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Making it Real and Astrology Forecast January 7-13

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This last week was meant to be a wake-up call (Uranus Direct) that motivates us to get  outside old boxes in our minds, hearts, and lives. 

In so doing, we release that which has blocked our way, and we are then liberated from the chains of old beliefs, decaying patterns, and crusty habits of living and expressing.

We are getting ready to make the needed changes that will help us to lead our lives in a more aligned and authentic way.  It is time for “out with the old,  get ready for the new.”

2018 has just begun, and will take us further forward on a ride of transition between the old and new- in our personal lives and in our global lives.

This week the intensity amps up and seriousness gets stronger.  That which is frivolous, superficial, or light and airy will have little space in our life rooms for expression.

It might be needed and would be appreciated, but it is not what we are being presented with energetically this week.

On Saturday eve Mars conjuncts Jupiter in Scorpio, which increases intensity and emotional volatility.   That intensity and seriousness will extend into Sunday and all through next week, as Sun and Venus in Capricorn make sextile to Jupiter in Scorpio; Mars in Scorpio makes sextile to Pluto in Capricorn; Sun and Venus in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn; Moon in Scorpio from mid day Tuesday till Friday; and finally  Jupiter in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Scorpio on the 15th.

You will notice that all these planets and configurations are in Capricorn and Scorpio.

Those two signs “get down to business”, see at the core of truth, are very focused, and do not like time wasted by the trivial and superficial.

And most of all,  those two signs are about being REAL.  So this coming week, it will be difficult to avoid and escape.  Work is good.  Going to your personal underworld is good.  Being serious is aligned. Logical and organized is good.  Getting to what is important is needed.  Being present is required.

This week energies are yin, so we move yin-ward, so to speak; and this is especially so beginning late Monday as we enter the 4th and last quarter phase of the Moon’s cycle.

That 4th quarter will last until January 16 at the Capricorn New Moon.

So this week gives us mostly Capricorn and Scorpio.  Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which rules gravity. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto which rules the underworld.   

So you can see that movement is down to Earth and down under the Earth’s surface.  And that is what is happening for each of us too.

It is time to make things real, to make things work, to be more involved with manifesting (or at least making serious plans to manifest), building,  and grounding your ideas and ideals, your dreams, and your future plans.

In the greater world, issues will get more real there too.  It should be easier to see the grounded truths, without so much BS or fluffy marketing and spinning of the truth.

The stock market might also be getting a reality check, as might the economy in general.

Bubbles are ready to be broken, in our minds and in the world.

If you have wanted to talk frank and real- with authority- to someone in your life, this is a time to do it.  Honesty is now the best policy, especially with yourself.

What needs to be made real, to be faced straight on in your life?  There is no running away now, it is time.

There will be a potential explosiveness wanting to rise from the depths at times this week also.  Be aware of what is boiling beneath the surface of your mind and emotions.

Do your best to be in control of your expression of it.  Otherwise something may trigger its ugly expression, as you will lose control.

There is much beneath the surface that wants to come up to be expressed and dealt with now.

Then you can release it, let it go, purge it.  Do not judge it, just release it.  That will clear out inner blocks in your psyche, chakra system, and body, so you can move forward without so much inner baggage. Then you can reintegrate, re-center, and align with your Soul, Higher Self, and Universe.

Then on the 16th at the Capricorn  New Moon, there is movement forward, movement that is organized and under control.

That New Moon also opens up Winter 2018 Eclipse Season.  

The first eclipse is a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aquarius/Leo on January 31.  Then there is another eclipse:  A Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aquarius on February 15.

The Winter Olympics will be held in South Korea from February 9- February 25.

This is smack dab within the Eclipse Season, straddling the Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on the 15th.

North and South Korea are planning to talk this week with one another, this week of seriousness.  This will be getting them ready for the Olympics in Korea, but also will assist the movement of negotiations between them on the nuclear issues.

I know this: If the USA goes ahead with military drills with South Korea this winter, there will be war. If they do not just postpone, which they are doing for the Olympics, but also cancel the drills, and North Korea stops doing nuclear tests; then conditions will be set for a more peaceful potential.

And you can also expect other difficult world situations to get more serious too now, like in Iran where massive protests have broken out, or in Israel/Palestine where Jerusalem has become an explosive issue.

And the explosive potential is there this week in the world and in our own emotional body.

This can be a very good week for setting a foundation or making grounded reality for your life and for what you want to build and manifest in this New Chapter of life.

All planets are now going Direct until March 8 when Jupiter goes Retrograde. So all systems are go now for building your new cycle of life.

Till next week,


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Not Fearing Fear Itself and Astrology Forecast August 10-16

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Leo Knighton Tallarico

This last week, with an emphasis on Scorpio and Leo energies, was very intense.   An important message to be taken from those energies is to live in the moment in your heart and with your passion.

Scorpio and Leo will continue to be important energies this coming week, as Venus will join the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter in Leo, while Mars and Saturn continue in Scorpio.

Venus leaves safe and nurturing Cancer for creative, playful, and ostentatious Leo this Tuesday August 12.  Your heart will seek to open more and to express itself more spontaneously.  Relationship orientation will want to be leaving co-dependent ways and to experience more genuine expressions of open hearted love.

Before Venus enters Leo on Tuesday, there is a Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius on Sunday August 10. This will bring a culmination or climax or perhaps some resolution to what was begun at the Leo New Moon on July 26.  As we have stated before that New Moon initiated a new chapter in our lives after the Cardinal Cross shakeups.

Now at this Full Moon we can intend to gain more perspective and understanding of that new chapter and hopefully more acceptance of it.

The roar of creative expression for living an authentic life (Leo) meets the social needs of the world around us at this Full Moon in Aquarius.   Can we take our true self into the world and fit in, or do we need to adjust our needs or at least our presentation in order to relate with others.

This Full Moon, which is at 2:09 PM PM EDT Sunday August 10, seeks to balance our self focused inclinations with our social consciousness.  So we may also be more motivated to find and express what we idealistically seek for the world we live in.

On Thursday Jupiter will make aspect to Neptune, so surrounding this time we have greater opportunity to open to spirit and soul, to more magic and synchronicity, to deeper and higher levels of consciousness.

On Friday Mars in Scorpio sextiles Pluto in Capricorn.  Surrounding this day the emotional intensity level may increase even more and world conflicts may get more intense as well.

We have all entered a new chapter in our human lives on Planet Earth since the important Cardinal Grand Cross and Eclipse season earlier this year.    Our consciousness is shifting and changing this year in big ways.

Transformation of consciousness is the most important part of the foundation we are building now to support our entry into the Age of Aquarius.   Uranus square Pluto is the main motivator to change our consciousness now; and as those two powerfully transformational energies were part of the Cardinal Grand Cross this spring 2014, we are experiencing huge waves of revolutionary and evolutionary instigation.

In the mid ’60s Uranus was conjunct Pluto, and of course that was symbolic of the huge tides of change just beginning then for the ’60s and ’70s revolution and evolution.

Civil rights issues dominated that time period and African Americans and women were screaming for liberation from an often controlling and demeaning society.   A spotlight was shone on a society that programmed its citizens into robotic allegiance to its dictates.  Wars and global capitalism were challenged and protests and civil disturbances broke out as efforts to change the world.  There were movements to break down old gender roles and to liberate us from emotional and sexual repression.

In those processes of transformation, marijuana was an important way for many to break out of consciousness boxes, to break away from stuck mind and heart chains, and to breathe the fresh air of new ways of thinking and feeling.  Psychedelics were also part of that process of breaking down old ways and opening up to new ones.

Now we have again faced civil rights issues, and minds have been opening for the plights and rights for gays and lesbians over the last few years .  We are again wanting to break away from the controls of the programming from society, from unjust and horrible wars, from a Global Corporate and Governmental Dominance that is making our human experience more toxic than ever.  And now marijuana is legal in some states and will probably in time become legal most everywhere.

This is Uranus and Pluto roaring once again and promising to bring even greater tides of change than the ’60s and ’70s.

Back in the ’60s people sang and celebrated the “Dawning of the Age of Aquarius”, and now it is much closer to our collective doorstep.   The roar of its power is permeating our collective consciousness, our world events, and our personal lives.

But now the forces of repression are stronger than before. Back then the Vietnam War was ended and the Nixon presidency came down, in large part because of the power of the people who were under the influence of Uranus/Pluto and waves of transformational energies from the approaching Age of Aquarius.

The so-called Military Industrial Complex is much more powerful than before and now so many of the young people in the USA (who were so instrumental in the ’60s changes) are now seemingly dozing to the lull of computer sights and sounds.

But nevertheless we are all being awakened now and sometimes that awakening is taking the form of world or personal events that shake us up so we will have a deeper look at our lives.

On the world stage we see the massacre of innocent civilians in Gaza on our TV screens, we see more needless world conflicts and fights for land and resources and power, we witness Corporate and Government controls taking away our freedoms, we see institutions that can no longer be trusted to serve our best interests.

Monsanto has such control of the food industry and our elected officials as they deny us even simple labeling of food products so we can know what we are eating.  The NSA spies on Americans and who knows how much of our information is available through the internet.

Our elected officials are bought out by all sorts of monied interests, apparently also true now of the Judicial system and highest courts who now have decided that Corporations are people. And of course Israel has a powerful influence over our foreign policy decisions.

The turmoil that is here now in world events and in our personal lives is meant to be a catalyst for change again, as they were back in the ’60s and ’70s.

But now we are closer to the true dawning of a new age, and it will take even more powers of transformation to assist us in our evolution.

So if at times now you are feeling like you are going crazy or you are overwhelmed by the emotions flooding you and events that seemingly have no solution; trust the process operating deep under the surface.    Try to open your mind to new ways of looking at situations, people and yourself; learn to not judge so quickly; do your best to summon up empathy and to look at both sides of an issue.  And do your best to surrender your ego now to your authentic soul self, the part of you that holds the wisdom you now need.

Do your best not to freak out at what is happening in the world or in your personal life.  Trust the Universe and its inexorable movement into the Age of Aquarius. Trust your self to know what to do and when, to be guided to people and situations that are just right for you at just the right time.  Stay out of debilitating fear or you will lose your way.   As FDR so famously said, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”.

There is an Autumn Eclipse Season beginning in September, before the first of two eclipses on October 8. We will write more about that in later installments of Perspectives from the Sky.

See you next week,


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Destiny and Choice and Astrology Forecast September 2-8

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Well we made it through the Republican Convention, which ended as the Moon in Pisces was coming up to  being a Full Moon.  Mitt Romney, who gave his acceptance speech that last night of the convention, is a Sun in Pisces man. That is of course synchronistic.

I know many people made a big deal that this was a so-called blue moon, which is defined that way because it is the second full moon in a month. The Pisces Full Moon does not “know” about our Gregorian Calendar, and how many days there are in August. It just shines the way it does every year, as is natural.  Its energy and meaning are unaffected by our calendar.  It was a very gentle, flowing, deep and mystical Full Moon as always.

So now the Democrats will put on their convention, starting Monday.   President Obama will be in the spotlight, which is a natural place for that Sun in Leo man to be.

It is obvious to me that Romney and the republicans in many ways represent the old world we are leaving.  The emphasis is on nuclear family and “family values”;  seeing the United States as superior to other peoples; getting militaristic against the “enemies”; seeing the bible and traditional religion as a guiding light.

That is where they get their opinion that gays should not marry, and where they get their right to life, anti-abortion beliefs.   Romney is a Mormon, and yes we do believe in freedom of religion, but it is important to know more about Mormonism.

And Mitt Romney comes from a rather “royal” Mormon family. His great-great grandfather was one of the original apostles of Joseph Smith Jr. the main prophet of the Mormons.  Mitt’s great grandfather, who had multiple wives, left the USA to go to a Mormon colony in Mexico to avoid the USA law against plural marriage.  His grandfather also lived much of his life in Mexico.  Mitt was born in the USA, but spent some years in France preaching the Mormon word.

Brigham Young, the second main prophet of the Mormons, said that the African people had the mark of Cain upon them, Cain being the man who “sinfully” killed his brother Abel. For that reason Young felt they blacks could never be a priest in the Mormon religion, nor be able to rule at all in any way. He believed they should be servants to white people.

Now I am not saying Mitt Romney feels this way too, but attitudes that women and blacks are inferior to white men permeates the beliefs of his ancestors, who were mostly important leaders in the Mormon religion.  The Mormons also have a very close affinity to Israelis, as they believe they are descendents of Israelis from Palestine.  Mitt Romney’s allegiance to Israel is quite strong politically.

There is no doubt in my mind that the current republicans represent the Old Pisces Age we are leaving.  It is not that they are bad people, or people to be demonized and hated. It is natural to have people try to hold on to old ways.  They represent a world where people believe in a hierarchy of order, and a judgment of who belongs on the top, being better and with more privilege than others.  This is not so much about the domination of women and blacks and gays, though of course that is very important.

On a deeper level this is about the old world belief that some people are better than others and deserve more. The Aquarian Age, as we have so often stated in these writings is about equality and Diversity in Unity.  That is the New Age.

So if Mitt Romney’s current brand of republican party represents the Old Age, does that mean he will lose the election as we are moving into a New Age? No, not necessarily, because perhaps the pendulum will need to swing one more time a big step backwards before it takes many steps forward into an Aquarian Age.

And is Barack Obama a step forward? I believe in his first term as President he was a small step forward, at least in giving his endorsement to the rights of our gay brothers and sisters, and his attempts to hold back from a war with Iran.

But of course he still answers to the Empire, and his wars in Afghanistan and Libya, and his allegiance to the Corporate Structure, keep him from being a strong force forward.

Many progressive people, including young people ages 18-29, which was the only age demographic he carried in 2008, are largely dissillusioned with his not having brought the revolutionary change he so eloquently promised at the last election.

From studying the charts of Romney and Obama, the coming planetary movements over the next few years, and their connections to the USA chart, I give  the advanatage to become president to Romney. I believe that unless there is a very strong movement coming up for Obama, that Romney will win. Of course there is destiny, which can be reflected in the movement of the planets. But we also do have choice, do we not?

So I believe that destiny is now leaning toward Romney, but I also believe people can change that if they so will, and make some deep changes in the pit of their consciousness. Prayer and positive visualization can help. And going out to vote of course.

But just think, as the Pisces Age ends, perhaps quite dramatically and tragically, would not a Sun in Pisces, who also has Moon in Scorpio, not seem aligned to face that end?

Can we escape such a dark ending to the Old Age, and have a President like Obama, who at least gives us a small bridge forward to the Aquarian Age lead the way for the next four years?

Remember, no matter how this turns, that there are not good guys and bad guys, no evil enemies to fight. Do not demonize.  We are moving in transition between Ages, and some “dinosaurs”are becoming obsolete, slowly but surely.   We do not want their death fall to crush us, but demonizing them only keeps each of us back in the consciousness of the old world. It is not “Us against Them”. We are not the good ones fighting against the bad ones. That attitude holds us back and makes the transition more difficult to achieve gracefully.

Mitt Romney is probably a very sensitive and caring person to people who know him and who are his friends and family.  His consciousness, however, may be stuck in the past, in old ways of thinking, not connected to a broader and more inclusive way of being.

This coming week, as the Democratic Convention plays out, we are in the waning half of the Lunar Cycle, getting prepared for new beginnings after September 15 at the New Moon in Virgo. Shortly afterwards, on the 18/19th, Pluto changes directions while it squares Uranus for the second time this year.  That week will bring more intensity, release of the old ways, and transformation into the new.

This week we should get a bit of an appetizer of intensity as Mars in Scorpio makes sextile to Pluto and quincunx to Uranus, triggering the Uranus/Pluto square. Stay alert for some shakeup this week, and do your best not to lose you cool.

See you next week,


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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

He predicted the Iraq War of 2003- in early 2001 when Bush first took office; predicted the 9-11 attacks with an article “The Tower”, written in June 2001. He predicted Obama and McCain would get the presidential nominations in november 2007, when both were low in the polls; and correctly predicted the current economic downturn before it occurred.