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Activating the Force and Astrology Forecast March 31-April 6

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Many people I have talked with recently tell me March’s Mercury Retrograde was really difficult for them.

Yes there was the usual disorientation and confusion of  minds,  some technology snafus, re-connections with people or events from the past,  difficulty in making decisions or knowing what direction to move in, and just plain old difficult.

In the greater world, the Mueller Report was finished and presented to the Attorney General during the last few days of Mercury Retrograde;  but none of it has been made public so “we the people” cannot see the truth of it nor be able to come to our own conclusions.

It certainly looks on the surface as if Trump has been cleared of any serious crimes or illegal activities.

And maybe that is the final word on the matter, but I think not.  My 30+ years of professional Astrology work and study has shown me that Mercury needs to get back to speed before we will feel a full sense of clarity and know what direction issues are moving toward.

Next weekend, after the New Moon in Aries on Friday the 5th of April, fogs of mind should be lifted to a large extent.  And we will be closer to Truths.

Most of this week, we are moving down through the last quarter of the lunar cycle, a cycle that began on March 6 at the New Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune.  That was just a day after Mercury went Retrograde on March 5.

Those two planetary events showed us much inner exploration would be needed, and that clarity and direction would be at a premium for awhile.  Neptune, Pisces, and Mercury Retrograde energies have demanded we let go of mental controls and of strict agendas; so we can instead penetrate deeper into our hearts and souls.  And of course heart and soul realms bring more of a sense of mystery, and a need to surrender our minds and controls.

Then on March 20, the Sun moved into Aries at Spring Equinox, giving us a knowledge that here in the northern hemisphere winter is over and brighter days are ahead. Light and dark minutes of the day were equal then, but the light and yang energies would be then on the rise.

Then on March 28, Mercury went Direct, giving promise that our minds were on the road to more sanity and clearer horizons.

And now this week, we continue our down and yin-ward journeys through the last quarter Moon.

Then at the month’s darkest Moon, we shift to a New Moon in Aries and what in many ways I consider a “True Spring Entrance” point.

Remember that on March 20 the Sun went into Aries and at the same time moved into Spring Equinox.

And then on Friday April 5 at 4:50 AM EDT, the Moon catches up with Sun, both in Aries at around 15 degrees.

That night or the night after, we will be able to see a glimpse of the first crescent light of the New Moon in Aries.

This represents strong new beginnings, as the force of Nature is in the hands of warrior Aries.

World events and personal events have been waiting patiently (or not so patiently) for these new moon gates to open in order to let the blaze of Aries to blast through it.

Aries is straight forward and direct, penetrating, active, assertive, directing, “alpha”, competitive, independent, brave, and most importantly True to Self  as it fights for what it believes in.

This is a good time to empower yourself and to stand tall with self respect.

Aries is the ram who often butts heads in conflict with others. God of War Mars is Aries’ ruling planet.

Places like Palestine, Israel, Syria, Iran, India, Pakistan, Russia, China, etc. may be more susceptible to being triggered into being more angry or forceful.

So might you.  Anger is not always bad. Sometimes it helps us to speak up and assert ourselves, to not take the abuse any longer. Or it may help us to be able to act on behalf of others who are being abused. Or it may help us to fight for principles we believe in.

But of course “over the top” rage may have a very negative effect on us and those around us. War often takes no prisoners and burns down the bridges between people.  Be careful not to burn a bridge you might need to reconnect you to someone or something.

Most importantly, Aries is about taking action, initiating and moving forward.

It is time to at least “rev up the engines” of our lives. No more procrastination.  No more excuses.

There is however, a caveat to the fiery force of action and new starts.   Saturn and Pluto will be in square to this New Moon.

That means that some destructive forces may be involved somehow in this new beginning. At the least there will be more seriousness and gravity attached to the issues coming up now and throughout this new lunar cycle.

The gates are being opened, some Dragons may be running through those gates. The Dragons will clear the way of anything that impedes greater growth and transformation.

The USA natal chart is closely connected to this New Moon in Aries with Capricorn squares of Saturn and Pluto.   A Grand Cross is formed with USA Sun in Cancer and Saturn in Libra.  This is a powerful formation that will bring big challenge to the country over the next month or so.

It is quite obvious to almost anyone now that we are in a quite powerful time to be on the Earth and in America.

We are in transition between Ages, leaving an Age of Pisces that we have been in for over 2000 years.  We are moving into an Age of Aquarius.

That means that a New Paradigm has been developing. The old paradigm is in decay and  so are those who cling to it.

People who belong in the New Paradigm can be of any nation, any race or creed, any gender, any sexual orientation.  They can be democrat or republican, religious or not. They can be big or small, rich or poor, high or low IQ,  from the North or South, East or West.

So we need to let go of our bias and prejudice, and open our hearts and minds to Love and Truth.

And those who are not clearly on the path to the Age of Aquarius are not our enemies.

They may, however, not be good for us and our spiritual path and may give us mirrors of who we used to be, not who we are growing into.

They may be at your job or in your family. And you may need to cut your time with them or at least cut out your desire to share all about your life with them.

You can do all this with love, as everyone is just not on the same path.  If you feel you cannot be your authentic self with anyone, at first you may want to try harder to engage them. And maybe that will work.

But if you keep feeling bad about yourself, keep feeling you need to stay in old family roles you have out-grown, or staying in jobs or relationships only for money or security; it may be time to begin to cut cords and liberate your spirit and soul.


Till next week,


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Deeper and Deeper and Astrology Forecast March 3-9.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Shit has certainly hit the proverbial fan out in the world.  The old world is purging out its debris for all to see.

Trump meeting with Kim Jong Un did not go as hyped for.   Congressional hearings with Michael Cohen gave out ugly info about Trump that tears his character apart.    Pakistan and India are macho strutting around with nuclear weapons, with all humanity put in danger.

This is all coming out not long after a most intense Eclipse Season earlier this year.  Now in the waning half of the lunar cycle that has followed that Eclipse Season, we are wading through what has been not so graciously excreted into the world.

We are needing to more and more concentrate on the New World we are sensing and creating, growing out from what is being purged.

Death and Birth are constant realities here on the Earth plane.  And now we are in the midst of a huge death of a Pisces Age, over 2000 years old.

And at the same time, we are birthing a new golden Age of Aquarius, which will last 2,160 years.

Can you see what is here now as we let go the past, and let in the new? Both Dark and Light are stronger than ever.

The power of the Feminine is growing and so needed now.  I see a powerful black woman, a Sophia like entity growing stronger and stronger behind the veils of our dying world.

She is most able to deal with humanity through this death while at the same time able to mid-wife the new world into being.

And the growing Feminine is obvious now in the political world, as young and strong women of color are speaking out.  They know the need to purge old ways and build new ones that will serve more and more people in our country and world. The Dark Feminine can hold with compassion those dying souls, and open the way for Birth.

Remember, however, that those from the old world are not the enemy, though it sure feels like it sometimes.

Conservative is merely a desire to hold onto what has been before.  And some of it needs to be looked at before being abandoned.  Are late term abortions really OK? Is it really OK to let everyone into the country without rules?  I think these issues need to be examined, not put so squarely into left and right boxes.

Some conservative ways and beliefs hold onto what is needed from our past. We do not want to throw out the baby with the bath water, so to speak.

And both neo-cons (new conservatives) and neo-libs (new liberals) are wanting conflicts in Venezuela and Syria.  We need to get outside those boxes and speak loudly for no more war, no more fixing other countries into what we want them to be, and no more nukes in our world.

Time to continue together to envision our new world, transform our consciousness in its essence,  and fight for what we believe in,  not against anything or anyone.

Keep meditating and being with others who also know this new world inside.  All is inside first, as we visualize the new world as it will be.

Let the Universe (Source) into your meditations to help co-create this New Age. It is sitting in the inner planes waiting for you to connect to.

This week brings a major shift, as Mercury goes Retrograde just before the New Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune.

Mercury goes Retrograde on Tuesday March 5 at 1:19 PM EST. 

The New Moon in Pisces is on Wednesday March 6 at 11:04 AM EST.   It is especially important and influential as it is closely conjunct Neptune in Pisces and square Jupiter in Sagittarius. 

Expect there to be much confusion and potential chaos, whose purpose is to shake us out of old thinking and old habits.

This is also a potentially a very spiritual combination, one that will help us to let go into the soul world of  connections, synchronicities, signs and symbol from the Universe.

The prerequisite for these experiences is to let go of fears, stuck attitudes and beliefs, and a hatred of the “enemy”.

Sure it can be healthy and empowering to be angry at injustice, unfairness, and ignorance; but hatred toward those who perpetrate those things creates ugly self defeating energy.  Use that energy to fight for what you believe in and the world you want to create.

So Mercury Retrograde may be even more confusing or unsettling than usual, as the Pisces/Neptune effect is so strong too.

Do not push hard to get things done, get an answer, quick-fix anyone or anything,  or rush through some strict agenda.

Stay present, do not panic, do not rush to judgement.

Your mind is wanting to shift its perceptions now, and in the process may want to question your previous thinking, decisions, or promises.  Remember what is going on planetarily, and trust the process. Let this lunar cycle and Mercury Retrograde play out over the next month.

After April 5th or so, direction will be more clear and passages forward will open up.

Use this coming month to go deeper in consciousness, to get more clarity from signs in dreams and waking dreams.

Use the Pisces vibe to gain empathy for others, to better understand your partners, lovers, family members, friends, and especially so-called enemies.

Pisces teaches us that all is connected in unity, at a soul level of being. And it is the soul level of being that infuses us all with energy for connection with one another.

Do not live in a Pisces “dream world” of being naïve, however.  Be discriminating about what energy from others you are taking into your heart and soul.

You do not need to judge anyone it is true, but it is also important not to let in what will hurt you or disempower you. Some people can be so wounded, desperate, and ill on a soul level.  Yes have empathy, but do not stay with them too long. This goes for family and romantic partners too.

Especially now it is important to be as “clean” as possible, and to release old wounds and traumas in the process.

Neptune is the most influential planetary energy now, and it is a great healing energy. It helps dissolve old ways and attitudes, bring forgiveness, helps heal old wounds between people.

Surrender more this week to the Soul and Spirit realm, let go of left brain logic,  which will not work as well as usual.

Expect people from your past to resurface now in dreams and real life.

This next month is not good for big decisions, starting big projects, pushing for answers, pushing for anything.

Up ahead is Spring Equinox on March 20, Mercury Direct on March 28, and New Moon in Aries on April 5.  Before then we are processing, using imagination and intuition, facing ghosts of our past, and doing deep healing.

Till next week,

with Truth and Love,


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Moving Forward as Mars Goes Direct and Astrology Forecast May 18-24

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This coming week has planetary movements that energetically will orient us in two opposing directions.

On the one hand,  the Scorpio Full Moon last week pretty much brought an intense climax and end to Spring Eclipse Season 2014.  And of course the Cardinal Grand Cross played a huge role in making that Eclipse Season extremely intense and one to be remembered for a long time.  But now as we begin to leave that Eclipse Season, we also enter the waning slow-down half of the lunar cycle.

It is time to come down and look at what has been left to us in the wake of that Eclipse Season.    We have entered a new chapter of our lives, have moved more fully into honoring our truth and the authentic soul’s path we are on.   Events have shown us the way into letting go of the old chapter of our lives, letting go of old patterns of thought and behavior that are not in alignment with this new chapter of life we have entered.

We are coming down into our souls and bodies for healing, after the buzz of intensity that spiked us forward in our personal soul evolution. Hence we are ready to now reflect on what has happened and to gain some perspective and insight on where are lives are at now.

This could be a rather sobering time for some, facing up to realities or practical assessments of our life.

But yet the other counter energy on our doorstep is Mars going Direct late this Monday May 19.  That means we are feeling a force that makes us feel we are ready to move forward, to own this new chapter of our lives, to find ways to make our life work in all new ways.

We are closer to knowing what we want and where we are going as Mars is going Direct.  We may not know exactly what we are doing yet, but at least we sense the path we want to walk on in this new chapter of our lives.

In the greater world, everything has now been put in place for huge life altering events coming soon.

Russia and China are flexing their nationalistic muscles, wanting more power in the world.  Russia has annexed Crimea from Ukraine and seems to have designs on bringing back some of the glory from their Soviet Union days.

China has territorial conflicts with Japan, Phillipines, Viet Nam and other countries, and recently has made aggressive movements, asserting their formidable power.

India has elected a new prime minister, one who does not seem to care about making relationship with the USA or western powers.  Iran is at a turning point in its relationships with world powers.  There is a possible deal to be made around their nuclear program, and if not there is likely military conflict on the way.

The Palestinians have become more whole as Hamas has made a pact with more moderate Palestinian political powers, and are getting further away from making peace with Israel. Big conflicts are likely coming soon.

North Korea is said to be about to launch another missile, in defiance of the UN and world powers.

Syria is still in civil war, and Ukraine is breaking apart.  The world is on the verge of great transformation, a restructuring of power, moving into a multi-polar world.

Empires and Superpowers will become a reality of the past, and a more equitable Diversity in Unity world is developing.  That means a wholeness is needed that holds the differences together as one.   And Male and Female can be held as one, like a yin/yang symbol.

Women are becoming more powerful, and are doing so by claiming their feminine Power, moving away from a more male form of gaining their power.

’60s feminism got the ball rolling for women gaining more self respect, but the new generations of women are realizing that playing the man’s game out in the world did not bring them to true Feminine power.

Now many are wanting to change the world into one with more “femininity’, more love and compassion, more true honoring of Female and Female Power.

There has been a programming in our psyches that Female and Female ways are weak. There is programming that has sought to demean vulnerability and has sought to make fun of spirituality and a more feminine sense of what that means.

If it is not “logical” and proven by scientific methods, or is not in tune with a male God of religion, then it is put down- by both men and women.

The Feminine is needed in our world, so we are not just answering to a dog eat dog, logic driven, competitive paradigm.

And of course the true Masculine needs a revival, as we need a force of courage to speak the truth, to stand up for what we believe in and know is right.  We need to learn how to be true to our authentic selves, not what authority or convention tells us to be.

And most of all we need to bring the masculine and feminine sides of nature into loving balance and relationship, working together and not in battle with one another.

And our LGBT community has been gaining more acceptance and respect.    Just recently the macho dominated sports world has had people coming out as Gay, like in the NFL and NBA.

And we have a President who is half African American, and a country less tolerant of bigotry as was seen in the backlash against Clive Bundy and the president of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team.

We as a collective human community are seeing more clearly the path into an Age of Aquarius, especially so after this Eclipse Season.

But keep in mind that the forces that want to keep the old ways and old age in power are still strong.    And there are many explosive events coming our way, events that will break down that which is blocking the path forward.

Be ready for events that will include violent conflicts in the world and for financial realities to shift and change.  When they do it will seem like we are going backwards and making no progress. Please remember then that it is part of the transformational process of clearing our old patterns, old beliefs, old ways of being.

We can see where we are going now, and the Age of Aquarius is in sight.  But get ready for the next 18 months or so to be intense with both world and personal events that will be a part of the transformation and healing needed to bring us to our New World.

This week on the 19th, Mars goes Direct and we move forward. Then the Sun moves into mercurial Gemini the next day May 20, to add more positive energy to our lives, energy that is mentally bright and seeking to communicate.

It begins a month that is good for learning and educating, for light social activities, for gaining new information and delivering information, for asking questions and answering questions, for diverse activities and much mental activity.  Be careful not to be overwhelmed or too scattered, and remember to stay grounded with all the mental activity going through you.

See you next week,


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Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius and Astrology Forecast for August 2-8

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This upcoming week brings us the 3rd and last Eclipse of the Summer of 2009.    It is a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius.    On the west coast of the USA it is at 5:56 PM on Wednesday the 5th of August.  On the east coast at 8:56 PM, and in places east of the USA the eclipse happens on the 6th of August.

A Lunar Eclipse occurs because the  Earth is between the normal Full Moon opposition of the Sun and Moon, and hence its shadow blocks the Sun from shining on the Moon- from our vantage point on Earth.  It is a penumbral eclipse which means the Moon will not be as darkly covered as in a total eclipse.    The eclipse will not be so obvious.   And its complete eclipse process will only be seen in South America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  The eastern half of the USA, at Moonrise, will see the end of the eclipse process.

Remember that eclipses, both Solar and Lunar, are much more powerful versions of New Moons (solar) and full Moons (lunar).   Solar Eclipses, at new Moons, bring powerful new beginnings.    Lunar Eclipses, being Full Moons, bring powerful resolutions or dramatic merging of opposites.

At this Lunar Eclipse Full Moon, with the Sun in Leo opposed by the Moon in Aquarius, there is a dichotomy between personal ego (Leo) with group consciousness (Aquarius).  An example of something that happened on the journey to this Lunar Eclipse Full Moon is what happened in the case of Professor Henry Gates.

Dr. Gates was arrested by Officer Crowley in mid July, a few days before the Solar Eclipse New Moon on July 21.   He was breaking into his own home because the front door was stuck.  A woman called the police and Detective Crowley came to the Gates residence to investigate.  After an argument between them Mr Gates was then handcuffed and arrested.

It is quite likely that his being African American contributed to his arrest, but it is also obvious that his ego and arrogance (“Don’t you know who I am?”) also contributed to his arrest.

Later President Obama said the Police Department acted stupidly.     Three individual egos expressing their viewpoints of the incident.

But this week they all got together at the White House, with Vice president Biden, in a small group to bring the varying egos and viewpoints together.     And this happened less than a week before the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, which has the Sun in individual ego Leo and the Moon in group consciousness Aquarius.

Look at your own life now to view where this drama is playing out.    Where is there a need to bring together individual egos in collaboration with others in a group?    Where can you combine your heart’s desire for what you want or want to express, with a social consciousness or community understanding?

Overall, during this eclipse period, which has its greatest intensity between mid June and mid September, look to let go of that which needs to die in your life, and open up to the breakthroughs, which open new doors of opportunity for you.

It is best to see your life in meaningful ways when you encounter doors closing for you in life.   Relationships end as seasons end; a job loss opens your mind to changing your career, which never suited you anyway.   Life is really not random, unless you see it that way.

In the Greater World look for events to surface and intensify close to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.   These events will blow up into bigger events later in the Summer and into the Fall.  The places most conducive to change surrounding this eclipse:  Pakistan, India, Israel, Iran,  the Baltic region, Jamaica,  Egypt, Bolivia, Eritrea, and Sri Lanka.

Please keep in mind, however, that all regions of the Earth can be influenced by the changes that eclipses bring with them.

And remember that we are all changing our consciousness and lives in alignment with a movement into an Aquarian Age.  The eclipse periods push us faster forward in our growth, helping us to let go of that which needs to be released, and bringing new ideas and opportunities aligned with our personal and collective evolution into the new age.

We are thinking more “green”.  We are seeing us all over the world getting closer through mass transportation, communication, and commerce. It is a “smaller” world, one we all need to get along in together, through all our diversity.    We need to be individually and collectively liberated from dictators, corporations, and governments that oppress and control our hearts, souls, and minds.  We need to take responsibility for own lives and our Earth and human community.  We need to find solutions to the many problems that face us for our future, by thinking outside the boxes of programmed minds.

We are ready, more and more every day, to move out of a rigid paradigm for living on this Earth,  to heal what separates us, to create new ways to be on this Earth and with each other.

We also need to look to the skies for other peoples of the Universe who will greet us before too long, to forever change our perspective about our selves and our lives.  Remember that people were once sure, relatively not that long ago, that the world was flat.

Our world is changing rapidly now and so are we.

Astrology Forecast for August 2- August 8

On Sunday the 2nd of August, the Moon moves from excitable Sagittarius to serious and grounded Capricorn, and later in the day Mercury moves from sunny Leo to work oriented Virgo.  So on Sunday and Monday it would behoove you to keep your feet on the ground and not be too wild.  Serious discussions are possible.

As the Moon goes into Aquarius late on Tuesday, where it will be for the Lunar Eclipse, the vibrations for the eclipse get stronger.   Watch your life and the greater world for signs of change.     See big egos inflate.  Watch other people who care about changing our world to a better place come together.   Watch the interaction unfold.  Remember that it is natural and essential to have an ego, to want to express your personal truth and have a life that you personally desire.  It is not, however, “natural” to make your self essentially a lot better or worse than anyone else.    It is natural and essential to care about what is best for your human community, but unnatural to not also care about your self.

On the 5th at 8:56 PM EDT is the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius.   This is a powerful Full Moon, where you may feel out of balance as your “normal” life is being disrupted. Use the disruption to move with change.  getting out of “same-old, same-old” helps us to dance with a new personal rhythm, one which helps us to grow.

The 6th through the 8th are also within the rays of the Eclipse Full Moon. Remember there can be real magic at full moons, and especially so at Lunar Eclipse Full Moons.

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Our next forecast will post next Saturday afternoon the 8th of August.

Please feel free to make comment or ask questions on this blog.

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Total Solar Eclipse New Moon, and Astrology Forecast for July 19-25

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The second of three eclipses in a row happens this week.    It is a Total Solar Eclipse.  In the USA it happens on Tuesday the 21st of July, while in most of the rest of the world it happens on July 22.  On the USA east coast it is at 10:35 PM on the 21st, while on the west coast it is at 7:35 PM.

Solar Eclipses are always New Moons, as Lunar Eclipses are always Full Moons.   Solar Eclipses are exponentially perhaps 10 times as powerful as normal new moons.  This one being a total eclipse adds even more to its power.  This eclipse cannot be viewed in the United States.  It will be mainly seen in Asia.

As this is a solar eclipse, the moon will be blocking the light of the Sun from our view here on Earth, for those in the eclipse path.   This will last for over 6 and a half minutes, a long time as eclipses go, and the longest so far this century.

This eclipse new moon is at 29+ degrees of Cancer.    The Moon is the ruling planet of the sign of Cancer.  The last eclipse, a lunar Eclipse in Cancer/Capricorn happened on July 7.   For many, family and work issues have been in the spotlight.  These issues have been powerfully erupting in our lives since mid June, the beginning of the influence of the eclipse period this summer.

Surrounding the lunar eclipse these issues shook up the status quo of our lives, took us off balance, and in some cases caused a breakdown of that which was ready to die, and breakthroughs into new territory.  This helps us to release what needs to go.

After that clearing we are now ready to move forward at the New Moon Solar Eclipse.   Whatever issues opened up to us back then have been at least somewhat worked out,  and are now ready for new beginnings.  And of course it is time for many to begin important new ventures in their lives, as solar eclipses are so much more powerful than normal new moons.

In your own natal chart you are most affected if you have planets near 29 degrees of Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, or Libra.    The actual personal natal house that the eclipse falls within also tells us what areas of your life will be most  affected by the eclipse.

Remember that the overall eclipse period this summer lasts from mid June to mid September.  This is the time period of shifting tides of change in our lives.

In the greater world so far during this eclipse period, we have witnessed much upheaval in Iran, dangerous actions by North Korea, a coup in Honduras, and many earthquakes all around the world.     Most striking, however to me, have been the many celebrity deaths, especially so of iconic figures here in the USA.    Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, and Walter Cronkite, among others, have died since mid June.  This is an extraordinary set of deaths during such a short span of time.

It is evident to me that we are on the verge of a strong transformation of our lives here in America.  We are saying goodbye to people who have had such a strong influence on all our lives in the past, who have been in our living rooms with our families, during good and bad times.   It is for many like losing family members, family members of our greater American family.

So after the release of the past and people and memories from the past, now waiting at our collective front doors are new challenges for a new era here in America.

The election of Obama and the crisis condition of our economy were early signs of a new phase of life in America, and the eclipses fast-forward this evolution.

And of course keep in mind that  we are also, during the eclipse period, spiking the movement toward a New Age on Earth.    The Mayan New Age begins in December of 2012.  The Aquarian Age arguably begins in 2020, at the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 0+ degrees of Aquarius.

Whatever events erupt into our lives during this eclipse summer of 2009. will have an important impact on our journey to this new world.

So say farewell to times gone by, and open the arms of your heart to new waves of change.

Astrology Forecast for July 19-25

On Sunday the moon is in talkative, communicative, information sharing, and fast thinking Gemini most of the day.  So it will feel natural for many to socialize, or to write, or collect information from the internet.  But you may also be pulled in two different directions on Sunday and Monday.

One direction is reflective as we are ending a powerful lunar cycle that began on June 22nd with a new moon in cancer.   That new moon started the eclipse period, as two weeks later the Lunar Eclipse occurred at the full moon.   The last two weeks have been the waning part of the lunar cycle, and Sunday and Monday end the cycle.

The other direction is in anticipation of powerful new beginnings at the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer Tuesday evening in the USA.  It often takes until the crescent moon shows, a day or two after the new moon, before events begin attributable to the new moon.    But until then the “dark moon” period is a good time to make affirmations concerning your heart’s desires for the cycle ahead.

The Moon will be in Cancer all day Monday and Tuesday on its way to its late Cancer degree meeting with the Sun on late Tuesday.  Thisdark moon period is time to contemplate, be nostalgic, but also to visualize what you anticipate to come at the new lunar cycle about to begin.

The Total Solar Eclipse New Moon happens Tuesday the 21st at 10:35 PM EDT.    It will open new vistas for us all.

Watch the news closely for unfolding of events.   Many believe those countries in the path of the eclipse are most affected by events.  China and India would be prime players if this is true.   Other astrologers believe a nation’s birth chart is more important when predicting events around an eclipse.   This can be very iffy because it is often uncertain what a nation’s date of birth and time of birth really is.  It’s not like nations pop out of a mother’s womb.

The USA nevertheless uses July 4 1776 as its birth day and I have found it quite accurate when looking at important events that have affected USA citizens over time.

In fact for this solar eclipse event the USA natal Pluto is at 27+ degrees of Capricorn opposite the 29+ degree Cancer placement of the Total Solar Eclipse.    This natal placement of the USA Pluto in its second house shows the USA power of its economy and its military power for its security.   Events or revelations about the USA economy and its military should be in the spotlight of world events.  Whatever you see, in events, over the next month of this lunar cycle, are important developments in the USA for its security.

All this week is in the wake of the Solar Eclipse so it will be an intense week.

On Wednesday, the day after the eclipse, the Sun moves into Leo.  It is time to open your heart to express your self.  It is time to create and to trust your heart to take you where it is right for you to go.   But Leo can also mean big egos, so watch out for those who put themselves above others.

Also on Wednesday Jupiter conjuncts Chiron in Aquarius, which is part of the triple conjunction all this year between Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron.    This brings us events from the heavens or outer space, like space stations, new lunar pictures of the first moonwalk in 1969, and new questions about going to Mars one day. Watch also for other movements in the sky like UFOs or new asteroids, comets etc. this year.

The Moon joins the Sun in playful Leo on Wednesday and Thursday, but on Friday and Saturday it is get down to work time as the Moon is in Virgo then.

There will be a new forecast/blog put out next week on Saturday/Sunday, and in two weeks the last of the 3 eclipses of summer 2009 will occur, another Lunar Eclipse.

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Till next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico