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Getting Off the Fence, and Astrology Forecast April 16-23.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Venus is now Direct after having been retrograde since March 4th this year.

During Venus Retrograde periods we rewind our hearts to remember earlier times in our lives and to get in deeper connection with our hearts.

What did you learn during Venus Retrograde about what is in your heart?  Did you learn more about your current relationships, what state they are in, and what needs to be done with them.

This is not only meant to be about “romantic” relationships, but also perhaps about friends, family, work relationships, etc.

Did you learn more about what is in your heart and what and whom you truly love? Even if you did not think about that during the Retrograde period, it is good to begin to think and feel about that now.

Did you meet any new people during Venus Retrograde?  How do you feel in your heart about them?  Does it look like they will continue to be in your life?

Did you get more clear about current relationships and what patterns you want to transform?

Are there any relationships that ended during Venus Retrograde or that you need to think about ending now?

Did any people from the past come back into your life through dreams, strong memories, or in person?    Do those relationships have any bearing on how you look at a current relationship?

Do you feel excited about any new or revived relationships?  Do you feel sad about any current or past relationships?

Venus also has some rulership, through Taurus, of our bodies, our homes, our land and resources.

Are there any changes that happened or will soon happen around your body, home, land, or resources?

It is good to let Venus be Direct for a week or so before jumping to any relationship conclusions. Clarity starts now and will grow over the next week or so.

Of course to complicate matters Mercury is now Retrograde and will not go Direct until May 3rd.

So there is some potential mental rewind going on now, some changing of perceptions, and perhaps thinking of changing decisions or life direction.

Do your best to let the Venus Direct process naturally unfold, until you get crystal clear about the matter before taking action. Don’t force your heart or mind to get clear before it is time.

This last week world relationships were rather strained and have gotten to a very dangerous point.

The USA bombed Syria because it says Syria used chemical weapons on its own people. Use your own judgment about the veracity of that claim.

The USA also dropped the biggest bomb ever used, except for a nuclear weapon, on tunnels in Afghanistan.  That bomb also killed a hundred or so people, said to be Islamic State people.

And North Korea and the United States are macho posturing with one another now. That is a most dangerous situation.

We could be moving toward a world war, with August being a most important turning point on this issue.  Hopefully we can reverse this current trajectory.

My friend David Lonebear Sanipass has said that April 15 is an important day in the Cosmos and for our world.  All these dangerous situations are revolving around that date, which must be some kind of turning point.

He and I had a video conversation with one another today the 15th of April.  I will put that up on youtube early this coming week, and will let you know with a link on an update of this week’s blog/forecast. So come back to this week’s forecast and you will be able to access it.

I do talk about this coming August on the video.

That will be an important month with 2 eclipses, the second one being especially important.

That will be a Total Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 21. Its path will be across the USA from Oregon to the Carolinas.  It is the first Total Eclipse to move entirely across the USA since June of 1918.

This eclipse in August will be almost exactly, to the degree, conjunct planetary positions of birth charts of Syria (nodes), North Korea (Saturn), and Israel (Mars). I explain more on the video and will explain more in writing closer to the event.

That Eclipse will also be conjunct Donald Trump’s natal Mars in Leo and directly opposite the USA Moon in Aquarius.

There are other aspects that month that trigger the USA Mars and Pluto.

That will be an enormous crossroads turning point time period, and a few months surrounding that eclipse should be filled with important world events, especially concentrated in August.

That should be a very intense time period energetically, and it also will bring huge waves of creative frequencies of love and truth for your transformational process.

We are all needing to clear our energy fields, minds and hearts of toxic old world energies.  It is important to let go of what has been programmed into us by an old world paradigm.

That old paradigm keeps a dense blockade against the new energies trying to pour into us.

As we clear our minds, hearts, souls and bodies of these toxins we create an opening for the new waves.

And now as you look at our world, you know it is imperative for each of us to get off the fence of straddling two worlds, and to make commitment to the New World and Age of Aquarius.

This does not mean you throw caution to the wind and throw away all your security supports.  But it does mean you let go of the fears that keep you a slave to the old world paradigm.  It does mean your allegiance is to your Self, the Universe, the Truth, and what you Love.

Energies this week will shift mid week as the Sun goes into Taurus on Wednesday April 19, Pluto goes Retrgrade on April 20, Mars goes into Gemini on April 21, and recently Direct Venus is exactly square Saturn on the 21st.

As the Sun goes into Taurus on the 19th, what was initiated during Sun in Aries will now be solidified and made manifest.

Also concentration will be more on the physical world, like your body, nature, home, money and land.

Your 5 senses will be more enlivened and it will be a good time to enjoy food, lovemaking, hot tubs, and catering to your bodily pleasures and comforts.

Earth Day happens during Taurus time of year on April 22, so our Earth home can now use more of our care and concern.

Pluto Retrograde on the 21st will intensify our emotions and energy field, bring out power struggles in some, and most importantly will be a time of potential transformation.  There may be a feeling of rebirth around this date.

Mars in Gemini gives us more motivation to learn and share information, talk, communicate and generally move faster.

Venus recently Direct square Saturn tells us about relationship endings, either ending old dysfunctional relationship patterns or seriously considering ending the relationship.

This is an important year of 2017, when we turn the corner toward fully committing to new world consciousness.

The conversation video with me and David Sanipass is here-

Till next week,


If you need any help with your relationship now, I have done couples’ counseling for many years. Do you need to identify and work out old patterns? Do you need to decide whether to stay or go?  I use the astrological model to help in the counseling process. We can use Skype if outside New England. Write me at if interested.

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Exploding into New Chapter

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week’s forecast is shorter as I went through a medical emergency this past week and am healing now.

Mars and Pluto change directions to Retrograde on Sunday and Monday respectively.  That’s a lot of intense, provocative, on the edge energy.

There should be some death and rebirth energies at play, even if in minor ways.

Staying in the game, out of ruts of status quo habits is part of the ride now.

You are getting help to let die old ways now though it may be quite painful to do so.

Mars and Pluto together can mean some explosive emotional energies wanting to express.  Be careful not to have your buttons pushed  or to push anyone else’s buttons.  Intense arguments can result.

The political climate gets more intense and combative every day, and right now with Pluto and Mars in the energy spotlight that will intensify even more. It is much more like political warfare than community concern most of the time.

Real world concerns are rarely discussed in a deep, thoughtful way.   Candidates and media play some kind of game that gets candidates to say the same things over and over again in such overly competitive and hateful ways.

Big money interests and the system are running the show.  But “the people” are strong voices now too.  Hanging onto statu quo is hanging onto the old system of the old world.

Vote for what you believe in now, as that is where the New Age resides, not in a practical “least of two evils” approach.

On Tuesday the Sun makes its yearly advance into Taurus. Usually that brings some calmer energies, but don’t count on it this year as Venus squares focal Pluto the same day

Taurus is fixed Earth and seeks security and comfort. It is practical and down to Earth and appreciates its ability to use its’ senses to get information and enjoy life.

Venus square Pluto suggests transformation through relationship intensity.  On Friday the 22nd intensity continues as there is a Full Moon in Scorpio that day.

The Full Moon is at 1:24 AM EDT.  It suggests working out both emotional and money issues with others, as well as strong sexual energies.  Be careful not to get into tugs of war with others.

Should be a very powerful week ahead.


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We will be discussing the deep layers of consciousness needed during this important time in human evolution.  The class will provide a wider perspective and deeper insight.
I will explain the significance of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in the process of transformation. I will include Chiron into the mix also.  I consider Uranus, Neptune and Pluto as ambassadors of the Age of Aquarius.   They provide us with what we energetically need in order to transform our consciousness and lives aligned with the Age of Aquarius.  As such we will explore a person’s natal aspects with those planets. We will also , its explore in depth the transits of these planets, as they signify times of intense transformation and change.
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We will also find the time to look at class members’ natal charts to see the natal dimensions of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in personal lives. And we will look at transits and times of change in individual participant’s lives as seen by the transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.
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Till next week,




Letting Go of the Shore and Astrology Forecast April 12-18

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This coming week may move slowly at first, as we move into the last quarter Moon in Capricorn Saturday April 11.

The last quarter phase of the moon is by nature a time to wind down, process, integrate and prepare for new beginnings at the New Moon.

This current last quarter phase is especially important as it finishes up the lunar cycle begun at the Spring Equinox/Solar Eclipse New Moon day of March 20.  That lunar cycle then continued into a Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on April 4.

That Total Lunar Eclipse included within it Uranus and Pluto and formed a meaningful Cardinal T-square.

So now at this last quarter lunar phase, we put an end to a most powerful and transformational cycle of time.   We need time to process what has been churning in our consciousness and lives this lunar month, so we can be ready for the strong new beginnings later this week.

On Saturday April 18 at 2:57 PM EDT there will be a New Moon in Aries that will thrust us forward “ready or not”. Events will open up in our lives after this New Moon.

New Moons always signify new starts or beginnings and Aries is the perfect sign for new starts, as it is the sign that initiates springtime here in the Northern Hemisphere.

Aries thrusts forward as buds bursting through branches. It is like a baby taking its first steps, like a pioneer exploring new territory, or like an athlete or warrior fighting to survive.

So after a most important early spring, when issues in our consciousnesses and lives have been stirred and awakened, when we have been made more aware of what needs to be released and what needs to change; we are ready to get moving forward with our lives in new ways.

So use the early part of this coming week to work through issues, or to tie up loose ends, to complete, to resolve, to fix or to let go of what needs to be released.

Anything you are still holding onto- even just a little- is a sign you have not fully embraced the change.

This week Thursday April 16 Pluto changes directions from Direct to Retrograde.   That means the energy of Pluto will permeate our energy fields and consciousness.   Pluto, God of the Underworld governs the part of the transformational cycle that intensely brings issues up to the forefront of our consciousness.  It then helps us to release the old fecal matter of our attitudes and beliefs, and then also helps us to be ready for a new birth- from the ashes of the old.

As Pluto changes directions this week, you are more able to confront what needs to be confronted and to finally let go of what needs to be let go of.

For those of you who are clinging to that last bit of something, afraid to let it totally go for whatever reason, you will have help to fully release.

And as you do let go, you will open up the space for something or someone new to arrive.  Yes you may be holding on because you are OK with “the devil you know” more than unknown new territory.

But it is time now for our whole human family to leave the old polluted ponds of our consciousness and lives and to enter new but unknown waters.

In the greater world we are about to experience world conflicts larger than we have experienced in at least decades.   After the New Moon in Aries, we will be more ripe for world events that will be a direct result of what happened earlier this spring during the eclipses and Uranus/Pluto.

The Middle East will be an important catalyst for these conflicts. It is not mere coincidence that during this Spring Eclipse Season Bibi Netanyahu of Israel was re-elected;  there is a new formation for a resolution on Iran’s nuclear program; and a civil war erupted in Yemen, one that also includes the military and political agenda of several other nations.

There is an old world wide paradigm that needs to be let go of, one that encourages separation and disconnection, meaninglessness, and a dog eat dog fight for who wins at others’ expense.

This old paradigm has created weapons of mass destruction, an unfair economic system that encourages greed and despair, relationships based on lack of trust, and lives that often feel empty and alone.

We all too often look for who is better than whom, which then translates into my family or country or religion is better or worse than yours.   And of course faulty egos are built on the judgments of someone being worse or better than someone else.

These programmed judgments keep us beholden to old Gods and testaments that keep us stuck in a world that has in essence already died.

The New Gods of an Age of Aquarius show us equality, liberation, Diversity within Unity, and connections to our authentic individuality and a worldwide web of unity.  Love and Truth are re-membered as our true Universal Mother and Father.

Now as we approach this Aries New Moon we can truly be ready to move forward into new horizons of our life journeys on the way to the Age of Aquarius.  

As you are letting go of old baggage, you will become lighter and more free, more connected to your true soul self and the Universe.

And this New Moon in Aries, as it follows a most important Spring Eclipse Season and the last exact Uranus square Pluto aspect, turns on the ignition and starts driving the vehicles for real change, not just change in our imaginations or minds.

Use Pluto and the last quarter lunar cycle to release your fingernails that are still clinging onto the dock at the shore of your life.  Trust the waters of the Universe and your own innate wisdom to bring you to the right places and people at the right time.  Let go.

This week is a turning point in leaving behind the Groundhog Day repeating patterns and obsessive thoughts of your life.

The Aries New Moon this week shows us the true end of winter in our minds and souls.   We can leave the depression and gloom and open our hearts to the flowers of spring and the winds of change that will set us free.

See you next week,


I have created a new YouTube presentation for the Spring Portal.

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Leo Knighton Tallarico has been a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for 30 years.

Inaugurating Spring Eclipse Season 2013 and Astrology Forecast April 7-13

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The winds of change will be blowing in more strongly this week, after the New Moon in Aries Wednesday April 10 at 9:02 AM EDT.   Up to that point we will still be in the last quarter phase of the lunar cycle, a time to reflect and contemplate and get ready for new beginnings.

This New Moon in Aries will effectively be inaugurating Spring Eclipse Season 2013, as this new moon will be the last major lunation prior to the first eclipse of this spring season.   That first eclipse will be two weeks later, a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Taurus/Scorpio on April 25. Then 2 more eclipses will follow:  a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Taurus on May 9, and then a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius on May 25.

So if you have not yet let go of the winter slumber in your soul, if you still cling to past hurts and wounds, it is nevertheless almost time to let go of those ghosts of the past (as much as now possible) and move forward with your life.

Aries is active, bold, and ready for a challenge.   It is not wise, with all the action and intensity of this Spring Eclipse Season, which begins with this New Moon in Aries, to sleepwalk anymore.  Let go of the emotional baggage as much as possible now, so you can be “on the edge of your seat” and ready to go.

As the New Moon is erupting in Aries, Pluto will slowing down appreciably, which puts its explosive and transformational intensity in the energetic spotlight. Pluto actually changes from Direct to Retrograde on Friday April 12.

So together, the New Moon in Aries and Pluto changing directions, gives a strong chance for conflict.   North Korea is angry, and Israel is getting ready to attack Iran.   Crisis is brewing in Korea. Crisis is also brewing in the Middle East, with Iran and Syria both being potential targets now.    Some kind of attack could very well happen around this New Moon in Aries.

And if it does not, then the next three New Moons: on May 9 (also Solar Eclipse); June 8; and July 8, are also dangerous times of potential attacks.

The USA natal Mars in May and June is being ignited by conjunction with transiting Jupiter and then Mars.   Possibilities of intensified conflicts remain high through Spring and early Summer.

Other very extraordinary world events are likely this spring and early summer also. Expect the unexpected, and be ready to adapt to the changing winds of time.

In your personal life and soul’s journey this week, with the New Moon in Aries, 5 total planets in Aries, the Pluto station, and Saturn in Scorpio inconjunct Uranus in Aries, things could begin to shake up this week.

It is best to be active and alive, and motivated.  If you have been shy and reticent, it will instead be time to assert your self, to speak your truth.   An Aries natural mantra is “I AM’.   To be true to your self and authentic being is in alignment now.   That is more important now than what people think of you or what is socially acceptable.

Of course you can see how this can cause conflict, especially so if people are used to you being always agreeable or accommodating.

This is definitely a week of opening up and being straightforward and direct.

Passions could be high by the end of the week, and it is best to stay aware of what emotions are stirring inside you, to avoid issues getting out of control.

There will be a lot of “fire” stirring in our bodies and souls this week, so staying active is good therapy.  Walking, running, swimming, and just generally being active is good now.

Life is changing now, and there can be a lot of confusion as we get taken out of our normal center.   As issues intensify this spring, remember that what is familiar to us is not necessarily what is good for us anymore.

Life is changing and we are needing to change too.   Who do you feel you need to answer to?   If you are controlled by anyone, they cannot be right for you.  These changing times are meant to help us to liberate our minds, hearts, and souls, and lead our lives as we see fit within the guidance of the Universe or God.

Of course some people can be our mentors or guides at different times in our life, but no one should be controlling you or making you do anything.  You are responsible for your own soul’s journey this lifetime, and you are setting your self up for resentment and victim consciousness if you make anyone else responsible for you, and that includes a spouse, parent, boss, or guru.

Use this Spring Eclipse Season beginning at the New Moon in Aries this week, to shed programming from society and family that keeps you stuck in limiting beliefs about your self, life, spirit, and others.

You are meant to be a free spirit, on a meaningful and sacred Soul Journey.  It is becoming more and more apparent that we cannot trust the mainstream world, its corporate rule, its governments, its media, and its institutions.  We are being forced to turn to our own truth, our own mind and heart and instinct.

We also have a relatively free internet and more and more alternative voices and choices.  More and more people are waking up and you are not alone. There are healers and guides who care and will help you to trust your own heart, mind, and soul.  So you can then find your sense of purpose, the people who are good for you, and your sacred alignment with the Universe.

We are moving together into an Aquarian Age, something that is happening quite naturally. Yet at the same time we must be proactive in its creation, believing and having faith that we are being supported in creating this new world, regardless of the fear and violence and greed that our Old World wants us to believe is Reality. It is in actuality an old paradigm on its last legs, but dangerous as it falls from its heights of hubris.

I just put out a YOUTUBE video Astrology Forecast  for Spring Eclipse Season. Check it out if you feel so moved.

see you next week,


I also created an Astrology Forecast 2013 for youtube, part 1. And Part 2.

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on mywebsite.You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years

Mars Direct- a Time for Action, and Astrology Forecast April 15-21

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Last night Friday April 13 at 11:53 PM here on the east coast Mars went back Direct again.   The day leading up to the Mars turn, North Korea shot a satellite that failed out toward space.    The powers of the world are concerned about the nuclear capability of North Korea.

The first day after Mars went Direct, Iran is meeting with these same powers of the world to discuss Iran’s nuclear capability.

So nuclear bombs are a topic of concern as Mars, the god of war, is in the planetary spotlight.

And a few days earlier, as Pluto the god of the underworld was changing directions to Retrograde, a huge 8.6 earthquake in Indonesia exploded from the depths.

Those events were part of the intense week promised in last week’s forecast.

The talks in Iran are especially important, as there is a potential storm brewing as we move soon into an new eclipse season.

These world powers, all of whom together possess thousands of nuclear bombs, worry that North Korea and Iran may have or develop one or two.

The USA, who has the most nuclear bombs, and has used them to kill thousands of people in Japan in World War II, worries about what Iran or North Korea might build.

Israel, who is the only country in the Middle East to have nuclear bombs, and reportedly has many, has promised to bomb Iran because they may build one in the future.

This is a great concern this Eclipse Season. Will Israel bomb Iran?  And these world powers, now meeting with Iran, are hoping to diffuse this situation by talking Iran into stopping its civilian uranium enrichment, as it they believe it may someday lead to making a bomb.  Iran has been solid up to now, saying it has a right to develop peaceful uranium energy.   Sanctions put on them by the USA and Europe, however, have been crippling their economy, so they may need to compromise.

These are the leaders of our current world structure and paradigm.  Are they talking about building a better world, more fair and just?  Feeding people who are starving all over the world?  Stopping the human sex trade of women all over the world?   Stopping the abuse and prejudice of gays all over the world?   Building alternative fuels, to stop the addiction to oil? Cleaning up our oceans and environment?  Building a fair economic system?  Building a world community that is connected together to better serve world citizenry?   Becoming more spiritual and bringing more compassion to our world? Learning to respect truth and love instead of power and celebrity and privilege?

No. The leaders of this world are looking to stop Iran and North Korea from building the same weapons of mass destruction that all of them already possess and have used on innocent civilians.  They want you to believe that they are the good guys and those other countries are the evil bad guys?

Do we need to follow anymore this old programming that keeps us fighting for our nation’s team against the teams of other nations?   Is it not time to transform the world that is being run by people who believe is it right to be in survival of the fittest mentality.  They believe some peoples and nations should win because they are good and other nations should lose because they are bad.

And the good nations should get the money and power to run the world their way.  And invade other countries when they feel it is right for them.

The old game is about power and control and getting for your self what you need. We are taught it is the way of the world, and we teach our children that way too.

The new world and paradigm teach us we are all one family together, and it is true if we collectively believe it and want it.  And our survival is dependent on it.  Why?

Because with all these weapons of mass destruction in the hands of people who believe we are enemies of one another, we live with time ticking toward eventual destruction.

So that is why it is so important for each of us to learn new ways to believe and think, and to teach our children and others these new ways.

But first it is important to leave and release the old programming from our society and families that pit us one against another.

As you connect spiritually, as you live a more healthy life, as you honor your authentic being and soul, as you feel the connections to others and the Universe, you have become part of the solution, and a member of the Aquarian Age we are all moving into together.

What happens in the greater world now is beyond our control.  But we can heal and transform our little cell in the body of the world and Universe and have faith that we are in transition into an Aquarian Age.

It is normal in a transition such as this, as our world and world consciousness is transforming, to go through such depths of challenge.  Births are painful and there are labor pains and times of emotional and spiritual despair before the birth.

Whatever challenges are coming our way will pass, as we are moving closer every day to the Aquarian Age, not a perfect world, but one that will begin the process of bringing us together as one community and family of peoples all over the world.

THIS WEEK, as MARS is NOW DIRECT, is time to begin to move your consciousness and life forward. Remember that Mars is going slowly still, and will be for a couple weeks or so, so there is no need to go fast forward.

But it is time to start moving and acting, to be in touch with what you truly want to do now in your life.   We can no longer stay hidden and keep all our options open.  We need to start looking for what we want to do with our life and what actions to take.

Later this week we move out of Aries energies and into Taurus. The Sun moves into Taurus this Thursday April 19, and the Moon joins the Sun in Taurus next Saturday the 21st at 3:18 AM to make a New Moon in Taurus.

Whatever has begun is now ready to make solid. It is time to make manifest and real and practical.  Taurus is a good time to find resources that will make your life more comfortable and secure.

Your home and possessions need your concentration more, your garden and land too.  Taurus teaches us that no matter what is going on, we still need to enjoy our life and our pleasures.

Soon enough the energies will get more lively as the Eclipses move in later in May.

See you next week,


Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website. You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

There will be a new radio show sometime during the coming Eclipse Season this spring.  I will give you dates and times soon.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

He predicted the Iraq War of 2003- in early 2001 when Bush first took office; predicted the 9-11 attacks with an article “The Tower”, written in June 2001. He predicted Obama and McCain would get the presidential nominations in november 2007, when both were low in the polls; and correctly predicted the current economic downturn before it occurred.

Fires of Transformation and Astrology Forecast for April 8-14

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Mercury has gone back direct, though still moving slowly. Mars will finally go back direct later this week on Friday the 13th of April.

So at the current crossroads, it is getting time to pick some direction.   And keep in mind that picking a direction does not guarantee you will stay on course.   There will be many twists and turns in the weeks ahead.

But at least you should be better able to “see” more clearly, as  Mercury has gone Direct.

Mars Direct begins to show you what you truly desire, what you want to do, and begins to push you into more active energies.

But Mercury and Mars are just in the beginning stages of shifting. .    The action mode of Mars Direct will just get started later this week, so motors are merely revving up.

Soon, however, the Eclipse season begins.  Status quo will not hold much longer.  Winds of change will force us off our usual balance.   We move faster forward into greater progress, transformation, and evolution.

This coming week the energy field will intensify as the Moon is in Scorpio early this week,  Pluto changes direction to Retrograde mid week,  and Mars changes to Direct later in the week.   Pluto’s power and passion and Mars’ forcefulness will penetrate into our consciousness and lives.

Be aware of anger rising inside of you.  If you try to push it down and not deal with it, it can cause headaches and other stresses in your body and soul.   Pushing it down can also cause you to lash out later in ways that have nothing to do with the original problem.

But what will happen in many cases this week is explosive arguments and frustrations.   Be careful not to do anything that you will regret. Stay as calm as possible, no matter what the stimulus.

Remember that this week is a turning point week, and as such energies are shifting.  The power of this week, even if it is sometimes quite uncomfortable, will shift us toward where we need to go.

The Pluto station especially can bring a deep and powerfully transformational energy.  You may be brought into situations and emotions that bring a catharsis and a clearing, and afterwards an acceptance of reality.

For some this week will merely bring more energy, more passion, and more motivation to push their life forward, without too much drama.

In the greater world passions will be boiling this week.   North Korea later this week is planning to send a satellite into orbit, which most of the international community fears, and the USA President Obama has warned against.

The international community has also set up a meeting with Iran on April 13 and 14, as Mars is changing directions back to Direct.  In the last couple of days Iran has been apparently backing away from this meeting. And if it does, the wrath of Israel and western powers will bring a confrontation closer to reality in the coming weeks.  If the meeting is held and goes badly this also would tend to bring the world closer to war.

Other powerful events, like earthquakes, also are more likely this coming week.

Keep in mind that everthing that happens this week and as the Eclipse season unfolds is meant to clear the way for our passage into an Age of Aquarius. Old ways and patterns die hard, as I am sure you recognize in your personal life.  Sometimes only with the most difficult events does a person make commitment to never do it that old way ever again.

And of course we live in what increasingly looks like an insane world, as insanity can be defined as doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result than what keeps happening over and over again.

I thought our collective consciousness understood many years ago that racial injustice and racial wars were wrong and destroying our human family, but the Trayvon Martin tragedy is showing us we have not learned well enough yet.

I thought that when we attacked Iraq, that people learned how oil and power hunger were the real motivations for war in the Middle East.   No one attacked us, which should be the only reason for war.  Yet now another Middle East power with oil is in danger of being attacked soon.    Will we be fooled into demonizing another country and its leader and going to war again? Or will we stand up and protest this time in such large numbers that the carnage will be stopped?

We are on the cusp of ending our paradigm of separation from one another, of ending a dog eat dog mentality that pushes us into greedily taking for ourselves while others suffer.

How much more struggle do we need before we learn for good?  How much longer will we keep doing Groundhogs Day reruns?

We are all in this world together, all one family, on this beautiful and sacred Earth home.    We are destined to evolve into more loving and empathic divinely guided beings who are free in heart, mind, and soul.    We are meant to heal one another and our Earth home and progress into a new Aquarian Age.

Let the old ways be released in your heart, mind and soul.  Do your best not to stubbornly hold onto that which is familiar yet increasingly toxic.  Holding on may give the semblance of security, but in reality holding on destroys your body and soul.  It causes blockages and stresses and stops you from fully engaging in life.    You get anxious and/or depressed and just go through the motions of life.

Use these coming planetary events to let go and trust the Universe and your deeper soul’s wisdom.    There may temporarily be some feelings of things being out of control, but soon you will also feel more alive, with a more open heart.

And from that heart place you will express your authenticity, find more purpose, better friends, and a healthier life for your self.   You will feel more connected to the Universe and your fellow human being, and more a part of a greater community.

This spring will assist your growth and evolution, as 2012 is a year of greater transformation into a new paradigm for living on the Earth.   Make a commitment to be a contributing part of this emergence, by actualizing the potential of your higher self, the self that is naturally aligned with the Aquarian Age.

See you next week,


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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

He predicted the Iraq War of 2003- in early 2001 when Bush first took office; predicted the 9-11 attacks with an article “The Tower”, written in June 2001. He predicted Obama and McCain would get the presidential nominations in november 2007, when both were low in the polls; and correctly predicted the current economic downturn before it occurred.

Beyond Democrat and Republican, and Astrology Forecast

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are in a calm before the storms of late spring and summer blow in.    If you tune in you can feel churning waters,  change beneath the surface, waiting until after April 14 for spillage into our lives.  On April 14 is a strong Aries New Moon that truly ushers in the power of spring 2010.

Changes are coming.

In the greater world, there is much turmoil brewing right in front of our eyes.  Politically there is little or no connection between the democrats and the republicans.  They do not agree on anything.  On Healthcare reform, there was not one republican who agreed to the bill- not one.    The Tea Party movement and the Militia movement are heating up with great rage.   What are they so angry about?      

They mostly spout out about how there is a socialist government takeover of our lives, and how Obama is a nazi or communist or maybe wasn’t even born in the United States.

The Militia movement is heating up also as it did during the Clinton presidency.   In fact Timothy McVeigh, who blew up a government building in Oklahoma City and killed hundreds of people in the mid ’90s, was in the movement.

This movement is also angry about government control of our lives, and many from this movement want a war with government which will give the country back to the people.

As crazy as many of these people are, they reflect on a deeper level, an important and transformational shift of our country and world.

“We the People” have lost control of our country and world.  But it is not about democrats and republicans or about right-wingers and left-wingers.

George Bush, a republican, spent much goverment money and built up a huge budget deficit as a result.    The War on Terror and Homeland Security brought much government control of our lives and took away many of our civil rights as a free people.

In fact more and more government spending and government control has been going on for decades here in America, regardless of political party.     And to make matters worse, and to get to the core of the problems,  Big Corporations are what really control the government, so much so that the government cannot represent the people as it is meant to do.    Big Corp buys and sells our political leaders.   

And when you add the strength of American military, and its controls all over the world, you begin to see clearly how much the Power Structure is what runs our world and the people.

Many democrats are excited about Health Care Reform.  Though there are some needed changes, like not letting insurance companies keep people with pre-existing health problems out of health insurance plans; there is no real core fundamental change.   Insurance, hospitals, doctors and pharmaceuticals still will cost outrageous prices.    Big corporations will still make huge profits while people suffer.

So we do not need this Tea Bag movement or Militia Movement, which is mainly aimed at democrats, progressives, and ’60s activists.   We also do not need our hatred directed either at conservatives or republicans.    We need our energies directed at the system we have created in this country.    It is time for a transformation of the two party system, and of the Military/Corporate empire which runs this country and much of the world.   

The revolution and evolution of our country and world is coming- is happening now. 

Astrologically Pluto in Capricorn, where it stays until 2025, represents the transformation of world structures and institutions.  In 2011- 2016 Pluto will square Uranus, which is a significant alignment, as it is the first major marking point in the current Uranus/Pluto cycle begun in 1965-1966.

The 1965-1966 Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo “ushered in” the ’60s revolution.  That revolution was deeply motivated by the desire to change the system of America and the world, as it was seen as decaying, corrupt, filled with hypocrisies, unjust and unfair.

Now at the coming square of Uranus and Pluto we go the next level of revolution and transformaton of the world, its institutions and paradigm.   We are moving toward a more fair and equal world, not just about America.   We will me moving toward more decentralization, and local communites will become more and more important.  We are moving to a multi polar world community, beyond superpowers and empires.

This week Highlights-  Pluto in Capricorn moving Retrograde on Tuesday the 6th of April.  Pluto in Capricorn is about transformation of stucture.  This means that world structures and also personal structures that have become emptyof spirit need to be released.  

In your own life if you are in any situations, jobs, relationships. etc that have no more life in them, it is time at this retograde to consider letting them die, to let them go.  Often we hold onto empty old structures n our lives becuase they feel secure.  But they no longer hold real security, merely familiarity.   When you let them go, life spirit will again course through your veins. You will have more positve energy and joy for your life.   You do not usually have to rush the process of letting go at a Pluto retrograde.    Stronger energies of liberation later this spring and summer will help you to relaese more fully.

We are in the waning half of the lunar cycle now, and energies are more toward cleaning up and cleaning out, getting ready for strong forceful energies of forward movement after April 14.  The real spring and summer of 2010 changes begins then.

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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