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Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo and Astrology Forecast August 5-11

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We move this week into the last of three eclipses in Summer Eclipse Season 2018.

It is the last quarter of the Moon phase all week long until Saturday August 11 at 5:58 AM EDT.  At that time we experience a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo.

The Moon darkens more and more every day this week until after that New Moon in Leo.

That Leo Solar Eclipse New Moon on August 11 puts an end to a lunar cycle begun on July 12 at the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer opposite Pluto.

That New Moon in Cancer found “climax” on July 27 at the Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aquarius that was conjunct Mars and square Uranus. That lunar cycle ends on August 11 at the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo.

And Retrograde Mars and Mercury Retrograde  have added more complication to a very intense time period.

I have gone through over 30 years of paying close attention to Eclipses, and this is one of the most powerful Eclipse Seasons I have experienced.

I have been witnessing people face some of their worst nightmares; experiencing emotions out of control; early traumas re-triggered;  difficult memories and people returning to them; hard decisions needing to be made. But also for some there has been rapid movement through their issues that led to big awakenings and breakthroughs.

And now, while Mercury and Mars continue being Retrograde, we move this week through ending this most challenging volatile lunar cycle before we experience renewal at the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo.

Time feels to be moving faster during this Eclipse Season, so we all need to take time to be alone in order to process our thoughts and feelings.  And this week the 4th quarter Moon, with Mercury and Mars Retrograde, demands we find inner time to connect with our inner home base in order to prepare ourselves for the fiery Leo jump start next Saturday the 11th.

Allow your deeper soul to come back to center (of course meditation and nature can be great aids for that).  Allow that deeper soul to connect better with source and Universe so you are more ready for the new beginnings at this Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse.

Remember that Solar Eclipses are always New Moons, but they are New Moons on steroids, so to speak.

And since we are experiencing a Leo New Moon Eclipse, we can expect this Solar Eclipse to affect our heart chakra, to want to open that chakra up some more.

Difficulties you run into around this Solar Eclipse may be because your heart has closed from old wounds that caused it to lose trust.

Now there is new energy and information that wants to come through you at this Solar Eclipse.  There is Love and Truth that needs your heart to be receptive.

This Eclipse also seeks to open your heart up so you can shine your light, so you can express your authenticity.

There may be a young child inside you that you have put on a time out.  He or she used to be more alive with spirit shining through.  Wounds, traumas, disappointments, and/or disillusions have tended to close its heart into not trusting.

Now you will have help from the cosmos into opening it up again.  Keep in mind that whoever was a part of the process of you closing your heart and not trusting must be let go inside your self.

It is you now who is closing that heart- not anyone else.  Work with the inner story that holds the key that keeps your heart locked up, the same key that can now unlock your heart and liberate you from the shackles of fear and hopelessness.

This last of the three eclipses of Eclipse Season 2018 will have some torque for moving you forward in your life in one area or another.

Keep in mind however that this New Moon Eclipse sits in a cocoon waiting for Mercury and Mars Retrograde to go forward again .

You will be able to get your life’s motor running with this eclipse, but the Retrograde planets may keep you waiting before the movement goes strongly forward with action or manifestation.

Your creative juices should be alive with this eclipse, and more so if you do not let your ego get in your heart’s way.  That is the Achilles Heel for Leo, its temptation to look too much into the mirror to grade how it is doing?

And remember that feeling you are worthless or no good also relates to your ego controlling you and your ability to shine your light creatively.

The Virgo New Moon this coming September 9, just two days after Saturn goes Direct, is a good marking point for the end of Eclipse Season and more grounded in reality new beginnings.

Out in greater America and the greater world, much is holding on by threads. Under the surface there is much instability and much shifting and changing.

It is the old establishment, which holds the old paradigm, that is breaking down.  There are now rather desperate attempts to keep it propped up, and as more of the new shows itself, more desperate controls and bullying will surface.

As the Trump administration faces more and more scrutiny and more attempts are made for his impeachment, he will likely take desperate measures to fight off these attempts or he will distract attention with events that will rally the citizens, like war.

The Middle East is truly on the edge now and chaos is growing around Israel and the Palestinians, Syria and Iran.

Keep in mind through all the challenging coming events in America and the world, that all the turmoil is related to the shifting tides out of an old paradigm and age and into a new paradigm and age.

And in America the split between cultures is on the verge of igniting into something worse than it already is.

So many families, friendships, and other relationships are in war mode with one another, with no real understanding or respect for one another. As I write this,  a rally in Portland Oregon is happening with far right and far left factions facing off.

Last year, also with a Solar Eclipse in Leo, a similar face off happened in Charlottesville Virginia.

Also the Trump doctrines are separating the United States from its traditionally closest allies, like Canada and Europe.   More separation than ever before is overtaking the United States in its global relationships, including trade wars with Europe and especially China.

Nationalism and Globalism are another facet of this separation between cultures. In a distorted dysfunctional way this is an attempt at finding Diversity Within Unity.

Nationalism is trying to find a country’s individuality without seeking unified connections.  Globalism sometimes looks like everyone giving up individuality for uniformed agreement.

Diversity within Unity is honoring one’s distinct individuality and way of life and at the same time knowing we are all one, all connected.

One should not have to sacrifice one’s authenticity in order to fit in.  But one need not sacrifice one’s needs for finding what unites us all despite our differences.

No pushing agendas this week or desperately needing quick answers or impulsive moves forward.

Early this week, Uranus goes from Direct to Retrograde. So the frequencies of Uranus (liberation, breaking out of boxes or “chains”, awakening, winds of change) will be strong in our energy fields.   

Also Venus leaves Virgo for Libra this week.   Venus in Libra puts emphasis on finding balanced connections between people and following social graces in one’s interactions with others.

All these shifts during the last quarter of the lunar cycle turn into the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo on August 11. This Eclipse will be square Jupiter in Scorpio, so this eclipse like the last two is powerful.

This brings a strong energy for moving forward with your heart leading the way. Please keep in mind that intensity will be strong and complete clarity because of the Retrogrades may not come easily.

Till next week


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Winds of Relationship Change and Astrology Forecast July 26- August 1.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Tides are shifting now as Venus has just gone Retrograde and Uranus has slowed down to go Retrograde while activated by its square to Mars.

We are being awakened and taken outside any closed boxes we find ourselves locked inside.   This will especially apply to heart and relationship issues.

The way you have been understanding certain relationships may tend to be challenged now.   You may have come to some fixed way of looking at a relationship, but over the next 6 weeks or so there will be pulls and pushes to see it differently.   Perhaps there will be new events that come into your life then that will shift your perception.

But even more likely, as Venus is now Retrograde, you will be reminded of past relationships that will give you a new perspective on this current relationship.

You might be reminded of an old relationship pattern that has come back into this new relationship.   You might be reminded of how bad or unloving or abusive a past relationship was.  Or you might on the contrary remember how much better some past relationship was.

Or even more likely still, you will be more aware of when your heart was truly into someone, or someone else’s heart was really into you.   Are you in love with your current partner?  When if ever were you in love in your life?

In late June/early July this year- Venus, while going direct, was making a most close conjunction with Jupiter, one that at times looked like one huge star or planet, not two. This is because those two shining planets “merged” with one another.  Love was in the air then, and as Venus was also making aspect to Uranus, that love may have awakened you like Sleeping Beauty, taken you by surprise, or merely took you outside your comfort zone.

Now that Venus has gone Retrograde it will have another meeting with Jupiter in Leo: on August 4. This will tend to reawaken your heart again.

Overall Venus Retrograde, which will last until September 6, will give you time to reflect on relationships.  Certainly this includes romantic and committed relationships, but also friendships, family relationships, business ones, etc.

You will likely receive deeper insights on those relationships, a better sense of the condition of the relationship, a stronger idea of what options you have and what patterns need to be healed.

And if necessary, you will understand better if you can save the relationship or if you need to let it go.

It would be quite important during this Retrograde period to feel your heart, to be in touch with what turns it on and makes it sing.  Turn back the clock on your life to remember what or whom your heart was attracted to, what it loved.

Do you feel love is good for you or do you feel it makes you too out of control of your life?  Some people actually will shut out love from their heart, as they have been too disappointed in the past or have developed a very regimented life that cannot allow love to messy it up.

That would be pretty sad, as an open heart is truly necessary for real happiness.

Much may change for you during Venus Retrograde, and whatever does will prepare you for a most important new chapter in your life that is wanting to develop.

When Saturn goes Direct overnight August 1st/2nd, there will be a Universal clock that will start ticking again, so to speak.  Saturn is the hand of time, and you will have a sense that “it is time”, that “time is marching on”, that you have chosen what road to take now.

That Saturn going direct will be accompanied by other planetary movements that same week that will tend to give you a sense of a big turning point in your life. In the Global world that will also be true, as signs will point to a likely fate for our world. Saturn Direct and Jupiter will be making exact aspect to Israel’s Mars.  That gives a strong indication that Israel will either initiate a military adventure or be attacked within weeks after Saturn goes Direct.  The USA chart is also facing most difficult aspects too, like Pluto very closely opposite its natal Sun.  The time surrounding the eclipses could be very challenging.

You will likely be moving in a set direction at that time, opening up doors that will take you to new events soon to manifest in your life.

And yet relationship issues may not be decided on yet at that time.  Venus will still be retrograde until September 6 and it will not be back to where it started going Retrograde until October 9, at which time more clarity and direction for heart issues will be formed.

And of course there will be two strong eclipses on September 13 and 27 that will tend to shake things up.  They will especially shake up your life if you are holding onto anything that is not truly aligned for you and your life. It could be a time of breakdown of what needs to pass, and breakthrough into new ventures and adventures.

The greater world will also be experiencing big breakdowns and breakthroughs then, as the streams of light for transformation and healing will be especially powerful then. It will be another important portal into the Aquarian Age opening, and light cannot shine through dense blocks in a system, blocks that represent a clinging to the past, and attachments to that which does not serve your Higher Self anymore.

And Higher Self connection is getting more and more important with every new day.  The ego self wants control, and does not truly care about connections, Love, and Truth.  It cares about putting its own needs above the cycles and rhythms of nature and the Universe, and above the heart of any matter.

With so much transformation moving in to rearrange our priorities and lives, we must now allow our soul and heart based Higher Selves to take over.   This is true even if our hearts are taking us to that which does not seem practical or conventionally apt.

The old normal is dying, which means that conventional wisdom is not wise anymore. Following empty rules will not better your life.

The “connections” will be taking over our new normal, so old “shoulds” will not serve you.

Just look at this last week to better understand where the conventional old world is headed. There were two more mass killings- one in a movie theater. There was an African-American woman who apparently committed suicide in jail after being pulled over by a policemen for not using her turn signal when changing lanes.  Donald Trump is polling in first place for the Republican nomination for President of the USA. And you think he cannot possibly become President? Think again. He is rich and famous and brash, the lower ego self that all too often runs America in the old world.

And also this past week, President Obama signed a bill from Congress that makes it almost impossible to legally challenge Monsanto and GMO products.

Your Higher Self is your only way out, and your heart and soul are the only way to get to your Higher Self.

So now as we experience Venus Retrograde, get your heart’s desires in order around relationship. Stay with who is in your heart, stay away from ego run people who will bring you down.

Transform, repair or heal toxic and/or dysfunctional relationships and their patterns during Venus Retrograde– or get out of them.

Also later this week on Friday the 31st, there is a Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius.   Choosing between what turns you on versus what is socially conscious can be an issue at such Full Moons. Leo is a sign wanting what opens its heart and what will be noticed or popular.  Aquarius cares more about group consciousness, social consciousness, and uniqueness.   The Full Moon on the 31st is at 6:43 AM EDT.  Venus, while still retrograde then, will slip back into heart centered Leo again also on the 31st.

Then on Saturday August 1, Saturn goes Direct and that gets the hand of time clicking as we start moving in a more certain direction. And then on August 14 there is a New Moon in Leo that will put more fuel in our hearts and life gas tanks as we rev up for the big events is September:  A Solar Eclipse New Moon in Virgo on September 13 and a Lunar Eclipse Full Blood Moon in Aries on September 27.

Evolutionary energies are growing stronger and your Higher Self intuitively knows the way forward.

till next week,


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Venus Retrograde Relationship Issues and Astrology Forecast July 19-25

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Last week, as expected,  there were solutions found over previous disagreements in global affairs.

In the greater world two important situations found apparent resolution.   The nuclear talks with Iran ended with an agreement.

Iran agreed to terms with United Nations’ most influential member countries around its nuclear program, and as a result sanctions relief is on the way for Iran, which will free up billions of dollars for them.

Greece and European powers also came to an agreement on Greece’s debt and struck a deal for loans to be matched by a commitment to austerity measures for the Greek economy and its people.

As we predicted, the agreements came before the New Moon in Cancer and Mars opposition Pluto on July 15.

In personal lives there was much emotional intensity expressed this past week, especially in regards top relationships, but in some cases there was some resolution found through all the emotion.

On the global level, the agreements with Greece and Iran sit on shaky ground.  Greece has not been able in the recent past to keep their commitments to pay off their debts, and its leaders and people feel they had to give in to the deal because of coercion. They also feel they were humiliated in the process.

Iran has powerful factions within its government who disapprove of the deal, as does the United States.  Many countries in the Middle East and elsewhere are vehemently opposed to the deal, including nuclear power Israel.

Both of these agreements can very easily unwind and fail.

The Universe will be throwing some curveballs to the people who have made agreement, which will include our recent personal life agreements too.

This is because next weekend brings important planetary movements that could begin to reverse the tide of agreements.

On Saturday July 25, Venus goes Retrograde and Mars triggers the Uranus/Pluto square again.  Mars will square Uranus on the 25th as Uranus slows downs to go Retrograde on the 26th.

Venus Retrograde will put the spotlight on relationships, and will cause us to reflect on, remember, readjust, rebuild, reclaim, and rewind our relationship lives.

If there are issues that have not been truly resolved on deeper levels, then Venus Retrograde will bring these issues out so we can look more closely at them, face up to them, and try to find clarity and insight about them.

Dysfunctional or toxic relationship patterns can be transformed during Venus Retrograde.  Relationships that have lost their heart and soul connection will be hard pressed to be revived.

It is interesting that on the day of Mars opposing Pluto this past week, there was a meeting up in space with Pluto, with close-up pictures of the planet.

And there is a region of Pluto that is obviously shaped like a heart, which synchronizes with what we have been writing about recently:  That it is important to know what and whom your heart is into now.

As we take off more passionately into a new world, it is important on our soul journey to be heart invested in all our endeavors.

Love will keep you and your life with meaning, even in the face of great change.  Security based on co-dependence and familiarity will not be enough.

And with heart based Goddess of Love Venus going Retrograde from July 25- September 6, relationships will be examined for their heart connections.

Perhaps on a global scale we cannot call agreements between countries exactly as heart based agreements, but nevertheless we can state that agreements between countries that are not based on a true connection between parties will not last.

In your own life, are your important relationships kept together mainly by negotiation of needs or by love?  What I mean by that is that relationships based mainly on quid pro quo tradeoffs will not bring much real and deep satisfaction.

If two people have maintained a relationship because one promises money while another promises sex, for instance, and love does not exist or is of secondary importance; then neither will be satisfied beyond physical and security needs.

Of course there are people who have relationship standards that are mainly based on image, prestige, money or sex and that is fine for them; but then if they complain there is little true intimacy in the relationship, they need to know it is because of how they have set their relationship priorities.

You will be learning so much about your relationships during the next 6 weeks or so, and that can mean romantic ones, family ones, work ones, friendships, etc.

Pay attention as the Universe will bring you many signs and symbols and synchronicities around relationship during Venus Retrograde.  And you can expect relationships from the past to come back into your memory or even in the flesh.

And relationships that you thought you understood or were resolved will shift and your perception of it will be challenged.

Mars square Uranus on the same day as Venus going Retrograde promises a most profound Venus Retrograde period.

The Uranus influence will help take you outside the old boxes in your mind about relationships. It will tend to bring you liberation from stuck patterns and control by others.

And Venus Retrograde may also bring important new relationships into your life, ones that may change your life forever.

It will be important however to not jump too quickly to conclusions. Try to hold off on ending a relationship for good or making a relationship commitment during Venus Retrograde.  Wait till Venus goes back Direct before doing anything drastic or permanent.  And marriage is not advised during Venus Retrograde.

This week before Venus goes Retrograde and Mars squares Uranus, there are other more minor planetary shifts.

Venus leaves Leo and enters Virgo on Saturday July 18, so there is a humility that is important in your relations now. Leo pride and ego need to give way to self evaluation and humility.  This will happen naturally for most so you do not need to try too hard.

After Venus goes Retrograde, still in Virgo on July 25, it will stay in Virgo until July 31, at which time it will creep back into bold and heart opened Leo.  And it will then stay in Leo for the remainder of its Retrograde journey.

The Moon will join Venus in Virgo on Saturday night the 18th, so purity of intention will be strong.   An open, fun loving time will not be as important as keeping thing simple and real. Then on Tuesday morning the Moon will leave Virgo for Libra, leaving Venus alone in Virgo for awhile.

On Wednesday July 22 the Sun will make its yearly entrance into Leo for its usual month; and on July 23 Mercury will also leave Cancer to dance more in Leo.

Leo is by nature open hearted, creative, and spontaneous like a young child.   But its open-hearted honesty can also cause problems for others as it is more oriented to open expression than it is to seeing how people are affected by its open hearted expression.

But overall Leo is a joy to be around most of the time, as it shines its light and warmth generously to others, much like the Sun (its ruling planet) does.  A Leo smile can melt hearts.

But sometimes Leo will take itself too seriously and let compliments go to its head instead of its heart. Then ego takes over and Leo is not as great to be around.

Overall you will usually have a fun and sometimes dramatically interesting time with a Leo or during Sun in Leo time of year.

There is a second quarter Moon in Scorpio on Thursday the 23rd, so whatever was started or agreed upon at the Cancer New Moon last week may now be met with strong emotional challenge.  

This may set the stage for more challenge after Venus goes retrograde on July 25.

Keep in mind that this Venus retrograde period, which will last until September 6, will be getting us all ready for a most powerful September period with two strong eclipses.

Getting our relationships in order will make a strong foundation for what will develop during the Eclipse Season.

So this week get ready to shift gears again.  Best to not have any rigid agenda or too tight conclusions now. Flexibility and trust in the Universe will be good friends for you now.

Till next week,


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Hand of Time Shows it is Time for a New Chapter in Our Lives and Astrology Forecast July 20-26

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The Hand of Time is ready to start ticking again as Saturn is stationing ready to go Direct this Sunday July 20.

We let you know last week that in the days surrounding this event, world events that feel like fate would erupt in our world.

Saturn Direct is more important than it usually is because it follows the very powerful Cardinal Grand Cross that happened during Spring Eclipse Season 2014.

Hand Of Time Saturn goes Direct and we all enter a very important new chapter or season of our lives on Planet Earth.

Two very important events that affect lives all over the Earth happened as Saturn was about to go Direct:  A Malaysian passenger plane was shot down late this last week over Ukraine;  and Israel  seriously intensified its war with Hamas and the Palestinians by pushing its ground forces into Gaza.

Already a few hundred Palestinians have been killed (mostly civilians) by air bombings over Gaza.   Hamas and other groups have also been sending rockets into Israel, but only killing one Israeli in the process.  The carnage in Gaza is horrendous.

Going back into the Eclipse Season as the Cardinal Cross was formed,   the top world news stories then were:  A Malaysian airliner disappeared, which has still not been found;  Ukraine blew up as it began to split between western interests and Russian interests.;  John Kerry made a concerted effort to bring peace to Israel and the Palestinians; the Islamic State made great advances in Syria and Iraq.

Now as Saturn goes Direct and the Hand of Time begins to move forward,  two very important and seemingly fated events happen that are very connected to those world events and the Cardinal Grand Cross.

Most strangely that the incredible disappearance of the Malaysian plane in the Spring, now becomes a shot down Malaysian plane over Ukraine, bringing those two events from Spring Eclipse Season together in a strange way.

When we also add the Isis takeover of Iraq, which happened while the Cross was still in effect, with the events in Ukraine and Israel/Palestine; we see themes that are forming which are aligned with the transition between Ages.

As we let you know in previous writings, Chaos versus Order will be a pervading theme during this transition, as borders and rules of the Old World are breaking down and forceful attempts to keep the old security systems are countering that movement.

Interestingly, as Saturn has been stationing to go Direct on July 20, at the same time Uranus has been stationing to go retrograde and will turn Retrograde on July 21.  Planets that station to change directions, whether to Direct or Retrograde, have their energy permeating the frequencies of our consciousness and world.

Saturn is security and control; Uranus is breaking out of stuck forms and often bringing chaos as a result. Not only are those two planets both changing directions at the same time; they also are making aspect to one another.  They are making a quincunx or 150 degree aspect to one another.  Saturn is going Direct at 16+ degrees of Scorpio while Uranus is going Retrograde at 16+ degrees of Aries.

As the turf in the Middle East is being transformed, the lives of many peoples all over the world are affected because so many countries are invested in the resources and power structures there.

In Ukraine, NATO nations have been trying to be the main influence there, which used to be a part of the Soviet Union and has many residents with Russian heritage. So Russia has also been fighting for influence.  The flight that was shot down over Ukraine has passengers from all over the world.

So you can see that these events are affecting peoples all over the world.  It is likely that the “fated” events this past week are the catalysts for great change in the Middle East and Ukraine.  And like dominoes falling, the whole world will be transformed as a result.

Keep in mind that besides the Middle East events in Iraq/Syria with Isis and the conflict between Israel and Palestine, the talks to change the nuclear program of Iran met a deadline with no results  on July 20, the day of Saturn going Direct. Subsequently,  they have extended that deadline 4 more months

The power of change is enormous now and will continue to be so.   Later this week Mars will leave diplomatic and peace seeking Libra for intense, passionate and focused Scorpio this Friday July 25.

And the next day on Saturday July 26 there will be New Moon in Leo conjunct Jupiter and square that Mars in Scorpio.

This will be the final sign of our movement into a New Chapter of our lives, and it may be a most intense passage.

As we collectively move into a New Chapter/Season of our human lives on Planet Earth on the way to the Age of Aquarius in the 2020’s, so also do each of us in our personal lives.

If you have been procrastinating and reluctant to choose or make decision or pick a direction to move toward, there is a major turning point now begging you to choose and move forward.

The train of our lives will be taking off without us if we are not ready, and may as a result push us to where or what we may not want.  So please stay present and aware and do not avoid or be distracted.

All of the shakeups you may have been experiencing this year, in conjunction with Spring Eclipse Season and the Cardinal Grand Cross, were done so you would shift your consciousness and life into this New Chapter.

Uranus  and Saturn changing directions this week will bring a need to balance between opening up your life and liberating yourself from stuck mindsets or situations (Uranus), and keeping security and stability and being grounded (Saturn).

Mars going into Scorpio on July 25 will intensify your life, help you to focus and move forward, and feel your passion more.  It will stay in Scorpio until September 13, when it goes into Sagittarius.

The New Moon in Leo conjunct Jupiter will bring you more spirit and positive energy, more hope after perhaps previous difficulties.   This New Chapter of our lives needs hope and faith as we release old beliefs and ways of being, so we can align our consciousness and lives for the Age of Aquarius.

The changes in the world and the changes in our own consciousness and lives are meant to help us to get out of our stuck and controlling images and egos (the downside of Leo) and move more into our authentic and creative heartfelt selves (upside of Leo).

This week there is a shift forward for all of us.  Make intention that this new doorway will bring you to be more whole and healthy, more aligned with your authentic soul self and the Universe, more aware of the connections inside you and all around, more unified with everyone in our human family, and open and ready to embrace the Age of Aquarius.

No matter what craziness is happening in the world, you have the ability and strength to keep your focus on the world you want the children now and in the future to inhabit.  And so it is and so it shall be.

See you next week,


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Clearing and Finding Direction and Astrology Forecast July 14-20

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

There are some shifting tides this week, not the least of which is the fact that Mercury will go back Direct next Saturday July 20 at 2:22 PM EDT.

Many people have been dealing with some powerful emotions and emotional issues lately.  Lightness, and carefree feelings have been rather difficult to find. There are many planets in soulful and feeling oriented water signs, including a Grand Trine in water, which will be exact this coming week.

There have been no planets in light and detached air signs, and Saturn’s force of gravity has been very strong.    Moving fast forward has not been in the cards yet, as it has been more aligned to process one’s thoughts and feelings, to work issues out, to face facts, and to plan and organize what is to come.

This week the Grand Trine in water continues and becomes more influential as it is exact this week, so it will still be a time to work with and express your feelings and emotions. For some this has been a very difficult time, as emotions have felt powerful and for some even overwhelming.

There have been emotional breakdowns for some, yet there have also been emotional breakthroughs for others, getting to the core of issues and expressing openly what had been previously guarded and controlled.

This time period has been absolutely necessary, as people are getting more real and looking more deeply and soundly at what previously had been only an idea or inspiration or desire or un-grounded plan.

For most of this coming week Mercury will still be Retrograde, adding to the theme of reflection and introspection, of rethinking one’s plans, of readjusting one’s perceptions.

So this week will still not be a time to leap forward, or to make that big decision absolutely final.     When Mercury goes Direct late this week on the 20th,  the “airwaves” of thinking and communicating will begin to clear up, yet it may take at least a couple of days to have complete clarity and solid direction.

Saturn’s frustrating limitations should also be passing this week, and the feeling of slugging through the mud in your life will begin to lift.

This feeling of slow motion or boredom or of being held back will begin to lift this week, and there should be a renewal of moving energy at our disposal later in the week.

A large part of the reason for the shift of energies will be the changing of directions of Uranus to retrograde on Wednesday the 17th. So Uranus’ awakening, liberating energies will tend to thrust us “outside the boxes” of our minds and lives. As a planet changes directions, from retrograde to direct or from direct to retrograde, its meaning and “frequency” permeate our energy fields.

Since it will be going retrograde, its powers of transformation will begin to get more internalized, giving us more power for awakening consciousness.

True movement forward, however, will not happen until after the 6th of August.  The New Moon in Leo that day will be the first new moon after Mercury goes direct and after the Grand Trine in water begins to lose its strength.

That New Moon in Leo, for many, will be the true beginning of a new chapter in their lives, since all the shakeups of the Spring Eclipse Season.

Events that have been put on hold, new beginnings that have been delayed, ideas and inspirations that have needed to be processed and made real, will be ready for action on that date or shortly before or after.

After that,  the Eclipse Seasons of Autumn 2013 and Spring 2014 will have us taking the ride in a most intense way, through this new era in our lives.

So for now, stay patient, prepare, and don’t let tides of emotions overwhelm you or get you fearful.

If you can process and clear the more negative emotions, you can be taken into some rather poetic and profound soul journeys, with new insights and breakthroughs, an expansion of consciousness, and greater empathy for others and your self.

Those soul openings will give you a better foundation for what you will build and engage in later.

The powers of transformation for us personally and in the greater world are quite strong now and in the near future.  For now this means inner growth, and later this will translate into a changing of our lives, a movement forward in our work, homes, families, and relationships.

In the greater world a young man Edward Snowden is making a powerful statement for doing what he believes is right, not what will benefit him personally.  He gave up a good job, a life of paradise in Hawaii, because he sincerely believed his country was doing wrong and spying on fellow Americans without their knowledge.

Many people in this world, somewhat understandably, will not fight against the system because they do not want to threaten the comfort of their lives.  They saw us going unjustly into Iraq, killing thousands of people and spending billions of dollars; they see our lives more and more controlled by huge corporations who have bought out our government representatives.  They see a growing Big Brother attitude of government, prying into our lives more and more through our social networks and communication systems, and potentially drone activity.

They see how truly difficult it really has become to change the system, to fight for what is right, to fight for fairness and justice.

Yet this young man shows courage and risks his own life for what he believes in. We have watched the USA government control nations all over the globe, as an Empire, to take away Snowden’s legal right to asylum.   We watched as western governments brought down an airplane that was occupied by the President of Bolivia, because they wrongly suspected Edward Snowden was on it.

This is important to the Empire because it wants to make this man an example, so no others can speak up and challenge the system.   In polls the mjority of citizens of the USA say he is a whistleblower not a traitor.   But of course what the people want and believe is not as important as keeping the security of the country and the power of the Empire.

And in Syria the American people also do not want to get more involved, by an overwhelming percentage in polls. But soon, make no mistake about it, a false flag incident or some other great excuse will be made to attack Syria.  More and more Senators are speaking out for that action now.

And in Egypt, the military performed a coup, which is against international law, to depose of the president Morsi.   And soon they will make his party, the Muslim Brotherhood, illegal again. Whether you like the Muslim Brotherhood or not, they were legally voted in by the people.

America will not call it a military coup, and neither will the United Nations.

The prize through all this is the resource filled, and strategically important Middle East. This is about power and control of the region, and soon it will degenerate into a huge war.

The Age of Aquarius demands equality, no superpowers.  The Age of Aquarius demands Diversity in Unity, liberation and freedom, a power to the people of the world, not kings and queens, or Big Brother governments, or mega corporations, not presidents or dictators.

The waves of change are getting stronger and are looking to move through the “Chakra System”, so to speak, of our Human Collective Consciousness. Just as with an individual person, there are blocks that need to be cleared, a releasing and healing of old patterns and wounds.  Just as with an individual, the issues that are locked up in the blocks come out in full force.

The goal is for the natural rays of the Universe, as it brings through new consciousness energies from the Aquarian Age, to not be impeded by the old toxic patterns and energies.

So expect there to be a powerful cleansing of our Human Condition and the resulting events that will be necessary to transform our lives.

For now, however, work in your own “inner kingdom”, so you will be cleansed and healed of old patterns and energies that keep you stuck in an ego that does not represent your true and authentic soul self.

As you more deeply connect with that authenticity, you connect with the Universe and its evolutionary passage into the Age of Aquarius.

See you next week,


There has been a delay in putting out a new YOUTUBE video. Will let you know when it is ready.

There is an old YOUTUBE video Astrology Forecast for Spring Eclipse Season. Check it out if you feel so moved.

I also created an Astrology Forecast 2013 for youtube, part 1. And Part 2.

There will be a new Youtube video coming out within the next few weeks. I will keep you posted.

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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years

Navigating the New Reality and Astrology Forecast July 8-15

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are collectively now residing in the new land that was created as a result of the tremendous power of the recent planetary configurations, including the Eclipses, Venus Retrograde and Venus Passage, and the first pass of Uranus square Pluto.

No we are not anywhere near being anchored in this new reality, but nevertheless we are moving forward into it.  Many new and important events have swirled into our lives.

So many are looking at new, changed, or changing relationships since Venus Retrograde and the Venus Passage.   Others have made decisions or have had life events that have greatly shifted their lives in other ways since the Eclipse Season.   Many people are now  unsure about many parts of their lives, whether it be relationships or work or health or where to live.  I have been witnessing more change over the last few months than I have seen in a long time.

Even those who have not yet experienced great change in their personal lives, they are still feeling the strength of the winds of change and are preparing for transformed lives to come soon.

Make no mistake about it, transformation is powerful now and will remain so for quite some time.  Old patterns and ways that have become stale or toxic are ripe to be released, and each time there is a powerful planetary time period, the winds come and take more of these old patterns away.

This leaves many in a sort of limbo, waiting for the new to be born to replace that which is leaving.  Others have found new relationships or jobs or homes or attitudes already, but they are walking with baby steps into the new, with unsure legs into these new zones of life reality.

All of these changes are aligned with bigger revolutionary and evolutionary shifts in our Universe and Earth human reality.  Especially the Uranus/Pluto square is pushing us faster forward into global and personal transformation in alignment with our collective movement into an Aquarian Age.

There was the first pass of this aspect on June 24, and there will be 6 more passes leading us into 2016.  Then over four years later Jupiter will conjunct Saturn at 0+ degrees of Aquarius in December of 2020, which symbolically promises us a huge passage into the Aquarian Age.

The last time Jupiter was conjunct Saturn was in May 2000, just before George Bush was elected President. That conjunction was square Uranus in Aquarius, giving a 20 year signature for old forces digging in to keep the status quo (Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Taurus) versus transformational change into an Aquarian Age (Uranus in Aquarius).

So the 20 years- 2000-2020, which gives us the usual 20 year cycle of Jupiter/Saturn, has been bringing us the see-saw years of pulls back into status quo old patterns, and conversely great waves of change into Aquarian Age consciousness.

Each of us is learning to release the old patterns while embracing the new ways that are aligned with Aquarian Age consciousness.

Of course this plays out in a big way in our greater world.  Power and control for privileges and superiority still has much influence over the ways of the old world and paradigm. Dog eat dog competition runs so much of our economy and military domination in the world.

Yet at the same time so many of us are connecting to soul consciousness that brings us into ways of equality and unity and respect for one another and our sacred Earth.  We want to be liberated from controls over our hearts, souls and minds by the established societal systems.  We want to honor our individualized and authentic selves and make relationship with others all over the world in order to bring health and harmony to a soul suffering human family.

We want to live in consciousness that knows the spirit of the Universe and the higher meaning it radiates through its signs, symbols and synchronicities, showing us we are always safe in its bosom of love and truth.

So now as you get used to navigating your new world, seeking clarity, perspective, and direction; trust that what you need and when you need it, the Universe will be there for you. Maybe not the way you always planned or willed, but just what is right for your soul and what you need.

Our life on Earth is not just about a material search for security and pleasure. It is also about deeper issues, and higher concerns.  Our deeper souls are what drive our life vehicles, not our egoic desires.  So if you learn to surrender more, while still feeling empowered and centered in true self, you will be guided.

Now this week we are in the waning half of the lunar cycle begun at the Gemini New Moon on June 19.  Going past the Full Moon in Capricorn this last week has brought us to the downside of the lunar cycle. It is time to wind down, to go more yin-ward and not so boldly forward.  The next New Moon, in Cancer, will not be until July 18/19.

Adding a curve ball of shifting mental energies and perceptions this coming week is Mercury going retrograde next Saturday June 14 at 10:16 PM EDT. It stays retrograde until August 7/8.   The previous day before Mercury goes Retrograde, on Friday the 13th,  liberating and change-evoking Uranus goes retrograde also.

Also around that time and lasting into the next week, Mars in Libra will be making aspect to the Uranus/Pluto square, creating a cosmic T-Square, a strong astrological configuration. This touches off the Uranus/Pluto square and shakes things up some more. In the greater world keep watching the Middle East, Global Economy, and American Presidential election process where the big changes will be soon erupting.

So beginning late this coming week, energies will be shifting again.  Be alert for this potential turn of events.  What you have been developing and getting used to could be challenged.   It is best to stay on course, unless the messages or events overpoweringly push you otherwise.

At  the very least allow your perceptions to shift.  Do not let your mental paradigm to be too crystallized now.  Be open to new information that changes your opinion or shifts your viewpoint or perspective. Mercury retrograde is not to be looked at superstitiously.  It comes into our life 3 times a year and brings with it a meaningful shift in perception.

It is true that sometimes that means going into a Twilight Zone of consciousness or putting up with glitches in machinery or communication devices or thinking, but not always.  During the retrograde period it is best to go into more reflective thinking and more right brain creativity.  Decisions do  need more time to make sure they are correct;  yet some may even choose to put off those big decisions or delay signing contacts till Mercury goes back direct.

Uranus going retrograde on Friday the 13th seems meaningful, and could go along with the aforementioned shifting of thinking and a turning point of events.

Friday the 13th is an interesting human date, one that many superstitiously associate with scary or bad events coming into one’s life. I am convinced that a fear of the Feminine is at play in the fear of Friday the 13th.

13 is a sacred feminine number associated with the 13 lunar cycles in a year, as opposed to 12 solar cycles of the year.  Friday in many cultures is Venus Day. It is Venerdi in Italian, or Venus Day. It is Freya/Frida day in other cultures or Friday, Freya being another name for Venus, Frida being a Wiccan lady.

So 13 and Venus are both related with Feminine, archetypal Feminine, not cultural feminine, which often tries to make females “sugar and spice and everything nice”.  The fear is more of the power of the Feminine, which has brought great fear to Patriarchal paradigms, who have burned and killed “witches”.

So late this week and into next week, there should be a shifting in line with what has been changing since the powerful Eclipse Season that has just passed. Keep your self centered and aligned and on track.   All is happening meaningfully.

See you next week as Mercury goes Retrograde.


There is a new radio show broadcast live on Saturday June 2 at 1 PM EDT on blog talk radio. You can listen to it anytime afterward also. And here is the the link to YouTube talk I gave recently at Spiritual Renaissance Center.

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

He predicted the Iraq War of 2003- in early 2001 when Bush first took office; predicted the 9-11 attacks with an article “The Tower”, written in June 2001. He predicted Obama and McCain would get the presidential nominations in november 2007, when both were low in the polls; and correctly predicted the current economic downturn before it occurred



Reflecting on the Eclipse Season and Astrology Forecast for July 10-16

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

The buildup of intensity from the eclipses has subsided.   But the eclipse season continues through this month; and because of the profound importance of this eclipse season, events connected to it will continue for several months hence.

Some of you have experienced truly life altering events over the last few months.  Others have had their lives shaken up, and changes will come as a result later.   Others had the winds blow their lives around a bit, which has mainly shifted their attitudes, beliefs and old patterns of behavior.   Some of you have endured and resisted the tides of change, and are hoping everything can now go back to “normal”.

This last eclipse, the Cardinal Grand Cross Solar Eclipse New Moon, was a powerful symbol for our entrance into a new season of our human lives here on Earth. This is the second year in a row that we have had a Grand Cross Eclipse. Last summer was a Grand Cross Lunar Eclipse.   Trust me, these Grand Cross Eclipses are very rare, and having them two years in a row shows us powerful symbols of the immense changes we are riding through.

This New Season of our lives here on Earth will become more and more apparent in the greater world soon. I am sure many of you see it already, but it is not apparent to all because the Powers that Be of our Old World Paradigm are bailing water from the Titanic and using bandages to plug the holes on the sides of the ship.

The Old World economy is sinking fast.   The smoke and mirror campaign of hiding the holes on the sides of our economic ship is beginning to fail.  It is becoming more and more apparent that the sinking is fast approaching.  As there is an election for president in 2012, there will be greater attempts to cover up the reality of the sinking ship. But I would be surprised if the sinking ship stays afloat through the coming winter. Late summer, autumn and winter should bring more icebergs cracking open the economic boat.

Remember that our old world structure is held together by the twin pillars of global economy and global military.  So these will be the issues of coming crises, economic restructuring and power restructuring.     These twin pillars of the dying old world get strengthened by peoples’ fear and hatred.

The twin pillars of the New World and Age are Truth and Love, which are the twin pillars of the Universe.  Put your trust in them now.

Trust in our selves, trust in the “better angels” in humanity, trust in Nature, trust in the Universe will help us to leave this old world and build a new world together. That trust and the love that keeps trust strong is already fueling our entry into a new personal season in our individual lives, and a new season on the way to an Aquarian Age.

The passing eclipse season spiked our speed forward into this New Age.  Old ways that keep you stuck in the Old World paradigm have been breaking down, so that new light and energy can come through.  This new light and energy show us what to do and when. Nothing can stop this energy, and nothing can eventually stand in its way.

So trust Nature and the Universe to be stronger than the the twin pillars of economy and military and old rules.   What is and will be happening is part of the clearing.  You don’t have to figure it all out now. Life unfolds and reveals what you need when you need it.    Your trusting does not mean being passive however.

As you see changing winds moving into your life, move with them. Look for signs and symbols that show you the way.  You see them better when your heart and mind are open and trusting in the Universe and your self.  When you are enveloped in fear the signs and symbols morph into negative tones, and you may then move in a direction that is harmful to you.

Tonight, Saturday July 9, Uranus changes direction from Direct to Retrograde. Whenever a planet changes directions, to either retrograde or direct, its meaning and energy permeate our lives and psyche.  Uranus is about liberation, getting outside the boxes of our stuck reality.  Uranus makes our minds more inventive, and sometimes brings surprises into our lives. Uranus is a wake-up call that helps us shift our perceptions. Use this energy over the next few days to break out of your stuck places and patterns. Begin or continue to liberate your self from situations and people that keep you from living the authentic life you desire. Use this Uranus shift to help you to break your mind open to new levels of awareness, to new ways to look at your life and the world around you.

In the greater world, Uranus often brings more chaos and brings the energy for revolution, for liberation and great changes.

One big world shift is the movement to liberate the Palestinians. This will continue to get stronger. During the eclipse season a Freedom Flotilla was organized into many ships carrying peace activists from different parts of the world. These ships and activists planned to break an unjust blockade that Israel has over the Gaza strip and the Palestinians that occupy it.  The Old World Powers that Be from America, Greece, Israel and other western countires colluded together to stop the Flotilla from leaving their ports in Greece and Turkey.  Greek authorities made up reasons to keep the ships from sailing.

The liberation of the Palestinians from the apartheid conditions in the Middle East will accelerate. In September the Palestinians are expected to declare they want to be an independent state of the world to the UN. It will not pass as the USA will stop it from passing.  In the past the USA has always sided with Israel, which has been the biggest impediment to a peace agreeement and freedom for the Palestinian people. But nothing wil stop the eventual freedom of te Palestinian people and their right to self determination and a nation of their own.

Earthquakes also seem to occur with more frequency in the 3-4 days surrounding a Uranus shift.

Also this coming week brings a Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn on Friday July 15 at 2:40 AM EDT.  It will be on July 14 on the west coast of the USA. This is the first “normal” new or full moon since the May 17 Full Moon in Scorpio.  It is “normal” since it not an eclipse this time.   This Capricorn Full Moon puts a book end on the eclipse season.  More events that are an outgrowth of the eclipse season will continue to happen in the world for a few more months however.

But this Full Moon in  Capricorn should bring some sense of climax or resolution or finality to some recent issues or events in your life.   It should bring some limits to emotional issues and dramas that have recently arisen.   There could be a better relationship and balance between domestic, family issues and work, outer world issues.   Use this Full Moon to bring back more “normality”, sanity, and safety to your life.

Take care and talk to you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

I will have a new radio show broadcast on Saturday July 16 at 1 PM EDT. We will look at our lives and the world after the eclipses.

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.You can get an astrological session with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life.  Please write for more info.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

He predicted the Iraq War of 2003- in early 2001 when Bush first took office; predicted the 9-11 attacks with an article “The Tower”, written in June 2001.  He predicted Obama and McCain would get the presidential nominations in november 2007, when both were low in the polls; and correctly predicted the current economic downturn before it occurred.