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Family and Astrology Forecast July 3-9

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

With Mars going Direct, we have moved through an important turning point.   A decision has been made by most to move forward no matter what.

Even if all i’s have not been dotted or t’s crossed in our life journey, we nevertheless are ready to choose life and being alive in this new chapter.

Many people have faced important crises over the last several weeks, having core issues come up to be faced and worked with.

Some people and pets have died over that same time period. It is very sad and painful to let them go along with the old chapter of our lives

For many this shift into a New Life Chapter is sublte but clear.    No more going back and forth in our deeper soul to choose direction.   We choose our higher self as our life giuide, with the ego its servant not leader.

For some more definition will come later, it is enough to know the shift has happened.

For others their new self and world is defined already, though certainly not fully established.

The New Moon in Cancer on Monday July 4 is an impetus to move forward. It is the first new moon since Mars went Direct on June 29.

We let you know last week that the Mars turning would bring powerful world events, and there were two terrorist attacks- in Turkey and Bangladesh around the Mars turn.

A powerful event or events will soon happen in the USA, and it feels rather big.  Do you feel it too?

Much has been feeling rather insecure with recent world happenings, but my sense is that there is much more to come.

The next 3-5 years are the true transition years into the Age of Aquarius which begin more fully in the 2020’s.

Much will happen in these next few years that will shift our sense of reality and our paradigm for living here on Earth as a human family.

The New Moon in Cancer has the stamp of “family” on it.    The sign Cancer represents wholeness and the wholeness of what family means to each one of us.

Family can mean the wholeness of our “blood family” or extended blood family.  It can mean tribe.

Family can be extended out to one’s religion or nation too and many people then limit their sense of human family and determine that other families or nations or religions are the enemy.

Cancer is about feeling safe and there is a feeling of safety in one’s home or home life or whatever one determines to be family.   Others who are ouside that safety zone are often  seen as threats.

So we have nations and religions at war with one another.

When we evolve to know we are all part of the same family of human, we will no longer need war and we will work to make things better for all in our human community together.

In our healthy blood families, we love the menbers of the family no matter what- unconditionally.  What if we did that on a bigger scale.    We would still have rules and limits and laws and consequences but we would not demonize or hate or fearfully judge those who broke the laws.

Sometimes I think it will take an invasion by alien creatures from somewhere else in our Universe to bring all of us here on Earth together as one family.

But maybe we can find another way to evolve our consciousness to know we all have the same needs and desires, the same hopes and fears.   We are not meant to fight over everything to get more than others, to have more power and privilege.

We have been taught is it just “human nature” to be greedy and power hungry.   It is not just human nature, it is the worst part of human nature, something that can be controlled or transformed.

The New Moon in Cancer is July 4 at 7:01 AM EDT.  It begins a new lunar cycle devoted to Women, to Mother and Mother Nature.

Cancer is about feelings,the Moon and women’s menstrual cycles, and changing moods.  Cancer seeks intimacy, close intimacy like a child and its parent.   It seeks to take care of and to nurture, especially those who are more vulnerable.

It is about feeling safe and taken care of.  It represents inner values like care and kindness.

When Cancer is out of balance it is too lenient and permissive.  It can also have little respect for boundaries, especially emotional boundaries.

So at this New Moon in Cancer enjoy nature and home and whatever feels comforting and nurturing to you.  Be with those you feel unconditionally appreciated by. Open up your feelings and trust you will be accepted when you are being your self.  Be true to your inner values more than values of success and accomplishment and money.

On Thursday July 7 Mercury and the Sun will oppose Pluto while Venus squares Uranus.

These aspects will trigger the Uranus/Pluto square and trigger your personal needs to transform and change out of status quo staleness.

The world is changing; we are changing, and no matter how bad it may look sometimes, have faith and trust that we are in the middle of labor pains on the journey to a New Age of Aquarius.

Till next week,


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Zombies and Astrology Forecast July 5- 11

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The Capricorn Full Moon has passed and now we move through the waning half of the lunar cycle that was begun on June 16 at the New Moon in Gemini.  

Now we pick up the pieces and process what has been happening in our consciousness and lives.   Over the last several weeks, going back to the Spring Eclipses, we have experienced big shifts in our lives.  The heart openings, breakthroughs, breakdowns, challenges, magic, and difficulties over that time period now need to be examined, emotionally and spiritually processed, and put into some order.

On Monday July 6 the Sun will oppose Pluto and will trigger the Uranus/Pluto square, which is still in effect.    This will help us to more deeply process what has been changing in our lives recently.   Recent relational shifts require more clarity and this Sun/Pluto aspect will help bring issues to the surface.  That will aid our ability to process, gain more clarity, and move through the changes.

This aspect will also require that we release old ways and attitudes that are baggage from our past.  In so doing we are clearing the decks of our hearts and minds, so our new voyage can be more fully embraced.

The triggers to to the Uranus/Pluto square will help the process of transformation:  Monday July 6 Sun opposite Pluto,  July 11 Sun square Uranus, July 15 Mars opposite Pluto, and July 25 Mars opposite Uranus.   These planetary configurations will continue the process of pushing you out of your old comfort zones, to make way for transformational change in your life.

On July 15, as Mars opposes Pluto, there will also be a New Moon in Cancer.  A few days surrounding that date will likely bring much emotional expression and release.     Be careful not to be too angry then or too out of control emotionally. We will write more about next week.

The Mars opposition to Uranus on July 25 will also be a full day of important planetary movement as Venus will be going Retrograde then.  Relationships will be in the spotlight of your life then and will continue to be through September 6 when Venus goes back Direct.  More on that as we get closer to that date.

Then early August will bring a major turning point in our lives, especially so as Saturn goes Direct on August 2.   Saturn going direct is like time marching on. It can give a sense of fate and “now it is time”.

Venus Retrograde in Leo, Jupiter in Leo, and Saturn in Scorpio will be doing a planetary dance with each other in early August that brings us to this important turning point in our lives.

Later when Venus goes Direct on September 6, two powerful eclipses will follow:  A Solar Eclipse New Moon in Virgo on September 13 and then a Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aries on September 27.

The full power of transformation will be erupting in our lives then, and world events will reflect the importance of these eclipses.

These events in the world, which will likely include some economic meltdown and world conflict, will open the doorway to even more breakthroughs in our transitional voyage into the Age of Aquarius.

Right now this week as the Sun triggers the Uranus/Pluto square, there are important decisions to be made on Iran’s nuclear program and Greece’s financial condition.

July 7 appears to represent the time of potential completion of the deal between Iran and the United Nations security council plus Germany.    Even if they do agree to a deal, the backlash from Israel and hardliners in the USA and Iran will likely be fierce.

On July 5 the citizens of Greece will be voting by referendum on their government’s debt crisis.  If they vote no, they will be speaking against the austerity measures demanded by the lenders in order to help satisfy loans given to Greece.

Greece has a recently “voted in” a socialist government that fundamentally opposes the current Capitalist system.   Europe’s future and the future of our global current economic system are being challenged by the crisis in Greece. This past week, banks in Greece had been closed in order to limit withdrawals of money from personal accounts.

And of course the Middle East continues to be in severe crisis with the Islamic State continuing its breakdown of the order in Iraq, Syria, and North Africa.  The Egyptian Sinai region is now in conflict with IS as is the Gaza Strip in Palestine.

And the recent Supreme Court decision to make Gay marriage the law of America is a huge step into the Age of Aquarius.   We can only hope and pray that the backlash for this from fundamentalist haters is not too severe.

In our personal lives there will continue to be breakdowns of old personal systems that no longer hold heart, soul and spirit. Empty structures and “life support systems”  cannot stand up for long.

They will cease to exist as we open our hearts and minds to new consciousness and ways of living our lives. Careers, relationships, home bases, and inner values continue to transform.

Liberation and resulting displays of synchronicity, meaningful symbols, and magic will open more and more in your consciousness and life.  Your heart will be bursting more open too as you experience life from a more pure place again, without the need to control everything.

As your ego subsequently loses its power in your psyche and life, you may feel insecure and/or anxious at first, but more and more you will be feeling alive again.

You know the old question “Is your heart in it”? is always an important question to ask oneself.   That question can be asked about a relationship or job or place you live.  If your heart is not in it anymore, then your heart is dying little by little.

Can you get your heart back into that relationship or home or career? If not it may not last.  Or maybe it will last because of your desperate need to totally control your heart and life in familiar ways.   But then you risk, through time, of joining the dinosaur gathering of soul dead zombies in a suburb of unhappiness.

Till next week,


I have created a new YouTube presentation for the Spring Portal.

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Leo Knighton Tallarico has been a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for 30 years.

Getting Ready to Leave the Cave and Astrology Forecast July 6-12

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Spring Eclipse Season is over.  The Cardinal Grand Cross is passing.  Mercury has now gone back direct.  Clarity and Direction are forming.

We have moved into a new chapter or season of both our individual and collective lives.  The Cancer lunar cycle we are moving through now suggests we gather with “family”, whatever that means for each of us; find ways to relax and nurture ourselves, as we take somewhat of a break from needing to push our selves or any agenda too much.

We are settling into our souls, reconnecting with our hearts, and finding our equilibrium.  We are integrating all the changes of the last few months into our consciousness and making whole our inner family of various facets of our soul.

This process will generally continue till mid to late July.  It is then we will begin to hear the clarion call to raise our flags of evolutionary progress and move forward.

On July 16 Jupiter leaves the womb of Cancer, where it has been contained for the last year, and begins to open up more to the creative heart light shining in Leo.

The message to get started again will get stronger after July 20, when Saturn the planetary hand of time goes back Direct again.   And then on July 22 we leave our inner caves even more as the Sun moves into Leo.

And then on July 25 Mars finally leaves peace and pleasant loving Libra, after being there since December 2013,  for the intensity and passion of Scorpio.

And on July 26 the Leo New Moon conjunct Jupiter will finish the job of launching us more fully forward into this new chapter of our soul’s journey.

This late July time period is a turning point forward after all the change and shakeup that began this last March 2014.

Many have had major breakdowns of their old lives since then. Others have had major breakthroughs and awakenings during that time. And some have had both breakdowns and breakthroughs.

Sometimes it seems everything will always stay the same, same-old forever.  Then those old lives are shaken up in one way or another as we are ready to go to another level or to enter a new season of our lives.

We each do have much creative input into our lives, especially if we want to take our authentic talents and fill a need in our world.  The Universe will support that intent.  And during times of great shakeup, walls break down and doors open to bring us closer to our soul’s intentions.

This may not always happen in the way we planned, but it will happen.

This is why meditation or other spiritual practices are so important, as they keep us connected to our soul intention.   When disconnected,  we make choices that are against our soul’s intentions.

Othertimes we try to hold on too long to something or someone we need to let go of, against our soul’s intentions to move forward.

Othertimes the programming we received from our society and family or the traumas we experienced earlier in our lives control our soul intentions and make us fearful of life and its changes.

And each time now that we enter an Eclipse Season or another important planetary time period, we are shaken out of our stuck places and helped to move into our soul’s path and our evolution into the consciousness of the Age of Aquarius,

The greater world now is on the verge of great shakeup, a shakeup that intends to eventually open more doors into the New World and Age.

You can see the borders and boundaries of that Old World coming down.  Keep in mind that the boundaries we have created for countries in our world have been contrived, and most have been set through wars and invasions, and through World Powers at the time setting the boundaries for their own interests.

This is especially true in the Middle East, where most of our religions and civilizations were started.  Modern  Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, etc. were created in the 20th century and manipulated by colonial powers. Invasions in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya were done to control those peoples’ fates in compliance with others’ needs.

And now as this group called ISIS is changing Middle East borders, as the USA borders are challenged by immigrants coming from Central America and Mexico; chaos is ensuing.

And borders will continue to be challenged, more and more so-called civil wars will break out, like in Ukraine.

At the same time forceful efforts to keep order will get more dominating.  Chaos versus Order will be a prevailing theme now.  Chaos seeks a break down of the old.  Order seeks a preservation of the old.

In your own life, when things break down, your old order is breaking down, and your efforts to keep order are your understandable desires for security and stability.

How much needs to change and how much you can keep things the same is determined in the process between chaos and order.

Chaos brings creative change; Order seeks to keep stability. Neither is the good one or bad one. They work together during changing times.

The Old Rules, the old school ways are also being challenged now as we move more fully into  our internet/computer age.  New Rules are born, new ways of thinking and being are created.

Some of the old ways you will be relieved are leaving, hopefully desires for power and greed and violent ways.  But some old ways you will not want to change, like human dignity, human caring and intimate contact between peoples.

Are we OK with new ways to have children, to clone or to use stem cells?  And if so, can we keep connected to our Earth and her needs, to nature, to our bodies and souls and their needs?

Can we work with Climate Change in a way that is healing for nature and our environment?  Can we learn to live in peace with one another, respecting the ways of those who are different from us.

How this Chaos versus Order transition time plays out is within our ability to vision and create. What are our priorities, and how much do we truly care about the future of the Earth, its creatures and our children and grandchildren?

Do we truly believe we can evolve in our consciousness and lives to meet the needs of the Age of Aquarius we are moving into?

The coming changes will be great.  See them either in your own life or in the greater world as opportunities to evolve and make changes that will serve the best potential of our selves and the world.

This coming week we are moving up to a Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn next Saturday July 13 at 7:25 AM EDT.  Keep to your intentions for nurturance, inner integration, and family connections.

But the Moon is in Capricorn for that Full Moon, so begin also to get prepared for more outer manifestation then.  But realize also that when you are ready to more fully leave your cave later this month, that you will want to keep intention for meditation, nurturing, and connection to “Feminine” values.  If you go back to just being concerned with obligations and accomplishments and “doing all the time” instead of “just being”, then you will not have the proper foundation for this new chapter of your life.

This week the Sun is triggering the now passing Grand Cross from April as it makes aspect to Pluto and Uranus. Events will continue to be heated in the Middle East.

If you are still “holding on”, you will get a nudge to let go this week.

See you next week,


If you have the time please enjoy the youtube video created for Spring Eclipse Season 2014 and the Cardinal Grand Cross.

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There is already a YOUTUBE video autumn 2013 forecast out at

There is an old YOUTUBE video Astrology Forecast for Spring Eclipse Season. Check it out if you feel so moved.

You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

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Prepping and Processing and Astrology Forecast June 30- July 7

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are finishing up the lunar cycle begun on June 8 with a New Moon in Gemini.   Late Saturday June 29 the last quarter of the lunar cycle begins, with a Moon in Aries. That means that this coming week, until the New Moon in Cancer on July 8, we are winding down and settling in.

Mercury is Retrograde, and will stay there until July 20, so it is not a great time to start any big ventures, make any final decisions, or sign any important contracts. That is because our minds are not thinking as they usually do, even if that is not entirely evident.  Our perceptions are shifting, our outlook less clear.  This does not mean you need to go in a cave and ride out the Mercury Retrograde period.   You can be alive and functioning, doing what you do, just not a great time to come to important conclusions.

It is a better time to process our thoughts and feelings, to try on for size, so to speak, different scenarios and possibilities.   Decisions that do not have long term implications are also fine to make during Mercury Retrograde.

I have seen too many instances, however, of some major event or contract or decision made during Mercury Retrograde that sours later, does not last, or stay healthy and sound.

This does not mean to be superstitious about Mercury Retrograde.  Sometimes life takes us to a place during Mercury Retrograde where we have no  choice but to do something important.   If there is no apparent choice but to do something major during Mercury Retrograde, then it is meant to be and you need to surrender to that fact.

There are children born during Mercury Retrograde, for instance, who turn out just as fine as people who were born with Mercury Direct.

But be cautious if you seemingly are forced to make some big decision. Realize your logical mind cannot be as trusted as usual, so go inward with more reflection, and trust your intuition and heart more.

With a last quarter Moon this week in addition to Mercury Retrograde, this is no time to expand or to leap into anything.   Saturn is also slowing down this week before it goes Direct on July 8, the same day as the New Moon in Cancer.

So Saturn’s contracting and limiting energies are strong now also, again showing us to get more grounded and real, facing what we need to face, not running away or becoming distracted.

It will be especially good this week to be present and aware, in control and cautious.

Spring Eclipse Season has passed, but its ramifications are still showing.   Whatever shook up, broke down, or broke through over the last 3 months or so, is now ready to be made more real.

At that New Moon and Saturn Direct next week, it will be time to begin reaping rewards or facing consequences, as Saturn is also karma.

Saturn is also the hand of time, Father Time, so when it goes direct the “clock starts ticking again” for events and issues that were put on hold or were being previously resolved first.

This does not mean all has to totally firm in place before Saturn goes Direct, because remember that Mercury is still Retrograde.   So even though the clock begins to tick, there may still be details to work out, emotions to process, clarity to be found, and final decisions still waiting.

Saturn Direct can also be like a sense of fate, or a feeling like something that is meant to be is happening or is immanent.

That means that  there is also a good chance that a serious and meaningful event may occur over the next several days, surrounding Saturn going Direct. 

Yet energies for the most part this week will be more Yin in nature, more down and inward. the only exception to this is the fact that the Sun in Cancer will be touching off the Uranus/Pluto square as it opposes Pluto on Monday and squares Uranus on Thursday.

So there is a possibility of world or personal surprises that could shake things up, taking us off balance in some way.  Keep in mind that all other planetary issues are about being inward and winding down, so do not leap into anything, do anything impulsive, or radically change directions or opinions.

There is a big turning point coming at or around the New Moon in Cancer and Saturn going Direct on July 8, but this should not require your taking any big actions yet.  It will be more like an arrow pointing in a direction, sometimes showing only inside your self as you know something has shifted.

It may take a few weeks or a few months before whatever is shifting totally manifests in your life for you.   So best again to be very present and aware over the next week or 10 days, in touch with perhaps subtle shifts of energy.

In the greater world you will see almost frantic attempts to “stop the ship from sinking”, so to speak.   There are many endings of old ways coming now, and many people in power will be fighting to keep the status quo.    Do not let your self get hooked into the dramas, into the hate and fear.

Keep your eye on the ball of a New Age in Aquarius, the liberation of people from shackles of their minds and hearts.  We are not owned by any countries or authorities or institutions or corporations.  Our soul belongs to us, we are responsible for it.   Our primary relationship is with our own soul self and the Universe it resides within. From that aligned place we find all other relationships and desires for contribution to our human community.

See you next week,


There has been a delay in putting out a new YOUTUBE video. It will be out in the first week or 10 days of July.

There is an old YOUTUBE video Astrology Forecast for Spring Eclipse Season. Check it out if you feel so moved.

I also created an Astrology Forecast 2013 for youtube, part 1. And Part 2.

There will be a new Youtube video coming out within the next few weeks. I will keep you posted.

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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years