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Full Moon Begins Eclipse Season and Astrology Forecast December 8-14

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

The waxing moon reaches climax this week as it becomes a Full Moon in Gemini at 12:12 AM on December 12.

And unofficially, Winter Eclipse Season 2019/2020 is energizing and alive.

That Eclipse Season will be important as a major turning point for our world and personal lives.

There is no more straddling the fence of indecision; no more trying to be in two different worlds at the same time. It is time to choose or at least know one has to choose.

This Eclipse Season will contain many highlights: 2 eclipses; Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn; and Uranus shifting to Direct- out of Retrograde motion.

In the outer world we see a stock market in a big bubble ready to burst this winter; North Korea and China more intent on challenging the USA; Israel and Iran doing serious macho strutting with one another; and a USA impeachment process that is not headed for a peaceful solution.

In January, Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn at 22+ degrees of Capricorn will be closely opposing Trump’s natal Venus/Saturn conjunction in Cancer. His sense of stability and control will be seriously threatened. 

His natal Vertex, often a sign of “fated happenings” is at 22+ degrees of Capricorn, exactly conjunct the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on January 12. This is a very difficult aspect for him.

This Saturn/Pluto conjunction is made even more potent as it is closely held inside the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon of Capricorn/Cancer at 20+ degrees of Capricorn on January 10.

Saturn and Pluto together are pretty serious. One (Saturn) is planet of time and gravity, while the other (Pluto) is the Guardian of the Underworld.  Together they are ruthless in destroying anything that is hanging around past its natural time of life.

This is a perfect time to eliminate the old ego stories that keep you stuck.  In some cases, it will be obvious that the old patterns need to go.  Remember that doing the same thing over and over again, looking for changes that will never come, is insanity.

And now Saturn/Pluto can help you to stop looking in the same places anymore for answers.  When you are committed to stop, new doors and windows will open, bringing in the fresh air of a new season for our lives.

I know it can feel daunting to enter new lands of possibility, and that the demon we know can be more appealing and less scary than strange situations we have never known.

But once in these new vistas of life, we let go into renewal and greater vitality.

And this week, as we begin to feel the breezes of the Eclipse Season that has its first eclipse on December 25/26, we are making ourselves be present and aware.

That consciousness will allow us to see and feel all the signs and symbols we need now, to keep us aligned and on track.

This current week begins in a bit of a misty fog in consciousness, as both the Sun and Venus make contact with Neptune on Sunday the 8th.

Wrestling with details and analytic mental processes is off the mark and will only bring confusion.  Best to surrender agenda with Neptune, just let go and surrender.

Mercury moves out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius on Monday the 9th, raising our mental vibration, being more open to inspiration and high-mindedness. It stays in Sagittarius until December 28.

Around the 9th, it is time to be in the aura of the approaching Full Moon in Gemini.  Before that exact full moon on the 12th, Venus makes exact conjunction with Saturn on the 11th.

Saturn conjunct Venus puts limits on the open heart’s natural give and take, and instead brings us more into “quid pro quo” negotiations to get you what you each want from each other.

The exact actual Full Moon in Gemini is on Thursday December 12 at 12:12 AM EST. (See all  the 12’s ?): 12/12 at 12:12 AM.   Twelve is a sacred number showing itself in the number of signs and houses of the zodiac and also the number of apostles of Jesus Christ.  It is considered more a sacred “male” number, while 13 is considered more a sacred female number.

For this new moon, we have the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon directly opposed in Gemini at 19+ degrees.

This is usually a very animated time period, as people get more into communication. Conversations can be quite lively. Gemini provides the mental information and possibilities, while Sagittarius provides the conclusions, opinions and meaning.  Gemini is mostly left brain mental processing calculating and thinking, while Sagittarius is mostly intuitive “whole-making”.

With this Full Moon in Gemini, Neptune in Pisces is involved as it squares both the Sun and Moon.

Neptune may bring more confusion to the conversations at times, and at other times it will bring a deeper, more insightful and psychic approach to any issues.

Let the conversation take you and all will be fine.  Sometimes it is not the bottom line answers that matter the most. It is the connections between people that is most important.

Chiron goes Direct in Aries later on the 12th, building a bridge between your higher Self and your ego.

Then on Friday the 13th (one of my most favorite days), Mars in Scorpio trines Neptune while Venus conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn.

Mars in Scorpio trine Neptune keeps our actions connected to our soul, so that our inner values keep our desires in bounds.

Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn brings more insight and deeper connection to our relationships.  Superficial has little chance of getting our attention now, instead we become more aware of our needs for depth and closeness with others.

My partner Deborah and I leave our home for the last 16 years, as we travel to our new home in Sedona on December 16.

Some of the most soulful, thoughtful, kind and conscientious people live in Maine and New England.  They will always remain deeply in my heart.

Till next week,


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We Don’t Need Another Hero, Autumn Equinox and Astrology Forecast for Sept. 19-25

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week we move through one of the  four annual turning points of the year: Autumn Equinox.  This year a Full Moon In Libra/Aries, a few hours after the equinox, adds more meaning to the event than usual.  And the fact that this Full Moon at the equinox touches off the cardinal t-square of the summer, adds even more importance to the event.   And interestingly, winter solstice will also have a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon right on it, making that season much more important than usual.

So big change continues. In fact the aspects of summer 2010 promise that there will be bigger events, related to the summer aspects, to be triggered this autumn and winter.

Autumn equinox is a time of slowing down and beginning the process of going inward and yin-ward.   Darker, colder days have arrived, and then it will continue to get darker every day until the winter solstice. It is time to settle down for the year, metaphorically like sunset time of the day.  Our values begin to change, as we see life more sensitively than the high energies of spring and summer.  We begin to look beyond our selves- to the social and relationship fabric of life.

It is Libra time of year now at this equinox, time to enjoy pleasant weather and the beauty of nature.  We strive for peace and harmony, love is in the air.   But this year we have an Aries Full Moon, only a few hours after the equinox.  More active and willfull energies compete with our usual equinox needs for peace and harmony and reflection.  In the greater world this Equinox signature, which includes the Aries Full Moon, suggests there will be issues of war and peace.

Look at the Middle East especially, but also in Korea and perhaps other places, for this theme to play out this autumn.   Some will be ready to push our world closer to war, while others will concentrate on diplomacy. Iran and the Israel/Palestine issue are sure to be central concerns this Autumn.   As we get into Scorpio time of year, this Middle East drama will get much more dangerous.

Our world is changing fast.   We all need to be aware of what is really going on.  The economy is in not really in recovery.  It is in real trouble. Our country is in real trouble.  We are in need of great transformation, out of an old world and its separating and dyfunctional ways, and into a unified and sane new Aquarian Age.  We cannot get there if we go on with “business as usual”.

We can no longer bury our heads in the sand. We truly are facing great change in our world and lives.

I have been writing about this for many years, how we are moving from a Pisces Age to an Aquarian Age, and how we must learn to expect great change during this transition.

But recently I have been knowing this on a much deeper level. When I look at the old conventional world, I see little worth respecting anymore. People just don’t come together for the benefit of the community. They show little love and respect for one another.

In politics people fight against each other as if they were in a wrestling match, and not even like real wrestling in high school or college, but like professional wrestling. It is a lie and a joke. We hoped leaving the Bush years would help us find our way back to our sanity and values again. But so far not yet.

Obama gave so many hope that real change would happen, that somehow he would bring sanity, decency, and true progress and transformation to our world. I hoped that then the transition out of an old world and into a new Aquarian Age would happen relatively gracefully, because there would be an inspirational leader who was bigger than life, like a Lincoln or M.L. King, who would lead us to the promised land.

The disillusion has been depressing at times. But didn’ we already know: There are no more saviors. That is the passing Pisces Age, begun surrounding the birth of Christ. No great savior/heroes coming our way anymore.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

We must now take up the challenge and responsibility for our world, for our Earth, for our human family. Great healing and transformation are coming our way, much of it will not be easy.

But don’t put too much weight on your own shoulders or pressure on your heart and mind.

This is the Aquarian Age. We each need to merely learn our own role. Each of needs to know and express our unique individualized and authentic Self, focus on our own function and purpose, our contribution to the whole community.

As you know your true self, and learn to express it in relationship with others within the greater plan, you have arrived. It may not be easy to get there, but it feels easy when you get there.

And this does not mean you are necessarily a healer or doing some job that ‘helps save the world”. You can be a janitor or homemaker or financial broker. Being your true and authentic self is what counts. It is actualizing and reaching your seed potential within the orchestra of life community.

To get there you must rid your mind and heart of the conditioning by family and culture to fit some kind of mold, to be what you are “supposed” to be, what will make your mom or dad happy, or make your friends or mate happy. It is not marrying an “acceptable” person, or taking a career that is impressive or will bring luxury.

To get to this authentic place, you must leave judgment of your self or others. You will need to leave behind notions of superior people and inferior people, of privilege and undeserving. You will need to let go of fear that runs your life, guilt which helps you to “be a good person”.

If you are trying to live up to something, you have left your Self. If you fear being a bad person and going to hell, you are already there. If you believe there is a way everyone should be, you will never be your true Self.

Fear that is not about real danger precludes entry into an Aquarian Age consciousness. We are taught fear so we will not leave the safe confines of a controlling ego. Our ego fears our true Self, because our true Self is free- free mind,free heart, and free soul. This freedom threatens our connection to the ego-driven conventional world and its fear based paradigm.

This paradigm teaches us that we must obey the rules of the cultural game or we will go to hell or jail or a mental institution or into poverty. So we then, out of fear, become what we should be or need to be- to fit in and survive.

So when we go through the storms of transformation, when the walls of our old world and old ego start to crumble, we come to a crossroads.

For instance, let’s say a serious relationship ends, through a separation like a break up or divorce. After a while you recognize that you had been giving your self away in that relationship.

You tried to be the kind of person or mate you were brought up to be or who your mate expected you to be. You always wanted instead to be loved for who you really are. Perhaps you have been feeling this need to be loved for your Self since childhood.

Now the breakup is the turning point. Some leave the old relationship and go through a huge awakening. They want to find their true Self now- want to love their Self now. They begin the shed the skins of false ego self, and to dig deeper in their heart and soul. They find books and healers and classes that bring them through a healing crisis and through dramatic transformational change.

They know their old relationship ending was meaningful and part of their sacred soul’s journey into a new season of life. They have moved closer to their authentic Self and its connection to the Universe and the movement into an Aquarian Age.

Others, at the end of the relationship, instead blame their self or the other person or fate for the breakup of the relationship. They do not go through any deep new realizations, do not see any real reason to change. They end up finding another relationship that ends up being the same dramas and dyfunctional patterns as the last one.

Their old fears and ego take over again. They become trapped again in the old world and its rules for how one should be and live their life.

They did not see that what happened at their relationship breakup was meaningful, was a potential doorway into a new phase or season for their life, an opportunity. They fall back into the ruts of their programming from family and society, that keeps them chained to a false ego and life.

In the Greater World

As the old world continues to fall apart, we hope it will break down its old ways and reconnect with heart, soul, and open mind. That way we will find more sanity again, better choices and answers to old problems. The old paradigm must be broken as the walls of the old world come down.

But it is a stubborn old world, just as we individually can be quite stubborn before we decide to truly change.

The oil rig blew up in the gulf this year and brought about the biggest oil spill ever, destroying wild life and eco-sytems and the balance of nature, and people’s livelihoods and lives. Do we come out of that disaster with a a commitment to stop drilling or a commitment to urgently integrate into our lives new alternative energy sources? Do we learn to use more controls over corporations? Did we even go deeper in our thinking and realize occupying other countries and wars are often in modern times, in large part because of needs for oil?

Do we go through deep change and healing and transformation around this most important issue for our evolution and survival on the Earth, or do we go back to business as usual?

It appears we are going back to business as usual. This means we will go through more horrible events until we learn. And because we are in transition between ages, the Universe will be relentless with its challenges.

And no- Obama was not the great savior hope of humanity. But perhaps he will still be the doorway into our best and authentic Selves, so this world, not just the USA, can be “of the people, by the people, and for the people”.

It is getting more and more obvious to me that our collective wake-up calls will get louder and louder now. By mid to late autumn at the latest, we will experience great changes that were promised at the big events of Summer of 2010, the Lunar Ecipse Grand Cross, the Cardinal T-square, Saturn square Pluto and other big aspects.

We are in for bigger shake-ups to help us release old ways and bring us forward into a new Aquarian Age.

In your own life, as you face new challenges, remember your life is meaningful and you are on a sacred soul’s journey. Events that happen in your life, even those that may at first seem so devastating; they are meant to help you to move out of old rigid ego forms and dyfunctional life patterns, and into your true and authentic Self. That Self is a purpose-driven Self, connected to all other Selves in greater community, within a meaningful and sacred Universe, on its way to an Aquarian Age.

“See” you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

He predicted the Iraq War of 2003- in early 2001 when Bush first took office; predicted the 9-11 attacks with an article “The Tower”, written in June 2001.  He predicted Obama and McCain would get the presidential nominations in november 2007, when both were low in the polls; and correctly predicted the current economic downturn before it occurred.

Summer Solstice and Lunar Eclipse Grand Cross Full Moon, June 20-26

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Today, Saturday June 19, we are only 2 days away from the summer solstice 2010, which is the beginning moment of a summer which ought to be long remembered.   One week from today there is a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Grand Cross , and two weeks afterward there is a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer.

A Lunar Eclipse can only happen at a Full Moon.   Solar Eclipses always happen at New Moons.     Eclipses are exponentially many times more powerful than a  normal full moon or new moon.  Usually surrounding the times of the eclipses, we are taken off of our normal balance emotionally and energetically.    Events and energy shifts may be experienced weeks before the astrological event, and then reach an energetic climax close to the event.    Afterwards there can be a release of energy. There are usually big breakdowns and big breakthroughs that occur surrounding the eclipse.    Personal and world events connected to the eclipses can begin a few weeks prior to the eclipse and last a few months afterward.  The overall repercussions can last for years.

 This is especially true this year because the lunar eclipse is also aspected by “outer” planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto to form a grand cross of planets.   These outer planets together in the grand cross of the eclipse promise much transformational energies in our lives.  This transformation is true for all of us collectively, but some people will be more affected because they have natal planets which fall closely within the grand cross formation. 

Their lives will have the most movement, the most challenge for shifts and shakeups and changes. It is time to let go of old attitudes, old ways, old patterns that no long serve the person and their soul’s progress. It is time to move forward into a new chapter of one’s life.   Sometimes there are big surprises that happen within days of the eclipse to shake up someone’s life, but more often events have surfaced before the eclipse and intensify leading up to it.

As an example, flotillas filled with supplies sailed for the port of Gaza to bring supplies and aid to the people there.  This flotilla of ships came from Turkey. It was stopped and boarded by military from Israel on May 31, approximately 3 weeks before the lunar eclipse.  The lunar eclipse falls closely within Israel’s natal chart from its birth of May 14, 1948.   It makes close aspect to the Israeli Venus in Cancer, a planetary placement that represents Israeli relationship ties, and its sense of values, security and well being.

Turkey especially, and much of the rest of the world are enraged with Israel and how it invaded the ship in international waters and hence killed 9 Turkish nationals in the process. No Israels were killed. Tensions between muslim Turkey and Israel reached fever pitch then. Tensions between Iran and Israel have intensified.

Now as we are one week away from the eclipse, other flotillas of ships from Lebanon and Iran are sailing to break the blockade of Gaza and bring in more supplies.     It remains to be seen what will happen close to the eclipse, but planets will continue to form a grand cross not too far from the Israeli Venus for most of the summer, beyond the date of the actual Lunar Eclipse. And in fact the Israeli Venus will continue to be in aspect of transformational planets for three more years.

So we can look at the Lunar Eclipse as a portal into a new season of relationships and well being for Israel. Events will continue for 3 more years which will have great affect on the security of Israel in the Middle East region of the world.

It will certainly, during this time, transform its relationships with its neighbors in the region.  This could happen through war or peace or a combination of the two. Because the Middle East, where so many religions have been born, has been named in so many prophecies as the “battle ground” leading us into the transition between an old age and a new one, we can see the importance of what transpires there.

We are moving to a world of unity, in diversity and equality, as we enter this new Aquarian Age.  What happens in the Middle East, starting this year and through the next several years, will show the way forward.  As it is the birth place of so many spirtual traditions, it is important how it works out its relationships with one another there and how each spiritual tradition stays true to its original messages of peace and love and justice and compassion.

Whatever happens there will clear the way for a renewed spirtuality in many different forms. It will eventually open the way for an Aquarian Age of respect and tolerance for all races, religions and ways of the Earth.

But how ugly will it need to get before it transforms into a New Age?   As many prophecies have suggested, will World War 3 begin there in the Middle East?  Can we shift world and individual energies sufficiently to avoid this horror?    What can you do in your life to help out?

It is interesting how many people in their families, relationships, and work situations have been facing serious challenges also.    Can we work out our differences without going to “war” with one another.   If you are separating or divorcing your mate, can you work it out amicably or do you need to make them your enemy?

In other personal situations that come up during this eclipse season, it will be important to know if you need to stick with someone or some situation to work it out, or if you need to leave.   Sometimes old patterns can be changed within the old situation or relationship.  Other times it is essential to leave in order to change personal patterns, to personally evolve, lead a more authentic life, be more healthy in mind and spirit.

Know this eclipse season, this intense summer season of 2010, is an entryway into your own personal new season of your life, a new chapter in the book of your life.  This will be especially true if you are born in late March, June, September or December or if you have any natal planets in the early degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn.  And the transformation is only beginning.   Your life is meant to clear away the deadwood so you can more fully blossom into who you really are and what you are meant to do on this planet.

Know that all that happens is meaningful in this sacred life journey.  Channges that arise are meant to give you the necessary experiences or lessons to further your soul’s growth.

Week of June 20-26

Sunday is the last day of spring 2010. Summer Season begins on Monday June 21 at 7:28 AM EDT, 4:28 AM PDT at the solstice.   That day brings the most light of day and least dark moments of the year.  Yang energies are at their most zentih of the year. Yin energies are at their nadir moment of the year.  Energies of nature at their greatest abundance now, as the Sun moves into the nurturing energies of Cancer.  After the solstice, light begins to wane and dark begins to wax forward. By autumn they will be equal again, and at winter solstice dark and cold reign.

This summer solstice chart has a grand cross already:  Sun at 0 degrees Cancer, Pluto 4 degrees Capricorn, Uranus and Jupiter 0 degrees Aries, and Satrun widely in the cross at 28 degress of Virgo.   This chart gives us the signature of summer 2010, a time of challenging events to take us forward with our lives and consciousness.

The following days leading up to the eclipse next Saturday will show intensification of energies and events.  The actual Lunar Eclipse is in Cancer/Capricorn, 4 degrees 50 minutes, happens on Saturday June 26 at  7:30 AM EDT and 4:30 AM PDT. Pluto is conjunct the eclipsed moon closely at 4 degrees 5 minutes.  Jupiter and Uranus at 1+ degree of Aries and Saturn at almost 29 degrees of Virgo form a Grand Cross of planets.

This will be followed two weeks later by a Solar Eclipse at 19+ degrees of Cancer on July 11. The intensity will continue.  Shifting tides of events will continue throughout the summer of 2010 and beyond.

Talk with you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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Lunar Eclipse for a New Year, and Astrology Forecast for December 20-January 2

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This report is for the next two weeks.   It will resume again on Saturday afternoon the 2nd of January 2010. There are many important astrological formations between now and then, most importantly being a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on New Year’s Eve day.

This last week there was a New Moon in Sagittarius square Uranus.   This aspect, like all new moons, seeks to get us moving forward. Uranus square the New Moon added an uncomfortable wake up call to many.  Added to the intensity is the fact that the Full Moon following this New Moon will be the Lunar Eclipse on January 31.    We are already in the wake of the  eclipse storms.  A second eclipse happens on January 15, 2010, a Solar Eclipse New Moon.  We will continue to get wake up calls that shake us out of our slumber. 

Besides some personal wake up calls this week, I received a wakeup call about health care reform and the world condition.

No real deep transformational change will occur within the governments of this world, by their own accord.  The government of the USA is beholden to mega corporate influence; and the extent of power of the Military/Industrial complex is even more powerful than I had thought before. 

Isn’t it amazing that a Public Option became such a big deal to everyone, when its purpose is to lower costs for everyone?  The Public Option was only a choice, not mandatory.  It gave people the option to use a government run plan IF THEY SO CHOSE to do so.   Because the rates would be lower than corporate insurance plans, it would provide competition (which real capitalism is based on) and force insurance companies to lower their rates.   So why would anyone be against it unless they were either unsure what it was, are against anything the government does, or they are in the pocket of insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies?

The health plan approved by the Senate will not solve the deep problems with health care in this country.   Real change will not come through this bill.  Real change,n any issues, will be held back by the democrats and republicans- as they are privileged members of our society, who do not feel the pain the rest of us fee-l from a system that does not answer to the people or serve the people.

But I know BIG change is coming nevertheless.  It slowly started in 2009, and will erupt in our lives in 2010.  How will it happen since it won’t happen within the system? 

 It will happen naturally through the movement of the wheels of the Universe, as is seen in the astrological aspects.  It wil happen as the economic institutions that run our country and world fail to take us out the Great Recession/Depression.   It will happen as things explode in the Middle East.  It will happen as the people take revolution to the streets of the world.  It will happen through Nature’s wrath.  And perhaps it will happen as we are visited by “aliens” from other parts of our Universe.

Did you see the pictures of the spiral and beaming lights in the skies over Norway recently?  Did you read the media trying to make it about a failed missile attempt in Russia?   Perhaps we will have more and more obvious visitations now to help us transform out of an old paradigm and age, and into an Aquarian Age.     How much is really going to change as we get closer and closer to December 21, 2012?  We will soon begin to find out.

Astrology Forecast for December 20-January 2 

As we approach 2010 and the eclipses of New Year’s Eve 2009/2010 and January 15 2010, we first witness Mars slowing down and going retrograde on Sunday the 20th of December.

Mars goes retrograde every two years. While it is retrograde the forward movement in parts of our lives, goes into pause mode. We are guided by inner motivation and outer events, during the retrograde period, to find out what we truly want and where we truly want to go.  As this Mars retrograde is in the sign Leo, a theme for you may be around finding more creative spark and hope in your heart for life.  Mars goes back direct on March 10 2010. 

It is best not to start any major new ventures while it is in retrograde formation.  The retrograde time is best used contemplating and experimenting with what you want and where you want to go with your life.   Issues around self interest, independence, assertiveness, and confrontations may arise during the retrograde period. 

It last went retrograde in Cancer from mid December 2007 to late February 2008.  Look back then to see what was going on for you.

On Monday the 21st at 12:47 PM EST, we have the Winter Solstice, the time of most darkness in a day, and least light.    After this day the minutes of light per day increase, until Spring Equinox when light and dark minutes are equal.   The birth of Christ symbolically fits this time period, as at the darkest moment there is the  birth of the light, hope for the future.  Nature is at its most starkness, cold and bare,  here in the Northern Hemisphere.  It is Capricorn time of year, time to face reality.

Capricorn is about taking responsibility, doing what needs to done even if it does not come naturally.  It is about the  narrowing of possibilities, taking responsibility, planning and organizing, discipline and order.   It is about authority, boundaries and integrity.  It is about holding on and making it last.  It is about control.  It is about time.   

On Saturday the 26th of December, right after many humans celebrate Christmas, Mercury goes retrograde.  Remember Mars is already retrograde.    Things may feel a bit crazy now, especially so because the first of two eclipses in a row, a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon, is less than a week away. 

 Mercury Retrograde, which happens 3-4 times a year, brings us into fogs of shifing perceptions and reality.  For some it is like entering the Twilight Zone.  Normal logic does not always work, and unusual surprises keep us off our normal mental balance.  Communications can be tested and communications equipment can sometimes go haywire.  

 But regardless of what happens during Mercury Retrograde, it is all meant to take us out of our usual ways of perceiving reality and helping us to think outside the box.  Right brain imaginative and creative thinking often works better now than left brain logical thought.  Don’t try too hard during Mercury Retrograde to find logical answers. Let the answers unfold more gracefully.    Mercury goes back direct on January 15, the day of the 2nd eclipse, a Solar Eclipse New Moon.

And now the rumbles of the Lunar Eclipse get stronger. Big events that happen in the world are connected to the Eclipse, especially those that have to do with safety and security issues, like the economy, the military, and any institutions of the government that represent security. This is because the signs involved in the Full Moon Eclipse are Cancer and Capricorn.   Cancer represents inner emotional security, safety found in family, close friends and home.  Capricorn represents outer security, security of jobs, career and money.  It is what we rely on out in the world that helps us to feel safe and secure. 

So issues that have to do with your personal security will come up now, as will issues of balancing domestic, family and home responsibilities with work and career repsonsibilities.  Expect shifing tides around security issues, family and work.

The actual Lunar Eclipse Full Moon will happen on Thursday December 31 2009, New Year’s Eve day at 2:13 PM EST.  You may feel torn between staying at home or doing something outside the home.  Expect energies to be more intense than usual, and be prepared for the unexpected.

Friday and Saturday will still be in the wake of the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon from New Year’s Eve.   And in two more weeks we will have a Solar Eclipse New Moon, a time of powerful new beginnings.

See you then,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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After the Eclipse Storms, and Astrology Forecast for August 9-15

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We have weathered the intensity of the storms of 3 eclipses in a row this summer of 2009.

In the greater world the winds of the storm began blowing in mid June at the Iranian election and the protests.  Then Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died on the same day in late June.  The winds were getting stronger.  Life was already feeling more strange before the first eclipse happened on July 7.

After that our personal lives have been taken off balance from our “normal” lives through challenges with work, relationships, family, pets, health and homes.  For some everything has felt just plain weird.  We are being prepared for even bigger changes to come soon.

But right now it is time to gather our wits, review our lives, and see how they have been changing during these last couple of months..

We are passing out of an old phase of our lives and getting ready to enter a new season.  The deaths of old celebrity iconic friends who were still relatively young, like Jackson and Fawcett, brought us back in our memories to old times gone by, before moving forward.

Some of the shakeups in our lives brought us to sad goodbyes to homes we have  lived in, to old friends and romantic partners, to pets, to jobs.  Many have only begun their goodbyes, and have not fully let go of those people or jobs or homes.  Others are just now letting into their awareness how unhappy or disconnected they are from these people or things from their past.  They need to now decide how they will go forward with their lives.

Many are still hoping they can hold onto the past and the way life has been, to go back to “normal”, to be the way we used to be.   Can we get our economy back on track?  Can we get our home values back up like they used to be?  Can we get our common human values back?

The eclipse period is still in effect until mid September or so, and the overall effects of this eclipse will last for months or years to come.

In the greater world, now that the actual eclipse dates have passed, we will slowly begin to see events open up that are a result of what has happened during the eclipses.

Where does Iran go now that it has experienced the presidential election that was challenged by many of its people as well as the the world body?

What happens now to North Korea since it shot off nuclear and missile tests and then welcomed President Clinton for a pardon of two USA citizens?

What will happen in the Middle East now, especially in Israel/Palestine,  as this place holds the key for peace in much of the world and with terrorism?

Has the honeymoon now ended for Obama as his poll numbers change? Will the  American people challenge him more as he presents his health care package and we begin to see how the economy will really evolve?  Is his life in danger as the radical right- wing grows more angry?

And what will happen now with the economy?  Have we turned a corner to now watch the economy slowly improve?  Or will late summer and autumn show us we are still in deep trouble?

Our world and human community are moving from one Age to another.  The Mayans believe that 2012 is the turning point into a new age.  I believe the Aquarian Age begins around 2020.  So we can see that much change is on our collective doorstep as we are truly entering a new age and paradigm on Earth.

The changes happening in your life may feel random or about bad and good luck.  The changes may feel as though it is because of your fault or of someone else’s fault.

But as the seasons of our life change, we must change with them.  Leaves fall and hairs get gray and children graduate college.   And great Ages change also.  And as they do we all change together, different from one another, but all aligned in our souls to the big changes coming our way.  And those changes will transform our lives on Earth in ways beyond our current imagination.

Astrology Forecast for August 9-15

We have just passed through the last of 3 eclipses in a row, the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon of August 5/6.   The eclipse period, however lasts until mid September, and the impact of this time period will be even longer lasting.   Events related to the shakeup of the eclipses will last through the autumn at least.

Mid way through Sunday August 9,  the Moon moves out of peaceful and flowing Pisces, where it has been since Friday morning, and into go-getter Aries.   You will feel more active, with Moon in Aries, through Tuesday.  Mid afternoon through early evening on Sunday, as that Moon in Aries squares explosive Pluto, there will be an increase in emotional intensity.

On Monday the 10th and Tuesday the 11th you may feel frustrated by events that seem to hold you back from what you want.  This is connected to the square between Mars and Saturn late on Monday.

On Wednesday the Moon moves into slow and easy Taurus.  On Thursday the Moon in Taurus squares the Sun in Leo to begin the last quarter turn of the waning Moon.  There could be a shift now connected to the eclipse energies and its challenges.  This is the last lunar marking point before a New Moon next week on the 20th of August.

That New Moon will be the first “normal” new moon or full moon since late June.   The ones since late June have all been eclipses.

Spirits lift on Friday the 14th this week as the Moon goes into Gemini and the Sun opposes Jupiter.   And the forecast week ends on Saturday the 15th with the Moon still in Gemini.  Good day to have varied interests,  lots of social interaction or to take a class.

“See” you next week for a new forecast.  Please visit my website for more nformation or to get information about having a reading with me that will give you a broader and deeper perspective of your life and current challenges.  Or write me at  Comments made below are always encouraged.

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius and Astrology Forecast for August 2-8

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This upcoming week brings us the 3rd and last Eclipse of the Summer of 2009.    It is a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius.    On the west coast of the USA it is at 5:56 PM on Wednesday the 5th of August.  On the east coast at 8:56 PM, and in places east of the USA the eclipse happens on the 6th of August.

A Lunar Eclipse occurs because the  Earth is between the normal Full Moon opposition of the Sun and Moon, and hence its shadow blocks the Sun from shining on the Moon- from our vantage point on Earth.  It is a penumbral eclipse which means the Moon will not be as darkly covered as in a total eclipse.    The eclipse will not be so obvious.   And its complete eclipse process will only be seen in South America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  The eastern half of the USA, at Moonrise, will see the end of the eclipse process.

Remember that eclipses, both Solar and Lunar, are much more powerful versions of New Moons (solar) and full Moons (lunar).   Solar Eclipses, at new Moons, bring powerful new beginnings.    Lunar Eclipses, being Full Moons, bring powerful resolutions or dramatic merging of opposites.

At this Lunar Eclipse Full Moon, with the Sun in Leo opposed by the Moon in Aquarius, there is a dichotomy between personal ego (Leo) with group consciousness (Aquarius).  An example of something that happened on the journey to this Lunar Eclipse Full Moon is what happened in the case of Professor Henry Gates.

Dr. Gates was arrested by Officer Crowley in mid July, a few days before the Solar Eclipse New Moon on July 21.   He was breaking into his own home because the front door was stuck.  A woman called the police and Detective Crowley came to the Gates residence to investigate.  After an argument between them Mr Gates was then handcuffed and arrested.

It is quite likely that his being African American contributed to his arrest, but it is also obvious that his ego and arrogance (“Don’t you know who I am?”) also contributed to his arrest.

Later President Obama said the Police Department acted stupidly.     Three individual egos expressing their viewpoints of the incident.

But this week they all got together at the White House, with Vice president Biden, in a small group to bring the varying egos and viewpoints together.     And this happened less than a week before the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, which has the Sun in individual ego Leo and the Moon in group consciousness Aquarius.

Look at your own life now to view where this drama is playing out.    Where is there a need to bring together individual egos in collaboration with others in a group?    Where can you combine your heart’s desire for what you want or want to express, with a social consciousness or community understanding?

Overall, during this eclipse period, which has its greatest intensity between mid June and mid September, look to let go of that which needs to die in your life, and open up to the breakthroughs, which open new doors of opportunity for you.

It is best to see your life in meaningful ways when you encounter doors closing for you in life.   Relationships end as seasons end; a job loss opens your mind to changing your career, which never suited you anyway.   Life is really not random, unless you see it that way.

In the Greater World look for events to surface and intensify close to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.   These events will blow up into bigger events later in the Summer and into the Fall.  The places most conducive to change surrounding this eclipse:  Pakistan, India, Israel, Iran,  the Baltic region, Jamaica,  Egypt, Bolivia, Eritrea, and Sri Lanka.

Please keep in mind, however, that all regions of the Earth can be influenced by the changes that eclipses bring with them.

And remember that we are all changing our consciousness and lives in alignment with a movement into an Aquarian Age.  The eclipse periods push us faster forward in our growth, helping us to let go of that which needs to be released, and bringing new ideas and opportunities aligned with our personal and collective evolution into the new age.

We are thinking more “green”.  We are seeing us all over the world getting closer through mass transportation, communication, and commerce. It is a “smaller” world, one we all need to get along in together, through all our diversity.    We need to be individually and collectively liberated from dictators, corporations, and governments that oppress and control our hearts, souls, and minds.  We need to take responsibility for own lives and our Earth and human community.  We need to find solutions to the many problems that face us for our future, by thinking outside the boxes of programmed minds.

We are ready, more and more every day, to move out of a rigid paradigm for living on this Earth,  to heal what separates us, to create new ways to be on this Earth and with each other.

We also need to look to the skies for other peoples of the Universe who will greet us before too long, to forever change our perspective about our selves and our lives.  Remember that people were once sure, relatively not that long ago, that the world was flat.

Our world is changing rapidly now and so are we.

Astrology Forecast for August 2- August 8

On Sunday the 2nd of August, the Moon moves from excitable Sagittarius to serious and grounded Capricorn, and later in the day Mercury moves from sunny Leo to work oriented Virgo.  So on Sunday and Monday it would behoove you to keep your feet on the ground and not be too wild.  Serious discussions are possible.

As the Moon goes into Aquarius late on Tuesday, where it will be for the Lunar Eclipse, the vibrations for the eclipse get stronger.   Watch your life and the greater world for signs of change.     See big egos inflate.  Watch other people who care about changing our world to a better place come together.   Watch the interaction unfold.  Remember that it is natural and essential to have an ego, to want to express your personal truth and have a life that you personally desire.  It is not, however, “natural” to make your self essentially a lot better or worse than anyone else.    It is natural and essential to care about what is best for your human community, but unnatural to not also care about your self.

On the 5th at 8:56 PM EDT is the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius.   This is a powerful Full Moon, where you may feel out of balance as your “normal” life is being disrupted. Use the disruption to move with change.  getting out of “same-old, same-old” helps us to dance with a new personal rhythm, one which helps us to grow.

The 6th through the 8th are also within the rays of the Eclipse Full Moon. Remember there can be real magic at full moons, and especially so at Lunar Eclipse Full Moons.

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Our next forecast will post next Saturday afternoon the 8th of August.

Please feel free to make comment or ask questions on this blog.

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In Between Eclipses and Astrology Forecast for July 12-18

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We have passed through the first of 3 eclipses in a row, a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn.    We are on our way to the second one, a quite powerful Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer.  It will be on Tuesday the 21st of July at 10:35 PM EDT.  It will be at 7:35 PM on the west coast of the USA.  It will be visible in full in northern India, Nepal, northern Bangladesh, Bhutan, the northern tip of Myanmar, central China and the Pacific Ocean, including Ryukyu Islands, Marshall Islands and Kiribati. A partial eclipse will be seen in the larger part of Asia, including most of southeast Asia, and even parts of Oceania.

Though all areas of the Earth are susceptible to having major events occur during eclipse times, those within the eclipses’ path are especially prone.  Of course also a nation’s birth chart can have natal planets transited by the position of the eclipse, making it also more susceptible to powerful events.  We will talk about the nations whose charts are affected by the coming Solar Eclipse, in next week’s blog/forecast.

Remember the overall  intensity and power of these 3 eclipses lasts from mid June to mid September.  The after effects can last for years to come.

I know many of you have been feeling quite out of balance during the eclipse period, and some have fallen into crisis.  Others report just feeling weird.  It is normal during an eclipse period, and this eclipse period is more powerful than most, to be taken out of a feeling of well being.  Many feel a lot of anxiety.  It is best to do your best to ride the wave, not jump to conclusions, but instead to look at options and possibilities.  After the eclipse period ends, clarity and direction begin to appear

In the greater world, powerful events have occurred in Iran, North Korea, China, and Honduras.  Many celebrity deaths have erupted into our lives, most glaringly iconic figure Michael Jackson.

Iran has experienced an election that has been disputed and a subsequent protest from many of its citizens, which has caused a tremendous and oft times violent clampdown by the government.  North Korea has fired off many test missiles into the Pacific Ocean, in defiance of world rules and opinion.  It is also strongly suspected of cyber attacks on the USA and South Korea.  China has experienced much social upheaval in western China killing over 150 people.  A large earthquake has also occurred in China during the eclipse period.  Honduras has experienced a military coup of its elected government.   The USA and world economy are showing signs of falling into a deeper recession.

All of these events need to be closely observed during this eclipse period.  Is North Korea on the verge of doing something really weird and dangerous?  Or are they merely bargaining for benefits from the powers of the world?

Is Iran now on the verge of being bombed by Israel? Or will it comply with the demands of the world and stop its movement toward a nuclear bomb of its own?

Is the economy of the USA and world getting worse and headed for a lengthy recession or even depression?  Or is it bottoming out on its way to recovery?

Look for the eclipse period to continue to bring up these issues to the surface of our collective awareness.  Look also for other powerful surprise events to explode into our world during the eclipse period.

In your personal life, if new challenges are now occurring in your life, look first at what may be changing.   Do you need to start thinking about finding new work or ways to bring in more resources.   Do you need help in your relationship?  Do you need to move?  Or are you ready to let go of old beliefs or old patterns that no longer serve your life properly?

Remember that during eclipse periods, as your life and/or emotions are shook up, it is time to release what is ready to go.  And it is time to move into “new territory”, a new phase of your life.

Do your best not to see your life as succeeding or failing but as transforming in line with your own personal evolution. Sometimes we lose what we have gained, but more often than not it is because it is time to move on and enter a new period of our lives.  It is a new season of our life.  If you feel you need help to see the bigger picture, please consider a Spiritual Therapy Astrology session with me.  Visit my website and then click the Services button for more info.  Or just contact me at

Others will not have anything dramatic change in their lives, but will feel uneasy, nevertheless.  For them there can be more subtle changes happening, like in attitude or viewpoint.

Astrology Forecast for July 12- July 18

On Sunday July 12 the Moon is in soft and flowing Pisces, so go with the flow today.  Being around water will feel especially good today.  On Monday there is more movement and action as the Moon goes into Aries for almost 3 days. On Wednesday with the Moon still in Aries, there is a 4th quarter Moon cycle beginning-  Sun in Cancer, Moon in Aries.  We are one week away now from the powerful Total Eclipse New Moon in Cancer on the 21st/22nd, depending on where you live.  In the USA it is on the 21st.   Today we are exactly mid way between the Lunar Eclipse of last week and the Solar Eclipse coming next week.

Remember that the Solar Eclipse is a New Moon and brings new beginnings.  So this week is a waning moon, moving us “downward” before the Total Eclipse next week.  So “clean up” what needs to be cleaned up, and get ready for the new beginnings next week.

There should be a slowdown this week, but since we are in an eclipse period, between eclipses, you may still feel out of normal balance and events may continue to erupt.  It is all not totally predictable how everything unfolds during eclipse periods.

Late Wednesday the Moon goes into slow moving and earthy Taurus for a couple of days.  Enjoy nature as much as you are able, and stay grounded and practical.

Late Friday the Moon moves into mentally and verbally active Gemini, so enjoy going out for social activities Friday night and Saturday.

We will discuss in more detail next week the Total Solar Eclipse.  New blog will be posted next Saturday the 18th for the week ahead.

For more of my writings and to learn more about the summer of 2009 astrological aspects visit my website.

Leo Knighton Tallarico