Transformational Drum Beats under the Earth and Astrology Forecast Noveber 1-7

By Leo Knighton Tallarico We enter November (Sunday) with the clocks turned back an hour, giving the impression of darker days. Also as we enter November, we are moving through the waning half of the lunar cycle, a time when things usually slow down for processing, reflecting, and preparing for the next lunar cycle, whichContinue reading “Transformational Drum Beats under the Earth and Astrology Forecast Noveber 1-7”

Streams Merging and Astrology Forecast June 14-20.

By Leo Knighton Tallarico Many people felt a great sigh of relief when Mercury went back Direct on Thursday June 11. ┬áPeople who did not know about Mercury going direct last week also stated they felt better and did not know why. This was a very intense Mercury Retrograde period that just passed, more challengingContinue reading “Streams Merging and Astrology Forecast June 14-20.”