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Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer and Astrology Forecast July 8-14

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Powerful and gusty winds are gathering now, so to speak. We are getting ourselves ready for the upcoming stormy eclipses.  There are 3 of them this summer .

The first one is this week on Thursday July 12 at 10:48 PM EDT.   It is a partial Lunar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer.  At the same time, Guardian of the Underworld Pluto will be making an almost exact opposition to that eclipsed New Moon.  The New Moon is at 20+ degrees of Cancer, while Pluto will be at 20+ degrees of Capricorn that day: a potential perfect storm.

The sign Cancer is an archetypal Mother, of the Divine Feminine,   It can be very nurturing and protective, with desire to take care of others.  It must, however, make sure not to hover over with over-protectiveness.

By contrast Pluto in Capricorn is a powerful force penetrating deeply into the core of something or someone, and making things passionate and Real. It must make sure to not be “too real” or destructive. But it does need to be destructive enough to put to rest a dying Chapter of life; and that makes room for a Phoenix to rise up with new life.

So this Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer this week is like a strongly protected  cocoon or womb. And Pluto in Capricorn is like a ruthless energy that wants to destroy the protective shell that has held back spirit, life and passion.

It is soon time to begin the process of leaving the Garden of protection, to cut the umbilic cord, to  rise up with the dawning.

Pluto sitting  opposite this Solar Eclipse in Cancer will provide a reality check for our individual lives, our families, and certainly the United States.

That which is outliving its intended life span,  whether that is a soul, an object, and most importantly a passing chapter of one’s life, will be challenged to let go and allow the death which precedes the birth.

If a couple has finished raising their child, who is now ready to embark on their life journey, they now are in a transition between two Chapters of their lives.

And so it is best if they look to see if there is a new “contract” to create a continued life together- or not.

In the greater world, we are experiencing a death of the old America, contrary to the MAGA culture that believes we will return to a time that has passed us by quite naturally.

That death is not going to be any easy one, as some of  the “guardians” of the old world will lie, cheat, and steal in order to keep the old country and world paradigm alive and with continued privilege.

No matter how we view the people from the MAGA world, we need to listen, not dismiss and feel hatred for.

We do not need to build a world that will then abuse power the same way. it has been.  White men, corporate ways, etc. are not the enemy.

The “enemy” is the part inside each of us that unfairly judges others, who are different than us,  and seeks to make some people better or worse than others.

So now, early this week we are in the waning part of the lunar cycle. It is a time to let go of what we need to let go.

Last quarter Moons, especially when close to the New Moon, are perfect times to release and let go.  What are you ready to shed in your life, what has outlived its purpose?

While still in the last quarter Moon phase, Jupiter changes from Retrograde to Direct Tuesday July 10.

You should get an energetic boost from this, even before the Solar Eclipse New Moon on the 12th.

Jupiter in Scorpio tends to expand into more passion and intensity, igniting one’s deeper soul and instincts. Just be careful not to set yourself up for any abuses again or to be abusive yourself.

Scorpio is power, and Jupiter in Scorpio can certainly help one to be more empowered and passionately assertive.

That Jupiter movement to Direct will expand Jupiter’s influence, yet the main course is still the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer.

Be careful to make boundaries around your emotions, not to lose your center and integrity.

The culture wars have been heating up, and will certainly boil over during Eclipse Season.

When you look at the people in leadership roles in our country and world it looks pretty bad.

I know it feels frightening sometimes to contemplate the old world and its economy crashing and burning. Would you choose instead keeping this world Trump wants to build?

What if crash and burn is the only way we can rid ourselves of selfish ego driven leaders and soul dead institutions and people, and can transform our human condition, our environment, and our way of treating one another, would you want it that way?

We are looking potentially at a great amount of chaos if all falls down. And if it doesn’t, the tyrant loving president of the USA may build a walled-in America that would be really difficult to transform. And it would become a military/corporate world even worse than the current military/corporate world.

We are at a major American and world crossroads.  One way or another we are on the precipice of major American and world transformation.

Israel, Palestine, North Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Syria are lands that are in  danger and in flux. So much is coming to a head now in these places.

The economy, with over priced bubble homes, poor health care programs, school debt that is really depressing for many,  and rampant greed, needs huge change.

And much will shake up during Summer Eclipse Season.

Keep up the meditation so you can stay connected and centered during this Eclipse Season.

Have you noticed how veils are being lifted in consciousness,  and how visitors, apparently from other dimensions, are sneaking into meditation more and more?

We are not merely witnessing the Fall of the Empire.  We can also open our hearts and minds to other realities, realities aligned with the Age of Aquarius we are moving into together.

If we do not let fear, hatred, cynicism, and politics keep us down, we allow ourselves to open doors and windows into new consciousness and new possibilities.

Be discerning who you spend your time with. Do they really see you and appreciate you?  Do they suck your life spirit like a vampire?  Do they constantly pull on you to give them what they want from you?  Do they make fun of your spirituality?

It is important we each protect ourselves from toxic energy.

Take the ride of this Summer Eclipse Season 2018.  Keep yourself centered inside and open to what your soul and the Universe wants to show you.

Till next week,


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Chiron the Middle Man and Astrology Forecast June 11-17.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We went through a strong turning point last week, in alignment with the Full Moon in Sagittarius and Jupiter turning Direct.

Planetary movements lately have packed more punch than usual.   We are being given little leeway from making big transformational decisions and movements in our lives.

I have noticed lately that many people are rethinking what they want and where they are going.

I believe it because the turns we take this year, when we absolutely commit to them, will have no roads going back.  Bridges will be burned.

For many this is an important time of crossroads.   Are we really choosing which way we are going, or is it already determined by something larger than our personal will?

Perhaps the only choice we truly have is whether we decide to follow our “Higher Self” or our “Lower Self”.

Is there a middle ground? Are there options that would satisfy our “lower” self and “higher” self?

In this context I mean our direction toward the Heavens or instead toward the Earth;  or coming from our upper chakras or instead from our lower chakras.

Our crown chakra receives information and inspiration from “higher” realms, and our root chakra receives wisdom and pulls down toward the Earth.

Our religions have made that which is above (in Heaven) good, but that which is down below (Hell) bad.   Because of this programming we are taught not to trust our instincts, similar instincts that our animal brothers and sisters rely upon.

But when it comes to societal expectations, our lower chakras or lower instincts are often called upon in order to compete, to make money, to “play the game” of the world.  We believe we need those instincts so we can survive and thrive in our life.

Each one of us has a “natural” tendency to go toward either the higher or lower road.

In our myths, which may have more truth in them than we have been taught, the Olympian Gods and Goddesses up high were at war with the Titan Gods and Goddesses down on the Earth.

And each of us is a combination of the Gods and Goddessses from the Skies and the Gods and Goddesses from down on the Earth.

We spoke last week of the theory that people from other planets came to Earth and mated with people born of the Earth.

And it is interesting that the planets in astrology reflect the Gods and Goddesses from our “myths”, like Venus, Mars, etc.

So we live with a conflict between our “higher” needs and our “lower” needs.  Of course lower gets a bad rap, but in reality it is just having connection with the Earth and our creature comforts and needs.

Is there something in Astrology that links higher realms with lower realms?   There are the transformational planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto from on high, who are ambassadors for the Age of Aquarius. They are meant to help us to move beyond our old age and its ways.

Saturn on down represents our more personal mundane needs.

What is the link between them?: Chiron.

Chiron sits in between Saturn and Uranus, so perfectly between the transpersonal Deities on high and the more personal Deities from the gravity of Earth.  And interestingly, Saturn is considered the planet that represents gravity and grounding.

Chiron by myth was the wounded healer who took the place of Prometheus, he who was stealing fire from the Gods to bring to mortals of the Earth.

Chiron took over for Prometheus who was tied down, while his liver was being eaten by a large bird.

Chiron, who was a mentor and teacher of humans, asked the god of gods Jupiter if he could change places with Prometheus.  He was allowed to do so only if he would give up an important part of his immortality. This was not his ability to live forever, but was his ability to be distant from the feelings and pain of mortals.   He became the wounded healer god who could truly empathize with humans and their stuggles.

He did change places, and Prometheus was allowed to complete his task of giving fire or spirit or freedom to humans.

So you can see how Chiron was a bridge between higher and lower and between immortals and mortals.

So in your soul journey of transformation into the consciousness of the Age of Aquarius, it is important to know that it is right to feel secure and safe and grounded and needing from your ego self, as long as it is in service to the needs of your Higher Self and Universe.

Look for Chiron in your natal chart to find clues on how to strike that balance.

This week, which is after the full moon last week, we move into the waning half of the lunar cycle.

The “climax” has already been experienced, and now it is time to process and begin to sort through what has been activated from that turning point last week.

Did you contemplate changing directions last week? Will you change?

Or do you need to make an even stronger commitment to the direction you had already chosen? Take your time.

The transformational process has times when we question the choices we have made, and sometimes we reverse course.

But usually the original choice was aligned with our natural transformational evolution. But maybe we “threw out the baby with the bathwater” and not honored our more human needs of comfort, security, affection, grief, and sensitivity for those left behind.

You may still keep to your original direction, and yet find balance with your needs for grounded security.

Now we process during this waning half of the lunar cycle.   And with Neptune going Retrograde on Friday the 16th, we need to let go, not think so much, and surrender to the process and the Universe this week.

If we try too hard to figure it all out this week from our left brain bottom line logic, we will get anxious and frustrated.

Trust is important now.  We can only truly surrender if we can be vulnerable enough to let go and trust in the process of Soul and the Universe.

Next week is Summer Solstice and a New Moon in Cancer.  So next week will give us more motivation to “get it together”.

But for now, let go and let the inner “gods and goddesses”weave their soul magic.

Till next week,


We will do a video in July for the important August Total Solar Eclipse.

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Expanding the Viewpoint and Astrology Forecast June 4-10.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are in such powerfully changing times now.   Though sometimes it looks bleak, please remember we are in a New Chapter of Life, a chapter which is a transition between ages.

As we have stated before,  many back in the ’60s/’70s frequently said then that “we are in the worst of times and the best of times” all at once.

If one only feels like these are horrible, terrible times; then one is not seeing a positive future, one is seeing only the worst possibilities.

And yea some will say back to me- “the difference is that now climate change efforts are being thwarted which could mean the end of our world”. Or “it looks like there will be nuclear war which will destroy us all”.

Understood- the stakes now seem higher than back in that old ’60s era.

And that is because we are now much further into the doorway between ages.

At that place between worlds, all of our demons are staring us in the face trying to shove us back into the old room of an old age and paradigm.

The power holders of the old age are desperately clinging to their privilege in that old age.  They will not die easily.  And as we let our fears disempower us, we are enabling that old behavior to prevail.

There is death upon us now, as there is birth now. This is the nature of Nature and of Transformation.

We cannot concentrate on the horrors of the death.  We must focus on the creating of the new birth.

Life is a circle, not a straight line.  The world is round not flat.  The Moon looks round to us as does the Sun.

Universe, Nature, God/Goddess is speaking to us with its round symbols:  We are not facing ultimate and final death, we are instead changing Seasons or Ages in the great circle of Ages.

And in another 2150 years we will be at the precipice of another Age, the Age of Capricorn.

We are evolving into the consciousness needed to be a part of the Age of Aquarius.  We need to concentrate our efforts on that evolution, not that so many others seem to not be evolving.

Everyone does not need to evolve now.  The mutation we are going through will need many to evolve, as is truly happening, but not even a majority will be needed.

And we may have people who have come from other star systems here to help us to evolve. And perhaps unbeknowst to you, you may be one of them.

Everyone is not necessarily part of the Earthly reincarnation wheel, but have come from other places and are new to the realities of Earthly existence.

And some may be hybrids combining people from other star systems with people from the Earth.

Noted scholar Zecharia Sitchen, who wrote many books including “The 12th Planet”, studied Sumerian writings from 5000 years ago.  From those studies he believed passionately that a Giant race from the planet Nibiru came here to Earth, became the Gods and Goddeses of our early Myths, and mated with early Earthlings to create- we humans.

Even the Bible states that: the Sons of God mated with the Daughters of the Earth.  What does that mean?

Perhaps it means that people from the heavens mated with people from the Earth.

We are changing our paradigms, which are made of old stories,  and we need to be open to new human stories other than the ones we have been programmed to believe.

Creationism versus Darwinian Evolution.  Perhaps neither theory is the ultimate reality.

Nature verus Nurture. My astrological knowledge shows me there is something else going on that is not just about our genetic structure or how we were molded by our society or family.  We are Souls first and foremost and astrology maps show us these souls and their soul journeys in this incarnation.

If we are to evolve into a New Age, we need to open our minds to new possibilities.  Look now how we are being asked to open to the idea that some people were born in the “wrong bodies” and are becoming their true self in a different sexual gender.

We have so many preconceived ideas about everything, and now need to be open to the new ideas and new ways.

But usually this process of transformation happens so slowly that we have time to digest new ways and do deep processing.

But now all seems to be happening so fast, and we are needing to accelerate our development.

Yes there are nuclear weapons all over the globe, and yes the climate is changing and some very dangerously do not recognize it.

But it is so important now to have faith in a greater movement beyond that which we totally understand.  We must have faith in life, or faith in Universe, or faith in God, or faith in Goddess, or faith in Nature and the Earth, or faith in humanity, or faith in Star People, or faith in whatever you believe is bigger than just you and me.

We have some big trials coming up this summer and autumn, and we are being tossed around now to get us ready for that transformational challenge.

This week we move through a shifting of energies: Venus moves from Aries to Taurus, and also this week there is a Full Moon in Sagittarius on the same day as Jupiter goes Direct.

Venus moves into Taurus on June 6.

Venus has been in Aries on and off since February 3.  Then it went Retrograde while still in Aries- on March 4. It dipped back into Pisces for awhile, but while Direct it moves back into Aries.

This has put relationships in the spotlight of our lives, and many realtionships have gone through some rough weather during that time. A fair amount of them have ended or faced the possibilities of ending.

But through it all, the main issue that has arisen during Venus in Aries has been the issue of the empowerment of women and the Feminine.

Now as Venus goes into Taurus, this empowerment is made more solid and more long lasting.

Venus in Taurus, which will continue till July 4, is also about being more sensuous and enjoying the pleasure of our senses; getting more comfortable with security and money issues; and making any relationship changes more solid.

The Sagittarius Full Moon is on Friday June 9 at 9:10 AM EDT.

This Full Moon has the Sun in Gemini and the Moon directly opposite in Sagittarius.

It is a full moon of potentially lively communication.  It will bring expansive energy into our consciousness and lives.

And not long after the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 9, Jupiter (the guiding planet of Sagittarius) will be strong in our energy fields while changing from Retrograde to Direct.

Much new and arousing energy will be activated in the 3 or 4 days surrounding these events.

Anything “chained up” will want to be liberated.   Ideas and feelings will be unleashed. People will feel more free to speak their minds.

Some will be inspired, and others will want to take new adventures.  Looking at the issues in your life from a bigger more expansive picture will be supported.

Some however will “leap before they look” and jump into things that cause difficulty. Some will “raise flags” for some big agenda of theirs, push it on others, and feel that nothing can bring them down.

These June 9 planetary events may bring an important turning point in personal lives and worldly affairs.

Till next week,


There is a video of my recent talk at the Enlightenment Expo that my friend Jonne Trees has recorded:

The subject is about navigating the planetary changes this year.

Please take a look at the video David Lonebear Sanipass and I created recently-

If you need any help with your relationship now, I have done couples’ counseling for many years. Do you need to identify and work out old patterns? Do you need to decide whether to stay or go?  I use the astrological model to help in the counseling process. We can use Skype if outside New England. Write me at if interested.

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Age of Aquarius on the Horizon and Astrology Forecast April 5-11

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

As I write this week’s forecast/blog we are experiencing a Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aries/Libra.  It is the second of two eclipses in a row that began on Spring Equinox when there was a Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces.

I wrote back in March 2014 that we were entering a most important 18 month period of time, after which we would be in a greatly changed world on the way to a New Age of Aquarius.

We now have six months to go, which will be met at approximately the time of the next Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on September 27, in Libra Aries.

I also have been relating through my writing of how important the Middle East is concerning the changes of Ages, as it is where the first civilizations and organized religions were birthed.

And this spring, in between the two eclipses there were very important developments in the Middle East:  Militarist Bibi Netanyahu was re-elected Prime Minister of Israel, and the formation of a nuclear deal was drawn up with Iran. Additionally ISIS of Iraq/Syria ignited an attack on Tunisia, and Yemen broke out in civil war.

Imagine my surprise this week when I read that Christian ministers and Jewish rabbis have been predicting that the 18 month period between April 2014 and late September 2015 was related to prophecies of end times occurring in the Middle East, after which a messiah would appear.

As I write this during Easter weekend, when Christ was said to have been crucified and then resurrected, there is this 3rd of 4 so-called Blood Moons, which are Total Lunar Eclipses. The first was in April 2014 when the Cardinal Grand Cross was also appearing.  The last will be on September 27 this year.

These prophecies say the end times would happen when there were 4 Total Lunar Eclipses in a row, with no partial Lunar Eclipses in between, that would coincide with Jewish holidays.

All four of these so called Blood Moons occur on either Passover, which is happening now, or Sukkot as it will be on September 27 at the last of the 4 Blood Moons in a row.

So some Christian and Jewish ministers or scholars say end times and messiahs are approaching, with the Middle East and Israel the focal points.

I say something different about this same time period- that we are speeding up the process of transition between a Pisces Age, which started around the birth of Christ, to an Age of Aquarius, which happens in the 2020’s.

I do not believe in end times but in the changing of Ages; and I do not believe in Messiahs, but I do give credence to the need to turn to Christ-like consciousness on a mass scale in order to transform us beyond the hate filled wars that are knocking at our collective doors, especially in the Middle East.

So now as we experience the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Libra, it is important for each of us to find more peace in our hearts and to find a consciousness that does not place any as better than any others.

The Age of Aquarius demands a world of equality and one of Diversity within Unity.   So acceptance of the differences and values between cultures, ways of life, sexual orientations, races, and religions is essential.

Many in the world now, those with continued consciousness in the old age, are setting up hatreds and battles between peoples.  Battles between Muslims and  Judeo/Christians; Shia Muslims and Sunni Muslims; Westerners and Asian peoples; Russians and Westerners; Israelis and Palestinians; Conservatives and Liberals, etc are getting fiercer.

But many others, including a growing number of young people, are developing or have attained a consciousness of inclusiveness and inner peace.

It is a good time, as events on a personal level and a collective level are erupting in our lives, to let go of beliefs, jobs and relationships that keep us locked up in old consciousness.

It is also a good time to work out with others relationship patterns that keep you stuck in the past, keep you stuck in beliefs of loser/winner; superior/inferior; perpetrator/victim; privileged/underprivileged; or wealthy/poor.

This coming week, after the Total Lunar Eclipse on April 4, Jupiter goes Direct on Wednesday April 8.

Jupiter Direct in Leo this week will bring potential inspiration in creative endeavors, hearts that want to burst open with self expression, and desires to work with issues of self worth and self esteem.

It may also bring out the big-ego people, both in personal lives and on the world stage. So watch for those who get filled with themselves and their need to be better than others.

From now until the 18th of April at the Aries New Moon, we will be processing all that has happened from mid March until that New Moon in Aries.

Much has been shaken up, much is stirring in new ways on a very deep level inside; so we will each need some alone time and some time in meditation or contemplation to get our bearings and get centered and directed.

And then after that New Moon in Aries there will be new starts and beginnings, a fast forward movement for many.

Events that are connected to the important planetary happenings since mid march will begin after that Aries New Moon.

There was an exact Uranus/Pluto square on March 16, the last of seven in a row; a Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces that occurred on the Spring Equinox; and a Total Lunar Eclipse Cardinal T-Square on April 4 that included Uranus and Pluto.

That is a lot of powerful change moving through our consciousness and lives.  There is a lot of light and truth wanting to awaken us to new ways.

As this light and truth moves through our collective veins of consciousness, it often hits blockages that cause crises.

These crises are catalysts for transformation out of old patterns, behaviors, and beliefs.  They help us release the outworn and connect with our deeper soul.

The connection to deeper soul and our authenticity helps us to surrender and awaken to the waves of light and truth coursing through.

We at the same time connect with the Universe and others who are becoming part of the global movement to a new world and age.

Life on Earth is not ending for our human family and there is no one coming to save us. But as an Age of Aquarius requires, we individuals will take responsibility for our human journey and will help to heal our traumas and disconnections from each other.

In the process we will help to heal our Earth and environment and get our world and human family aligned with the consciousness and ways of an Age of Aquarius.

The process may get ugly sometimes, but we humans are a hearty lot.  We have survived through the evolutionary process many death defying crises.   And now we are ready to mutate again so we will be aligned with the New Age.

Love and Truth are the way forward, as nothing else can light our path during the coming storms.

See you next week,


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Leo Knighton Tallarico has been a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for 30 years.

To Be or Not to Be and Astrology Forecast March 2-15

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

It is transition time this week, as Mercury has just gone Direct; there is a New Moon in Pisces Saturday March 1 at 3 AM EST; Mars changes directions and goes Retrograde- also on March 1; Saturn goes Retrograde on March 2; and Jupiter goes Direct on Thursday March 6.

As planets change direction, either from Direct to Retrograde or from Retrograde to Direct; their meaning and energy have increased intensity and importance.

Add the New Moon in Pisces to these directional shifts, and there will be a feeling of new horizons to move toward, new consciousness to experience, and deeper feelings to explore.

A symbol of Pisces is two fishes going in opposite directions.  This is symbolic of navigating one’s soul consciousness waters and deciding which direction to move in- upstream or downstream, positive or negative.

Though the Pisces world is often rather nebulous, and hence it does not always know what it wants or what direction to go; most Pisces people do tend to be either glass half full or glass half empty people.

Sure the more positive Pisces can have periods of dark negativity, feelings of hurtful victimization; negative ways of escapism like drugs, alcohol, or disassociation, and not feeling up to the task of being in “reality”, they nevertheless always go back to their core of resilience, faith in life, and hope for better times.

The glass half empty Pisces has moments of hope and joy, but at their core they identify with being a victim and not up to the task of cold hard reality, as they see it.

Though both are dreamers and know inside themselves what a better humanity would look like, the half full Pisces believes we can one day create heaven on Earth, while the half empty Pisces down deep believes human life is painful and history will keep repeating itself.

So these next few weeks, with emphasis on this coming week as planets are changing directions and Pisces has its annual new moon event, it is time for each of us, no matter what sign, to decide if our personal glass of life is half full or half empty.

With the planets changing directions during this Pisces mutable month before spring, events and inner stirrings will draw you into deeper and changeable feelings and consciousness.

As we shift, is there hope in your heart or cynicism at your core?

Mercury going direct should help you to revive and think more clearly now.   Mars and Saturn changing directions at the same time this weekend may have you feeling both stop and go inside your self- desires to act and caution to hold back.  Best to not go to any extremes, not be impulsive, and just “let it pass”.

When Mars goes Retrograde, which it will do from March 1- May 19, it is a significant passage as it happens only once every other year.  While it is retrograde we are going deeper to decide what we truly want or desire and what direction we want to move toward.  We also may be dealing with issues of will, assertiveness, empowerment, and anger during that time

By mid week this week, however, as Jupiter goes Direct on Thursday March 6 (where it will stay until December) ; there should be feelings of renewal and perhaps an expansive outpouring of emotions.

Jupiter going Direct will sweep you into your inner tides of soulful feelings and emotions, and deeper into deciding “glass half full or half empty”?

This is important now to stay with, be present for, and find your way to deciding.  As winds of change will pick up appreciably after March 30 at the Aries Moon, a new moon that will push us over the edge into a most powerful Spring Eclipse Season 2014; it is time now over the next 4 weeks to build a more solid inner foundation.

This week especially your inner world may swirl back and forth, up and down like a ship on the ocean.  It is a great time to meditate, to go with your flow, and especially to watch your dreams, both waking and sleeping.   Put a journal next to your bed and record your dreams, looking for signs and symbols to reveal your inner truths.

The greater world also will be swirling and bouncing up and down with events, looking like it is not sure where it is going. The stock market should be up and down looking for direction; current hot spots like Syria, Iran, Ukraine, Thailand, Egypt, Israel, Afghanistan, Venezuela, and Korea may be swinging back and forth from dangerous to settled. Ukraine right now is especially important as old Cold War issues between Russia and the West are surfacing again, as they battle for control of that country.

As a culture we are needing to know what direction we are moving in on many issues.  Are we on the verge of giving a better living wage to workers or not?  Are we now going to commit our world to meeting the challenge of Climate Change on Earth?  Or better yet are we going to commit to healing our Earth and developing worldwide policies to clean the environment, and begin developing clean energy sources?

Have we turned the corner to believe our world and its people are of one family, with many varied members:  Diversity in Unity?  That belief will help us to eventually evolve to a new species, one that knows ONENESS, and knows all the dots of the Universe are connected and held up by the twin pillars of Love and Truth? Or are we going to have another world war, a war built on the cynical belief that all tribes of human are out for themselves, against all others for the wealth and power of the world?

How we see it will determine what will manifest.  Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

In your personal life the same issue is before you.  Have all your relationship “failures” brought you to believe you are undeserving and will never have healthy relationships, that all men or women are no good, that you have horrible luck or are jinxed?

Or do you believe each of your past relationships, whether family, friend or romantic, happened for a reason, was a learning experience, and deepened your soul awareness, your empathy and wisdom?

Of course we go back and forth sometimes in our emotions and beliefs, the pain so horrible we see only the pit of despair below.   But we can navigate those soul waters, with perhaps a little help from our friends, healers, therapists and counselors, to learn to see from a wider perspective, and to know we are evolving and progressing.

As we soon move into Spring Eclipse 2014 Season, where will your soul swimming take you?  What will your glass of life look like?

Or as Hamlet said, “To Be or Not To Be, That is the Question”.

I will be in Mexico on the ocean for vacation till March 10.  Not sure if I will write next Saturday or not.  If I do it will be shorter than usual.

The next full forecast will be at the Ides of March on March 15,  just before the Full Moon in Pisces/Virgo.

talk with you soon,


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There is already a YOUTUBE video autumn 2013 forecast out at

There is an old YOUTUBE video Astrology Forecast for Spring Eclipse Season. Check it out if you feel so moved.

You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years

Owning your Individuality and Astrology Forecast January 19-25

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Since the Full Moon in Cancer this past week, we have moved into the waning half of the current lunar cycle that began on New Year’s Day with the New Moon in Capricorn.

It would be good therfore to start winding down with whatever stress you have been taking on recently.  The Capricorn tone of being held so responsible will be lightening up this week, in part also because the Sun is moving into Aquarius Sunday January 19.

Whereas Capricorn expects you to “toe the line” in your endeavors and make the more “conservative” and cautious moves and decisions, Aquarius takes us outside the tight boxes of our lives.

Aquarius seeks to be individualized and not so controlled by convention as Capricorn tends to be.    So start this week to shift gears into what YOU believe is the right thing to do, not what you should do.

That does not necessarily mean you will break your New Year Capricornian resolutions and promises to be more disciplined in your life.   But you may be more tempted to quit because Aquarius often rebels against what it “should” be doing.

Aquarius is a complicated sign in that it chooses to do things in its own unique way, regardless of pressure to fit in; but at the same time it can be very driven to find something that it fits into.  It may even sometimes wear the “uniform” of the cause it has decided to believe in.

Aquarius is very connected to mind, and connected to the networks of mind like the internet.  In fact it travels very well in complicated networks of social and mental connections.  And like the internet it does not usually resonate with a central authority.

It instead likes freedom and equality, values that do not do well with authority figures or hierarchies.

Aquarius also is very socially conscious and finds for itself cultural principles it can believe in.    As a fixed air sign, it can be very rigid about what it believes in, not always open to other viewpoints.

Aquarius often feels very different from others and some actually feel kinda weird in relation to other people.  Its mind is very inventive and outside the box, and as such can sometimes tightrope the line between crazy and genius.

So it is aligned this week to start thinking more for your self and not so much how others want you to think and be. This desire will get even stronger after the New Moon in Aquarius on January 30.

So this week let up on the pressure to be so overly conscientious, and instead get your self thinking more about being more authentic and self realized.

There is also less pressure this week from the Cardinal Grand Cross, as it will morph into a less stressful though still potent Cardinal T-Square.   Venus Retrograde in Capricorn however will more closely join the T-Square now,  so relationship issues may get more intense. At the same time the likelihood of relationship breakthroughs and insights is also greater.  Attempts at avoidance of relationship issues will likely meet with much resistance. It is time to face up to the truth and deal with it.

In the greater world, there will be more breakdowns of what has been promised or agreed to.  With Israel/Palestine talks and with the recent nuclear agreement with Iran, the next few weeks may bring breakdowns in the talks or agreements.  The economy also will likely begin to show the cracks in its perceived structure of security.

Whatever outer world changes begin over the next few weeks, the really big changes could begin as early as March.  April will be extremely intense and transformational, bringing opportunities for consciousness expansion and windows of opportunity opening.  May through July will bring continuing winds of change.

I will be doing a Youtube video forecast for 2014, with an emphasis on the Spring Eclipses and exact Cardinal Grand Cross Of April on January 30.  It should be ready to view on February 1st as we get to Imbolc/Candlemas/Groundhog Day midpoint from Winter to Spring.

In your soul’s transformational journey of evolution, now is not a time for expansion and accelerated growth.  It is more a time of processing and preparing, of getting things in order, of resolving and understanding.

Venus is Retrograde until January 31st, so relationship issues, past and present, still need your attention.    Then on February 6 Mercury goes Retrograde until February 27, putting us each in reflective mode.   As usual any big plans or decisions will be on hold then, as we sort through our lives and consciousness with changed perceptions.

Then Mars will go Retrograde on March 1, prompting us to retrace our life steps, to perhaps reconsider our wants, desires, and chosen directions.  Expansive Jupiter will go Direct in Cancer in early March, inspiring us to be more emotionally involved in life.

Then after the Spring Equinox the winds of change will pick up strength. And after the Aries New Moon on March 30,  Spring Eclipse Season will go into high gear, leading into a most powerful April 2014, with two eclipses, and Uranus square Pluto exact and part of the exact Cardinal Grand Cross.

That should show us a big turning point in the affairs of the United States and its citizens, as that Cardinal Grand Cross will be in exact aspect with the USA natal Sun from July 4, 1776.

With all the change coming, it will be best to follow your intuition now and in the near future, looking for clear synchronicities and signs from the Universe to show you what is aligned for your authentic soul in its life journey.

The twists and turns that are approaching our collective human family can be best navigated by being awake and aware and present.  What you need and when you need it is always available to you.  It may not always be what your ego’s will demands, but it just right for you and your soul on your life journey.

Life satisfaction cannot be truly measured by societal expectations of success.  Your soul is here on this planet at this time for meaningful purposes.   As you connect to those purposes, to the cycles and seasons of the Universe, and to your own personal life passages, you will experience a deep satisfaction.

We are moving together into an Age of Aquarius, evolving our consciousness and life into its frequencies.   As the new light from this age seeks to move through you, of course there is some resistance as we humans tend to cling to what is familiar and possessed.

But as you let go of that which is ready to be shed, including your ego’s need to control your life; then your mind and heart will reopen, and you will experience a newfound liberation, a renewed sense of meaning and purpose, and a recognition of your soul and its need to lead the way.

See you next week,


You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

There will be a New 2014 Astrology Forecast out in January.

There is already a YOUTUBE video autumn 2013 forecast out at

There is an old YOUTUBE video Astrology Forecast for Spring Eclipse Season. Check it out if you feel so moved.

I also created an Astrology Forecast 2013 for youtube, part 1. And Part 2.

You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years

Inner Voyages and Astrology Forecast February 3-9

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Jupiter went direct last week and Imbolc is being passed through now, so there is some sense of light at the end of the tunnel of our winter doldrums.   New enthusiasm and inspiration, especially for future endeavors, can be accessed now.

We are now in the second half of our Winter season here in the northern hemisphere of the Earth.   The Groundhog has spoken of light on the way for this coming Spring 2013.

In the year 2013, Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day same-old same-old reality will be broken open into a new day this year for all of us.

March 2013 promises a new crack of dawn for this year; and then for this Spring 2013,  Act I of our new world dramas will erupt into our collective global consciousness.

There will be three eclipses this spring, one more than the usual, and our world view will shake up considerably then.  Uranus square Pluto will have another exact meeting in Spring 2013 also, bringing world tensions to a full boil.

Later this year, especially in the autumn of 2013, when there are more eclipses and another Uranus/Pluto meeting, more great change will swirl into our lives.   Comet Ison, expected to a be an extremely bright one, comes also this Autumn 2013.

And then in April 2014, there is a Grand Cross Cardinal T-square, containing both Uranus and Pluto, making almost exact aspect to the USA natal Sun.  Spring Eclipse 2014 will also be going on then.

So world transformation, especially for the USA, will be very strong over the next year and a half or so.  This could be one of the biggest world change periods we have or will experience in our lifetimes.

This Spring 2013 will usher in the beginning stages of this huge change, and we will talk more specifics as we get into March 2013.

For now, however, there is a lot of slo-mo coming.   Mars has just gone into Pisces, and Mercury follows on Tuesday the 5th of February.   They will both be in conjunction with Neptune in Pisces this coming week.   Neptune went into Pisces in 2011 and will stay there until 2026.

Neptune loves to be in Pisces. Neptune, the god of the seas, guides our soul voyages in oceanic Pisces. Neptune is considered the “ruler” of Pisces.

Pisces represents the flow of inner soul life, the kingdom within.   It is the music and magic of the soul realm. It is also a very nebulous realm, one that cannot easily be measured or controlled like the physical world.

As Mars and Mercury go into Pisces and make conjunction with Neptune this week, it is best to let go and surrender any tight agendas or missions of ambition.  It is best to trust more that which is out of your control.  If you push too much you will be tend to be frustrated and disappointed.  If you make intention, and then let the flow of the soul realm and Universe take over, you will have less stress.

So even though we are in Sun in Aquarius time of year now, the Pisces waves are already flowing in.  The Sun will not be in Pisces until February 18.

Use this influx of Neptunian and Piscean energies now to be imaginative and creative and to enter deeper levels of poetic metaphors of consciousness.  There may be a greater  desire to escape “reality” and to dream more. In fact, this is a good time to look more closely at your dreams for deeper meaning.  The inner world beckons, and so is the potential for healing.

On Sunday February 3, we begin the last quarter phase of the Moon, in Scorpio.  Increased intensity of emotion may threaten desires to stay safely in the bubble of your mind.

The last quarter Moon also brings a week of moving yin-ward into your feelings and slower activity.  The last quarter Moon is time to reflect, correct, and prepare before the next new moon.

And the next New Moon is in Aquarius on Sunday February 10 at 2:20 AM EST.  That day also brings the Chinese New Year of the Snake.  The snake symbolically fits perfectly with the coming year of great transformation here on Earth, as the snake sheds its skins and renews.

But this coming week, before the New Moon in Aquarius, as we move through the last quarter waning Moon, and experience the inner flow of Neptune and Pisces, we lay back and enjoy.  We allow ourselves to release, to release old wounds, to release our need to control.

There is plenty of big change and lots of fiery energies coming this Spring 2013.   But for now take the voyage into your inner waters of soul.

The Aquarian Age is getting stronger and stronger in that inner world, and you can contact it from your soul now.  Remember that it is our consciousness, and  our belief systems that first take us to new realms.  And that Aquarian Age can be found inside now, in our imaginations and visualizations.

Then when the storms blow in to take our collective ship out of the Old Age into the Aquarian Age, you will already see and know our destination.  That knowing will give you the hope and strength to make it through the storms.

I have created a new Astrology Forecast 2013 for youtube, part 1.  And Part 2

See you next week,


Please feel free to find more writings and my services on mywebsite.You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.