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Enter the Mystery and Astrology Forecast October 28- November 3.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week is rather slow,  astrologically speaking.   There are no major planetary movements or motivators.   

Nevertheless, the pull downward and inward is powerful this week. The vast majority of planets are in yin signs: Water and Earth.

The 4th and last quarter of the current lunar cycle begins on Wednesday October 31st, adding to the downward theme.  Of course this means that the Moon is dimming in light more every day, until the turning point back to increasing light at the New Moon in Scorpio next week on November 7.

When the 4th quarter begins on October 31, we will be into Halloween that day.

More meaningfully October 31 is Samhain, a day honored as sacred by humans for many decades before our current time period.

Samhain is approximately half way between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice so is a yearly turning point to greater darkness and inward turning.

It is also recognized as a time when the veils between worlds is the thinnest.

To some that means that souls “on the other side” of the veil, are more easily contacted.  Spirits of the deceased are said to be more available to connect with then.

So Halloween’s ghosts and goblins and scary costumes are the modern answer to the sacred time of Samhain.

This is Sun in Scorpio time of year too, and Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto, known as the Guardian of the Underworld.

So the pull inward and yin-ward is strong this week, further enhanced by the Moon dimming its light as it passes through the last quarter of its cycle.

The Moon has a 28-29 day cycle, similar to a woman’s menstrual cycle, giving women an intimate connection with the Moon.

And Venus, another planetary representative of the Feminine, is still Retrograde in Scorpio, keeping it in the spotlight of our consciousness.

Overall this week, it is not a good time for goal orientation, or for focus on agenda or outer success.

It is much more a time for soul care, for deep feelings, inner healing, relationship care, inner insights, and nurturing for those in need.

Next week, after November 7, is the time for new beginnings at the New Moon in Scorpio. And on November 8 Jupiter leaves its year long journey in primal Scorpio.  It enters light inducing Sagittarius that day, where it will stay for a year

Interestingly, the day before the New Moon in Scorpio and two days before Jupiter enters Sagittarius, we have an important Election Day on November 6.

As we get closer to that Election Day, the current American civil war brought us mailings of pipe bombs this last week.

These mailings were sent to Democrats who have shown their opposition to President Trump.  As of this writing, a Trump supporting Florida man has been captured as a prime suspect in these crimes.

Election Day next week will bring a climax to recent confrontations between opposing political factions in the USA.

The New Moon in Scorpio the next day will show us whether Trump and the Republicans will keep the power structure as is, or whether Democrats can gain more power in the House and/or Senate.

The direction of the country will be more clear by the New Moon next week.

And of course the stock market and economy have been travelling downward lately.  We let you know in earlier writings that the Saturn transit to the USA natal Venus and Jupiter (which is happening now) would bring a downfall of stocks and the economy as a whole.

There is no escaping the dark part of the country’s transformation now.   Everything is being set up for America’s fall before its rise again as a more equal member of the world community.

We are moving toward an Age of Aquarius, which will open its portal in December 2020. Of course the world and country will not be all filled with love and light all of a sudden, but nevertheless the turning point will have been experienced.  Signs of the new world will be more evident.

And of course the next Presidential Election is a month before – in November 2020, so its results will show us some evidence that we are headed in the right direction forward.

So many people lately are showing signs of depression concerning Climate Change, feeling no hope of a good result.

No savior is coming to change direction for us.

We do have the ability I believe to come together as a human community to bring hope back into our minds, hearts, and souls.

And not just about Climate Change.    We also will bring back hope for our world in so many ways.

Love and Truth are waiting at the door for us as a collective to open to them.  That will bring us to where we need to be in our evolution as a species. That will also bring us to healing our Earth and its environment.

Spiritually speaking it is not as important to know how all will happen. It is of paramount importance to find the connections; to connect to Source; to connect to the knowing of how we are all one family, no matter what skin, nation, sexual agenda, religion, etc.

All the dots are connected in the Universe, not randomly placed.  Only our ignorance of that fact will separate us from the connections.

Allow yourself to surrender to the Oneness, including the Oneness inside of you.   That is what will bring us to where we belong, to what will heal us and help us to evolve.

Resist the temptation to complicate everything or make it all too difficult.  Love will bring us and All together. Truth will keep us sane and sound and real.  All needed will come from there.

This week we have the Yin-ward journey down into the Earth and Soul, into deeper connection with our lower chakras and middle eye.  That happens with the Scorpio influence; almost all planets in Earth and Water; and the light dimming from the last quarter Moon.

Some light of inspiration will emerge, however, as Mercury goes into Sagittarius on the 30th.

Then on the 31st with sacred soul insightful Samhain, we also experience Retrograde Venus opposing Uranus. 

That will bring some kind of shift or turning point in relationships mid week.  We are working on changing relationship patterns with Venus being Retrograde, and this week will bring some awakening on the matter.

Till next week,


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Co-creating Reality and Astrology Forecast November 5-11.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

As I write this forecast in November 4,  we are experiencing the Taurus Full Moon.    We have 3 planets in Scorpio now, while the Moon is in Taurus with Venus and Mars in Libra.

So two very opposite energies are inhabiting our collective energy fields now.

Both Taurus and Libra are “ruled” by the planet Venus, and those signs together, yet each in a different way, represent the human needs to make things more comfortable, peaceful, receptive, graceful, and especially in Libra’s case civil.

From a very different part of the energetic spectrum, Scorpio (ruled by Pluto) represents a need to make waves, be intense and passionate, and upset anything not “real” or deeply felt.

Do you let it out or keep it in? Do you make waves or keep things safe and secure? Many are staying on that teeter-totter now, waiting for the call.

We are on the precipice of taking the leap into a vortex of transformation.

Scorpio energy waves so far have opened up previously held secrets, brought out emotions that have been suppressed, and stated truths in unvarnished ways.

But for the most part the Venusian energy waves have kept a lid on Pandora’s box of unbridled passions.

Will we experience the full ignition after the Scorpio New Moon on November 18, or will we need to wait for the next Eclipse Season January-March 2018.

Right now as we move through the Taurus Full Moon, we enter the waning half of the lunar cycle that began at the Venus ruled Libra New Moon. That second half of the lunar cycle wanes down now until that Scorpio New Moon on the 18th.

So then Pluto, that Scorpio ruler and guardian of the energetic underworld, erupts more fully into our consciousness and world at the Scorpio New Moon.

That which the dam has held back will be more apt to break open and break through.  Pleasantries will not be sufficient to keep passions at bay.

So it is becoming a good time to empower yourself, to be more bold, to speak truth to power, to share what you have kept in bondage inside your self, to reveal your darker feelings, and in the process to heal your deeper traumas and wounds.

Expression of that which has been hidden can be healing.  Working it out with others can be even more healing.

In our global picture, more and more secrets are being revealed of course in the Kennedy files,  in Russia-gate investigations, and of course with sexual abuse of power claims which now includes Kevin Spacey as an abuser.

This process has only just begun as Jupiter will stay in Scorpio for the next year.

Venus joins with Jupiter and the Sun in Scorpio this week, while Mercury leaves Scorpio to enter Sagittarius.

Venus in Scorpio shifts the Libra/Taurus vibe into being more provocative. and stirring up of intensity and passion.

Mercury in Sagittarius will bring more ability to see the bigger picture, to think positive, and to trust spirit. So if you have recently felt buried or trapped in your obsessions or darker feelings, you now will have more ability to rise above and see more light.

If you do positive visualizations or affirmations, you will have more of the Universe at your back now to fulfill those idealizations.

I have worked a lot with meditative visualizations in my life, as I was a director of Silva Mind Control, now the Silva Method, many years ago.

When one uses visualizations in creating one’s reality, sometimes it is challenging to find the right balance in co-creating.

How much does one impose one’s will in the process, and how much does one allow for the movement of the Universe in the process?

Each person is different in this regard. Some believe we totally create our own reality, while others believe it all fated already.  I believe it is a combination and merging of those opposites to make co-creation work.

Yes astrology has taught me that there are “weather patterns” of energy that come into our lives at certain times, yet we each do make decisions and choices that determine our fate also.

Listening to our better or worse angels is one choice, and seeing the glass of life as half empty or half full is another choice  we make.

Yes it is true that we each influence our lives by our belief systems, attitudes, and how we are vibrating energetically; but also certain events and energy patterns come into our lives outside of our individual influence.

And it is how we react to those patterns that influence what our lives will be like after the patterns leave.

And of course the process of transformation and consciousness evolution also determine our reality and future (as well as our past).

When we become more conscious and awake, we stimulate the powers of transformation to bring us beyond what we have been programmed to believe and be.

And in that process we influence and help others and our world.

So do your best to embrace our transformational challenges now.  Our human family has had many times before of challenge, hardship, difficulty, and turmoil.

We need to keep moving forward in our transformational process into the Age of Aquarius.

And yet as we move forward, we need to move back to our better values, to our honoring of the Earth and Universe,  and to Love and Truth which are the foundation of our human experience now and always.

Without them we are lost, afraid, and alone.

Till next week


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Finding Inner Peace During Difficult Times and Astrology Forecast November 15-21.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We had been letting you know that the New Moon in Scorpio last week was going to bring us powerful world events. We wrote that those events would be extensions of the shifts that happened during the Eclipse Season a couple of months ago.

In fact we wrote last week that the Scorpio New Moon could very well open up the “Gates of Hell” through world events.

And it sure seems like it did open those gates with the horrific attacks in France.

Please reread the column last week again, as we then talked at length about how to not be drawn into hellish emotions and instead to find a spiritual place inside yourself.

It would be so easy now to react with rage and to want to go to war with the Islamic State.  That is where most leaders of the western world are going to right now.

And it is easy to understand why.  When one is attacked there is a primal instinct that is triggered. That instinct is to destroy those who have attacked you. That is how wars get started.  Being frightened and running away is the other knee jerk reaction to being attacked.  Our instincts are to fight or give flight.

People like Martin Luther King and Ghandi and others have taught us how to act differently, how to be empowered but not violently confrontational.

We collectively are in the process of learning how to evolve into those ways of being.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, known as the “guardian of the underworld”.  That underworld in part is about our unconscious primal instincts.

Only by being more conscious can we transform that primal instinct.

Ghandi created a mass civil disobedience of the British Empire, which had conquered and then oppressed India.  Britain eventually left India in large part because of the civil disobedience.  Ghandi’s rebellion actually happened in the year that Pluto was discovered- 1930-  “As Above So Below”. He was teaching us how to be empowered without needing to kill and dominate.

Now I am not so naive to believe that civil disobedience will stop the brutal Islamic State.  But I do know that there are ways to evolve beyond the consciousness of the Old Testament’s “An Eye for an Eye and a Tooth for a Tooth”.  We should have learned by now that that attitude makes everyone blind and toothless.

Each of us needs to find a place inside that is peaceful yet empowered. That is what will evolve our human family to one that eventually becomes “Diversity within Unity”.  We each can only be fully responsible for our own evolution,however, not everyone else.  So each of us must find ways to change our consciousness aligned with the New Age.  And then have faith that all will eventually work out right.

For now be aware that more powerful global events are on the way.

To help us to deal with these events, this coming week brings some adjustments to the energies of the Scorpio New Moon lunar cycle: Neptune changes directions from Retrograde to Direct on Wednesday; and next weekend the Sun moves out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius.

In what ways has this Scorpio New Moon brought more intensity into your life?   Do you feel more empowered or passionate? Have your “buttons” been pushed by others to make you want to emotionally react to them with anger? Are you going deeper inside to find new insights?  Have secrets come out into the open?

The Neptune shift on Wednesday should bring softer energies to work with.   Neptune seeks to help us to be more vulnerable and to let go and go more with the flow. It often brings with it the magic of synchronicity as well as symbols and signs from the Universe.

So use this Neptune shift to shift your consciousness to a place of trust and openness to the Universe and to your own Higher Self.

Next weekend when the Sun moves into Sagittarius, the potential for more inspiration will come with it.  Sagittarius is a sign that is “ruled” by Jupiter.  Unlike Pluto the Guardian of the Underworld, Jupiter is a “sky” god, one who rules higher meaning, higher learning, taking the high road, and inspiration.

Sagittarius is intuitive more that intellectual, sees the bigger picture much better than it sees the details; in other words is better at seeing the forest than the trees.

Sagittarius also is a seeker. It seeks spiritual knowlege; it seeks out answers and understanding; it seeks to find the meaning in everything; and it seeks adventure.

It has a tendency to “leap before it looks” however.  It trusts its intuition, sometimes to a fault, and its fiery free spirited disposition can get it be impulsive sometimes.

But it is nevertheless very resilient, in large part because faith is another of its priorities for living its life. It seeks to find and create light in the darkness.

So you will be given some energetic tools from the Universe this week to help you to better deal with the difficulties that have come since the September Eclipses and the Scorpio New Moon last week.

Not long after the eclipses we were brought to a somewhat peaceful plateau with Virgo and Libra energies leading the way, but obviously since the Scorpio New Moon the energy field around us and in us has greatly intensified and is taking us through a powerful transformational period.

Even the stock market, which started to move up again after the big slide downward during Eclipse Season, last week went quite down again.

Make no mistake, we are transforming out of the old world and in transition into the Age of Aquarius.

But part of that process does not feel very good, and has us releasing toxic energies and self defeating old patterns of thought and behavior.

As we release the old, we open ourselves to new truth and love energies that will set us free from the chains of the past.

Keep purging even as you are moving forward into this New Chapter of your life. Every day and in every way you are transforming into a more authentic self and life.   You are releasing your old programmed attitudes and belief systems, and in the process are being awakened to the Truth of Who you are really are, and to what your purpose is for being here on the Earth at this time.

And you are being awakened also to the truth of the world you live in, one that is also in the process of deep transformation. The labor pains can be very ugly and painful before the brith of the Age of Aquarius.  And it will come.

Till next week,


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Leo Knighton Tallarico has been a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for 30 years.

Deepening Truths of Scorpio and Astrology Forecast for October 23-29

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Time to go deeper, to see the deeper truth at the core.  There is no more time to stay on the surface of superficial reality, as we enter Scorpio time of year, on the way to a new Eclipse Season.

Sunday at 2:30 PM EDT the Sun moves into Scorpio, and the colder winds and darker days are upon us.   We are also in the waning part of the lunar cycle, moving toward a dark Moon.  That Moon will join the Sun in Scorpio to form a Scorpio New Moon this coming Wednesday October 26 at 3:56 PM EDT.

The approximate mid point of Autumn is Samhain on October 31/November 1, when we go deeper still as the veils between the outer world and the spirit world are the thinnest. Of course in modern times the ancient sacred Samhain has become Halloween, when those spirits from the underworld become scary costumes.

So begin to allow your self to go deeper in your viewpint and deeper emotionally as we enter Scorpio time this week.  Libra, the previous sign to Scorpio, wants things to look nice and pretty, like the leaves that begin to turn such pretty colors at Libra time of year.    This beauty belies the fact that under the colorful leaves are the bare branches of cold reality,   During Scorpio time here in the Northern Hemisphere we begin to see that stark reality on the way into late Autumn and Winter.

But there is such comfort in the dark woods of deeper truth.  The anxiety of keeping the truth at bay can be exhausting.  It is a relief for many to be able to settle into these deeper realities, so see and feel the emotions that have been hidden.   Yet on a deeper level, perhaps we feel grief or anger or sadness, but it is emotionally healthy to allow ourselves to feel our true feelings.

As we feel these true feelings, we hopefully release and heal our hurts, wounds, and traumas.   Scorpio helps us to feel our feelings, to feel our deeper soul, to feel our pain and the pain of others.  Scorpio brings us to our passions, to our instincts, to our deeper humanity.

From the pit of our deepest emotions, as we have catharisis and release, we are renewed.   Scorpio is sexual and of course through sex we sometimes meet our demons and through the orgasm have release and renewal.

Scorpio is “ruled” by Pluto, who was the mythlogical guardian of the underworld, who brings souls to the underworld of their deepest feelings.   Scorpio and Pluto are greatly about transformation.   Transformation is often about facing the truth of our old, dysfunctional and empty patterns and lives.   We go to the pit of our darkest feelings about this toxic state of being.  From that pit of despair we rise like the Phoenix, beyond the old patterns that hold us back from our authenticity, passion and purpose.  We rise to a new life, after going the fires of transformation.

Of course Scorpio time of year is not usually that dramatic.  That kind of intense transformation often happens during Pluto transits, however, when Pluto makes close aspect to one of your natal planets.

But Scorpio time of year, as it is now, does indeed deepen our reality, helps us know what is true at a deeper level, and assists us in feeling our true feelings, the good, bad, and the ugly feelings.   The dark cloud that you may feel in your deeper soul is ready to be let in to your consciousness so you can then move on.  After that processing and awareness you will get the true benefit of Scorpio:  Passion for life.

This Scorpio New Moon cycle, which begins this Wednesday October 26, leads us into two Eclipses:   A Solar Eclipse New Moon at just over 2 degrees of Sagittarius,  then a Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon at just over 18 degrees of Gemini.

The Solar Eclipse New Moon will be Thanksgiving night here in America- on November 25 at 1:10 AM EST.  Mercury retrograde will begin the night before the Solar Eclipse, to add some confusion, illusion, or mystery to the times.

The Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon will be on December 10 at 9:36 AM EST, with Mercury still being Retrograde.  That day Uranus will be changing direction from Retrograde to Direct, bringing more chaotic and potentially more revolutionary energies to the general time period.

The revolutions we have seen in the greater world, especially in the Arab world and recently with the Occupy Wall Street movement, will intensify.

There is no stopping the powerful transformation that is rocking our world.  The world that we have known and was programmed into us as Reality, is changing right before our eyes.  Do your best to not hold on too tight to old beliefs and attitudes and lifestyles.  The old paradigm is shifting into a new one. The old “normal” is leaving our awareness.   Let go and let the Universe as much as possible now.

You will be rewarded with greater freedom, with a more open heart and mind, with a greater sense of purpose for your life.

These Eclipse Seasons now help us to throw off our shackles and live life more fully. Join in on the revolution and the spiritual renaissance.   They are leading us to our Aquarian Age, which exists in our collective consciousness now.

So use the Scorpio time of year now, which will bring us into the eclipses, to deepen your sense of truth, to feel and express your deeper emotions, to find your passion.

The winds of the Eclipse Season will be felt soon, for some after this New Moon in Scorpio on October 26, for others not until after the Full Moon in Taurus on November 10.

World events will intensify in November and December.  They will help us to let go of the old world, paradigm and Age, and help us to more fully embrace the revolution and evolution into the Aquarian Age.

see you next week,


I broadcast a new radio show  for October 15 at 1 PM. If you do not catch it live you can still hear it on that link.

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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

He predicted the Iraq War of 2003- in early 2001 when Bush first took office; predicted the 9-11 attacks with an article “The Tower”, written in June 2001. He predicted Obama and McCain would get the presidential nominations in november 2007, when both were low in the polls; and correctly predicted the current economic downturn before it occurred

Dawning of the Age of Aquarius and Astrology Forecast for October 16-22

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Occupy Wall Street is growing by leaps and bounds and today October 15 is a day when this movement is spreading to many cities all over the world.  I understand that Rome and Melbourne Australia are  experiencing the biggest protests so far today.

This is part of the grand movement into an Aquarian Age, as we have been letting you know for some time now.   We have also alerted you all that the two biggest events that will shake us out of an old age and paradigm is the fall of the global economy and explosive upheavals in the Middle East.

The Aquarian Age is about equality, no more privilege and no more greater rights to the few.

The cusp of the Aquarian Age was being approached back in the 18th century, around the time when Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius) was discovered in 1781.   At that time swirling around our collective human consciousness were two revolutions, the American and French Revolutions.   Both of these revolutions were in line with what is the meaning of Uranus and Aquarius.

The people then were sick and tired of the privileged aristocracy and royalty governing and controlling their lives and taking all the riches.    America started the revolutionary war against England and brought down that empire in order to be in charge of and responsibe for their own lives.

In their constitution and bill of rights they spoke of all people being created equal, with god given rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  This equality and liberty are such Aquarian principles, and the United States, born on July 4 1776 has in its natal chart that day its Moon in Aquarius. These Aquarian values, as stated, are the inner lunar values of that revolutionary country.

Now as we enter more closely the portals of the Aquarian Age, the movement toward world wide liberty and equality gets stronger and stronger.   Self determination for all peoples and nations is getting stronger and stronger also.

Bankers and corporatations, wealthy and privileged peoples are the new royalty.  And the people of this world are fed up with so few owning so much of the resources and wealth and power of this world.

We are all playing a game that is rewarding so few people of the world. We are playing Monopoly for real in the world. It is about owning all the houses and property while others go bankrupt and poor.  Perhaps we should buy up all the Monopoly games in the world and burn them all in protest.

That is not a game people want to play anymore, as too many are losing and the game is not serving the majority of people in the world. This is the old paradigm and age- survival of the fittest- dog eat dog mentality. It is time for it to go.

And it is time for the hate filled “eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth” mentality to end also.    This mentality is at the root of the conflict in the Middle East between the Israelis and Palestinians.  It is a part of the Old Testament which is run by a god of judgment and vengeance.    This is also part of an old age that is ready to burn.

And people are ready to move beyond this war like mentality through civil disobedience to change the world instead of violence.  But first the Middle East is on the verge of blowing up. This explosion will show people around the world that the old ways of hate and violence must end.

It is no mere coincidence that in this part of the world the major religions have such strong roots.    These old religions have lost much of their original spiritual connection and instead in all too many cases are a part of this old paradigm of winning and at war for one’s god, and proving one’s god and religion are superior to someone else’s god and religion. How spiritual is that?

It is time for this old way to end and it will end in the Middle East with war there. The Powers that Were are beginning to beat war drums against Iran. That horrible war will be a major turning point away from the Old Paradigm and Age.

Remember that the old world is currently run by a Military/Economic Empire and that world structure must be transformed for us to move into the Aquarian Age.

The economic half of that world structure has been coming down with the world wide recession since 2007, the European economic crisis as seen in Greece and Ireland, and now the Occupy Wall Street movement that is going global.

The military half of that world domination has been threatened in the Arab Spring, and the coming explosions in the Middle East will be the beginning of the downfall of the old Military control of the people.

Power is coming to the people of the world who will build strong local communities in connection with other local communities all over the world. This will be a world community connected in web like fashion like the internet.  Together this new way of being on the Earth will heal our Earth and human family and begin new ways of living on this Earth- in cooperation and connection.

By December 2020 when Jupiter conjuncts Saturn at 0+ degrees of Aquarius, after many years of Uranus square Pluto, we will have arrived in the new land of Aquarius.

Uranus conjunct Pluto occured in 1965-66 and brought in the ’60s revolution  And as Uranus squares Pluto in 2012-2016, the first major aspect between them since the ’60s explodes into our lives.      The Military Economic domination of the rights of peoples of the world will be ending, in not always graceful ways.

We are so fortunate to be alive now at such an important turning point in the human evolutionary voyage.  We can expect many surprises also over the next several years, including a better understanding of life all around this Universe, not just here on Earth.  We will make more visible and intimate contact with that life.

This coming week October 16-22 we are in waning half of the lunar cycle begun on the New Moon in Libra on September 27.   The next New Moon is on October 26 in ScorpioThe Sun moves into Scorpio on October 23.   We are feeling the days get shorter and shorter and the cold air coming in more and more. Allow your consciousness to go deeper into your feelings and soul.

Carl Calleman says the Mayan Calendar ends on October 28 this year. He says we are moving more strongly into Unity Consciouness now.  Comet Elenin is at its closest point to the Earth this week, but it has been getting weaker in strength according to reports.  Let’s look more closely at the next two weeks to see how events synchronize with the calendar ending and movement of the comet.

It does not look so far as if it will be as dramatic as some have predicted. The reverend who predicted the end of the world Rapture in May of this year, a Mr. Camping, now says this rapture will occur before the end of October.

Remember that the planets will keep moving and the Sun will keep shining and the world will not be ending.   But the world as we know it is more and more rapidly transforming into a new Aquarian Age.

See you next week,


I broadcast a new radio show  for October 15 at 1 PM. If you do not catch it live you can still hear it on that link.

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.You can get an astrological session with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

He predicted the Iraq War of 2003- in early 2001 when Bush first took office; predicted the 9-11 attacks with an article “The Tower”, written in June 2001. He predicted Obama and McCain would get the presidential nominations in november 2007, when both were low in the polls; and correctly predicted the current economic downturn before it occurred