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Into the Heart and Astrology Forecast July 24-30

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week we enter (on Tuesday) the last quarter phase of the lunar cycle that began with the Cancer New Moon on July 4.   It has been a very violent time period with many terrorist/mass murder attacks since July 4.

With the last quarter phase this week, hopefully horrific events will not be erupting.

Last quarter or 4th quarter phases of the Moon see the Moon’s light dwindling to dark as it gets closer to the next new moon, which will in Leo on August 2.

In the meantime during this 4th quarter phase we are slowing down, reflecting and processing.  We may also be preparing for renewed action and/or new beginnings at the fiery Leo New Moon.

It is difficult to believe sometimes that we are so far into 2016.   Time does seem to be going faster in some way.   For you too?

This year so far has defied expectations.  As we entered 2016 most doubted very strongly that Donald Trump would be the Republican candidate for President of the USA.

Very few people would have predicted all the horrible violence, much inspired by the Islamic State, which has extended its reach far beyond its territory in Iraq and Syria.

The Old World is dying more rapidly now, the old establishment and old paradigm getting weaker and weaker.

The strength of the Bernie Sanders’ campaign shows us the hope for a New World and paradigm, and shows us that young people are ready to get more involved in making our world a better and more fair place.

It has been shown this week through Wikileaks that the Democratic Party establishment worked in favor of Hillary Clinton and against Bernie Sanders.

But that establishment is the Old World and the people following Bernie represent the hope for the New World, whose time has not come in full yet.

All the dislike of the two major party candidates has also opened up the doors for the Green Party and Libertarian Party. People are becoming more aware of their existence, which will give them more visibility and strength for the future.

So for now we must keep our inner lights burning with the hope of the future, when the Old World has given way to the Age of Aquarius.

We can still transform and grow and connect more and more with our better values and with others who share our vision for the human condition on Planet Earth.

Most important is our commitment to personal transformation.   It is not always an easy journey to break down the shackles of the programming of the Old Paradigm.

We are indoctrinated all our lives whether we are aware or not.  We are programmed to respect fear, and to unfairly judge ourselves and others.   We are taught rules and regulations that are not always connected to spirit or to deeper values, just empty ways of being.

We are programmed to emotionally and mentally react to people or situations in egoic ways that separate us from one another and do not truly enhance our confidence or self esteem.

We develop belief systems and inner tapes and patterns that take us out of the Truth, out of our hearts and souls, and into dysfunctional ways of relating to others.

We hopefully get awakened out of the these programs as we get older, and often it takes a very challenging situation, like a divorce or job loss or death to help us to transform beyond the old programming.

We learn to heal from old wounds and traumas and to release and let go of that which is keeping us trapped in our own Old World Paradigm.

We then find our more authentic soul self, and we learn to take this self into more aligned careers and jobs; and into relationships more suited to us and more healthy.

We also then learn we are connected, and that all is connected.  We then can feel we are One human family all together under the Moon and Stars that show their light for us all to experience together.

We become more connected to our world, yet also more connected to our own souls and bodies.

Understand that all the changes we are experiencing now, some of them very painful and frightening, are in some way that we do not completely understand a pathway to a new Age.

Nature and the Universe do not always operate in gentle and kind ways.  Look at hurricanes and earthquakes and predator animals savagely killing gentle prey.

We cannot truly understand the depth of mystery to it all, but I do know we are all evolving into more loving beings who are aligning more and more with the frequencies of the Age of Aquarius.

Use this coming week, as we come down through the yinward last quarter Moon, to come back to our knowing hearts. We can then come out of the fear that we are doomed, or in great danger all the time, or that our lives will be ruined by a horrible new President of the United States.

God/Goddess/Universe is not abandoning us.  We are moving through a sometimes quite difficult transition on the path to the Age of Aquarius.

Till next week,


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Navigating the Changing Times and Astrology Forecast August 23-30.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Last week we expressed to you we felt something big was coming. Well last week so much felt big:  Israel attacked from Syria and retaliated; North Korea and South Korea in a dangerous war posture; but mostly the serious downturn of the stock market- down over 1000 points for the week, and with China’s market crashing the world economy is in a precarious position. I believe these big events are still not the biggest we will face. There is more to come.

You know this is only the very beginning of the Eclipse Season of late summer and early autumn 2015.  As we let you know last week the New Moon in Leo on August 14 brought in the early winds of change from the Eclipse Season.

There is much more transformational change on the way this late summer and autumn. There is still Venus Retrograde until September 6.

The current crisis between North and South Korea is happening during Venus Retrograde.  it is a relationship between two halves of the old whole of Korea.  It is almost like they are twin flames.

North and South Korea split and went to war in the early 1950’s.    That split and war was part of the cold war between the USA and Russia.  Russia backed North Korea and the USA backed South Korea.    At the end of the war a truce was made but not a peace settlement. Technically North and South Korea are at war. Their split is very much a result of interference from world powers.

This Venus Retrograde meeting, as the winds of the Eclipse Season begin to blow in, may be pushing the Koreas to a place where they will need to either move closer to peace now or a war.  Eventually they may unite again.

If there is a war there it might mean that the powers of China, Russia, and the USA get involved.  Let us hope not.

The problems with Israel and Syria now are reflective of issues with Iran as Iran is Syria’s sponsor and ally.   You can see how what happens there will also be important for the whole world as some world countries like the USA have allegiance to Israel and others like Russia have allegiance to Iran and Syria.

The economy is very global now and interconnected as you can see how what has been happening in China (the world’s 2nd largest economy next to the USA) is affecting Wall Street and economies all over the world.

How this Eclipse Season plays out is very important to how the world will transform into the Age of Aquarius.

All each of us can do is to enter and stay in consciousness that is connected to love and truth, to healing our Earth, its creatures and the human family.

Each of us is not perfect and will make mistakes, but it is so important that we keep our intention strong to be in our Higher Self even if we leave it sometimes.

The collective situation is dependent on where each of us is in our consciousness.  No one of us can save the world from what it will go through, but we can each do our part and to join with others who feel the same.

We must each stop ourselves from tendencies to get revenge or to let our rage lead the way.  Yes we must let ourselves feel anger enough to stay stop or no, but we do not need to let ourselves be consumed by hatred or deep animosity that will lead to serious conflict.

This is a turning point for humanity and what each of us feels and does is very important now.

This week, as we have just passed through the beginning of the 2nd quarter phase of the lunar cycle that began last week at the New Moon in Leo; we now are headed toward the Full Moon.

That Full Moon will be next Saturday the 29th of August. It will have the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces.  It will be at 2:35 PM EDT and it will have Jupiter conjunct the Sun in Virgo and Neptune conjunct the Moon in Pisces.

This is normally a very gentle Full Moon, and with Neptune as part of its signature that should keep  it is relatively gentle and speaks to more peaceful energies.  Jupiter is much more spirited but in Virgo it does speak to violence.

The only wild card that day is that Mars will be quincuncx Pluto and that could represent some explosiveness.  But it is not a major planetary configuration.

But the down and yin movement of Virgo and Pisces do speak to the possibility that markets will still be headed downward. If they do for some reason level off or move upward this week, then we can still expect more downward movement during the eclipses and Autumn season.

On Sunday the 23rd the Sun goes into Virgo for a month’s stay.  Time to begin to be more humble, simple and real.   Order is needed more now and hard work is aligned with the planets.  Be careful not to get too skeptical or even cynical now. Moon in Sagittarius should help you stay positive for a couple of days.

Late Monday into early Thursday, as the Sun will be in Virgo and Moon in Capricorn,  it is time sober up, get organized and down to work.    Whatever has been boiling over will begin to settle in a bit into more reason.

Virgo is the last month of Summer here in the Northern Hemisphere and it represents the motivation to get ready for the autumn and a downturn of energies. Though you will see the kids go back to the Virgo regimentation of school and you may feel more motivated to fix things up, get maintenance, checkups or healings; remember there is still time to enjoy what is left of summer.

After the Full Moon next Saturday, we enter the waning half of the lunar cycle.  We will be getting ourselves ready for the intensity of the first eclipse:  A Solar Eclipse New Moon in Virgo on September 13.

Venus Retrograde is also coming into its last phase. On September 6, it will go back Direct- still in Leo. That means that relationship issues will still be in the spotlight of our lives, but the focus will be on finding solution and getting to the heart of the matter.

Old relationships need to heal or people need to move on from each other and Liberate one another.  Hanging on is to the detriment of free spirit. Anger keeps people connected in a very dysfunctional manner.

New relationships will need to begin to get more real.  As we get closer to the end of the Venus Retrograde cycle, we will start to feel more of a need to define these new relationships.    But do your best not to jump to any conclusions either way. Wait for the Venus Retrograde cycle to play its way out.

Some of these relationships that just started around the Venus Retrograde time period are likely past life connections, as Venus Retrograde often suggests past relationships connected to past relationship patterns.

We are being given the opportunity to reexamine our relationship patterns so we can heal and transform them.  That will help us to have better relationships with our current partners or friends or to be more prepared for future relationships.

I know things have not been easy lately for so many of us.  Our issues are being thrown into our faces.  Please do your best to stay centered in the knowledge that all is happening for a reason and that love and truth govern our Universe.

Hate and revenge are the old world and the Old Testament, and keeping that paradigm as a guiding star keeps the old world alive.  Hate and revenge hurt us more than they hurt others as our bodies and souls are stressed and decay with these toxic energies.  Try to find and bring out the best in others no matter what.  Or let them go completely if you cannot.

How we handle relationships tells us so much about the truth of who we are.  Change your vibration and you will attract better people and situations into your life.

Till next week,


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Evolution and Astrology Forecast August 16- 22

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Sure does feel like some really big earth shaking events are right around the corner, doesn’t it?  September, with two important eclipses, is the most likely time of such events, but both August, October, and November are susceptible to great change too.

The New Moon in Leo last Friday August 14 mostly took us out of the funk of a turning point time period.  Now movement is in forward direction for better and worse.    Bridges have been burned behind us and destiny’s path awaits us now.

Perhaps the only question mark on our renewed path now is around relationships.  With Venus still Retrograde until September 6, some are still at a crossroads around heart issues and relationship direction.

Many have been experiencing ghosts of past relationships these last couple of weeks.   People have come back into our lives from earlier times, including past lives.

If during this current Venus Retrograde time period someone apparently new to you has taken your heart and life by storm, they could be from an important past life connection.

Do they seem really familiar to you?  Have you hit it off together surprisingly in a graceful and easy manner? They are back in your life for a reason.

But do not jump to any conclusion too quickly as to what their significance is in your life now.  Do not do anything rash or impulsive.  Best to wait until after Venus goes Direct on September 6 before making any big relationship decisions or taking any important steps in a relationship.

In fact it is best to wait until after the eclipses and into October when Venus goes back to where it started when it went Retrograde.

And this is true for all important relationship issues now.  Do not leap before you look. It is easy now for your perceptions in relationship to be off the mark.   Don’t let your heart or emotions run your relationship life now.  Use a detachment of mind or an inner spiritual observer to assist you in finding an accurate perspective.

At the same time it is quite possible that any relationships that enter your life now will be important to your soul’s path at this challenging and profound moment in human evolution.

We are at a crossroads in evolution.  Do we continue our old ways that now threaten to destroy the Earth, its environment, its creatures, and our human family?   Or do we leap forward with faith into where our souls are leading us, beyond the now toxic and dysfunctional ways?

“An eye for an eye” vengefulness is still prominent in many darker hearts.   We know that attitude must be released in a big way, as the weapons of mass destruction we have built growingly threaten our existence- as more and more countries and cultures have access to them.

Greedy gobbling up of more and more resources and money for oneself also threatens our world.   Greed is a most selfish instinct that leaves so many people starving and/or desperate.   And desperation cause all sorts of human disasters.  And starvation or a sense lack motivates so many crimes.

At the same time as things seem grim and hopeless sometimes in world affairs, many people right now are being awakened and are finding spiritual and soul connections that are taking them forward in evolution.

So there are two distinctly different paths being taken now.  And sitting on the fence between them will not work anymore. You can no longer hedge your bets.  It is time to choose. The Soul’s Higher Self leads your way or your ego self leads your way.

Your Higher Self now is your connection to the evolution necessary to enter the Age of Aquarius.  Your ego self is your connection to the Dinosaur.

This does not mean having no ego! It is all about balance and priority.  What leads your life is the question and what are you moving toward:  Higher Self’s sense of alignment and connections or ego’s separative control of everything?

In the greater world we see this playing out in a drastic way.  The Islamic State is representative of the shadow side of the human condition.

It is the part of each of us and each culture or country that sees the world through the eyes of dog-eat-dog fight for the survival of the fittest.  My self or family or country or religion is better than any else, and we need to ruthlessly fight for its survival against all others.

There is no sense in this paradigm of all as One, everything connected in a sacred and meaningful way.

Evolution is about survival of the fit, but survival is now dependent on a paradigm and consciousness of unity and connection of all.  And being fit requires a consciousness of wholeness and of all humans being a part of the same family on our sacred Planet Earth, which is part of the unity of our Universe.

And we are each an individualized unique cell in the soul of that Universe, and responsible for our authenticity and function in that wholeness.

Killing for our god or our country or our family- so we can survive while others get destroyed will not further evolution anymore. In fact that belief system will kill us all.

Current conditions require us to adapt in new ways right now.  And a consciousness of Diversity in Unity is a prerequisite for evolution into a new age and dimension. And the coming eclipses will challenge us all to transform.

Since the New Moon in Leo, we have entered the last lunar cycle before the eclipses that begin on September 13 at the Solar Eclipse in Virgo.

We are now feeling the beginning winds of the storms of eclipse season.

As these storms blow in, we will need new leaders and voices to assist our journey.   Our world economy needs to be more equitable.  Our foreign affairs need to have more of a sense of unity instead of conflict.

Voices of hatred or superiority or revenge must not be heeded anymore.  Voices that awaken us to the truth,  and to more fair and loving ways are the ones we need now.  And each of us is also responsible for finding those voices in our inner consciousness too.

This coming week, as we move up to the first quarter moon in Scorpio on August 22, we are getting started toward what we have decided is important.

Most planets this week are in either Leo or Virgo.   So there is a split between hearty and proud fun loving Leo, and humble analytical, subdued Virgo.   If you are overly confident or arrogant you will likely be taken down some notches this week

But if you are overly self deprecating or shamed, you will be given some strokes of support for your self esteem this week.

Back to school Virgo activity will increase now, as will Virgo instincts to fix what needs to be fixed and begin projects of maintenance and bringing more simplicity and order to your life.

The Sun leaves Leo and will join Mercury and Jupiter in Virgo next Sunday the 23rd of August.  Virgo helps to purify the ego if used right. If used wrongly it is just the other side of the coin of arrogance: humiliation.

There will be more and more clues now as to what is about to come down in our world soon. So stay as mentally neutral and emotionally non reactive as possible so you can see the truth as it unfolds.

Till next week,


I have created a new YouTube presentation for the Spring Portal.

A new Autumn YouTube will be presented in September.

You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info..

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Leo Knighton Tallarico has been a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for 30 years.

Combining Head and Heart and Astrology Forecast August 9-15

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are working our way through an important turning point in our lives.  This past week, since Saturn went Direct  on August 2, has brought us to a shift in our consciousness and life.  For some this may be rather subtle energetically, but for others it is much more obvious.

Perhaps something has come to light that you were not fully aware of before; or perhaps an event happened that turned your thinking; perhaps someone else has revealed something about themselves or you that you were not fully aware before.  Maybe a light switch went on in your mind or heart that shows you the way to go now.

This turning point time period will give way to a sense of new beginnings after the New Moon in Leo on Friday August 14.  That New Moon will be at 10:53 AM EDT.

The lunar cycle begun at this New Moon in Leo will lead to a very important lunar cycle that will begin at the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Virgo on September 13.  The Solar Eclipse will be followed by a powerful Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aries on September 27.  That is called by some a Blood Moon as it is the 4th Lunar Eclipse in row that is a Total Lunar Eclipse, a rare occurrence.

And all 4 of these Total Lunar Eclipses happen on sacred Jewish dates.

And this turning point we are moving through now- included Saturn going Direct while making close aspect to Jupiter, Venus and Mercury- all right at Israel’s natal Mars placement.

So something is really stirring around Israel.  And this last week during this turning point time, much has been happening with the Iranian nuclear deal, a deal that is passionately opposed by Israel.

One of Israel’s top officials commented this past week that Israel is considering bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities regardless of this deal that was struck with UN countries.

That would likely touch off a major Middle East and perhaps world conflict.

Iraq, Libya, and Syria are suffering largely because of foreign invasions or influences, and the Islamic State is strongly influential now in those and other countries in the Middle East.

And President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran is also being challenged by hawkish elements in the USA Congress, in Iran, in Israel and other countries.

Look for more clues, signs and synchronicities this week to tell you what may be coming to the Middle East and elsewhere during the upcoming Eclipse Season.

And this is also true for your own life.   The turning point time period will shift into Drive Gear at the New Moon in Leo on August 14.  But before Friday keep in mind we are in the last quarter phase of the Moon’s cycle.

So this week before the New Moon in Leo, we will be picking up the emotional pieces from the last few weeks, processing our experiences, and getting ourselves ready for renewed action and greater intensity.  Do your best to not let energies of depression control you before this New Moon, but nevertheless allow your soul to come down into its truth even if that truth will tend to “bring you down”.

We have been getting more into our heart and its wisdom and connections during these last few weeks.  With a New Moon in Leo and Mars going into Leo on Saturday August 8, there is still going to be a strong focus on heart and creative energies.

What makes your heart sing, what and whom is your heart into, how much can you open your heart to express the authentic being that you are by nature?   How much can you improve your self expression and self esteem- enough to put the controlling ego in the back seat of your life?

But along with this heart emphasis we will be integrating the earthy mental vibes of Virgo. Mercury went from Leo to Virgo this last Friday August 7 and Jupiter will enter Virgo (where it will stay for about a year) this Tuesday August 11.

Virgo is the sign after Leo, and as such it tends to humble the Lion’s big roar of pride.  Virgo can also bring some shame to the bravado of Leo, its self focus and its big hearted honesty.  Sometimes big hearted honesty can hurt others like when a little child passes an overweight person and says “look mommy at that fat man”.   Honest and innocent but not aware of its affect on others.

So be ready as we begin to get more Virgo influence of needing to combine more your head with your heart.  Your head is your heart’s important advisor and needs to be consulted on important matters.  And with Mercury ruling the head of mind and communication, its loves to be in Virgo.

Virgo analyzes, finds “what’s wrong with this picture”?, and generally brings one down into the details of cold reality.

So watch for “reality” to begin to come more into play now, and for a greater need to fix or heal what has been broken or injured.

Jupiter in Virgo will make expansive energies be more grounded in practical and logical ways. Inspiration will need to combine with needs to manifest, not just fly into new ideas that are never earthed.

There will need to be more order to one’s aspirations and dreams.

This may sound like a “downer” to some free spirits. But if you want your spirit to serve your purposes for being here on this Earth at this important time, then you will get some help over the next year to make that more real.

Keep in mind also this week that Venus is still Retrograde and will be until September 6.  At this turning point time period, there will tend to be new insights and light shone on important relationships and their patterns and habits.

As you move through this New Moon in Leo, you will be driving your life car forward even if you do not completely know what has recently shifted in your important relationships.  Since the turning point is passing, this New Moon will be bringing you forward into a more certain relationship destiny, even if much still needs to be revealed to your conscious mind.

Till next week,


I have created a new YouTube presentation for the Spring Portal.

You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info..

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Leo Knighton Tallarico has been a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for 30 years.

Winds of Relationship Change and Astrology Forecast July 26- August 1.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Tides are shifting now as Venus has just gone Retrograde and Uranus has slowed down to go Retrograde while activated by its square to Mars.

We are being awakened and taken outside any closed boxes we find ourselves locked inside.   This will especially apply to heart and relationship issues.

The way you have been understanding certain relationships may tend to be challenged now.   You may have come to some fixed way of looking at a relationship, but over the next 6 weeks or so there will be pulls and pushes to see it differently.   Perhaps there will be new events that come into your life then that will shift your perception.

But even more likely, as Venus is now Retrograde, you will be reminded of past relationships that will give you a new perspective on this current relationship.

You might be reminded of an old relationship pattern that has come back into this new relationship.   You might be reminded of how bad or unloving or abusive a past relationship was.  Or you might on the contrary remember how much better some past relationship was.

Or even more likely still, you will be more aware of when your heart was truly into someone, or someone else’s heart was really into you.   Are you in love with your current partner?  When if ever were you in love in your life?

In late June/early July this year- Venus, while going direct, was making a most close conjunction with Jupiter, one that at times looked like one huge star or planet, not two. This is because those two shining planets “merged” with one another.  Love was in the air then, and as Venus was also making aspect to Uranus, that love may have awakened you like Sleeping Beauty, taken you by surprise, or merely took you outside your comfort zone.

Now that Venus has gone Retrograde it will have another meeting with Jupiter in Leo: on August 4. This will tend to reawaken your heart again.

Overall Venus Retrograde, which will last until September 6, will give you time to reflect on relationships.  Certainly this includes romantic and committed relationships, but also friendships, family relationships, business ones, etc.

You will likely receive deeper insights on those relationships, a better sense of the condition of the relationship, a stronger idea of what options you have and what patterns need to be healed.

And if necessary, you will understand better if you can save the relationship or if you need to let it go.

It would be quite important during this Retrograde period to feel your heart, to be in touch with what turns it on and makes it sing.  Turn back the clock on your life to remember what or whom your heart was attracted to, what it loved.

Do you feel love is good for you or do you feel it makes you too out of control of your life?  Some people actually will shut out love from their heart, as they have been too disappointed in the past or have developed a very regimented life that cannot allow love to messy it up.

That would be pretty sad, as an open heart is truly necessary for real happiness.

Much may change for you during Venus Retrograde, and whatever does will prepare you for a most important new chapter in your life that is wanting to develop.

When Saturn goes Direct overnight August 1st/2nd, there will be a Universal clock that will start ticking again, so to speak.  Saturn is the hand of time, and you will have a sense that “it is time”, that “time is marching on”, that you have chosen what road to take now.

That Saturn going direct will be accompanied by other planetary movements that same week that will tend to give you a sense of a big turning point in your life. In the Global world that will also be true, as signs will point to a likely fate for our world. Saturn Direct and Jupiter will be making exact aspect to Israel’s Mars.  That gives a strong indication that Israel will either initiate a military adventure or be attacked within weeks after Saturn goes Direct.  The USA chart is also facing most difficult aspects too, like Pluto very closely opposite its natal Sun.  The time surrounding the eclipses could be very challenging.

You will likely be moving in a set direction at that time, opening up doors that will take you to new events soon to manifest in your life.

And yet relationship issues may not be decided on yet at that time.  Venus will still be retrograde until September 6 and it will not be back to where it started going Retrograde until October 9, at which time more clarity and direction for heart issues will be formed.

And of course there will be two strong eclipses on September 13 and 27 that will tend to shake things up.  They will especially shake up your life if you are holding onto anything that is not truly aligned for you and your life. It could be a time of breakdown of what needs to pass, and breakthrough into new ventures and adventures.

The greater world will also be experiencing big breakdowns and breakthroughs then, as the streams of light for transformation and healing will be especially powerful then. It will be another important portal into the Aquarian Age opening, and light cannot shine through dense blocks in a system, blocks that represent a clinging to the past, and attachments to that which does not serve your Higher Self anymore.

And Higher Self connection is getting more and more important with every new day.  The ego self wants control, and does not truly care about connections, Love, and Truth.  It cares about putting its own needs above the cycles and rhythms of nature and the Universe, and above the heart of any matter.

With so much transformation moving in to rearrange our priorities and lives, we must now allow our soul and heart based Higher Selves to take over.   This is true even if our hearts are taking us to that which does not seem practical or conventionally apt.

The old normal is dying, which means that conventional wisdom is not wise anymore. Following empty rules will not better your life.

The “connections” will be taking over our new normal, so old “shoulds” will not serve you.

Just look at this last week to better understand where the conventional old world is headed. There were two more mass killings- one in a movie theater. There was an African-American woman who apparently committed suicide in jail after being pulled over by a policemen for not using her turn signal when changing lanes.  Donald Trump is polling in first place for the Republican nomination for President of the USA. And you think he cannot possibly become President? Think again. He is rich and famous and brash, the lower ego self that all too often runs America in the old world.

And also this past week, President Obama signed a bill from Congress that makes it almost impossible to legally challenge Monsanto and GMO products.

Your Higher Self is your only way out, and your heart and soul are the only way to get to your Higher Self.

So now as we experience Venus Retrograde, get your heart’s desires in order around relationship. Stay with who is in your heart, stay away from ego run people who will bring you down.

Transform, repair or heal toxic and/or dysfunctional relationships and their patterns during Venus Retrograde– or get out of them.

Also later this week on Friday the 31st, there is a Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius.   Choosing between what turns you on versus what is socially conscious can be an issue at such Full Moons. Leo is a sign wanting what opens its heart and what will be noticed or popular.  Aquarius cares more about group consciousness, social consciousness, and uniqueness.   The Full Moon on the 31st is at 6:43 AM EDT.  Venus, while still retrograde then, will slip back into heart centered Leo again also on the 31st.

Then on Saturday August 1, Saturn goes Direct and that gets the hand of time clicking as we start moving in a more certain direction. And then on August 14 there is a New Moon in Leo that will put more fuel in our hearts and life gas tanks as we rev up for the big events is September:  A Solar Eclipse New Moon in Virgo on September 13 and a Lunar Eclipse Full Blood Moon in Aries on September 27.

Evolutionary energies are growing stronger and your Higher Self intuitively knows the way forward.

till next week,


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Leo Knighton Tallarico has been a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for 30 years.

Following Our Better Angels and Astrology Forecast August 3-9

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The past week after the New Moon in Leo and Mars going into Scorpio, we entered a new zone for our human lives on Earth.

There is no turning back, as all the roads that would lead to a continuation of the old stories and old patterns have been closed for soul travelers.

You can still try but you will only become locked up into the Groundhog Day maze of Deja Vous over and over again and again.

The Cardinal Grand Cross Eclipse Season from earlier this year shook up our lives and awakened us to the new journey, to a new season or chapter of our lives.

In the process, we have felt the losses and some were quite painful.   There was and still is grief for what we left and let go.

But now it is time to move forward without looking for a way back.   This coming week, as we are in the waxing half of the lunar cycle begun last week at the Leo New Moon; we keep our eyes ahead.

This coming week will be dominated by Leo and Scorpio energies.  That means it is important now to get more firmly connected to your passion and your purpose, to your heart’s desires and your creative spark.

If you are over analyzing and trying to desperately figure out what to do or what direction to move in, then your ego is in control of your life.

With Leo and Scorpio dominating our energy field this week, it is best to “follow your gut” and instincts (Scorpio) and follow your heart and creative spontaneity (Leo).

If your mind tries to keep control and brings a lot of fear with it, you will be tempted to stop trusting the path you have chosen and to want to retreat.

Believe me there is no where back you can go now.   It is best to follow your heart, intuition and instincts to keep you on track.  That does not mean you should be impulsive and “throw all caution to the wind”, as that would be a way to avoid being present.

Your mind can now be a valued advisor as it gives up its need to be your boss, letting you now know if your heart or intuition is a bit off, but it should not be allowed to make fear your guiding hand.

Your heart and soul now will show you the connections, will light your path, as they show you the synchronicities, signs, and symbols, the inspirations, that keep you on track.

Stay away or limit your interaction with people who will have you doubt your own wisdom and doubt the path you have chosen.   Even people you may consider intelligent can still be limited by a closed mind that has not been awakened to the new world.

With Leo and Scorpio prevailing energies this week, open up your creative channels of expression.   Write, paint, draw, dance, sing, do anything that opens you to your deeper self, its voice and its expression.

As you get more in touch with your passion and authenticity now, you will also see that there is a lot of magic all around, lots of winks from the Universe letting you know you are connected and aligned.

Being connected and aligned to the “silent voice” inside you, brings you to everything you need.   Being disconnected to that voice and to your heart and soul brings you back to a chattering and fearful mind, one that will sabotage your natural evolution now.

So finish off your job of cutting loose beliefs, mindsets, patterns, people, jobs, or places that hold you back in fear, that make you feel worthless or inconsequential, that tell you are “out of touch with reality”.

Do you ever feel you are a sane person in an insane and dysfunctional world?  The old “reality” is keeping many members of our human family chained to ways of being that are destructive. Us versus Them mentality is rearing its ugly head in big ways now.  It is killing off many innocent human beings in the Middle East and elsewhere.

But if you attach yourself to those dramas in ways that make you more hateful, more fearful, more despondent and hopeless, then you need to let the attachment go and realize that there is a greater meaning to it all.

Nature brings storms and calamities all the time to cleanse our world and bring rebirths.   And as painful as it is to see such horrible suffering and pain in our fellow human being as these wars are bringing; we can still know that rebirth will come from the ashes of that old world. More and more people are being awakened to the knowledge that these old ways of destroying “the hated enemy” are being perpetrated by the dinosaurs of our future world.

I see awakened people all the time.  They know they cannot save the world, but at least they are seeing the truth of how the old attitudes and beliefs are destroying us. They are taking the journey of healing and transformation that is a prerequisite for our evolution into the Age of Aquarius.

As more and more of us evolve, as more and more of us speak up with new voices, as more and more of us let love and truth be our guiding lights, and trust that we live in a meaningful Universe, we lead the way for our future generations.

The carnage in the world now need not discourage us, but instead should remind us of how important it is now to help heal and transform ourselves for our new world.

How you were yesterday at your worst, or how our world was yesterday at its worst, do not determine who we are today nor what the future will be.  We have the ability to choose to live our lives according to our “better angels” today and be enveloped by the light of the Age of Aquarius now.

See you next week,


If you have the time please enjoy the youtube video created for Spring Eclipse Season 2014 and the Cardinal Grand Cross.

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There is already a YOUTUBE video autumn 2013 forecast out at

There is an old YOUTUBE video Astrology Forecast for Spring Eclipse Season. Check it out if you feel so moved.

You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years


Dawn’s Early Light and Astrology Forecast July 27- August 2.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are truly moving forward now into a New Chapter and Season of our lives on Planet Earth.  Yesterday Friday July 25 Mars went into focused and intense Scorpio, and the New Moon conjunct expansive Jupiter is today July 26 at 6:42 PM EDT.  This new season at the New Moon has begun after the Cardinal Grand Cross this last spring and thus represents a powerful new beginning.

Maybe for some loose ends still need to be tied and a bit more clarity needs to form, but we have each hopefully jumped on the moving train and are ready to go.

The only thing you need to be sure of now is what you believe.  Do you at the core of your being believe we live in a connected and meaningful Universe?  Or have you bought into the fear based programming of the world?

What you now attract to your self is very dependent on that belief system.   Will you attract the “better angels” inside your self and in the Universe, or will you attract the ones that will swallow you up into more hellish places in your mind and heart?

Are the circumstances that unfolded during this past Spring Eclipse Season with the Cardinal Cross meaningful and meant to usher in a new Chapter of your life; or were those events random bad luck or good luck?  It is your choice.

Even if the those events were painful and difficult, they still happened for a reason, were a learning experience or a motivation to accept the turning pages into a New Chapter of your life.  Or do you see it differently, through eyes of more “glass half empty” focus?

We cannot stop the changing tides of life, but we can better adapt and evolve within those changes if we believe our lives are sacred and meaningful.   This is not necessarily about believing in “God”, but more about believing in spirit and soul and believing that we humans are capable of evolving into beings who can have love and truth as our guiding lights.

This is absolutely necessary now. Take a look at our world now.  The old world is beginning to come apart.  We are being brought to “judgment days” inside ourselves.

Do we see the unravelling, which has much violence in its process, as a sign we are all going down into the abyss together?  Or do we see this as part of the transformation into an Aquarian Age, part of the process of releasing old programs and beliefs that can not come with us if we are to truly evolve and survive?

What is happening now in Gaza is a terrible tragedy.  These bombings are indiscriminate and reflective of a lack of concern for the people there. As of this writing over 1000 people have died in Gaza as a result of these attacks, the vast majority civilians, and many children.

This is part of the old paradigm of only caring about “me and mine”, “us versus them” mentality, needs for superiority and inferiority, and needing enemies to fear and hate.

The Middle East, a place of the original human civilizations and organized religions, reflects our roots which have decayed.   Now we need a deep transformation, from the core of our beings, so we can build an Age of Aquarius from the ashes of that old world and paradigm.

You can expect more turmoil in the Middle East and in Ukraine/Russia and elsewhere, as old borders from a contrived world of nations break down. The Old Order is no longer viable.

A new world, an Age of Aquarius is within our grasp if we get to a consciousness that believes we are equal in value, and that a world of Diversity in Unity is possible, a world where love and truth are our guiding lights.

In your own world do your best to balance an allowing of the change, with a holding onto some security and stability.

And now, with the New Moon in Leo and Mars moving into Scorpio, there is a  breaking open of that which was still stuck, a release of the old, and a burst of energy giving movement to go forward.  In addition, Venus will trigger the Uranus/Pluto square and the old Cardinal Grand Cross this coming week, to add to the intensity and power of transformation.

Much of this energy will be passionate and potentially quite creative too. It is best now not to try too hard to control or repress the natural movement inside and around you.

Find the proper boundaries or limits so you are not flooded with emotion or anxiety, but do nonetheless allow nature to take its course.

This is only the beginning of chaotic turmoil in the greater world, it will continue to intensify.   It will affect all corners of our Earthly world.  The way we have been programmed to believe, the world we have been conditioned to find stability within, will be entering our rear view mirror.

We are being awakened to the truth and to new ways of thinking, being, and feeling.   We are being dis-illusioned from the government, media, and corporate programming of who are the “good guys” and who are the “bad guys”. Wake up and realize the so-called bad guys see the supposed good guys as their bad guys.   It is all made up as an excuse to fight against those who seemingly threaten our way of life.   We must end this old paradigm.

As we awaken out of our slumber, we drop into a deeper knowing that we are all one human family in an Age of Aquarius.

Resist the urge to hate Putin or hate Islamists or anyone else, as our media and corporate/government powers from an old age try to convince us.

Resist also your desire to hate your ex-husband or boss or father or whomever.   Their presence in your life is as a teacher of something you need to learn or experience.

And all of us are moving back “home”  inside ourselves, some faster than others, but all wanting to know we are safe in the arms of a loving Universe.

See you next week,


If you have the time please enjoy the youtube video created for Spring Eclipse Season 2014 and the Cardinal Grand Cross.

You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info..

There is already a YOUTUBE video autumn 2013 forecast out at

There is an old YOUTUBE video Astrology Forecast for Spring Eclipse Season. Check it out if you feel so moved.

You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years