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Lunar Eclipse Full Moon, Saturn conjunct Pluto and Astrology Forecast January 5-11

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This coming week leads us into the greatly anticipated Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Cancer, accompanied by destroyers Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. And of course awakening agent Uranus goes back Direct on the same day as the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon happens.

Out in the world we have witnessed a big red flag event, one that shows us the power of this Eclipse Season: Assassination of top Iranian leader.

Since this all combines with a most important changing of Ages, we know that the power of transformation is deeply at work.

The USA went out and assassinated a man who is adored as a major hero to Iranians: Soleimani.

Since this is happening during the middle of an Eclipse Season and  Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn meeting, this killing represents a most important event in the process of turning to the Age of Aquarius.

The old world of dog-eat-dog domination, which includes big slices of “eye for an eye” revenge, is in its Last Hurrah before going the way of the Dinosaurs. But right now it represents danger.

The Old Testament, which fundamentalist religion answers to, makes revenge and killing for God a good thing.

The Middle East is still very much governed by an Old Testament Yahweh kind of religion.

So the assassination of Soleiman will likely set off a major conflict in the region, one that will draw in many countries all over the world.

Keep in mind, however, that the dying of old world values from an old and dying paradigm, is a most important part of the process of transformation now.

We will also be experiencing now, especially in our personal lives, breakthroughs into new ways of viewing ourselves and our world.  We will be helped into breaking out of old stories and thought that have kept us still clinging to the familiarity of the old world.

The light will shine brightly, even as darker events bust through our world.

What will happen in the Middle East during this current Eclipse Season will put the spotlight on signs and symbols showing us the way forward.

Intensity will rise this week as our waxing Moon reaches climax at the Full Moon in Capricorn on January 10 at 2:21 PM EST. That momentum will continue through the Saturn conjunct Pluto exact meeting on January 12.

Saturn conjunct Pluto happens every 35 years of so.  Their last meeting was in 1983.

That year a couple hundred USA Marines were ambushed and killed in Lebanon.  President Reagan wasted little time before he withdrew American troops from Lebanon.

Now we are full circle of that Saturn conjunct Pluto cycle, while the USA now has its troops in Syria and Iraq. They also need to leave those countries, which does not belong to them.

Leaving these countries to their own devices not only protects USA lives; it also brings us closer to the Aquarian Age consciousness of Equality and Diversity within Unity.

That is where we are moving, and old ego stories that tell us differently must be released. We are not better than the people in other countries, and we cannot reside in countries that do not want us there.

And in our personal consciousness transformation, be honest with yourself on this issue. Do you believe we are superior and deserve more privilege?  Do you believe our way of believing and living our lives needs to be how all others need to live their lives?

The darkness of the old world is about to get much darker, and we each will need to keep fear at a minimum, and instead need to take the “high road” (higher self) into this ever expanding new chapter of our lives.

On Friday the 10th this week at 2:21 PM EST our Moon’s light is partially eclipsed by the shadow of the Earth on it.  Uranus going Direct will help us to awaken out of the rut we are in; see things in a new light as we think outside the box; and liberate ourselves from limiting thoughts and ways of being in our lives.

Uranus changing directions will affect planets in your natal chart that are in fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius the most, especially between 0 and 6 degrees of those signs.

Remember that this is a time of change, especially of transforming those old stories and beliefs that reside so deeply in your body and soul. Those old stories will keep bringing you the same kind of people or situations, time after time.: Ground Hog Day

Now you have more ability to break away, to transform those beliefs, as energies of change are strong. If you are given difficult challenges now, they are also great opportunities to wake up and move forward in new ways.

Keeping yourself “safe” in a rut will not serve you, but will keep your ego leading the way.

This does not mean you go looking for change; it means that if the possibility of change is being presented to you now, that means it needs to be examined and weighed and likely acted upon.

Uranus going Direct on the day of the eclipse means all the planets are Direct then.  This does not happen very often, and signifies that all systems are go now, the doors are open, until February 17 when Mercury goes Retrograde.

So many of our planets are in Yin signs now, those that are Earth or Water signs (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces. Yin means energies go “down and in”.

One important placement is now in Yang sign Sagittarius: Mars.  That placement will give  us the “go light” for new change and adventure. Otherwise, Capricorn is ruling the day, and it mainly gives us slow and cautious changes.

So out in the world some changes will manifest right away (Mars in Sagittarius), while others will be about making plans for action later.

Saturn exactly conjuncts Pluto on the 12th, just two days after the Lunar Eclipse. It marks a time of acknowledgment of what is ending or needs to end.  Wanting to hold on tightly to what we are needing to let go of is natural and understandable; but the more we resist what needs to happen, the more pain we endure, and for what end?

The Lunar Eclipse in Cancer leads us to finding comfort and nurture and safety during these big shifts in the world and in our personal lives. Capricorn wants to keep accomplishing, fixing, getting things done, or at least organized.

Cancer would rather go with its flow and moods, without any obligations or “shoulds”.

Now is a good time to look for the balance. And staying in balance may be very challenging now. Fear is the only enemy now.  Keep it under control and all will be OK.

The light from the Age of Aquarius is pushing through the cracks of the programming from the old age.  Society and families have tried to condition us to be and do in a certain way.

Many of us have been Self Actualizing, finding our authenticity lost during the programming.  As we find our self and our way, we release the old programs and the stories that go with it.

The process is difficult sometimes, but so rewarding to find ourselves and learn the Universe supports us on our Path.

Do you remember how painful some of the losses have been in your life?  The world is in the same process now, with great labor pains on the way to the new chapter.

The path may look more scary now because of what is happening in the world, but you can be assured that if a high priority for you is to be aligned with your True Self and with the Universe,  knowing all is connected and all of us members of the same huge human family, all will be OK.

Till next week- hopefully I will produce a podcast this week


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Year 2020 and Astrology Forecast December 29-January 4.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We enter a New Year 2020 this week, and it will be one alive and intense year ahead (Podcast Forecast coming in early January).

This week of transition between years 2019 and 2020 begins shortly after the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn from December 25/26.

That eclipsed new moon began a lunar cycle that includes a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Cancer on January 10, the same day liberating Uranus changes directions from Retrograde to Direct.

Then 2 days later on the 12th, the important and powerful Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.

This week now, we should be able to experience more of the reality and meaning of this Eclipse Season.

The holidays have to some extent distracted us from the energies and reality of this Eclipse Season.

If paying attention , however, we experience the partisan battle between Democrats and Republicans that will likely take Trump off the hook of being found guilty by the Republican run Senate. The Senate tries Trump and then votes for his guilty or innocent verdict. No matter what he gains infamy in American history.

This country has descended into a government that has lost the pulse of the American people, and in so doing gives more and more power to corporations and special interests that pay handsomely to the Senators and Congressional representatives.

The idealistic values set down in the American Constitution and Bill of Rights are being more and more drowned under by overly materialistic values and distorted needs for ultimate security above all else.

The lofty American values of equality for all, freedom of speech, and care for those who struggle have been brought down many notches and into the underworld’s value system.

This year 2020 presents a major turning point in regards to those values. The current administration pushes the envelope toward more power for the executive branch of government, meaning toward King Donald.

Yet 2020 gives the opportunity, through impeachment and elections, to reject those values and reject giving more power to the “kings and queens”.

1776 was to be the beginning of the end of rule by royalty or dictator, and instead give more power to the people.

So now we have the opportunity, through transformation of consciousness, to evolve into the people envisioned by the early leaders of the country.

The month of January 2020, as the first month of the year, sets the stage and creates the foundation for this important year ahead.

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction, which happens to be a close companion to the Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, is set to begin the process of destruction of soul dead elements of our world and its institutions.

Stock Market correction is likely this season, as the chart for the beginning of the Stock Market in America is being harshly triggered by the Saturn/Pluto conjunction and Lunar Eclipse this month. That chart is from May 17, 1792 in New York.

The Trump administration will do everything in its power to keep the market and economy looking prosperous, as a failure of the economy means automatic failure of the administration’s attempts to survive.

The trade war with China and breakdown of communication with North Korea will also come up to a major turning point this coming month.  North Korea is on the verge of creating more trouble. The state of Israel and showdown with Iran will likely also draw much attention this coming month.

In our personal lives this Eclipse Season, we can expect events that bring powerful messages of needs to release anything from the last chapter of our lives that keep screaming to be kept alive.

Saturn/Pluto can be ruthless, and so letting go is essential.  The New Chapter may have already showed you its promise, but no matter what- make sure to let go of what used to be. Your anger and/or guilt keep the old alive, even if you believe you let it all go.

This week on New Year’s Eve day of the 31st, the Moon is in Pisces much of the day.

However at 11 PM EST and 8 PM PST, the Moon goes into Aries. In Europe the New Year comes in with the Moon in Pisces.  In Africa and Asia, the Moon will be in Pisces at the yearly turning point.

But in America there will be a good connection with what is happening overall: The Pisces Moon is grieving and letting go; the Aries Moon is pushing forward and embracing the new.

On January 2nd,  Mercury in Capricorn makes exact conjunction with Jupiter in Capricorn, affording us the opportunity to have real and practical ideas for manifesting our dreams and making our lives work better.

On January 3, Mars leaves deeply serious and sometimes brooding Scorpio for more glory seeking Sagittarius.  What has been a “kept secret” Scorpio desire or emotion is released into the free spirit of Sagittarius.

Mars stays in Sagittarius until February 16. Use the Mars fiery placement now to take the leap of faith, to “take the ride” of your destiny, to go on the adventure, to know all is happening for a reason.

All the Capricorn energies now can help make some people feel trapped or confined or depressed.

But if you do allow yourself to open up and freely follow spirit now, you can use the Capricorn influence to stay grounded, to make real, to manifest in form.  This combo is great for recognizing the natural relationship that can be found between spirit and form.

That is our human experience. Free spirits and souls making home in a body in order to fulfill a function or purpose in our Earthly Human Community in this lifetime.

Issues and energies intensify this week, as we get closer to the important planetary configurations later this month.

Till next week,


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Group Action and Astrology Forecast January 21-27.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The Sun just went into Aquarius on January 19, and on January 20 is the Women’s March.

This is a follow-up to last year’s march, which yelled loud and clear the power of women in their desire to end sexual abuse, power abuse, and generally unfair gender conditions in the USA and world.

Eclipse Season began last week, and on January 31 there is the first of two eclipses in a row.  It is a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aquarius/Leo. Then on February 15 there is a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aquarius.

This Eclipse Season, with an emphasis on Aquarius, is very much about group power.  So the Women’s March is very aligned with that focus.

As we have stated before Leo and Aquarius are in large part about power of the One (Leo) and power of the Group (Aquarius).

The Women’s March last January 21 2017 happened also during Sun in Aquarius, but this year group action of Women is more influential than it was then.

This is partly because we are in Eclipse Season already this year, but it is also because of the sexual and power abuse revelations recently.

And as we get deeper this year into Winter 2018 Eclipse Season, we will see more group social action as well as more executive action against the voices of the group.

The Senate right now has asserted its power to shut down the government in reaction to Trump’s executive desire to put through a funding bill that is aligned with what he wants.

I believe we can expect this Eclipse Season, especially so as we get close to the Aquarius Solar Eclipse on February 15, even more powerful group action.

That could very well include group actions counter to the USA power base, as well as stronger attempts to impeach and/or dis-empower the President of the USA.

In that regard there will be more conflict around the Israeli/Palestinian issue. The UN already passed a policy to negate the American unilateral decision to recognize Jerusalem as the sole Capital of Israel.

In your own life, are you a member of any socially conscious groups that you feel quite resonant with?

Do you usually feel like an outsider in group situations? Do you prefer a strong leader over a committee of people?

Aquarius is an interesting sign in that it is about two seemingly very different traits.

Aquarius is about being different than the norm, very individualistic and sometimes considered weird.

At the same time Aquarius is about being in a group, with a group cause.

So it seems one will either be estranged from the group because it does not fit in, or it fits into the group, often by “wearing the same uniform” as everyone else.

And this is where we get to Aquarius at its  best being “Diversity within Unity”.

When one can be distinctly individualized, true to one’s uniqueness, yet at the same time within the Unity of the group, Aquarius is best fulfilled.

And how does Leo, its polar opposite, fit into this equation?

Leo, whose ruling “planet” is the Sun, can provide the fuel of energy to the group as a leader in alliance with the group intentions.  The Sun in the solar system provides the light and warmth to the planets travelling around it, not dominating but facilitating their actions and life.

The heart is the part of the body affiliated with the Sun and Leo.  And the heart (and heart chakra)  provides the fuel of energy for the body and soul to be alive. The circulatory system is Aquarius the water bearer, delivering the lifeblood through the body’s network.

So this Eclipse Season, how can you best balance your group and social principles (Aquarius) with your personal heart’s desires (Leo)?

Too much Aquarius puts one too focused on one’s mind, figuring what is most socially conscious.  Too much Leo puts a person too much in one’s heart for what is attractive and serves one’s desires..

For instance, shopping for a car can be about getting one that is good for the environment and best for the family and family wallet (Aquarius).  Or it can be focused on getting the shiny red one that opens up one’s heart with happiness (Leo).

In world dynamics, too much Leo gives us a dictator. Too much Aquarius gives us a legislative body, group or committee that gets nothing done.

So the Sun is in Aquarius this week,  and the lunar cycle is in the waxing half of its cycle, moving toward a powerful climax at the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius/Leo on January 31.

Mid week Mercury will be conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, tending our minds toward deep and serious thought and communication.

And then on Friday the 26th of January, Mars will leave deep, intense, and sometimes darkly brooding Scorpio; for fiery, inspired, joyful, adventurous and sometimes impulsive Sagittarius.  It will stay in Sagittarius until the 17th of March.

This adds some yang Fire to the mostly yin Earth and Water we have been slushing through.

Mars in Sagittarius will open up our life energy portals, tending more toward action, upliftment, and wanting to “jump right in”.

That is only 5 days before the Lunar Eclipse, so energies in general are then intensifying, causing more possibility for breakdowns and breakthroughs in our consciousness and lives.

Change and transformation are swirling through our lives more, and if you want to unchain yourself from stuck situations, people, or thought, this Eclipse Season is a great time to do so.

For Eclipse Season, in the world keep your eye on  the Russia-gate investigation, the Winter Olympics in Korea, and increasing tension in Syria and Israel/Palestine. These and other world situations will become more important. Look at the stock market and economy closely too for signs of coming changes.

In your own personal life, stay on your toes for potential change, open your mind and heart to life more than before, yet at the same time keep your sanity and stay centered.

As always meditation is one of the best aids during times of intensity and change.

All that happens is for a reason and for what is best for your soul’s journey.

So know that the change and transformation in your life now has purpose, especially so if you have purpose for your life.

Till next week,


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A Step Beyond and Astrology Forecast September 11- 17.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week is round 2 of eclipses, a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces on Friday September 16 at 3:05 PM EDT.

That means that intensity will build this coming week appreciably until it climaxes on or around the 16th.

Since Mercury also stays Retrograde all this week, it may at times feel quite off balance emotionally and mentally.

The more one energetically rides the waves, the better.   If one holds too tightly and tries to control too much it will be more difficult this week.

Adding to the intensity of the eclipse, Mars in Sagittarius will square the points of the Sun and Moon positions of the eclipse.

That makes a T-square formation, a usually difficult pulling in 3 different directions energetically.

Sun in Virgo pulls toward physical order, logical analysis, and perfecting or fixing;  Moon in Pisces wants to be able to let go and surrender, allow the soul to speak its truth, and to go with the flow.   Both seek to be of service to others or to something greater than the self.

Mars in Sagittarius wants to stoke the fires of enthusiasm and inspiration, take the exciting adventure, and trust inspiration.   Virgo moves downward, Pisces moves inward, Sagittarius moves upward.    Virgo is earth, Pisces is water, Sagittarius is fire.

If you try too hard to figure everything out this week, you will likely be frustrated.  If you encounter challenges or difficulties, it will be best to let the process unfold without needing to totally understand everything or to force conclusions or answers.

Remember that Mercury is Retrograde and as such it requires letting go of mental controls, and instead to trust other ways of comprehension like intuition or imagination.

You may be rewinding the clock of your life now, revisiting with people from your past through dreams, memories or actual in-person connections.

This may bring up unresolved issues, issues you have put aside and thought were resolved well enough.

Current situations in your life can be seen as similar to the ones that are coming back to you from the past.

You thus have the opportunity to work through blocks or dysfunctional patterns in your life or relationships.    The past only needs to come back so it can be applied to current issues that need resolution or healing. Or perhaps it is back so you find closure to the old issues, so you can move on in your life or relationships.

If you are feeling hurt beyond what seems “logical”, then you know it is an old wound or trauma that has been triggered inside you.

Eclipses help us to move out of stuck places in our minds or hearts. They do so by taking us out of our comfort zones, creating breakdowns or breakthroughs out of those stuck energies.

Mercury Retrograde helps us to see with new lens, to perceive differently, to go outside the old boxes.  It helps us to question a belief or direction we have chosen.

We then have the opportunity to change directions, to think and feel differently, or to end up feeling even more confident of what was previously chosen.

You can see why it is wise, with the eclipses and Mercury Retrograde to not jump to conclusions, or leap into anything.

All is in process now, and bottom line thinking is off its usual abilities.   Be patient and wait it out.  Before too long (sometime after Mercury goes back direct on September 22nd) renewed clarity and direction will surface from the fog.

In the global picture during this Eclipse Season and Mercury Retrograde:  the election process for President of the USA is getting even more mean spirited from both sides; a truce has been called in war torn Syria; North Korea is looking more dangerous than ever; the USA is  getting more estranged from China and some Asian nations like the Philippines; the economy  and stock market are showing signs of difficulty; Iran and the USA are sabre rattling with one another; and the Middle East in general feels like a kind of calm before the coming storms.

These issues will tend to build intensity this week with some kind of climax around the Lunar Eclipse.   Then all will begin to shift around the 22nd on Autumn Equinox with Mercury back Direct again.

Life as we know it is rapidly changing right before our eyes now, and we are only just in the beginning of the transformation.

We have a long way to go before we reach what is needed and aligned with the Age of Aquarius.

Things in some ways will get much worse, like with societal structures and institutions, which are decaying and self destructing.

But in the process we are as a human collective re-aligning with core principles and ideals.

We are reaching more up to the heavens of our divine nature, while at the same time getting more comfortable with our connection to sacred Mother Earth and her Natural rhythms.

We are honoring more our souls and spiritual natures, while learning to trust our bodies and their wisdom at the same time.

All is connected and working together for a common unity and evolutionary growth.

All is pointing toward the star of the Age of Aquarius.  It may not be exactly what each of us wants, but it will give us all exactly what we collectively need in our travels around the wheel of our Universe into a New Age.

Expect the unexpected and do not be too surprised if we before too long see the proof that we as Earthlings are not alone in the Universe.

Till next week,


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Fires of Inspiration and Astrology Forecast July 31- August 6

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The lunar cycle that began at the Cancer New Moon on July 4 is coming to an end this week with the New Moon in Leo on Tuesday August 2.

It has been a really rough time for many of us, and of course many horrific world events erupted also during that time period.

There were terror attacks around the world, horrible killing by police of black men, and the  horrible killing of police.

This last week of the Cancer lunar cycle was the 4th and last quarter phase of the Moon.  It put many in a kind of funk of negative energy.

Now on August 2 at the New Moon in fiery Leo,  the heart’s creative expressions will be energized.  On the same day Mars, which had been going Retrograde until recently, leaves Scorpio and enters uplifting Sagittarius.

So no more funk and instead there will be lots of fire to motivate and energize you and your life.  You may even desire to take new adventures or start new creative ventures.

If you have been “hiding in the weeds” not wanting to come out and be noticed, your time is up.

It will be time to get moving forward, to be seen and noticed, to express what is authentic and aligned with the Truth of who you are naturally.

For some, however, the ego will want to come out and dominate and squash the Higher Soul Self.

Out in the world big egos will dominate even more than ever, and world events that are really difficult will begin to storm back into our lives.

Between now and Election Day in the United States, you can expect lots of intense and important events that will shake up our reality and world.

The political conventions have ended for both Republicans and Democrats.  Both Trump and Clinton are going to be really negative and ugly in putting down one another.

We the people will get little inspiration from that process; and many people, especially young ones, will vote Green or Libertarian or just not vote at all.

The Republicans preach individuality and separateness, and taking personal responsibility for one’s self and one’s life.

The Democrats preach togetherness and inclusiveness, taking responsibility for one another.

Both parties, however, cannot deliver on their messages as they are bought and sold by special interest groups and big corporations.  They answer to them as well as the Military, and do not answer to we the people.

As President Eisenhower warned us, the Military Industrial Complex would take away our liberty and constitutional rights if we let them. And we have.

Stadiums for sports as well as conventions are named after major corporations and banks.  Most major sporting events and other public events have a strong military or police presence at them.

We really need to transform our world and that begins with our individual consciousness and lives.  The “system” is in the process of transforming.

But more importantly,  is the System that has been programmed in your heart and mind being transformed inside you?

The only political parties that do not owe allegiance to the Military- Economic establishment are the smaller parties Green and Libertarian.

If you really want your vote to be outside the establishment box, vote for Stein (Green) or Johnson (Libertarian).

Don’t get me wrong, I have respect for those (many of my friends) who say a vote for a third party is a vote for Trump. I am sure those on the other side are frightened Clinton will win and tell their friends not to vote for a third party candidate or she will win.

I understand the fears and the need to more practical with one’s vote.  I also understand the excitement to have a woman as President.

But a  vote for Green or Libertarian is a vote for a better future and truly a New Age.

That New Age is not corrupt or run by big Corporate or big Government or big Military.

It is run by Truth and Love- Both.

This week propels us forward with the New Moon in Leo and Mars going into Sagittarius for a couple of months.

Spirits will be rising, inspiration easier to access.  But also people will be more apt to leap into things withour looking, to be more impulsive and driven by ego.

Keep your inspiration out of your ego and judgemental self and you will be alright.

Those who fly flags and carry out warrior agendas of nationalism or religion are taken by big ego and big judgementalism.  Fires of inspiration are poisoned by distorted and negative human traits.

For most this new moon and Mars placement willl be healthy, however, and will give them the motivation to embark on new journeys or to more fully enter the New Chapters of Life.

On Friday August 5 Venus leaves Leo and enters Virgo for about a month stay.

It is time to look with a more critical eye at your relationships.  Having fun together is great but by itself is not enough to make a true and good relationship.

With Venus in Virgo, we will know that being more humble will really help our relationships to be more pure and innocent again.

Till next week,


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Healing and Humbling on the Way to Autumn Eclipse Season 2014 and Astrology Forecast September 7-13

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week the planetary highlight is  a Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces.   This lunation may bring in the first winds of Autumn Eclipse Season 2014, yet the official beginnings of that eclipse season will not be until the New Moon in Libra on September 23/24.

The Full Moon in Pisces this week is on Monday September 8 at 9:38 PM EDT.   The combination of Sun in Virgo and Moon in Pisces is usually very gentle and yin-like energetically.   There is a “coming down” into one’s body and soul,  a joining with the wisdom within.  This Full Moon in Pisces has a humility that comes with it, so any need to inflate one’s ego will get little support from the Universe at this time.

Pisces and Virgo have in common well developed sensitivity- Virgo more to the physical world and Pisces more to the emotional soul world.   Virgo wants a purity in the body and so is very sensitive to toxins and environmental stresses. Pisces picks up the moods and emotions of others quite easily and so is very sensitive to toxic emotions.

So it is advised to be aware of one’s body and feelings during the days surrounding this Full Moon.   This is not a time to be manic or even overly excited. It is a time to “check in” and be present to all that may be going on inside your self and around you.

The time of influence for this Full Moon is Saturday and Sunday leading up to the Full Moon, Monday the day of the Full Moon when there will be the greatest intensity of it,  Tuesday as it begins to subside, and Wednesday as its influence passes.

On Wednesday you will begin to feel more “active” energies as the Moon has gone into Aries that day. Be careful before Wednesday not to fall into any depressive attitudes.

To look into the eyes of what feels soulful and sad is OK and natural around this Full Moon, but make sure not to wallow in it or to develop a “story” that is based on old memories or patterns.

Remember also that this Full Moon is a kind of culmination, conclusion or climax from what was begun around the time of the New Moon in Virgo on August 25.

Getting things fixed or putting things in order,  going for checkups and maintenance, and focusing on details and mundane concerns has been a theme of these last couple of weeks of Virgo influence.  And this will stay a theme until the week of September 22 when the Autumn Equinox and Libra New Moon shift our attentions, and we experience the true beginnings of Autumn Eclipse Season 2014.

This year the Cardinal Grand Cross has brought our human family into a powerful new chapter in our personal and collective lives.  Our sense of what feels normal in our psyche and lives has shifted. The greater world also feels very different now, as we process the events in the Middle East, Ukraine, and elsewhere.

The Cardinal Grand Cross made a very close aspect to the USA natal Sun from July 4 1776, and it planted the planetary seeds of a vast transformation for the USA.

The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aries on October 8 this year forms a Cardinal T-Square with Uranus and Pluto that is close again to the USA Sun and Saturn, bringing more large waves of change and transformation.

The USA is losing its status as Superpower and making its way into a more equitable role in the developing Age of Aquarius, which will form a world of Diversity in Unity.

There is a reworking of the balance of power in the world, and we citizens of the USA and also the Western World in general, are in the beginning stages of developing more collective humility.

It is apparent that a military macho hawkishness is developing in the USA and Western world as a result of the “terrorist” mentality.  There is an attitude that the enemies must be destroyed and that the “vermine” in the world need to be eradicated. Military Orkin needs to kill the dangerous pests that are growing stronger and stronger.

And it is certainly the case with a most ruthless and hateful group like the Islamic State, that a “knee-jerk” reaction is to want to kill them all to protect ourselves and our way of life. And of course we do need to defend ourselves against dangers to our existence. But if we do not get to the root causes of the problem, the same dangers will come back over and over again, each time with greater ferocity.

And just like in your own life when something threatens it with disease or rejection or abandonment or failure, you go deeper to find out why you are being challenged in such a way. Then you need to find meaning to it all, and find out what kind of healing and transformation is needed.

The world that we all have co-created has a foundation that is decaying because of a deficiency of love and truth, fairness and justice, equality and connection.  It is run by a paradigm that is not honoring our Earth and environment, not caring enough for those who have less and suffer, and not recognizing the connections and meaning that the Universe is fueled on.

The rulers of the Old World can only see life through the lens of power and wealth, and thus can only react with military power and an economic system that controls so much of the world.

What has begun to shift our consciousness and world this year will intensify during the Autumn Eclipse Season, especially in late September and October.  Greater changes are on the way.

There is no return to the old chapter of our lives, so we must now adapt to this new world, and of course adaptation is what brings evolution of consciousness.

In your personal life, the new chapter of your life is forming a bit more clearly now, but you are with the baby steps into this new chapter.

Autumn Eclipse Season will soon pick up the pace again, the energy field will intensify more, and we will be thrust more fully into this New World.  It is normal to grieve what will be no more, but it is becoming time to accept the reality of your “new season” and to put more of your heart into making it work and into it being more satisfying.

This week brings the humble and service oriented Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces.  Mars will be finishing up its passionate and intense journey in Scorpio on Saturday the 15th, when it travels into fiery, inspired, joyful, and adventurous Sagittarius.

This week also brings the 13th anniversary of the 9-11 tragedy in the USA and the USA Moon in Aquarius is being aspected by Mars in Scorpio at that time. Israel’s natal chart will also be triggered by Mars in Scorpio this week. Events concerning those two countries is more likely than usual this week, though not at all certain.

See you next week,


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Digging for Deeper Truth and Astrology Forecast October 7-13

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Our connection with “reality” deepens, intensifies, and gets more confusing as Saturn has moved into Scorpio while sextile Neptune.  Saturn will stay in Scorpio for almost three years, so get used to not being able to get out of knowing the underworld of emotions and life. That which has been buried in your consciousness and avoided will need to be faced.  This could help you to eventually relieve stress and actually create a catharsis and healing.

This week Saturn stays in close contact with Neptune, so it will easier to imagine realities shifting, or even conspiracies or supposed delusions being real.

This past week, watching the Presidential debates, I started imagining  my recent prediction of Romney winning the election actually coming true. Prior to that debate I began to feel that maybe my formulas for world and political prediction, which usually work quite well, were way off this time. The polls were swinging way in favor of President Obama.

But this past week, during the debate, Obama seemed as if he was not entirely present, or kind of depressed, or distracted by something else, or losing interest in continuing to be president.  Of course as president he has more and heavier responsibilities than any of us can imagine, with possible wars and broken economies, etc. being such a huge burden to carry in one’s mind and heart.

But I have seen many presidents through the years in debate, and never one who seemed so lost as Obama did this past week. A couple people I talked to this week, said he acted that way because he was given the information recently that his time is up, and Romney has been chosen by the Powers that Be to be the next president.

Talk about conspiracy theories!  I have certainly become quite jaded by our world through the years and know our world is run by the Military/Economic Complex, Big Government and Big Corporation, and that our leaders are all too often bought out and corrupted. I know America is now an Empire and has unjustly caused wars in Viet Nam and Iraq, and uses others’ resources for its own needs.  I can even stretch myself to imagine the possibility the CIA or other government agencies might have had something to do with President Kennedy’s assassination

But I have a real hard time believing our government was a part of the 9-11 tragedy, bringing down the twin towers.  And I do not believe that the Powers that Be choose our presidents and our vote is not valid at all.

But I do believe we do not know anywhere near the real truths of what dirty business our world leaders are a part of.  And I know for sure there are many layers of veils that hide deeper truths from our conscious minds. Saturn in Scorpio and Uranus square Pluto over the next few years, will reveal realities that are meant to bring new beams of light to our awareness that awaken us from our slumber.

I am sure President Obama has been shocked by previously hidden truths and awakened to realities we are all still asleep to.

And much will open up over the next few months of 2012, as we get closer to the end of the Mayan Calendar on December 21 2012.   There is a UFO Disclosures documentary being released this autumn that is expected to blow the lid on secrets.  And November 2012 is a real planetary powerhouse.

Mercury goes retrograde on Election day November 6, and will bring shifts in awareness, election surprises, perhaps confusing results, and maybe more voting irregularities.   Election Day 2000, Gore versus Bush was the last time Election day had Mercury changing directions, an extremely rare occurrence, and you know how weird that day was!

On November 13, there is a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio.  Huge eruptions in the Middle East can be expected, on this 42nd anniversary of the birth of the current Syrian Regime.  World War is likely to ignite over tensions in the Middle East before too long.   Our world economy is also poised for a deep fall soon, with hyped up gas prices and inflation.

On November 28 there is a second eclipse, a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Sagittarius/Gemini.   Around this date Mars will conjunct Pluto and trigger the Uranus/Pluto square.

Transformation of our individual lives and consciousness will intensify this autumn, and the greater world will face immense new challenges brought on by world events.

It is not time now to be rigid and closed down. It is time to be awake, flexible, and on one’s toes anticipating change and progress.  Open your self to new spiritual vistas, open minded questioning of old conventional world ways, healthier lifestyles, and greater social interactions with people you truly resonate with.

Let go of being invested in relationships that are unhealthy and unsatisfying, or that keep you stuck in your “old self” and your fears.  Dysfunctional and toxic patterns of behavior, thinking and relating are ripe during this upcoming eclipse season to be released another level.  You can bring in more love and truth, and get closer to your soul, your authentic self, and the natural rhythms of the Universe.

Everything you have been moving toward in your personal evolution wants to progress even further.  Blocks in your psyche, soul, and body want to be unlocked so you can bring in more love and light into your life. There is nothing to fear, as you will be basking more and more in a healthy and whole life. Though there is much pain in releasing old familiar support systems, even if they were no longer good for you or your growth and evolution, there is no other way to go anymore.  Holding on keeps you back, and will eventually close your heart and mind more and more.

Let go and let the Universe take you into nature’s dance.  Being kept within a prison of your own insecurities and fears kills your heart and soul and contributes to the old world and its toxic ways.  Your ego may want you to come to definite conclusions right away so it can be in control, but sometimes it is essential to keep the options open for awhile and let life unfold on its own.  You of course need to be proactive not passive, engaged not apathetic; but nevertheless open to what is coming your way.   These next few months will assist your personal evolution if you are open to the waves of change blowing in.

We are now in the waning half of the lunar cycle, awaiting a New Moon in Libra on October 15. That New Moon will begin a lunar cycle that takes us through the election.

Mars leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius late tonight and begins a couple months of freeing up our spirits to look for more meaning and inspiration and adventure.     Allow your spirit to soar more now and find more joy, even while  the Saturn in Scorpio rotor rooter digs for deeper truths.

See you next week,


I will be broadcasting some radio shows on blog talk radio in October/November. I will let you know the dates soon. I will also do a new YouTube presentation then also. And here is the the link to YouTube talk I gave a few months ago at our Spiritual Renaissance Center.

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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.