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Eclipse Season Begins and Astrology Forecast June 16-22.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

A bugle sounds for us to wake up from hiding this week.  As the bugle sounds, the first strong winds of Summer Eclipse Season 2019 begin to blow in.

The first of 2 eclipses, however, does not arrive until July 2; nevertheless, the Full Moon in Sagittarius this week on Monday the 17th opens up the Eclipse Season. And Summer Solstice is also this week on Friday the 21st.

Summer Solstice on the 21st is at 11:54 AM EDT. This day is the day when light is at its greatest and dark is at its least.  But dark minutes start growing right after the Summer Solstice and light begins to retreat.

Summer Solstice is also the beginning of having the Sun in Cancer for the next 30 days. The Sun in Cancer, the sign of Mother nature, shows us a time when Nature is in full bloom at its most abundant.  Cancer is a sign of nurturance, like a Mother feeding a baby.

Cancer likes to be taken care of or to take care of others, and at its best loves unconditionally.  At its worst it lacks boundaries and can hover over those it loves, giving them little room to breathe- hence the word s-mother.

This is a good month to be with family, whatever family truly means to you.  Being supportive and being supported is in line with Cancer too.

The next 9 months or so will thrust us forward into new dimensions of Love and Truth, even as darker realities burst some bubbles of our illusions.

This Summer Eclipse Season 2019 will last into August, and it will bring with it the beginning of presidential debates in preparation  for Election Day in November 2020.

Winter Eclipse Season 2019/2020 will be a climactic time period, which will include the powerful and important Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on January 12, 2020.  That conjunction will be right after and conjunct the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon In Cancer on January 10, 2020. (See webinar information below).

Right now, this week we awaken our spirits and souls with the Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius, which is only one day after an important Jupiter/Neptune square.  That square has Jupiter in Sagittarius (its favorite place to be) squaring Neptune in Pisces (its favorite place to be) on Sunday June 16.

And both Jupiter and Neptune are part of the signature of the Sagittarius Full Moon the next day on June 17.  Jupiter is widely conjunct the Moon, while Neptune in Pisces is square that Moon.

This is a lot of energy opening up. It may feel chaotic at times for some. Others may experience an opening into spiritual dimensions, with increased signs and synchronicities from the Universe.

The Gemini/Sagittarius Full Moon is usually one that opens up the mind and stimulates a need to find resolution, meaning and understanding, even in the face of much information to sort out.

Lively conversation is usually opened up during this Sag Full Moon.  Jumping to conclusions is common during this lunation.  Enhanced intuition and rapid fire thinking are common at this full moon.

With Jupiter and Neptune also involved, some will get confused and/or out of usual mental balance.

If you can surrender your need to keep an agenda or fixed paradigm, you may open to new perceptions and judgments that will assist your growth.

And surrender is a good strategy for this week, a surrender to something greater and to a bigger picture of what is happening.

You may also this week get a good sense of what this Summer Eclipse Season is all about for you and for our world.  What issues are needing to be focused on?  What needs to be changed or transformed?  What needs to be released? What do you need to let in?

Eclipse Seasons always shake us out of status quo reality and thinking. They take us off our usual balance so we can be more vulnerable to growing and evolving. They bring a greater energetic intensity too.

Besides the Solar Eclipse on July 2, there is a Lunar Eclipse on July 16; and mixed in with it all is Mercury being Retrograde from July 2 through July 31.

Back to this week: We have Jupiter square Neptune on Sunday June 16 (though it will be felt most of the week); Mercury making aspects to Neptune, Jupiter, and Saturn- also on the 16th.

Neptune is slowing down now to go Retrograde on Friday the 21st- the same day as the Summer Solstice. When a planet slows down to change directions its energy is much stronger. Confusion, chaos, as well as deeper insight and psychic abilities are enhanced with a strong Neptune. The Inner Kingdom beckons.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is on the 17th, merging with the aforementioned Neptune aspect of the 16th. It may be too easy for some to be overwhelmed with information and details now.

It may also be challenging for some to find truth within all the clashing information and energy shifts.

That search for truth is our reality most of the time now. Everyone (most especially news media) is pushing an agenda and few seem to be interested in what is real or true if it does not fit into the agenda.

On Wednesday the 19th the conjunction of Mercury and Mars opposes Pluto.  That is a very intense combination and very powerful.  There is more likelihood to be involved in a war of words this week in our personal life conversations. Anger is too easy to feel and express now- be careful.

Even more dangerously, a war of words out in the world is getting more likely now.  Even before this week, the USA and Iran have been thrust into near war.

The USA leadership is obviously setting us up for war with Iran, as it did similarly with Iraq and Libya. Remember Iraq being said to possess weapons of mass destruction?

Can “we the people” be that stupid again?  The USA and Western World made an agreement with Iran under the Obama administration, and Iran is said to have complied.

Trump unilaterally “tore up” the agreement and now through increasing sanctions is pushing Iran into extreme economic  difficulty.

We have made greater enemy of Russia and China also, with economic sanctions and tariffs on each of them.

Remember however, that all this Old World separation and enemy making is not our future. We are needing a deep purge of this old fecal matter from our collective unconscious.

The dark in our world is growing inside its walls of separation, while at the same time light is pushing through the cracks of those walls, wanting to inspire us to leave the darkened walls and to create a new world out in the fields of Nature.

That Nature so needs our loving embrace now, and we need its embrace too.  The technological world we are building must stop its movement away from having healthy bodies and a healthy Earth to live on.

Technology has a very important role in the Age of Aquarius, but without a healthy Earth and healthy human bodies and souls to cradle it, all will vanish.

These next 9 months are crucial for what will happen on Election Day and after.

Let’s get a good start on it all this week as Summer Eclipse Season 2019 commences, as Summer Solstice occurs too.

The “reality” of the mainstream culture is distorted and toxified now.   It is an old paradigm that we have been programmed into.

George Orwell was divinely inspired to write the book 1984.  Look around at our world now. So many have forgotten how to truly think for themselves, on both sides of thinking.  There is a conservative agenda’s mantra to follow and uniform to wear. And there is a liberal political correctness to follow and uniform to wear.

The New Age thrusts us outside the boxes, so we can think and feel for ourselves

Remember the movie Truman’s World with Jim Carrey?  He was programmed from birth to believe real life was what he was experiencing every day. But his “real life” was just a set for the TV program he was constantly the star of, 24 hours a day- every day.  His view of nature was in reality a made up television set.  On the edges of the set, however unbeknownst to him, curtains could be opened to view and enter true Nature and the Real World.

There is no Age of Aquarius until enough people have left the programmed set and seen the beauty and wonder beyond the walls.

Info on this week’s webinar below.  Regular Podcasts/Radio Show to soon follow.

Till next week


with Leo Knighton Tallarico

JUNE 22nd, 12noon – 4:30pm (EDT)

It is time for Powerful Transformation at the Saturn/Pluto conjunction as well as the July and January eclipses!!

In 2019 Saturn and Pluto get very close and in January 2020
they are exactly conjunct one another at the time of the eclipses.

Those two planets have an approximate 35 year cycle with one another, and when they meet up, most always show huge change in both personal and global life arenas.

What personal life changes can I expect during this time?
How does the Saturn/Pluto conjunction fit into my natal chart?

What is the history of world changes with Saturn/Pluto meetings?

What events can be expected in the world and in the USA over the next 2-3 years?

How does the Age of Aquarius fit in with all this?

All these questions will be answered, and yet we will also give some preliminary glance at the charts of presidential candidates.

Please join us for this one day class/webinar live
on June 22nd between 12 noon and 4:30 PM EDT.
Cost is $120, payable through PayPal.

If interested please write Leo at: to sign up or ask questions.

On sign up please give Leo your birth date, time, and place.

About: Leo Knighton Tallarico
Leo has been a full time professional Astrologer for 34+ years.  His approach is soul-oriented and insightful, both psychologically and spiritually, and is focused on the transformation of consciousness into the Aquarian Age.
He offers astrological chart analysis along with on-going counseling at the crossroads of life for individuals and couples. Leo has lived and practiced in Chicago, Illinois, Madison, Wisconsin, the San Francisco Bay Area, California, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Portland, Maine. He has spoken at numerous venues and conferences in those areas and taught astrology classes at College of San Francisco and via webinar across the world.  He hosted his own radio show, Renaissance Radio Hour, on public radio in Santa Fe from 2000-2003.  Leo has been
co-director of Spiritual Renaissance Center, located in S. Portland, Maine, with his wife Deborah since 1997, and has been a writer and editor for its publication. He has written a weekly astrology forecast blog since 2008 and written for many other publications throughout the years. You can read his blog at:
Web-sites: and



Rushing River of Change and Astrology Forecast June 9-15.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week on Sunday/Monday the Moon in Virgo makes a square with the Sun in Gemini.  This makes for a half Moon lit up in the Sky, beginning the 2nd quarter phase of the lunar cycle.  That cycle began on June 3 at the New Moon in Gemini.

Of course this Gemini lunar cycle shows us the importance of communication, yet also shows us the importance of having an open mind that is filled more with questions than answers.

So in your personal life it is aligned now to open your mind up to more possibilities and ideas, instead of closed minded surety of your opinion and ways.

It is also fortuitous now to be present and to make a strong effort to be present in relationships as a true listener.

As a couples’s counselor, I sometimes witness people who believe that if their intentions are good they have done no wrong in what they say or do to others.

Not true! It is most important to truly be aware of how a person will receive what you are communicating. That is one reason that it is important to ask questions so you know where the other person stands in their emotions and thoughts.

Most people in relationship get really concentrated in defending their position and in “winning” the argument.

Really healthy relationships have each person in the relationship having empathy for what the other person believes or feels.  This does not mean sacrificing your needs or opinions to keep the other person happy.

You can be solid in being true to yourself, while at the same time having a true understanding of the other person, their needs and desires.

When each person honors their own self and sovereignty , they are in a potentially healthy position to honor and respect the other person too.  Win/Win is the goal which can be attained most always in most situations.

As the second quarter Moon in Virgo passes through late this weekend, there is the potential for nervous energy, anxiety, and obsessive thinking.   Both Virgo and Gemini are ruled by the planet Mercury.  Mercury operates in the brain/mind and through the nervous system and spine.

Yes it is a prime time for analyzing, logical thought, and information gathering and expressing.   But I am pretty sure you do not want to be in mental overload or obsessive thought, pushing for answers and solutions.

Sunday/Monday, while the Moon is in Virgo, there is an aspect that will offset the monkey mind.

Neptune in Pisces will be in a challenging square to that Sun in Gemini and Moon in Virgo.  Neptune, mythic god of the ocean, does not do well with left brain needs to mentally “figure it out”.

Instead it seeks and expresses the more flowing energies of music, metaphor, art, meditation and connection with everyone and everything. It is best to surrender to the “Kingdom Within” when Neptune is strong.

So it is best now, with the left brain and right brain in battle with one another, to allow the process to unfold without much stress from pushing an agenda, or needing to be right.

Late in the week Mars makes several aspects that should give us a preview of coming attractions.  Mars in Cancer this week trines Neptune, opposes Saturn and gets closer (next week) to an opposition to Pluto.

And all this is connected to where Saturn and Pluto will be for their January 2020 conjunction with one another as another Eclipse Season rolls in.

That is an important time period for our human family, and perhaps some clues from the Universe will soon show us what is coming to our personal and collective lives. Look for the symbols and their messages and synchronicities.  What wants to die and what needs to be born?

From this Summer Eclipse Season that begins at the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 17, to the Winter Eclipse Season 2019/2020; there will be important events, breakthroughs, liberations, revelations and enlightenments.  There will also be disillusions, heartaches, and life challenges.

As a human family we are moving back to, and forward to the purity of the Universe with its pillars of Love and Truth. When each of us is mainly connected to Love and Truth, all else will eventually fall into place.

Look at our world now-  false news is everywhere. It can be really difficult to sift through all the information and opinion to find truth.

And look at the status of love shown out in the world.  Relationships are dominated by struggles for power and control, and negotiating for getting what one wants.  Love brings grace with it and desires for win/win.  Without sufficient Love, we bargain for what we want all the time, and pretty consistently look for wins at the expense of the losers.

This is fine in sports or other contests, but is it right, healthy and satisfying for the rest of our lives too?

Saturn/Pluto is close now to conjunction (only 3 degrees apart) and will stay close during this approaching Summer 2019 Eclipse Season.

In January 2020 they will be exactly conjunct at 22+ degrees of Capricorn- one day after the Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 20 degrees Capricorn/Cancer- so close to Saturn/Pluto. And Uranus changes direction to Direct then also.

All that is why we are presenting a class and talk on Saturn/Pluto, which will include the eclipses. Class is on Saturday June 22 at noon and lasting till 4:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time. We will be deeply discussing world affairs, the Presidential race and potential impeachment, and most importantly the changes of  consciousness and lifestyles needed to adapt to the Age of Aquarius. In that process we will look at individual charts also to find where the Eclipses and Saturn/Pluto reside in your life and chart.

How might that affect your life? We still have some openings in the class. Write me at for more info and to sign up to attend.

This year’s Summer Eclipse Season rapidly approaches now. The Full Moon on the 17th brings the first strong winds of change. The 21st brings in Summer Solstice with a strong Neptune changing directions. Then July 2 brings us the first eclipse: A Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer that also shows us Saturn and Pluto closing in on one another.

Keep an eye out for world events that will open the portals for new light pouring through for our consciousness and lives.

Be open to change in your own life too.  This time period resembles the ’60s and ’70s, when change was overwhelming at times. But it felt so good to have the old status-quo corruptions, injustices, and power abuses challenged and  transformed.

And now we experience the next great wave of transformation. Let go of the shore and allow the river of evolutionary change take you, and bring you to a world of personal purpose and meaning.

Till next week,


I am working on getting a podcast out soon and before the Eclipses.

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Riding Waves and Astrology Forecast June 17-23

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week we ride the wave created last week at the New Moon in Gemini on June 13.

This waxing half of the lunar cycle will continue until the Full Moon in Capricorn on June 27/28.  Then comes the yin-ward waning half, which continues until the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 12.

The actual beginning of Summer Eclipse Season 2018 is around the time of that Capricorn Full Moon on June 27/28   I have just put out a video on the Eclipse Season

This week as we ride the wave of the waxing Moon, we also pass through the time of the Summer Solstice which is also the beginning of the Sun’s movement into Cancer.

That moment of Summer Solstice 2018 is at 6:07 AM EDT.  Of course this is a good time and day for meditation, intentions for the summer season, and if so oriented- ceremony or ritual.

Summer Solstice is the time when the light of day is at its greatest in the Northern Hemisphere and dark night minutes are at their weakest presence.

So yang “male” is at its zenith while yin “female” is at its lowest point.  But the transition happens right afterward to increasing yin dark and decreasing yang light.  And of course then Autumn Equinox brings the equal balance between them.

So a waxing Moon and a Summer Solstice this week show energies on the upswing for going after what one seeks or desires, for creative impulses, for success and outer growth.

As Yin begins to get stronger after the Summer Solstice,  we begin to allow energies of inner values, inner exploration, empathy, relationship, receptivity and community to start rising.

Cancer is a perfect sign for this transition because as a Cardinal sign it takes charge and makes things happen; yet as a water sign it is feeling oriented, empathetic and a holder of inner values.

Cancer is also nurturing, unconditional love, and family, with needs for privacy, safety and protection. As such, Cancer can sometimes hover with over protection and without healthy emotional boundaries.  It is a cultural archetype for parent, especially mom; or on the contrary for baby or other some other vulnerable being needing a nurturer.

Cancers can be either nurturer or nurturee,  as the emotional need for symbiosis that Mother and baby experience together is what is desired. In a healthy adult the need is for deep soul connection and emotional intimacy with others.

Sun in Cancer lasts until July 22, when it goes into Leo.

And this year both Cancer and Leo will be in the spotlight as there is a Solar Eclipse in Cancer and one in Leo this summer.  More on that in a later forecast closer to the events.

This week, as we move through the upward moving waves of the waxing Moon and Summer Solstice,  we also encounter the mystical frequencies of Neptune changing from Direct to Retrograde.

Neptune’s rays will be strongest on the couple of days surrounding its turning on Monday June 18.

If one can surrender one’s over-thinking mind, one’s ruling ego, and one’s tight agendas; then you can bask in the calm waters and inner dimensions of God of the Sea- Neptune.

Magic, synchronicity, meaningful symbols from the Universe, and feelings of spiritual connections and empathy will tend to carry you.

Neptune changing directions can also bring you to a Twilight Zone of confusion and uncertainty.

Then on the 21st, along with the Solstice, is an opposition between “male” Mars in Aquarius and “female” Venus in Leo.

Do you want to argue for what is best for our human condition (Aquarius) or what is more in line with our heart’s desire (Leo)?  Do you feel more like being a mentally principled distinct “outside the box” individual (Aquarius) or a well known popular leader and charmer (Leo)?

And of course America’s president is a Leo rising narcissist.  Of course most Leo planetary placements do not bring narcissism, but unhealthy ones do.

And now 2 narcissists who seem to understand each other are apparently trying to find agreement and peace together for their countries: Trump and Kim Jung Un.

How much will Trump’s need to become a Nobel Peace Prize winner keep him going after the peace? How much will Kim’s need to be a world player keep him going after the agreement?

Remember that in the bigger picture, we have entered (Since the Aries New Moon portal opened on April 15) a whole new chapter of life on Earth, one that brings us further forward on the path to the destruction of the Old World paradigm and transformation into a New World paradigm.

The Military/Economic Complex of the Empire is transforming into the Age of Aquarius- which will better serve “we the people” and the principles of Love and Truth.

But the “end of the world as we know it” will pick up speed soon. Is it not obvious how the Trump phenomenon is breaking down the old rules and ways of being, even the ones you might like?

This breakdown is serving as a catalyst for the collapse of many institutions, civil ways of relating, etc. And it may look pretty bad as the baby appears to be thrown out with the bathwater, but this is the Universe’s way of creating the transformation.

We each need to concentrate on the new consciousness, spiritual renaissance, connecting to spirit and soul, and being with others who are also a part of the New Paradigm.  And as people who are awakening come to you, you will help midwife them onto their spiritual path and the New World.

This is an exciting time to be alive.  The coming eclipses will speed up the expansion of consciousness needed for the transformation. But it will also speed up the process of the death process.

Have you noticed lately how more people seem to be checking out through suicide or other forms of death?   This happens during transition  times, as some people have served their purpose already and are not to be a part of this New Chapter which will be quite challenging for many.

Next week we will be getting into the beginning of Summer Eclipse Season 2018 with a Full Moon in Capricorn conjunct Saturn.

Let’s talk then


New video on Summer 2018:

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If you want transformational guidance with astrology readings and counseling, contact me at

If you want astrological perspective and/or counseling for your relationship, please write to me at

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If you have not had a recent deep and psychologically based Astrology  reading contact me at

If you want a transit  reading, which tells you what changes are blowing into your life and how long it lasts, contact me at

If you want guidance on choosing good dates for weddings and other important events in your life contact me at

If you want transformational guidance with astrology readings and counseling, contact me at

If you want astrological perspective and/or counseling for your relationship, please write to me at

Visit for more info or go see

If you have not had a recent deep and psychologically based Astrology  reading contact me at

If you want a transit  reading, which tells you what changes are blowing into your life and how long it lasts, contact me at

If you want guidance on choosing good dates for weddings and other important events in your life contact me at

If you want transformational guidance with astrology readings and counseling, contact me at

If you want astrological perspective and/or counseling for your relationship, please write to me at

Visit for more info or go see

If you have not had a recent deep and psychologically based Astrology  reading contact me at

If you want a transit  reading, which tells you what changes are blowing into your life and how long it lasts, contact me at

If you want guidance on choosing good dates for weddings and other important events in your life contact me at

If you want transformational guidance with astrology readings and counseling, contact me at

If you want astrological perspective and/or counseling for your relationship, please write to me at

Visit for more info or go see

If you have not had a recent deep and psychologically based Astrology  reading contact me at

If you want a transit  reading, which tells you what changes are blowing into your life and how long it lasts, contact me at

If you want guidance on choosing good dates for weddings and other important events in your life contact me at

If you want transformational guidance with astrology readings and counseling, contact me at

If you want astrological perspective and/or counseling for your relationship, please write to me at

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Letting Go of the Baggage and Astrology Forecast June 12-18

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Life is on hold until after Mars goes Direct on June 29. This does not mean you can do nothing in the interim;  it just means there is a feeling and reality that efforts to direct one’s attention to big steps forward are difficult if not impossible.

While we are waiting for the gate into a new phase of life to open, many of us are facing some real challenges. In fact for many their most sensitive and diffcults wounds or traumas have been triggered.

They are caught up in emotions that have been overwhelming their usual stable sanity.

Seems to me that we are cleaning up as much baggage as we can before we face new challenges and opportunities on the other side of the gate.

So go to your healers and counselors now to assist your journey or spend more time in meditation or spiritual practices now.

I know the world seems crazy now, but it is really a result of changing tides from one age to another.  We  are collectively and individually in transition and working to heal, release and let go of old tapes and conditioned programs in our heads and hearts.

On the contrary some of you are enjoying the ride into this new chapter of life.   Emotional baggage has not surfaced in any difficult way as of yet and the world’s troubles and confusions have not caught up to you yet.

But make no mistake, world craziness will accelerate soon, with important world events screaming for attention.

The Middle East will very soon erupt explosively, with emphasis on Israel, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Iran, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.

The political presidential landscape will get even crazier as scandals,  illegalities, corruptions, and secrets break out in the open.

Our global economy will face great challenges soon also.

At the same time protests and revolutionary energies and actions will increase exponentially.   Spritual enlightenment, synchronicites and awakenings will multiply.  People will have a much stronger sense of unity with their fellow human, as we all are motivated to change the world for the better.

The astrological reflection of this current change sits mainly with Saturn square Neptune which is good for this whole year but exact this week Friday the 17th of June.

As we have stated in previous forecasts,  Order and boundaries and status quo (Saturn) are challenged by disorder, open boundaries, confusion, chaos and change (Neptune).

We have mentioned immigration issues and redrawn state boundaries as part of this Saturn/Neptune process. And to add to this theme, later this month, Brits will be voting on staying or leaving the European Union.  That vote will greatly affect the economic stablity of Europe and beyond.

So much is changing, yet some like Donald Trump are wanting to turn back the clock  to the ’50s in America, before civil rights breakthroughs or globalism.

Do we need to stop to turn back the clock for awhile, or is it time to go further with revolutionary and evolutionary progress.

Voters in the United States will be letting us know their feelings on the matter come November.

In addition to Saturn/Neptune and Mars Retrograde, we are approaching Summer Solstice with a Full Moon joining it on June 20. We will talk more about that next week.

This week Neptune ( as it is squaring Saturn) changes directions to go retrograde on Monday the 13th.  This puts Neptune vibes in the psychic airwaves.  Neptunes is inner directed, aligned with the inner spiritual plane and rules psychic insights, insights in general,  fogginess and confusion, gentle poetic feelings, drugs, alcohol, chaos, and escapism.

If you are taking the Higher Self route of spiritual connection, it wil be best this week to let go and surrender to that which is greater, to trust the Universe, and to allow the process to play itself out without needs to control or dominate or think too much to figure it all out.

The Sun makes “minor” aspects to Uranus and Mars on Tuesday putting emphasis on independence, self expression, and empowerment.  It is time to stop being a doormat and to speak up.

Venus moves into Cancer on Friday the 17th.  It will stay in Cancer for about a month.  As it leaves Gemini, heart energies shift from light and lively to Cancerian softness and nurturance.

It is time to go deeper in your intimacies with loved ones, to open your heart and trust again.  This trust will allow you to be more vulnerable, which will open you up to greater nurturance from others.

It will also open your heart up to those who need care and concern from you, so you can give them the nurturance they need also.

Mars makes a quincunx (150 degree) angle to Uranus on Saturday the 18th. Time to break out of the box and let more assertive revolutionary energy into your consciousness and bones.  Life is changing and so are you.

Late June and July are lunching pads for new beginnings and startups.  Best now to heal your wounds and traumas as best you can, so you can have less baggage to haul around in this new Era of our lives.

And then in the 2020’s The Age of Aquarius comes into its own.

Till next week,


Transformational Astrology with Leo Knighton Tallarico webinar series will begin on Saturday August 6 at 1 PM  EDT.  The series will continue Saturdays August 13 and 20th at 1 PM to finish up the series.   Each class will last approximately 1-1/2 to 2 hours. Fee is $120 for the complete series. I will reserve two scholarships for those truly in need who have great interest.

We will be discussing the deep layers of consciousness needed during this important time in human evolution.  The class will provide a wider perspective and deeper insight.
I will explain the significance of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in the process of transformation. I will include Chiron into the mix also.  I consider Uranus, Neptune and Pluto as ambassadors of the Age of Aquarius.   They provide us with what we energetically need in order to transform our consciousness and lives aligned with the Age of Aquarius.  As such we will explore a person’s natal aspects with those planets. We will also , its explore in depth the transits of these planets, as they signify times of intense transformation and change.
We will also look at the possibility of newly discovered planets in our solar system, including Nibiru and Dr. Sitchen’s ideas of what that planet signifies for the human family.  This theory if true changes how we view our origins and our human condition.
We are at a very important phase in the transition between a Pisces and Aquarius Age.   World changes through important world events  will be discussed as well as a viewpoint of what and when we can expect of the Age of Aquarius.
We will also find the time to look at class members’ natal charts to see the natal dimensions of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in personal lives. And we will look at transits and times of change in individual participant’s lives as seen by the transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.
If interested please let me know through a reply to my email at  Fee is to be paid prior to the classes.
 Recordings will be available for those who cannot make the live broadcast.



Heart and Head Relationship and Astrology Forecast June 7-13

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week brings a turning point in clarity, direction, sanity, and the beginnings of making better relationship of heart and head.

Mercury finally goes back Direct Thursday June 11 at 6:33 PM EDT.    But often confusing Neptune will be strongly affecting the energy field and our consciousness for another couple days after that.

That is because Neptune will be changing directions from Direct to Retrograde  early in the day on June 12.

Whenever a planet changes directions, either way to Direct or Retrograde, its energy and meaning get stronger.

Neptune the God of the oceans of soul, inner depths, music, drugs, romance, and feelings may keep our minds in bubble zones for just a short while longer.  Floating in those bubbles can feel rather magical too.

I know many of you experienced a most powerful time around the Full Moon in Sagittarius last Tuesday.  That Full Moon made a close aspect (square) with Neptune.

Mercury Retrograde alone was making it difficult to focus and think straight and clearly. Then the Full Moon with Neptune swept us up into other realms, into stronger right brain and heart awakenings.  Solid thinking was more illusive.

Spaciness and forgetfulness were even more prevalent.  I think many of you were made more deeply aware of how it is important not to act with what comes up for us during Mercury Retrograde.

But one of the big benefits of this Mercury Retrograde period has been the greater opening of our hearts, something we each and our world need.

Some people do not trust heart as it cannot be controlled when it is fully opened.  Love can become so strong in one’s heart, and that can take one eventually into adventures that know no bounds.

Some people do not trust the mind as it controls, judges, an looks for linear dead ends.  Linear thinking is anathema to “heart people”

Those who are “head people” believe that “heart people”  live in a fantasy land  that will bring disappointment and a loss of morality.

Each individual is oriented more to one way or another.  But of course we all need to make connection between our heads and hearts. They are not meant to live “separate lives”.

But when Mercury is Retrograde we are beckoned to let go of left brain mental controls and to let our right brains, our emotions, and our hearts to be more open.

But now soon our hearts will be sobered by Mercury going back Direct again.  That does not mean we should go back to our heads controlling our lives again.

What it does mean, however, is that we can trust our hearts more again, especially when they are connected to the hopefully wise counsel of our heads.

Heads are not meant to control hearts, but to be in relationship with them.

And now on the Earth, as we need and will be receiving more integration with the Divine Feminine; we will let our hearts lead the way more and more.

But without its sound advisor the head, the heart may just fly away into one thing after another, without boundaries and without discernment.

So as Mercury goes back Direct, please do not close your heart again, and do not let your head rule your precious heart, the part of you that leads to your soul, that leads to connections and love, to beauty and unity.

If the heart leads the way you can be happy; but if it does not connect with your head as its counsel you can spend too much of your life in chaos and uncertainty.

So as we get closer and closer to Mercury Direct on June 11, we get more hope for clarity and direction.

But keep in mind that it takes Mercury about a week or so to get back to normal; and this time Neptune may bring some foggy confusion as it changes direction on the 12th.

The best marking point for getting back on track is at the New Moon in Gemini on June 16.

The last quarter Moon cycle begins this Tuesday the 9th with the Moon in Neptune ruled Pisces. This means it is good to wind things down until the New Moon on June 16.

So this week may bring some “curve balls” that show us open doors into places we thought would be closed.  Trickster Mercury Retrograde and master of illusion Neptune will be working together to keep us continuing off normal mental balance.

So it is best this week, even just after Mercury goes back Direct, to trust the overall process and not to jump to conclusions or say things you will regret later.

In fact as Mercury changes directions on the 11th, with Neptune hovering, there could be more uncertainty than before.   But there is also more magic and synchronicity if one can let go and trust the process.

The day Mercury changes directions can be crazy and confusing if you are looking for solid answers.

On the election evening of November 4 2000, as Mercury was changing directions from Retrograde to Direct, George Bush and Al Gore and the rest of us experienced a most weird night.

TV stations went back and forth from declaring Bush the winner, then Gore, then Bush etc.  It was weeks before we knew who would be president.

That does not mean this Mercury shift will be as confusing as the one in 2000 for our lives, but with Neptune also changing directions it is quite advisable to surrender to the process, content with not knowing or not being so in control.   

Clarity will appear in its time, after the 16th for sure for most people.

These two years 2014 and 2015 are truly transition years from one reality to another, from one season on Earth to another.

These two years are bringing so many of us off the fence between worlds.   The Aquarian Age is blowing a strong trumpet call to acknowledge  the reality of a changing of Ages.

Watch the arbitrarily designated boundaries between states and peoples continue to break down or shift as it is in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, the East China Sea and elsewhere. Equality and Diversity in Unity are calling us forward

Watch as there is more gender bending, more experimentation with male and female expressions as is happening in such dramatic ways in people like Bruce Jenner, who is now Caitlyn.  Accepting and honoring our distinct and authentic selves is a value calling us forward.

Whether you agree with or are comfortable with these transformations or not, they are meant to help us transition into the Age of Aquarius.

Our global economic structures are ripe to transform in big ways soon too.   Worldwide military conflicts that will break down the old order are here on our collective doorstep.

Watch Greece, China, Philippines, Taiwan, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, France, Sudan, Korea, and the USA to be in the spotlight of transformation.

After June 16, change will come in stronger waves.   In July change will get even stronger in the world.  Late July/early August will bring an important turning point crossroads in the global arena.

Then late summer and early autumn will bring two important eclipses, including a final Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on September 27 that will open the gates of major world change.

till next week,


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Leo Knighton Tallarico has been a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for 30 years.

Moving Forward After Spring Eclipse Season 2013 and Astrology Forecast June 2-8

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are now in the last quarter moon phase of the lunar cycle that began on May 9.    That lunar cycle began at the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Taurus.  Following that was the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Sagittarius, which was the last eclipse of 3,  of the 2013 Spring Eclipse Season that began in early April.

Spring Eclipse Season 2013 effectively ends at the New Moon in Gemini on June 8 this coming week.  At the same time the Eclipse Season ends, there is a New Moon, so we begin a new cycle.

This new cycle will be quite powerful, I believe, as it will trigger events connected to the passing Eclipse Season.   What happens around this New Moon in Gemini, and lasting until the next New Moon on July 8, which is in Cancer- is important.

That is because a new chapter in our lives begins, a new chapter that results largely from what got shaken up during the passing Eclipse Season.

Many people experienced breakdowns and/or breakthroughs in their relationships, careers,  families, or mental outlooks or beliefs.   As things shifted out of the old predictable behaviors and mindsets, new ways of thinking and being have been sought and taken up in some cases.

Many are still “picking up the pieces” and/or looking over the changed landscape of their lives.  Take a look at your life and/or your attitudes now in comparison to what it was in March or early April.

For many much has shifted and changed.  There may be a new way now of seeing your self, seeing others, or seeing your life.  It may be time to make a more firm commitment to something or someone, or on the contrary a need to release and let go of that which no longer is right for you.

Whatever has been shifting and changing will be ready to break loose after this New Moon in Gemini.   Things will open up more and events that are a direct result of the shifts during this Eclipse Season will begin to show.

It will be time to move forward into this new chapter of life, and the events that manifest will show us the way forward.  That which has kept on hold will shake loose and in some cases will open Pandora’s Box of possibilities.

What is important now is to set priorities and make intention.  Then after that let the Universe show you the way, as it brings you some results from what  transpired during the Eclipse Season.

Since as this next New Moon is in Gemini, there may be a lot of new ideas and possibilities, opening up of minds, new interests, and a need to make communication a top priority.  The Gemini New Moon on June 8 also brings more activity, and with all this activity and ideas and fast moving minds and talking, there can be a tendency toward being more scattered and anxious.

So do your best to stay grounded and centered and focused on the task at hand.  In fact finding focus may be very important as we approach and go through the New Moon in Gemini, especially so because Neptune will be strongly emphasized around the New Moon.

Mystical inner directed Neptune changes directions and squares Mars the day before the New Moon, on June 7.   So some will be overwhelmed by the influx of a confusing array of possibilities. Others, who let go and surrender, may find more magic and spiritual connection at that time.

In the greater world the New Moon in Gemini is poised to begin a time period of powerful world events. These world events will be the result of what has been revealed and developing during the Eclipse Season.

We have been reminded again of just how much our climate has been changing with more and more unusual and dramatic weather events, as has been shown during the Eclipse Season with the devastating tornadoes.   Climate change is real.  You can debate how much we humans are contributing to the change, but it is obvious something big is shifting.

And there is no debate how much our corporate and government power structures are dominating our lives.  As an example Monsanto is answering to no one in regards to how their products are making our world more toxic.   Big Government also is intruding more and more into our lives and our freedoms, lying to us, covering up the truth, and making corruption a normal way of doing business.

And perhaps most dangerous of all is the mess happening in the Middle East, right now surrounding the war in Syria.  This war threatens to become a wider regional war, and even a world war.  The self serving attitudes of all concerned precludes finding true peace and resolution.   So many countries are swarming Syria, waiting for personal spoils and more power and control of the region.

Resentments are deep, desires to listen to the needs of others almost non existent.  This Middle East region, where many of the world’s major religions and civilizations began, is a reflection of the dying old world.   Religions and cultures are separate and in conflict, not seeing what connects us all, not knowing we are all members of the same Human Family on Earth.

Each out for itself, not trusting others, not truly trusting the Universe (God) as a place of connection and Unity.  Self fulfilling prophecy is playing out, greater war is on the horizon.  That toxic cell in our collective human body, so well represented in the Middle East, must be eradicated like a cancer, as new healthy cells are ready to be born.  Do your best not to invest your energy and emotion into who “wins and loses” in Syria and the Middle East. It is old attitudes and belief systems that need to be defeated and released.  If you attach you will be engulfed with those same emotions of fear, hatred and revenge.  Let it go and stay on your spiritual path.

Keep in mind that the world economy is also in need of transforming into one built with the foundation of sharing the Earth’s bounty.   Greed and dog eat dog competition are destroying so many of this world’s residents.  New ways must be found for our children and children’s children.  They will as we enter  the Age of Aquarius.

So these next two lunar cycles, which will last from June 8 to August 6, will flesh out much of what this next chapter in our personal and collective lives will be like.  We will know more clearly what direction we are moving in and what are our new priorities.

No matter how it may look at times in the greater world, there is a powerful movement toward this New Age.  Look closely at your children to see the evolution of our species. Give them structure, love, and guidance, but resist teaching them to be just like you or how you judge they should be.

Remember how your parents did that to you?  You may think it is different the way you do that to them because your values and enlightenment is superior to your parents.  Nature, the Universe is evolving consciousness with each new generation.  They have in their hearts and DNA a script that is more aligned to the future than you.

This does not mean to be permissive and overly lenient with them. They need discipline and rules and boundaries and a sense of civility and being relational.  But they do not need to be judged, dominated, and programmed.  They have much to teach us if we listen. They are the Aquarian Age, knowing in their souls of equality, Love and Truth, and Diversity in Unity.

They carry a mold of how humans can be respectful and caring of one another, honoring of individuality and authenticity.  If we do not try to make them just like us, or to fit into some family tradition or role, or to be some American robot who is fueled more by patriotism than universal connection, then they will better lead our world into the Age of Aquarius.

See you next week,


I recently put out a YOUTUBE video Astrology Forecast for Spring Eclipse Season. Check it out if you feel so moved.

I also created an Astrology Forecast 2013 for youtube, part 1. And Part 2.

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Lunar Eclipse Full Moon and Venus Passage and Astrology Forecast June 3-9

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are in a most important and powerful time period.

A Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Sagittarius is this Monday June 4 at 7:12 AM EDT.  This Eclipse makes an intense T-square with Mars in Virgo, and on the same day Neptune changes directions- going from Direct to Retrograde.   A rare Venus Passage is on June 5.  While Venus is Retrograde it passes between Earth and the Sun.

Things are shaking up now.   It is wise to let go of any rigid agendas.  The Full Moon Eclipse, Neptune, and a prominent Venus all suggest giving up the controls of left brain order and logic.   The less rational side of life is more powerful now.   The chaotic creative aspect is more powerful.

This does not mean you need to worry about what is going to happen. It does mean it is important to trust the process, trust the flow of Universal cycles to bring you and all of us to just where we need to be now.

In the process there may be glitches to what we have planned, disruptions to our “normal” habits and ways of being.

In the bigger picture we are moving out of of of an old Paradigm and programmed way of thinking and living our lives.  This changing of the picture of how to live life has been happening for awhile. Yet each time there is a big planetary shift as there is now, the shifting tides get stronger and our old programs get weaker.

The old economic paradigm, which sold us all on the idea that our homes would always be a good investment that would always bring monetary profit, turned out to not be true.  In so many cases people have lost value on their homes.

And now we are apparently entering another wake-up call in our economy as we find out that there is no real recovery from the recent economic downturn.    Europe is on the edge of disaster, China and other recently big growth economies are slowing down appreciably.  The USA job market has slowed again.     We are on the verge of a huge economic and world transformation, as we transition more rapidly now from an old Pisces Age to a new Aquarian Age.

The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon at 14+ degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius is square Mars in Virgo.  This combination gives an emphasis on sorting through information, communications and events, trying to make sense or find clarity and solutions and meaning.   Clarity may be illusive.

It is best now to let things go wand stop trying so hard. You do not need to know right away and you do not need to control so much.  The way you have usually perceived your reality is changing now.

It is time for new ideas, new viewpoints, opening your mind and heart to other ways of perceiving, outside your usual boxes.

This current Venus Passage actually began in June of 2004, when Venus then passed between Earth and the Sun.  This Passage now is the completion of the cycle.  So Venus, the Goddess of Love, who is retrograde as it alway is during a Venus Passage, is in the spotlight of our lives now. The last one was in 1874/1882.

It is time to trust the heart more, to trust its wisdom and intelligence which is often in our conventional world not respected as highly as the mind.

“The heart has a mind of its own”, so to speak,  and understands connections in way that the brain never could. Everything cannot be “figured out” logically, there is a mystery of life that our mind can never comprehend in its usual ways.

The heart is a pathway to our souls and to the soul of nature and life.    There is a web of connection for people, from past lives, from alternative realities, that we cannot truly grasp with our minds alone.

This Heart teaches us to trust the unknown, to believe in something we cannot measure and delineate.

This Heart of life is Love, a knowing that all is connected and there is nothing to fear.  The right people at the right time in the right place will come your way.  And sometimes it is time to let someone go, to let the Universe in its loving arms carry them away.

Love lets go and love embraces, each in its own time.

So now with a Full Moon in Eclipse, which gives the Full Moon so much more strength; and mysterious and flowing Neptune changing directions; and a Venus retrograde Passage, let go of your controls and trust.

Your relationships now will be shifting also, as Venus rules heart issues. Relationships of all kinds are ready to wake up to new ways, new patterns.  The old ways that are not working want to break down, so breakthroughs can happen.

And not just with relationship.  Breakthroughs are ready for you in other ways also.   Your mind may find it difficult now with your usual thinking and communication.  And in that difficulty new ideas and perspectives may erupt in your consciousness. New inspirations may appear.

In the greater world dramas, everything is shaking up in a big way. The Powers that Be need to convince us that nothing ever really changes. If the economy is low it always bounces back they say.  The dollar is the main currency of the world, it is assumed. The western world is the great power of the world.  What you hear on the TV is the voice of reality.

This reality that is imposed on you is breaking up rapidly.  The Arab Spring has brought a new season to Egypt and the Middle East, but the old powers are refusing to budge.     This is true all over the world. The old powers refuse to budge and refuse to let in the waves of change into a New Paradigm and Age.

But their damns of resistance are showing huge cracks and holes, and steams of new consciousness and ways of being are gushing through.   Syria and Iran represent cracks in the damn that the Powers are anxiously tring to close.   This is all coming rapidly to a breaking point and war will soon spread out all over the Middle East and seep into all our lives.

This conflict and the breakdown of the old economy usher in the New Age.   Culture Wars in the USA will break out as this happens.  Liberal Power bases and Conservative Power bases will be in greater conflict.  Remember that both are run by special interests and big money.

It is best to stay out of the conflict and to remember that the New World is about the new connections, the web of connection, about that which unites us all as one family. In the new world we are looking to heal and transform and bring together.  Some people will not respond to that, and you need to not engage with them.

Unity does not mean that everyone will wake up all at once and sing Kumbaya together.  It means that each, in his or her own time, will hear the trumpet of awakening into the new consciousness and living.   And it is best to find those “birds of a feather” now to connect with.

Resist the temptation to convince others of the way you have found. Only those whose minds and hearts have opened to the new lights, even if ever so slightly, will respond favorably to you and what you are speaking.  The others will just bring you down with their skepticism and closed hearts.

So open your own mind and heart now to the powerful plantary movement. You are ready to evolve to another level. Let go of what in your mind, heart and consciousness needs to go. Release. Do not hold on tightly to that which is ready to go, no matter how familiar and secure it may feel.

We are all being asked to trust more, to let go of limiting fears, and to  move forward with our lives.

See you next week,


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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

He predicted the Iraq War of 2003- in early 2001 when Bush first took office; predicted the 9-11 attacks with an article “The Tower”, written in June 2001. He predicted Obama and McCain would get the presidential nominations in november 2007, when both were low in the polls; and correctly predicted the current economic downturn before it occurred