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Transformation of America and Our World, and Astrology Forecast

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

This last half of winter can be considered a calm before the storms of spring and summer.  Events will heat up like the weather as the winter ends.  But if you look close enough now, you will see hints of what may be coming our way.

The economy is approaching a turning point.  Right now it is not free falling into deeper trouble nor is it getting any better.  By late spring or early summer, events will show the way to more clarity about our collective economic direction.  

Astrologically, there will be a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Grand Cross on June 26, a few days after the summer solstice ushers in a new season.  That Grand Cross will be making hard aspects to the USA natal chart Venus and Jupiter in Cancer.   Venus and Jupiter together in the USA chart signify its sense of well being.    As a result, our sense of well being will be an issue that we will collectively be addressing this spring and summer.  President Obama’s Venus in Cancer from his natal chart is also aspected by this Eclipse Grand Cross.

What will this economic turning point be like?   What direction will it be going in?  How about our country overall?

I know by the astrological aspects that there is a transformaton of our country’s systems and institutions underway and continung for several years.  Powers that Be have been putting flimsy band aids on the economy, not going to the core of the problem and transforming the structure.   The bailout and the printing of more money only temporarily stop the economic bleeding.   The national debt is enormous, the dollar is in trouble.     The economy will likely turn downward at the coming turning point, and will stay down until there is real deep change of the system.

Many senators and congressmen have been resigning from office lately as polls show Americans have little support of that branch of government.  As crazy as many Tea Party people are, they nevertheless are reflective of a growing number of people disenchanted by our American government.

Another branch of the USA government, the Supreme Court made an unbelievably horrible decision lately when it decided that corporations could spend as much money as they please on elections.  Both conservative and liberal citizens were outraged as such idiocy.

And of course George Bush severely damaged the reputation of our presidency and executive branch of government during his 8 years in offfice.  President Obama has added decency and intelligence to that branch, but he has not shown much strength of leadership or being true to the principles he campaigned on.

This last week there was an event that adds exclamation point to the dissatisfaction for our system now.   A man suicide crashed into an IRS building this week, in anger at that economic institution.

There seems to be revolutionary energy building  in America as more and more people are disenchanted with the established world and their lives.  This is part of the transformation of our country and its system and institutions that is happening and will continue to happen.

As we approach 2012 and also move more fully into an Aquarian Age, more and more great changes will occur.  This last winter has certainly alerted us to the change of our weather patterns and climate.  There were snowfalls in places like Rome, Italy and Florida and Texas USA that do not usually experience such things.  Here in Maine we have had an unbelievably mild winter so far.  What greater climate changes do we face ahead?

And in the Middle East war drums are pounding. World powers are looking to put Iran in its place and defang its growing military and nuclear abilities.   Of course all the countries, including Israel, that want to stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions, all have nuclear bombs themselves.   And the Israel/Palestinian conflict, arguably the most important conflict in the world as it influences greatly the disdain of Muslim peoples for the western world and Israel, will be heating up this spring and summer.  Also importantly,  Iraq and Afghanistan still have wars going on there.

There is a power struggle for influence and oil in the Middle East and it may blow up soon into a more out of control regional conflict this spring and summer.

All this economic and military upheaval will shake up our world structures and put and end to old ways of being that are destroying our human family and Earth.  The Old Paradigm we have been operating under for over 2000 years is coming to an end. 

Old authorities can no longer be relied upon.   New ways to see our human experience here on Earth will reveal them selves.  Where did we come from?  How did our world begin?  Who are humans?  Where  did our gods and goddessses from ancient times come from?  Some of our coming revelations will be as big as our shifting consciousness from a flat world to a round world.  This blog will examine these questions as time goes on.

See you next week

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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Out with the Old and Corrupted, and Astrology Forecast for January 24-30

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By Leo0 Knighton Tallarico

It is becoming abundantly clear that real and deep transformational change here in America will not happen without powerful and drastic measures and events.   I had hoped back in November 2008, when we elected Barack Obama, that the change from one age to another could happen with some grace.

I have known for quite awhile that America and the world would be going through huge waves of change.   The corruptions, dysfunctions, greed, power abuses, and Americans’ apathy would all need to be cleaned up and released in order for us to live in a healthier, more functional, caring, fair and just America and world. The changing of Ages into an Aquarian Age and through the Mayan 2012 demand this will happen.

And Barack Obama’s candidacy raised our hopes that he would lead us into reclaiming our country back to “we the people”.    He raised our hopes that we would get back our decency and higher principles, so that we would make real change and could have more hope for our future.

And though there has been some return of the light of hope since moving beyond the horrific and disillusioning years of George Bush, nevertheless in most ways “same-old, same old”  ways still prevail.

We are still in Iraq and sending more troops into Afghanistan.    We have created an economic stimulus plan that has not helped the people, but instead has helped big banks get more profits and give more millions to their executives.    The stock market has gone up, but no more jobs are being created nor has the ability to get loans gone up.  We may be on the verge of a new Health Reform plan for Americans, but that plan will keep the power of the insurance and pharmaceutical companies as powerful as ever.

And now this week, something almost unbelievable happened in the Supreme Court of the USA.  They are now allowing corporations to spend as much money as they want on  political elections. ” We the people” have our power even more diluted. The corporations and interest groups already buy out our representatives.  Now with this new ruling  their agendas and wealth will  have more and more influence over our country.

Though a repubican dominated Supreme Court cast this vote, it is not only republicans who are bought our by corporations and special interests.  Both democratic and republican representatives have been bought out by corporations.  The system is corrupt and interest groups and corporations, with their money and wealth, are controlling our country, both sides of the aisle.  They are both part of the Military/Industrial complex that President Eisenhower, a republican, warned us about just before leaving office.    He said that that complex would eventually take away our people power and republic if our awareness went to sleep.  It is encouraging that President Obama has spoken out against the Supreme Cout vote, which is against our democracy.

 Is it too late to do something to change the direction our country is moving in?  Well, it IS too late to rely on our two party system of  republicans and democrats to change it.  Have you noticed how many candidates are winning now, as did Senator Brown from Massachusetts, with a message of being outside the system.    But come on, few of these republicans or democrats are truly outside the control of the two party, corporate controlled political system.  

Big transformational change of our system and its instituitons is coming over the next few years, and 2010 will speed up this process forward.  But how can each of us be proactive in this process?

Should we write to our congress people and demand change?  That likely will not do any good anymore.  The two party system no longer represents “we the people.”

The change is coming and likely events will shake up our world enough for us to begin to see new and inventive, outside the box, truly tranformational change.

We will also need to vote for other parties, like the Greens and Libertarians.  We will also likely get to the point, especially if things get more oppressive and controlled,where we need to use civil disobedience, as did Dr. King and Ghandi. 

The aspects over the next several years speak to the restructuring of our world.  Pluto is now in Capricorn, which suggests transformation of our systems, structures and institutions.  Pluto will stay in Capricorn for 13 more years.

And more immediately we experience Saturn square Pluto, which lasts from last autumn 2009 to Autumn of 2010.    In fact there is an exact Saturn square Pluto aspect on Sunday January 31.   During this year long period very powerful events which change our world and its structures.

The last major transit of Saturn/Pluto was in 2001/2002, when they were in opposition to one another.  In fact one of the passes happened in August 2001, just before the 9-11 tragedy.

Our world is in for major change over the next several years, through a big wave of change in 2010, through the Mayan 2012, through an entrance into the Aquarian Age, as I estimate December 2020, when Jupiter and Saturn conjunct at 1 degree of Aquarius.

On a personal level, use the Saturn square Pluto aspect this week to release old patterns and beliefs that no longer fit who you have been growing into.

If a current relationship or friendship keeps making you feel bad about your self, perhaps it is time for that relationship to change its pattern or for you to be out of the relationship.   

 Saturn/Pluto is about endings, goodbyes, moving on from old times of your life.   It is difficult to say goodbye sometimes if something or someone new has not appeared yet.  But sometimes we must focus on our goodbye, and perhaps the grief that comes with that ending.

This week also brings a Full Moon in Aquarius/Leo on January 29/30.  It happens on the 29th at 10:18 PM on the west coast USA, and on the 30th at 1:18 AM on the east coast.

Do you do what is best in a socially conscious way (Aquarius), or do you do what makes your heart sing or makes you happy (Leo)?  

This Full Moon is the first major lunation since the beginnings that happened at the Solar Eclipse New Moon on the 15th.  Look back on the eclipse and what was going on for you then, and see now where it has evolved to.

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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Empowering the Disempowered, and Astrology Forecast for May 31-June 7

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We have just passed through a spike of energy into the Aquarian Age with a conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius last week.    Chiron is also close to being in conjunction with both Neptune and Jupiter.  Uranus is making a semisextile aspect to all of them.   Neptune and Jupiter will conjunct once more in Aquarius in December of 2009.  This is a very rare occurrence.

All of these transformational planets are working together to open up the possibilities of connection to the Aquarian Age paradigm.

It is easier and easier to see that we are moving into a more diverse world and country.  President Obama chose a Latina woman Sonia Sotomayor to be Supreme Court judge.    The outcry from some conservative white men is because it is difficult  to let go of their privilege in the old paradigm.

There was a legal case that Sonia Sotomayor voted on as a jurist.  It  concerned testing for firefighters in New Haven.  A white man scored the highest on a test to be an officer, but was denied the job.  The city of New Haven decided that it was not pleased that minorities were not scoring high enough to qualify for the job, so through out the test scores.  Ms. Sotomayor voted in favor of the actions by New Haven.

She also once stated that she as a Latina woman would be superior to a white man making court decisions.

It is true that her statements and actions can be interpreted as reverse racist and sexist.  It is also quite understandable why the white man would cry foul when turned down for the job.

But get used to it America.     Minority people like Sotomayor have been prejudiced against in the USA since its inception.  Women were not able to vote in America until the 20th century, after African Americans.    African Americans and Hispanic Americans have been passed over for jobs and promotions for centuries. Gay and  lesbians are arguably treated worse than anyone else.

Balance and fairness are sometimes only created after a time of re-balancing occurs.  During the time of re-balancing there is unfairness and inequity, but it is part of the process to setting things straight.

And they are being set straight for an Aquarian Age of diversity in unity, fairness and equality.  This world we live in here in America and over the world has been run by Western Civilization for a long time now, and more specifically men, and more specifically white men.

I will not make a case for how the world had been damaged by white men, because I believe the issues are deeper and more complicated than that; but I can make a case for how in a coming Aquarian Age of equality and diversity, we need to empower women, people of color, and people of homosexual persuasion because they need empowerment so they can have a real voice and role in our new world.  We need to hear their experience as it will humble us all and bring us to more caring human values.

This week’s troubles with North Korea and Iran can be interpreted in a somewhat similar manner.    They both are looking for more power and voice in the world.   The countries USA, China, France, Russia, and England are the permanent members of the security council of the United Nations. In effect they run the United Nations and hence the world.  What do they all have in common: the bomb!  These were the first five nations to own the nuclear bomb and this arguably gave them their power in the world.

So why wouldn’t other nations want to share the power?  We need to end our hypocricy and find a way to let go of our own weapons of mass destruction or else let others have their weapons.  And please don’t forget that we in the USA are the only country ever to use the atom bomb on another country.   We killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Nagasaki and Horoshima to end world war 2.

This movement to diversity and equality will force the world to accept the power of those who have been disempowered.  And we face grave danger on the road to the Aquarian Age as countries like North Korea and Iran challenge the system that keeps them out.

President Obama needs to rise above the system and paradigm we have created to see the needs of other nations and peoples like the Palestinians. If we do not treat them with diginity and respect as equals we will create for ourselves much pain. It is written that there will be equality for all, and if we resist we will face much suffering.

Astrology Forecast for week May 31- June 7

Tonight (Saturday May 30) at 9:22 PM Mercury goes back direct after 3+ weeks of difficulty for many people.    Approximately 3 times a year Mercury goes retrograde and readjusts our thinking and communication.  It is a time to shift our perceptions of our life out of default setting and look at things in new ways.   Getting reflective and more right brain helps a lot.

Now as it goes direct it takes about a week to get back to normal speed.  So things begin to get more clear tomorrow, but real clarity may take a week or so for some.

On Sunday Mars moves into slo-mo grounded Taurus after being in forceful fast forward Aries for 6 weeks or so. It will now stay in Taurus until July 12.    While in Aries you may have felt pushed to act and move forward, but now in Taurus, Mars wants us to make solid what we began in Aries. It prompts us to get more involved in earthy activities like gardening, nature, working on the house, building up resources and straightening out our finances.

We are still in the waxing part of the lunation cycle, as the moon’s light increases toward a full moon on June 7.   It is time to be active and energized, and since this is  Gemini lunar cycle, our minds are active and our socializing is light and active also.

Emotional feelings open up to express what bothers us on Thursday and Friday as the Moon goes into Scorpio, but on Saturday and Sunday we feel much positive energy with the Moon in Sagittarius on its way to a very energized Full Moon in Sagittarius 0n Sunday June 7 at 2:12 PM EDT.  This Full Moon motivates us to talk, to philosophize, to share information, to learn, too find answers, to be inspired.

Soon we enter a most intense and powerful summer.

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See you next week

Leo Knighton Tallarico