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Winter Solstice, Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn and Astrology Forecast December 22-28

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

I write this week’s forecast from a Hampton Inn just outside Tulsa Oklahoma on our way to Sedona.  The first few days were challenging with snow in upstate New York and snow blizzards in Ohio and Pennsylvania.  The last couple days have been more graceful and uneventful.  We should be in Sedona late on Sunday the 22nd.

Later today on Saturday the 21st at 11:19 PM EST there is Winter Solstice, a turn in the balance between yin and yang, dark and light.  Up till today the dark/yin was getting stronger and stronger; after today, light/yang begins to increase until Spring Equinox when they are equal, with light/yang continuing to get stronger every day.

As the days have been getting darker with the solar light dimming as it moved toward Winter Solstice, and with the lunar light dimming in the waning half of the lunar cycle; depressed feelings, fear  and negative thoughts have tried to have a stronger voice in our consciousness.

Yin connection with body and soul does not mean fear and negativity, but our culture which worships being “up” and “happy”, successful and “positive” too often conditions us to avoid the truth and wisdom of the body and soul, of the “Feminine”.   That results in fear being the substitute for natural and healthy Yin.

At this time of year with holidays showing love and deep connections, we are reminded of our common humanity, and that all of us get older and have difficult moments in life.  The Yin of our body and soul remind us of these common connections, of the big human family we all belong to, regardless of our differences.

After the 21st the light is showing at the end of the tunnel.  And on Thursday the 26th, the Moon gets ready to show some light after the New Moon in Capricorn at 12:13 AM EST.

All this time from the 21st through the 26th, it is a good time to meditate, to get in touch with the silence.  It is also a good time to reconnect with your soul’s wishes and to make clear intention for co-creation with the Universe.

This New Moon in Capricorn brings the Sun and Moon together in conjunction.  The solar cycle and lunar cycle join together at the New Moon in Capricorn, and the Solar Eclipse brings much more strength to the New Moon in Capricorn than the usual New Moon in Capricorn.

So the power of intention or resolution is stronger than usual. So also is one’s ability to plan to manifest, accomplish, build, organize, discipline, and make definite, to put an end to, and make commitment to.

Direction is more easy to find.  It is a good time to make real what was only an idea or dream.  But this new moon can also bring a time of disillusion, of the end of seeing life through rose colored glasses.

In the world this first of 2 eclipses will begin to bring down whatever has been in a bubble of fantasy.   The Stock Market and economy could be brought down to reality very soon now.  The reality of impeachment cannot be denied anymore.

More important than Trump’s presidency is the condition of the USA. It is being split in two, similar to when there was Civil War 1860-1865.

This is part of the process of transformation of our country and world, in transition between an Age of Pisces and an Age of Aquarius.

The Age of Pisces began with the birth of Christ in the midst of the Roman Empire. That Empire eventually broke down, and the birth of Christ became the Christian Church,  for better and worse.

Now the Roman Empire is the Military Industrial Complex of the USA and Western World, in the process of breaking down.  As consciousness expands and people evolve, the shape of spirituality and religion shifts, the importance of Christ consciousness evolves too.

Christ consciousness is now part of a Spiritual Renaissance for our world.   There is a return to spirit, to soul, to sacredness,  to deeper compassion, to connections with All, to love, to truth beyond the rigid rules or guilt of some religion.

Jupiter is conjunct the New Moon in Capricorn, adding more inspiration to one’s new ventures and projects.

Eclipse Season has just begun.  The second eclipse is a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Cancer on January 10, the same day liberating Uranus goes back Direct again.

Saturn and Pluto are opposite the Full Moon in Cancer and are exactly conjunct each other on January 12.

We will explain much more about this important Eclipse Season the next few weeks.

Till then,


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Power of Eclipse Transformation and Astrology Forecast January 6-12

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

On Saturday January 5 at 8:28 PM EST we experience the 1st of 2 important eclipses this month.  It is a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn.  Both Saturn and Pluto are in conjunction with this eclipse, bringing an even more powerful energetic intensity to the event.

Though the energies will be at their greatest intensity on the 5th and the 6th, important events may not flow for days, weeks, and even months. But more likely many events will happen the over the next few weeks.

What is important to observe are the events that have been swirling in our lives since early December at the New Moon in Sagittarius, which opened up Eclipse Season Winter 2018/19.

In your personal life since early December: what have you been experiencing or feeling or watching? What new challenges have appeared?  What opportunities have been offered to you? What fears have leaked into your psyche? What old patterns have you seen try to come back into your life, relationships, and/or consciousness?

What new ideas have you recently received? What important decisions need to soon be made? And most importantly at the Capricorn New Moon,  what are you getting motivated to build or rebuild, restructure.  What new projects do you plan to start or bring more fully forward?  What do you want to manifest or accomplish?

And what steps are necessary to help you move toward your goals. What kind of discipline do you need to get where you want to go, or do what you want to do in fulfilling your purpose?

This Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, with grave Saturn and lord of the underworld Pluto attached, is powerful in its “intention” to destroy whatever is ready and needs to be extricated from your consciousness and life.

You cannot run away from time marching on in the “real” world; and we do need to be a part of that real world so we can make the contributions necessary to assist in our collective human voyage into a New Paradigm and Age.

Hard decisions need to be made soon, new directions soon need to be known.

January hosts another eclipse on the 20th/21st of the month: a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo.  

So expect this eclipse month to shake things up, but at the same time show us what is real and substantive and needed.  Superficial and trite will not fare well most of this month.

Breakthroughs and/or breakdowns are more likely than usual now at the eclipses.  We are deeply transforming our consciousness, our lives, and our country and world.

Believing and having faith in the Universe and Universal cycles and symbols helps us better navigate the changes and transformation now upon us.

Stop searching for normal to come back. The old normal is gone now, and a new normal has not shown herself fully yet.

To add to the power of the current eclipse, Uranus changes direction from retrograde to direct on January 6, the day after the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn.

Planets in the process of slowing down to change directions push their energy and meaning into our consciousness and life.

Uranus is about “breaking out of boxes”, breaking chains of control in order to be more liberated. It is strong winds of change, individuality and or weirdness, being contrary, being different, being about social change, community, rebellion and revolution.

As Uranus going Direct closely follows the Solar Eclipse, we are on the precipice of important, needed change and transformation. 

The Solar Eclipse in Capricorn is of course a new moon, which means new beginnings. Yet being in Capricorn that suggests the change is slow and deliberative.  Saturn as part of the New Moon Eclipse’s signature suggests what is happening cannot be escaped or evaded. 

Pluto as part of the signature suggests deep inner exploration. But it also suggests deep purging and releasing, and a destruction of old structures that have lost heart, spirit and soul.  Capricorn, Saturn and Pluto do not move things fast forward.

But Uranus does.  Uranus is about change, sometimes drastic and sometimes quite surprising change. 

Also now Mars is in fiery early Aries, its favorite sign;  so there is energy for moving forward, taking action, making new starts, and boldly having the courage to be true to oneself and what one believes.

And with Jupiter in its favorite sign- fiery Sagittarius, there is a growing need for having more faith, bringing back joy and inspiration, and taking new adventures.

This week began  a new lunar cycle at the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn which reaches “climax” at the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo, and ends at the New Moon in Aquarius on February 4.  That Aquarius New Moon also effectively ends this Eclipse Season.

So in the greater world one can expect some destructive energy in the Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse, which is best used to gain deeper insight,  facing inner demons, and releasing what no longer has anymore life and spirit.

At the same time Uranus brings strong winds of change, and a need to break away from what or whom keeps us captive.

So all in all this week should bring us further decay and destruction of the old paradigm.

But Uranus, and in a lesser way, Mars and Jupiter; bring us people wanting to break away and be free of controlling and dominating people.

The government shutdown likely ends close to the Solar Eclipse and Uranus changing winds.

The stock market, after a short break last week, likely continues in its downward spiral.

War drums in Israel and the Middle East sound more aggressively.  China and North Korea get more fed up with Trump and by association the USA.

And the more and more apparent Russian collusion with the Trump family will likely show us a likely road to impeachment before the end of this lunar cycle.

Much will be coming down soon in our world, as we transform into a Diversity within Unity Age of Aquarius.

We need a new world economy that is fair to all.  We need to break down the old Military systems of this world and all their Weapons of Mass Destruction. We will see the Military Industrial Complex drastically transform over the next few years.

Time for each of us to decide in a real and grounded way: Would we be better off letting our Earth and World stay where it is, even with the corruption, inequality, power abuse, privilege to the few, disconnections from each other and from the love, truth and knowledge that all is connected and meaningful in this world.

Or do we rather choose a powerful world transformation that could get very ugly and destructive; yet at the same time deliver us into an Age of Aquarius that keeps our human family together in unity with the Earth, each other, and with all life in our Universe.

Much deep transformational work will benefit from the planetary movements this week.   As you release the living dead components of your life now, positive attitudes and beneficial changes will erupt in your consciousness and life.

The power of change accelerates this week, both inner and outer change.  Let go and let life take you to your higher destiny.

Till next week,


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Co-Creation and Astrology Forecast December 9-15

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are now facing the first winds of change from the new Eclipse Season. The first actual eclipse this Eclipse Season is a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn on January 5, 2019.

Since Eclipse Season began last week at the Sagittarius New Moon, a few important world developments have intensely unfolded:

1)  The stock market is barreling downward rapidly, more significantly than many people understand

2) Mueller’s investigation has revealed information that strongly suggests Donald Trump’s presidency is in a very precarious position now.

3) Paris is experiencing  well attended rallies from its people that have gotten extremely intense in its battles with the police. These rallies were against the proposed increased gas taxes, but even after significant compromise from the government, the rallies have continued.

We can expect these issues to intensify in January, as others will capture much attention as well.  Israel is hot and close to major battles with Hamas and Hezbollah.  Russia is fanning flames of battle with Ukraine. The power of the Feminine is growing more and more every day in contrast to the old world’s paradigm and privileges.

All this shows us more evidence of a USA and Western world in the beginning stages of deep change and transformation on the road to the Age of Aquarius.

We can now see the light of that New Age beginning to shine through the darkness of these aforementioned troubles.

People are beginning to build up the muscles of “power to the people”; an unfair economic system is beginning to crumble to an eventual transformation into something more equitable; corruption of the old world ways is being challenged; and the Diversity Within Unity structure of a new Age of Aquarius world is beginning to show itself.

But I am sure you can see how this process of transformation will temporarily get darker and more intense soon.

That first eclipse on January 5 is a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn 15+ degrees.  Pluto and Saturn will both be conjunct that Solar Eclipse.  That strongly suggests this Eclipse represents a big turning point in time concerning structures and institutions, old rules and regulations, responsibilities and outer world material issues.

There is a potentially destructive piece to the energy of this planetary event.  That is so because both Saturn and Pluto conjunct that Solar Eclipse.

In personal lives, there is a need around this Solar Eclipse to question your status quo; to look more closely at the rules you have been answering to; to be more in touch with your ambitions and what you want to accomplish in life.

There is a weighing of whether to keep old ways or instead to purge those old ways from your life and consciousness.

This is merely the beginning of added attention to the issues of Capricorn.  Already both Saturn and Pluto are in Capricorn for an extended stay. Then in 2020 Jupiter joins up with them as they do a threesome of conjunctions with one another.

That year brings us to both Jupiter and Saturn exactly conjunct the USA natal Pluto in its second house.  Pluto will conjunct itself (a Pluto Return) 2021-2025. 

This will be the first Pluto Return for the relatively young country of America.

With Jupiter and Saturn and Pluto all making conjunction with the USA natal Pluto over the next few years, we can expect massive change in the USA power structure of its Military/Industrial Complex.

That means the Economy and Military will be big-time transforming right before our eyes.  And all this synchronizes well with the important Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 0+ degrees of Aquarius on the Winter Solstice December 21 date in 2020.

This symbolizes a portal opening into the Age of Aquarius. 

We do not want to view it as people did with Y2K or even more so with the end of the Mayan Calendar (even though amazingly that December 21 day is the same day predicted for 2012 as the ending of the Mayan Calendar).

We do not expect anywhere near a perfectly Aquarian World to magically appear that day.  Nevertheless there will be some obvious Aquarian Age symbols to be seen then, even as we will continue to view more intense struggling in transition between the ages.

It is best to see that time period as a “turning the corner” into the New Age, never to go back (so to speak).

It is no mere coincidence that there will be an important Presidential Election date in November 2020, preceding the Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius in December 2020.

Between now and then there will be many more birth pains and contractions, as we let an old age die as a new one is being born.

There are many similarities now with the stock market crash of 1929 and its subsequent economic Depression, compared to what is brewing now as Trump/Hoover preside in America.

And the similarities between Nixon/Watergate in the 70s,  with Trump/Russiagate now are even more startling.

And overall the similarities between the ’60s/70s revolution and what has been happening over the last few years now is also rather obvious.

Many full circles are playing out and Transformation is alive and well.

Later this week we enter the 2nd quarter of the lunar cycle that began at the New Moon in Sagittarius on December 7. That second quarter begins on Saturday December 15- in Pisces.

So we continue moving onward and upward toward climax on December 22 at the Full Moon in Cancer just a day after Winter Solstice 2018.

It is a great time now for positive intentions, prayers, and positive visualizations. There is more chance of actualizing what is visualized during a Sagittarius lunar cycle, especially this year with Jupiter also in Sagittarius.

Co-creation with the Universe may be especially productive now.

Mercury moves into Sagittarius this Wednesday the 12th, adding an even more conducive energy for positive visualization and affirmation.

Remember however that alignment with the Universe is essential when using positive visualization, as the relationship between you and the Universe is what creates the magic.

There is one more significant planetary movement this week.

At the beginning of the week, on Sunday December 9, Chiron shifts from Retrograde to Direct- at 28 degrees of Pisces.  

Chiron is a bridge between realities.  As such it is a significant bridge between the divine and human- between Higher Self and Ego Self.

It sits in the heavens between Saturn and Uranus, between the more traditional gods closest to Earth, and those of the more distant heavens, who were not known about until after 1781.

Saturn is representative of an Old Testament God of punishment for transgressions of not abiding by the rules (like the 10 commandments).

Uranus is representative of an awakening and liberation from the chains of old conditioning.

In between Saturn and Uranus is where Chiron always resides in the heavens.

In 1977 when it was discovered, Close Encounters of a 3rd kind and Star Wars were both showing for the first time in theaters.

The heavens were closer than ever before in our collective human consciousness.

Now as Chiron goes back Direct and soon into new day Aries, our “planet” of building bridges connects our ego self to the divine realms.

What better time to make positive visualizations that are in co-creation with the Universe?

Till next week,


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Eclipse Season, Mercury going Direct, and Astrology Forecast December 2-8

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Shifting energy tides this week, as there is a New Moon in Sagittarius and Mercury going back Direct toward the end of the week.

This coming Thursday December 6 shows us Mercury going back Direct.  Then on Friday December 7 at 2:20 AM EST there is a New Moon in Sagittarius.

Even though our days are getting darker till Winter Solstice on the 21st of December, we will nevertheless symbolically feel and see more “light” as free spirited fiery Sagittarius is where the New Moon will reside.

And the light of clarity will begin to flicker again as Mercury goes back Direct. It may be a very faint light of clarity at first, yet no more than 10 days or so after it goes Direct, a fuller clarity will be revealed.

Sagittarius is like a fireplace of warmth and light as we move toward the darkness and cold of approaching winter.

Sagittarius is expansive, progressive, and always seeks to take the high road. It sees meaning in everything, and believes that solution to problems is inevitable. Hence it has faith and confidence in life and the Universe.

Its potential downfalls are in leaping before it looks, being impulsive, taking ill advised adventures, believing it is always right, and forgetting it has a body.

The Centaur’s archer shoots for the sky, forgetting it is has a horse’s body below. So Sag can sometimes be so manic in its zeal and excitement that it forgets to ground itself in the reality of the physical world.

Mercury has been Retrograde since November 16, the same day as Venus went back Direct. It started its Retrograde process on October 5.

So issues of relating and relationships have been on the front burners of our hearts and minds for a few months now.

And when Venus gets back to its original Retrograde starting point of 10+ degrees of Scorpio on December 17, our relationship lives can gain more sanity and clear direction.

So don’t go fast -forward on relationship issues at the Pearl Harbor invasion anniversary of December 7, when the New Moon in Sagittarius arrives.

And don’t go fast forward with decisions and relationship plans on December 6 when Mercury goes back Direct.

Wait till after mid December to begin being clear enough and energized enough for your life’s journey into the New Chapter to resume.

Not long afterward, on January 5, the power of transformation will drastically amp up. That is when the first of 2 eclipses will be ignited:  A Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn conjunct both Saturn and Pluto.

And Eclipse Season pretty much begins after the New Moon in Sagittarius this week on December 7.   The first winds of new changes will blow in afterwards, then intensify greatly after the Solar Eclipse on January 5.

This New Moon in Sagittarius is more complicated than the usual New Moon in Sagittarius, as both Mars and Neptune- conjunct in Pisces- will square that New Moon in Sagittarius.

That Mars/Neptune conjunction in oceanic Pisces will bring in huge waves of chaotic emotions and events.

Is it not getting rather obvious that we are on the precipice of enormous change and transformation in the world?

The Trump presidency is about to face the strong grim hand of the Mueller investigation, and who knows where his presidency will go from there.  The American stock market is getting closer to crashing. And America seems to be ramping up the energies of battle against Iran, Syria, China, and Russia.

The Solar Eclipse on January 5 is in close opposition to the USA Natal Sun in Cancer.  Heavyweights Pluto and Saturn will be conjunct that New Moon and also opposite the USA natal Sun in Cancer.

The USA is so ready for powerful transformation now.

And many personal lives are also getting ready for further transformation and change.

So many people have been waking up these past couple of years, and are rejecting the old ways from an old paradigm and age.

We have been conditioned and programmed to be and act as the old world has required us. We are now breaking those chains and embracing new consciousness and ways of being.

The old world is slipping away no matter how much people cry for MAGA.  The past is in our rear view mirrors, but the future is being created now in our hearts, minds and lives.

The Universe has been showing us through its planetary cycles and symbols that we are needing to shift our ways of relating and communicating. Venus and Mercury Retrograde have been recently giving us that message and the experiences needed to make the changes. Here are some lessons people have been learning for the consciousness of the New Age:

Number 1 relationship lesson is to be truly present in our relating, not distracted by other things. That presence is the only way to truly listen to and see someone else.

Number 2 lesson is to know that empathy is necessary in making a healthy relationship of any kind. If we cannot put ourselves in the shoes of another we cannot understand their journey and perspectives. Just the process of trying to empathize brings us closer together.

Number 3 lesson is that no one is in essence superior to anyone else. Each of us is different  from one another, with equal value, and not superior or inferior.

Number 4 lesson is that everyone wants to love and be loved, no matter how they seem.

Number 5 lesson is that communication is so important to any kind of relationship. Authentically expressing our truth is not enough. We also need to be aware of how the other person “hears” what we are saying. We may need to rearrange our wording or our tone so the other person can truly take in what we mean to say.

Number 6 lesson is that it “takes two to tango” as my Mother used to say. It is not usually a matter of someone being right and someone else being wrong. And it is usually not a matter of someone being the villain perpetrator and the other an innocent victim. Creating stories in our minds like that are hard to acknowledge and release. And if not released, these stories come with us into new relationships, causing dysfunctions once again.

Each party needs to be held accountable for their part of the issue. Even if one person has cheated on the other , or one person has an addiction that has hurt the relationship; the relationship problem is always deeper than the outer circumstances would suggest.

Nevertheless, sometimes it is right to leave a relationship as the original contract has been ended or breached, and it is time to move on.

And now our contracts as individuals in the old age and paradigm has been ending. The Aquarian Age awaits us.   We are each in the process of consciousness transformation into that Age and Paradigm.

The next few months of Winter Eclipse Season 2019 is about to begin. I will have a new video coming out within the next couple of weeks.

Till next week,


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Riding the Roller Coaster and Astrology Forecast November 25- December 1.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The recent Full Moon in Gemini and Venus being Retrograde are in our rear view mirrors now.

So now we are in the waning half of the lunar cycle, and we still have Mercury in Retrograde motion.

Later on in early December, on the day of the New Moon in Sagittarius, Mercury will also go Direct that day:  December 6. That day also represents the first winds of change for Eclipse Season 2019 blowing in.

So on December 6 there will be a strong feeling of moving forward.

From now till then, we are moving kinda downward and inward in anticipation and preparation for that important movement forward after the 6th.

For the last few months we have been confronting and attempting to resolve and heal various relationships and relationship patterns.

This has been and is essential, as working out these relationship patterns is helping to build the foundation of our New Chapter of life more fully and strongly.

No one wants too much heavy baggage to carry as we travel more fully into this New Chapter.

Some have gone back into childhood wounds and issues, or even past life relationship issues in order to work through the inner demons of relating that keep us stuck.

Letting go of the past relationship baggage means we need to let go of the old stories and dramas in our heads and hearts.

For instance, if you are telling yourself that nothing ever works out for you in relationships,  you need to confront that story inside yourself.

If you have told yourself that all men are selfish or that all women are conniving, for instance, then that will limit your ability to draw in men or women who are good for you.

And you know sometimes it is so difficult to let go of these stories, as we apparently have much proof from the past that will prove our point.

But this is the chicken that came before the egg, as believing something will tend to make it happen.

But regardless of which came first, the negative event or the negative belief, confronting the belief will serve you well.

Maybe a large part of the true reason no relationship has ever worked for you before is that you do not really like or respect yourself.  This can be worked on and resolved or healed sufficiently to help you let go of the story and attract better relationships.

So now, with Mercury still Retrograde, Venus not yet back to “normal”, and the lunar cycle in its darkening phase; we still are pausing and maybe rewinding our life memories in order to build healthier more functional relationships and lives.

Remember also that Jupiter is now in expansive, progressive, inspiring,  uplifting, and adventurous Sagittarius.

For the next year, while Jupiter stays in Sagittarius, you will have more ability to see things from a wider perspective, and more help in finding meaning or resolution for issues that have previously held you back.

And also remember that in January 2019 we will experience 2 more powerful eclipses, eclipses that are meant to help us break out of stuck places in our minds, hearts, and lives.

And this weekend, going into Monday/Tuesday, we will feel things opening up more as the Sun makes exact conjunction with Jupiter in Sagittarius on the 26th.

For many this will translate into desires for expansiveness, freedom, and/or travel and adventure.

Just keep in mind that Mercury is still Retrograde, so it is best not to be too impulsive or to jump to conclusions too quickly. That is one of the “side-effects” of the rising of spirit from Jupiter and Sagittarius.

Best now to process our thoughts and emotions, to find higher meaning for our lives,  and to get more in touch with what inspires us.

You can think more about final decisions, or taking action after the 6th or December, and probably not till after early January.

We enter the 4th and last quarter of the lunar cycle on Thursday the 29th, with the Moon in Virgo and Sun in Sagittarius.

We will receive a dose of sobering reality to counter any ideas or plans that are over inflated, grandiose, or in some cases just too positive.

Sag has a tendency to see the “glass as half full”, while Virgo has a tendency to see the “glass as half empty”. Truth lies somewhere in between.

On Friday the 30th, Venus in Libra will oppose Uranus in Aries. 

The days surrounding this planetary event will bring to some a breakthrough or awakening around relationships that have previously felt stuck. For others it will be a breaking away or freeing from an old relationship pattern or even liberation from a person.

Venus is no longer Retrograde, but it still has not gone back to where it started in Retrograde, which is a significant fact. It will be back to that place on December 17, completing that Venus cycle and completing the investigation and repairing of relationship.

Remember this can be a romantic relationship but also can be a family one, or friendship, or work related relationship.

In the greater world now, everything is certainly way out of healthy balance. So much is shaking up and breaking down. As we have been letting you know would happen, the stock market has been going down.

Saturn in Capricorn has been opposing the USA natal Venus and Jupiter in Cancer. And Uranus has been squaring the USA natal Pluto in Capricorn in its 2nd house (money, comfort, and security).

Eclipse Season will bring that same transiting Saturn to oppose the USA natal Sun in Cancer, while a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn will also oppose the USA Sun in Cancer.

Saturn and Capricorn are not expansive. They contract and limit. They represent gravity and hence bringing down to Earth.

This will mean more stock market downfall, though it may have a short up-lift as part of the process.

Our economy is transforming. Eventually, and hopefully there will be a good balance between capitalism and socialism as the result.

And Trump will face more slings and arrows thrown his way, especially by Mueller who heads the investigations of Trump.

And combative issues with Iran, Russia, Syria, China, and North Korea will soon expand also.

Cries for solutions for Climate Change will get louder and louder now also.

All is part of the enormous transformation of the country and world. Uncontrolled fear and panic are our only real enemies.

We are in certain movement toward the Age of Aquarius; and this current transition into a New Chapter of our collective and personal lives leads us into that New Age, which will begin with baby steps in the 2020’s, pretty much after the next presidential election.

Keep the faith, keep fighting for what you believe in, be aligned with the natural energies, frequencies and cycles of  the Universe, and keep your center and integrity during this roller coaster ride of our lives now.

Till next week,





Communicating and Understanding and Astrology Forecast November 18-24

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Leo Knighton Tallarico

Last week showed us Venus passing the Retrograde baton to Mercury.  Mercury is now Retrograde until December 6, as Venus has gone back Direct.

What do Mercury and Venus have in common?  They are both about relating.

Mercury is communication, mostly mental and fast moving.  Venus is about relating, mostly from the heart.

Venus is also more indicative of the state of one’s relationships, romantic or otherwise.

Mercury is more indicative of thinking and analyzing, gaining information, and sharing the thoughts and information with others.

So with Venus going back Direct again now, we are beginning to move out of having our life spotlight on relationship issues, relationship patterns, relationship changes and healing.

Venus will not be back to where it started its Retrograde movement (10 degrees Scorpio) until mid December; so we still will need to repair, heal, find closure, or find some kind of resolution to relationships.

Last Friday Venus was going Direct on the same day as Mercury went Retrograde.  For many, the time surrounding those planetary movements were confusing,  disorienting, or difficult to understand.

Mercury will stay Retrograde until it goes back Direct on December 6, the same day as the New Moon in Sagittarius.

Remember that in the bigger picture we are moving out of an Old Chapter of our lives and into a New Chapter of our lives- on the way toward the Age of Aquarius.

With Mercury now Retrograde, we do not move forward right now. We ponder, reflect, and process.

We are best now if we do not try hard to find answers, do not jump to conclusions, do not hold onto or push rigid agendas.

With some people we are now in the process of saying goodbye, whether we consciously are aware of that or not.

With others we are in the process of seeing if it is possible to change old patterns and keep the relationship.

And in some cases we are wanting to know if a new relationship can be a part of our lives now.

As you look at the current state of relationships in the American political world,  the federal government is playing musical chairs with its employees. I have never before witnessed so much turnover in a president’s White House or Cabinet.

Mercury Retrograde promises more confusion and turnover in government, even while we still wait to see voting results from the recent Election Day.

So much is shifting and changing in our world, both collectively and personally.  It often seems like a replay of the revolutionary ’60s and ’70s, even including the comparisons between Presidents Nixon and Trump.

Nixon was the personification of what revolutionaries were fighting against.  To many, Trump now is the face of what is wrong in America.

One of the big differences between then and now is in how much more entrenched many are in the mud of our programmed world.

Yet the recent elections show a strong tide just beginning to form of people who believe we can change the world for the better.

Nixon was disgraced and left the presidency, the war in Viet Nam ended, rights for women and blacks had gotten so much stronger than before.  The world was truly beginning to transform.

Then there was a break in the revolution and evolution in the ’80s as Ronald Reagan’s administration sought to bring the country back to making “America Great again”.

And the revolution temporarily died as many people seemingly “sold out” and/or went to sleep. We were at that time likely meant to slow down and consolidate, before moving forward again.

Now over the last several years, the urge for change, transformation, revolution and evolution has picked up steam again.

And just like the ’60s and ’70s, there is a wall being built to stop the change.  Trump is the face on that wall for many.

And now as we move past 2018 soon, people are passionate about breaking down that wall.

And now there is much more likelihood  than in the ’60s, of everything crashing down in order to make space for this New Age to enter.

This wall coming down is like drawing the Tower Card of Tarot.  As it is coming down, some are feeling panic; others are feeling liberated from a confining world paradigm.

Many people will be “taking up arms” and picking sides for battle.  I suppose some are meant to do just that.

As the wall gets more cracks and holes in it from the Transformation getting more powerful, those in power will try to dominate and bully to “keep the order”.

And that could get ugly, just as it was when Jim Acosta, the newsman, was having his access to the White House taken away.

It has been subsequently given back to him by court order, but that kind of issue will get more and more difficult in coming months: to dominate those who disagree with you.

The old system will feel the need to dominate and control the citizens, forsaking the laws and principles of this country and its constitution.

Order will then be threatened by Chaos, and the wall will come down.

After Mercury goes Direct and there is a New Moon in Sagittarius on December 6, we will be in the early moments of the next Eclipse Season, which shows its first of two eclipses on January 5: a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn conjunct both Saturn and Pluto. 

And the walls came tumbling down.  Revolutionary Uranus will be changing from Retrograde to Direct on the same day.

But for now we are feeling our way through what needs to be let go and what stays. We are reflecting on our life priorities, on what gives our life meaning and where is our sense of direction and purpose now.

This week has the waxing Moon moving up toward a Full Moon in Gemini, as the Sun also moves into Sagittarius on Thursday/Friday November 22/23.

This Full Moon is exact on November 23 at 12:39 AM EST. Making this full moon more important and meaningful is the result of Jupiter being closely conjunct the Sun in Sagittarius and opposite that Moon in Gemini.

Making it even more meaningful is the fact that Mars in Pisces will be square to that Full Moon, creating a mutable T-Square.  This is a strongly influential Full Moon signature.

Complicating matters more is that Neptune’s fog will appear as Neptune moves from Retrograde to Direct on the 24th.

And of course Mercury is now and will be then Retrograde.

Sharing information and wanting to find answers are themes for this Full Moon. Communication through talking, texting, and email will be more important then usual.

There may be confusion in understanding what is being said or what is going on.  For some it will be a mental shit show, for others it may feel more mystical and otherworldly.

It has been getting more and more challenging to know what is fake news or fake information or fake pictures and stories.

As we come up on this complicated full moon with Mercury Retrograde, resist the temptation to figure it all out, or to fix it, or make it happen.

The more we push the river to flow faster, the more frustrated we will be. The more we jump to conclusions, the more we will get out of balance.

There is much emphasis on communication this week.  But it may be quite difficult to understand and make sense of everything. Too much expectation will bring too much disappointment now.

Trust and have faith in the Universe and yourself, that all is moving as it should, and that answers and meaning will appear at just the right time.

Till next week,


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2011- Opening Up New Pathways of Change

Posted in Weekly WorldView and Astrology forecast with tags , , , , on December 31, 2010 by spiritualtherapy

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

2010 was a year that shook up the status quo in our personal lives and in the world, and took us out of our normal balance. At the same time people were holding onto the status quo- holding on for dear life. Many crises in the world and in our personal lives happened because it became more and more obvious that the old ways were breaking down and not working anymore.

But people were either unwilling or unable to make the changes that would shift us out of the dysfunctions, and out of the crisis.

It is because, in most cases, it was not time yet.

2010 contained many important astrological aspects. There was the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Grand Cross in late June in mostly cardinal signs. There was a cardinal t-square for late July through early September. There were many important outer planet aspects like Saturn square Pluto. There was a significant Lunar Eclipse on the winter solstice.

The emphasis was on early cardinal signs. Cardinal signs represent new seasons: Aries-spring; Cancer-summer; Libra-autumn; Capricorn-winter. Cardinal signifies new beginnings, new seasons of life. The aspects of 2010 mainly affected the very early degrees of cardinal signs.

These aspects let us know that we as a human family on Earth are moving into big new seasons of our lives. Especially significant were the movements of Jupiter and Uranus into very early Aries. Jupiter expands and raises up, Uranus breaks open and liberates. Aries is spring time, when nature opens up to new life.

Jupiter and Uranus flirted for a short time in Aries in 2010, enough time to be part of the Grand Cross in late June and the cardinal t-square later in summer. But in late summer/autumn and early winter 2011 they moved back into mutable sign Pisces.

We are in transition between seasons of our lives. In the bigger sense we are in transition between a Pisces Age and an Aquarian Age. 2010 will be remembered as the year when there was the crisis of the old world being shown to not work anymore, as new energies to make new changes did not truly take hold yet.

The Gulf Oil Spill truly alerted us in a very dramatic way as to how the prevailing world structure and the Powers that Be are not setting the health of the earth and its inhabitants as a high priority. Drilling for oil is considered more important than the environment, the earth, the Earth’s creatures, human life, and the future of those we leave this world to. We have known for a couple of generations, at least, that we need alternative energy sources, but nothing has been done. We need to make big changes in alignment with an Aquarian Age, and they are coming.

Look at the economy in 2010. The so-called recession began in 2008. It was expected to be short-lived. For banks and big corporations the recession is made much better by the bailouts and easings and tax cuts. For regular human beings, however, there is much unemployment and underemployment and inflated prices for basic needs like oil and gas and food.

There is much panic by the Powers that Be because they know that if lending does not open up, if employment does not increase, if people do not start spending more, then the economy will crash.

These Powers do not know what to do- except to rerun old ways of fixing the economy- tax cuts, bailouts, etc. They do not delve deeper to find ways to fundamentally transform a system of “haves and have nots”- to one more equitable for all on Earth. They do not fundamentally transform an economic system that is about printing paper and shuffling numbers, far removed from real life.

There is crisis because the old ways do not work and there are not new solutions on the near horizon. But they will come.

In the Middle East, there was a big push to bring peace and a two state solution to the Israelis and Palestinians. There was virtually no movement at all, no new ideas. But this place is a tinder-box, especially because tensions with Iran and Turkey and Lebanon are not being solved either. Afghanistan and Iraq occupations are continuing indefinitely.

The cultural tensions between Islamic and Judeo-Christan cultures is tighter than ever. Fears of terrorism are causing panic in Airport Security with new scanning machines and pat-downs.

North and South Korea had their biggest confrontation with one another this autumn and intensity is still high.

WikiLeaks openened up new leaks in the structure of the Old Paradigm. And the Old World has ferociously attacked its leader Julian Assange as a result.

The old world is fighting ruthlessly to keep control and to keep the old and dying structures alive.

They are nevertheless breaking down over time. Yet the new breakthroughs have not totally opened up- for new ways and new solutions.

The Old Paradigm hung on tightly in 2010, but the strains were pushing huge leaks in its structure. There was great intensity and pressure building in 2010. In 2011 the dike opens up and more new world energies pour in.

In 2011 Jupiter and Uranus move all the way into Aries and do not go back into Pisces. Jupiter moves into Aries in late January and stays until early June, when it moves forward into Taurus. Uranus moves into Aries in mid March 2011 and stays until 2019. This Uranus in Aries will square Pluto from 2012-2016, intensifying transformational movement.

Uranus in Aries will usher in the Aquarian Age in no uncertain terms. In December 2020 Saturn conjuncts Aquarius at 0+ degrees of Aquarius, and the Aquarian Age is symbolically begun.

2011will bring big spikes of energy into the New World. Old Ways will no longer be able to hold on for dear life. They will break down and new ideas and ways will develop out of the chaos, as we are forced to find them.

On July 1 2011 there will be a turning point event. It will be a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer that is a Grand Cross in Cardinal signs: Sun in Cancer 10 degrees; Moon and Pluto in Capricorn, 10 degrees and seven degrees respectively; Saturn in Libra 11 degrees; Uranus in Aries 5 degrees. No planets are in mutable signs in this grand cross- as Saturn was in Virgo last year at the 2010 grand cross. All planets are solidly in Cardinal signs, none at the cusp like in 2010. It is very rare that we are having so many grand cross aligments attached to eclsipses. This is why it is evident that huge change is upon us.

The intense standstill crisis of 2010 will be over and 2011 will inexorably bring stronger forces of the Aquarian Age. That does not mean there will no resistance from status quo forces. There will be resistance more than ever, as they sense their old world ending. But the new world will be so opened and alive; new ideas and new ways flooding into our existence; chaotic and creative energies moving us fast -forward.

In personal lives in 2010, I witnessed so many crises. In my counseling practice I saw so many people in very intense crisis, more than I have ever seen before- in any given year- over the last 25 years.

I , more than anything else, have been helping people to let go of old tapes, old programming, old patterns that are dysfunctional and toxic. These old ways have been breaking down, as their old lives have been breaking down. Yet it is noteworthy how desperately people hang onto what is obviously no longer working and in many situations not even around anymore. People even cling to relationships that have ended, careers that are no longer viable.

There is much fear to enter new realms, not believing they will be any better.

Seasons end in our lives, just as seasons end on the Earth. It is not about better or worse, but about a new season. Once a person lets themselves sink into a new season or phase of their lives, everything feels better. It is the fighting to keep things as they were that cause so much pain and suffering.

When you sink into your new phase or chapter of your life, with acceptance, then you will be better able to know what to do, what direction to move in, what decisions to make When you sink in, into this new season in your life, you will be OK, all will feel right.

Does this mean you will not ever hurt again after losing someone you love?- No of course you will still feel the loss sometimes, the horrible pain. But you will begin to lose your panic, your anxiety, your lack of comfort.

Just as we grieve our loss of summer, as it ends and moves into autumn, we learn to dress differently, to change our activities and attitudes. Before long, we have adjusted and in many cases are enjoying the new season.

So get ready for 2011. The crisis of being between seasons will end. The doors will open up for you. Those doors that would not open for you in 2010, causing such frustration because the old doors were locked behind you, will open up.

Early in 2011, things will begin to open up, as there is a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn on January 4. This eclipse new moon is opposite the USA natal Sun from it sbirth on July 4, 1776. Troubles for the USA will be increasing, threatening their sense of strength and identity.

In late January Jupiter moves into early Aries, triggering the point of the cardinal t-square from the summer of 2010. Big events could be erupting in our world as a result.

Then in mid March Uranus enters early Aries again, and stays there all year long, again triggering the same place in the zodiac and more world events will be erupting.

Late spring and early summer will see three eclipses in a row, a relatively rare occurrence, with the climax being the Solar Eclipse Grand Cross in Cancer on July 1. Spring and summer 2011 will be powerful with many big events that will be shaking the foundations of the old paradigm and age.

Like Wikileaks, there will be more and more attacks on the world structure through new web sites that will specialize in leaks of government and corporate secrets.

There will also be computer attacks on web sites that control energy distribution, water supplies, and other public services. This new type of “terrorist” attack will get more and more popular over the next several years. It is a lethal attack on the structures of a country.

The United States protects Israel even when it does wrong. China protects North Korea even when it does wrong. The UN is an inferior world body that does not adequately defend fairness, equality and justice in the world. In 2011 there will be calls to transform or end the UN.

The rivalry between the USA and China for world domination will take us dangerously to the cusp of world war in 2011. The Middle East, Korea, and the economy will be the flash points of ignition for this conflict. Many new convoys will come to break the seige of Israel over Gaza. Lebanon will go back into civil war, being taken over by Hezbollah, which will go to war again with Israel.

The economy of the USA will continue to suffer in 2011.

All of the above problems will be further breaking down the current world structure in 2011, and we will be transforming the prevailing world paradigm and creating many new world ideas and structures in their place.

New ideas for alternative energy will be booming in 2011, as will the construction of these new energy sources.

New groups wil be forming all over the world to bring world peace and a new world structure, one that values and honors the Earth, promotes sharing the world resources and wealth, and begins to develop a world of equality, liberation for all peoples and Diversity in Unity.

All this will be happening at the same time as the breakdown of the old military/economic strucure of the World.

New alien and UFO visitations will be witnessed in 2011, and some will be such that we will all know that we are being visited from other realms of the Universe. Government leaks will reveal that governments have long known of the existence of UFOs and alien beings.

New communities will be forming all over the USA and world, communities that are self sustaining and aligned with new Aquarian values. Also local communities will strengthen, as mass transportation and commerce will be crippled by a falling economy and other world events.

Some of the above predicted events may not occur until 2012 or 2013, but the movement toward their manifestation will be evident in 2011.

Much love and many blessings during this holiday season

Take care,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

He predicted the Iraq War of 2003- in early 2001 when Bush first took office; predicted the 9-11 attacks with an article “The Tower”, written in June 2001.  He predicted Obama and McCain would get the presidential nominations in november 2007, when both were low in the polls; and correctly predicted the current economic downturn before it occurred.