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What Are We Waiting For and Astrology Forecast August 25-31

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The greatest  part of this coming week is a continuation of the previous week.  The Moon is still moving down through its darkening, waning half of the lunar cycle.

The Sun is still in a fix-it, mend-it, heal-it, perfect-it, maintain-it, clean it up, make it more orderly Virgo energetic. Venus and Mars have joined the Sun in Virgo, providing even more energy for developing physical purity and critical discernment.

That discernment can feel quite judgmental at times, and judging oneself can be especially hurtful.

A positive use of this Virgo energy is to help you to see the trees in the forest, and each branch and leaf of those trees.  Virgo can gently help make everything be more real; can tell you who or what may not be good for you; and can bum-out any overly romanticized illusion you may have conjured up.

And yes Virgo can be very good at bringing things “down to Earth”, more simple and ordered. It is the most gentle and flexible of the 3 Earth signs.

The 4th quarter of the lunar cycle ends at the New Moon in Virgo on Friday August 30 at 6:37 AM EDT.   It becomes a New Moon because the Moon catches up with the Sun at the same degree of the same sign. In this case it is almost 7 degrees of Virgo.

The slow come-down of the 4th quarter Moon shifts into a let’s get going and get things done New Moon in Virgo.

During the darkening skies, as the Moon finishes the last quarter of its cycle, it is a great time for meditation, intentions, prayers, and positive visualization.

Then when the first sliver of light shows a day or so after the actual time of the New Moon, the new beginnings come alive. Saturday night of August 31 is when that light should appear.

I know you see the grand scale of transformation and change that is brewing in our country and world. I have mentioned many times how the Military/Industrial Complex of the Empire is beginning to transform.

This takes place in the economy and the military/police segments of American society.

The economy showed big signs of trouble this last week with a very aggressive trade war with China breaking open. There is little doubt what we face ahead in the stock market and economy.

And the USA is making enemy of so many peoples. We are isolating from the rest of the world with our current focus on Nationalism. This is what happened just before World War II.  Germany, Japan, Italy and others became much more nationalistic.

On Wednesday August 28 Mars in Virgo makes trine with Uranus in Taurus. This energy should shake things up, but not out of control.  Stuck energies or patterns get some assistance in breaking away.

The next day on August 29, the Sun also trines Uranus, continuing the theme of breaking open what has been stuck or complacent.  And on that same day Mercury leaves Leo and enters Virgo, building up even more Team Virgo.

Late that night, on its way to a new moon the next day, the Moon also enters Virgo.

We are getting used to this new reality we are in.  But more importantly it has been feeling for some time now that we are waiting for something, and that we cannot make decisions or find direction until it happens.

Most of us know by now that the Trump world is real, not an illusion or bad dream.

Virgo will help us now to face up to what is really happening and figure out how to make things better.

Most of the really important work now is in our consciousness.  The parts of our consciousness that are a result of programming received by the culture and family, needs to be released.

Thinking for oneself is essential in the Age of Aquarius.  Diversity within Unity is a pillar concept of the new world. And diversity requires individualism.  And the sign Aquarius is quite arguably the most individualized of all.

Aquarius needs to know and accept that it is different, Often times that may get one to feel they are weird and will never fit in.

And that is the process of Aquarius:  honoring the differences while looking to join with others in unity.

Thinking for oneself often begins by speaking up to parents or other authority figures. There is a rebellion of sorts and a feeling of being different and not needing to be or think what others want you to think or be. The teen years are a usual time for getting more independent and feeling more separate from family and culture.

But at the same time teens are looking for a group or clique or club or team that one feels “at home” in.

And now many people feel lost.  Their old allegiances no longer work for them. They do not know where or how they fit in anymore.

I have been seeing so many families breaking apart over the current political and cultural battles.

Some people cannot understand anyone being for Trump, and are amazed when some family member has that allegiance.

Facebook battles have also intensified, with some really nasty comments made to one another.

People in each camp feel so distant from each other in their beliefs.

I have read in Civil War books how one brother fought with the North while another brother fought with the Confederacy.

It seems almost surreal how many opinions are similar to back then.

The red states, which are mainly in the South, fall in line for Trump and his values and policies.  The blue states, mainly up north and on the coasts, have values more aligned with Obama’s values and policies.

Many of those  red state people really hated Obama, and Trump fed their anger with his claims that Obama was not born in the USA and instead was a Muslim wanting to bring down the country.

And now blue state people hate Trump and want him gone as quickly as possible.

It is Civil War again. Remember that the North won the war, ended slavery and plantations, and tried to bring the country back together again.

But surprising to some, they never did truly come back together again.

Wholeness and connectedness is important for an individual, country, community, family, etc.

A breaking apart, however, is part of the process of transformation.  The old formation is not working anymore, is not healthy or growing and evolving.  This happens with relationships too.

Each member of the relationship is growing in a different direction from the other member. They then either go their separate ways, or else figure out how to come back together from their new states of being. They build a new Wholeness and connectedness, one that has evolved into a better and healthier way of being.

Our country and world are experiencing such a transformation.

And since this is about a changing of Ages, such a big cycle of transformation, after over two thousand years of being in the Age of Pisces; we are collectively changing at the very core of our beings in order to be aligned with this Age of Aquarius.

Till next week,


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Riding the Waves and Astrology Forecast January 20-26.

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week we experience the last eclipse this Eclipse Season. It is a Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo on January 21 at 12:16 AM EST.

Full Moons, whether Lunar Eclipse or not, always have the Sun exactly opposite the Moon. In this case the Sun is in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo.

Actually the Sun will have just moved into Aquarius on Sunday the 20th, as the Moon moves into Leo several hours later.

When they meet up in opposition, they will be in the very early portion of Leo and Aquarius.

The Sun will be at less than 1 degree of Aquarius, and the Moon at less than 1 degree of Leo.

The greater world is reflecting this opposition very well this week, as Leo is the “royal” leader, and Aquarius is the people or the body that is supposed to represent the people, in this case the USA Congress.

Executive branch of government is Leo, legislative branch is more Aquarius.

Trump versus Pelosi and Schumer is a perfect representation of this Leo/Aquarius opposition.

Remember that a Lunar Eclipse is probably 10 times or more potent than a normal Full Moon.

So that is why this standoff with Trump and Pelosi is so intense and so important on a very deep level of collective consciousness.

Something is bound to breakdown or breakthrough on this tug-of-war.  Something will happen to shift everything in a new way.

That is likely just because this is a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon, but also because this Full Moon in Leo creates a T-Square with Uranus in Aries.

And Uranus is the planet of breakthroughs, awakenings, inventiveness, and liberation.

Yes our world is holding together by mere threads of connection.  The Mueller investigation is also part of this eclipse and t-square, and so something is on the verge of breaking open in that case as well.

And the stock market, which had been falling rapidly, rebounded with the Bulls this last week.  But this will be short lived and more falling will follow some time after the Eclipse.

A Total Lunar Eclipse, as this one is, should be seen in the light of turning points.  And maybe great events will occur close to the Eclipse Date, but often events do not show up for 3-6 months later, events that are directly associated with the Eclipse.

So look deeply for signs that show you exactly what the turning point is in our world and in your personal life. Pay special attention to dreams, which might be especially intense and revealing now.

In the greater world, are there signs around the eclipse date, that show we are truly moving toward impeachment?  Are there signs the economy will enter a recession or depression before too long?  Is the government standoff for a wall showing the winds are changing in some way between the Royal President and the power of the people.

Trump is as close to identifying with presidential royalty or dictator  as I have witnessed before in the USA . And Congress is more deaf to the needs of the people than it has ever been. Now it mostly answers to special interests and big money corporations.

The Empire certainly rivals the Roman Empire that began the Age of Pisces, which is soon ending for the Age of Aquarius.

Can we return to our Aquarian principles of people power, equality, and freedom; or do we continue our slow journey into rule and privilege by the few.

America began when Uranus (the ruling planet of Aquarius) was being discovered (1781).  The USA natal Moon from its July 4, 1776 inception is in Aquarius.

We used to be a model for the Age of Aquarius and its Diversity within Unity paradigm.

Can we return to those principles and be a beacon of light for the world, and not a Superpower Empire ?

This Aquarius/Leo Lunar Eclipse is a turning point in the greater world and in personal lives.

How about in your life? So many people have been up and down and all around lately. Much breaking down, much lighting up, feeling the depth of change in life now.

What more do you need to release? What will be baggage in your new chapter and has to go?

What are you seeing and feeling that is coming into your life now? Can you embrace it with confidence yet?

The ego wants to control and hold on, as change comes swirling in.  Unclasp your arms, let go and release. Surrender now and move forward and evolve.

Your consciousness wants to expand and grow, learn new ways of being.

Are any of your current relationships keeping you locked up and unable to move forward? Can you change those patterns? Do you need to consider more drastic options?

Are you keeping anything, including job or where you live, just because you are having a difficult time letting go of your security blankets? You can start by releasing old attitudes and beliefs that limit you.

Let this Lunar Eclipse Full Moon serve as a turning point for you, as you open to the change that is aligned with your best interests, your authentic self and life, your sense of purpose.

This week is complicated, in part because we are experiencing a Lunar Eclipse Full moon that is part of an intensified T-square with Uranus. That alone is a real shake-up pattern.

But in addition Venus in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces on Sunday January 20. This is such an idealistic combination that represents higher ideals but maybe also romanticized ideas. It can also mean more confusion in regards to matters of the heart.

On Monday the 21st Mars squares Saturn, putting lights on red/stop and go/green at the same time.  So while the Eclipse is a sign of movement and breaking open, Mars square gravity pulling Saturn says no you need to stop or at least wait.

Mars is in Aries, where it is at its strongest. Saturn is in Capricorn where it is most strong. This is like putting one foot on the gas and one on the breaks at the same time.

Best to hold back and wait till the best time later.

There is war sprouting up in the Middle East now, but it may hold off for a little bit with this Mars/Saturn aspect. Not sure how long.

That which has seemingly been settled may show events or signs that make you pause, further evaluate and process before moving forward, which would happen at the Aquarius New Moon on February 4, a new moon that effectively ends Winter Eclipse Season 2019.

In-between seasons sacred Imbolc is on February 2, then the New Moon on the 4th that may have strong new beginnings that are a direct effect of this Eclipse Season. Chinese New Year happens then also.

Back to this week, on Tuesday the 22nd, Venus in Sagittarius is conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius. Then on Friday the 25th Mars in Aries trines Jupiter in Sagittarius.

This is back to the green light of going forward.

So ups and downs, stops and go may be a theme this week. Could go from manic or impulsive to a hard stop and back again

Do your best not be impulsive on the one hand, nor judgmental defeatist on the other hand.

I’d say put your seat belt on all week, not just on the Lunar Eclipse Day.

It is time to break out and break open. It is also time to stop and let go.

Check out the introduction to my new podcast/radio show:

The first actual podcast will be in early February.

Till next week,


Here is  video from before Eclipse Season:

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Age of Aquarius and Astrology Forecast for August 14-20.

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are almost half way through the current Mercury Retrograde period, and today Saturday May 13 at 2:58 PM EDT we experience a Full Moon in Aquarius.

Approximately 2 weeks ago there was a New Moon in Leo, which started the lunar cycle that climaxes with the Full Moon today.  At that time Mercury had slowed down, waiting to go retrograde a few days later.   America then was stewing in a most heated national crisis that concerned the debt ceiling and budget crisis.

Republicans and Democrats were doing their all too familiar dysfunctional dance, one that keeps us all moving around in the same circles over and over again.

Republicans, the hard asses of government, refused to budge from their so-called principles. Democrats screamed and whined about what assholes the Repubicans are, and then, as always, gave in to make peace in the dysfunctional family. So in the end the country keeps moving more conservative, because no one stands up for progressive principles anymore.  The so-called progressives end up enabling the conservatives and keeping the country in the hands of the corporations and special interests.

It is “we the people” who are suffering from all this.  If you have been paying attention, you realize that while more and more people are unemployed and suffering financially, the corporations and banks are enjoying record profits.

So as we are now half way through Mercury retrograde and the current lunar cycle, we see this past week that the stock market has gone way down, Standard and Poor’s credit agency has downgraded the USA economy, and that the “experts” are very worried we are on the cusp of a double dip recession or worse a Depression.  By the time this Mercury Retrograde period is over on August 26, more clarity should  appear about the economy and its direction.  Our economy and world are going through a monumental transformation on the way to an Aquarian Age.

And then 2 days after Mercury goes direct on August 26, on August 28 there will be a new lunar cycle begun at the New Moon in Virgo.  Keep in mind that we are now still in the Leo New Moon lunar cycle, so we will want to play for a while more before we come to grips with reality, which Virgo is so good at doing. After the Virgo New Moon we get to seeing life more realistically.

So for now, continue enjoying summer and for many summer vacation.

The Aquarian full Moon today shines a bright light on our socially conscious motives.     Get in touch with your individuality and authentic self, and from that place decide what causes and groups you feel most aligned with.   What principles do you believe in? Commit to living your life in accordance with those principles, and to finding a community or family of friends that would make you feel like “birds of a feather are flocking together”.

You may think you are weird or unusual, but if you find your “people”, you will begin to feel better about your self.  Aquarius is a complicated sign, in that it  concentrates on being a very distinct and unusual individual, yet also desires to be in a group or community.  The challenge is there because Aquarius often feels uncomfortable in most any group or community, as it feels so different.

The presence of Comet Elenin will be felt much more in September, especially late September and also October. What does this comet portend?

I believe we will follow that comet into a kind of Twilight Zone of reality.     Already it is feeling like everything is so different, so out of normal comfort zones.  And I believe that we will feel that new reality more and more as we move into late summer and autumn.  The Mayan Calendar according to researcher Carl Calleman ends on October 28 2011, not in December 2012.

If that is true, then that fact and the coming of Comet Elenin will show us new zones of consciousness and vastly changing lives soon.

There will be surprises and openings into new ways of seeing ourselves and life.   Many are already opening their eyes to other dimensions of reality and to new feelings about time.  It is getting more and more easy to peer into alternate realities, to see the world from all new perspectives.

There is a vast inner world that cannot be seen with our two eyes, but can be seen with our third eye.  That eye will open more and more as we pass between worlds and ages. As other dimensions open up, we are more and more able to release the old ways, the old programming from a dying paradigm and age.

Do not let your sense of reality and security be controlled by the the mainstrean media, corporate mindset,  government agencies, or family dramas.   Get more in touch with your deeper soul and the truth that comes from a free mind and heart.    Those truths will truly set you free, and will keep you connected with your authentic self and the Universe.  From that place you can trust your experience and can trust life.  All is unfolding just right, and there is nothing to be afraid of.

When you are aligned, you are guided to the right people and places and situations that your soul needs in order to grow and evolve.   Life is a meaningful experience that is shrouded in a mystery we can never completely understand. Trust is so important to our journey, as is feeling safe.

And since so many of us have experienced such hurtful and even traumatic events in our earlier years, it is essential to go through a time in our lives dedicated to personal healing and transformation.  That healing and transformation helps us to release the old fears and shames and resentments to enough of a degree to enable us to more deeply and firmly connect with the love and truth that are the pillars of the Universe.

From that place we learn to trust and commit ourselves to our sacred soul journey on this Earth. We learn all of us humans are on this journey together, regardless of our differences. We are all part of the same family, diverse but equal and in Unity.

The challenges coming our way, and they will be great, are meant to help us transform our family and lives out of an old and dying Pisces Age, and into a new Age of Aquarius.

See you next week,


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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

He predicted the Iraq War of 2003- in early 2001 when Bush first took office; predicted the 9-11 attacks with an article “The Tower”, written in June 2001. He predicted Obama and McCain would get the presidential nominations in november 2007, when both were low in the polls; and correctly predicted the current economic downturn before it occurred

Lunar Eclipse Full Moon and Astrology Forecast for July 5-July 11

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The week ahead brings us our first of three eclipses, on Tuesday July 7 at 5:21 AM EDT.    It is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.   A Lunar Eclipse can only happen at a Full Moon, whereas a Solar Eclipse can only happen at a New Moon.

A Full Moon happens when the Moon is exactly opposite the Sun.   At a Lunar Eclipse, the Earth is exactly between the opposition of the Sun and Moon, effectively blocking the Sun’s light from the Moon.

For this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse the Sun is at 15+ degrees of Cancer and the Moon is at 15+ degrees of Capricorn.

This is only a partial eclipse and will be barely visible even to those who are in its path.    The next Eclipse, a solar one on July 21 will be a total eclipse and visible to some parts of the world.  We will tell you more as we get closer to that one.

Eclipses come at times when events are shaking things up.   The time period of most intensity from these three eclipses is from mid June to Mid September.   The actual eclipses occur on July 7- a partial lunar eclipse, on July 21- a total Solar Eclipse, and on August 5- another partial Lunar Eclipse.  The fallout from the eclipses can last years.

The last time there were three eclipses in a row was in the summer of 2000, nine years ago.  It was that summer when the world got the closest it ever has to making a lasting agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, seeking to give the Palestinians a state of their own.

The 3 eclipses were in July, and on July 9 the Israeli government of Ehud Barak failed because the rightist parties left the government because of concessions that were being made to the Palestinians. 

On July 25 the talks completely broke down, foiling President Clinton’s strong intention to make lasting peace in the Middle East before he left office.  Two months later the Palestinian Intifada began, creating a war-like atmosphere between Israel and Palestine, from which they have not recovered.

At the end of July George Bush was nominated president and named Dick Cheney as his running mate.

These events, happening during the 3 eclipse period of 2000, set the stage for the tragedy of 9-11 a year later.  Osama Bin Laden has often referred to the injustice perpetrated against the Palestinians as a primary cause of Al Qaeda’s rage against Israel, America, and western nations.  

George Bush’s presidency quite arguably changed America and its image in the world in enormous ways.

So as we come to our first of 3 eclipses in the summer of 2009, probably the weakest of the three, we face many challenges that have come our way during the eclipse period of Mid June to mid September.

North Korea used the USA birthday of July 4 to set off 7 missile tests across the pacific ocean.  This was an obvious message. 

Iran has arrested British employees of its embassy in Tehran, has effectively stopped the insurgency against the government, and has threatened with imprisonment Mousavi, who challenged the accuracy of the election of Ahmadinejad.

I also expect events to intensify greatly concerning Pakistan, especially toward the third eclipse.

I expect Peru to have greater protests against government attempts to use resources and oil in indiginous areas of Peru, including the rain forest.  

I also expect the Iranian, Israeli and North Korea situations to intensify and become more clear what direction we are moving in with them.

We could see war between Israel and Iran, with the USA involved, before year’s end.  We could see more serious threats between North Korea and Japan develop.

And more clear signs of the direction of the economy can develop before the eclipse period is over, letting us know if we have reached bottom of the recession or if we are in for another Great Depression.  After the second eclipse we will know more.

In our personal lives it is time to say goodbyes and to allow our lives and consciousness to go through greater transformation on the way to an Aquarian Age.  If you have planets from you natal chart that are closely influenced by the eclipse positions, you will be greatly affected.  If you are now having your life shook up, you are quite possibly one of those people.

Please contact me for clarity, direction, and an astrological reading during this time of transformation. I can be reached at or you can contact me be going to my website and pushing the Services button to find out the type of sessions I provide.   For those in financial crisis I can provide a sliding scale of fees for you.

Astrology Forecast for July 5-July 11

This is a very eventful week, including a Lunar Eclipse and Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Aquarius.

The week begins on July 5 with Goddess of Love Venus leaving soft and sensuous Taurus for lively and sociable Gemini. Go out and have a good time with friends now and for the next month as Venus remains in Gemini approximately that long.  The Moon is in Sagittarius till late that night, again making it conducive for high spirits and a good time, even with the intensity of the eclipse getting stronger.

Things feel more glum and serious on Monday the 6th of July as the Moon is now in Capricorn.  On Monday into early Tuesday, Mars squares Neptune and Jupiter and sextiles Uranus.   There is lot of action and movement today as we move into the Lunar Eclipse at 5:21 AM Tuesday morning.    

Family and domestic pressures are up against pressures from obligations and work.  You may have arguments over being lenient or strict with children or others, and have a challenge between doing what you feel like doing or being disciplined.   Emotional boundary issues may also be important to deal with now.

Remember eclipses are times when it is good to let go of what is ready to be released, and to let into your life what is right for you now.    Shake up times at eclipse points are times when we are assisted by the Universe to enter new phases of our lives.

Adding more energy to the eclipses is the second of three conjunctions in a row between Jupiter and Neptune.  This second conjunction happens on Friday the 10th.    Chiron also has been making conjunction with Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius. It has been thousands of years since this has happened.

Since it is all happening in Aquarius as we are on the cusp of an Aquarian Age, Aquarian themes prevail.  It is time to think about equality of all peoples, of self determination, of liberty and freedom.   These all all values from the founding of America as the USA has its moon (inner values) in Aquarius.

Also now keep looking at the skies, as times of UFO and extraterrestrial viewings proliferate during Jupiter conjunctions with Neptune or Uranus in Aquarius.

As this conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius plays out you may experience more magic and synchronicities, more progress spiritually, more desire to be involved in socially conscious groups that have lofty ideals that inspire you.

I will write a new blog/forecast as usual next Saturday/Sunday.

Please feel free to contact me at or visit my website

Calm Before the Storm and Astrology Forecast for June 14-20

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are at a calm before the storm of the “summer of eclipses”. There will be an unusual 3 eclipses this summer:  A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer/Capricorn on July 7, a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse on July 21 in Cancer, and another Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on August 5 in Leo/Aquarius.

We can expect an extraordinary summer, filled with  powerful world events.  Many of the issues we are now examining as a world citizenry will expand their influence in our lives this summer.

One issue that has been concerning so many is the economy.  The second eclipse on July 21 will be conjunct the USA natal Pluto in its second house of money and resources.     There should be a big turning point in the economy surrounding that date.  Some really transformational event or information will surface.  We will then know if the economy has truly turned the corner toward leaving a recession, or whether we are facing a deeper recession and even depression ahead.

The challenges that Iran and North Korea have been bringing to the USA will open up to new levels.  North Korea will test more weapons or have another nuclear test.  Israel will begin plans to attack Iran later in the year.

In Pakistan explosive events unfold, likely late in July or in August.  As the second eclipse will be a Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 21, women’s issues will come to the surface (Cancer’s ruling planet is the Moon).  Potential Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayer will be scrutinized, causing much controversy this summer.

Of course there will also be surprise events surrounding the eclipses we do not now anticipate.

Events that happen close to eclipses often have long lasting effects in our world.  Early this year Obama was inaugurated just before two eclipses.

Obama was inaugurated on January 20 and there was a Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on July 26, followed by a second eclipse, a Lunar eclipse in Leo, Obama’s Sun sign on February 9.   These eclipses accompanied President Obama’s entry into the world as its most powerful leader.

The previous set of eclipses were in August of 2008, when Obama was officially nominated by the Democratic Party to be their candidate for President of the USA.

Eclipse times are times of Passage into new realms.  There are often breakdowns of the old and breakthroughs into the new.  In the previous sets of eclipses it is obvious to see how an old administration (Bush) that represented old ways of being broke down and were “eclipsed” by Obama and his promise of great new change.

In personal lives the summer of eclipses will shake up our status quo equilibrium and force us to make changes.   Events will occur that show us the way to new ways of thinking and living.   We will be shown it is time to let go of certain things in our lives.  Perhaps we will move on from a job or a relationship or a home.  Perhaps we can let go of old attitudes or patterns of behavior that no longer suit our lives.

At first for many these changes will seem to be caused by bad luck or someone’s fault that such loss has happened.  But many will see after a while that what has gone is ready to go and that new phases in one’s life are ready to be lived.

This is like the changing of seasons.  It is natural that winter turns to spring and then spring turns to summer.  So it is with our lives in this summer of eclipses that a season of our life ends and and a new season begins.    Many changes will not be as dramatic as changing homes or relationships or jobs; but shifts will happen for most, even if it is a collective shift, like a change in our overall economy.

We will examine these eclipses even more as we get closer to the events.  Remember I post a new blog/forecast every Saturday night or Sunday morning.

Astrology Forecast for June 14-20

Spring in the Northern Hemisphere truly does turn to summer on the solstice on Sunday the 21st (Father’s Day in USA) at 1:46 AM EDT.  On the west coast the solstice begins late on the 20th.  We reach a zenith in light minutes of the day at the moment of the solstice, and we begin to see an increase of dark minutes of the day.  Symbolically, Yang  active, growing, outward and assertive energies are strongest as can be seen in the abundance of nature now.  It is also the first day of Sun in Cancer, the Moon’s favorite sign.  After that beginning of summer, the energies and issues of the eclipses will be birthing in our lives and consciousness.

But before that solstice we have a mild week again, as we enter the waning quarter of the Moon on Monday the 15th. This is the slow down phase of the Moon, as we prepare for new beginnings next week the 22nd with a New Moon in Cancer.

The most exciting planetary movement  of the week occurs on the 15th also.   Jupiter slows down, stations and goes from direct to retrograde then.  When a planet changes directions either to retrograde or direct, its energies and meaning permeate  our lives.  Jupiter raises spirit and consciousness, and brings greater perspective and meaning into our lives.  Since it is in Aquarius expect awareness to be especially raised around socially conscious  issues and issues around group formations and group networks.  Jupiter will stay retrograde until October 13, giving pause to progressive movement.  It will be more a time to plan and reflect on what you will expand after the October direct movement.

Tuesday and Wednesday, the 16th and 17th, will have the moon go through Aries, so you will have energy to get things done then.  The Sun makes aspect to Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune on Wednesday, providing your best day for feeling the magic of life.

Most of Thursday and Friday and half of Saturday will bring Moon in solid Taurus, being a good time to tend the garden and the needs of your body.  Watch for anger issues to surface on Friday AM as the Moon conjuncts Mars.

Then get ready for the shift into the Solstice.  Saturday is the last day of spring.  A most important season is now upon us.

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Leo Knighton Tallarico,

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