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Mercury Retrograde and Astrology Forecast February 16-22.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are entering a more inward phase of our Soul’s journey this week.

The 4th quarter of the lunar cycle begins in Scorpio today,  February 15,  at 5:17 PM EST.  We stay in this darkening of the Moon until February 23 at the New Moon in Pisces.

The theme of inward journeying continues with Mercury going Retrograde on Sunday the 16th.

As usual, Mercury Retrograde resets our mental functioning.  Logical, analytical thinking is more apt to hit dead ends of “glass half empty” skepticism.

This Mercury Retrograde resetting does often get us to question what has previously been chosen or decided.  That questioning should not be taken totally seriously until Mercury has gone back Direct for several days.

Questioning can be helpful because during that process we may be more moved to cross our ‘t’s and dot our ‘i’s. And to healthily doubt.  Just remember this is Mercury Retrograde time, and finding our Truth is important; but we cannot find it by left brain logic alone.

It is important during the Retrograde time to reintegrate our other tools to finding Truth: Intuition; reading signs from the Universe; dream interpreting; talking with others; etc.

Finding Truth often is about letting the process unfold, knowing in due time all is revealed.  Mercury goes back Direct again on March 10, the same day as the next full moon, the Virgo Full Moon.

During the Mercury Retro period February 16- March 10, we likely encounter people from our past coming back to us.  This may happen in dreams, waking memories, or “in the flesh” meetings.   These encounters may help us understand something or someone in our current life, or give us perspective and insight into our Soul’s needs or intentions.

Adding to the inward turn of consciousness, the Sun goes into Pisces this Tuesday the 18th.

As the Sun moves out of Aquarius and into Pisces, we feel the shift into pure consciousness, beyond mere logical thought.

When one meditates deeply, the mind lets go of its chatter, and we experience “Being”.  There is no need to figure it out or fix it or accomplish anything.

So many of us have felt we are only of value when we are doing, accomplishing, getting things done, etc.

Being comfortable just “being” is a prerequisite for feeling nurtured, safe, and cared for.

We become more vulnerable, yet empowered at the same time.  Some people have not felt the comfort of just “Being” since they were a baby or very young child.

So the Sun being in Pisces, starting on the 18th, has the “intention” of bringing us more into our souls. The water signs are all about soul, most especially Pisces. Of the three water signs:  Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces; Pisces is arguably more about inner-directed Soul travel than the others. This is partly a result of Pisces being less interested in the material world than the other two.

At its best it has us travelling in alternative dimensions, in pure soul travel.

So this week we are in a darkening of the Moon, Mercury Retrograde, and Sun in inner directed Pisces.

It is not a time for pushing forward, for pushing an agenda, for serious mental work.

It is time to process, to feel, to dream, to imagine, to be in your heart and soul, to care, to empathize, to “Be”.

This inward journeying is most important until March 19 at the Spring Equinox in Aries, or even more so at the Aries New Moon on March 24.  And then on April 4 is the powerful Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, which will thrust us forward into action forward.

There is much to process now, after all the shifts, energies, and important events in our personal lives and world since the beginning of 2020 and the Eclipse Season then.

Trump went through Impeachment process; Iran and USA went to the brink of war; Democrat presidential debates and primaries; warnings of potential war in Middle East; Coronavirus fears; and stock market volatility.

It has gotten pretty obvious that our world as it has been in the old Paradigm, is on the verge of falling apart.  There will be great attempts to put band-aids on serious potential breakdowns, especially with the stock market and economy.

Reason for this is because if stock market and economy go down, you can count on current administration not being re-elected.  Economy can be somewhat manipulated to keep afloat with “money being printed” so to speak.

But Nature, and the planets and Astrology are part of that Nature, wins out in the end.

We have learned how to put death “on hold” with machines that keep us technically alive on life support systems.  But death cannot be denied for long.

And the Age of Pisces Old Paradigm is on life support systems now.  But there is a New Paradigm Age of Aquarius with Love and Truth leading the way.

The dark of Death and light of Birth are always moving through our reality here on Earth.  And that duality is especially powerful during these current times, as we are in transition between two Ages, each of 2,160 years.

With that Big Picture as our guide, we know that our trying to keep everything under our  ego’s control is a joke.  Our Higher Soul Self is connected to the Universe and from there we co-create Reality within the laws and destinies of that Universe.

This week we begin almost 6 weeks of pause for inner reflection.  This inner reflection time period will help us all to get back to our Soul Centers.

The challenge of Mercury Retrograde is allowing greater Mind to do its magic outside of our ego’s need to control the thinking process.

Trust the process and all will work out as it needs to-

Till next week,


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Choices and Astrology Forecast February 9-15

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This is a really important year 2020.   In politics, Democrats are choosing who will be their nominee for President of the USA.  Donald Trump is the President now, and if he is reelected the country will be much different than if any Democrat wins.

I know many people are truly “freaking out” that Trump will win and will put a stamp (or tattoo) on America that cannot be erased.

I know that what is happening now and will continue to happen, is meant to be.  We are, each of us,  on this planet at this time for a reason.

America, indeed the whole world, is at a major Crossroads.

What values are our highest values now? What values are we choosing to live by? Who do we want to be?  What do we believe in?

The intensity surrounding these important questions will pick up appreciably in late March/early April as Jupiter makes conjunction with Pluto close to where Saturn made conjunction with Pluto last Eclipse Season in January 2020.

That place is 22-25 degrees of Capricorn.  If in your natal chart you have planets close to those degrees of Capricorn, Aries, Libra and Cancer; you will be greatly affected.

That means that your life is ready for change, the kind of change that will transform you and your soul and your life in important ways.

If you are clinging to the shore of the “waterway” that is delivering you to where you need to go; that resistance will make your life more difficult and painful.

If you can trust enough to be able to let go, and to let spirit and soul carry you down the river; you will get to where you need to be in a more graceful manner.

Whatever you are holding tightly to, must not be right for you anymore (on a deep level you may not readily recognize).

Your Higher Self Soul knows, beyond the ego, what is aligned with you, aligned with the consciousness of the Age of Aquarius.

Our ego self is limited in its scope, the mysteries of life beyond its grasp.

That Higher Soul Self, connected to All and Everyone, has better vision from on High.

Trump was the right president for the time he has been there.  His presence has shined a light on some of the darkness in our hearts and souls, the serious divisions between us.

We are getting more and more clear on what is right for us and what is wrong.

Some of the divisions between us, between countries and religions and sexual orientations, etc., give us a more clear view of the Diversity of humanity in this world.

Brexit and other attempts at nationalism in themselves cause separation that many of us are alarmed about.

The World Wars of the 20th Century showed us how destructive nationalism can be.

But in some way we must be clear about our differences.  At what point do each learn  to respect and honor the differences? Do we need to continue to believe our way is the right way, the best way?

Or can we instead begin to perceive it is right that we are different- Diversity is reality and our Diversity is meant (in our Soul Higher Self) to be a part of the Unity of us All.

Needing everyone to be just like us, as we have found THE WAY, is an old story that has come around too many times. (Hitler sought to eliminate those who did not fit into his superior Aryan Cult).

Those ego stories of the superior peoples is old and stale but still dangerous as hell.

As we eliminate the need to create a hierarchy based on superior/inferior, we open the doorway into Diversity Within Unity in the Age of Aquarius.

This year, and the choices we make, especially for President of the USA here in America, will show the way to an easy or difficult transition into the Age of Aquarius.

Remember that in December 2020, Jupiter conjuncts Saturn at 0+ degrees of Aquarius. The month before is the election for President in November.

Our choices will either make the voyage very difficult or relatively more graceful.

As we move past the Leo Full Moon this coming week, we enter the waning half of the Lunar Cycle.  This week is somewhat tame until the last quarter of the Lunar Cycle begins on Saturday the 15th with the Moon in intense Scorpio.

Then next week begins with Mercury going Retrograde on the 16th.  Mars goes into Saturn ruled Capricorn on the 16th also.

That begins a month or so of inner exploration and healing, as the Sun goes into Pisces on the 18th of February, which added to Mercury Retrograde creates even more energy to go inward and to dance more with soul consciousness.

It is time to go deeper and deeper inside, to make connections inside consciousness.

Each of us cannot change where things are moving by ourselves. But we can surrender to what is greater, and as we do, we can get deeply in touch with Who we are authentically.

We can accept who we are without judgment, and then be ready to join with others in their individuality- no need to destroy or feel worse than those who are different than us.

March/April will push us back outside again, ready to bring ourselves into the world more. June brings more Eclipses and more shakeups of status quo, more world events of intensity.

It is essential that the Old World and Paradigm go through some Hell now, clearing the path for a New World and Paradigm.

We will not be taken by fear into the Black Holes of despair.

We continue to embrace the path of Connections, of Unity, of Love.

We continue the path of Individuality, Diversity, of Truth.

We know the connection between the Love and Truth, Between Diversity and Unity.

We know the Yin/Yang symbol of opposites joined in Unity to be a fundamental operation of the Universe.

Till next week,


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Let Go Into Inner Flow and Astrology Forecast February 17-23

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Last week’s meeting between Mars and Uranus in Aries created an intense energy field for us to move through.

And its overall purposes were to empower each of us, and to liberate us from stuck places in our minds or lives.

It also intended to motivate us to move forward on our path, even if that path was recently challenged or impeded.

And overall for many it brought breakthroughs and liberation from stuck places.

And we know it is essential now to be true to Authentic Self and spiritual Pathways as much as possible.

We are in a New Life Chapter now, and the Mars/Uranus conjunction tried to push us over any humps that were in the way.

Now we sit on the other side of the bridge, searching for more clarity of direction, hoping for a new normal before too long.  The “old normal” has no more comfort to it and cannot be counted on anymore.

Relationships were very difficult to make or maintain last week, since Mars, Uranus, and Aries are each more oriented to independence, personal space, and individual freedom.

Now that we have passed through that Mars/Uranus “storm”, this coming week (especially after this week’s Full Moon in Virgo) we need to settle into where we now find ourselves.

We may be beginning to experience a letdown now as we “come down” from last week’s aspects and the Eclipse Season that has recently ended.

Part of this letdown may show us some doubt over what we have previously chosen, and it is wise now to let the process continue forward without jumping to conclusions or doing or saying anything impulsive.

This week contains an abundance or planets in Yin signs (water and earth signs), so the down-and-in process is in gear this week.

The Sun moves into Pisces this Monday the 18th, and Pisces is slow go, with the flow. It is time this week and this month to lay back more and let it be.

Pisces is a mutable water sign, and as such it is changeable and eludes and escapes boundaries, borders, and stop signs.  It just keeps in the flow.

Pisces represents the world behind the world, the world of soul and many different frequencies.  It often does not take well to the “real world”, the material world, to anything harsh or burdensome.

It is sensitive and empathic, sometimes easily hurt, and it can go into victim consciousness at times.

It picks up the feelings of others and for some it then becomes difficult at times to differentiate between its own feelings and the feelings of others.

Pisces has a little of each sign in it, and that is why it sometimes has difficulty keeping a solid identity or even knowing what it truly wants and needs.

The Christ is one of its natural archetypes of identity, and so it can become very sacrificial, but also very compassionate and honoring of that which is greater than itself (God, Goddess, Universe, etc.).

Since it seeks to enter frequencies of soul, beyond the material “real” world, it is susceptible to ways of escaping, including with drugs or alcohol.

The inner soul world that Pisces is oriented toward is one of images, signs and symbols.   The dream world is its world, a place that one can escape to, and one that is understood better by the ability to read signs and symbols.

But I am sure you can see how that soul world is nebulous and knowing what is true versus what may be an illusion can be challenging. Poems and metaphor are natural in that world.

So in this Sun in Pisces time ahead, it is best to surrender to the inner soul world as often as possible.  That Pisces time takes us all the way up to Spring Equinox and Sun in Aries March 20.

So this month ahead is for processing, meditating, feeling your feelings, and getting ready for new beginnings in the Spring.

Last week gave us much Aries energy and desires to thrust forward in our lives, with confidence and empowerment.

So this week can feel like a letdown, as the feeling of forward movement was short lived last week, and we are being taken into the dream world of soul now.

Likely full forward movement will have to wait until Spring or Summer 2019.

On February 19, the day after the Sun moves into Pisces, Mercury conjuncts Neptune ( The planet most affiliated with Pisces.  So mentally dipping into deeper feelings will be most natural then.  Using one’s logical, left brain faculties will be quite challenged in finding answers.

Again it is best to allow process to unfold before knowing ultimate answers now.

Also on the 19th there is a Full Moon in Virgo at 10:54 AM EST.  A Full Moon in Virgo has the Sun in Pisces opposite the Moon in Virgo.

This is usually a very gentle full moon, one that requires a letting go of ego or needs to control or dominate.

The Sun in Pisces seeks letting go into the inner dimensions; Moon in Virgo seeks order in the material world.  Virgo categorizes, analyses, differentiates, and looks for what is wrong that needs to be fixed.

Pisces unifies and in so doing is non discriminating, which is one of its strengths and weaknesses.  Virgo naturally sees the differences and faults, which is one of its strengths and weaknesses.

What those two signs have in common are that they both want to be of service, sometimes to the detriment of self.

So this full moon may challenge your ability to see where the truth lies, and also challenge your ability to let things flow while still finding order.

It is best to surrender to this Full Moon and to know that being down does not necessarily mean to be depressed.

Later in the week, on Friday February 22, Venus conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn.  Watch out for power and control battles in relationships. 

In the greater world, so much was coming to a head last week, most notably with a potential government shutdown again. That was averted, a bill signed, but Trump declared a National Emergency so he can have the funds to build his wall.

We will see over the next few weeks what happens there, after the legalities are all considered.

The stock market has been surging in recent weeks, but make no mistake the overall movement is downward and the economy and Military/Industrial Complex will be transformed in a big way over the next few years.

We have put ourselves on life support systems to keep the Old World alive and breathing. It cannot survive.

Last week we saw the firm intention by the Trump administration and Israel to put Iran  in its crosshairs for attack.  And Venezuela may also be targeted.  Bolton and Pompeo have Trump’s ear and both are known war hawks and neocons.

Additionally we heard that the Kushner/Trump “peace”plan for Israel and the Palestinians will soon be unveiled.  There also are new female members of Congress who are trying to educate the masses to know how much the Palestinians are being dominated and oppressed.

So much of the USA government is heavily influenced by the powerful Israeli lobbies that feed the greed and power hunger of the unbalanced Capitalists of the USA and world.

Remember that Truth needs to be revealed and honored in order for there to be a unified marriage between Love and Truth, brought together like the Yin-Yang symbol.

The whole Middle East is in such danger now, and any kind of match will set it on fire. And the Palestinian issue holds so much of the tension there underneath all else.

This is similar to what was happening in South Africa in the ’80s, before the revolution that ended the horrible oppression of black people there.   We will need a world wide mass protest movement to bring justice for the Palestinians and peace for both Israel and Palestine.  Israel will need vast healing for the PTSD it still suffers from the horror of its oppression in World War II at the hands of the Nazi’s.   That PTSD is a strong influence in how they treat the Palestinians.

All is moving forward toward the Age of Aquarius and a new world of equality; Diversity within unity; and Love and Truth as its pillars.

Keep the faith no matter how it looks on the surface. Fear and Hatred kill the buzz of Age of Aquarius consciousness.

Talk next week,


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Settling Into New Reality and Astrology Forecast March 12-18.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This coming week should be much tamer, and less stressful and intense than it has been over the last several months.

For those of you affected by the current Venus Retrograde movement, however, relationships may still bring you some intensity and perhaps stress.

The week starts out this Sunday with a Full Moon in Virgo, which means that the Sun is in Pisces and is directly opposite the Full Moon in Virgo.

This Full Moon in Virgo is at 10:54 AM EDT.  It is the first day of Daylight Savings Time for most of the USA.

This annual Full Moon in Virgo is usually pretty gentle and soft.  I have no reason to believe it will be any different for most people this year.

Both Virgo and Pisces are signs that are meant to keep egos from getting too big.  Pisces can be very selfless and surrendered, and Virgo is at its best when keeping things simple and humble.

So this Full Moon in Virgo will serve you best if you keep your ego in check and concentrate more on your job or being of service.

Now of course Venus in Aries has other aims.   It is bold and proud and concentrates on being true to Self and empowered.

So you might feel both extremes in the few days surrounding this Full Moon.   You will have a pull to stand tall and hold your ground, while also wanting to be humble and allowing of others.

Do not be afraid to assert yourself now and assert your needs. Just do your best to do that in a way that the other person will hear and take in.

Good communication is not just about self expression. It is also about listening and being aware of those you are communicating to.

There has been so much change and so much new to get used to in the world over the last several months.

The election of Donald Trump to be President represents a major turning point for our country and world.

Everything now is much more out in the open, and for better or worse people are speaking their minds now without as much filter or control.

This of course can be very dangerous as Pandora’s Box of previously suppressed emotions has broken open.

There is much more hatred shown lately and violence often feels more on the verge of erupting.

This is also happening in the greater world, as Iran and North Korea are rattling their sabers, in large part as a reaction to the new USA administration’s more militant posture.

South Korea had its President impeached this last week, and it is unpredictable how China and especially North Korea will react to that.

The USA intends to put up in South Korea a missile shield and both China and North Korea have threatened reprisals if that happens.

Since Trump was elected both North Korea and Iran have tested long range missiles, in defiance of International rules.

Before this coming summer is over much of this tension will come to a head.  And also new economic realities will show themselves before this year is out.

August is the most intense month this year, and it could be extremely powerful as there are two elipses including a most important Total Solar Eclipse in Leo that will cross all the United States for the first time since 1918.

This turning point of Trump’s election is part of the planetary movements that require our human family to experience a deep transformation.

That transformation at its best will help us to heal and to reset our priorities and hence the paradigm we operate within.

Our Earth has been beaten up, our environment and oceans made so toxic, and our human family more and more self destructive.

Weapons of mass destruction, might makes right beliefs, and such a wide separation between sexes, religions, nations, cultures, families and races make a danger for us all.

We must be ready now to evolve into states of mind and consciousness that see us all as connected, all part of the same Earth family, living in a sacred world and a meaningful Universe.

The differences between us must be honored and respected, but must not separate us from the unity of heart and soul that is always there ready to be recognized and felt.

This is Diversity within Unity and is the light of consciousness wanting to stream into each of us as a foundation for the Age of Aquarius.

Also part of the Age of Aquarius is computers, technology, and internet. This will likely not go away, it will likely instead keep expanding.

If it does go away, it will be because it has not been integrated with our bodies, our Earth and our needs for intimate connection with one another.

If we continue to create electronic bubbles for ourselves that keep us separate from others and our deeper souls and bodies, then all will crumble and die.

It is not the technology that is bad, it is what we are doing or not doing that is damaging to our hearts, souls, and intimate relationships.  Our Earth’s nature and creatures are also endangered by our disconnection.

True empathy is our potential savior now,   As we are able to feel the reality of other beings, we make the deeper connections that transform our world into a new paradigm and age. Diversity within Unity becomes a healthy reality.

If we continue to live in US versus Them consciousness, we will end up destroying one another when “push comes to shove”, which is not that far away.

Though this should be a tamer week than usual, we still are dealing with Venus Retrograde issues, and end of Winter Pisces deeper reflections.

Mid week could get somewhat more emotionally intense as the Moon goes into Scorpio from Wednesday through most of Friday.  

You may also experience some “stop signs” when the Sun squares Saturn on Friday.

And late Friday into Saturday will bring a strong tendency to tell it like it is in a frank and straight forward manner as Mercury conjuncts Venus Retrograde early Saturday the 18th

Then next week on the 20th,  Winter officially ends at the Spring Equinox as the Sun moves into Aries.

We will talk more about that next week.


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Open the Gates of Change and Astrology Forecast February 19-25

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are now in Pisces time of year, as the Sun moved into Pisces early morning on the 18th of February.

That means there is only one month left of Winter in the northern hemisphere of planet Earth.  Spring Equinox is on March 20.

So this week, starting on February 18, the Sun is in the last month of Winter while in Pisces.

At the same time this week, starting also on February 18,  we are entering the last quarter Moon phase before the New Moon Solar Eclipse on February 26.

So this week is a week of remembering and letting go of parts of the past.  We can go deeper inside ourselves and process what has been happening lately, and also what has happened in our more distant past.

Pisces is very sensitive and inner directed, and feels more comfortable in dreamy, poetic, and music based consciousness.

There is a desire to leave the conventional, accepted, and more harsh rules of living.  Pisces sees what can be a better world, and finds it sometimes difficult to be in “reality”.

So Pisces can be escapist and seek to avoid situations it is not comfortable in.

So you can use this week, if you can arrange it, to have plenty of time to go inward and to feel deeper realities.

If you cannot because of responsibilities in the “real” world, then find some time for meditation, music, art, spirituality, psychology, being aware of your dreams,  movies that have feelings and emotions, and time with others who are sensitive and deep.

When Spring comes it will then be time to take more direct action.

Most importantly this week however, is the fact that we are in between eclipses and preparing for the stronger of the 2 eclipses:  A Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces on February 26.

The first eclipse was on February 10 in Aquarius/Leo.  It was a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon.

Many people have since been shaken out of status quo thinking, and experienced breakdowns and/or breakthroughs of their lives or consciousness.  Change is certainly in the air.

That theme of transformational change continues as we move toward the Solar Eclipse and further into Eclipse Season.

If you were born in late February Pisces especially, you will be affected by this Solar Eclipse.  Those also born in late May Gemini, late August Virgo, or late November Sagittarius will also be more greatly affected.

I cannot state it strongly enough that we as a human family are in the middle of such great change and transformation.

It is not because Donald Trump became president.  It is the opposite:  Donald Trump is the president because of all the change that this world is ready for and needs

What his presidency represents is shaking up and waking up the whole world.   The potential for deep transformational change is greater than it has been in many, many years.

The Universe with its planetary alignments is creating the circumstances and events necessary for the change we are and will be going through.

This summer the changes will be even bigger as we experience in August two eclipses, including a most important Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo that will be the first Total Solar Eclipse to travel over the whole of the United States since 1918.

The way is opening up now, during these current eclipses, for the light of even greater change to pour through this Summer.

But now as we get ready to experience the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces next Sunday the 26th of February, we need to spend more time and energy being awake and present for the new light and love that is wanting to stream through our consciousness and lives.

Concentrate not so much on Donald Trump and how much you love or hate him.   His narcissism thrives on such attention.

Concentrate more on letting go of old stories and mental programs that have controlled your life.

You now have opportunity to release dysfunctional patterns of behavior and relating more than ever before.

Truth is wanting to shine through along with love, and that truth will assist you in your healing and transformational process.

There is ample evidence, for instance, that extraterrestrial visitations have been covered up by governments and former presidents.

There is so much we have been programmed to believe or not believe by our parents, schools, religions, and governments.

When you are ready to know the truth, the truth will be brought to you if you are awake and open-minded.

That does not mean it is right to accept all the crazy conspiracy theories that are out there.  Instead we each need to trust our own inner sources to find what is real and true.

As we let in more truth, love has a greater chance of being real and not just wishful dream-world romaniticizing.

As we let in more love, truth has a greater chance to be hopeful and optimistic, not cynical and hopeless.

Love and Truth together move mountains and allow us to have a healthier life and world.

As we move through this Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces, expect the flow of watery feelings and insights to be really powerful and in some cases overwhelming.

Pisces is a soul oriented sign, and as such gets us to experience that which is deeper than our chattering and unfeeling minds.

Our true self is known more clearly from our hearts and souls than our minds.  The mind that is not connected to our hearts and souls is the breeding ground for a controlling ego.

Since Pisces is a mutable water sign, we can best navigate this Solar Eclipse by being flexible and open to change.

That does not mean one should totally surrender one’s control and stability, but it does mean one may get shaken up out of stuck and rigid places in one’s mind or life.

The energy of the eclipse will get more intense leading up to the eclipse, which happens on February 26 at 9:58 AM EST.

On the same day Mars will conjunct Uranus in Aries, which will give us events and/or mind frames that will break outside of old boxes and liberate us from that which has kept us stuck.

That Mars which is conjunct Uranus on the 26th is square to Guardian of the Underworld Pluto on the 22nd.

So the Uranus/Pluto square is triggered again, as well as the Cardinal T-square, which includes Jupiter in Libra in the mix.

All in All, it is time to let go of the old chapter in your life in a much bigger way, and to let in a new and more powerful chapter in your life and in the life of the country and world.

Much of what is breaking down from the past may not feel good, but when a storm comes through a town it does not only break down what is not wanted. “You can’t always get what you want”. But you get what you need.

The way needs to be cleared for new energies, for a new paradigm, for a New Age. And that is what is happening.

Till next week,


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In the Middle of Eclipse Season and Astrology Forecast Februay 12-18.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week we are in between two eclipses.   The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo has passed, and the stronger Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces will not be here until February 26.

It will be stronger in part because Mars in Aries will be square Pluto just before it is conjunct Uranus in Aries on the 26th.

These Mars movements will trigger the powerful Cardinal T-Square of Jupiter in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. That will accelerate the changes, the revolution and evolution of our consciousness and lives.

This week, though intensity should remain strong as it is part of  Eclipse Season, there will be a gradual “coming down” from the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon last week.

The issues that were brought up for you around the eclipse last week, will be ripe for processing and transforming.

Then at the Solar Eclipse New Moon on the 26th there will be a thrust forward with more action and even more intensity.

For now in your consciousness, do your best to not make absolute conclusions or rigid opinions.

Issues and ideas will unfold and be changeable now, and though one may want the security of having a set agenda, it is best to surrender to the greater energies during this Eclipse Season.

In the greater world, this Eclipse Season has brought on strong counteractions to the Trump administration’s agenda.  For instance, the courts have denied him the ability to stop the flow of immigrants into the country.

You can know for sure that this presidential administration will continue to face enormous backlash against its policies and actions.

We can now see how easy it will be for traditional and long set USA policies and protocols to fall away and in some instances crash.

The election of Trump showed us that the process of transformation into an Age Of Aquarius will not be graceful.

The United States will have many breakdowns of old ways, both good and bad, while at the same time trying to recapture the principles and values that formed America in its beginnings.

Europe will also be trying to find its identity during the next few years, and the turn to nationalism there and in America is part of that process.

Remember in the bigger picture we are moving into an age of Equality and Diversity within Unity, so anything that develops that appears to be going in an opposite direction is temporary and just part of the process.

Attempts to go back to old ways of Super Powers and exclusiveness are on the way out.  These attempts to go back to those old ways will be short lived and on a deeper level part of reintegrating what was good about the past that has been “thrown out with the bath water”.

Those original American principles of the Constitution and Bill of Rights have been eroding through the years, and they are needing to be found again for the rebirth part of its transformation into an Age of Aquarius.

On a personal level we are all being challenged to stay on our path, keeping and even firming up our own values.

This new administration is a part of the Universe’s challenge to us to not let fear and hatred take us off course.

If we are now afraid and feel hopeless or victimized and keeping our hatred alive; we are moving into the same mind frame as those we are hating and feeling powerless to.

We can now deepen our connections to Source and the Universe, strengthen our commitment to the world we envision, and be a part of a growing movement of revolution.

Just as our ancestors started a revolution from the grip of a King’s’ authority, so now can we do the same in our own way.

Keep your view of the bigger picture, strengthen your resolve for transformational change, and deepen your spiritual connection. Concentrate on those things and you will stay out of a personal inner hell.

This week as we move “down” from last week’s Lunar Eclipse Full Moon, we begin to get ready for the more powerful eclipse on February 26.

On Thursday February 16 the Moon goes into Scorpio for a few days, to begin a process of going deeper into your soul, your emotions and feelings, and your inner spiritual depths.

On Saturday February 18, while the Moon is still in Scorpio, the Sun will begin its annual journey through Pisces.

Scorpio and Pisces are both deep water signs, so you will be prompted to go inside yourself more.

Later that same day as the Moon moves into Sagittarius it will create the 4th quarter Moon, which begins the last quarter of the lunar cycle.

That 4th quarter beginning will open up the way to a need to finish things up in preparation for the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces on February 26.

What parts of your current life need to change now?

Is it your attitudes and beliefs?  Is it the patterns of your relationships?  Is there a need to change your home or homelife?  Do you feel good about fulfilling your sense of purpose?

Just like in the 60’s and 70’s, all parts of one’s life may be challenged to change.

Back then as now, if our relationships feel empty, without soul and spirit, they will need to change or be ended.

If we do not feel heart connection to our jobs or place where we live, we may need to make changes.

You will know when and if it is time to make the changes, as life and the Universe will bring you the events or inner stirrings that show you the way.

You will not need to contrive the changes or “push the river” t0 move forward before it is time.

Eclipse Seasons often bring the events or inner stirrings for change, but it usually does not mean change comes all at once.

If the events or inner promtings come to you it is best to pay heed, as it is better to initiate change than have it thrown at us. Yet sometimes it is “fated” to come to us when we least expect it.

The more connected we each are to our inner light the better, and that is strengthened with an inner anchor inside.

Till next week,


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Choosing or not Choosing Change, and Astrology Forecast February 21-27

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The Full Moon in Virgo is on Monday February 22  at 1:20 PM EST.     The Eclipse Season has already been bringing in winds of change.

This Full Moon, however, pushes the winds even stronger; and then in two more weeks, on March 8, there is the first of two Eclipses:  A Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces.

The power of transformation is getting stronger and stronger now, breaking down centers of moderation and control.

You can see this happening politcally as candiates like Trump and Sanders are doing well.   They are not members of the moderate wing of their parties, each instead speaking with a strong voice that does not much care about being cautious or restrained.

For any kind of true transformation to take place, that which holds things together must be broken down, so real change can move through without much obstruction or obstacles.

In the late ’60s and ’70s there was great transformation moving through our collective and individual consciousness, as well as through our world. The center was breaking down, in th eworld and in each one of us.

Uranus conjunct Pluto triggered that revolution; now Uranus square Pluto has been triggering this one.

Like the ’60s, people are tired of doing “business as usual” in a corrupt world,  trying to keep privilege and wealth in the same hands over and over again.

Like in the ’60s, people are tired of secret and lies, and other attempts to continue programming  people to be robots or even slaves to those who remain in control and in power.

As our lives continue to come apart at the seams of our old paradigm, allow your self to be more flexible, not fighting change, and instead trusting it to be happening for a reason, with meaning.

I realize that is easier to do when change is happening because of the birth of a baby, or a new and obviously better job, or moving to a better home; but divorces, and even deaths happen so we can move forward into new phases or seasons of our lives.

And now as we move through a Full Moon in Virgo on the way to our first of two eclipses, we are definitely in transition between phases or chapters of our lives.

So many people I talk with or work with now are in transition, letting go of what is passing, and opening up to what is right for them now.

And yes for many there are decisions to make as they move through their transition:  decisions that will affect the quality of the new chapter of their lives.

But can we choose whether we will go through to a new chapter or not?  Do we have that kind of control of our lives and fates?

Well sometimes it is obvious we cannot, like when someone leaves us or dies, or when we are fired from a job or evicted from a home.

But how about if we choose to cheat on our spouse or choose to move to a new home or leave our job on our own?

What if we choose to not cheat or not move or not leave the job?

If we chose to cheat, we are already unsatisfied with our current relationship. And if we leave a home or job, we are similarly unhappy.

So we could choose to stay unsatisfied, could we not? And if we did, would we be choosing to not move forward into a new phase of our lives?

No actually each above example represents a turning point in our lives as we sense we are needing to make choices.

If we move on from our status quo, we are obviously entering a new chapter of our lives.

But if we choose to stay, we are entering a new phase of life too.  Staying showed we were more certainly commiting to our previously chosen life.

Inside ourselves we know we have entered a new chapter, one based on security and stability. We have passed our chance to move into something new and perhaps better.

We have sunken more deeply into our lives, precluding any big chosen changes for likely an extended period of time.

If our choice was out of alignment with the Universe’s higher destiny for us, then we will lose our opportunity for perhaps all our life to ride that destiny.

But we will gain a sense of safety and predictability.

Now such choices may be at yoru doorstep.  How do you want to move through this transitionary time on Planet Earth for the human race?

What potential changes are opportunities for greater satisfacion, personal evolution, and greater connection to our authentic Self and the Universe?

And what potential changes are just temptations to leave our chosen path and to be distracted from our true potential and destiny.

March and April open a Portal into an acceleration through these times of transition into the Age of Aquarius.  Trust your heart, but use your head. That marriage between heart and head is so important now.

This week at the Full Moon in Pisces/Virgo on Monday we move through a relatively gentle full moon.

And with all the intensity now, that will be welcomed by many.

But keep in mind that although this Full Moon is rather gentle, we are also in the first winds of the Eclipse Season.

Change is moving through no matter what.

This Full Moon in Pisces/Virgo strongly suggests we let go, surrender to the Universe and the process of transformation.

It is not aligned now to have too strong an agenda or too much contol.

Choose to not only let go, but to be of service. Let go another notch of ego now, and allow your Higher Self to show the way.

Pisces is rather pure energetically, being sensitive to emotions and feelings that are toxic or even overly intense.  Virgo is rather pure physically, sensitive to environmental toxins and germs that may be around.  It will not tolerate well anything that harms the body.

So as you let go you will feel these senstivities even more.   Let your self be removed from toxic environments, psychologically, spiritually, mentally, or physically.    It is OK to take care of your self.

Next passage after this Full Moon will be at the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces on March 8.   We will have much to say about that in the next few weeks.

Till next week,


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