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Truth and Lies and Astrology forecast June 2-8

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

There is a New Moon in Gemini on Monday June 3 at 6:02 AM EDT.  On June 2 we are under a dark Moon, and that will also be true on the day of that New Moon in Gemini on the 3rd.

In fact new moons, signifying new beginnings, do not really start until we can see a sliver of lunar light.  That will be no later than the evening of June 4.

During dark moons, it is usually a prime time to meditate with affirmations and/or visualizations, to make strong intention of whatever is important to you at the time.

This New Moon in Gemini shows us a good time for giving, attending, creating, and planning for classes, webinars, workshops etc.  It is also a good time for reading and studies.

Gemini is “ruled” by Mercury, called the messenger of the gods; so Gemini time periods are about working with issues of communication.  Gemini loves words, so for most Gemini’s writing and talking are very important to them.

Gemini is an air sign, and as such it is in the head a lot , concentrating  on thinking and figuring out.  Air signs are also often social butterflies, seeking light and care free social interactions.  Gemini is the air sign most like that butterfly who goes from flower to flower, more so than the other two air signs Libra and Aquarius.

And Gemini needs many interests, and being that way motivates many of them to go from one thing to another,  even one thought to another, or one person to another.

When they are in their normal rhythm they are light and airy, effortlessly delivering information to others and bringing in new information too.  They are fact based and detail oriented.

The challenge for many Gemini’s is to slow down or stop the “monkey mind”, especially during meditation. It can get overwhelmed with information being collected in its mind.

It loves a good mental challenge, and curiosity is one of its motivations for learning new things. It is the questioner, and it is in its default nature to question most everything.  Sometimes that means it is challenging someone’s information or opinion, but sometimes it is just geared to ask questions for no deeper reason.

So now as we move through the Gemini New Moon this week, it is a good time to think about classes, learnings, friendships, starting something intellectually stimulating, reading a new book, or getting up the courage to speak up and communicate what is on your mind. Gemini does not usually like emotional confrontations, however.

Not long after  this New Moon in Gemini, Congress will question AG Barr and/or special prosecutor Mueller, and others in preparation for impeachment.

The Military/Industrial Complex foundation is showing immense cracks, ready at any time to begin to crumble.

The stock market went way down last week, and war cries against Iran got much stronger.  The USA trade war with China and Mexico heated up last week, as did their war of words with China on other subjects. And North Korea is back up in the Empire’s consciousness as it shows increasing animosity for the USA administration.

I say all this to show you that over the next 9 months or so, Pandora’s Box will break open with some major world event(s), ones that will change the world.

Intensity increases during an Eclipse Season,  and this one will have its first breezes of change after this New Moon in Gemini.

The first actual eclipse will be on July 2,  a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer at 10+ degrees.  The 2nd eclipse is a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Capricorn at 24+ degrees.

But the most powerful shake-up will occur late Autumn 2019, early  Winter 2020.  It is a huge turning point for the world. That Eclipse Season will open The Box if not yet opened.

Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn will make its only exact conjunction in January 2020, the day after a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon as Uranus goes direct that day also.  (Webinar I am giving on June 22 will talk about all that, the powerful changes in the world as a result, and a look at each participant’s chart to see how they may each be affected in their own personal life.  Noon-4:30 $120.) Write me at to sign up.

There is no way anymore that we can put bandaids on the big issues and conflicts.  They are all coming to a head, so to speak.  There are so many enlightening waves of energy filled with hope and the magic of Universal signs and synchronicities under the rock solid box of an old world’s status quo. That box is breaking open soon and dark and light will all be released together for each of us to sort through in our consciousness.  The Age of Aquarius is a creation made from it all.

This week with the New Moon in Gemini, new information will begin to make itself known.   Facts greater than all the lies and fabrications will be available to those aligned and looking for truth.

Neptune is square to the New Moon in Gemini, so there will some confusion and distortions to work through.  If you can let go and surrender your left brain need to obsessively get to the logical truth, what you need to know will unfold itself and present itself when you are ready to receive.

Each media source operates more from an agenda than from a desire for the facts and truth.   Julian Assange represents someone who has worked to get the truth of what our governments and authorities hide from “we the people”.

These “authorities” are trying to silence him or put him away. He now is extremely sick and maybe even dying. He represents freedom of the press and its duty to deliver us truth beyond the programming. Now each of us must be responsible to find these truths for ourselves.

Look closely and deeply this month for what is true and what is not, and do not let your political persuasion influence you.  This Gemini lunar cycle is mainly about the facts and communication of them. Next month the Eclipses shake things up and out of same-old, same-old.

Till next week


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Believing in Love and Astrology Forecast May 25- May 31

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Eclipse Season and the Cardinal Grand Cross brought energies that shook up our lives, emotions, and consciousness.   Since then, we have been settling into the aftermath, looking in a very real and grounded way at what has resulted from the Eclipse Season storms.

Mars going Direct this last week has showed us the end of that Season and prompted us into starting up our life engines and getting prepared to move forward into new chapters of our lives.

Hopefully we have gained a clearer sense of what we want and where we are going. Perhaps we do not know exactly what we are doing yet, but we do have at least a general sense of where we are going..

This coming week planetary energies entice us to move forward another notch, but there may be some confusion or boundary issues attending that movement.

There is a New Moon in Gemini this coming Wednesday May 28 at 2:40 PM EDT.   Nebulous yet deeply spiritual Neptune will be squaring this lunation.

As a result, communication may be challenging mid week; finding focus to one’s thinking may not be so easy either at times.

Being in alignment with this New Moon configuration will be easier if you can surrender any rigid agendas, lay back and trust the flow. Your mind will be more able to see all the possibilities, to go outside the box and find new ways to think, to have the light bulb light up with new ideas.

In other words this week is a good time to keep your mind and heart open, to listen better, to ask more questions.

Just be careful not to get too scattered in your thinking, too unfocused in your communication.

The windows in your mind can be opened up more this week, but this does not mean you should change directions from what you have recently decided to do.  Question, listen, mull over new possibilities, but control impulsiveness. Let the process play itself out.  Control your need to lessen your stress and insecurity by jumping to conclusions and acting out before it is time.

The recent months of changing winds, breakdowns and breakthroughs has put all of us in new life territory.   But it is too soon to have all the answers, to know all you need to know.

This New Moon in Gemini square Neptune will be very useful for those wanting to meditate, be with spiritual practices, go to metaphysical classes and workshops, soul travel, listen to music, dance, go boating, swim, and stroll on the beach.

You can also have very enjoyable conversations that provide deeper  insight, as long as you do not try too hard to persuade or sell, or to have too strong of an opinion or judgment.

Enjoy more fluid thinking and conversation without needing to come to absolutes.

Keep in mind that Mercury will go Retrograde on June 7, and Mars will be shaking things up again when it triggers the Grand Cross in mid to late June.

We may need to wait until after July 26 before all is clear for “takeoff”.  By then Saturn (hand of time) will have gone Direct on July 20; and on July 26 there is a New Moon in fiery Leo while at the same time Mars finally leaves “back and forth” Libra and goes into focused and powerful Scorpio.

Then we will have more fully entered this New Chapter or New Season of our lives.

In the greater world it is getting more and more clear that a muti-polar world is developing aligned with an Age of Aquarius.  Aquarius is a sign that connects all  in a web-like configuration- like the internet.

The world of nations is moving that way too.  There is no central control in Aquarius.  There is connection without control, there is unity combined with individuality.  Or in other words Diversity in Unity.

So during the last 2000 years of a Pisces Age there have been attempts by nations and religions to bring unity without individuality.  Empires have sought to homogenize all within its “domain” into its own principles and way of life. Religions have sought to make their God the only God and for all others to follow that God through proselytizing.

Now in an Age of Aquarius all peoples will be free and equal to one another in the web of unity, and each individual will be responsible for their own spiritual search and connections.

The world of nations since the Eclipse Season and Cardinal Cross has shifted in a big way.  Russia is making its presence known through its strong statements and movements in Ukraine , by severing its relationships from the western world and USA, and especially so with a huge gas deal with China.

China is in conflict with the USA about territorial disputes with USA allies Philippines and Japan.    And most importantly this last week,  the USA is legally charging Chinese with hacking against USA interests.  This could turn into a very important schism between nations.

And it is looking more possible that China, Russia, and Iran will build a coalition with other nations to counter western and USA power.

There is a strong possibility that world wide conflicts could develop in order to rearrange the balance of power in the world.  And the economic system will transform as a result.

Over the next 18 months or so, the world will transform in a most powerful way, helping to end a paradigm and age that is no longer viable.  Much of what will happen can not be predicted, but expect our lives to change appreciably so the doors and windows can be open for light energies of evolution to move through.

For now, as you move forward in your own life and personal evolution of consciousness, remember that all changes that are moving through your life are meaningful and meant to assist you on your life path.

Though it can painful and/or sad at times, that which breaks down or leaves our life clears the way so we can see the truth, and so we can move more fully into honoring our authentic soul self, and receiving true love that is connected to who we are not who we try to be.

Love is not negotiation for what we want to take from one another.   Love is in the heart, it is when we truly care for one another, have each other’s back, and can trust one another.  No relationship, romantic or otherwise is worthy without trust between people, and without the natural flow of love to both give and receive.

If you settle for less you are making a powerful statement to the Universe about what you believe in.

see you next week,


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