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Full Moon Transformations and Astrology Forecast October 13-19

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week begins with a very powerful Full Moon in Libra/Aries that makes a very close square to Pluto; and Pluto is stronger than usual and is still moving relatively slow, because it went back Direct as recently as October 3.

So we experience the usual back and forth archetypal polarity between Aries and Libra, which  is also duality between Mars and Venus,  yang (Mars, Aries)  and yin (Venus, Libra), or male (Mars) and female (Venus).

And as it becomes a futile attempt for connection and balance between these opposites, Pluto then tends to blow it all up for a reboot.

And so many people this last week have had “on the edge” experiences- relationship breakups; deaths;  injury or illness with friends and pets;  job loss or job challenges; or needs to leave their homes soon.

This is Pluto’s influence on it all, an explosive energy intent on breaking down old ways, then providing space and time for new birth.

And this is just a transformational appetizer, as the big meal of transformation is December/January.  At that time we will be in Winter Eclipse Season with two eclipses, one of which connects with the not usual conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.

Out in the mainstream world, much at times feels very dark, disconnected, and hopeless.

Leadership in USA now is inconsistent, self focused, defensive, hateful, and apparently not really concerned with doing what is right and honorable. Truth and Love do not have fertile ground for growth and many people are quite frightened.

We are coming up to the “dark before the dawn” chapter of our collective lives.

The rot of the old paradigm is getting smellier and more ugly.  We need to let it go. We need to bury it.

There is no real hope in bringing back the Obama years, or the ’60s or “80s, or to more innocent times gone by.

Bu we are quite able to enter a new and different consciousness frequency, one connected to the Age of Aquarius, Truth and Love, Diversity Within Unity.

But each of us needs to let go of our being locked up in our heads, of our needs to be in control all the time, of our fears running our lives and making our decisions.

At the same time as our mainstream world feels like it is being sucked into some black hole of ego despair,  I can feel more connections and Love all around, and much more ability to find Truth within the trickster deflections.

In the human collective there are lower and higher frequencies to be immersed into. The lower ego frequency is what much of the mainstream world revolves around.  The higher frequency of the divine God/Goddess realms is where those who are evolving can better connect with.

But ultimately it is the marriage between the two that takes us forward in our evolution. And Chiron is the bridge between the two realms.

We must feel our human feelings and hear our ego’s fears, but they cannot be in charge.  Running the show needs to be left in the loving hands of our Higher Self, our Heart and Soul, our connection to Spirit.

On Sunday the 13th at the Full Moon in Aries at 5:08 PM EDT, with Pluto exactly squaring that Moon and Jupiter exactly trining that Moon, there  are differing energies trying to connect with one another. Some wanting to fly up higher, some wanting the depths below.

Best bet is to let go of control, of our controlling minds, and surrender to the vast waters of outer space, to the Love and Truth that move through the veins of the Universe and into you and me.

Meditate, get lost in nature or music or loving connections with your soul family.

On Monday October 14 the Sun squares Pluto, which means that the prince of the dark underground Pluto wants to connect with the shining hope of the Sun in balanced Libra.

So Pluto will carry the shining Sun into the underground lair of Pluto.  One of Pluto’s faces is Kali, and she always desires to carry inflated ego heads into her inner dungeon of atonement, which is at-one-ment.

Down there on her shelves are the heads of those who were filled with hubris, like Nixon and Clinton.

She has an empty space waiting for the Donald. It will not be too much longer before he arrives, by hook or crook as they say- by impeachment or election loss.

But we must all learn our lessons through all of this. We Americans have created this.  When the highest priorities of a culture are materialistic, with such strong needs for fame and fortune, it creates Donalds as out-growths of those priorities.

So we are cleaning up and purging our old ways that are so divorced from our “better angels”.

Each of us needs purpose in our lives, each of us has a function within the larger community.  This is Age of Aquarius consciousness, a social consciousness.

Climate Change is recognized in our social consciousness, in our desires to care for the future of the human family here on Earth.

Paying attention to our material needs is important too, as it reflects our reality right now.

But it does not need to be our highest priority. Saving our world and future is our highest priority. Within that paradigm, we learn to survive and thrive on the material plane too. It is not black or white.

So we are then spiritual beings living in a material world, needing material support to hold our higher values and to help manifest those values into solid structures on Earth.

We are not instead material beings searching for spiritual support and meaning, so we can keep our more base values in control of our existence.

As we are experiencing now, all is rapidly changing- death of the old is coming in more forcibly and frequently.

So let any chains on your legs be released. It is time to break free of anything holding you back from your authenticity and from your higher values.  As you choose to move forward now, assistance will be there for you, from other planes of existence if needed.

And yes we can feel the breath of beings from somewhere else disclosing their existence on this plane of reality.

We are meeting them half way between our usual frequencies and theirs.

Stop giving the Donald so much attention and power.  Concentrate on your higher values, your function and purpose, on your heart desires.  We cannot let our demons run our minds and hearts with fear and hopelessness.

Till next week,


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Power of the Feminine and Astrology Forecast October 7-13.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

With Venus now Retrograde (until November 16), and with a Venus ruled New Moon in Libra this week on Monday October 8; two themes are prominent: The Feminine and Relationships.

Venus has gone Retrograde in Scorpio, and if we were to look at various Goddesses, ones of power, depth and passion would be appropriate.

And Kali is one of those.  Seems like Kali is waiting to emerge- just outside our collective USA doorstep.

The old ways, especially the “old boys network” ways that are so powerful in the USA, are ready now for the force of Kali.

What happened this last week with the Kavanaugh for Supreme Court fiasco shows me that the passage into the Age of Aquarius will not be graceful.

Kavanaugh, besides the obvious sexual abuse he perpetrated, is unfit because of unbalanced temperament and certain bias against liberals. His out of control speech showed both of those faults.

But most importantly, and here is where Kali comes in, there is no real respect for women, and certainly not for those who have been  sexually terrorized, and made to feel like they have no value except as an object of others’ desires.

The old boys club needs to be shown cosmic lessons in humility and empathy, especially in regards to women. Kali is just the gal to do it.

So now women, and many men too, must embody the spirit of Kali and cause a revolution that transforms the power structure in our world and country.

It is time for a system that gives power and privilege to a select group of mainly white men to leave our country and world, And of course women like Senator Collins are part of the old boys club.

In some ways she is worse than the men, as she is a woman who talks like she understands and believes abused women, yet she still believes and still votes for Kavanaugh. Her talk is Bullshitting.

So as Venus goes Retrograde in Scorpio, let the power of the Feminine (which men can connect with and still be men) come through us all now.

And as we experience the New Moon in Libra on October 8 at 11:47 PM EDT in close square to Scorpio ruling Pluto, more power of Woman is unleashed.

Pluto has only recently gone Direct, so is still strong in our energy field.  And Libra is ruled by Venus, so Pluto and Venus are working in tandem (as they are with Venus in Scorpio too.)

There is no stopping this Feminine power now, so you can add your energy and will to it to make the movement work even more strongly.

Venus Retrograde and New Moon in Libra also point us to relationship issues.  Venus Retrograde in Scorpio begins a six week period of focus on relationships. In fact it is more like 11 weeks as the whole cycle extends to when Venus goes back to where it began its Retrograde movement (at 10+ degrees of Scorpio).

This is a real opportunity to experience old relationship patterns that are not working anymore, so you can work on changing, releasing, and transforming those patterns.  This is potentially really deep work, with many insights available for you.

This is about any kind of relationship: romantic, family, plutonic friendship, or work related.   Pluto and Scorpio do add the possibility of deep intimacy and sexual connections, so more romantic relationships fall into that category.

Scorpio and Pluto suggest that issues that have been suppressed or repressed will come back up again, hence old traumas (especially including sexual trauma) are ripe for being looked at, healed, and transformed. This is perfectly timed with what is happening in our world now.

It will be more and more difficult these next few months to keep the secret of abuse.  And so much emotion is attached to these memories. Allow for the clearing of the air and the catharsis that attends such emotional release.

Old ways need to die, old relationship patterns need to die.  And in some cases the actual relationship needs to die.

Pluto or Kali are not very gracious.  They can be ruthless and unforgiving. Events coming up in our world will be quite powerful and intense. Let the old ways, the old paradigm, go.

Remember that as bad as those ways are for our souls, bodies, and spirits, there is usually a part of us that resists the powerful change of letting them go.  It can be disruptive to our security driven lives. Surrender and acceptance are needed.

Jupiter is also in Scorpio, where it has been for the last year or so.  So its intensity adds to the theme of Scorpio and Pluto passions now.

Jupiter leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius on November 8, just after Election Day November 6.  That Jupiter movement signifies things breaking open, moving outside the box, and into being liberated.

Many are so focused on that Election Day to transform the political landscape. And yes it is important to vote to change the status quo, but it will take much more than votes and elections to transform our world.

The Military/Industrial Complex of the Empire sustains the old world paradigm and the privileges it has provided for the chosen few.

Our energy and action in concert with the power of the Universe/God/Goddess/Allah/Source (whatever term is meaningful to you) are about to go to whole new levels of Transformational changes.

Do not let yourself get too down and out or depressed now, feeling there is nothing that can be done.  The winds of the Universe are at our backs now, so if we are proactive in this process of change it will be so much more powerful. We are not victims to this unfair system.

We are part of Nature and the Universe, Spirit and Soul.  That and our ability to come together in collective community are so much more powerful than a cabal of privileged people controlling and beholden to a man-made system, even though equipped with weapons of mass destruction.

Who and what do you believe in? What do you believe is ultimately more powerful? Love, Truth, Justice, and natural cycles of Nature and the Universe- or the Empire?

Till next week,


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