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Surfing Deeper Soul Waters and Astrology Forecast February 26- March 4

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The Solar Eclipse this Sunday February 26 is at 9:58 AM EST.  That Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces floods the usually guarded gate between unconscious and conscious.  

This Eclipse is conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces. So the Pisces issues go even  deeper and potentially more emotionally unstable.

Deep knowledge and deep truths are wanting to be acknowledged and made aware to our conscious minds and souls.

Dreams will be a good way to gain such awareness, so now is a good time to keep a journal next to your bed to write down your dreams upon waking.

And meditation is another way to more gracefully bring the unconscious and conscious together.

On the same day as the Solar Eclipse is a Uranus/Mars conjunction in Aries, which will be almost exactly opposite Jupiter in Libra.

That configuration is more outer directed, and suggests breaking away from old stuck boxes in one’s mind or life.  Relationships may be challenged to balance freedom or empowerment with staying in the relationship

That breakout from what keeps us chained gives us the opportunity for greater freedom and liberation.  But at the cost of stability and comfort.

So the few days surrounding the 26th may be more chaotic than usual.  The chaos for some will be more internal, hence the need for meditation and dream work.

For others there will be emotional upheaval of some sort, a releasing of previously controlled feelings.  Relationships could be the trigger for such emotional expression.

Since this Solar Eclipse New Moon is in Pisces, it is good now to better understand Pisces.

Pisces expects soul perfection as Virgo expects perfection on the material plane.

Pisces wants everyone to get along, to be connected in oneness, to be compassionate, to care more about giving than receiving.  Christ is an archetype of Pisces.

So you can see how Pisces is considered a dreamer.  It is not comfortable with a world or people who are harsh, selfish, dominating or controlling.

Can you also see how that can turn Pisces into seeing themselves as victims?

And since Pisces aspires to an idealistic image of how a human can be, it tends to suppress its more instinctual behaviors.

Pisces, as a result of being a dreamer, may turn to drugs or alcohol as an escape from the “real world”.  But a more aware Pisces will find a way to make their dreams come true and to combine reality with the dream.

And another healthy way for Pisces to be is to accept the world as it is, and to be satisfied with its own example of what the world could be idealistically- while at the same time not allowing itself to be victimized by that world.

So this Solar Eclipse is a good time to get in touch with one’s dreams of what it wants for itself and the world.

It is also a good time to deal with one’s ghosts or demons from the past, so one can move forward in one’s life with less baggage from that past.

Pisces at its best is sensitive and smooth, feeling its way through the greater flow of life.

The Mars/Uranus conjunction in Aries triggers action, not just internal movement.

The greater world may seem more chaotic than usual now, and breakdowns and breakthroughs may occur through events in the world.

Where people have been controlled and kept down, there is more desire now to break free.

“Conflict or Peace” may be a theme of this Mars/Uranus opposite Jupiter aspect. Keep a close watch on the world at large for indications of this.  This aspect will be pertinent all week long.

And in your own life, watch how relationships may teeter between conflict and peaceful resolution.

And since more on the unconscious wants to be made aware at this Pisces Solar Eclipse, deeper insights are more likely to arise to one’s consciousness.

And then what does one do when confronted with more insightful truth?  Does one act on it or not?

Another important aspect this week is Venus going Retrograde  on Saturday March 4. This will tie into the previously mentioned relationship challenges.

Venus goes retrograde around every one and a half years to two years or so.  Last time it was retrograde was in the summer of 2015.

It will stay retrograde this year from March 4- April 15.

Venus retrograde is a time when relationship issues come more into the light of consciousness.  Old patterns of relationship behavior can then get to a point where they cannot be tolerated anymore.

So couples can get more into crisis mode during Venus Retrograde, and have a greater sense of urgency to heal and fix the dysfunctional patterns.

People from the past come back into one’s consciousness during the retrograde period through dreams or waking memories, and those memories can help one to understand current relationship patterns better.

Sometimes the people from one’s past actually come back in the flesh, not just in memories or dreams.  So overall during Venus Retrograde there is reflecting on past relationships and applying those reflections to current situations and issues.

This is not only about “romantic” relationships, but can be about friendships or family members or people at work.   There is a need during Venus Retrograde to improve and even transform ways of relating that have not been working.

Since Venus begins its retrograde journey while in Aries, there is a need to look at one’s self needs, one’s empowerment and independence in contrast to needs to be in touch with a partner’s needs and the needs of the relationship itself.

Interestingly, Venus retrograde does slip into Pisces later in its retrograde journey, so the need for unity and connection then gets the spotlight.  And the balance between self interest and empowerment on the one hand with unity and connection on the other hand becomes really important to heal and work out effectively.

Keep in mind that Venus Retrograde is not usually a good time to make absolute relationship decisions like getting married or engaged or breaking up.

Let those ideas simmer until Venus goes back direct again in April. Then decisions or important events can be experienced.

So this week may have importance for relationships, of course romantic but yet any kind of relationship.

There is the eclipse on Sunday.  There is Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries opposite relationship oriented Jupiter in Libra.   And at the end of the week Venus goes retrograde.

Keep your center as well as you can and stay grounded.

Till next week,


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Open the Gates of Change and Astrology Forecast February 19-25

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are now in Pisces time of year, as the Sun moved into Pisces early morning on the 18th of February.

That means there is only one month left of Winter in the northern hemisphere of planet Earth.  Spring Equinox is on March 20.

So this week, starting on February 18, the Sun is in the last month of Winter while in Pisces.

At the same time this week, starting also on February 18,  we are entering the last quarter Moon phase before the New Moon Solar Eclipse on February 26.

So this week is a week of remembering and letting go of parts of the past.  We can go deeper inside ourselves and process what has been happening lately, and also what has happened in our more distant past.

Pisces is very sensitive and inner directed, and feels more comfortable in dreamy, poetic, and music based consciousness.

There is a desire to leave the conventional, accepted, and more harsh rules of living.  Pisces sees what can be a better world, and finds it sometimes difficult to be in “reality”.

So Pisces can be escapist and seek to avoid situations it is not comfortable in.

So you can use this week, if you can arrange it, to have plenty of time to go inward and to feel deeper realities.

If you cannot because of responsibilities in the “real” world, then find some time for meditation, music, art, spirituality, psychology, being aware of your dreams,  movies that have feelings and emotions, and time with others who are sensitive and deep.

When Spring comes it will then be time to take more direct action.

Most importantly this week however, is the fact that we are in between eclipses and preparing for the stronger of the 2 eclipses:  A Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces on February 26.

The first eclipse was on February 10 in Aquarius/Leo.  It was a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon.

Many people have since been shaken out of status quo thinking, and experienced breakdowns and/or breakthroughs of their lives or consciousness.  Change is certainly in the air.

That theme of transformational change continues as we move toward the Solar Eclipse and further into Eclipse Season.

If you were born in late February Pisces especially, you will be affected by this Solar Eclipse.  Those also born in late May Gemini, late August Virgo, or late November Sagittarius will also be more greatly affected.

I cannot state it strongly enough that we as a human family are in the middle of such great change and transformation.

It is not because Donald Trump became president.  It is the opposite:  Donald Trump is the president because of all the change that this world is ready for and needs

What his presidency represents is shaking up and waking up the whole world.   The potential for deep transformational change is greater than it has been in many, many years.

The Universe with its planetary alignments is creating the circumstances and events necessary for the change we are and will be going through.

This summer the changes will be even bigger as we experience in August two eclipses, including a most important Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo that will be the first Total Solar Eclipse to travel over the whole of the United States since 1918.

The way is opening up now, during these current eclipses, for the light of even greater change to pour through this Summer.

But now as we get ready to experience the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces next Sunday the 26th of February, we need to spend more time and energy being awake and present for the new light and love that is wanting to stream through our consciousness and lives.

Concentrate not so much on Donald Trump and how much you love or hate him.   His narcissism thrives on such attention.

Concentrate more on letting go of old stories and mental programs that have controlled your life.

You now have opportunity to release dysfunctional patterns of behavior and relating more than ever before.

Truth is wanting to shine through along with love, and that truth will assist you in your healing and transformational process.

There is ample evidence, for instance, that extraterrestrial visitations have been covered up by governments and former presidents.

There is so much we have been programmed to believe or not believe by our parents, schools, religions, and governments.

When you are ready to know the truth, the truth will be brought to you if you are awake and open-minded.

That does not mean it is right to accept all the crazy conspiracy theories that are out there.  Instead we each need to trust our own inner sources to find what is real and true.

As we let in more truth, love has a greater chance of being real and not just wishful dream-world romaniticizing.

As we let in more love, truth has a greater chance to be hopeful and optimistic, not cynical and hopeless.

Love and Truth together move mountains and allow us to have a healthier life and world.

As we move through this Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces, expect the flow of watery feelings and insights to be really powerful and in some cases overwhelming.

Pisces is a soul oriented sign, and as such gets us to experience that which is deeper than our chattering and unfeeling minds.

Our true self is known more clearly from our hearts and souls than our minds.  The mind that is not connected to our hearts and souls is the breeding ground for a controlling ego.

Since Pisces is a mutable water sign, we can best navigate this Solar Eclipse by being flexible and open to change.

That does not mean one should totally surrender one’s control and stability, but it does mean one may get shaken up out of stuck and rigid places in one’s mind or life.

The energy of the eclipse will get more intense leading up to the eclipse, which happens on February 26 at 9:58 AM EST.

On the same day Mars will conjunct Uranus in Aries, which will give us events and/or mind frames that will break outside of old boxes and liberate us from that which has kept us stuck.

That Mars which is conjunct Uranus on the 26th is square to Guardian of the Underworld Pluto on the 22nd.

So the Uranus/Pluto square is triggered again, as well as the Cardinal T-square, which includes Jupiter in Libra in the mix.

All in All, it is time to let go of the old chapter in your life in a much bigger way, and to let in a new and more powerful chapter in your life and in the life of the country and world.

Much of what is breaking down from the past may not feel good, but when a storm comes through a town it does not only break down what is not wanted. “You can’t always get what you want”. But you get what you need.

The way needs to be cleared for new energies, for a new paradigm, for a New Age. And that is what is happening.

Till next week,


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In the Middle of Eclipse Season and Astrology Forecast Februay 12-18.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week we are in between two eclipses.   The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo has passed, and the stronger Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces will not be here until February 26.

It will be stronger in part because Mars in Aries will be square Pluto just before it is conjunct Uranus in Aries on the 26th.

These Mars movements will trigger the powerful Cardinal T-Square of Jupiter in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. That will accelerate the changes, the revolution and evolution of our consciousness and lives.

This week, though intensity should remain strong as it is part of  Eclipse Season, there will be a gradual “coming down” from the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon last week.

The issues that were brought up for you around the eclipse last week, will be ripe for processing and transforming.

Then at the Solar Eclipse New Moon on the 26th there will be a thrust forward with more action and even more intensity.

For now in your consciousness, do your best to not make absolute conclusions or rigid opinions.

Issues and ideas will unfold and be changeable now, and though one may want the security of having a set agenda, it is best to surrender to the greater energies during this Eclipse Season.

In the greater world, this Eclipse Season has brought on strong counteractions to the Trump administration’s agenda.  For instance, the courts have denied him the ability to stop the flow of immigrants into the country.

You can know for sure that this presidential administration will continue to face enormous backlash against its policies and actions.

We can now see how easy it will be for traditional and long set USA policies and protocols to fall away and in some instances crash.

The election of Trump showed us that the process of transformation into an Age Of Aquarius will not be graceful.

The United States will have many breakdowns of old ways, both good and bad, while at the same time trying to recapture the principles and values that formed America in its beginnings.

Europe will also be trying to find its identity during the next few years, and the turn to nationalism there and in America is part of that process.

Remember in the bigger picture we are moving into an age of Equality and Diversity within Unity, so anything that develops that appears to be going in an opposite direction is temporary and just part of the process.

Attempts to go back to old ways of Super Powers and exclusiveness are on the way out.  These attempts to go back to those old ways will be short lived and on a deeper level part of reintegrating what was good about the past that has been “thrown out with the bath water”.

Those original American principles of the Constitution and Bill of Rights have been eroding through the years, and they are needing to be found again for the rebirth part of its transformation into an Age of Aquarius.

On a personal level we are all being challenged to stay on our path, keeping and even firming up our own values.

This new administration is a part of the Universe’s challenge to us to not let fear and hatred take us off course.

If we are now afraid and feel hopeless or victimized and keeping our hatred alive; we are moving into the same mind frame as those we are hating and feeling powerless to.

We can now deepen our connections to Source and the Universe, strengthen our commitment to the world we envision, and be a part of a growing movement of revolution.

Just as our ancestors started a revolution from the grip of a King’s’ authority, so now can we do the same in our own way.

Keep your view of the bigger picture, strengthen your resolve for transformational change, and deepen your spiritual connection. Concentrate on those things and you will stay out of a personal inner hell.

This week as we move “down” from last week’s Lunar Eclipse Full Moon, we begin to get ready for the more powerful eclipse on February 26.

On Thursday February 16 the Moon goes into Scorpio for a few days, to begin a process of going deeper into your soul, your emotions and feelings, and your inner spiritual depths.

On Saturday February 18, while the Moon is still in Scorpio, the Sun will begin its annual journey through Pisces.

Scorpio and Pisces are both deep water signs, so you will be prompted to go inside yourself more.

Later that same day as the Moon moves into Sagittarius it will create the 4th quarter Moon, which begins the last quarter of the lunar cycle.

That 4th quarter beginning will open up the way to a need to finish things up in preparation for the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces on February 26.

What parts of your current life need to change now?

Is it your attitudes and beliefs?  Is it the patterns of your relationships?  Is there a need to change your home or homelife?  Do you feel good about fulfilling your sense of purpose?

Just like in the 60’s and 70’s, all parts of one’s life may be challenged to change.

Back then as now, if our relationships feel empty, without soul and spirit, they will need to change or be ended.

If we do not feel heart connection to our jobs or place where we live, we may need to make changes.

You will know when and if it is time to make the changes, as life and the Universe will bring you the events or inner stirrings that show you the way.

You will not need to contrive the changes or “push the river” t0 move forward before it is time.

Eclipse Seasons often bring the events or inner stirrings for change, but it usually does not mean change comes all at once.

If the events or inner promtings come to you it is best to pay heed, as it is better to initiate change than have it thrown at us. Yet sometimes it is “fated” to come to us when we least expect it.

The more connected we each are to our inner light the better, and that is strengthened with an inner anchor inside.

Till next week,


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Fireball Alert and Astrology Forecast March 24-30

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Some fireball flashed in the sky across most of the East Coast USA on Friday, seen from New England to Florida.  This was the same day forceful god of war Mars was conjunct “awakener” Uranus in fiery Aries This ball of fire was seen as big as a Full Moon, and most believe it was a meteor.  But no one knows for sure.  

We have made the case on previous entries of Perspectives from the Sky that what happens on the East Coast USA, where the Sun comes up for the country, coinciding with an important planetary event, symbolizes something powerful is coming  for the USA as a whole.

Last year at the Full Moon in Scorpio/Taurus, which opened up the Autumn Eclipse Season, Hurricane Sandy destroyed much of the East Coast around New York and New Jersey, and ultimately had a huge influence on the USA Presidential Election.  Prior to that storm Governor Romney was ostensibly leading President Obama.  After that storm, Governor Christie of New Jersey was quite happy with President Obama’s help for New Jersey, and showed it in a big way. President Obama won reelection and many pundits believe that the storm was the turning point.

6 weeks later, after two powerful Eclipses, there was a New Moon in Sagittarius that finished up the Autumn Eclipse Season. Then at Sandy Hook School in Newtown Connecticut, there was a most horrible massacre of children.  For some strange reason the name Sandy was prominent at each tragedy.  This school massacre showed us potential results of the American culture of violence, and brought on the mission to limit guns in our American society.

Now, about a month before the first of 3 eclipses of Eclipse Spring Season 2013, an omen has flashed across the Easter skies of the USA.   This spring, along with the powerful eclipses, both Mars and Jupiter will make conjunction with the natal USA Mars, a significator of conflict, police, military, violence, and sometimes war.

With the Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries aspect at the same time as the fireball in the sky, this could be a sign that this spring will bring powerful events to our country, with the strong possibility of new conflict involving the USA.

Syria, North Korea, and Iran are hotspots now, and the empire may be looking to put a forceful stop to any threats to its dominance in the world.  These countries have been demonized by government and media to the American public.  This sets us up for rabid patriotism.  Like Iraq and Viet Nam, we can be herded like sheep off to war again.

If a major conflict does not happen this spring, events will nevertheless likely show us it is coming very soon.

Hopefully whatever happens will begin to wake people up all over the world.  It is time we stop unjust wars that can destroy so much of humanity, especially as our human family possesses so many nuclear weapons. It is time we make peace and love the pillars that hold our world and humanity.

It is time we develop institutions, and economic systems that do not reward the greedy, corrupt, or aggressive; but instead are conducive for fairness, equality,  truth, compassion, and love.   These are not Pollyanna dreams, as the cynical leaders of the world will make you believe.

These are values of the Greater Universe, a Universe that is sacredly meaningful and provides what is needed when it is needed to everyone so aligned and connected.

We as a human family have generally left alignment with that Universe, and then blame it (God) for our horrors.   We have been given the ability to create and choose, and what happens to us is the result of what we have sown.  This is karma.

Now, as we are in transition between ages, as old ways are falling apart and breaking down, new light is wanting to shine for breakthroughs into new ways.

We are moving into a time of renewed creativity, new choices.  There is indeed an Aquarian Age bursting open, but we are the chefs of its manifestation, we are the ones we are waiting for to create this world anew.

The Spring Eclipse Season will open around the New Moon in Aries on April 10, but the fireball of Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries is the herald of this Season. It has alerted us to the fires of new powerful energies on the way.

In your personal life, do not get too complacent or comfortable.  Same-old, same-old will not hold for long.  It does not have to be something huge to change your life this Eclipse Season, but at least it is time to let go of old attitudes and beliefs that keep you chained to the conditioning of the Old Age.  Its fears and its skepticism of our  living in a meaningful and sacred world should not infect your mind, heart and soul anymore.

Open more fully to knowing that we live in a world where all is connected, not separate. There is a wholeness that encompasses dark and light, male and female, yin and yang. We are one naturally, and only our attitudes are what separate us one from another. Yes, we are different, individualized and diverse, but held in the embrace of a unified Universe.

This week March 24-30 brings a Full Moon in Aries/Libra on Wednesday March 27.  Attached to this Full Moon are Pluto, Uranus, Venus, Jupiter, and Mars, which make aspect to one another on March 26-28.

So this Full Moon, though not as powerful as an eclipse, will be important and shake things up a bit.  It may take you off your normal balance and pull you in different directions.  Knowing what to do, or what to decide may be difficult, yet the process you go through will help you to see outside the box with greater insight and perspective.

The Full Moon is at 5:27 AM EDT.    Some themes will be “conflict or peace”; thinking of myself or others; listening or defending my self; impulsiveness or thinking things through.

After this Full Moon, we will be in the waning Moon phase, waiting for new activity at the New Moon in Aries, a lunation that will give a spark into the Spring Eclipse Season.

See you next week,

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Shifting to More Light and Astrology Forecast January 27- February 2

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

There is a Full Moon in Aquarius/Leo tonight February 26 at 11:38 PM Eastern USA time.  The Sun is in “do it my own way even if people think I am weird” Aquarius.  Opposite that planetary position is the Moon in “I think I am cool, I’m having fun and being popular” Leo.  How does that work if the two come together?  Michael Jackson or Lady Gaga come to mind as good metaphors for that combination.

As this Full Moon is experienced, which is usually for three days (a day before the Full Moon, on the day, and the day after); you may have the experience of thinking and being out side the box, skeptical of conventional reality, while also wanting to be popular, accepted and liked by others.

The Aquarian goes looking for a car and looks to find something different, not the usual car, but also one that is socially conscious, gets good mileage and is environmentally correct.  The Leo wants one that is beautiful and shiny and makes your heart sing every time you see it.

Use this Full Moon to find a balance between what is unique, inventive, and socially conscious, on the one hand; with what is creative, fun, and opens your heart on the other hand.

Aquarius is of the mind and usually possesses idealistic principles that it is committed to living up to.  When off course it is cynical of so much in the world, and feels it cannot fit in anywhere. Leo is of the heart and shines its glowing warm aura for all to be uplifted by. When it is off course it gets too filled with itself and its ego is out of control.

Later this week, on Wednesday the 30th of January, there is a turning point as Jupiter changes from Retrograde to Direct.   The Saturnian Capricorn influence is waning as only Pluto and Venus remain in Capricorn and Venus will enter Aquarius this coming Friday.

So the limiting contracting energies are getting weaker and the expansive rays of Jupiter will be on the rise.  Add the progressive influence of Aquarius, and this coming week brings a feeling of moving more strongly into idealism and high minded pursuits.  Also on Wednesday the Sun squares Saturn, to somewhat dull the upliftment of Jupiter.

But nevertheless the Jupiter shift will help you to shift gears into more hopeful and expansive attitudes.

Adding to that hopeful feeling is Imbolc next Saturday February 2. The pagan celebration of Imbolc has become Groundhog Day in our contemporary world.  It is a symbol of the midpoint of Winter, and now we turn more firmly toward the light and hope of Spring.

So this week begin to shed the doldrums of Winter and begin to visualize more positive movements in your life.

This winter there has been in the media and the mainstream medical world a mission of worry and fear for germs, flu and sickness.  People are now more than ever, it seems, obsessive/compulsive neurotic about staying away from germs.

Though of course germs and viruses do have influence in causing illness, the mainstream world does not acknowledge the wisdom of our souls and bodies in relationship to illness.  Sometimes we need nurturance or time to reflect or time to release emotional toxins or wounds, and our bodies and souls call us to illness.

If we do not need these emotional or spiritual reasons for sickness, then no matter how many germs are around you will not get sick.

Holistic health healers do understand the connection between our psyches, emotions, and spiritual state with our physical world and bodies.

All is connected and can be seen in a meaningful and sacred manner.  The world of germs is not out to “get us”.  And our bodies often need temporary ailments as part of our natural healing.  A healing crisis, though often very painful, brings with it a deep release and a renewal of body and spirit.

We are taught that all is material/physical, bad and good luck, or carelessness and failure.  Instead all is connected and meaningful, holistic and connected to the wisdom of soul and body.

As the light gets stronger every day now, especially after the shift Imbolc brings, bring more light and positive hope into your heart and mind.  When you are connected to your deeper soul and the Universe, all life looks more meaningful and connected, even when it is not going the way your personal will wants it to go. Your ego self does not have the wisdom of your soul and “higher self”.  It seeks to control life and not allow it to unfold naturally.

In March and the Spring of 2013, during Eclipse Season 2013, the status quo of our lives will be shaken up so we get out of our familiar same-old addictions and habits, and open up to the unified rays of your deeper soul and the Universe.

These shakeups will help to get you more in touch with the energies of truth and love, energies that cannot be truly accessed when we are trying to keep old toxic patterns and familiar ways from being let go.

The first eclipse will be a Lunar Eclipse full Moon on April 25; the second a Solar Eclipse New Moon on May 9; and then a more rare third eclipse, another Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on May 25.

Yet energies will begin to intensify as early as March, when Mars and Uranus will make conjunction in Aries near the time of Spring Equinox.

So now this week, feel the shift to more hope and light, but realize it is a deep subtle shift. Do not expect your life to change overnight. Nevertheless, more  “positive” energies are moving in to help you to believe your life is moving just as it should, as long as you are proactively involved.

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See you next week,


Please feel free to find more writings and my services on mywebsite.You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

Collecting Ourselves and Preparing, Mercury Retrograde and Astrology Forecast for March 27- April 2

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

This coming week will be relatively mild compared to what has preceded it and what is coming soon.   Next week action intensifies greatly, but this week is a last quarter moon phase and that is a winding down phase.   The Moon is slowly darkening this week at the end of the waning half of its cycle with the Sun.  Mercury will turn back retrograde this week also- on Wednesday March 30.   But the following week will speed up the action again.

Next Sunday April 3 is a strong New Moon in Aries, when the Sun joins the Moon in Aries to start the waxing, growing phase of the Moon again.  The Aries New Moon is the time when “true” spring bold energies erupt us toward more forward movement.  We wake up and get going.    And this will be more true than the usual annual Aries New Moon, as Mars (the “ruler” of Aries) will be conjunct newly arrived Uranus in Aries that day also.

This will signal a time of “ready or not here we come”.  Some will feel pushed forward before they are ready, others will fianlly get their motors running for life, rapidly shaking off the cobwebs of winter’s slumber.  Others will be challenged to get out there and get things going again.

In the greater world, events will begin to spike again after next Sunday April 3, and that spike will last all through spring and into summer, as there will be a rare 3 eclipses in a row: June 1 Solar Eclipse, June 15 Lunar Eclipse, and a whopping July 1 Solar Eclipse Cardinal Grand Cross.

The revolutions in the Middle East will continue, and will be joined by revolutions in other parts of the world too.  Power to the people, an important part of an Aquarian Age, is growing.  Know, however, that this will not happen all at once. Powers that be, as they are doing now, will bring much resistance to keep the status quo of an old and dying age.    But power to the people will continue to grow.

The Middle East is now in the “center stage”  of  transformation into an Aquarian Age. And it it is also in the spotlight for a spiritual renaissance for the human family on Earth.    The religions of Islam, Christianity and Judaism all originated there, and the troubles in that region will sound both a death knell of an old age and the trumpeting of a new Aquarian Age.

The old religions all too often are about guilt, control, rules and regulations, prejudice, and violent competition.  Love, compassion, justice and truth are not seen often enough.   True spirituality has been hidden within the rigid structures of the religions.  Spiritual renaissance, as part of the transition into an Aquarian Age, will light our path with a broad perspective of meaning for our journey. It will return us to the connections to the natural cycles and rhythms of the Universe, to the freedom of our hearts, souls, and minds.

The shakeups in the Middle East and else where on the Earth, including the natural disasters, will continue and break down the old structures that no longer support our movement into an Aquarian Age.   Nature is not always kind, as the recent destructions in Japan exemplify.  But it always can be counted on to be in tune with the cycles, big and small, that turn the wheels of our lives.    Autumn turns to winter and our climate changes, the moon turns from New Moon to Full and our lives adjust accordingly, Old ages transform into new ages and bigger changes erupt, and all of life evolves accordingly.   

Evolution teaches us that that which does not evolve dies in extinction.   And birth and death are equal forces of the Dark/Light, Yin/Yang of life.   So what happens during this shifting of ages, even the destruction we see now, is clearing the way for greater evolution, and its current movement into an Aquarian Age.

Of course we mourn the suffering these tragedies bring with them, we cry in pain for our brothers and sisiters who suffer and die during earthquakes and human conflicts.  They are us.    We all are dying and being born at the same time now, as we shed how it used to be and embrace how it is becoming.

We always do this to some extent, but now as evolution is accelerating into an Aquarian Age, we are being asked to move with change faster than usual.  I experienced this in the ’60s and ’70s revolution and it will go faster now than then.

But this week  March 27-April 2 should be a time to collect our selves before we move forward.   But there will be shifts this week also. Late Sunday into Monday we will experience the intensity of the Sun square Pluto and the marking point of Jupiter opposite Saturn.

Sun Square Pluto could bring some reality checks into out lives through emotional outbursts.  Jupiter opposite Saturn is a half way point between its last conjunction in 2000 and its next conjunction in 2020, when they are lined up at 0+ degrees of Aquarius, heralding the Aquarian Age. The first half of the cycle featured the strength of the Powers of the old world, exemplified by the conservative reaction to 9-11.   Now in the second half, exemplified by the revolutions in the Middle East, we move inexorably toward the Aquarian Age.

Also this week is Mercury going retrograde in Aries on Wednesday March 30. It will stay retrograde until April 23.  As always, Mercury will bring in events and inner stirrings that will shift your mental perceptions.     Events and people often return to our lives and memories.    We shift our minds to reintegrate an old reality.   Other events take us off our usual way of thinking and perceiving.    Some people get very foggy and spacey, others can go into “twilight zones” of reality.  All this is so you will shift your usual way of thinking.

Linear logical thinking is less effective during Mercury retrograde, and more creative imaginative thinking works better. Do not try too hard to figure it out! Let things move more gracefully through your mind and trust that the correct answer will form when it is time.  For this reason big decisions are best put off.  Signing contracts is best to wait unti Mercury goes back direct.

But don’t be superstitious about Mercury Retrograde. If making a decision or signing a contract is necessary, then it must be part of the natural order to do so.  Avoid the decision or contract if you can, but do not be afraid if you cannot easily do so.

It is good, if you can, to spend time in contemplation and reflection during Mercury Retrograde.  

See you next week,


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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

He predicted the Iraq War of 2003- in early 2001 when Bush first took office; predicted the 9-11 attacks with an article “The Tower”, written in June 2001.  He predicted Obama and McCain would get the presidential nominations in november 2007, when both were low in the polls; and correctly predicted the current economic downturn before it occurred.