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Secrets Revealed and Astrology Forecast October 22-28

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week October 22/23 the Sun moves into Scorpio, joining previously entered Jupiter in Scorpio.  They will be exactly conjunct one another on Thursday October 26.

That is the date we told you about last week, when the files concerning President Kennedy’s assassination are scheduled for release.  Trump this week stated that he will allow those files to be released, as he is the only one, as the USA President right now, who could stop the scheduled release.

True to the sign Scorpio, secrets are kept and kept for sometimes a long time, then eventually released in a powerful manner.  And usually when these secrets are released there is intense emotional turmoil and expression.

In this case it seems there will be much released we have not known.  And besides this Kennedy info, there is so much in our world and government that we are kept in the dark about.

The powers that be always tell “we the people” that for security reasons secrets must be kept from us.

Disclosure of information about UFO’s and extraterrestrials is also kept from us,  because “we the people” cannot be trusted with such info?

This is so against the principles of a free society which requires freedom of information.

We are not the children of the authorities, we are the citizens of this supposedly free society.

How about you and your life?  Do you hold secrets that you feel need to be expressed soon?  Are there people in your life that are holding back secrets from you?

When Jupiter makes exact conjunction with the Sun in Scorpio this Thursday the 26th, North Korea will be at another big turning point.

That Jupiter conjunct the Sun in Scorpio will be exactly conjunct North Korea’s Mars in Scorpio from its natal chart of September 8 1948, its modern founding date.

This week is a big crossroads time for North Korea, and hence for the USA. If it fires another ICBM or tests another nuclear device, it will seriously motivate Trump to act.

Hopefully he will act by making more advances toward diplomacy but that is not likely.

The Harvey Weinstein story of severely abusive behavior toward women has come out of the closet since Jupiter entered Scorpio.

In his natal chart he has Mars in Scorpio, and Pluto (the ruler of Scorpio) makes a hard square to that Mars.

That combination is male energy that is dominating, with great needs of power, and tends to ruthlessness.  Of course in a more evolved soul the power of that placement is not “power over” but instead power shared.  But with that combination of Mars in Scorpio with Pluto, one would need to be very conscious for it not to turn into serious power struggles or abuse of power.

So at this time of year now, be aware of power dynamics in your relationships, and be aware of your own or others’ abuse of power.

To run counter to the more primal energy of Scorpio,  Mars joins Venus in very civilized Libra this weekend of October 21/22.

Libra is balanced and seeks peace, at all costs sometimes.  So it will be interesting now how that all shakes out in our lives.

Do you express and assert your deeper truth (Scorpio), or do you give higher priority to keeping the peace (Libra)?

Can you do both at the same time?  Yes, if you can state your truth and be in your power in a way that someone else can “hear” and understand.  Putting a velvet glove on your fist, so to speak, can help others to see you in a more empathic way.

Have you all noticed how much the world is changing now, especially since the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo?

We have been thrust into a New Chapter of our lives, and we are trying on a New Normal as we cannot go back to what used to be considered normal.

With all the Scorpio energies beginning to come up, and more to come, we are starting to transition through the part of the New Chapter when we must make things real at a deep level in our souls.

We are beginning to climb off of the Libra fence of nicety and/or indecision.  It is time to allow for the energies of Transformation to push us out of the nest of safety, and into the passion of this New Chapter of our lives.

Of course you can bury your head in the sand of life and wait for the “storms” to pass, but being not conscious during this time will only injure the vitality or your soul.

Can you stay conscious and still not be swallowed up by disabling fear and rage? If you can that is good, but if not perhaps it is best to bury your head in that sand.

The world’s dramas now can help us to transform and evolve if we can be motivated to stand up for what we believe, in our empowerment.

Next Eclipse Season in January/February the People will speak with their principles leading the way.

The second eclipse that season will be a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aquarius.  That eclipse will be closely conjunct with the USA natal Moon in Aquarius at around 27 degrees of Aquarius.

Those inner principles of power to the people, social consciousness, equality, liberty, and Diversity within Unity are meant to then be expressed in a big way.

This eclipse will oppose Trump’s Ascendant and Mars in Leo, opposite also where the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo was last August.

Trump’s desires to be dominant over Congress and the people will be severely challenged then, perhaps with protests and/or impeachment.

Do you not find it interesting that a Plutocracy, with the obvious root word of Pluto; is about dominating governance by the minority of the wealthiest people in a country?

Is that not what is developing under the Trump administration.  Many people I know would tell me that has been happening for decades.  But if so, now is the time it is flexing its muscles and will be soon opposed by the will of the people with their Aquarian principles.

And of course those Aquarian principles will get stronger and stronger as we move into the Age of Aquarius, which no one can stop, no matter how it may seem sometimes.

Till next week,


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Please enjoy my latest video on Life after the Total Solar Eclipse:

Please enjoy my latest video on Life after the Total Solar Eclipse:

We are the Ones and Astrology Forecast November 8-14.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Winds shift this week as we come to a New Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday November 11.

This past week has been very difficult for many people.  As we explained last week, the prepoderance of planets in yin signs Virgo or Scorpio during a last quarter lunar cycle promises “down” times.

It was difficult to see the glass as half full this past week, and many suffered facing their worst fears for one reason or another.

But this time has been necessary to go deeper into our souls and bodies, so we can be more real and can be more able for releasing old fears, old patterns of thought and behavior, and toxic emotions that hurt our bodies and souls.

This whole year has been a challenging one, one of great transformation on the route to the Age of Aquarius.

A portal was opened in both the spring and autumn of 2015, a portal that let in new energies aligned with the new age we are moving into.

Many more people have been awkened spiritually this past year.  Many people are seeing more clearly the true condition of our world.  As such, huge crowds have come to see Bernie Sander’s messages of needed economic equality.

This past week also saw thousands of people join a million man mask rally in London.  This rally was to show how capitalism in its current form is rewarding relatively few people, while the vast majority on the Earth struggle to survive.

This past week also showed how dangerous the Islamic State is becoming, as it very likely caused a commercial airline bound for Russsia to explode in mid air.  Russia has recently been bombing in Syria against the Islamic State. This turn of events will bring much change and more grave events into the global world.

And in Israel, there are more and more attacks from Palestinians who are enraged about the long time occupation of their people by Israel.

We also see more and more mass killings in America at schools and malls and other common meeting places for humanity.

And our government is more and more dominated by outside interests, most especially by big corporate interests.

Power to the people to run our world has been largely vanquished by Big Corporate and Big Government interests.

Yet so many people now are waking up and seeing the light.  Their seeing the light is motivating them to open their minds and hearts to new ways.

In so doing they are spiritually transforming and their now opened hearts seek to enter new pathways of Love and Truth.

Is it not readily apparent now that our current world structure and paradigm has failed and that we need new ways of living on this Earth together as one family, a diverse one but neverthelesss all One Family?  Hateful divisions by religion or nation or cultural differences or sexual orientation are ridiculous and are the root of so many ills in our world!

We will need to band together in order to transform our human condition, heal our Earth and its environment, and spiritually connect to the greater meaning in our Universe and to our abused collective Soul.

Our collective Higher Self or Soul has been dominated in consciousness by our collective Ego, an ego that strives and thrives on separation, greed, power, and cynicism.

But since the Eclipse Seasons this year, even as life at times seems much more difficult, we are waking up in all new ways, and even more importantly wanting to make important changes that reconnect us to our better values and to our souls and the Universe.

Now this coming week shifts us out of the recent emotional funk and will bring us more energy and a greater ability to see the glass of our lives as half full again.

It starts on Sunday as Venus moves out of Virgo and into Libra as we get closer to the New Moon in Scorpio.  But keep in mind that we will still be in last quarter of the lunar cycle until Wednesday.

Please do not let yourself believe that the “negativity” you have been feeling and thinking lately is the ultimate truth.  Let time pass before jumping to any conclusion.   Energies have been coloring our thinking and feelings to be more “negative” lately.

Keep up your meditations and spiritual practices, keep releasing and purging old ways, and realize that “this too shall pass”.

On Wednesday 11/11 there will be a New Moon in Scorpio at 12:47 PM EST. The good news of this new moon is that you will begin to have more energy and more motivation to do things and to move forward in your life.

But also remember that this Scorpio energy may tend to lure you into power struggles with others.   Do your best to avoid such conflict if you can.  At the same time give your best to stay empowed and to speak your truth. Just avoid the ego’s need to dominate someone else and to crush them.

Scorpio at its best gives us positive primal energy and “gut” wisdom, passion, and empowerment.  At its worst it brings us toxic resentments, jealousies,  and desires for revenge.  At the same time do not be afraid to feel such emotions as they may be pent up feelings from holding back your truth and power time and time again.

Just do not feed these emotions, be careful not to express them in ways you will regret later, and certainly do not act on them.

At the same time there may be a catharsis and healing with others as you both express what has been bothering you, perhaps even bothering you for a long time.

This New Moon in Scorpio may open up the gates of hell in the greater world and bring more horrific world events that continue to bring down an old paradigm and awaken more people to the need for great change in our world.

If such events do occur, keep your attention on your personal consciousness and life, on your spritual transformation and on your commitment to your Higher Self.  Keep your attention on the New World that is developing parallel to the breaking down of the old world.

Work to bring into your life relationships that show you the love and truth of this world and Universe. To help in that Mars joins Venus in Libra Thursday to prompt us to make relationship.

It is easy now, with all the troubles in the world, to get into a mind frame that wonders how can there be a God or Goddess or Universe that is loving when there are so many bad things going in the world.

Well we humans have been given this beautiful “park” called the Earth, and what we have done with it is on us, not God.

But now we have the opportunity, as the Ages are changing, to evolve to a whole new level of human.   The examples of Christ or Buddha or Mohammed or King or Ghandi or Mother Teresa or Guevara or Moses, etc are part of our collective human Higher Self.

We each need to embody the consciousness they represent.  In an Aquarian Age there is no need to worship other humans or to wait for saviors as was common in the Age of Pisces.

“We are the ones we have been waiting for”, we are our own saviors now and must take responsibility to make this world a better place for all the human family.

Till next week,


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Leo Knighton Tallarico has been a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for 30 years.

Moving On and Astrology Forecast for July 1-7

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

The shakeup time of the Eclipse Season has ended; Saturn’s hand of time has started back up again; Venus has gone back direct; Mars has completed its full cycle since it went retrograde in January.

We have landed in a new zone, a new chapter of our lives. Many are still feeling much difficulty as we adjust to the new zone. We are still  processing the changes and trying to make sense of it all, as we are dealing with the issues that have come to reality during the passing time of these important planetary aspects.

Relationship issues especially have come to light, and many are challenged now to sort out these issues and figure out how best to navigate them.  This was an especially important Venus Retrograde period, as it happened during the Eclipse Season and had a Venus Passage as part of its cycle.

Some have come to question their relationships as they have traveled into new spiritual and consciousness zones.     They are unsure where they now stand with their partners or friends or spouses or family members.  They feel perhaps they have grown away from their relationships, and are unsure how to keep the connection.

Others had previously kept their relationship issues covered up, but during this last period of time were reminded what is wrong and not working and can no longer avoid dealing with it.

Others are in new relationships and wondering if they will work out.

While still others have rekindled old connections and are wondering how the old friend or flame can now fit into their lives.

What is most important is that now our relationships need work, issues need to be resolved, and yes some people need to be let go of and to say goodbye.

But the changes that have occurred are not only about relationships.    We are in new life consciousness landscapes, and just beginning this new chapter in our lives.   Whatever direction you are now moving in may not be clear yet, but you are moving forward nevertheless.

Soon events will unfold that are the result of the shakeups of this recent Eclipse Season that has passed.    These events will be a natural outgrowth from what has shaken up at a very deep level of our beings.

For instance at the global level, the meetings with Iran that occurred during the Eclipse Season are over. No more major meetings are scheduled for the future.  Soon Nato, western powers and Israel will be deciding what to do.   The chaotic situation in Syria is very connected to Iran and decisions will be made on what to do.

I believe that the western powers will now find a way to dominate Syria and Iran, and there is a great chance that war will be the result.  Global Powers like China and Russia appear to be firmly backing the governments in Syria and Iran.  Much will soon unravel in the Middle East.

In Egypt during the Eclipse Season, a new President was elected, he a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. This will also greatly affect the Middle East.  The Middle East, as a result of the happenings during the Eclipse Season, will soon bring us new and important events this summer and autumn.

Greece has also had a bumpy ride during the eclipses and has elected a new government.    This new chapter in Greek life will soon bring events that will shape our USA and global economy.

The Middle East and Global Economy will bring the most important events into our world soon.

And in the USA a culture conflict has been intensifying and will play out this summer and autumn as we get ready for a presidential election in November. This past week, as Saturn went back Direct, we witnessed the Supreme Court giving the go light to the health care platform of President Obama.   The events that result from this decision will be soon forthcoming and will greatly affect the coming Presidential Election as well as the culture wars in America.

Some are even predicting a kind of civil war brewing here in the USA.    The Zimmerman/Martin court trial will be part of this culture war also.

There are still many people who do want to progress into a Diversity in Unity future.  They like the old world of separation and privilege for the few just fine. They like to keep up class warfare and believe certain peoples are better and deserve more than others.

They also believe certain countries are better and those countries deserve to make the world in their image, to dominate others to lead lives just like them.  They are the colonialists and they still are operating, getting everyone to believe that they are ridding the world of the “bad guys” again, to make the world a better place.  Iraq and Saddam Hussein are recent examples of modern colonialism and domination of other cultures for your own benefit.

Syria, North Korea, and Iran are the now evil enemies. Do not buy into this propaganda.   We are moving into a world of equals and Diversity in Unity, a healing of our Earth and human family, a revelation for all that all and everyone is connected, all the dots in the Universe are connected in meaningful Unity.   We are each cells in the greater body of humanity, the Earth and Universe.  We are interdependent and need one another so we can move into a New Aquarian Age together.

Evolution is dependent on our knowing that our survival is dependent on our being in Unity consciousness and in Unity with one another.

There will likely be a powerful climax to the Old World before it leaves us, and the next few years while Uranus is squaring Pluto from now through 2016, will bring the worst of the old paradigm smashing into our collective faces.

We must be strong and keep hope alive as we each expand our consciousness in alignment with the principles and frequencies of a new paradigm and Aquarian Age.    As Rome burns, we build and create our new world.  By 2021 we should be solidly residing in our new age, but till then we will be in crisis while in transition between ages.

This coming week brings a Full Moon and Mars finally leaving Virgo for Libra.

Mars has been in Virgo since mid November 2011. It usually spends only a month to six weeks in a sign.  It has been in Virgo so long because it  went retrograde there from the end of January through mid April, and has since been slowly finishing up its Virgo travels.

Mars in Virgo has brought our active energies into often harsh reality, finding order and fixing, analyzing and sometimes obsessing, grounding, simplifying and making more humble.

Now Mars goes into Libra on Tuesday July 3 and will stay there until August 30.  While Mars is in Libra we are directed to make relationship, make more beauty and artistry, find balance, and honor justice and fairness.  Making relationship not only means social connection, but also means finding the connections in everything, how one thing is related to another, how one color goes well with another color, how one person goes well with another person.

And of course Libra is the scales of balance, which is what the legal system uses to signify justice.

So the discriminating and sometimes nitpicking energies of Virgo shift to the more refined and socially aware frequencies of Libra.

Also on Tuesday July 3 is the Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn at 2:52 PM EDT.

This Full moon brings to completion and resolution issues begun at the New Moon in Gemini on June 19.  This Cancer/Capricorn Full Moon is about balancing our personal and professional, our domestic and career, our inner and outer values, our connections to “father” and “mother’ attitudes and principles.

Keep in mind that next week, on July 14 we have another round of Mercury Retrograde beginning.

See you then,


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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

He predicted the Iraq War of 2003- in early 2001 when Bush first took office; predicted the 9-11 attacks with an article “The Tower”, written in June 2001. He predicted Obama and McCain would get the presidential nominations in november 2007, when both were low in the polls; and correctly predicted the current economic downturn before it occurred