaries and overly permissive attitudes, but its caring for those who are vulnerable and in need can be bountiful.

Next Sunday is the Full Moon, on the 23rd; and on June 26 comes Mercury Retrograde again. We will look at those events next week.

Also next week I will create a new Youtube astrology forecast.

See you then,


I recently put out a YOUTUBE video Astrology Forecast for Spring Eclipse Season. Check it out if you feel so moved.

I also created an Astrology Forecast 2013 for youtube, part 1. And Part 2.

There will be a new Youtube video coming out within the next few weeks. I will keep you posted.

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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years