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Another Turning Point and Astrology Forecast September 24-30

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

As we moved through the end of Eclipse Season, we experienced more natural disasters, more culture battles, and a continuation of ugly violence over North Korea having nuclear weapons.

No one should have weapons of mass destruction of any kind, including nuclear bombs. No one!

The USA and others pushing a sovereign country to stop doing what they have already been doing for many years is starkly hypocritical.  And the USA killed over 300,000 humans, mostly civilian, when they dropped 2 nuclear bombs on Japan in August 1945.

And diplomacy could be found if the Trump administration followed the Russia/China proposal to stop their war games with South Korea while at the same time North Korea puts a stop to their nuclear testing.

USA Trump administration turned that proposal down.  They believe North Korea should stop their testing and destroy their nuclear weapons’ program while the USA offers nothing in return.

This is a really important turning point in world affairs and in our collective evolution into the consciousness of the Age of Aquarius.

All must be equal in value, and accept others in their diverse differences, while seeking Unity within that Diversity.  No more superior and inferior paradigm   Win/Win results in all disagreements.  No more predator and prey.  No more perpetrator and victim consciousness.

The USA must be the last superpower and empire on this planet.  The USA is needing to come down into equality with the rest of the world. The United Nations needs to bring equality to its body of nations.

As the USA accepts its karmic lessons and place in the world, we will have a more graceful voyage into the Age of Aquarius.

When we experienced the Cardinal Grand Cross in 2014, we were beginning in the USA a transformation of our consciousness and values, as that Grand Cross was almost exactly on our Sun in Cancer from our natal chart of July 4 1776.

Uranus square Pluto was part of that Grand Cross, and of course Uranus square Pluto is the first major meeting of those two planets since their conjunction in 1965/66 which initiated the ’60s revolution.

Racial injustices have been coming back, white supremacy has been coming back, and also national chauvinism has been rearing its ugly head busting apart intentions for equality between nations and cultures. Religious fundamentalism which precludes efforts at equality and diversity has turned up in terrorism and in general attitudes of superior/inferior.

And now after the Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo, we are given the opportunity to transform and return to the best of what the United States stood for at its birth:  All people are created equal with certain inalienable rights like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and self determination.  But this must be for all the world, all peoples and nations, not just Americans.

And remember that the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo and its movement across the USA was also opposite the natal USA placement of Moon in Aquarius, which represents those aforementioned values.

The Leo Eclipse triggered Trump’s Ascendant and Mars in his natal chart, showing us a most diseased Leo expression of narcissism, self centeredness, sense of superiority, and dominance over the rights of others. This opposes the USA core values of Moon in Aquarius.

This is our time of standing up for what is right and for what the best of our country represents.  We may have to start another revolution against the current representation of King George from England from revolutionary times: King Trump.

And this week,  we have entered the other side of Autumn Equinox, moving downward in light minutes of the day,  increasing dark yin minutes of the day until the Winter Solstice, when the tide begins to turn back toward light and yang energies.

This week also represents a turning point in other ways as Pluto changes directions from Retrograde to Direct, and Jupiter opposes Uranus.  All this happens close to the same date on September 27/28.

We will be thrust outside any boxes or ruts in our lives, and pushed much more strongly into transformational energies.

Jupiter/Uranus is wake up call of liberation from old ways. It also brings up the opposition of Libra peace and making relationship (Jupiter in Libra) versus having conflict, independence and self satisfaction (Uranus in Aries).

That will play out most likely in relationships of your life.  Will you stand stronger in your independence and empowerment, or do you need to be more sensitive to the needs of others? Of course at best you can find a balance between those two opposites: standing for your needs, while at the same time listening for what someone else needs too.

In the world the North Korea/USA drama will either turn toward peace soon, or else make final commitment toward battle.

At around the same time as Jupiter opposite Uranus, powerful Pluto changes directions and permeates our energy field.  So issues, especially relationship issues, will become more real and will reach down into the core of truth.

As Pluto goes down into the underworld of our psyches, we potentially face the death of old ways, as new ways burn brighter in our consciousness.

In the world, culture and race issues may become stronger still,  natural disasters especially earthquakes are more apt to erupt again,  the North Korea issue could get even more intense, and Middle East/Syria is more likely in the spotlight of our awareness.

This is a powerful time of transformation, and you will have the opportunity to release more of what does not serve you while finding the magic of the new yellow brick roads in your life.

The Jupiter opposition to Uranus is almost exactly square to the USA natal Pluto in its second house.   This is the part of the USA that represents its Military/Industrial Complex, so coined by President Eisenhower.  He warned that it would usurp our democracy and power of the people.

So you can expect energies that seek to break down that power, as well as energies to make it more powerful. Eventually it will transform the power of that complex into a new kind of empowerment, one that represents the people.

This is only the beginning of that natal USA Pluto being aspected.  In 2020/21 Saturn will conjunct that Pluto, and in 2021-2023 Pluto will have it very first Pluto Return in the USA natal chart- 245 years after the birth of the USA.

So these next several years will bring enormous transformation of USA power and the power of its government, military, and financial institutions.

And of course the entry into the opening of a major portal into the Age of Aquarius also happens in the early 2020s.

We the people can not go to sleep.  We must, with great passion, bring about an even bigger revolution than what happened in the ’60s.

We must go much further with that work, and bring down the new Nixon administration, which is our current Trump presidential administration.

He is in our lives to remind us that the transformation of this country must be fulfilled, so we can be an equal member of the community of nations and cultures, one of many with rights of self determination, and of freedom and happiness.

Diversity within Unity will become reality. Truth and Love will be both Above in the heavens of the Universe as always, and synchronistically Below in the core values of our Earth community.

Till next week,


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Waiting in Transition and Astrology Forecast May 8-14

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are in a holding pattern now, waiting for the call to move forward.  Mars and Mercury are Retrograde: Mercury till May 22 and Mars till June 29.

As we just passed through a New Moon in Taurus while all this Retrograde business is going on, we need to be in “get moving” mode even if you do not know where to go.

So get things done around the house, get your finances in order, run errands, clean up the old both physically and mentally/emotionally.

Taurus is a grounded, practical sign; but it is also a sign that appreciates the body and Earth.  It sees much of life through its senses, smelling and touching and tasting.  It loves to enjoy its body through comfort also, so spas and hammocks work well for them.

Since it is “Taurus time” for all of us now, it is a good time for each of us to do what Taurus likes and needs to do.

Since we gotta wait before moving more fully into the new era of our lives, it is good now to keep busy; but it is even more important to do inner work.

It is time with Mercury and Mars retrograde, to feel your past, to do some healing, to release and let go what represents the old era of your life.

It will behoove you to do this inner work, as you do not need baggage from the past as you move into the new era of your life.

Of course one cannot totally remove what one has been traumatized or hurt by in one’s past; but now at the Retrogrades and while you are in transition between eras, the winds of the Universe are at your back for inner healing and release.

In the greater world things have also slowed down, with no big events to speak of.

Politically in the USA the movement for electing President is slowing down as it is more obvious who the candidates will be.

But we do not know for sure who will win or what the process to get there will be like.

Our movement forward is on hold now with conversation about who will support Trump, with questions about Clinton’s troubles with her emails, with unknowns about how Sanders and his values will fit into the democratic platform at the convention.

But much more important than the personalities is what each candidate represents for our world, what direction America is moving toward.

Who wins the Presidency will show us loud and clear who we are now and what we value.

And now during the Retrograde, without the distraction of important primaries anymore, we will be able to truly get to know who the candidates are and what they represent.

On the surface Trump is a wealthy brash celebrity.  What else does he represent on a more substantial level?

Clinton is a woman and part of the Clinton political royalty, but what does she represent on a deeper more substantial level?

With Sanders it is more obvious what he represents on a substantial level. He has been loud and clear for many years.

So we are all processing the primary season we have just gone though- 17 republican candidates later- 3 Democratic candidates later.

We can sit back and wait for the party conventions, which occur in July- after Mars goes direct.

And for all of us July is the time of getting our life automobiles started up again for a drive into the new era of our lives.

This does not mean that personal and global events will stop until July.  The personal events over the next couple months, while the retrogrades continue, will help us to further release old mental tapes, old traumas and hurts, old patterns of Self denial and co-dependency.

The events that happen over the next couple of months will also help us to see more clearly our new era of life, to help us to embrace or at least accept our new life energies.

Remember that most important is how we are shifting energetically, because our energetic shifting will determine what and who we will attact into our lives.

It is  good time now to stay very present with our selves and our interactions with others. Watch and feel what is shifting inside.  You are changing at a deep cellular level, changing to be aligned with the energies of the Age of Aquarius that we are on the cusp of.

Everything has been accelerated and intensified, so we can do the inner work necessary to change our vibrations and lives.

Transition between worlds is not easy, in fact it can be quite painful at times, especially so when faced with old traumas and wounds. But the new birth can feel so good, so inspiring and heartfelt.

In the global world transition during this current Retrograde period, look for signs and symbols to tell you where things are headed now.

Look closely at Syria and Iraq, North Korea, Israel and Palestine, China and Japan.

Look more closely at the economy and stock market for signs and symbols of change.

It is the military/economic complex that hold up our old world.  There will be bigger and bigger cracks in its structure if we are to experience the kind of transformation necessary to bring the birth of the Age of Aquarius.

So even if some of the world events make you feel very insecure, remember that just like in your personal transformation, there is a need to face old energies and emotions, beliefs, and perceptions that need to be released.

The transitions can be painful and scary at times, but necessary in the process of positive Transformation into the Age of Aquarius.

Til next week,


While Mercury is retrograde, I am considering changing the webinar dates from beginning June 4 to beginning August 6- just considering. Many have shown interest in the webinar series.Please give me your feedback for dates.  It is greatly needed. And for those of you who have given deposit already, your input is most important.  Here is what the webinar will continue to be:

Transformational Astrology with Leo Knighton Tallarico webinar series will begin on Saturday June 4 at 1 PM  EDT.  At this point I am leaning toward Saturdays June 18 and June 25 at 1 PM to finish up the series. The second and third dates are not set in stone yet.   Each class will last approximately 2 hours. Fee is $120 for the complete series. I will reserve two scholarships for those truly in need who have great interest.

We will be discussing the deep layers of consciousness needed during this important time in human evolution.  The class will provide a wider perspective and deeper insight.
I will explain the significance of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in the process of transformation. I will include Chiron into the mix also.  I consider Uranus, Neptune and Pluto as ambassadors of the Age of Aquarius.   They provide us with what we energetically need in order to transform our consciousness and lives aligned with the Age of Aquarius.  As such we will explore a person’s natal aspects with those planets. We will also , its explore in depth the transits of these planets, as they signify times of intense transformation and change.
We will also look at the possibility of newly discovered planets in our solar system, including Nibiru and Dr. Sitchen’s ideas of what that planet signifies for the human family.  This theory if true changes how we view our origins and our human condition.
We are at a very important phase in the transition between a Pisces and Aquarius Age.   World changes through important world evetns will be discussed as well as a viewpoint of what and when we can expect of the Age of Aquarius.
We will also find the time to look at class members’ natal charts to see the natal dimensions of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in personal lives. And we will look at transits and times of change in individual participant’s lives as seen by the transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.
If interested please let me know through a reply to my email at  Fee is to be paid prior to the classes.
Audio recordings will be available for those who cannot make the live broadcast.




Calm Before the Storm and Astrology Forecast April 17-23

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are now in a lull of calm before the storms of the eclipse season.   Dust has been settling from recent changes and intense transformational shifts.    Nature has begun to come alive, but it almost seems to be holding back before it bursts forth in all its beauty, as it is almost ready to put on its yearly show of full blossoming and abundance.   

We each have also burst forth, but not in full bloom yet.  Many planets have been and are still in Aries, pushing us, like buds through the trees, into situations that require us to stand up and empower ourselves in all new ways.   This is, for some,  a newfound  or renewed sense of empowerment.  It is preparation for what is to come.

Mercury is in the last week of its retrograde phase, so we are in pause so we can reflect on our lives and on our past, understanding what we need to know, and integrating  more of us before we move on.

After Mercury goes direct next SaturdayApril 23, our minds begin to get more clear, direction is more apparent.   We will be mentally more ready for the shifting tides of late spring and summer.    The Taurus New Moon on May 2 begins the lunar cycle that is the one prior to the first eclipse on June 1.  That eclipse on June 1 will be the next new moon, but a much more powerful new moon, as it is a Solar Eclipse New Moon.  

Exactly when we begin to experience the winds of this eclipse season, I am not totally sure.  Usually a couple weeks before that first eclipse, we can definitely feel the shifting wind patterns of our lives blowing in, but sometimes even before that. 

You will know the eclipse season has begun energetically when you feel the intensity of your self and life increase, and you feel taken out of your usual balance.  Events in the world are usually intensifying also then.   It is possible this time that the shakeup and intensity will not truly ensue until close to the onset of that first eclipse on June 1, which is at 11+ degrees of Gemini. This is because the previous lunar cycle is in Taurus, a fixed earth sign that does not emit much energy, and instead holds on and stays put.    If there is much movement already during Taurus time, we can expect a quite powerful eclipse season ahead.

In the greater world, the dust has been settling from the big events of the winter of 2010/2011.  The revolutionary uprisings in the Middle East are still going on, but we now have gotten used to that in our collective consciousness.  The earthquake and tsunami in Japan created the worst nuclear reactor disaster of all time on Earth.  We are now trying to more deeply understand what this all means to our human family and what changes we want to make.   The oil disaster in the gulf of the USA in 2010, along with the nuclear disaster, show us the monsters we have created and need to control.   Wars and other disasters have occurred as a result of our relationships with both oil and nuclear energy.

In order to create the world we desire for an Aquarian Age, we need to cure our addiction to oil and need to harness the power created by nuclear energy.

In a way our relationship to oil represents our lack of control of our greedy nature; and our relationship to nuclear energy represents the lack of control of our needs for power.   We rape the Earth for oil and bring potential toxic energies into her body with oil spills and nuclear waste, leaks, and potential fallout.  We also harm our human family and other creatures with these oil and nuclear disasters.  We invade other countries for oil, we threaten one another with nuclear weapons.   These recent disasters, happening in conjunction with profound astrological aspects, shine a spotlight on these toxic patterns that we need to face up to and transform- on our way through the transition into an Aquarian Age.

As we soon move through the eclipse season of the late spring and summer of 2011, watch the news and world events for more clues of what needs to be transformed in our world to clear the way for the Aquarian Age.

This Week there is Full Moon in Aries/Libra this Sunday April 17 at 10:44 PM EDT.  The main issues to be addressed are personal empowerment balanced with relationship skills. You have been empowering your self with all the planets in Aries, and now it is time to integrate that into your relationships.  How does one stay empowered while being sensitive to the needs of others? Another issue to be examined now is our needs for independence and our desire to be with others. 

The Sun moves into Taurus on Wednesday April 20.  Taurus time is a time to get more into your body and into the physical side of life. It is time to concentrate energies on the home, money, resources and others issues of security and comfort.  It is time to solidify whatever you have started during Aries time of year.

And finally- this week Mercury goes back direct next Saturday April 23. For some that will feel like a relief from mental confusion. Th eairwaves are clearing up and clarity is developing.   If you have been putting off decisions, you may now or soon feel OK to make them.

See you next week,


Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.You can get an astrological session with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life.  Please write for more info. I will have a new radio show broadcast later this spring, closer to the eclipses. I will let you know soon when it will be.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

He predicted the Iraq War of 2003- in early 2001 when Bush first took office; predicted the 9-11 attacks with an article “The Tower”, written in June 2001.  He predicted Obama and McCain would get the presidential nominations in november 2007, when both were low in the polls; and correctly predicted the current economic downturn before it occurred.

Spring Equinox 2011 and Astrology Forecast for March 20-26

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

The Pisces/Virgo Full Moon shines extra large and bright today.    It is totally full at 2:10 PM EDT.  Tomorrow the Sun moves into Aries, as we celebrate the Spring Equinox at 7:21 PM EDT.   Quite meaningfully, this spring Sun will be conjunct Uranus, as Uranus has recently entered Aries, where it will stay for approximately 7 years.  Additionally, Uranus has entered a “trigger zone”.  This is so because Uranus in now in the early degrees of cardinal sign Aries, triggering the Cardinal T-square formation from the last summer of 2010.   When Jupiter entered that zone in late January and early February, we experienced the eruption of revolutionary movements in Egypt. 

Now the fires of war and revolution are stoked in Libya, as the UN has authorized a no-fly zone fighting force against Gaddafi and the ruling regime there.  Later today or tomorrow the UN authorized forces will begin their campaign.

The ruler of Aries is Mars, the ancient god of war.  Uranus is a planet of change, awakening and revolution. It was discovered in 1781, a date in between the American and French revolutions.  Revolution is now brewing strongly in many countries in the greater Middle East.   War has also broken out there in Libya.

There is a stark contrast now between the Pisces/Virgo Full Moon and the entry of the Sun into Aries Spring Equinox conjunct Uranus. 

The Pisces/Virgo Full Moon is one of the gentlest and most healing of all Full Moons. It helps us to let go and release the struggles of a passing winter.  We touch once more, before the tide turns into spring, deep feelings, perhaps for some of sadness or grief.

Yet the passage into spring, especially now as it conjuncts Uranus, brings the inner stirrings of new energies, of awakening from winter’s slumber, of renewal.  It brings forth our more active energies, ready to interact with others and the world.

This passing winter was long and filled with tons of snow and a lot of illness here in New England.   We faced our inner demons and watched the world go more crazy.   The tragedy in Japan has touched so many.    The Earthquake and Tsunami were bad enough, and so the damage to nuclear facilities and resulting radioactivity was way over the top of misery for the Japanese.  

And that reminded many of the horrors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, where the USA dropped nuclear bombs.   Over 200,000 people were killed then.  

We need to pause as a human family now, and realize what danger nuclear power has brought to us.  The nuclear plants are dangerous enough, and the nuclear weapons are suicidal.

We are entering a most powerful spring and summer now.  I knew the winter would be filled with big events and transformational energy, in large part because of the Lunar Eclipse on the winter solstice.  

And now the signature of the spring season has the Sun conjunct Uranus in Aries.  And there will be 2 eclipses in spring, a Solar Eclipse on June 1 and a Lunar Eclipse on June 15.  This will be followed by a quite powerful 2nd Solar Eclipse and third eclipse in a row- A New Moon Solar Eclipse Cardinal Grand Cross. So we know the spring and early summer of 2011 will also be filled with important and powerful events and transformational energies.

We are closing in on 2012.  We are getting closer and closer to the beginning of an Aquarian Age, which I estimate beginning in December of 2020, when Jupiter is conjunct Saturn at 0+ degrees of Aquarius, great symbolism for Aquarian entry.

Of course you know how much we all will change during this time period.  Some I know are fearing this change. Others are excited.   Most feel both fear and hopefulness.  Remember that even as huge  waves of change cover our shores, much always stays the same.     

 We have births and deaths, we eat and sleep, we cry and laugh, we need friends and love, we work and accomplish.    But we also change and evolve.

And sometimes there is a huge spike of evolution.  And that is now!  We are being asked to release old ways of living, and of interacting with one another and our Earth home that are destroying us.   We need to rapidly release the programming by our families and culture that keep us toxic and decaying.

We are ready to open more to our authentic selves, to the messages from our deeper souls and the Universe.  This opening will take us forward to where we need to go, when we need to go.  We are always being assisted, if we are open to the spirit around us.

But sometimes we do feel lost and perhaps abandoned.  It is because we are letting go of the old ways.  We are in transition, and have not fully connected with the new frequencies.   We are struggling with letting go of old ways, and a part of us is still trying hard to fit into the dying conventional world.

We are afraid to let go, as the familiar gives us a semblance of security.   When big astrological events occur, our lives and consciousness are shaken up.  This shake-up is intended to loosen our grip on our old ways and lives.  While out of our normal balance, we are better able to move with change.

As you choose to move more strongly into healthier ways of being, that are more aligned with the Universe and your deeper soul, you will be supported by the Universe.  But as the old proverb goes, “Trust Allah, but remember to tie up your camel”.

You cannot have blind faith. It is important to stay in touch with “reality” and practical matters. Just don’t let those matters dominate, as that will bring too much debilitating fear. Make your moves forward while staying connected to the signs and symbols and synchronicities all around you.  But be careful not to make the signs into what you want them to be.  Be as neutral as possible, so you can be objective.

So enjoy our movement into spring now and Aries energies.   Aries is the bold movement of nature, the force of the buds pushing through the branches for new growth.   Feel the stirrings of active energies deep in your psyche now,  the desire for birth and renewal.   It is mainly in seed form still, but soon ready to burst forward into new life.

See you next week,


Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.You can get an astrological session with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life.  Please write for more info. I will have a new radio show broadcast later this spring, closer to the eclipses. I will let you know soon when it will be.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

He predicted the Iraq War of 2003- in early 2001 when Bush first took office; predicted the 9-11 attacks with an article “The Tower”, written in June 2001.  He predicted Obama and McCain would get the presidential nominations in november 2007, when both were low in the polls; and correctly predicted the current economic downturn before it occurred.

Japan and the Tsunami of Earth Transformation and Astrology Forecast for March 13-19

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

The winter of 2010/2011 is almost over.    It has brought with it such a powerful season of change and transformation.

The Lunar Eclipse on the Winter Solstice of 2010 gave us a signature of great transformation for the winter season.   We let you know that that winter solstice signature foretold that the winter season ahead would bring big events that would greatly change our lives on this Earth.   

The powerful revolutionary movements in the Middle East and the huge earthquake-tsunami in Japan have fullfilled that forecast.

Our lives are shifting in big ways.  In literal fact, Japan has moved 8 feet and the Earth has appreciably moved on its axis.  And of course more to the point, our human consciousness and lives are rapidly changing in alignment with the Universe’s accelerated transformation into an Aquarian Age.

And we will not get time to rest from the rapid changes.  The spring and summer of 2011 promise more great changes, changes as great as the ones we have experienced in the winter of 2010/2011.

The summer of 2010 started our most recent bout of transformation with the Grand Cross Lunar Eclipse on July 26 and the cardinal t-square in late July/August.   We let you know prior to this winter that 2010’s aspects were meant to take us out of our comfort zones and shake up our status quo lives, but would not push us fully yet into new phases of our lives.

2011 will do just that.   And in spring and summer 2011 we face a Universal rhythym that will widely open doors into new realms of experience.

Those of you who were alive to experience the ’60s and 70’s remember how fast change swirled around us.   The closed stability of the ’50s broke open and broke down and huge waves of change burst into our lives. A horrible war raged and people took to the streets enraged at the corruption and hypocricy of our leaders and the lack of fairness in the world.  There was such progress as human rights opened up for women, blacks, and others.    An unjust war was ended and a criminal USA president resigned from office. Fashions and hair styles changes drastically, a whole new culture and way of thinking and living was born.  People woke up and acted to change the world.

And now in Egypt and Libya and Tunisia and other parts of the world, another new awakening is beginning.  Old corrupt unjust ways are breaking down again.  People are beginning to rise up again.  Just treatment for our gay brothers and sisters has been opening up and will accelerate more and more.    Marriage rights are on the horizon.

Of course you can see that there is a huge backlash to the opening of great transformational change in our human community on the Earth.  People who want to keep the status quo are getting more ferocious to hold the line and keep the doors of change closed.   The leaders and militaries in the Middle East are trying to keep everything just as it used to be.

 The resistance seems as strong as the power of change.  Conservative movements in the USA are speaking louder and louder.   In Wisconsin and other states there are attempts by state and local governments to take away the rights of workers and unions.  Power to the people seems to be eroding.

And make no mistake about it the damns of resistance to change in this world will continue to build strength.  But the tsunami tides of change cannot ultimately be stopped.  The power of nature has been witnessed in Japan. The power of the cycles of change in the Universe cannot be stopped by any government or military.      

And on the day of the huge earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Uranus was finishing up its 7 year stay in oceanic Pisces- and later that day entered spring-time Aries, where it will be for the next 7 years.   And soon that same Uranus will square Pluto, making their first major aspect to one another since their conjunction in 1965-66, the aspect that brought on the ’60s revolution.

Uranus in Aries will be almost exactly square Pluto, within a most powerful aspect, on July 1 this summer.  There will then be a Solar Eclipse New Moon Cardinal Grand Cross in Cancer that day. The Sun, Moon, Uranus, Pluto, and Saturn will be parts of that grand cross. It will be more powerful than the Grand Cross of 2010 as all planets in the cross this time will be in cardinal signs.   We will be forcefully entering a grand new season of our lives here on planet Earth.

It may seem that Grand Cross formations that are part of eclipses are common, as two summers in a row we are experiencing these formations. But trust me they are very rare.   And having a lunar eclipse on a winter solstice, as we did winter solstice of 2010, is also very rare.  And also uncommon is the fact that this spring, before the Solar Eclipse Grand Cross, there will be two more eclipses. We will be having three in a row- one on June 1, another on June 15, and the third one on July 1.   All these rare astrological occurrences, happening one after another, in the context of the changing of ages, is why we are experiencing such monumental transformation.

Put on your seat belts.  The ride of great changes has only just begun.

Spring and summer of 2011 bring much more.  There will be more great changes coming from nature’s power, more drastic change in the Middle East, greater changes here at home in the USA, and changes in our personal lives.

It is most important now in your personal life to be flexible and open to change.   Stay connected to your center, to your “voice” inside.  Watch for signs ans symbols that are guideposts on your soul’s path.    Look for synchronicities that are the Universe’s way of getting your attention so you will wake up and question and investigate new possiblities.  Do not hold on too tight to anything.  Let go of possessions, beliefs, old patterns and attitudes that have outworn their time.   They may be helping you feel more secure, but they are holding you back. Let them go.

Let go also of old judgments that keep you separate and at a distance from the unity consciousness you desire.  Remember that all is connected to the whole.  Even the conservative attitudes that feel so restrictive to you are part of the whole. They slow down the progress, but hold back the chaos as well.     They cannot hold back the tide of change for long- they are not to feared or hated.

Tonight we turn the clocks ahead in America, bringing the feeling of more light in our lives. Spring is less than two weeks away. It begins on March 20 at 7:21 PM EDT.  It begins another season of great transformational change.

Don’t be afraid of the change, as horrible as it appears sometimes, like in the earthquake. Remember, if you stay centered and aligned, you will be in the right place at the right time to fullfill your personal destiny, the reason you incarnated.

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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