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It is Happening Now and Astrology Forecast March 15-21.

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

As we approached the last Eclipse season, which included the ultra important Saturn conjunct Pluto formation, we wrote how the stock market and economy would be in turmoil and in danger of a great fall.

And of course we have been writing for quite some time now that our world and country are on an unstoppable destiny into the Age of Aquarius.  The writings have also communicated that the grave darkness from difficult events would lead into the light and love and truth for that new Age.

January was a major “turning point time period” and it held major events that are challenging our human family in a major way

January held with it a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Cancer; the all important Saturn conjunct Pluto force of destruction; as well as Spirit and mind awakening Uranus switching back to Direct motion.

The Corona virus and near crash of the stock market is initiating the Chaos versus Order theme we have also been speaking about- Or as could happen more severely: Chaos leading to Martial Law.

We must admit that the virus and subsequent downturn of the stock market and economy have brought many to unbridled Fear and Panic.

And that fear and panic are bringing us to a vulnerability that leaves us quite susceptible to being controlled and dominated by our societal leaders. Look at World War II and Germany.

It feels so unnatural to be confined to our homes and neighborhoods, to have schools and sports events and restaurants and gatherings all be cancelled or done remotely when possible.

These events all opened widely just after Mercury went back back Direct, showing us what direction our world was moving toward.

At around the same time, the Democrats’ primaries suddenly showed a quick pivot to Joe Biden for President.  Many candidates dropped out of contention and gave their endorsement to Biden. The Democratic Party is now rallying around Biden, and hoping to stop the Bernie train of Revolution and Transformation of the USA.

Wanting back the “normality” of the Obama years is certainly a a large part of the desire for Biden as President, especially so as Trump being defeated is so important to so many. Many people see him as destroying the idealistic values of the United States.

Yet in the bigger picture Trump is just an actor, as Shakespeare said more eloquently, in the drama destiny of our lives (“all the world’s a stage”). This period of time is part of the transition between Ages.

What is going on now cannot be controlled by the collective ego of the USA and World. It is part of one of the widest cycles astrologically: 2160 years long for an Age, the Pisces Age just passing.

It is time for each of us to let go another level of our individual egos, to allow our Soul Self to direct us.

This movement into the age of Aquarius is bigger than each of our egos, bigger than all our egos together.

We will find our center and our faith within our Soul/Spirit selves, which are connected to the Universe and its pillars of Truth and Love.

Our fears and doubts are natural sometimes, but if we allow ourselves to be taken over by the panic, we will be letting go of our connections to “our better angels”, to the connections that bring us all together as One Family, dysfunctional as it is right now.

This coming week or 10 days should help our journey, and help us to connect with Higher Soul self and Universe.

That is because we experience during that time the Spring Equinox, followed by the big new beginnings of the Aries New Moon. And we experience Mars conjunct Jupiter too.

Before that however, the Moon enters the darkening last quarter of its cycle on Monday March 16.

The Moon is in Sagittarius then, square to the Sun in Pisces. So while Pisces may desire to keep processing one’s feelings and thoughts, Moon in Sagittarius is ready to take the ride forward.

And on the 19th,  the Sun moves into the annual Spring Equinox, which is the beginning of Sun in Aries for 30 days.

There will likely be some feelings of restlessness, of wanting to start something new, of the start of Spring Fever.

Go with these feelings, especially if they help you to leave any debilitating feelings of fear and panic.

Yes we need to take precautions and be as safe as possible, but we do not need to fall into the pits of despair.

If you meditate or find your inner peace and strength in nature or something else, that centering will lead you to wherever you need to be now.  Spirit will not let you down.

Following the crowd of panicked sheep will lead you astray, off your spiritual path, losing your Self in dis-empowering Fear.

Do not berate your self because you are feeling much fear sometimes.   Just do not surrender to that fear. Stay above water so you do not drown.

Perhaps you are someone who is more extroverted, and if so be around people who are not debilitated by fear. Be around those who keep hope alive, love alive, truth alive.

Be around those you feel you can be your authentic self with, those who “see” you and appreciate you. And/or be with your healers and counselors, those who care about you and do not judge you. Yes they may challenge you and hold you accountable, but they do not help you to feel bad about yourself .

The Spring Equinox is on March 19 at 11:50 PM EDT.   The Sun moves into Aries, a sign of self assertion and self honoring, of wanting to be true to self, to be true to how one is created not how one is “supposed” to be by programmed societal values.

Aries is independent, not that sociable, gets right to the point straight forward and direct.

They can be quite competitive, forceful at times, and appreciating of new beginnings like Spring.  They can be quite brave too, not letting fear defeat them.

Next week, on the 24th, the Moon catches up to the Sun in Aries, creating the New Moon in Aries. That is when the real time of new beginnings happens.

So this week there may be false starts, or at least feeling of not quite ready; or instead feelings of great restlessness to get moving.

Just after the Equinox and before the next new moon, there is an important planetary event: Mars conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn on March 20.

That is just a few days before the New Moon in Aries.  This Jupiter conjunct Mars happens exactly where Saturn made conjunction with Pluto: at 22+ degrees of Capricorn.

This will trigger that Saturn/Pluto connection from January 12 this year.   Watch for issues with  the stock market or virus to be triggered.

What happened for you back in December/January?  Where do you stand with those issues now.

Mars conjunct Jupiter  could be a motivator or inspiring element for you.  It is an appetizer for the powerful Jupiter conjunct Pluto on April 4.

On April 3 at 5:30 PM local time, I am giving a talk about 2020 and what is happening and can be expected in our world now.  The talk is in Sedona Arizona. The next day Saturday April 4 I will make that talk a webinar, again live, but on Zoom this time.

We will look at Presidential campaigns and charts, the USA chart and current and coming events. And we will discuss personal transformation also, aligned with Age of Aquarius consciousness.  Fee is $20 for the talk.

This begins a series of 4 such talks, one  each month for 4 months. To be at all 4 of them will cost $70. If you have some interest in the Sedona talk or the Webinar, contact me at I am also planning on regular podcasts and videos during these challenging times.

Till next week


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Getting Ready and Astrology Forecast March 19-25

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Energetically and astrologically, the true New Year begins this Monday the 20th at the Spring Equinox.

The Sun moves into Aries that day at 6:29 AM EDT.  That is the first moment of Spring 2017, when dark and light, yin and yang, male and female are equal. But light, yang, and male energies are now on the rise.

Aries is the sign of new starts and new beginnings; taking action; and being straight forward, direct, and frank. Mars is the planet most associated with Aries, thus Aries can be confrontational, combative, and competitive.

It wants to be #1 and be the first to arrive, as is the sperm who wins the race to the egg to create a new being.

Spring is the perfect time for Aries as it is when buds come through the branches as new growth, and when nature wakes up from the dormancy of Winter.

So on Monday there is the feeling of renewal and beginnings.

All that has happened in the past year has potentially been reviewed and processed during Pisces time of year, which is passing.

That spark of spring this week, however, will be countered by the fact that Monday the 20th is also the beginning of the 4th quarter segment of the lunar cycle.

Renewal and motivation to move forward will not be fullfilled until the Moon catches up with the Sun in Aries at the next New Moon.

So at the time when the Sun moves into Aries for the first moment of spring, the Moon will be getting ready to enter Capriicorn to begin the 4th quarter of the lunar cycle.

The Moon will keep moving through the end of the lunar cycle till Monday the 27th, when the Moon catches up for a New Moon in Aries to erupt into our lives.

That is when the New Year fully begins.

So this week there will be mixed messages, as the first day of spring brings some renewal, but the last quarter Moon keeps us in the lunar cycle begun at the Pisces New Moon of February 26.

So don’t get up on your horse quite yet. Continue to reflect and process, heal and resolve.

With Venus still Retrograde, we can also keep some concentration on heart matters and relationships, while we wait for the strong new beginnings on March 27 at the Aries New Moon.

Our world has changed so much this past year, and many people have been processing those changes, most evidently the changing of the guard for the government of the USA.

Many people were shocked and then angry and depressed because of the results of the Presidential election, and the huge shifts brought on by the new regime.

But at the first of Spring this week, and much more so at the New Moon in Aries next week, it will be time to let go of the emotional attachment to those election results.

In fact, it will be time to do your best to let go of any attachments that keep you stuck in the past battling your internal demons.

It will be time to move forward even if all issues have not been healed or resolved.

And relationship issues are ones most likely to be unsettled at the first of Spring as Venus stays Retrograde until April 15.

A respected Native American friend of mine, who intently studies the mathematics and movements of our cosmos, shared with me recently that on April 15 at 2:43 PM EST there will be a significant turning point in our galaxy..

As that coincides with Venus going direct that day, he and I will be making a video on that day discussing the state of our world and Universe. I plan on sharing that video with all of you.

For now as we finish up the old solar year, continue to release that which is blocking your path toward fully being in this New Chapter of your life.  These blocks may be inside of you, in the form of inner programming or beliefs and attitudes, and/or outside of you in the form of jobs, relationships, homes, etc.

We are almost ready to move forward for this New Year in the New Chapter of our lives.

Yet anything we stubbornly hold onto now will put baggage into our lives that can weigh us down or even be too heavy to move forward with.

So do your best to release or at least start the process of releasing that which has already died in your heart and soul.

And since Venus is Retrograde you know it is a good time to get deeply in touch with the relationship patterns in your life that are holding you back from moving more freely in this New Year in the New Chapter of your life.

Maybe it is an old pattern that goes back to an old hurt or trauma from a previous relationship, even as far back as your childhood or even past lives.

Can you work that out with the person who you now have the old pattern with?  Do you need counseling?

Or is it soon time to end the relationship, as your “contract” is up and it is time to move on?

On another front, with the greater world in view, it is obvious that we have entered a time when our true values are, or need to be, brought to the surface of our consciousness.

What kind of a world do you want to live in?  Are you being the kind of person who lives in a way that reflects those ideals?

What stops you from living as you believe?

Are you paralyzed by fear?  Are you angry a lot of the time without knowing the true source of that anger?  And if you know the source of that anger, have you found a way to express your feelings or let go of the anger?

Identifying with being a victim will hold you back from living your life alive, authentic and empowered.

You can be loving and sensitive and still be empowered. Do you know how? If not find out how. The Universe will assist you in that process.

We will need as many people as possible now to help create the kind of world we want for the Age of Aquarius.

Believe me there are plenty of people who want to keep it just as it is or even take us back to how it used to be.

And if you remain disempowered or asleep at the wheel of your life, you are complicit in holding us back and keeping us locked up in a world that is soul dead already.

Go where there is new life now, as we move toward the Spring Equinox and even more importantly toward the New Moon in Aries on March 27 and the major turning point of April 15.

Know that the Universe is behind you with wind at your back for moving forward soon.

In the meantime use these days now to process and release and say goodbye as difficult as that may be.

When you are aligned with your own inner light and the light of the Universe, what you decide to do will be ultimately good for all concerned, even if causes some pain in the beginning.

This is meant to be an especially important year, and we need to allow our true and authentic Self to be actualized.

Being who you “should” be is not a good excuse anymore. Being who you “should” be keeps the old ways alive and dulls your true Self.

We need all hands on board now.

Till next week


If you need any help with your relationship now, I have done couples’ counseling for many years. Do you need to identify and work out old patterns? Do you need to decide whether to stay or go?  I use the astrological model to help in the counseling process.  Write me at if interested.

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Riding the Waves and Astrology Forecast March 13-19

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

It is rather difficult to find clarity about life direction now, almost feeling at times like Mercury Retrgrade.    We have been releasing and letting go of the past, trusting that the new world will be clearer as a result.

But for many now, they are caught in a tunnel between worlds, in a void waiting for direction.

Things are shaking up for sure, but where are we going? And if we do know where we are likely going, it still does not feel very settled and solid.

As we look at the greater world, we see similar confusion as to where we are going.  Look at the campaign for President of the USA.

Donald Trump is so different than what anyone might have thought would be President.

But yet now he is is at the front of the line of candidates to be President.

According to my astrological formula for President, he is quite high in rating to win.   To my calculation, if we are faced with overwhelming security issues this autumn, he will win.  If the economy or terrorist issues are in dire straights for Americans, then he will win.

If however things stay as are now, there is a good chance still that Clinton or Sanders will win instead.

So does it feel almost fated that Trump will win?  Does he represent the old America so much, at a time there is a collective need to hold back the tide of the Age of Aquarius?

In 20 years or less, it is calculated that minorities will be the majority in the United States.  White people will be in the minority.  Latinos, African Americans, Asians, and yes Muslims will together make up the majority in America.

And Trump people’s version of America is ending.  Many hate the idea that old way will end.  Old white men running the country was already threatened by Obama’s presidency. And many of these people liking Trump hated President Obama.

Diversity in Unity is coming, but there is a lot to work out first.

And Sanders represents a transformed economy, one more aligned with equality; and he represents an acceptance of the world of Diversity.

So does Clinton bring an acceptance of diversity, and she also represents another break from Old White men running the country.   What many people wonder, however, is if she is beholden to that old world’s values in other starkly important ways.

And it is easy to move through transformational change on just the surface, not on  a deeper level.

In your own life, if you are changing relationships; will that new relationship also bring a change in old unhealthy patterns.  Or are you just changing the sheets in the same old bed of your life?

If you are changing jobs or changing where you live, is it because you need a job or home to reflect the changes you have made internally? That is positive transformaion.

Or is the job or home change just a way you can escape the deeper issues?

This is a time period, an Eclipse Season leading soon to an Age of Aquarius, where the winds of the Universe will assist deeper transformation.  This deeper transformation will bring you closer to your authentic Soul Self, leading a more authentic life in service to a new age on Planet Earth.

And there is much more to experience during this Eclipse Season. I believe this one will last until just past the Full Moon on April 21.

There is still a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aries/Libra on March 23 to experience, one that will likely shake things up even more drastically than this last one in Pisces.

This one in Pisces has been emotionally intense and confusing for finding clarity and direction.  It has also been difficult for some to focus this week.  In part that is because of the nature of eclipses, and also because the often nebulous sign of Pisces is involved.

But it is also because we have been experiencing a mutable T-Square which includes:  a Solar Eclipse in Pisces, Jupiter in Virgo, and Saturn in Sagittarius.  We are being pulled in 3 different directions, so of ocurse not knowing which way to turn.  And Neptune in Pisces is just out of orb from making a mutable Grand Cross, which would pull us in 4 different directions.

Nevertheless on April 7, at the New Moon in straight forward Aries, we will be sent forward- ready or not.

Our direction, both personally and globally will be pretty much laid out by then.  We will know what is happening as long as we do not choose to put our heads in the sand to escape from seeing clearly.

So for now see it all as a process and let go of strong desires to get going forward in action.

I know it can be stress inducing to sit in the middle and not be moving forward.   But you will know soon enough, so do your best to find some peace internally and focus on healing for a bit more time.

Next week there will be more energy for active pursuits, or at least a feeling like the tide has turned.

That is because very early on the 20th there is the Spring Equinox.  At that time there is equality between dark and light, between yin and yang.  But right afterwards the tide turns to light and yang, to movement forward.

Maybe you will only subtly feel that turn, maybe more so for some.   But keep in mind that once the Moon catches up with the Sun in Aries, then it will be time to get going.

And whenever the Moon catches up to the Sun, a New Moon is created. And the one on April 7 will be in Aries, the sign of active fiery movement forward.

Before that we experience the Spring Equinox while immersed in Eclipse Season.  Just before that, on Wednesday March 16, we experience the rather powerful aspect of Jupiter trine Pluto.

This will mainly be seen in the greater world through its events.  Powerful and maybe even explosive events will happen surrounding that date.  In your personal life, there may also be more intensity again, as this Jupiter trine Pluto aspect happens during Eclipse Season.

So keep your focus on the bigger picture and do your best to keep releasing beliefs and attitudes that no longer serve you or the world we live in.

And open your mind and heart to connect with resonant energies and people, even if on the surface they seem different or strange to you.

Till next week,


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Leo Knighton Tallarico has been a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for 30 years.

My life partner Deborah has a blog now that will bring to you a greater sense of life’s sacredness and our human connection to our Earth, Feminine mysteries and that which brings us all together in unity.




Mercury Direct, Spring Equinox, and Astrology Forecast March 17-23

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Shifting tides this week.   I know many of you are ready, as the last few weeks have been emotionally and mentally difficult.

This coming week, Mercury finally goes back Direct into more sanity, and Spring Equinox opens its beginning blossoms of  light and heat.

Yes, I know this was an especially challenging Mercury Retrograde for so many, coming at the end of Winter, during Pisces‘ emotional confusion and hurt.

But this Sunday March 17 at 4:03 PM EDT, Mercury does go back direct, so clarity and sanity begin to return.  It may take several days for you to get back to “normal” however, though perhaps your old “normal” default position has shifted over the last few weeks.   Many had serious glitches come up that shifted their plans; others are just now getting ready to make plans or decisions that were not so easy to get clear about over the last few weeks.

The depth of difficulty that Mercury Retrograde brought this time, signifies to me the potential power of transformational change coming this spring during the Spring Eclipse Season, which is less than a month away.

It seems that we have been “clearing the decks” of remnants of past memories, patterns, wounds, and phases of our lives, bringing resolution to a fading chapter of our lives, and preparing ourselves for waves of change we may not fully know quite yet.

Following Mercury going retrograde Sunday the 17th, Spring Equinox is Wednesday March 20 at 7:02 AM EDT.   Spring Equinox is the beginning of Sun in Aries.   And at that moment when the Equinox occurs, as the Sun goes into Aries, there is equality between light and dark, yin and yang, male and female.

But right after that moment, light, yang, male energies begin to get stronger.  The Aries force of new life erupts, and soon new leaves will push through the tree branches.  This yang force continues to get stronger and stronger, until at Summer Solstice it is at its greatest abundance.

So Aries is the fire of force and ignition.   It is pioneering spirit, action, sperm racing to the egg, the realization of “I AM”.  Aries will fight like a warrior for its individuality, independence, and for what it believes in.  Aries thrives on challenge, the ram butts heads in competition and conflict.  Aries is straight forward and direct, frank and honest.  Its downsides can be selfishness, dominance, and lack of sensitivity and orientation to relationship and social skills.

So get ready for the rising of spirit, but remember this is just the first force of renewed life; movement forward will not be rapid acceleration yet.  But you should be able to feel the shift, even if nature here in the western hemisphere does not yet give us spring weather in many places.

So this week, Mercury goes direct on Sunday March 17, Spring Equinox is on Wednesday March 20.  Tides are turning, more feelings of hope are rising.

Even more fiery energy is added this week when Venus goes into Aries on Thursday March 21, and a chaotically active Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries opens up on Friday March 22.

Venus is leaving sacrificial tendencies in Pisces, and now is more bold and assertive in Aries. People will tend to want to speak their truth and assert their needs more in relationships. If you have been holding back your truth, this week begin a good period of time to be frank and honest about your needs.

Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries could bring actions that release you from limitations and liberate you.   Rebellious tendencies will be stronger, and revolutionary movements will get stronger.   Conflict may break out in personal relationships and in the world.

Remember that we are warming up this week for a most powerful Spring season, as there will be 3 eclipses and a Uranus square Pluto aspect.  The first eclipse will be on April 25, but the Eclipse Season will burst into our lives no later than the New Moon in Aries on April 10.  The Eclipse Season will be felt all the way to Summer Solstice, at least.

In the greater world, expect conflict to arise and the USA to flex its military muscle this spring.   Jupiter and Mars will both conjunct the USA natal Mars this spring, and combined with the eclipses and Uranus square Pluto, we can expect intensified power struggles and even open conflict erupting between the USA and other nations.

Our violent use of drones against other countries and threatened against those in our own country is getting more public attention now.  Do we want to be a world bully?   Do we not recognize how many innocent people we have killed in other countries in order to protect our way of life?  And is it not about time we got more serious about ridding our world of nuclear weapons?

How can we expect other countries like Iran and North Korea to not have nuclear weapons, when we have thousands and are the only nation on Earth to have used them: killing about 300,000 civilian people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II? We also have helped Israel to develop a strong nuclear arsenal also, yet tell their adversary Iran they cannot have them or we will use military action against them.

We have negative karma to work out around these issues of violent dominance, and only our humble atonement and actions toward equality and world peace will help heal our Earth and human community.

Our world and American life is about to transform in a most powerful way over the next year or so, beginning this Spring 2013.

It is most important for all of us to clear out programming from families and society that keep us in unhealthy patterns, in fear, in ego control.   Our Souls, our Higher Self want to be more free to be the voice we listen to, we respond to.  Only by cleansing and releasing the blocks of toxins and hurts, the resentments and envies, the victim consciousness, the power and control issues, can we most fully open to the light that is working so hard to move into our lives.

Each of us is ready to grow, to progress, to evolve.   Holding onto old patterns, old ways, old habits that keep us clinging to tattered security blankets is needing to be broken.   It is becoming time to come alive, to spread our wings, to more fully engage with Life.

See you next week,


I have created an Astrology Forecast 2013 for youtube, part 1. And Part 2. I will put out a new youtube Spring Eclipse Season forecast in late March or early April.

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on mywebsite.You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years

Welcome to Spring 2012 and Astrology Forecast for March 18-24

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Coming up this week, in the midst of Mercury and Mars Retrograde, is the beginning of spring 2012, which brings the Sun into Aries.  A couple days later the Moon will join the Sun in Aries, which creates a New Moon in Aries.

Spring Equinox is Tuesday March 20 at 1:14 AM EDT.  Those on the west coast of the USA will celebrate the Spring Equinox on March 19 at 10:14 PM.  In most of the world March 20 will be the beginning of spring. The New Moon in Aries is Thursday March 22 at 10:37 AM EDT.

Retrograde Mercury and Mars remind us that though we may begin to feel a rush of spirit as spring energies erupt this week, it is not time yet to get our motors for big change in gear.  That will come later this spring season, after Mercury and Mars go direct, and the Eclipse Season begins.

Nevertheless, the Spring Equinox and Aries New Moon represent a breath of fresh and new air blowing into our consciousness and life The Spring Equinox is symbolically the time when light and dark energies are equal.  Autumn Equinox also brings such equality of Yin and Yang, but in the autumn the dark yin energies will grow just after the moment of the equinox.  The Winter Solstice is the zenith moment for darkness

At the Spring Equinox, just after the equality of yin and yang,  light yang energies begin to grow- culminating at the Summer Solstice when light and yang energies are in their greatest abundance.

So now as we enter the spring equinox, fiery buds of initiation burst into our consciousness. There is hope for positive growth in our future.  Aries is a cardinal fire sign, and as such represents new beginnings.

Aries is the force of life energy, the sperm racing to penetrate into the fertile egg, the bud bursting through the branches.

Aries is the energy of “I AM”, a statement that asserts my intention to be true to Self, in an honest and straightforward manner.  As such Aries is frank and bold, “telling it like it is”.

Aries is a warrior, a survivor, getting up for the challenge.   Aries is the first sign, number 1, the alpha.  This is why many Aries enjoy the challenge of competition or at least striving for excellence.

Aries is a sprinter, not a long distance person, and so it sometimes begins things without finishing or wanting to commit.   Aries is independent and social graces or social scenes can be difficult for them. Remember their mantra is I AM, and being true to oneself is so important. That can make relating awkward sometimes.

So at this Aries time of year, and the Aries New Moon this week adds to the theme, begin to empower your self by allowing your self to be OK with your honoring your own needs.

By honoring your own needs, you are being honest about who you are are, and you are honoring the natural creation of YOU and your Creator.

If you are used to giving your self away in relationship, use this Aries energy to begin to assert your own needs and state your truth.

Ironically, this honoring of your own needs will improve your relationship, as enabling someone else’s selfishness or self centeredness is detrimental to a relationship based on equality.

As we leave nebulous Pisces for bold Aries, expect that whatever has been swirling around in process, without focus, will begin to emerge into consciousness and into our lives.

In the greater world, look for the burgeoning Aries energies to bring people and countries into more combativeness.  The situations with Israel and western countries against Iran and Syria may get more contentious.   People and countries will assert their desires and aims more readily, for better and for worse.

In your personal life, you may begin to be awakened from your winter’s slumber of spirit. You may feel a desire to break out of your emotional and life boxes.

Though Tuesday brings a Spring Equinox and Sun in Aries, keep in mind that we will be in a “dark Moon” period until Thursday March 22 at 10:37 AM EST. That means that you may still feel some moments of residual “depression” until then.  After that New Moon, energies of assertion into “living your life alive” will get stronger.

Keep in mind again that Mercury and Mars are still retrograde until April 4 and 13 respectively.  You may not be ready to decide your overall direction yet.  You may not be ready to make any big decisions yet.   Everything may not be so clear yet in your perspective.

So don’t let the spring weather or energy fool you into jumping forward too fast with your life yet.  That is spring fever, as it is not time yet to take the spring roller coaster ride.

That will happen in May and June. There is a Solar Eclipse New Moon on May 20, a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on June 4 and a powerful Uranus square Pluto aspect on June 24, just after the Summer Solstice.

Nevertheless this week is the time to begin to “feel your oats”, to get your motor running, to begin to feel more positive, to assert your individuality and personal needs.  From that place of personal empowerment, you are will be ready for the great waves of change later this spring and summer.

We are all evolving our consciousness and lives into the Aquarian Age on our doorstep. Do not be fooled by the recent rhetoric of social conservatives who want us to live our lives in the Middle Ages.  These people, who recently have been especially disrespectful to women and their dignity, freedom and empowerment, are dinosaurs getting ready for extinction. Try your best to not waste your energy giving their idiocy any attention.   Let the Universe do its job of delivering us into an Aquarian Age, an Age that is slowly releasing the creatures who are losing their place in our world.

See you next week,


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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

He predicted the Iraq War of 2003- in early 2001 when Bush first took office; predicted the 9-11 attacks with an article “The Tower”, written in June 2001. He predicted Obama and McCain would get the presidential nominations in november 2007, when both were low in the polls; and correctly predicted the current economic downturn before it occurred.

Spring is Sprung and Astrology Forecast for March 21-March 27

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Spring Equinox!   Sun in Aries. We are moving into a very exciting spring season, one with many shifts and changes.  We movbe forward slowly, until mid April, at the Aries New Moon when life accelerates.  That New Moon is followed by many spring astrological aspects that promise an interesting season. 

Spring is when we wake up from our winter slumber here in the Northern Hemisphere.    It is time to get moving again, to open our hearts to embrace life with less fear and more hope and joy.    But for awhile  you may need to stretch and yawn away the winter blahs.   After April 14 you will be more ready to fly forward.

Many people now are questioning their lives- their jobs, their homes, their relationships.   More and more this spring and early summer people will get restless to leave situations where they feel confined, controlled, dominated, and unhappy.  The energies for liberation get stronger.   If you feel stuck some where in your lfe you will soon have the opportunity to change that.

The spring and summer 2010 seasons present us with a turning point in our human journey.

Be as open in your mind and heart as possible.  Do not hold on too tightly to anything.   If you do not hold on too tightly you will be able to let go of old and toxic beliefs and patterns in your life.   If your mind and heart are open you will be able to experience new possibilities anddeeper healings.

Old ways and patterns that seem impossible to change will suddenly find new solutions.  Old ways of seeing life will suddenlybe left behind and you will have new eyes for life.

This spring will spike forward our progress into an Aquarian Age and its consciousness and way of life.     Early summer will bring us a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Grand Cross that will shake up our reality and move us all forward in our lives and in our viewpoints.

Expect over the next several years for our viewpoints to change radically about ourselves and our world.  Our preconceived notions, our prevailing Paradigms of our world are shifting and changing.   

The point to be made is that we do not possess all the answers as we believe we do.   Once everyone was convinced the Sun moved around the Earth and that the Earth was flat.   Those that believed otherwise were considered crazy or rebellious.

20 years ago few anticipated the revolution of the internet or that we could use something like Skype to see each other while talking to one another on computers.

Many more revolutionary changes are coming over the next 10 years, and spring/early summer 2010 will present us with clues and signs as to what some of these changes will be like.  Some will be very difficult, but will eventually clear the way for better times ahead.

And so many of these changes will be in our consciousness.

As we individually heal the wounds of our childhoods and past lives, we heal our separations from each other.   And as we make these healings, we learn to love and trust ourselves and the Universe. And as we learn to love and trust ourselves and the Universe, we learn to trust one another.    And as we learn to trust one another, we transform our world.    And as we transform our consciousness and world we have entered the Aquarian Age.

Get ready for huge openings and opportunities to transform your life and consciousness in accordance with the Aquarian Age.   The approaching astrological events will provide the energies and changes that promote these healings and transformations.

We will be assisted in releasing old attitudes, beliefs and patterns that hold us back from our personal evolution.   We can release the programming from families and culture that keep us locked in the old ways from an old age.

We can then connect more deeply with our authentic self and further our individuation process. We can then walk down our true life path in accordance with the Universe and the new Aquarian Age we are moving into.   

We then are contributing to the progress of our planet and our human community as it moves through tumultuous and volatile times in transition between Ages.

Week of March 21-March 27

Spring Equinox begins with the Sun moving into Aries. It happened on Saturday March 20 at 1:32 PM EDT. Light and dark moments of the day are exactly equal just as they are at Autumn Equinox.  But in autumn darker and colder energies will get stronger. The Yin side of life wants to emerge more fully into our lives and souls then.

At spring equinox we see the light increasing and warmer air coming in.  The Yang side of life wants to emerge more fully into our lives and souls.  Aries is yang.   It is force.  It is a spark of life, an ignition of fiery spirit.  It is the force of the buds wanting to burst through the branches of the trees.    Aries is straight forward and direct.  It loves challenge and action. It often thrives on competition even if it does not always welcome it.  Aries represents issues of courage and bravery and pushing forward past our fears.    Spring Equinox is Sun in Aries, but full season does not begin until the Aries New Moon on April 14.   That is when the action principle truly moves into our lives.  Until then we are still within the Pisces lunar cycle begun on March 15.

So continue your healing and slowly wake up before that April 14 date.  Don’t push your self too  much before that.   Still go with the Pisces flow while waking slowly.

On Sunday March 21 the Gemini moon will keep mind moving and nervous energy strong.   You will get a stop sign of Saturn opposite the newly spring equinox Sun in Aries.  If you have been getting too excited by the fiery energies of new beginnings of spring, you may feel frustrated tonight.  And you may have extra reason to pause on Sunday/Monday because of the state of a relationship.

On Tuesday March 23 and Wednesday March 24 the Moon is in homey and cozy Cancer.  Tuesday could be emotionally difficult because of challenging aspects to the Cancer Moon.  Wednesday should flow better.

The Moon goes into fiery Leo Thursday and Friday to combine with the fiery Sun in Aries.  Thursday is more likelyday for some  anger or arguments, as the Moon conjuncts Mars and the Sun squares Pluto.

On Saturday the Moon goes into Virgo to get your Saturday into getting things done and building some order in your life. 

“See” you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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