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Gettin’ Ready and Astrology Forecast July 16-22.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

On Sunday July 16 we enter- for a week- the 4th quarter and last quarter of the lunar cycle. This lunar cycle began at the New Moon in Cancer on June 23.  And it ends next Sunday July 23 at the Leo New Moon.

This passing lunar cycle has been a time of finding nurturance, support, feelings of home, family, and inner wholeness.

At the Leo New Moon on the 23rd of July, there will be a shift.  That Leo New Moon brings in the first winds of Eclipse Season, and will shift our energies into more fiery creative self expression, more action, more hope, and greater motivation to “succeed”.

Yet the 4th quarter time this week, which precedes that Leo New Moon, , the first of two Leo New Moons in a row, will be more energized and active than most 4th quarter time periods.

That is because this 4th quarter begins with the Moon in active willful Aries; then continues with the often chaotic Mars square Uranus this Monday the 17th; Sun squaring Uranus on the 20th while Mars goes into Leo; and the Sun moving into Leo a couple days before the New Moon in Leo.

4th quarter lunar cycles are a time of “coming down”, finishing up, gathering, cleaning up, and getting ready for the new beginnings of a New Moon.

And of course that theme continues for this 4th quarter lunar cycle, but there will also be more energy for that “finishing up” purpose this week.

And of course since this is a getting ready for Eclipse Season, there also should be more stirring up, and the beginnings of seeing what Eclipse Season might be like for each of us.

I know some people get scared about these Eclipse Seasons, but having consciously experienced many of them through the years, I can assure you that usually they are not as bad as many fear.

Yes for sure most of us will be taken out of our usual balance, will be shifting in consciousness and energetically, will release and let go some things, and will be more ready for handling change.

But most will not lose their jobs, relationships, or homes during an Eclipse Season. And they will not be destroyed and die.  And the world will not come to an end.

Yet for sure this Eclipse Season will at least be a turning point time in our individual lives, and of course in our global experience too.

There will likely be an experience of getting over the hump and knowing there is no path to going back to how it used to be.  Our New Chapter in life is becoming our “new normal” and we need to own that.

In our global experience, the Trump factor has been changing our world appreciably, and on the surface it looks pretty bad.  Remember in the bigger picture he is the vehicle for this transformation that our human family needs right now in order to wake up and make the needed changes.

America is in the process of  becoming an equal member of nations, which aligns with the Age of Aquarius.

I am sure most of you wish it would be happening in a way that didn’t make the country an embarrassment in the world, and didn’t put us in such a dangerous position; yet this is how it needs to be right now.

Our country and world have been coasting without awareness through a dysfunctional and toxic human condition for a long time now.  The values of this country have been eroding for many years, but so slowly that many have not been paying attention.

Now more and more people are waking up and seeing, feeling and knowing that our human family is in real trouble.   Deep transformation and healing are urgently needed.

And this Eclipse Season, whatever events it brings to us, will show us how much we need to make big important changes.

Our economy is not equitable and all too often the greedy are the ones most rewarded in this system. Bernie Sanders represented a waking up of the people in the USA to lack of balance and fairness in the economy.

Will the stock market crash happen during or not long after this coming Eclipse Season? Better chance than usual it will.

But if not now, it will happen relatively soon, before summer of 2018 in my estimation.  And Eclipse Seasons, as they represent often drastic change, give us a better chance of something like that happening.

And the Military, the other half of the Economic/Military complex that largely rules this world,  will show change this Eclipse Season, especially so as the USA Mars is triggered by transiting Saturn; Trump and Netanyahu’s Mars’ are triggered by the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo, and Israel’s Mars is also triggered by the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21.

Does this mean there is serious conflict brewing? Probably yes.  It does not, however, necessarily mean actual war will erupt soon.   But it has a greater likelihood being triggered during or soon after the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo than usual.

The Military/Economic complex that President Eisenhower warned us about is more powerful than ever, and it must be transformed somehow in order for us to evolve into what is needed for the coming Age of Aquarius.

We can only pray it happens as gracefully as possible.

Whether gracefully or not, Trump sure shows us more likelihood of its dismantling.  He is like Caligula or Nero as the Roman Empire began to dissolve.

But, nevertheless, each of us needs to put our concentration on transforming our own consciousness and life.

As you let go of the programming from society and family of your mind and heart, you transform and evolve.

As  you awaken to truth, you evolve and transform.

As you trust that you live in a meaningful and sometimes magical Universe you transform and evolve.

As you open to your authentic Self, and to living a more purposeful life, you transform and evolve.

As you realize we are all brothers and sisters of the same human family, you transform and evolve.

As you extricate yourself from believing that being rich and famous is the holy grail, you transform  and evolve.

As you let go the consciousness of superior/inferior, predator/prey and victim/perpetrator for our human condition you transform and evolve.

As you know love is the true healer, you transform and evolve.

As you know we all live in a meaningful Universe, you evolve and transform.

As you realize all is connected, all seeming opposites are meant to be joined in wholeness like the yin/yang symbol,  you transform and evolve.

As you experience that Soul is real and guides our life journey, you transform and evolve.

And now the transformation is accelerated, as during Eclipse Seasons the wheels of the Universe turn with more music, light, love, and magic than usual.

It is the blocks to that light that hold everything back and cause breakdowns and difficulties.

When we  trust and surrender, we better allow our blocks to be cleared, so that the music, light, love and magic can come pouring through.

And next Sunday the 23rd begins the Eclipse Season with the New Moon in Leo.

Talk with you then,


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Transformation and Astrology Forecast July 17-23.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

I feel so grateful that I have received the knowledge of the changing of Ages.   I have known for about 25 years that what we are facing now in the world was bound to happen one day.

The chaos of powerful and difficult world events is part of the transition between ages. The old world is facing grave challenges while the new world is seeking to manifest the new frequencies resonant with the Age of Aquarius.

Of course people feel doomed sometimes.  It is because the world as we have known it is struggling to survive and stay alive.

When one faces personal transformation, the feelings are similar.   One is letting go of the “old me” and the old life that goes with it.

Often one’s feelings are  very dark as a result.  For some it feels like they are going to die, whereas in reality they are not truly dying- yet a part of them is dying.

They no longer fit into their old life and their family often begins to feel foreign to them; their job is no longer satisfying; they feel they do not fit into the world.

If they have not yet received the light of new vision or inspiration for their new self and life, they will feel very alone, scared, and often surrounded inside by very dark feelings.

They may feel as if “God” has abandoned them.

They turn a real corner in their hearts and minds when new light begins to shine and they feel they will leave the cocoon they have been darkly residing within.

As they begin to be reborn in a new frequency, they begin to feel better.  Though darker moments will come back at times, those moments will no longer feel hopeless.

This is the transformational process that comes into a person’s life when Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and/or Pluto make planetary transits to an individual’s natal planetary positions.

It often takes 2-5 years for the whole process to complete itself.     After it passes, one then has a new sense of authentic self and a new life and relationships more aligned with who they have been growing into.

Our country and world are in the darker phase of the transformational process -out of the old Pisces Age and into the new Age of Aquarius.

Many of you are seeing the light already, as we witness people talking and acting like there are bridges we can cross to understand one another.  They know we are all one family, albeit quite horribly dysfunctional now.

This past week we experienced another tragic terrorist attack in Nice France, as well as a deadly coup attempt in Turkey.

These world events are coming now more frequently as we are in a new chapter of human life on planet Earth on the way to an Age of Aquarius.

This new phase is creating a “new normal”. The “old normal” cannot be relied upon anymore and this alone can feel frightening and insecure.

We can expect more powerful world events all summer long, and with Saturn squaring Neptune the theme of chaos versus order prevails.

As more deadly and chaotic events erupt in countries, the knee jerk reaction is to forcefully create more controls and order. The danger of course is for citizens to then lose their freedoms and rights in the process.

Events that threaten USA security over the next few months will help determine the winner of the Presidential election.

If people get afraid they turn to the person who most promises them a strong hand- even if that hand is corrupted in other ways.

We can expect a most powerfully transformational journey the rest of 2016.

Each of us must keep the bigger picture in our minds, and learn to find more peace in our hearts.  Fear and hatred are the only real enemies we face now.

This week brings us a couple of planetary shifts, but none of them will take you off course or off your soul’s chosen path.

On Tuesday July 19 there is a Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn at 6:57 PM  EDT.

It is time to “get it together” (Moon in Capicorn) while at the same time we feel like staying at rest in a nurtured way (Sun in Cancer).

This lunation shows us the archetypal “Mother Cancer” opposing the archetypal “Father Capricorn”.

Cancer says to its children, “I care for you unconditionally no matter what you say or do”.  Capricorn says “I expect you to be at your best, doing what will make you better”.

Cancer can be overly permissive with no boundaries.  Capricorn can be overly strict giving no leeway for excuses or even good reasons for ineptitude.

You may also be pulled between home and family (Cancer) and career and outer world obligations (Capricorn).

Expect to feel and experience the Full Moon for at least 3 days- one day before, day of, and one day afterward. More senstive types many feel the Full Moon for up to 5 days.

On Friday July 22nd the Sun leaves Cancer and enters Leo.  This tends to shift consciousness from inner reality and feelings (Cancer) to more outer creative expression (Leo).

Leo likes to play and have fun. It also likes to be noticed and paid attention to.

Its fatal flaw opens up when its ego trumps (pun intended) its heart.    Remember when your parents told you to not let compliments or successes go to your head? That is the challenge of Leo.

Enjoy, create, and play in Leo time to take some this darker energy away.

Till next week,


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Venus Retrograde Relationship Issues and Astrology Forecast July 19-25

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Last week, as expected,  there were solutions found over previous disagreements in global affairs.

In the greater world two important situations found apparent resolution.   The nuclear talks with Iran ended with an agreement.

Iran agreed to terms with United Nations’ most influential member countries around its nuclear program, and as a result sanctions relief is on the way for Iran, which will free up billions of dollars for them.

Greece and European powers also came to an agreement on Greece’s debt and struck a deal for loans to be matched by a commitment to austerity measures for the Greek economy and its people.

As we predicted, the agreements came before the New Moon in Cancer and Mars opposition Pluto on July 15.

In personal lives there was much emotional intensity expressed this past week, especially in regards top relationships, but in some cases there was some resolution found through all the emotion.

On the global level, the agreements with Greece and Iran sit on shaky ground.  Greece has not been able in the recent past to keep their commitments to pay off their debts, and its leaders and people feel they had to give in to the deal because of coercion. They also feel they were humiliated in the process.

Iran has powerful factions within its government who disapprove of the deal, as does the United States.  Many countries in the Middle East and elsewhere are vehemently opposed to the deal, including nuclear power Israel.

Both of these agreements can very easily unwind and fail.

The Universe will be throwing some curveballs to the people who have made agreement, which will include our recent personal life agreements too.

This is because next weekend brings important planetary movements that could begin to reverse the tide of agreements.

On Saturday July 25, Venus goes Retrograde and Mars triggers the Uranus/Pluto square again.  Mars will square Uranus on the 25th as Uranus slows downs to go Retrograde on the 26th.

Venus Retrograde will put the spotlight on relationships, and will cause us to reflect on, remember, readjust, rebuild, reclaim, and rewind our relationship lives.

If there are issues that have not been truly resolved on deeper levels, then Venus Retrograde will bring these issues out so we can look more closely at them, face up to them, and try to find clarity and insight about them.

Dysfunctional or toxic relationship patterns can be transformed during Venus Retrograde.  Relationships that have lost their heart and soul connection will be hard pressed to be revived.

It is interesting that on the day of Mars opposing Pluto this past week, there was a meeting up in space with Pluto, with close-up pictures of the planet.

And there is a region of Pluto that is obviously shaped like a heart, which synchronizes with what we have been writing about recently:  That it is important to know what and whom your heart is into now.

As we take off more passionately into a new world, it is important on our soul journey to be heart invested in all our endeavors.

Love will keep you and your life with meaning, even in the face of great change.  Security based on co-dependence and familiarity will not be enough.

And with heart based Goddess of Love Venus going Retrograde from July 25- September 6, relationships will be examined for their heart connections.

Perhaps on a global scale we cannot call agreements between countries exactly as heart based agreements, but nevertheless we can state that agreements between countries that are not based on a true connection between parties will not last.

In your own life, are your important relationships kept together mainly by negotiation of needs or by love?  What I mean by that is that relationships based mainly on quid pro quo tradeoffs will not bring much real and deep satisfaction.

If two people have maintained a relationship because one promises money while another promises sex, for instance, and love does not exist or is of secondary importance; then neither will be satisfied beyond physical and security needs.

Of course there are people who have relationship standards that are mainly based on image, prestige, money or sex and that is fine for them; but then if they complain there is little true intimacy in the relationship, they need to know it is because of how they have set their relationship priorities.

You will be learning so much about your relationships during the next 6 weeks or so, and that can mean romantic ones, family ones, work ones, friendships, etc.

Pay attention as the Universe will bring you many signs and symbols and synchronicities around relationship during Venus Retrograde.  And you can expect relationships from the past to come back into your memory or even in the flesh.

And relationships that you thought you understood or were resolved will shift and your perception of it will be challenged.

Mars square Uranus on the same day as Venus going Retrograde promises a most profound Venus Retrograde period.

The Uranus influence will help take you outside the old boxes in your mind about relationships. It will tend to bring you liberation from stuck patterns and control by others.

And Venus Retrograde may also bring important new relationships into your life, ones that may change your life forever.

It will be important however to not jump too quickly to conclusions. Try to hold off on ending a relationship for good or making a relationship commitment during Venus Retrograde.  Wait till Venus goes back Direct before doing anything drastic or permanent.  And marriage is not advised during Venus Retrograde.

This week before Venus goes Retrograde and Mars squares Uranus, there are other more minor planetary shifts.

Venus leaves Leo and enters Virgo on Saturday July 18, so there is a humility that is important in your relations now. Leo pride and ego need to give way to self evaluation and humility.  This will happen naturally for most so you do not need to try too hard.

After Venus goes Retrograde, still in Virgo on July 25, it will stay in Virgo until July 31, at which time it will creep back into bold and heart opened Leo.  And it will then stay in Leo for the remainder of its Retrograde journey.

The Moon will join Venus in Virgo on Saturday night the 18th, so purity of intention will be strong.   An open, fun loving time will not be as important as keeping thing simple and real. Then on Tuesday morning the Moon will leave Virgo for Libra, leaving Venus alone in Virgo for awhile.

On Wednesday July 22 the Sun will make its yearly entrance into Leo for its usual month; and on July 23 Mercury will also leave Cancer to dance more in Leo.

Leo is by nature open hearted, creative, and spontaneous like a young child.   But its open-hearted honesty can also cause problems for others as it is more oriented to open expression than it is to seeing how people are affected by its open hearted expression.

But overall Leo is a joy to be around most of the time, as it shines its light and warmth generously to others, much like the Sun (its ruling planet) does.  A Leo smile can melt hearts.

But sometimes Leo will take itself too seriously and let compliments go to its head instead of its heart. Then ego takes over and Leo is not as great to be around.

Overall you will usually have a fun and sometimes dramatically interesting time with a Leo or during Sun in Leo time of year.

There is a second quarter Moon in Scorpio on Thursday the 23rd, so whatever was started or agreed upon at the Cancer New Moon last week may now be met with strong emotional challenge.  

This may set the stage for more challenge after Venus goes retrograde on July 25.

Keep in mind that this Venus retrograde period, which will last until September 6, will be getting us all ready for a most powerful September period with two strong eclipses.

Getting our relationships in order will make a strong foundation for what will develop during the Eclipse Season.

So this week get ready to shift gears again.  Best to not have any rigid agenda or too tight conclusions now. Flexibility and trust in the Universe will be good friends for you now.

Till next week,


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Moving Out of the Fog as Mercury Goes Direct and Astrology Forecast July 21-27

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

As I write this forecast Saturday July 20, Mercury has slowed down while Retrograde into stationary position, and is about to go back Direct at 2:22 PM. 

This has been a rather difficult Mercury Retrograde for most people, and many are sighing a big sense of relief.   It may take, however, a few more days before you feel completely out of the woods and into the blue skies of mental clarity.

So feel the transition today, but still be careful of your thinking and communicating process.  Do you remember November 2000, on the night of the Presidential Election between Gore and Bush II?  That night Mercury was moving from Retrograde back to Direct, and there was all sorts of confusion about who won, back and forth on the announcements by the mainstream media.

It is usually not that mentally challenging as Mercury changes back to Direct, but I am sure you get the message that clarity of mind can be illusive when Mercury is first changing back to Direct.

But soon Mercury will get back to “normal” Direct speed, and you will know the difference.    During this transition of Mercury, there will shifts in both the solar and lunar cycles also.

The Sun shifts from Cancer to Leo on Monday, and there is a Full Moon in Aquarius a short two hours later at 2:07 PM EDT.  And to add to the shifting planetary tides, Mars makes a very emotionally energized conjunction with Jupiter in Cancer.

Most recently, with the Grand Trine in Water and Saturn shifting to Direct, there has been a slow heavy density to move through, and unsettling emotions to deal with, along with Mercury Retrograde’s mental challenges.

The Sun’s movement out of Cancer and into Leo brings us needs to be more creative and spontaneous, to have more fun, and to play.   The Sun in Leo then meets up in opposition to the Moon in Aquarius, making a Full Moon.

That Full Moon combines the Sun in Leo need to trust one’s open and creative heart with the Moon in Aquarius need to trust one’s mind to inventively think one’s way through a situation.  Heart versus Head is keynote for this Full Moon.

Mars conjunct Jupiter in Cancer initiates a very energized time period coming up, when we will be moving forward, out of the reflective, angst ridden time period we have been slogging through the last several weeks.

Things will be begin to open up this week, but you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

From this week though much of August, powerful energies moving us fast forward will be expressed.

First Mars, and then even more intensely Jupiter, will be making a T-Square with the volatile, transformational, evolutionary and revolutionary Uranus/Pluto square.

The balls of change will begin to roll between now and August 6. Then after August 6 at the New Moon in Leo, as Jupiter opposes Pluto, movement forward will accelerate.

If you have been waiting for awhile, especially since the shakeups of the Spring Eclipse Season, to get going with a new chapter of your life, to move forward into new beginnings; the time is soon coming.

If you already have entered that new chapter of your life, but still have not seen the Go Light for full entrance into it, that light will soon shine.

August should open windows of awakening and doorways of new life ventures.   Some of this shift may bring more chaotic energy with it also, helping us to shed the past and welcome the future.

In the greater world, the Middle East is continuing to brew with powerful change coming.  Secretary of State for the USA, John Kerry, has instigated talks between Israel and Palestine.   This is a most important issue to be worked out in the Middle East.  Its resolution would bring greater peace to the region and world.

But of course people have been trying for many, many years to find resolution of the Israeli/Palestinian issue.  To no avail.   Even just the start of these talks, however, will turn so many wheels turning  throughout the region and world.

The conditions of volatile Egypt and Syria will be shifting in a big way as the Israeli/Palestinian issue moves forward.   Israel’s desires to attack Iran will also be influenced by these peace efforts between Israel and Palestine.

The powerful transformation of this region will accelerate during the month of August 2013.

Of course the culture wars in the USA have been ignited with the Trayvon Martin killing, and trial of George Zimmerman.  Nevertheless, we know that the election of President Barack Obama brought a sense of optimism for race relations in the USA.

And while that election certainly showed us that there has been great progress in race relations since the ’60s civil rights movement, this trial showed us there is still much to be done.

African Americans, the only group of people who came to this land of immigrants in chains, have a sensitivity to racial injustice and racial sterotyping beyond what others can imagine.

Imagine that your ancestors were slaves in this country. Really imagine that.   Not coming to liberation from English oppression on the Mayflower, and not coming to find opportunity and religious freedom from Europe in the early 20th century, but treated like animals and dragged here.

It is true that it has been over a hundred and fifty years since emancipation during the civil war, and it is true that racial prejudice goes both ways.    And it is true that we all need to know we are all one family, moving toward Diversity in Unity for the Age of Aquarius.

But it is also true that programmed deep in the consciousness of some people, both black and white in America, is that blacks are inferior and have criminal tendencies, and that whites will ruthlessly keep black people down.

This is part of an old paradigm that is dying with an old age.  The ’60s revolution, with Uranus conjunct Pluto, brought us the civil rights movement. Uranus square Pluto, now moving through our world, will clear up the remnants of what is left of our old racial paradigm.

The Zimmerman case shows us we still need to clear up our stereotypes, judgments, and prejudices.   In its wisdom our Universe brings to light that which we need to release and that which we need to evolve into.

This collective mindset and belief system still needs more rays of healing and transformation for many.     As you look at young people in this country, however, you see the hope for that Age of Aquarius future. So many are color blind, as the worst years of  violent racial division get more and more dim in memory.

Keep in mind, however, whether we are talking about an individual or a culture or country, when transformational energies are strong we face our demons again.

Whatever is left from old traumas comes back into our consciousness, sometimes in “ugly” ways, and gives us an opportunity to do more inner work, to release old wounds, to heal from our past, and to access more awakening light into our souls and minds.

We then evolve our consciousness and change our lives for the better, for ourselves, others and the world.

Stay aligned and present, centered in your heart, and open to the voice of the Universe. And all is well.

See you next week,


There has been a delay in putting out a new YOUTUBE video. Will let you know when it is ready.

There is an old YOUTUBE video Astrology Forecast for Spring Eclipse Season. Check it out if you feel so moved.

I also created an Astrology Forecast 2013 for youtube, part 1. And Part 2.

There will be a new Youtube video coming out within the next few weeks. I will keep you posted.

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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years

Dark Knight Rises and Astrology Forecast July 22-29

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Last week Mars and Jupiter triggered the Uranus/Pluto square, which was exact on June 24That Uranus/Pluto square has several more exact passes over the next 3 years. And each time a yang planet like Mars or Jupiter makes aspect to Uranus and Pluto, as it did this past week, life gets more shaken up and out of balance, intensified, and sometimes majorly chaotic.  Mercury being Retrograde added a Twilight Zone confusion to the week.

You may felt more anxiety as energies got out of control this past week.  During such times it is best to do what centers you and calms you down, like meditating, being in nature, or working out.

In the greater world, the igniting of the Uranus/Pluto square brought to our awareness major world events.   The massacre in Colorado as “The Dark Knight Rises” was shown in a theatre, the suicide attack in Syria that killed important people in the Syrian hierarchy, and the terror attack on the Israeli bus in Bulgaria, all exploded during this last week.

The Dark Knight Rises was a powerful metaphor for this last week.  The dark shadows of our ailing culture burst into the light of our awareness as the horror unfolded in Colorado.  What is wrong with our world is a good question to ask now.  Many people say someone is merely a deranged person to do such a thing, and we need more security or better methods to detect such persons so we can be better protected.

That explanation helps us deal with the symptoms of the disease but not the disease itself. There is something horrible in our society for this to happen, and over the last few decades it happens more and more often.  It is not natural. I do not know of any other creatures who commit mass murder in such a senseless way as we humans.

Some believe our society allows people too much freedom to procure guns.  Others believe we have become more immoral in recent times. Others believe people are angry about living life in modern times divorced from nature and soul, from love, justice and truth.

I believe there is some truth in all those evaluations, but mainly I believe we are facing the death of an old age, one that is living on life support systems, ready to relinguish its hold on our minds and hearts.   The shadows from that dying old age are rising to the surface so we can see what needs to be healed and transfomed, so we can create a New Aquarian Age.

In the ’60s when Uranus and Pluto were conjunct in Virgo, the revolutionary and evolutionary energes were so strong.    As we fought to make changes in our world and society, like civil rights for African Americans,  gender equality, and sexual liberation, there were many disasters happening all around us too. The war in Viet Nam showed us how we could not trust the authorities or governmen to do what was right. It was a horribly unjust war that killed many people and ruined many lives for no reason. Nothing good came to our country because of that war.

The shadows of our world came to the surface so we could create change, heal, come together and transform our world.

And now as Uranus and Pluto are making major aspect again, and will be for the next few years, we can expect more chaotic and sometimes horrible events to explode into our consciousness and lives so we can make the necessary changes to make our world a healthier place.

It is so often true that our human family needs crisis to get ourselves to change. We may see what is wrong intellectually, but we resist making true changes until we have to.

So now every time Uranus and Pluto make another exact square, or when planets like Mars and Jupiter make aspect to those planets as they did this last week, we can expect the Universe and nature to bring critical events that push us to further revolution and evolution of our consciousness and ways.

And the Middle East is such an important place to watch now, as it shows us so much of what needs to be healed and transformed for our human family.

The western powers and Israel are looking to defang Iran, Hezbollah and Syria now.   Syria is blowing up and in chaos now. Iran did not give in to western powers demands to quit their nuclear programs.  Hezbollah is strong ally of Syria and Iran in Lebanon.   A major war is brewing there, and time is running out to find solution. To me it seems it is at a point of no return, and will explode into a major world conflict soon.  Mars making a T-square formation with Uranus/Pluto this past week opened the doors to the crisis events there this past week.

The Middle East is very important to the transformation out of an old Pisces Age and into a new Aquarian Age.  The Pisces Age brought us organized religion, and those religions have their roots in the Middle East. In fact much of what those religions now stand for has been perverted into fighting wars for God, separation of peoples, and judgements and guilt.

And there is also a major conflict over oil and weapons of mass destruction and geopolitical power structures that is playing out in the Middle East by world powers like Russia and China and America and Britain and Israel.

These old ways that separate us and push us against one another, and away from love and spiritual unity, are playing out very intensely in the Middle East. That is why each time there is planetary activity that promises us more transformation of our consciousnes and lives, we can expect the region of the Earth that birthed our early civilizations like Sumeria, and Egypt and Babylonia; and birthed our major religions like Judaism and Islam and Christianity to have major crisis.

The Old Age and old ways and old consciousness must pass so we can build a healthy world for the children of future generations.

And the global economy that breeds riches and privilege for some and poverty and desperation for others must be transformed so we can all of us, all over the world live in the abundance that nature and the Universe provide.  Continued ecomomic challenges are coming our way.

People have asked me how there can be a God when there is so much suffering and misery in the world, and I say to them:  If someone gave you a beautiful park to live in and play in and you then trashed that park, would you blame that person who gave you the park?

We have been trashing our Earth and our hearts and souls. It is time to end that chapter of life on Earth for the human family.

The Aquarian Age is growing in each of us. More and more people are healing rough childhoods and tough lives and are awakening to spirit. They know we need to find the truth of who we really are, not who we are supposed to be or should be. We are ready to make bridges between the opposites so we can become whole and healthy: Yin and yang, light and dark, male and female- no longer at war, but connected, in Unity, in Love.

This week the Sun moves into Leo on Sunday, bringing more fun and creative energies out to play. But the Jupiter sextile to Uranus and quincunx to Pluto will keep the energies unpredictable and still sometimes erratic. And of course Mercury is still retrograde for a couple more weeks.  So don’t get too excited out of your body as the fun energies come in. Keep your feet on the ground and your self centered and aware.  But have fun.

See you next week,


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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

He predicted the Iraq War of 2003- in early 2001 when Bush first took office; predicted the 9-11 attacks with an article “The Tower”, written in June 2001. He predicted Obama and McCain would get the presidential nominations in november 2007, when both were low in the polls; and correctly predicted the current economic downturn before it occurred

Waking Up, and Astrology Forecast for July 17-23

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

With the passing of the Full Moon in Capricorn on July 15, we have seen the end of the storms of the eclipse season of spring/summer 2011.   The greatest  intensity of the eclipse storms began to subside a few days after the Cardinal Grand Cross Solar Eclipse New Moon on July 1.   Some resolution was found near this Full Moon in Capricorn, which effectively has ended the eclipse season.

What has happend for many, especially those with natal planets falling within the eclipses’ planetary alignments, is that their old world was shaken up considerably; and for some it will never be the same again.

They received a real wake-up call, a transformation of beliefs and sense of reality.   There was a release of old ways of thinking and of old patterns of behavior that have kept them stuck. Part of the waking up for some was dis-illusion of old cherished perceptions of self and others.

By letting go of the old perceptions and ideas of reality, there is a potential renewal, a rebirth.  Now one can look at their life with new eyes, and see the old challenges in all new ways.

Many I know experienced relationship challenges during the eclipse season.  They met someone new and hoped that person would be the one they have been searching for.  Instead they found an old pattern of relationship disguised a a new face.  In much more rapid fashion than usual, they were forced to face deep truths about themselves and their old patterns in relationship.  Because of the intensity and transformational depth of the eclipse season, they reached deeper in their souls than usual.  After much pain and soul searching, they released the relationship and with it released old patterns of thought and behavior that have limited their happiness in relationships.

Now they are ready to look at the hurts from past heart wounds and abuse that had caused the old self defeating patterns.   And they are or will be more ready than ever to embrace new relationship patterns, and in some cases a knowledge they are fine being alone.

No matter what issues each of us faced during the eclipse season- work,  home, family, etc., the intensity of the storms has subsided.    But we are not done with the repercussions of the eclipses.

Soon we will move forward into this New Season of our lives. We will experience new events that are a result of the changes we made during the eclipse season.

These events will begin to emerge after the next New Moon, the one in Leo on July 30.  Then in September and October, with the arrrival of Comet Elenin, and the ending of the Mayan Calendar on October 28 according to Mayan expert Carl Johan Calleman; we will experience new transformational experiences that continue to change our lives in even bigger ways.

In the greater world, we have spoken before how it is held up by global economy and global military.   The global economy, held up historically through the strength of the USA and Europe, has been faltering greatly. In Europe,-Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Italy and Spain have weakening economies that could default on their loans and jeopadize world economic stability. Even more so, the USA is in a debt crisis that must be settled by early August or potentially the world economy will get much more chaotic.

And the global military, again mostly dominated by the USA and NATO, is running wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya.  There is potential for more Middle East War, even an attack on Iran late this summer or early autumn. The Palestinians are going to the UN in Septemer to ask for recognition of Palestine as a state. This action could cause many dominos in the Middle East and world to fall.

Remember that the Arab Spring, which has brought revolutionary change to countries in North Africa and the Middle East, is still brewing.  This is causing transformation of power and allegiances all over the world. Israel is likely to act to show its power before too long, in order to shift the tides of change.

The Arab Spring revolutions and the Japanese nuclear disaster happened within the time of the last two eclipse seasons: the powerful one that began on the Winter Solstice with a Lunar Eclipse, and the one that happened this spring and early summer.  They both have happened to shake up our world paradigm, to open the gates for a new Paradigm and Age

Big events will continue to erupt, as the floodgates have been opened by the last two eclipse seasons.   An Aquarian Age of liberation, of self determination for all peoples and nations, of equality, of Diversity in Unity flows through the gates.    It brings us back to our souls and hearts and free minds, to the twin pillars that run the Universe: Love and Truth.  It will bring us to where we the people take the reins of the world and take responsibility for the health and well being of our human family and for the Earth and all her creatures.   We return to our alignment to the Universe and its natural cycles and seasons, and to the connections, meaningfullness and sacredness of life.

Our changes are accelerating. Our ability to move more quickly through our issues is happening.  It is important to be flexible now, to keep an open mind and heart, to be present and alert.  The more awake you are, the better able you will be to make the shifts necessary.  The more awake you are, the better able you will be to see the signs and symbols and synchronicities that light your path.

This coming week is slower in planetary alignments and we are now in the waning half of the lunar cycle begun at the Solar Eclipse grand Cross New Moon on July 1.  It is time for some healing and “come down” this week.   On Friday July 22, however, the Sun moves into Leo.  No matter what has been going on in your life, Leo is time to play, to enjoy summer, to be creative.

So make a commitment to your playful and creative self to endulge her and enjoy your life.

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.You can get an astrological session with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life.  Please write for more info.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

He predicted the Iraq War of 2003- in early 2001 when Bush first took office; predicted the 9-11 attacks with an article “The Tower”, written in June 2001.  He predicted Obama and McCain would get the presidential nominations in november 2007, when both were low in the polls; and correctly predicted the current economic downturn before it occurred.