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Land of the Free and Astrology Forecast February 5-11.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week is a very meaningful week as we move through our first of two eclipses this month.

For those who have been sleep walking through life in their own little bubble, it will be time to wake up this week.

It is not difficult now-a-days to get into a bubble, as drug and technology addictions tend to create protective separations from life and people.

But during an Eclipse Season, as it is now, status quo stances are broken down and consciousness breakthroughs occur more frequently.

This week, to go along with the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on Friday, Jupiter changes direction and goes Retrograde; Mercury enters Aquarius; and the Sun sextiles Uranus.

That Lunar Eclipse Full Moon is in Aquarius/Leo on Friday February 10 at 7:33 PM EST.  The Sun is therefore in Aquarius, the Moon is in Leo, and both Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aquarius make aspect to that Full Moon.

The old chapter of life will already start to seem like a distant past.

We let you know that this Eclipse Season would bring the first true challenges to the Trump adminstration’s agendas.

And now a judge in Washington state has put a stop to the Trump executive order to put a hold on immigration from certain countries.

It should become more clear than ever this Eclipse Season that the Trump presidency is a big trigger for world change.   It is also a time when more and more people will wake up and be determined to make a difference in this world.

The Aquarius/Leo Lunar Eclipse shows big egos (Leo) facing challenges from the community (Aquarius).

Jupiter and Uranus making aspect to that Lunar Eclipse bring  expansive energy (Jupiter) and transformational breakthroughs (Uranus).

Aquarius also represents a world collective, which will greatly challenge executive control by the USA President (Leo).

Iran already is letting the USA president know it will not bow down to its demands.

President Trump has Leo rising in his natal chart, with Mars in Leo conjunct that rising sign.

Please don’t get me wrong however about the sign Leo.  All people with the sign Leo strongly placed in their natal chart do not develop narcissism.

But they do demand attention.  And they also shine a bright light of hope and positivity.

The Sun is the ruling planet of Leo, and of course quite arguably the Sun is the most important planet in our solar system.  It provides warmth and light and a strong center for all the other planets that revolve around it.

Now if that Sun  had an ego it might look at itself as a great entity more important than all others.  So you can see how big the ego can potentially grow into with the sign Leo.

But if those with strong Leo placements stay in their hearts (which is their natural place) they become creative light and love spread all around.

But if they take their accolades from others into their heads and not their hearts, they can then develop monstrous egos, both positive and negative ones.

Presidents Obama and Clinton are both Sun in Leo people.

So at this Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aquarius/Leo, balance the needs of social consciousness (Aquarius) with needs for personal importance (Leo).

Keep in mind that Leo is not lesser in value than Aquarius.   Aquarius without Leo would be like a train without an engine, or a body without a heart, or a solar system without a Sun.

The needs of the many are so important, but individual energetic expression provides the fuel for all to be energized.

Jupiter changing directions on Monday this week provides us with expansive, upward moving energy.  It gives us a bigger and more meaningful perspective to life.

Mercury leaving linear logical Capricorn for inventive “outside the box” Aquarius for around a month, provides us the ability to free ourselves from stuck places in our minds.

Mercury moves into Aquarius on Tuesday February 7.

On February 9 the Sun sextiles Uranus.  The Sun is the ruling planet of Leo and Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius.  So the same themes from the Full Moon prevail.

In this case the Sun is the center and Uranus is what shakes up the center.   So expressing oneself as being different and countercultural may be a result of this aspect- as well as a result of the Full Moon in Aquarius/Leo.

The new administration is trying to firm up control by the executive branch of government (Leo).  The congress (Aquarius) is a constitutional counter to that executive power.    And of course  “the people” (Aquarius) of this country are supposed to be the real power of this country.

It is really interesting that the USA natal Moon is at 26 degrees of Aquarius in the 3rd house.  The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse this week is at 22 degrees of Aquarius/Leo, so it is making a strong aspect to the USA  natal Moon.

The Moon in a natal chart represents the inner values, and in the USA we have our constitutional Aquarian values: liberty, freedom of speech, diversity in unity, and the power of the people.

So now President Trump is trying to make himself, as the top executive, the greatest power of the country.  And now the power of the people will challenge that executive power and seek to bring us back to our deeper values.

Remember that America began with a revolution of democratic values(Aquarius) against the King of England (Leo).

President Trump, who has been a powerful business executive, will be continuing to challenge the inner values of the United States by attempting to be a kind of King of America.

This coming August will bring an even more powerful eclipse: A Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo that travels all across America for the first time since 1918.

That Eclipse will be opposite the USA natal moon in Aquarius, even closer than the one this week.  Trump’s natal Mars will be conjunct that very powerful Solar Eclipse.

We will analyze that more as we get closer to August.

For this week, stay poised to move with change and to let go of old patterns and habits.  Old programmed beliefs and attitudes can be let go now and more light from the consciousness of the Age of Aquarius can be let in.

This week those who have planets in Leo and Aquarius will be most affected, and those with planets in Taurus and Scorpio will be largely very affected also.

Till next week,


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Dancing with the Full Moon and Astrology Forecast January 4-10

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

There is a Full Moon in Capricorn/Cancer Sunday January 4 at 11:53 PM EST.

It will likely be a strong and transformational lunation, as both Uranus and Pluto are connected to it.

The Moon will be closely in opposition to Pluto and square to Uranus in Aries.  The Sun will be closely conjunct to Pluto and square to Uranus.

This forms a cardinal T-square, a very strong configuration of planets.

I know many of you are sensitive to the energy of full moons.

And usually a Full Moon in Capricorn/Cancer is rather stable, even if sometimes emotional or mysterious.

This year’s Capricorn/ Cancer Full Moon, as it contains Uranus and Pluto, may also bring with it greater intensity and a shakeup of your usual default behavior patterns.  It may require more letting go of the past and how it used to be, and more accepting of how new roads will need to be travelled.

Cancer can be emotional, especially around family or parenting issues.  And Capricorn is more stoic and reserved.  Cancer is the permissive archetypal “Mother”, allowing unconditionally of what happens organically. Capricorn is the taskmaster “Father”, creating boundaries and rules and expectations.

You may be dealing with parenting or family issues or memories over the next few days.   Balancing home and job could be important, as well as balancing personal needs with obligations out in the world.

There could be a dilemma between deciding “how much does one nurture another or oneself”, versus “how much does one need more discipline and meeting of demands.”

Energetic intensity will subside a few days after this Full Moon.  Then we will be in the waning half of the lunar cycle that was initiated at the Winter Solstice on December 21 2014 with  New Moon in Capricorn.  That lunar cycle goes until January 20 at the New Moon in Aquarius.

So after this Full Moon in Cancer- until the New Moon in Aquarius on January 20- there will not be much in the way of high spirits.  The intensity level will turn down and so then it is either time to contemplate and reflect and/or come down into reality and do what needs to be done.

Be careful not to dip too much into the pit of depression, self pity, or self loathing during that time period.  There may be a need to process and find resolution, but there is no need to self destruct.

There may also be a sensed need to “clean things up”, and perhaps a greater acceptance of endings and new chapters of one’s life.

Keep in mind we are preparing ourselves for a very powerful late winter and spring.  But no matter how much you need to see the truth and be real, keeping your mind seeing a half full glass of life instead of a half empty one is very important for mental health.

This week there will be three planets in Aquarius: Mars, Venus, and Mercury.   So there will be some movement out of Capricorn resolutions, commandments and conventional rules; and instead movement into “doing one’s own thing”, and accepting the differences between people.

There may also be- by the end of this week- a need to get in touch with one’s social consciousness, but there may not be much motivation to put this consciousness into action until after the New Moon in Aquarius on January 20.

Late in 2014 Saturn moved out of Scorpio, where it had stayed for 2+ years, and then moved into Sagittarius in December 2014.  It will dip back into the late degrees of Scorpio for awhile again later this year, but then enter back into Sagittarius in mid September. It will stay there until late 2017.

As a result of this movement by Saturn into Sagittarius, the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces will feel more of need to “get it together”- for themselves and their lives.

Fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius should feel a release of pressure and responsibility.

In the greater world we are getting used to a very changing world. And in 2015 there will likely be even greater change.  It is also likely this year that the global economy will suffer greatly, including here in the USA.

This is all meant to be a part of the transformation of our world out of the Age of Pisces and into the Age of Aquarius.

This changing of ages brings a movement toward more equality and sharing, a rebalancing of power.

Old paradigms and institutions that hold up those old ways will begin to lose their power over the people.

But of course there will be a countermovement to desperately hold control and dominance.

That will cause more revolutionary movement and a faster evolutionary track of consciousness.

There are new frequencies and beams of new light pulsing and wanting to enter our collective consciousness and personal lives.

They will meet with much resistance, which will create greater turmoil in our world and in many personal lives.

If we each can get out of our own way, can release ego controls and open up to spirit; then we will experience more awakenings, more synchronicity and magic, and a greater sense of connection with the Universe, our human family, and our authentic and healthy soul potential.

Meditation and spiritual practices are essential.  Going to healers and spiritual guides will be quite useful on our journeys this year.  Eating and moving more in tune with our bodies’ needs is important also.

You can find your natural place in this New Age, your function in the greater human community.  You do not need to save the world or others, as that consciousness was more attuned to the Pisces Age, begun around the time of the Christ.

Now it is more important in an Age of Aquarius to actualize your true individuality and in the process find your place and contribution within the greater whole.

See you next week,


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