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Increasing Emotions- Astrology Forecast for September 12-18

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are shifting out of the summer of 2010 and its grand astrological aspects, and moving  slowly downward into the beginning of autumn. 

This weekend Mercury goes back direct on Sunday, a day after the 9th anniversary of the attacks on 9-11, 2001.   With all the furor over Koran burnings and the building of a mosque near the site of the 9-11 attacks, it is synchronistic that a very holy Islamic Ramadan ends around the same time.   And Jewish New Year has just begun.  

The Universe is delivering to us signs, symbols, and messages alerting us to the crisis unfolding between religious cultures.

A few weeks ago, on the day of Saturn square Pluto, just after Mercury went retrograde, a new nuclear plant was being inuagurated in Iran, assisted by Russia.   In the days leading up to this event, many political experts were stating their opinion of the danger to the world because of this nuclear plant opening.    They said it could be used to produce plutonium, which could be used for a nuclear bomb.  They said Israel might bomb that facility before its opening, as bombing it afterwards would cause a large radioactive fallout disaster.

Israel did not bomb the facility, and instead that weekend the USA announced plans to hold peace talks between the Israelis and Palestinians.  If they can push through a success with these peace talks, they believe they can take away power from Iran.  They believe this because it is known that Islamic hatred toward the USA, Israel, and the western world is in large part because of the injustices perpetrated against the Palestinians. 

It is obvious to many that the occupation of Islamic countries by the USA, and the oppression of the Palestinians by Israel have been reasons for hatred toward America and were primary causes of terrorist attacks including the 9-11 attack.  Much of Iran’s following in the world by Islamic people is because it has championed the Palestinian cause.  If there was peace and a Palestinain state that popularity would be diminished.

Make no mistake, what happens in the Middle East now is most important.   During this summer of 2010 and its important astrological aspects, the Middle East has been simmering and getting hotter.  If no peace accord comes to Israel and Palestine, then war will be certain, likely world war.  And there will be great attempts by extremists on both sides to overthrow the talks.  Suicide bombings and settlement building would threaten these peace talks and could end them.

The USA has a history of great favoritism for Israel at the expense of the Palestinians. This perception has also been a big factor in generating hatred against the USA.    A peace accord and a state for the Palestinians might take some of that hatred away, if the accord is perceived as fair and respectful to Islam. 

 Roots of Christianity, Islam and Judaism are in the Middle East and specifically in Jerusalem.   The Pisces Age, which has been an age of the growth of organized religion and empires, is coming to an end as we enter the Aquarian Age.   What happens surrounding events in the Middle East is of great importance to this transition.  Keep a close eye on what happens there.

What happens in the economy is also crucial now, as the recovery that was predicted has at least slowed and perhaps there is no recovery at all.   Events resulting from the summer’s intense aspects are on the way soon, that will tell us what direction this economy is going in.

Of course the oil spill this summer also let us know more about the world we live in, and our addiction to oil which threatens to destroy oceans, wildlife and our relationship with Mother Nature. It also threatens us with more potential occupations and wars as we desperately steal from others to feed our addiction.     And the hatred from Islamic countries grows even stronger.  We need a vision and commitment to alternative sources of energy NOW.

Astrology Report

There is a downward pull now as we move close to the Autumn Equinox, when night and day will be equal. Unlike the spring equinox, when light then begins to increase, right after autumn equinox we turn more toward greater darkness, more yin energy.   The autumn equinox will be on September 22.  Interestingly, 5+ hours later there will be a Full Moon in Aries, triggering the cardinal t-square formation of this passing summer.

Intense emotions are coming to the surface and being expressed.  Jupiter and Uranus have left Aries and have both moved retrograde into emotional Pisces.  They will be conjunct in Pisces next Saturday September 18.  They are already stirring deep emotions.

To add to the emotional stirrings and yin-ward movements, Pluto is slowing down now and permeating the emotional planes with deep intense feelings and passions.  It goes from retrograde to direct overnight this Monday into Tuesday. Whenever a planet changes directions, its energies enter our awareness in stronger ways.  To add to the intensity, Venus will be in Scorpio all week and will be joined by Mars entering Scorpio on Tuesday this week, just after Pluto goes direct.

So expect this week to be intense and emotional.  There could be a powerful transformation for some, as intensities bring out strong emotions that were previously suppressed.  These expressions release stored energies, and bring issues to a crisis point. From there is a catharsis and a changing of attitudes.    Relationships can go through the beginning of healing and transformation. This would only be the beginning, as Venus will go retrograde in Scorpio on October 8, initiating a 6 week relationship changing journey.

We will talk more about that as get closer to the date

We are also in Virgo time of year and just began a Virgo lunar cycle at the New Moon in Virgo last Wednesday September 8. So while all these emotions are flowing, it is also time to get your life in order, simplify and make more efficient. Virgo time is the time to go back to school, to work harder, to fix and heal what need to be fixed and healed.

Mercury Direct 

Most importantly, Mercury goes back direct to begin this week, on Sunday September 12 at 7:09 PM.  As it changes directions, we change our perceptions again.   Sometimes the changing tides of perception can be dramatic.  On presidential election day on November 7 of 2000, when Gore was competing with Bush for president of the USA, Mercury was going from retrograde to direct that night.  The media kept going back and forth between predicting Gore , then Bush, then Gore, etc.  It took many days afterward before Bush was declared the winner.  That is how confusing Mercury changing directions can be.

But overall, as Mercury goes back direct this Sunday, issues are getting more clear, and if in some cases they still are unclear as Mercury goes direct, wait a few days more to gain the clarity and direction you need.

Overall, we are going down into our inner dimensions more now, our deeper soul, our feelings and emotions.  These feelings and emotions can get out of control for some, so be aware.

“See” you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

He predicted the Iraq War of 2003- in early 2001 when Bush first took office; predicted the 9-11 attacks with an article “The Tower”, written in June 2001.  He predicted Obama and McCain would get the presidential nominations in november 2007, when both were low in the polls; and correctly predicted the current economic downturn before it occurred.

Unity Consciousness and Astrology Forecast for July 25-31

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

There has been a slight break from the great intensity of the recent eclipses, most especially the powerful Lunar Eclipse Grand Cross on June 26.  That eclipse Grand Cross on June 26 included planets mostly in the early degrees of cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn.   The intensity was strong up to that eclipse and continued until the Solar Eclipse on July 11.  Much energy was released then. Now intensity is building again and world and personal events will increase in activity.    

 Things are heating up again, as there is a formation of a t-square of cardinal planets, again in the early degrees of cardinal signs.  It is bringing the shifting tides in again. 

This coming week, Jupiter squares Pluto and Saturn opposes Uranus , all within the early degrees of Aries, Libra, and Capricorn.  August should be a challenging month ahead, especially so in world events.

Bigger Picture

What is going on in the bigger picture is that we are leaving an old and tired age and its paradigm and entering a New Age and paradigm.   Achieving more unity consciousness is so important to this process of changing ages. 

And that is so difficult to do sometmes as we experience such horrible world events like 2 wars in Afghanistan, more wars brewing in Korea and in the Middle East with Iran, a horrible oil spill in the gulf region of the USA and another one that erupted in China last week.   These spills are sending us all a very important message to change our ways, as natural life is being destroyed and our balance of nature is so severely upset. We also have a weak economy, and it is not to get strong until it transforms into a new and more equitable system.

We see a two party political system where the two parties are constantly at war with one another, bought out by special interests and mega corporations and not working for the common good anymore.

Many people have been feeling more helpless to do anything about these problems, and instead often feel hopeless and disillusioned and cynical about the hopes for the future of the world.

To cope people more and more are turning to addictions, to popping pills to escape depression and anxiety, drinking more, getting lost on the internet or working and rushing around all the time.

What then suffers is our connection to our inner world, our soul and spiritual connections.

Some are afraid that we face a doomsday scenario in 2012.

There is no end soon of the world difficulties coming our way, and as a result we will be severely challenged to be in Unity Consciousness, a prerequisite for healthy living in an Aquarian Age.    We will continue to see difficult world events and they are likely to get more challenging over the next few years.

We are in transition between worlds and Ages. Mayan prophecy points to 2011-2012 as turning points from one world consciousness to another- from a world of separation to a world of unity.   Astrology cycles tell us we are leaving a Pisces Age, begun over 2000 years ago, and we are now on the cusp of an Aquarian Age, an age of equality, liberation, and most importantly Diversity in Unity.

Ther is an old “dog-eat-dog”  world of “Being better than or having more than” that needs to die.  In that world paradigm we have been taught that we cannot trust one another, cannot trust ourselves, cannot trust the Universe/God/Goddess.  We have been taught to put our attention and energy into our own survival or the survival of our family or to the loyalty of a flag or our religion against the interests of others from differnt families, or nations, or religions or races. These teachings are all counter to true Unity consciousness.

Let’s look back to the beginnings of the Pisces Age over 2000 years ago.  Christ was born and Rome was our first Empire. Buddha was born on the cusp of that age, just a few hundred years before Christ, and Mohammed was born on the later part of the cusp, just a few hundred years after Christ.

These three spiritual masters were the soul of the three most powerful religions over the 2000 years of the Pisces Age.  These, in the beginning, spiritually based religions were a powerful balance for the materialism of the empires of the world.

But slowly over the years much of these religions that still speak the name of their prophets or masters have lost their soul, lost the true messages of love, peace, compassion and truth.  They have forgotten about turning the other cheek or loving thy enemies, or caring for the most vulnerable and lost members of the world.   Unbelievably many speak of doing battle against one another.

And as a result of this religious decay, society has as a result lost its soul, it true spirutality. And we have lost the spiritual strenght that balances the power of Caesar, of the empire of Might makes Right.

That empire and its society has been trying to convince us we live in a random world without real sacredness or meaning, a world where everything and everyone is separate, each of us on our own, fighting to survive ina meaningless world.

This belief then breeds fear and mistrust, in one another, of the world and the Universe. 

That world view must and will die,  as did the idea of a flat world.

An Aquarian Age is being born in its ashes.

But we must take with us into this Aquarian Age, the best and the essence of the Pisces Age: the love and compassion that the spiritual masters brought with them.

The battle between society’s cynicism and religion’s sacrificing self denial will end, however.

There is no self denial or self sacrifice in Aquarius.  It is about the strength of the individual, the authentic, distinct individual, truating in their own natural inclinations, in unity and community with all others and with everything .

This new individual does not need masters or saviors or intermediaries to God.  This new individual knows his or her own connection to spirit, and from that connection takes responsibility, as a free world citizen for thier specific function and role in the community and Universe.

No more original sin and needing to be saved. No more devils and demons.  No more enemies to make war against.

We instead go to the kingdom within and find integration and wholeness there.  We go inside our souls to find balance and unity between our own light and dark, our own male and female, jsut like the Yin/Yang symbol.   WE are whole and unified- in Unity consciousness.  This is the foundation for making unity in the world, for making Diversity in Unity in the world of the Aquarian Age.

We must be ready now for the coming challenges that a transition between ages brings with it.  As Rome burns:

We do not need to cower in the dark, weakly holdiing hands with one another in fear.

Instead we hold hands in healthy community, each of us in our own strong, individualized, authentic beautiful selves as the Universe made us, connected together on our sacred meaningful souls journeys into a New Aquarian Age.

The coming challenges are meant to help us release our dysfunctional attachment to an old model of reality and its fears, and to transform our hearts, minds and lives to our own care, free and open, and to the care of one another- not under the control of society or nation.

We move into this Aquarian Age, with hope in our hearts, unified in our souls, knowing we are all one family, on the Earth, unified together with all in this wondrous Universe.

Talk to you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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Solar Eclipse New Moon and forecast for July 4-10

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

The second of two eclipses erupts into our world next Sunday July 11 at 3:40 PM EDT.  It is a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer. It follows the important Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Grand Cross from last week Saturday June 26.

There is a strong T-Square of planets that lasts most of the summer, and intensifies late in July and early August.   This summer is a crossroads summer, and very meaningful events will continue to occur throughout the season.  In fact, the tensions built this summer may create events even into the coming autumn and beyond.

It is important to put the powerful eclipse events this summer in context.  We are in transition between ages, from a Piscean Age begun over 2000 years ago, to an Aquarian Age cusp now.  I believe December 2020 is a good marking point for the beginning of that new age.  It is when Jupiter conjuncts Saturn at 0+ degrees of Aquarius.

An old world and its old paradigm are dying.   As it dies it struggles mightily to survive and perpetuate its existence.    It often becomes more and more stubborn as it clings to its dying embers of life.  Today an oil tanker exploded and killed over 200 people in the Congo.  This of course follows the horrible oil rig explosion and disastrous oilspill that followed.  So much natural  life, oceanic beauty, and livelihood has been and will continue to be destroyed.

This represents old ways and an old paradigm dying. Though we temporarily feel helpless to stop the continuation of our addiction to oil and its terrible repercussions to healthy and harmonious living on Earth, we will move inexorably to new and better ways in a New Aquarian Age.   We must transform our energy orientations and move to cleaner and healthier ways to live together on the Earth.  Oil has become closely associated with greed and invasion and empire and war.    These ways are part of an old paradigm and age. 

As we watch with fear the economic system unraveling and falling apart, we need to know in the bigger picture that this demise is aligned with the changing of Ages.  We are ready to transform this unfair and inequitable economic system that rewards greed and selfishness.

In order to truly move with the changes into an Aquarian Age, it is necessary for each of us to let go of our reliance on the authorities of our society.  The Aquarian way is to give power and voice to the individual citizen. 

We entered the beginning of the cusp of the Aquarian Age way back in the late 18th century, when Uranus was being discovered. Uranus was discovered in 1781 and at that time two profoundly important revolutions were surrounding that date:  The American and French revolutions. Interestingly, Uranus is the “ruling” planet of Aquarius.   And Uranus is revolution, breaking outside the box, liberty,  freedom, revolution, and radical change.   Aquarius is equality and individuality in community. 

The breaking away from the monarchy, the authority of the old world, is a Uranian and Aquarian principle.   With Aquarius, the power is with the individual citizen, no longer merely a subject of the Crown.   Keep in mind also that the USA birth chart of July 4, 1776 has the USA Moon in Aquarius.  The Moon is the soul of our nation, our inner foundation.  It is what brought this nation its great principles.

Today I read an article that stated a document of Thomas Jefferson was found where he was crossing out the word “subject” and putting instead “citizen”.   He, who was a bringing a new world from out of the old world, obviously was wrestling with his own transition between worlds.

And you know that many of our privileged members of the government and mega-corporations consider us their loyal subjects, not their equal citizen.  And people from other countries are often looked at with even more disdain. 

As we move closer to a full embrace of the Aquarian Age, we must more fully move there in our consciousness. Just as Jefferson showed his inner conflicts between worlds with his unsureness in choice of words subject and citizen, so do we often sit on the fence between worlds.

 The falling economy shows us we can no longer rely on old “sureness” like home values always rise and will never go down; like stocks will always provide value if we stay in the market with patience.    We are learning that oil can not be relied on long term.   We are learning that the traditional medical profession is getting more and more dysfunctional.  We see more and more that we cannot rely on govermnent leaders and presidents or traditional political parties anymore.   

We are learning more and more to turn to Aquarian ways.  That means we move even further away from so-called authorities, from the “monarchy” of our current world.

We turn to our own mind, our own authority, our connections with a true community of local and global citizens.  The Internet, a true Aquarian web, helps to provide us with this new individual empowerment.   We can find answers and products, without the need for traditional authority like the FDA.    We find, through the web, a community of ideas and information that help to give us our power back.

So you can see how the downfall of our old institutions paves the way forward into a New Age.  The dying economy will eventually transform into a new and more fair and truly functional financial world.  The horrible tragedies like the oil spill will transformm our world into new and cleaner and better energy.

It is best now to let go of your trust in the old institutions and find power in your own mind and soul. It is best also to link up in friendship, partnership, and community with others who are walking similar paths into a new world and paradigm.

You will recieve more and more help, through personal and world events, to let go of old ways and embrace the new. The powerful astrological events that are occurring this summer and beyond are reflections of this transformation.   There is no fate against you or the human condition. We are receiving help to evolve our consciousness and lives into a new world and paradigm.

Astrology Forecast for July 4-10. 

Much was intensified and shaken up at the Lunar Eclipse. Soon, at the Solar Eclipse on July 11, the enerigies will be to move us forward.   Solar Eclipses are New Moons with more punch. That means there will be much energy for new beginnings. 

But this coming week is the last quarter moon before the new moon begins.   Powerful world events are likely as we are between eclipses this coming week.  Pay special attention to what happens with the economy and with the Middle East.   Israel is getting ready to attack Iran before too long, and the two days surrounding the New Moon next week are dangerous for attack.    That time is also dangerous for powerful earthquakes.

On Monday July 5 Uranus changes directions and goes retrograde. Its radical energies are in the air for a couple days.   Things could feel weird or out of control, especailly so as we are closer to the next eclipse for next Sunday.

In personal lives the coming New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer brings up very emotional issues and sensitivities, and can start up family dramas.   Issues about strong women and mothers is also on the front burner now.   Be aware more of those who are vulnerable and cannot take care of themselves like children and the elderly and pets. 

Shifting energies, breakdowns and breakthroughs continue this week.  Change is on the agenda for the whole summer.

We will talk more about the Solar Eclipse next week, as well as the upcoming Conscious Convergence for July 17/18

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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Summer Eclipses and Transformation

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Grand Cross is upon us.    It will be followed by a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer on July 11.  Throughout most of the summer there is T-Square of planets in cardinal signs Aries, Libra, and Capricorn, especially close in late July and early August. 

Many have been feeling increasing tension and intensity inside themselves, in their personal lives and in the greater world. 

In the greater world there is still the challenge of the Oil Spill in the Gulf.  This passing week there was the changing of generals in Afghanistan and the approaching confrontations by Israel of Lebanese and Iranian ships headed with supplies to Gaza. Remember that many empires, inluding the Soviet Union, began their empire’s downfall in Afghanistan. And remember also that many prophecies, including Biblical ones, view the Middle East as the centerpiece around moving from an old world to a new one.

The economy was in the spotlight this week as well,  as federal money for home buyers dried up; bills to continue funds for the unemployed were not passed in congress; and a wall street reform bill gained form and strength.   All show the great winds of change happening now during this summer of 2010.  Our economy, as it happened in the Great Depression, needs to be radically transformed to serve more of the people in the USA and all over the world.  A system built on privilege for the few is unfair and is no longer working well any more.  The economic bailout, passed by the two headed dragon of Democrats and Republicans, has tried to keep the old system intact.  It will fail, recovery is an illusion.

The old world, the Military/Industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us about,  is wanting to re-strengthen its Fortress- like world strength. Great waves of resistance to this Empiric power is forming to break the Old Fortress down and bring in new energies of fairness, equality, love, and truth.  In the big picture all these eclipses and other planetary movements are spikes of change within the Universe’s great cycle of the changing of Ages into an Aquarian Age.   

And perhaps most on point is what is happening in Toronto now.   There is a G-20 meeting there this weekend June 26-27 of the leading Finance Ministers, Central Bank Governors, and heads of state of the richest countries in the world who control most of the wealth in the world.  These economies comprise 85% of the gross national product of the world and 80% of world trade. It will discuss matters of the International financial system and its stability, including talks about the threats to that security by countries like Iran and North Korea.

Protestors, including some hardened anarchists, are ready to fight the Machine.  But nowadays, since the ’60s revolution and the violent Seattle protests in 1999, the Powers That Be have made it extremely difficult to make any powerful statements against the World Order.   They push the protesters into small areas of activity far from the actual meeting places. These meeting places are cordoned off in fortress-like security barriers, with sometimes 2 police for every protestor.  Interestingly, there was a rare earthquake near Toronto this week.

This kind of situation is symbolic of the control over the citizens that the Empire of wealth and armor has now.   The power of the people is being threatened.

But nature, the Universe, and the power of people aligned with Universal movements and truths will continue to push us forward into a New Aquarian Age.

In the year 2000 there was a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction.  They make conjunction every 20 years. That year they were conjunct (or together) in Taurus.  The chart for that moment of conjunction found Uranus in Aquarius square that Taurus conjunction.  Symbolically that meant that the next 20 years after 2000 would show us a battle (squares are battles) between forces of the old world digging in (Taurus) and great waves of change into an Aquarian Age (Uranus in Aquarius).

The half way point of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is 2010, as Jupiter opposes Saturn.  It is at this point that the tide begins to turn away form the powers of the Old World and toward the New Age.  In December 2020, when Jupiter conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius at 0+ degrees, we will collectively be symbolically entering a New Aquarian Age.   There will be more and more breakdowns of the old world and powerful breakthroughs into new ways and consciousness on Earth.

In your own life this is true also.  The power of conditioning from the old world and its institutions will fall away for you more and more.  You can be more liberated now from old tapes that control your mind, heart and soul.  You have Universal permission to break through stifling old patterns that hold you back from your authentic self and true soul’s journey.

This summer season, with the Lunar Eclipse Grand Cross today as I write this blog; a Solar Eclipse on July 11; and a T-square of cardinal planets through most of the summer, will bring more and more shifts internally and externally, to help us to better evolve into alignment with the new Aquarian Age.

Watch for more breakdowns of old ways and breakthroughs into the new between eclipses.

Stay positive during the changing tides of life.  The Oil Spill was meant to show us the error of our ways. We can no longer ravage the Earth for our own selfish benefit, at the expense of our environment and the creatures of the Earth.  We need to stop digging and build new energy resources now.  The downfall of the economy is to show us to new ways that will be better and more equitable for all.  The coming military challenges will be to show us that our dog eat dog mentality is bringing us to the brink of great danger, with all our weapons of mass destruction.

In your own life, whatever breaks down is for a reason. It is to show you to new and better ways to live your life.  I do acknowledge that sometimes shit does happen and it can be very painful and horrible.  But overall do you believe that all happens for a reason or not?  Do you believe you are on a sacred soul’s journey, not just here to raise a family or make money?  There are lessons to be learned and experiences to know, and evolution of your soul has importance.   And very often what we are losing is a doorway into a new phase and often more meaningful phase of our life.

It was inspiring this week to read about a woman who lost her husband during the tragedy of 9-11, and then she started to have contact with him after his death.  She talked to other people who lost loved ones and also were contacted by them after death. This woman then wrote a book about these experiences and subsequently quit her finance company job.  This is a good example of transformation from an old phase of life into a new phase.  And of course it was horrible and tragic to have lost her husband, but the Universe and her deeper soul had new meaningful vistas for her explore and gave her an opportunity to contribute to the human condition here on Earth.

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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Unity Consciousness and Astrology Forecast for June 13-19

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

There is a New Moon in Gemini today- Saturday June 12. This new moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle that leads into the summer solstice on June 21, and then into the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Grand Cross on June 26. 

So this weekend is sort of an entryway into the summer season, a most intense summer season ahead.

Gemini brings many mental and communicative frequencies into our lives.    Let them in, but be careful not to get too scattered, or overwhelmed with information, or too nervous over attempts to figure things out.   Conversations and socializing can be helpful for expressing and releasing these energies.  Keeping it light and fun is in alignment with Gemini energies.

But as this New Moon in Gemini is the beginning of the lunar cycle that leads up to the Summer Solstice and Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Grand Cross, we can also expect issues and events in your life to be heating up.  And new issues and events may come into your personal life this week that set a tone for the summer season ahead.

In our personal lives and in the greater world we are approaching crossroads times. 

In what areas of life are you at a crossroads?    Have you been on the fence with a relationship, not knowing if you can work out issues between you?    Are you not sure if you can keep your job or if you can keep a business going?    Are you not sure if you want to stay on a job or even if you want to change careers?   Are you thinking of moving, not sure what to do?

This summer events will ensue that will likely push you in one direction or another. There will either be breakdowns of the old ways that will let you know it is definitely time to move on, or you will get obvious inspirations to move you into new zones of your life.

In the greater world there are many issues of crisis that are coming to a head and will break open soon.

In the economy, some are saying we are in recovery and some are saying we are about to go into a double-dip recession and even depression. This summer we will know. Surrounding the Lunar Eclipse events will shake out to provide us with a clearer picture afterwards. 

With the gulf oil spill, it is getting close to the time when we will know how bad this disaster really is.  Can we contain the spill and stop the oil from gushing? Or is this disaster going to get far worse?   This summer we will know more.

The Flotilla to Gaza attack by Israel has caused many repercussions.   Both Turkey and Iran have said they intend to send ships to Gaza in order to break the blockade by Israel, a blockade that stops needed aid from coming to the Palestinian people.   If they do send these ships, a much bigger conflict will arise.     And Western Powers are getting very worried about Iran and its capability to build a nuclear weapon.    How dangerous will it get there?     This summer events will break open to let us know where things are headed in the Middle East.

North Korea this passing spring torpedoed a South Korean boat and killed almost 50 sailors.  The South and its allies, including the USA are formulating a response to this attack.      How North Korea then responds is not known yet. We will know much more this summer.

There will be many other global events this summer that we do not anticipate, including more than usual natural events like hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanoes.

There is also a trend toward breaking down and breaking through boundaries, liberating oneself or peoples from confining or repressive situations.  Freedom is the issue.

On a global scale there will be more and more people who are forced from their homes this summer, through foreclosures, natural or man-made disasters, or emigration.

The world this summer will go through much change and many surprises will happen.

It is wise to acknowledge that these personal and global events are meant to happen in order to push us out of an old world, a dying paradigm and age.  We are generally speaking a species that is quite adaptable to changing conditions.  Adapting to changing conditions is necessary to evolution.

And now as conditions change more radically, we are forced to evolve more rapidly.  To do so we must let go of old attitudes and beliefs that keep us chained to an old world and paradigm that is dying.  We need to find ways to move beyond notions of ultimate separation and take in more unity consciousness.  This does not mean we all need to be the same. In an Aquarian Age, which we are evolving into, there is more recognition and respect for distinctive individuality.

But at the same time we see one large family or community of peoples and creatures and environment and Universe. 

Moving to this notion of diversity in unity is essential now to our evolution as a species, and to our ability to save life on this planet and for humanity.

The challenges we have now like the oil spill are dependent on our changing our attitudes.  In this case we honor our Earth annd also realize we are all connected, through the oceans of Earth.  The digging of her and making her bleed oil through the waters must stop. It can only truly be healed if we move to knowing deep in our souls that we are all one family on the Earth, joined together

The dangers of war coming up will force us to realize that our making enemies of others, while having created weapons of mass destruction, can only mean horrible disaster some day for the Earth and all its creatures. Do we need to be taken to the brink to realize this?

Unity consciousness is necessary now to bring us to an evolved enough state to save life on this planet.

And it is important to marry truth with unity or love now too.   It is TRUE that the glaciers are melting and that there is global warming. All intelligent beings know this.   We must face this truth and so many others in order to feel the urgency that will motivate us to ACT NOW on so many issues of vital importance.

Please be part of the Conscious Convergence this July 17/18.  There are local events in your area to honor the Unity Consciousness we all need to evolve to now. If you cannot attend please be there in spirit and through meditation. 

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

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More Volcanoes, More Uranus in Aries changes, and Astrology Forecast for May 30-June 5

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The power of the Earth has spoken again.  Since Uranus entered Aries Thursday, for a mostly 8 year stay, 2 volcanoes have erupted- in Guatemala and  in Ecuador.

In Guatemala, the Pacaya volcano began spewing lava, rocks and debris on Thursday, the day of the Uranus entry, killing at least two people and injuring more than 50 others.

In Ecuador, the  Tungurahua volcano has forced the evacuation of seven villages and shut the airport and schools in Guayaquil, the country’s largest city.

These volcanoes follow close behind the Iceland volcano eruption this spring, which closed many European airports for extended periods of time.   Taken together with the powerful earthquakes that have occurred this year, most notably the devastating one in Haiti, we are collectively experiencing more natural disasters than usual.

As we have spoken of many times before in this blog, this spring and summer 2010 are meant to bring much transformational change to our earthbound human family.   And now with Uranus recently moved into Aries and soon to be joined by Jupiter in Aries on June 8; the changes accelerate.

And then this summer, energies intensify even more as there is a Lunar Eclipse Grand Cross on June 26; followed by a Solar Eclipse on July 11; and a Cardinal T-Square in late July/early August with Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus.

Natural upheavals will not be the only upheavals we experience.   Like the horrific  BP oil spill and our current economic downfall, other “man-made” disasters await us.

We are at human judgement day, so to speak, as we change ages from a Pisces Age to an Aquarian Age.   As with all age changes or any kind of powerful transitions, there can be enormous birth pains.   And while the new age is in the birth canal, we all as a human family make intention for our new age.

What do we release from the last age that does not serve our evolution as a species or our citizenship in our Earth community?   What do we bring with us?   The awaiting challenges will force us to look deeper at who we are, where we have come from, and where we want to go.

Do we want to continue our paradigm of dog-eat-dog survival of the meanest and greediest?  Do we want to continue to see ourselves as separate from one another, as often times enemies who destroy one another?  Do we want to continue a world of privilege for some and poverty and suffering for others?

Do we want to continue to destroy our Earth and its creatures in order to satisfy our selfish desires?  Do we want to continue a predator/prey mentality within our human family that destroys many souls and lives of both the predator and prey?

Do we want to continue to allow our privileged members of society to use others for their own gain? As such can we continue to give privilege to priests and other clergy who molest and destroy the lives and trust and hearts of innocent children?

The Universe will bring us new challenges, which will assist us in releasing old ways that no longer serve our human and Earth community.  These challenges will come in the form of more more economic upheaval, which will give us more creative ability to create a better, more fair and just financial system.

We will deal with more man-made karmic disasters like the recent oil spill, which can motivate us to create better environmental structures and controls, and new alternative energy sources.

We will deal soon with threats of new wars that have the potential to be world wars. These threats may take us to know the fear of nuclear warfare.  Will we then as a result make a true commitment to rid our world of weapons of mass destruction as well as rid our world of the need to destroy others who we compete with or do not understand?

Are we ready to embrace the knowledge that we are all ONE FAMILY on a precious and beautiful Earth, in an awesome and complex Uni-verse?

As you personally embrace this ONENESS, this diversity in unity, as you embrace your authentic and sacred self in this greater community; you then can expect more magic and synchronicity, more feelings of love, more knowing of truth.  You will be more motivated to do your part in contributing to the New Aquarian Age upon us.

Astrology Forecast for May 30-June 5

Saturn, also known as Chronos, signifies time and the limitations time presents us with. On Sunday May 30 Saturn goes direct. It has been retrograde since January 13.  When it goes direct, it is as if Time marches forward again.

There can be a sense then of getting one’s life together or doing what you need to do.  There can be a feeling of increased responsibility, or for some an event occurs that feels somewhat fated or meant to be.   But overall there is sense of not being able to run away from something. It is time to get started with what one may have been putting off or procrastinating about.

Saturn direct can also feel very grounding, and give us order and structure to our lives now.  We are letting go of things that time tells us are ready to end, and we are ready to march forward into something new.   IT IS TIME.

The next day on Monday Neptune changes directions also, but is going from direct to retrograde. Neptune in the air helps us lay back and open up to that which is greater than our selves. It can be a turning more to the Universe or God or Goddess, more to our own inner worlds and dreams.

Together, Saturn and Neptune frequencies now bring us a slow down energetically, a time to ponder and plan.  Others will find this combination a time to feel obligation or guilt, before they are ready to move forward with their lives.

And move faster-forward we are bound to do soon. Jupiter goes into Aries on June 6 and joins Uranus in Aries on June.

These movements are bringing us to new beginnings, to breaking outside our usual boxes of of life, to break down old patterns that no longer serve our growth and progress. It is a time to embrace our independence and strength, to fight for what we believe in, to expand our horizons.

Many more world and personal changes are coming our way.  We can, as a result,  break the chains that bind us now, and liberate our hearts, souls and minds from old conditioning and programming and dysfunctional patterns of behavior.

See you next week

Leo Knighton Tallarico

I will be starting up a blog radio show on the date of the lunar eclipse of June 26. I will provide more details as we get closer to the date.

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Straddling the Worlds and Astrology Forecast for May 9-May 15

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Spring 2010 is bringing in many big changes, as we expected and predicted.   The Iceland volcano eruption is still spewing enough ash to shut down airports in Spain and Portugal this weekend.    Of course when it first erupted in mid April many more countries had interrrupted flights from the eruption.   Not long afterward an oil spill in the gulf near New Orleans has caused massive damage to wildlife and the ocean and severely disrupted fishing and other business.   And this week the stock market severely plunged lower and gives warning that the much ballyhooed economic recovery is an illusion.

The changes have only just begun this spring.  Many more are on the way, and these changes will continue through the summer also.  The Lunar Eclipse Grand Cross on June 26 promises shifting tides of change, and leads into a Solar Eclipse on July 11 that will bring more transformation to our human condition and world. 

In the big picture we are between worlds, between ages.   Many look at this through the lens of astrology, as we know we are changing from a Pisces Age to an Aquarian Age. Others recognize the Mayan prophecies, of worlds changing in 2012.  Still others have studied Hopi prophecies or Biblical prophecies, which also speak to vast Earth and human changes now.

Do you not find it interesting that so many different cultures and viewpoints all point to the same direction?  And now  this transformational change is intensifying.    What can we do to facilitate this change?

Many have been trying to straddle two worlds, keeping safe within the structure and paradigm of an old world; and progressively moving forward into a new world.   But the pull from both directions is geting stronger and stronger.

An old world fights desperately to perpetuate its existence, to survive as its structures are threatened.  Its sense of well-being, as can be partly seen through its economy or its predictable weather conditions, is being eroded.    

A new world has new ideas for survival and community.  This new world brings with it desires to open up connections to heart and soul, to one another and the Universe. It seeks to break away from old conditioning and from old  rules and paradigms, and to open the mind to new ways of being and living.

It is getting more and more difficult to straddle two worlds, to sit on the fence between them.   Challenges that come our way are meant to help us to let go of old beliefs and patterns that keep us attached to the old world.    Fear can be such an enormous demon, blocking our passage forward.  It tells us not speak up against people who are abusive to us.   It makes us wary of change and has us holding onto people, jobs, and other situations that are bad for us, and impede our natural evolution.

It is essential now to be flexible and open to change.   I know how hard it is to let go of what has given one a sense of security. ” Tried and true” ways may no longer work anymore.  Traditional ways may be felt more and more to be stale and lifeless.    The old rules for living are leaving us, and the speed of change into new ways is accelerating.

Hard line conservative people will continue to speak louder and louder as they see their old world going away.  They will be desperate to hold onto what has been familiar to them and in some cases what has givin them privilege.  Many are now speaking through Sarah Palin.  Others will want to repress our freedoms in the name of security.

These hardliners will become dinosaurs soon.  There is a new wolrd being born that they cannot survive within.

 The New World brings more accepted diversity in ONENESS to our human condition.  For instance our gay brothers and sisters are will more and more be leaving the shadows of our culture, especially the dark corners of our antiquated religions.  They become one of the many colors of our world’s cultural rainbow, out in the open for all to see.

Hatred, demonizing and war cries against other countries and peoples will end also as we enter an Aquarian Age of equality and sharing.   

Do not fear the voices of the old world that seek to keep same-old alive.  Open your heart and mind to new voices, new frequencies.

The world changes and personal changes this spring and summer challenge us to stay on our soul path forward to more authentic lives in alignment to nature and the Universe.  Sometimes we may feel fear and our egos trying to take over and wanting to be in control.   But if we keep listening to deeper soul’s wisdom and the helpers and friends we meet on our path, we will be fine.

We will make choices that keep us connected, and keep us on the path to an Aquarian Age consciousness and life.

Week of May 9- May 15

Early this week we clean up old business and finish reviewing and reflecting about our lives.  We are in the last quarter of the lunar cycle until late Thursday night May 13 at the New Moon in Taurus.  And we finish up Mercury Retrograde on Tuesday night May 11, as Mercury goes back direct again.

So expect shifting energies this week.   There will be a feeling of issues clearing up and direction getting more clear.

Mercury has been retrograde since April 18.  Many people have their minds change during that time.  They thought they were going in a certain direction, and then events or inner reflection pushed them to think differently.  And some made big changes or big decisions as a result.  Others have tried to wait before jumping to conclusion.  

Now soon the air clears and we know what to do, and are more clear about where we are headed. Mercury goes direct on Tuesday May 11 at 6:27 PM EDT.

And soon thereafter there is more energy to actually move forward as there is a New Moon in Taurus on Thursday May 13 at 9:04 PM EDT.  Issues concerning comfort and security, money and home come to the forefront.  This is a good month ahead to enjoy nature, stay grounded in your body, and to get more practical with your life.

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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