Eclipse Season Begins and Astrology Forecast June 16-22.

By Leo Knighton Tallarico A bugle sounds for us to wake up from hiding this week.  As the bugle sounds, the first strong winds of Summer Eclipse Season 2019 begin to blow in. The first of 2 eclipses, however, does not arrive until July 2; nevertheless, the Full Moon in Sagittarius this week on MondayContinue reading “Eclipse Season Begins and Astrology Forecast June 16-22.”

Riding Waves and Astrology Forecast June 17-23

By Leo Knighton Tallarico This week we ride the wave created last week at the New Moon in Gemini on June 13. This waxing half of the lunar cycle will continue until the Full Moon in Capricorn on June 27/28.  Then comes the yin-ward waning half, which continues until the New Moon Solar Eclipse inContinue reading “Riding Waves and Astrology Forecast June 17-23”

Goddess Be and Astrology Forecast June 18-24.

By Leo Knighton Tallarico Shifting tides this week, as we leave the fast paced mentally active Gemini energies for the more contained energies of nurturance in Cancer. On Tuesday/Wednesday the 20th/21st there is the important yearly transition from spring to summer at the Summer Solstice.  This event happens overnight on June 21 at 12:24 AMContinue reading “Goddess Be and Astrology Forecast June 18-24.”

Heart connections and Astrology Forecast June 26- July 4.

By Leo Knighton Tallarico This week has some spirited heart energies moving through that should pick up the pace of creative expression and positive transformational change. After the Moon moves into lively Sagittarius late Sunday (where it stays until early Wednesday), heart centered Venus in Leo makes relatively graceful connections with both Uranus and Jupiter.Continue reading “Heart connections and Astrology Forecast June 26- July 4.”

Family Matters and Astrology Forecast June 21-27

By Leo Knighton Tallarico Sunday June 21 brings us an annual turning point.    This year Summer Solstice is on the 21st at 12:38 PM EDT. Summer Solstice brings us to the zenith of light moments in the day.  After that darkness begins to increase every day- until Autumn Equinox when light and dark, yinContinue reading “Family Matters and Astrology Forecast June 21-27”

Turning on Your Inner Light and Astrology Forecast June 23-29

by Leo Knighton Tallarico Now as we are past the Spring Eclipse Season and into the Summer of 2013, we will be starting to slow down, tune in, and get more into reflective mode this coming week and beyond. Sunday June 23 is Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn. It will appear as the largest Full MoonContinue reading “Turning on Your Inner Light and Astrology Forecast June 23-29”

Another War and Astrology Forecast June 16-22

By Leo Knighton Tallarico We are fully in the aftermath of the Eclipse Season,  viewing the results and repercussions of what was shaken up and shifted during that time period. We wrote during that Eclipse Season that both transiting Jupiter and Mars would making conjunction with the USA natal Mars in Gemini from its birthContinue reading “Another War and Astrology Forecast June 16-22”

Summer Solstice and Lunar Eclipse Grand Cross Full Moon, June 20-26

by Leo Knighton Tallarico Today, Saturday June 19, we are only 2 days away from the summer solstice 2010, which is the beginning moment of a summer which ought to be long remembered.   One week from today there is a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Grand Cross , and two weeks afterward there is a SolarContinue reading “Summer Solstice and Lunar Eclipse Grand Cross Full Moon, June 20-26”