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Trusting the Process and Astrology Forecast November 10-16.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The Sun is still in Scorpio while Mercury remains Retrograde in Scorpio this week.

A large part of our psyche is being brought inward for a view of the “darker” side of consciousness.

Jupiter is bringing  a balance to that, as it remains in the Light of “glass half full” Sagittarius, where it has been for almost a year now.

On December 2, Jupiter will enter gravity inducing Capricorn, where it will stay for the next year or so.

Before that,  Mercury will go back Direct on November 20; and a New Moon in Sagittarius lights up the holiday season on November 26.

And then on December 11, Winter 2019/2020 Eclipse Season begins as a Full Moon in Gemini shows us the early winds from the coming eclipses. 

Two weeks later, on Christmas night December 25, the first of two eclipses burst into our lives:  A Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn.

And then on January 10 thru 12,  three  important planetary events bully their way into our lives:  a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Cancer on January 10; Uranus changing directions back to Direct also on January 10; and the powerful Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn on January 12.

So from now till the end of January 2020, we face an important turning point in our human lives. What happens during that period of time will strongly influence the direction of all of our lives.

Be prepared to let die what is ready to go.  If your job or home or relationship has lost its spirit and your heart is no longer “in it”, it may be time to begin to move forward without it.

In many cases, however, there is enough interest to revive the almost dead.  Find a way to get to the root cause, and then work to transform the patterns that keep it lifeless.

I understand how needs for security keep fear “running the show”, which keeps you stuck in that lifeless job or relationship.

Look for the signs and symbols that show you the way.  The Universe is there for you if you truly believe.   The Universe does not abandon us; we abandon the Universe.

If we project our parental disappointments on the Universe, we will not be able to see and appreciate its magical workings.

What our inner child’s ego wants is not necessarily what is best for us and our greater destiny.  We cannot demand we get what we want from the Universe.  Our Soul self or Higher Self is more aligned with our purpose, our karma, our true heart and mind that are connected to the Universe.

The ego can be “at war” with the Universe.  Our soul self is instead connected to the Universe, not obedient to the Universe and not rebelling against it.  It is in co-creation with it.

From your awakened spiritual path, there is a releasing of the ego governed world, and an embracing of the spirit/soul world. There is no killing of the ego; instead the ego learns its place- in service to the spirit self.

This Eclipse Season picks up the pace in our transformational journey.  The energy for letting go of the old chapter and letting in of the new chapter is greater.

For now however, with the Scorpio and Mercury Retrograde energies being strong, we get in touch with what has not been resolved from the past. We search for truth, and in doing so we can let go of our victim mentality.

You may feel you have been victimized, but you are not a victim. And you are not the prey for any predators.  You are capable of owning your power and standing up for yourself.

And not being a prey does not make you a predator.  The whole predator/prey mindset is no longer viable in the new consciousness aligned with the Age of Aquarius.

And you are neither a victim nor a perpetrator.  That is old paradigm. There is a consciousness that takes us beyond that mindset.

We are each a soul connected to a community of souls, each unique and different from the others, but we are all connected like instruments in an orchestra.

Each instrument and voice individualized, but in concert with all instruments and voices, making beautiful music together: Diversity within Unity.

The Sun in Scorpio now is about to make a connected opposition to the waxing (growing) Moon in Taurus on Tuesday November 12 at 8:34 AM.  That makes a Full Moon in Taurus.

The Taurus/Scorpio connection at this full moon shows a need to combine the peaceful solidity of physical Taurus with the intense passion of emotional Scorpio.

Together they may have tugs-of-war at first, each trying to get the upper hand.  But then they hopefully settle into combining their energies- Body and Soul-  And making sexual love is one of its best creations.

After that Full Moon, the Moon enters its waning phase, the light getting dimmer and dimmer until after the next New Moon- in Sagittarius on November 26.

This week, after the Full Moon which promises relational interaction, we experience on Thursday November 14 a softer and more romantic Venus/Neptune connection by square.

Though they are square to one another, there nevertheless is the promise of a sense of romance, one that may need some real communication in order to get beyond the confusion.

Remember this week that Mercury is still Retrograde (until November 20) and as such requires us not to not try too hard to “figure it all out”.  Instead trust the process to unfold, and as it does it will deliver what you need.

Till next week,


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Waiting in Limbo, and Astrology World View- January 2-8, 2010

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

As we  walk through the first days of 2010, many people are feeling kind of lost, not knowing what direction to move in, not feeling very motivated.    What a way to begin the New Year 2010,  as most people like to make resolutions and vision their dreams for the year ahead at the New Year.   What is happening?

Mercury is retrograde, which often does feel disconcerting, confusing, and brings us back to old memories and old times.  But what is going on now is more than that. 

Well Mars is also retrograde, which happens once every two years.  Last time was in early 2007.     And yes when Mars goes retrograde we do feel like we are unsure of what we really want, and where we are going with our lives.  I have been through a fair number of Mars retrogrades in my life, however, and the feeling of being  lost this Mars retrograde period is deeper and stronger.  

Many of my clients, family and friends are feeling this way.  It seems to many that their lives are not so secure, are up for grabs, changing, shifting to something new, something we do not understand yet.

Of course we also just passed through the first of two eclipses in a row on New Year’s Eve Day, a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Capricorn/Cancer.   That eclipse suggests shifting tides around security issues.  The second eclipse will be on January 15. It is a Solar Eclipse New Moon.

But in the Big Picture, beyond all these strong current aspects, is the fact that we are entering a very powerful year of change in 2010.     And we are less than 3 years away from the time the Mayan Calendar declares as the end of an old world and the beginning of a New World, December 21, 2012.  And in my estimation we are about 10 years away from a doorway into the Aquarian Age, when Jupiter and Saturn conjunct at 0+ degrees of Aquarius.

As we keep this bigger picture of entrance into a New Age in mind, we know that it means we will be experiencing much deep transformational change over the next several years.  Just as our housing market and economy have shifted over the last couple years, much more of what we have come to expect as normal will be shifting into new realities.   And these changes will be much greater than those over the last couple of years.

And so Mercury Retrograde, Mars Retrograde, and the Eclipses are more effective than usual because they are in the context of the acceleration we are experiencing moving into an Aquarian Age.

The feeling of being unclear about our lives and future is in large part because so much of life and our world will be changing.   This is known and felt at a deep level of our being.  So much of what we currently are used to in our lives may therefore seem stale or insecure, as we are getting ready to move into a big  new phase of our lives.    Are we in the right job?  In the right relationship?  In the correct home or living situation?  These are questions that make it difficult to know how to vision our year ahead or future, or to be motivated to act.

For some the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on January 15 will tend to push them forward in their lives. For some this may happen as they choose a new project or venture for their lives.   For others some event will move into their lives that feels almost fated and will push them in certain directions.    

 These choices or events will not make everything crystal clear yet for most, however, because Mars will still be Retrograde.  Mercury, however, goes direct the same day as the Solar Eclipse New Moon on January 15; and in conjunction with the New Moon we are more directed.

America and our greater world will go through much change in 2010.   

 The Middle East will become more dangerous in 2010 and war is likely to erupt beyond what is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan.   The turmoil in the Middle East will shift the balance of power in the world.  We are moving toward more equality in the Aquarian Age, and Superpowers and Empires do not fit anymore.   America and the western world have been dominating the world paradigm of dog-eat-dog “survival of the fittest” mentality.    Much of the coming transformation is meant to put an end to this mentality, so we can save our world and the human family from horror and possible extinction.

We all will be helped, through coming personal and world events, to know all is connected as ONE.   Diversity and individuality will be respected in the New Age, but in unity; as in an orchestra, when all individual instruments play in concert with one another to play unified music.  

All races, genders, sexual orientations, religions, nations, and peoples are cells in the greater human body.    We are each a cell in the body of the greater Universe, meant to function in individual authenticity, yet all connected together in Universal community.

We are so far from knowing this reality, as we tend to demonize those who are different, make enemy of those we cannot  understand.

The coming shifts and changes will challenge us to let go of these old beliefs and attitudes and to learn to open our hearts and minds to a bigger picture of unity and connection.  Some, however, will choose more fear and separation, and will lose these approaching opportunities to expand consciousness and evolve.

As change moves into your life know it is all meaningful and part of your sacred soul life  journey.  Spring and summer of 2010 will be especially intense with change, as there is a cardinal Grand Cross Lunar Ecipse Full Moon in late June that is quite powerful.  This aspect will be the center of many very important astrological events in spring and summer of 2010.

Be clear.  These changes will challenge us to transform, to find greater meaning, to connect with our deeper souls, with each other, the Earth, and the Universe.  Our human family is in grave need for deep healing, so we can come together in unity to heal our Earth, which we have dominated and abused.     Perhaps brothers and sisters in the greater Universe will assist us or challenge us to grow.

The recent Norway UFO incident shows us we are getting closer to an event of monumental importance and revelation:  The mass appearance of beings from beyond.

For now, be as patient as you can.  It is OK now to be without clear direction.  Learn to just BE now.   Change is coming soon.

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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