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Lunar Eclipse Full Moon, Saturn conjunct Pluto and Astrology Forecast January 5-11

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This coming week leads us into the greatly anticipated Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Cancer, accompanied by destroyers Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. And of course awakening agent Uranus goes back Direct on the same day as the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon happens.

Out in the world we have witnessed a big red flag event, one that shows us the power of this Eclipse Season: Assassination of top Iranian leader.

Since this all combines with a most important changing of Ages, we know that the power of transformation is deeply at work.

The USA went out and assassinated a man who is adored as a major hero to Iranians: Soleimani.

Since this is happening during the middle of an Eclipse Season and  Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn meeting, this killing represents a most important event in the process of turning to the Age of Aquarius.

The old world of dog-eat-dog domination, which includes big slices of “eye for an eye” revenge, is in its Last Hurrah before going the way of the Dinosaurs. But right now it represents danger.

The Old Testament, which fundamentalist religion answers to, makes revenge and killing for God a good thing.

The Middle East is still very much governed by an Old Testament Yahweh kind of religion.

So the assassination of Soleiman will likely set off a major conflict in the region, one that will draw in many countries all over the world.

Keep in mind, however, that the dying of old world values from an old and dying paradigm, is a most important part of the process of transformation now.

We will also be experiencing now, especially in our personal lives, breakthroughs into new ways of viewing ourselves and our world.  We will be helped into breaking out of old stories and thought that have kept us still clinging to the familiarity of the old world.

The light will shine brightly, even as darker events bust through our world.

What will happen in the Middle East during this current Eclipse Season will put the spotlight on signs and symbols showing us the way forward.

Intensity will rise this week as our waxing Moon reaches climax at the Full Moon in Capricorn on January 10 at 2:21 PM EST. That momentum will continue through the Saturn conjunct Pluto exact meeting on January 12.

Saturn conjunct Pluto happens every 35 years of so.  Their last meeting was in 1983.

That year a couple hundred USA Marines were ambushed and killed in Lebanon.  President Reagan wasted little time before he withdrew American troops from Lebanon.

Now we are full circle of that Saturn conjunct Pluto cycle, while the USA now has its troops in Syria and Iraq. They also need to leave those countries, which does not belong to them.

Leaving these countries to their own devices not only protects USA lives; it also brings us closer to the Aquarian Age consciousness of Equality and Diversity within Unity.

That is where we are moving, and old ego stories that tell us differently must be released. We are not better than the people in other countries, and we cannot reside in countries that do not want us there.

And in our personal consciousness transformation, be honest with yourself on this issue. Do you believe we are superior and deserve more privilege?  Do you believe our way of believing and living our lives needs to be how all others need to live their lives?

The darkness of the old world is about to get much darker, and we each will need to keep fear at a minimum, and instead need to take the “high road” (higher self) into this ever expanding new chapter of our lives.

On Friday the 10th this week at 2:21 PM EST our Moon’s light is partially eclipsed by the shadow of the Earth on it.  Uranus going Direct will help us to awaken out of the rut we are in; see things in a new light as we think outside the box; and liberate ourselves from limiting thoughts and ways of being in our lives.

Uranus changing directions will affect planets in your natal chart that are in fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius the most, especially between 0 and 6 degrees of those signs.

Remember that this is a time of change, especially of transforming those old stories and beliefs that reside so deeply in your body and soul. Those old stories will keep bringing you the same kind of people or situations, time after time.: Ground Hog Day

Now you have more ability to break away, to transform those beliefs, as energies of change are strong. If you are given difficult challenges now, they are also great opportunities to wake up and move forward in new ways.

Keeping yourself “safe” in a rut will not serve you, but will keep your ego leading the way.

This does not mean you go looking for change; it means that if the possibility of change is being presented to you now, that means it needs to be examined and weighed and likely acted upon.

Uranus going Direct on the day of the eclipse means all the planets are Direct then.  This does not happen very often, and signifies that all systems are go now, the doors are open, until February 17 when Mercury goes Retrograde.

So many of our planets are in Yin signs now, those that are Earth or Water signs (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces. Yin means energies go “down and in”.

One important placement is now in Yang sign Sagittarius: Mars.  That placement will give  us the “go light” for new change and adventure. Otherwise, Capricorn is ruling the day, and it mainly gives us slow and cautious changes.

So out in the world some changes will manifest right away (Mars in Sagittarius), while others will be about making plans for action later.

Saturn exactly conjuncts Pluto on the 12th, just two days after the Lunar Eclipse. It marks a time of acknowledgment of what is ending or needs to end.  Wanting to hold on tightly to what we are needing to let go of is natural and understandable; but the more we resist what needs to happen, the more pain we endure, and for what end?

The Lunar Eclipse in Cancer leads us to finding comfort and nurture and safety during these big shifts in the world and in our personal lives. Capricorn wants to keep accomplishing, fixing, getting things done, or at least organized.

Cancer would rather go with its flow and moods, without any obligations or “shoulds”.

Now is a good time to look for the balance. And staying in balance may be very challenging now. Fear is the only enemy now.  Keep it under control and all will be OK.

The light from the Age of Aquarius is pushing through the cracks of the programming from the old age.  Society and families have tried to condition us to be and do in a certain way.

Many of us have been Self Actualizing, finding our authenticity lost during the programming.  As we find our self and our way, we release the old programs and the stories that go with it.

The process is difficult sometimes, but so rewarding to find ourselves and learn the Universe supports us on our Path.

Do you remember how painful some of the losses have been in your life?  The world is in the same process now, with great labor pains on the way to the new chapter.

The path may look more scary now because of what is happening in the world, but you can be assured that if a high priority for you is to be aligned with your True Self and with the Universe,  knowing all is connected and all of us members of the same huge human family, all will be OK.

Till next week- hopefully I will produce a podcast this week


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Year 2020 and Astrology Forecast December 29-January 4.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We enter a New Year 2020 this week, and it will be one alive and intense year ahead (Podcast Forecast coming in early January).

This week of transition between years 2019 and 2020 begins shortly after the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn from December 25/26.

That eclipsed new moon began a lunar cycle that includes a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Cancer on January 10, the same day liberating Uranus changes directions from Retrograde to Direct.

Then 2 days later on the 12th, the important and powerful Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.

This week now, we should be able to experience more of the reality and meaning of this Eclipse Season.

The holidays have to some extent distracted us from the energies and reality of this Eclipse Season.

If paying attention , however, we experience the partisan battle between Democrats and Republicans that will likely take Trump off the hook of being found guilty by the Republican run Senate. The Senate tries Trump and then votes for his guilty or innocent verdict. No matter what he gains infamy in American history.

This country has descended into a government that has lost the pulse of the American people, and in so doing gives more and more power to corporations and special interests that pay handsomely to the Senators and Congressional representatives.

The idealistic values set down in the American Constitution and Bill of Rights are being more and more drowned under by overly materialistic values and distorted needs for ultimate security above all else.

The lofty American values of equality for all, freedom of speech, and care for those who struggle have been brought down many notches and into the underworld’s value system.

This year 2020 presents a major turning point in regards to those values. The current administration pushes the envelope toward more power for the executive branch of government, meaning toward King Donald.

Yet 2020 gives the opportunity, through impeachment and elections, to reject those values and reject giving more power to the “kings and queens”.

1776 was to be the beginning of the end of rule by royalty or dictator, and instead give more power to the people.

So now we have the opportunity, through transformation of consciousness, to evolve into the people envisioned by the early leaders of the country.

The month of January 2020, as the first month of the year, sets the stage and creates the foundation for this important year ahead.

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction, which happens to be a close companion to the Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, is set to begin the process of destruction of soul dead elements of our world and its institutions.

Stock Market correction is likely this season, as the chart for the beginning of the Stock Market in America is being harshly triggered by the Saturn/Pluto conjunction and Lunar Eclipse this month. That chart is from May 17, 1792 in New York.

The Trump administration will do everything in its power to keep the market and economy looking prosperous, as a failure of the economy means automatic failure of the administration’s attempts to survive.

The trade war with China and breakdown of communication with North Korea will also come up to a major turning point this coming month.  North Korea is on the verge of creating more trouble. The state of Israel and showdown with Iran will likely also draw much attention this coming month.

In our personal lives this Eclipse Season, we can expect events that bring powerful messages of needs to release anything from the last chapter of our lives that keep screaming to be kept alive.

Saturn/Pluto can be ruthless, and so letting go is essential.  The New Chapter may have already showed you its promise, but no matter what- make sure to let go of what used to be. Your anger and/or guilt keep the old alive, even if you believe you let it all go.

This week on New Year’s Eve day of the 31st, the Moon is in Pisces much of the day.

However at 11 PM EST and 8 PM PST, the Moon goes into Aries. In Europe the New Year comes in with the Moon in Pisces.  In Africa and Asia, the Moon will be in Pisces at the yearly turning point.

But in America there will be a good connection with what is happening overall: The Pisces Moon is grieving and letting go; the Aries Moon is pushing forward and embracing the new.

On January 2nd,  Mercury in Capricorn makes exact conjunction with Jupiter in Capricorn, affording us the opportunity to have real and practical ideas for manifesting our dreams and making our lives work better.

On January 3, Mars leaves deeply serious and sometimes brooding Scorpio for more glory seeking Sagittarius.  What has been a “kept secret” Scorpio desire or emotion is released into the free spirit of Sagittarius.

Mars stays in Sagittarius until February 16. Use the Mars fiery placement now to take the leap of faith, to “take the ride” of your destiny, to go on the adventure, to know all is happening for a reason.

All the Capricorn energies now can help make some people feel trapped or confined or depressed.

But if you do allow yourself to open up and freely follow spirit now, you can use the Capricorn influence to stay grounded, to make real, to manifest in form.  This combo is great for recognizing the natural relationship that can be found between spirit and form.

That is our human experience. Free spirits and souls making home in a body in order to fulfill a function or purpose in our Earthly Human Community in this lifetime.

Issues and energies intensify this week, as we get closer to the important planetary configurations later this month.

Till next week,


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Before the Storms and Astrology Forecast April 28- May 4

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week we move through the last quarter of the current lunar cycle, one that began at the Aries New Moon on April 5.

Aries New Moons signify new beginnings and start-ups. It is the time of early Spring in the Northern Hemisphere on Earth.

When the Sun moves into Aries, that signifies the first moment of Spring season at Spring Equinox, which lets us know buds are soon ready to push through branches of the trees, and flowers are getting ready to burst into bloom.

Yet we do not really enter new beginnings until the Moon catches up with the Sun to form a New Moon.

That last New Moon in Aries on April 5 started a new lunar cycle signifying new beginnings (as usual at a New Moon in Aries), but this time Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn formed a hard square to that New Moon in Aries.  That strongly suggested difficulties or blocks in the way of those new beginnings.

A day before the Libra Full Moon”climax” of that lunar cycle of April 19, the Mueller report came out and was given exclusively to the USA Attorney General who works for the President.

He held onto that report for awhile, and then he crossed out (redacted) a significant portion of that report. So the citizens of the country, who are supposed to be the stewards of that country, are not informed of much that is in the report.  In other words the full contents of that report did not go public.

Now as we move through the last quarter segment of the lunar cycle this week, we await full disclosure of the contents of that Mueller Report.

The New Moon is on Saturday May 4 at 6:45 PM EDT. It is a Taurus New Moon.

The sign Taurus in a fixed earth sign. It signifies true solidity and manifestation.

Aries “gets the ball rolling”, and directs the initial fires from the New Moon in Aries. Aries is a cardinal fire sign.

So after the Aries New Moon start up, the Taurus lunar cycle that follows grabs hold of what was begun by Aries, and then forms and shapes it.  Taurus then is motivated to hold on and make things as permanent as possible at the time.

So now whatever was started in the fires of April, is wanting to be made manifest, real, and as practical as possible.

Last week “god of the underworld” Pluto changed directions from Direct to Retrograde; and in the process made its intensity and passion quite evident.

This week, on Monday April 29, Saturn also changes from Direct to Retrograde.

The energy to be felt from Saturn contracts what it touches and is very grounding as it is the ruling planet of gravity.

And that is how it manifests sometimes, as we may feel more serious and grave as it turns.

A grave in fact is one form of Saturn, as it represents parts of life that cannot be escaped. In that context, it represents boundaries, endings, deaths, but also commitments, building and organizing, discipline, goals and accomplishments.

It is a stern teacher sometimes, a taskmaster.  It also is the hand of time, and as such represents fate, something meant to be.

As Saturn slows down to go retrograde, Pluto is still moving very slowly after it just went retrograde last week.

So both Pluto and Saturn are “in the air”, which can make things feel dark and dire.

Don’t know about you, but often lately I feel like life is being put on hold now until some big event is made manifest.

Saturn and Pluto show us powerful endings, endings that promise deep transformation and a Phoenix Rising from the ashes of the death of the old season of our lives.  (I am still planning a new class on Saturn/Pluto in late spring or early summer. For more info contact me at  My recent video and podcast (see below) include talking about that Saturn/Pluto conjunction, which will be exact on January 11 2020).

On January 10, the day before that powerful conjunction, is a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Capricorn/Cancer, making extremely close contact with that Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn the next day.  This represents a monumental turning point in our lives.

The bombing of so many churches, hotels, etc and killings of so many people in Sri Lanka, show us the horrible religious and culture wars playing out in our world.

In large part, the transition between Ages we find ourselves in,  is meant to take us away from a world and paradigm that are about “every man for himself”, in a survival of the fittest world.

Survival now is dependent on our collective consciousness evolving into a knowing of our connections, a knowing we are interdependent with one another, members of the same human family on Planet Earth.

The horrible weapons of mass destruction are an integral outgrowth of the old paradigm of dog eat dog survival of the fittest.

Those who are the fittest now have been awakened to know the connections, to know that all the dots of the stars and planets in the Universe are connected.

We can then see the meaning of our lives in this world, and we can more consciously dance with the music of the spheres of this Universe.

The old paradigm has us all separate from one another, or else all wearing the same “uniform” in order to make unity.

We do not need to make unity. It is already made. All we need to do is align with it, be involved with it, immerse ourselves in it.

Separation transforms into a more positive distinct sense of individuality for each person in the Age of Aquarius consciousness.

And the “unity” of being in the same uniform transforms into individualism finding its place, function and purpose in the greater community: Diversity within Unity.

“Fated” events are on the way, and they will help us break out of the blocks, and liberate us from the chains of programmed conformity, and free us to find our way in this new world and Age.

So this week,  hand of time Saturn slows down, stops, and then rewinds for the few months of its retrograde motion. Powerful world and personal events during the retrograde period will remind us of previous world and personal events from the past.

Then on September 18 this year, the hand of time starts up again as Saturn goes back Direct.

This week, as Saturn goes Retrograde on Monday the 29th of April, you may get to thinking about what you want to accomplish and how you want to go about planning and organizing to make that successful. Or you may feel the hand of fate, or feel serious about something you need to do, or an obligation you need to meet.

Best case scenario is feeling grounded and motivated to manifest and accomplish. Remember we now have the Sun in fixed earth Taurus, and are also more connected to the gravity of Saturn. And we are also in the last quarter of a darkening Moon.

Find ways to lighten up and not feel so heavy or depressed now. But we nevertheless do need to do some last quarter releasing and getting ready for the New Moon in Taurus Saturday May 4.

Mars in Gemini is exactly opposite Jupiter in Sagittarius next week on Sunday May 5.

That will put some spark in the New Moon in Taurus. The USA natal Mars and Trump’s natal Sun and Moon are being triggered by the Mars/Jupiter opposition.  Let’s see what that means for us all.

Till next week,


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Saturn/Pluto and Astrology Forecast April 21-17

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are in the waning half of the lunar cycle this week,  as we move past the Full Moon in Libra last week.  This lunar cycle began on April 5 at the Aries New Moon.  Effectively, that was the beginning of Spring Season 2019. New lunar cycle begins on May 4 at the Taurus New Moon.

That April 5 New Moon in Aries was a time of important new beginnings, but at the same time Saturn and Pluto squared that New Moon in Aries and represented major blocks in the way of true new beginnings.

Saturn/Pluto will take on greater and greater importance in our personal lives and collective world lives until January 2020 when the extremely powerful conjunction of Saturn and Pluto is exact.

And one day before that conjunction there will be a major Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Cancer that makes close opposition to that Saturn/Pluto conjunction. And Uranus, on the day of that eclipse, stops and then moves Direct.

We will be talking a lot about this event as we get closer and closer to it.  I am seriously thinking of doing a class on this subject this year sometime. Please let me know if you might be interested by writing to me at

In the class I will speak about how that will affect our world and our personal lives and the next presidential election. I will look at the USA and other countries charts as well as each individual class participant’s chart. I probably will be ready then to make a prediction on our next president.

Saturn and Pluto have an approximate 35 year cycle.

The last time they were in exact conjunction was in 1982.  (Ronald Reagan started his presidency the year before and soon thereafter, there was a failed assassination attempt on Reagan.  That failed attempt broke an ominous planetary pattern’s effect on the death of USA presidents during Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions. More on that another time).

Saturn conjunct Pluto in 1982 was only a few months after Israel invaded Lebanon.   In part this attempt seemed like an effort to destroy the lives of Palestinians then living in Lebanon.  The USA invaded Lebanon a few months after the conjunction.  200 USA Marines died and the USA then left Lebanon.   This was an important spark that ignited future major conflict with “terrorists”.

Saturn and Pluto were in exact opposition to one another in August 2001. Very soon thereafter the USA experienced the devastation of an attack on the Twin Towers in New York- 9-11. That opposition was right on the USA Ascendent/Descendant line of 11+ degrees of Sagittarius and Gemini.

The Saturn/Pluto opposition that preceded their conjunction in 1982 was in 1965/66 when the first USA troops were sent to Vietnam, effectively starting the Viet Nam war; and when Martin Luther King led the March from Selma Alabama, effectively starting the Civil Rights movement

In the previous conjunction in 1947, India and Pakistan declared independence from Britain; and the Roswell incident brought to collective human awareness the presence of extra-terrestrials on the Earth. 

So at this current Saturn/Pluto conjunction we can expect a turning point in the conflict between nuclear powers India and Pakistan (which has meaningfully been triggered this year).

We can also expect USA and Israel getting more involved with the Palestinian issue, as Trump unveils his “peace plan” in Spring/Summer 2019.  More Middle East dominance and by USA and Israel is quite likely also, as they get into more serious conflict with Iran.

We can also expect a need to go to another level in our Civil Rights movements, as we deal with white supremacists now.

And I truly believe we will also experience some grand appearance or disclosure around Extra-Terrestrials and UFO’s.

Remember also that the USA will be experiencing over the next few years its first Pluto return; while Saturn and Jupiter make conjunction with the USA natal Pluto.

And that USA natal Pluto is the symbol of USA Empire and Industrial/Military Complex.

Donald Trump’s natal Venus/Saturn conjunction in Cancer is beginning to be triggered by the transiting Saturn/Pluto conjunction, as that formation has gotten much closer to it.

His sense of security and well being and of having loyal friends will all be more and more threatened in the months ahead.

Enormous transformation over the next few years for us all as we move more surely into the Age of Aquarius.

This week, as we move through the waning half of the lunar cycle, we also experience the Sun conjunct Uranus; Pluto changing direction to Retrograde; and Saturn slowing way down as it also changes directions into Retrograde early next week on April 29.

This Monday April 22 shows us the Sun conjunct Uranus on Earth Day.   There will be an increased chance of a large earthquake this week; but also rebellious feelings of not accepting conventional rules of society will get stronger this week.

On Wednesday the 24th intense, passionate, sometimes primal Pluto (the guardian of the Underworld) changes direction to Retrograde. As it slows down in its shift, its energy is stronger than usual.

With Saturn also beginning to slow down now, it is a good time to acknowledge the Transformation we are experiencing. What in your life do you need to let go of from the “old you” and “old chapter” of your life? What are you ready to embrace of the “new you” and “new chapter” of your life?

Pluto/Saturn can be a very destructive force of that which is holding onto life beyond what is natural.  But it is also a very constructive force for building for a New Chapter of your life.

This summer’s Eclipses will also bring much more change and transformation, in anticipation of the greatest change and transformation in the winter of early 2020.

Take a good look at our world, and know how much we need transformation. Look at our current administration.  Look at the deteriorating values and corruption.  And it is not just about Trump and republicans.   Our government has been selling out to corporations and special interests for a really long time now- both parties.

We are ready and in need of big change.  The Age of Aquarius awaits us.  Love and Truth have open arms for those who want them and believe in them.

Till next week,


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Lunar Eclipse for a New Year, and Astrology Forecast for December 20-January 2

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This report is for the next two weeks.   It will resume again on Saturday afternoon the 2nd of January 2010. There are many important astrological formations between now and then, most importantly being a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on New Year’s Eve day.

This last week there was a New Moon in Sagittarius square Uranus.   This aspect, like all new moons, seeks to get us moving forward. Uranus square the New Moon added an uncomfortable wake up call to many.  Added to the intensity is the fact that the Full Moon following this New Moon will be the Lunar Eclipse on January 31.    We are already in the wake of the  eclipse storms.  A second eclipse happens on January 15, 2010, a Solar Eclipse New Moon.  We will continue to get wake up calls that shake us out of our slumber. 

Besides some personal wake up calls this week, I received a wakeup call about health care reform and the world condition.

No real deep transformational change will occur within the governments of this world, by their own accord.  The government of the USA is beholden to mega corporate influence; and the extent of power of the Military/Industrial complex is even more powerful than I had thought before. 

Isn’t it amazing that a Public Option became such a big deal to everyone, when its purpose is to lower costs for everyone?  The Public Option was only a choice, not mandatory.  It gave people the option to use a government run plan IF THEY SO CHOSE to do so.   Because the rates would be lower than corporate insurance plans, it would provide competition (which real capitalism is based on) and force insurance companies to lower their rates.   So why would anyone be against it unless they were either unsure what it was, are against anything the government does, or they are in the pocket of insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies?

The health plan approved by the Senate will not solve the deep problems with health care in this country.   Real change will not come through this bill.  Real change,n any issues, will be held back by the democrats and republicans- as they are privileged members of our society, who do not feel the pain the rest of us fee-l from a system that does not answer to the people or serve the people.

But I know BIG change is coming nevertheless.  It slowly started in 2009, and will erupt in our lives in 2010.  How will it happen since it won’t happen within the system? 

 It will happen naturally through the movement of the wheels of the Universe, as is seen in the astrological aspects.  It wil happen as the economic institutions that run our country and world fail to take us out the Great Recession/Depression.   It will happen as things explode in the Middle East.  It will happen as the people take revolution to the streets of the world.  It will happen through Nature’s wrath.  And perhaps it will happen as we are visited by “aliens” from other parts of our Universe.

Did you see the pictures of the spiral and beaming lights in the skies over Norway recently?  Did you read the media trying to make it about a failed missile attempt in Russia?   Perhaps we will have more and more obvious visitations now to help us transform out of an old paradigm and age, and into an Aquarian Age.     How much is really going to change as we get closer and closer to December 21, 2012?  We will soon begin to find out.

Astrology Forecast for December 20-January 2 

As we approach 2010 and the eclipses of New Year’s Eve 2009/2010 and January 15 2010, we first witness Mars slowing down and going retrograde on Sunday the 20th of December.

Mars goes retrograde every two years. While it is retrograde the forward movement in parts of our lives, goes into pause mode. We are guided by inner motivation and outer events, during the retrograde period, to find out what we truly want and where we truly want to go.  As this Mars retrograde is in the sign Leo, a theme for you may be around finding more creative spark and hope in your heart for life.  Mars goes back direct on March 10 2010. 

It is best not to start any major new ventures while it is in retrograde formation.  The retrograde time is best used contemplating and experimenting with what you want and where you want to go with your life.   Issues around self interest, independence, assertiveness, and confrontations may arise during the retrograde period. 

It last went retrograde in Cancer from mid December 2007 to late February 2008.  Look back then to see what was going on for you.

On Monday the 21st at 12:47 PM EST, we have the Winter Solstice, the time of most darkness in a day, and least light.    After this day the minutes of light per day increase, until Spring Equinox when light and dark minutes are equal.   The birth of Christ symbolically fits this time period, as at the darkest moment there is the  birth of the light, hope for the future.  Nature is at its most starkness, cold and bare,  here in the Northern Hemisphere.  It is Capricorn time of year, time to face reality.

Capricorn is about taking responsibility, doing what needs to done even if it does not come naturally.  It is about the  narrowing of possibilities, taking responsibility, planning and organizing, discipline and order.   It is about authority, boundaries and integrity.  It is about holding on and making it last.  It is about control.  It is about time.   

On Saturday the 26th of December, right after many humans celebrate Christmas, Mercury goes retrograde.  Remember Mars is already retrograde.    Things may feel a bit crazy now, especially so because the first of two eclipses in a row, a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon, is less than a week away. 

 Mercury Retrograde, which happens 3-4 times a year, brings us into fogs of shifing perceptions and reality.  For some it is like entering the Twilight Zone.  Normal logic does not always work, and unusual surprises keep us off our normal mental balance.  Communications can be tested and communications equipment can sometimes go haywire.  

 But regardless of what happens during Mercury Retrograde, it is all meant to take us out of our usual ways of perceiving reality and helping us to think outside the box.  Right brain imaginative and creative thinking often works better now than left brain logical thought.  Don’t try too hard during Mercury Retrograde to find logical answers. Let the answers unfold more gracefully.    Mercury goes back direct on January 15, the day of the 2nd eclipse, a Solar Eclipse New Moon.

And now the rumbles of the Lunar Eclipse get stronger. Big events that happen in the world are connected to the Eclipse, especially those that have to do with safety and security issues, like the economy, the military, and any institutions of the government that represent security. This is because the signs involved in the Full Moon Eclipse are Cancer and Capricorn.   Cancer represents inner emotional security, safety found in family, close friends and home.  Capricorn represents outer security, security of jobs, career and money.  It is what we rely on out in the world that helps us to feel safe and secure. 

So issues that have to do with your personal security will come up now, as will issues of balancing domestic, family and home responsibilities with work and career repsonsibilities.  Expect shifing tides around security issues, family and work.

The actual Lunar Eclipse Full Moon will happen on Thursday December 31 2009, New Year’s Eve day at 2:13 PM EST.  You may feel torn between staying at home or doing something outside the home.  Expect energies to be more intense than usual, and be prepared for the unexpected.

Friday and Saturday will still be in the wake of the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon from New Year’s Eve.   And in two more weeks we will have a Solar Eclipse New Moon, a time of powerful new beginnings.

See you then,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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2010: Big Changes and Astrology Forecast for December 13-19

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

2010 will be a year of great change.   Rightfully so, the year begins with a swirl of huge waves of transformation on New Year’s Eve.  That day there will be a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon T-Square.  This gives us a “signature” for the coming year ahead, a most powerful sign of big changes.

Soon thereafter, on January 15, there is a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn at 25 degrees.   Powerful new beginnings are initiated.  Events that occur surrounding this New Moon may feel fated.

Winter 2009/2010 will bring in events that will clear the way for even greater events in the spring and summer of 2010.  As we said, the Lunar Eclipse of New Year’s Eve creates a powerful symbol for the New Year

The last time there was a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn at 25 degrees, was on January 15 1991, EXACTLY 19 years prior.  On that day Desert Storm was begun by attacking Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi forces in Kuwait, in order to drive them out.

 There may not be an event as dramatic as that this year, but you can expect there to be issues of the USA using its power in the world around this time period.  This is because the USA Pluto from its natal chart of July 4 1776 is close to 25 degrees of Capricorn.

There are more strong astrological aspects in the winter,  including Mars being retrograde for most of the winter  season and  Jupiter moving into Pisces for much of 2010 (more about these in later blogs).

2009 brought us big change.  The economy went firmly into recession then, one of the biggest economic downturns ever.   Barack Obama, the first mixed race person to do so, became president of the USA.    Americans and citizens of the world went into a new phase of our lives. 2009 was just the beginning of this new phase, of these big changes.    For many there was an earthquake of consciousness shifting with the election of Obama.   For others, with home values going down, retirement programs threatened, and jobs being lost; their faith in a solid, prosperous, and unchangeable USA and world economy suffered immeasurably.

Our “normal” way of seeing our world started to change in 2009.   Many never thought they would doubt the very foundations of our economy.   Many never imagined in their wildest dreams a man of black African origins named Barack Hussein Obama could ever be President of the USA.  These changes are only the beginning of our perceptions and lives changing in big ways.  2010 will bring even bigger changes.

The Universe has only begun to show us events that will help us to change our collective consciousness, so we can be aligned with the Aquarian Age we are inexorably moving into.

Since we are only 3 years away from the Mayan new world date of December 21, 2010, and only 11 years away from my estimation of the beginning of the Aquarian Age in December of 2020; it is easy to see that changes need to accelerate in order to get us where we need to go in our consciousness and lives.

President Obama is becoming a big disappointment for many progressives who are restless for real and deep transformational change in this country and world.  Keep in mind that true change comes from the wheels of the Universe and our collective human will, certainly not from one person alone. 

 Obama’s presence is tiny in comparison to the power of the Military/Industrial complex of the empire of wealthy people of the world who run the world.  He can only make so much change and cannot realistically do more.

But the power of the Empire is small in relationship to the Universe.  As the Universe brings in more strong waves of transformational change to our human Earth world, the Empire changes, the world changes, America changes, Obama changes, and each of us change.

There will be more and more surprises in 2010.  Many new happenings will not be pleasant, as the sluimping economy has not fetl good to most people.  But we each can make the ride more graceful by letting go of fear and resistance, and learning to dance with the changes. 

This does not mean we merely accept what the world will soon present us; instead we accept what the Universe presents us from a bigger perspective.

For instance, let’s imagine that a new war is ignited in Iran, as will probably happen in 2010 or 2011 at the latest.  Is this a new age that we are accepting, a world of more wars?   No, of course not.    Bu tin the bigger picture,  it would be part of the breakdown of an old world and its old ways, and a reshuffling of the balance of power in the world.

What do each of us do?  We let go of our connection to that old world.   As we are told that this new war is necessary to protect the USA, we question this and go to our deeper values which are connected to the New Age of Aquarius.   We know peace will be the answer before too long, as we will need this attitude in order to survive.

We question by remembering Viet Nam and how we were told it was to protect American interests.  We remember Iraq and how we were told we were protecting USA interests because Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, which was a lie.

It is so importan,t during the big changes coming our way, to let go of old attitudes and beliefs connected to a toxic culture from an old age.   We each have been conditioned to think and feel in certain ways that our families and society have taught us to think and feel.   Those ways will not serve us as we go though the transformation into a New Age.

The Old Age religions taught us guilt, fear, rigid moral laws, and judgmental ways at looking at ourselves and others.  Many families have conditioned us to not trust ourselves and our own hearts and minds.   Our society teaches us to value our country above other,s and to look down on the cultures of other people.   We are taught that war is OK against our enemies, who we demonize instead of understanding our common humanity.

These are all part of the old paradigm that needs to be let go of.    Questioning can cause great stress as we let go of a certain feeling of security that comes with our attachments to the teachings of our family, religion, and nation.

But the only real security can be found deep in our heart and soul, where all our true connections reside.   By connecting to that deep inner voice, we know we will be alright no matter what.   We know we will find the information we need when we need it.  We know we will meet the right people just when we need them on our spiritual path.   We know we will be in the right place at the right time if we just trust this deep inner voice.

When we are so aligned and connected we know all is aligned and connected.  We see signs and symbols lighting our way.    We witness synchronicities letting us know the Universe is alive in us and our world.   We are guided to better mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.  

We are shown truth and shown where love resides.   We know we will be taken care of, as we learn to love ourselves more.

So much from the old world has taught us to trust the authorities from that world more than our own wisdom.     Trusting without question those old authorities keeps you imprisoned within the walls of the old world.  Trusting your own wisdom allows you to find the Universe within, God within. 

The Powers that Be will are mounting  evidence that Iran is an evil nation and needs to be punished.   This will likely in turn erupt into Middle East chaos in Israel/Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria, and reverberate in Afghanistan and Pakistan.    The whole world will change in huge ways as a result.  Most prophecies, including biblical ones expect the New Age shift to be ignited in the Middle East and Jerusalem.

The old paradigm of dominance and abuse of power will end as we witness the horror of these old ways.  We are moving into a world of equality and connection, thus the old ways of making some more privileged and dominant than others will end.   Each of us is learning that we are all connected, that all is connected, and only this consciousness will save us and bring us into a New Age.

The world economy is also based on such dominance and privilege.  We are all conditioned to believe it is “normal” for some to be rich and privileged while others are poor.  This will change, and the big changes coming our way in the economy will eventually help us to do so.

Astrology Forecast for December 13-19

This week we transition from the end of one lunar cyle to the New Moon beginning the next lunar cycle.   Sunday through Tuesday are the waning days of the passing cycle that began with a Scorpio New Moon on November 16.  Whatever was begun then is slowing down and preparing for new beginnings on Wednesday this week.

A Scorpio Moon on Sunday encourages intense emotions and deep thought.  On Monday the Moon goes into Sagittarius, where it will remain into the New Moon in Sagittarius on Wednesday.

Also on Monday the Sun squares Uranus, and events will unfold for many that will feel like a real “wake-up” call.

On Wednesday is the actual New Moon, at 7:02 AM Eastern time and 4:02 AM Pacific time in the USA.    It is time to make positive afirmations and visualizations for your life.  A Sagittarian New Moon can bring raised energies for whatever is striking your attention.  It is also a good time to contemplate or begin a new adventure, to find inspiration, or to gain a bigger perspective on your life.  Just be careful not to take on more than you can handle or to leap into something before looking at what might happen after you take the leap.  This New Moon is square Uranus and a gateway into the Lunar Eclipse in 2 weeks, so energies maybe  getting more erratic and out of control.

If you start to find you do not know what you want or where you want to go, or how to assert what you need to assert; keep in mind that Mars is slowing down and will go retrograde next Sunday the 20th.  If you find your plans are changing or your direction is less clear, it is time during Mars retrograde to reevaluate your life and its goals. 

In the greater world, angry words of competing egos and nations may get stronger.

We will have more on Mars retrograde, the coming eclipses, Mercury retrograde, and winter solstice next week.

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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