Standing up for our Values and Astrology Forecast November 20-26.

By Leo Knighton Tallarico I have spoken with many individuals who have become very frightened since Donald Trump was elected President of the USA. They are afraid that all the breakthroughs in rights for minorities and women that have opened up over the last several years will be closed up again. They are afraid ofContinue reading “Standing up for our Values and Astrology Forecast November 20-26.”

Solstice Turning Point and Astrology Forecast June 19-25

By Leo Knighton Tallarico The next couple of weeks will bring us some important planetary movement, with new doors ready to open for us. There is a Full Moon in Sagittarius Monday, which is the same day as the annual Summer Solstice and a renewal of the mutable Grand Cross.     Next Sunday theContinue reading “Solstice Turning Point and Astrology Forecast June 19-25”

Mutual Respect and Astrology Forecast January 11-17

By Leo Knighton Tallarico Last week’s tragedy in Paris happened in the wake of a powerful Full Moon in Cancer that formed a T-Square with transformational planets Uranus and Pluto. Now I believe the intensity level will subside for awhile, at least until around the New Moon in Aquarius on January 20- followed by MercuryContinue reading “Mutual Respect and Astrology Forecast January 11-17”

Deeper Reality and Astrology Forecast September 23-October 6

by Leo Knighton Tallarico We have passed through a seasonal portal today, Saturday September 22 at 10:49 AM EDT.    The scales of Libra held a perfect balance at that moment between Yin and Yang energies.  The Autumn Equinox was that portal, and it signifies the equality between light and dark minutes of the day.Continue reading “Deeper Reality and Astrology Forecast September 23-October 6”