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Moving Out of the Fog as Mercury Goes Direct and Astrology Forecast July 21-27

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

As I write this forecast Saturday July 20, Mercury has slowed down while Retrograde into stationary position, and is about to go back Direct at 2:22 PM. 

This has been a rather difficult Mercury Retrograde for most people, and many are sighing a big sense of relief.   It may take, however, a few more days before you feel completely out of the woods and into the blue skies of mental clarity.

So feel the transition today, but still be careful of your thinking and communicating process.  Do you remember November 2000, on the night of the Presidential Election between Gore and Bush II?  That night Mercury was moving from Retrograde back to Direct, and there was all sorts of confusion about who won, back and forth on the announcements by the mainstream media.

It is usually not that mentally challenging as Mercury changes back to Direct, but I am sure you get the message that clarity of mind can be illusive when Mercury is first changing back to Direct.

But soon Mercury will get back to “normal” Direct speed, and you will know the difference.    During this transition of Mercury, there will shifts in both the solar and lunar cycles also.

The Sun shifts from Cancer to Leo on Monday, and there is a Full Moon in Aquarius a short two hours later at 2:07 PM EDT.  And to add to the shifting planetary tides, Mars makes a very emotionally energized conjunction with Jupiter in Cancer.

Most recently, with the Grand Trine in Water and Saturn shifting to Direct, there has been a slow heavy density to move through, and unsettling emotions to deal with, along with Mercury Retrograde’s mental challenges.

The Sun’s movement out of Cancer and into Leo brings us needs to be more creative and spontaneous, to have more fun, and to play.   The Sun in Leo then meets up in opposition to the Moon in Aquarius, making a Full Moon.

That Full Moon combines the Sun in Leo need to trust one’s open and creative heart with the Moon in Aquarius need to trust one’s mind to inventively think one’s way through a situation.  Heart versus Head is keynote for this Full Moon.

Mars conjunct Jupiter in Cancer initiates a very energized time period coming up, when we will be moving forward, out of the reflective, angst ridden time period we have been slogging through the last several weeks.

Things will be begin to open up this week, but you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

From this week though much of August, powerful energies moving us fast forward will be expressed.

First Mars, and then even more intensely Jupiter, will be making a T-Square with the volatile, transformational, evolutionary and revolutionary Uranus/Pluto square.

The balls of change will begin to roll between now and August 6. Then after August 6 at the New Moon in Leo, as Jupiter opposes Pluto, movement forward will accelerate.

If you have been waiting for awhile, especially since the shakeups of the Spring Eclipse Season, to get going with a new chapter of your life, to move forward into new beginnings; the time is soon coming.

If you already have entered that new chapter of your life, but still have not seen the Go Light for full entrance into it, that light will soon shine.

August should open windows of awakening and doorways of new life ventures.   Some of this shift may bring more chaotic energy with it also, helping us to shed the past and welcome the future.

In the greater world, the Middle East is continuing to brew with powerful change coming.  Secretary of State for the USA, John Kerry, has instigated talks between Israel and Palestine.   This is a most important issue to be worked out in the Middle East.  Its resolution would bring greater peace to the region and world.

But of course people have been trying for many, many years to find resolution of the Israeli/Palestinian issue.  To no avail.   Even just the start of these talks, however, will turn so many wheels turning  throughout the region and world.

The conditions of volatile Egypt and Syria will be shifting in a big way as the Israeli/Palestinian issue moves forward.   Israel’s desires to attack Iran will also be influenced by these peace efforts between Israel and Palestine.

The powerful transformation of this region will accelerate during the month of August 2013.

Of course the culture wars in the USA have been ignited with the Trayvon Martin killing, and trial of George Zimmerman.  Nevertheless, we know that the election of President Barack Obama brought a sense of optimism for race relations in the USA.

And while that election certainly showed us that there has been great progress in race relations since the ’60s civil rights movement, this trial showed us there is still much to be done.

African Americans, the only group of people who came to this land of immigrants in chains, have a sensitivity to racial injustice and racial sterotyping beyond what others can imagine.

Imagine that your ancestors were slaves in this country. Really imagine that.   Not coming to liberation from English oppression on the Mayflower, and not coming to find opportunity and religious freedom from Europe in the early 20th century, but treated like animals and dragged here.

It is true that it has been over a hundred and fifty years since emancipation during the civil war, and it is true that racial prejudice goes both ways.    And it is true that we all need to know we are all one family, moving toward Diversity in Unity for the Age of Aquarius.

But it is also true that programmed deep in the consciousness of some people, both black and white in America, is that blacks are inferior and have criminal tendencies, and that whites will ruthlessly keep black people down.

This is part of an old paradigm that is dying with an old age.  The ’60s revolution, with Uranus conjunct Pluto, brought us the civil rights movement. Uranus square Pluto, now moving through our world, will clear up the remnants of what is left of our old racial paradigm.

The Zimmerman case shows us we still need to clear up our stereotypes, judgments, and prejudices.   In its wisdom our Universe brings to light that which we need to release and that which we need to evolve into.

This collective mindset and belief system still needs more rays of healing and transformation for many.     As you look at young people in this country, however, you see the hope for that Age of Aquarius future. So many are color blind, as the worst years of  violent racial division get more and more dim in memory.

Keep in mind, however, whether we are talking about an individual or a culture or country, when transformational energies are strong we face our demons again.

Whatever is left from old traumas comes back into our consciousness, sometimes in “ugly” ways, and gives us an opportunity to do more inner work, to release old wounds, to heal from our past, and to access more awakening light into our souls and minds.

We then evolve our consciousness and change our lives for the better, for ourselves, others and the world.

Stay aligned and present, centered in your heart, and open to the voice of the Universe. And all is well.

See you next week,


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There is an old YOUTUBE video Astrology Forecast for Spring Eclipse Season. Check it out if you feel so moved.

I also created an Astrology Forecast 2013 for youtube, part 1. And Part 2.

There will be a new Youtube video coming out within the next few weeks. I will keep you posted.

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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years


Resolving Past Abuses and Astrology Forecast for March 25-31.

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week we continue in the retrograde zone, as both Mercury and Mars are retrograde- Mercury until April 4 and Mars until April 13.  Though the Spring Equinox and strong Aries New Moon this past week brought us much fiery spirited energy; nevertheless, we remain on hold until after Mercury and Mars go back direct.

Especially since the weather here and in many places was warm and summer-like as the Aries new Moon burst upon us, it felt at times like it was time to get our lives pushed forward.

And yes some people have experienced some true new beginnings this past week with the Aries New Moon.  But overall many of us are still in waiting.  We still need to ponder our lives more, to go deeper to decide what we truly want, or where we want to go, or what we really want to do.  Some things may still not be clear yet.  Some answers have simply not appeared yet.

And wracking your analytical and logical brain to find an answer will not work well. You need to wait for things to unfold, to have trust that what you need will appear at the right time.

Remember that during Mars and Mercury Retrograde, we are often taken into old zones of experience.  People or memories from our past come back. Old issues resurface that we may have taken for granted were OK now.

Look at some of the issues that have come into the spotlight in our society lately:  Women’s rights and African American rights.

These were issues that dominated our experience in the ’60s and ’70s and remained important issues long after that time period.  Remember Rodney King in 1992?

But recently, especially since Barack Obama became president and Hillary Clinton almost became president, many had begun to assume that the problems of women and blacks had faded into our cultural rear windows.

Now during this recent retrograde period, we have been dealing with Rush Limbaugh and his degrading comments toward Sandra Fluke concerning contraception.  And the murder of Trayvon Martin by a neighborhood guard in a gated community in Florida, has reopened old wounds for African Americans.

Regardless of the facts in these cases, what is important to take in is the rage this has been aroused in women and blacks.  Do you really believe they are enraged because they are entitled children having a temper tantrum?  I believe many people whose consciousness is rooted in 1901 believe exactly that.

Perhaps women and blacks are enraged because recent events show them that many people are still filled with prejudice and bigotry and want women and African Americans to “know their place”.  They still believe in old stereotypes from long ago, that were not true then either.

Women who want to have sex are sluts?  Black men who dress in certain ways, like wearing “hoodies” are criminals?

Yes women and African American have come a long way since the ’60s.  But events like these recent ones make them feel like nothing has changed. And do not be surprised if justice is not served in Florida for Trayvon Martin, that there will be riots again in the street.

Look at reality.  Women are still sold all over the world as sex slaves and prostitutes.  And our prisons are unfairly over inhabited by black men.   White collar crime and drug use by wealthy people is more excused by society.  Poor people in general and black men more specifically are profiled as criminals in our society.

Much more transformation is necessary to bring the equality that is aligned with being in an Aquarian Age. This retrograde period is bringing to our consciousness the inequality still experienced by members of our society.   Keep in mind that these guardians of the old world, who are rapidly becoming dinosaurs, will fight to keep their privilege and power. But they are doomed by nature and our progress into an Aquarian Age.

In your own life, what issues are coming back to you during this retrograde period?  Are there family or relationship or home or career issues that need to be resolved?  Do any of these current issues have ties to old experiences that were never quite resolved?

Is your current relationship challenge tied to a childhood experience or other relationship from your past? Is it tied to something from the current relationship that was never really solved? Is a problem with your career connected in any way to problems from your past?

Dig deeper to find the links and connections.   You are getting ready to let go of an old pattern that is holding you back from progressing with your life.  As we finish up this current retrograde period, you will find more clarity.  And we will get more clear about what we really want, what action we need to take, and where we need to go.

And then soon we will experince the eclipses, which will accelerate the speed of change. There is a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Gemini on May 20.  And there is a Lunar Eclipse New Moon in Sagittarius on June 4.  Gemini and Sagittarius represent free mind and free spirit respectively. Mind, intuition, inspiration, and spirit will be ignited. New ideas and creative solutions will be readily available then.  What has been held back will be set free.  There will be less control and the gates of increasing chaos will be opened.

Uranus will be making its first square of Pluto in June also. This highly transformational planetary duo will ignite change as they did in the ’60s when they were conjunct one another. They will continue to be in square to one another for a few years.

And also in May this year, synchronizing with the eclipses, will be Venus Retrograde.  So though Mercury and Mars will be back direct by then, the “matters of the heart” that Venus represents will be in reflect and rewind mode.  Relationship issues will be in the spotlight, as will be women’s issues, and issues of love and trusting Love spiritually.

This coming week enjoy the added energy and desire for action that the Aries New Moon last week stoked in us.  But remember that “all systems are not go” for a while longer.    Do not push the river of life to go faster than it goes naturally, as that will not work.

See you next week,


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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

He predicted the Iraq War of 2003- in early 2001 when Bush first took office; predicted the 9-11 attacks with an article “The Tower”, written in June 2001. He predicted Obama and McCain would get the presidential nominations in november 2007, when both were low in the polls; and correctly predicted the current economic downturn before it occurred.