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Fireball Alert and Astrology Forecast March 24-30

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Some fireball flashed in the sky across most of the East Coast USA on Friday, seen from New England to Florida.  This was the same day forceful god of war Mars was conjunct “awakener” Uranus in fiery Aries This ball of fire was seen as big as a Full Moon, and most believe it was a meteor.  But no one knows for sure.  

We have made the case on previous entries of Perspectives from the Sky that what happens on the East Coast USA, where the Sun comes up for the country, coinciding with an important planetary event, symbolizes something powerful is coming  for the USA as a whole.

Last year at the Full Moon in Scorpio/Taurus, which opened up the Autumn Eclipse Season, Hurricane Sandy destroyed much of the East Coast around New York and New Jersey, and ultimately had a huge influence on the USA Presidential Election.  Prior to that storm Governor Romney was ostensibly leading President Obama.  After that storm, Governor Christie of New Jersey was quite happy with President Obama’s help for New Jersey, and showed it in a big way. President Obama won reelection and many pundits believe that the storm was the turning point.

6 weeks later, after two powerful Eclipses, there was a New Moon in Sagittarius that finished up the Autumn Eclipse Season. Then at Sandy Hook School in Newtown Connecticut, there was a most horrible massacre of children.  For some strange reason the name Sandy was prominent at each tragedy.  This school massacre showed us potential results of the American culture of violence, and brought on the mission to limit guns in our American society.

Now, about a month before the first of 3 eclipses of Eclipse Spring Season 2013, an omen has flashed across the Easter skies of the USA.   This spring, along with the powerful eclipses, both Mars and Jupiter will make conjunction with the natal USA Mars, a significator of conflict, police, military, violence, and sometimes war.

With the Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries aspect at the same time as the fireball in the sky, this could be a sign that this spring will bring powerful events to our country, with the strong possibility of new conflict involving the USA.

Syria, North Korea, and Iran are hotspots now, and the empire may be looking to put a forceful stop to any threats to its dominance in the world.  These countries have been demonized by government and media to the American public.  This sets us up for rabid patriotism.  Like Iraq and Viet Nam, we can be herded like sheep off to war again.

If a major conflict does not happen this spring, events will nevertheless likely show us it is coming very soon.

Hopefully whatever happens will begin to wake people up all over the world.  It is time we stop unjust wars that can destroy so much of humanity, especially as our human family possesses so many nuclear weapons. It is time we make peace and love the pillars that hold our world and humanity.

It is time we develop institutions, and economic systems that do not reward the greedy, corrupt, or aggressive; but instead are conducive for fairness, equality,  truth, compassion, and love.   These are not Pollyanna dreams, as the cynical leaders of the world will make you believe.

These are values of the Greater Universe, a Universe that is sacredly meaningful and provides what is needed when it is needed to everyone so aligned and connected.

We as a human family have generally left alignment with that Universe, and then blame it (God) for our horrors.   We have been given the ability to create and choose, and what happens to us is the result of what we have sown.  This is karma.

Now, as we are in transition between ages, as old ways are falling apart and breaking down, new light is wanting to shine for breakthroughs into new ways.

We are moving into a time of renewed creativity, new choices.  There is indeed an Aquarian Age bursting open, but we are the chefs of its manifestation, we are the ones we are waiting for to create this world anew.

The Spring Eclipse Season will open around the New Moon in Aries on April 10, but the fireball of Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries is the herald of this Season. It has alerted us to the fires of new powerful energies on the way.

In your personal life, do not get too complacent or comfortable.  Same-old, same-old will not hold for long.  It does not have to be something huge to change your life this Eclipse Season, but at least it is time to let go of old attitudes and beliefs that keep you chained to the conditioning of the Old Age.  Its fears and its skepticism of our  living in a meaningful and sacred world should not infect your mind, heart and soul anymore.

Open more fully to knowing that we live in a world where all is connected, not separate. There is a wholeness that encompasses dark and light, male and female, yin and yang. We are one naturally, and only our attitudes are what separate us one from another. Yes, we are different, individualized and diverse, but held in the embrace of a unified Universe.

This week March 24-30 brings a Full Moon in Aries/Libra on Wednesday March 27.  Attached to this Full Moon are Pluto, Uranus, Venus, Jupiter, and Mars, which make aspect to one another on March 26-28.

So this Full Moon, though not as powerful as an eclipse, will be important and shake things up a bit.  It may take you off your normal balance and pull you in different directions.  Knowing what to do, or what to decide may be difficult, yet the process you go through will help you to see outside the box with greater insight and perspective.

The Full Moon is at 5:27 AM EDT.    Some themes will be “conflict or peace”; thinking of myself or others; listening or defending my self; impulsiveness or thinking things through.

After this Full Moon, we will be in the waning Moon phase, waiting for new activity at the New Moon in Aries, a lunation that will give a spark into the Spring Eclipse Season.

See you next week,

I have created an Astrology Forecast 2013 for youtube, part 1. And Part 2. I will put out a new youtube Spring Eclipse Season forecast in late March or early April.

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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years


Creating Our New Age and Astrology Forecast December 16-22

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

As we just passed through a New Moon in Sagittarius on December 13, Eclipse Season Autumn 2012 has ended.

This Eclipse Season began two weeks prior to the first actual eclipse, on a Full Moon October 29.  With that Full Moon came Hurricane Sandy, which was a devastating storm for the east coast USA.

The Eclipse Season ended at the Sagittarius New Moon on December 13, and the next day there was a most horrible tragedy again on the east coast USA, in Connecticut.  Strangely this tragedy occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Full Circle was from East Coast Sandy Hurricane to East Coast Sandy Hook school.

As we wrote at the Hurricane, storms moving into the section of America where the Sun first rises every day, the east coast, symbolically shows us what is expected to be moving into our country.  The east coast is also where Europeans first built settlements in their New World colonizing.

The USA’s transformation is a large part of the transformation of our Earth human community, as we transition from a dying Pisces Age to a developing Aquarian Age.

The Pisces Age began over 2000 years ago, around the time when Christ was born into a world largely dominated by the Roman Empire.    Now as we transition into an Aquarian Age, the last Empire, the Superpower USA Empire is dying. It is dying at a time when a Christ consciousness is wanting to  open in the hearts of humanity.

That Christ consciousness knows we are all brothers and sisters in our hearts and souls. We are all in this human experience together, all in the same family, with compassion for all our members, especially those who are least understood.

It is so easy to make tragedies defined by notions of good and evil,  about bad people and good people. And of course many are doing that with the School Tragedy in Connecticut, making Adam Lanza into a devil.    But tragedies happen for reasons that are difficult to fully understand.  There is mystery to the workings of nature, but also to the greater Universe or God.  Who was the evil demon who brought death and destruction from Storm Sandy?

When nature creates the tragedy, we do not look for someone to demonize.   We accept it is as just nature’s way.  When a human is horribly involved and perpetrating the tragedy, we desperately look for quick answers so we can feel in control to fix the problem so it will not happen again.

There are no quick fixes, but we can learn some lessons from these tragedies.    This time with the horror at Sandy Hook School, we are reminded of how our children are losing their innocence, and so are we adults.

There can be nothing worse to face than the loss of our children, a parent’s worst nightmare.  And there is also loss of innocence for the surviving children and for children all over the country and world who find out about this tragedy. There was a murder at an Oregon Mall the day before also.  So can we not feel totally safe at school or a mall anymore?

Where can children feel safe now, as their innocence is robbed from them.  But our decaying American society has already been taking away that childhood innocence.  Kids are now exposed to sex and drugs and drinking even before they are teens.  And there are many permissive parents who do not see anything wrong with that.

When kids are exposed to so much, when so young, what is there to experience later?   What are they being taught to value?

Why are they brought up to believe it is Ok to live in a world that has weapons of mass destruction, and that their country the USA used them and killed over 300,000 people in Japan  in World War II?

Why is it ok to bomb countries and invade those countries and yet those countries never attacked us?  Why is it OK that our world is so dominated by buying stuff, by making money.  Why do we live in a world that gives privilege to people who make more money or have more power?

Why are we so separated by family and country and religion?  Why do we hate people who are not just like us?

What kind of values are we giving our children, and why do we deprive them of their innocence?

And this man Adam Lanza was a child too, only 20 years old. He is a product of our world.

We have entered a most intense and difficult phase of our transition between ages, as we leave the Eclipse Season and move closer to the end of the Mayan calendar.

We must each make a stand, make a strong intention and commitment to the values of a new Aquarian Age. The old age will not end on December 21, 2012. A glorious New Age will not fully begin then either.

But we can each use that moment to visualize the kind of world we see coming in the Aquarian Age.  We can commit to bringing better values to our world and to our children. Those new values will be our new world, a world of social consciousness, of equality amongst all peoples, of liberation from unjust and corrupt governments and rulers.   We can quit giving our power away to corporations, by not making money and material possessions such a high priority in our world.  We can quit making our military such an important player in our collective lives, as that gives a high priority to might.

Militaries should only be for protecting our borders and people from invasion, not policing the world and giving us advantage over others.  We can begin to make a higher priority to our understanding others better, and making relationship and peace with them.  We can teach our children they live in a world that is good, with love, truth, and fairness our highest priorities.

In the Old World , which is dying, we have decaying values, and these decaying values are what create our tragedies, natural or man made, as nature is a part of us.

When someone asks you how there can be God when such horrible situations happen like in Connecticut, let them know this:  God (the Universe) is us, as we have been created in its image.  We started with a beautiful “park”, our Earth, and we have been destroying it as well as our human family.  We have let the higher values of this Universe, like Love and Truth, become low priorities in our world.

We are responsible for our world in an Aquarian Age, yes we the people are responsible.  And as we become more and more responsible, we quit giving our power away to Governments and Corporations, to presidents and dictators and kings and queens, celebrities, and saviors.  When we take all these powers off the pedestals, where we both idolize and blame them; we then create a world we can be proud of.

This is our world, and the Universe will support our co-creation of  the Aquarian Age.  Our children and our children’s children will be the beneficiaries of what we are learning to create.

As we await the ending of the Mayan calendar at the Winter Solstice this coming Friday December 21 at 6:11 AM EST there are less minutes of light every day tell then. The Winter Solstice is the darkest day of the year, but then afterward new light is born, and there is more and more light everyday until the Summer Solstice.  At this major turning point, we turn toward the light.   On that day, which is also the end of the Mayan Calendar,  may we concentrate our energies on the enlightened values we want for all the generations to come.

See you next week,


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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

Passing Storms and Astrology Forecast December 2-8.

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Mercury is back direct, the eclipse storms have passed.     It was quite an intense time, begun at the Full Moon in Scorpio/Taurus when Hurricane Sandy blew in severe winds of change to the USA east coast.     The very intense Presidential Election came next, then the War in Gaza on the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio.  The economy has showed signs of distress.  Many personal lives and psyches were shook up also.

Then at the last eclipse this last week, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius/Gemini, Palestine was overwhelmingly accepted by UN vote as a “state“.     Only a few nations voted against this, very notably and disturbingly the USA, Israel, and Canada.   As we have been letting you know, what happens in the Middle East is extremely important for our human family as we transition into an Aquarian Age.

Israel is likely to punish the Palestinians for asking to be admitted into the UN.   At the same time volatility and instability in Egypt and Syria, and other Mideast places promises more big eruptions there.    The Old World’s paradigm is very prevalent there, far away from the New Age values of  love, Diversity in Unity, equality, liberation, and self determination.    And remember because of oil and geopolitical strategies, much of the world is invested in how this region turns.

In our personal lives and consciousness, there is a letdown now after the great intensities of the eclipses.  Some will tend to be depressed now, especially so as we head downward through the darkest days of the year leading to the Winter Solstice and the end of the Mayan Calendar.

There is much to process and sort through after the eclipses, as we are on the wind-down phase of the Eclipse Season, which will end at the New Moon in Sagittarius on December 13, as liberating Uranus goes direct that day also.

But as we sort through the rubble after the eclipse storms, some are more unsure than ever where their lives are headed, as the eclipses broke them out of their “normal” rhythms and mind-frames and shook things up.   Now the old chapter is more obviously over.    But  for many the new chapter has not been defined yet.

Some people now know their relationship or job or home life has changed, ended or about to end.  Perhaps an old way of perceiving things has ended, an old illusion is seen for what it really is.  Now what?

For some there is growing clarity about what is coming next, as they experienced breakthroughs into new ideas,  a new sense of direction for their lives.

But for others there is much more to process, to understand before moving forward.   This coming week, Mercury will have started to move close to its normal speed, and out of the Mercury Storm period.  The Eclipses will be seen more clearly in the rear view mirror and we will start to recover and be ready to move forward.

Do your best now not to jump to conclusions too fast.   You are still in the aftermath of the eclipses and need time to brush your self off, and spend some time to ruminate and reflect, to go deeper inside to find your center again.

From that inner source you will be ready to see and experience the messages and intuitions that will light your way.

This coming week we are in the waning half of the lunar cycle, waiting for a strong New Moon the next week on December 13 in Sagittarius.   The last quarter Moon in Virgo begins this coming Thursday December 6, so energies after that will move even more inward and yin-ward, begging you to contact your inner compass and feel your feelings. Since that Moon will be in Virgo, it is also a time to clean up, fix what needs to fixed, healed and repaired, and prepare  your self for new beginnings after the New Moon in Sagittarius.

We are also in the “dark of the sun” period also, as we move to the darkest day of the year on December 21, 2012 at the Winter Solstice.

This also is the day of the ending of the Mayan Calendar.  I remember back in August of 1987, being in Berkeley California and meditating at the Harmonic  Convergence, which was the beginning of the countdown to December 21 2012.  We all began to  think then about the ending of the Mayan Calendar. It seemed so far away.

Much of the New Age was begun then, as people saw that 2012 date as the beginning of the New World.   I have always resonated with this Mayan Calendar to some degree, but of course mostly have been attuned to the planetary aspects of the Transformational planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, as I consider them the emissaries of the Aquarian Age, which is my yardstick for a New World.

And from 2012-2015 Uranus will square Pluto, which will shake up our old world and open new portals into the Aquarian Age.  The reverberations of those Uranus/Pluto meetings will last years after the 2015 exact squares.  Remember that in 1965-66 Uranus was conjunct Pluto, and this brought in the ’60s revolution, which lasted several years after the conjunction.

And now we will be experiencing the same kind of timing.  The waves of the Uranus/Pluto square and other supporting planetary aspects over these next few years will spread into the 2020’s.

The ride into a New World does not end on December 21, 2012.  But it is a marking point that must be important as so many of us have put so much into visualizing a better world in anticipation for it.  We have gone through years of healing, transformation, and making our minds, bodies, and souls more healthy.

The planets keep turning after the Mayan Calendar ends.   There is much more life to come. Do not expect three days of darkness or a great shifting of the poles that day,as many have predicted. We will not all be miraculously holding hands in a perfectly unified world that day.  We will not all be moving into a new dimension or ascending all at once.

But this will be a time to be a part of a great shift, an internal turn to unity consciousness, to a better sense of Diversity in Unity.  But you will need to be proactive in the process, joining with others, and/or meditating, perhaps doing ceremony, chanting or drumming.

Some will want to feel this alone, and perhaps it will be only a subtle shift for them. Some will make light of it, and see or feel nothing. Many will be disappointed that the world is not breaking down that day,  or that the world will not obviously be a much better place to live in right away.

Don’t expect too much or better yet do not expect anything.    Be centered inside your self and let it all unfold naturally.  Of course we are co-creating our new world, so prayer, visualization, and strong intention can certainly make a big difference.

You can see this as a major turning point on our voyage into an Aquarian Age.   But it is certainly not the end of the world, and not yet the end of the world as we know it.  But we are certainly in the process of moving through the end of the world as we know it, into an Aquarian Age.

See you next week,

Leo   Check out this new Youtube video I just created:

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Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

Mercury goes Retrograde on Election Day and Astrology Forecast November 4-10

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

As we let you know last week, the Full Moon in Scorpio/Taurus on Monday October 29 would be quite powerful and would open the flood gates to the Eclipse Season of Autumn 2012. Well Sandy blew into the east coast of the USA right on the Full Moon, and it was a most devastating storm.   Many homes and lives were destroyed, and millions are still in the cold waiting for power to be turned back on, waiting in super long lines for gasoline.   Iconic American places like the Jersey Shore and Atlantic City Boardwalk are gone, destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.

We spoke last week about how this storm, entering the eastern USA where the Sun rises for the country, was symbolic of a new day dawning in America.  And that new day began in a most powerful and devastating manner.   And at the next marking point in the lunar cycle, on November 6 at the last quarter Moon in Scorpio/Leo, Mercury will be stationing and going retrograde on Election Day in America.  We will be electing a President for the next four years, an important 4 years during which Uranus square Pluto will complete its current transformational dance together.

The world and the USA will change in ways during that time period that we cannot fully comprehend at this time.  It is likely that the ’60s Uranus conjunct Pluto revolution will pale in comparison to what is coming over the next several years.    From now until April 2014, when Uranus squares Pluto in a Grand Cross with Mars and Jupiter, all of which make extremely close aspect to the USA natal Sun in Cancer, the United States as we know it will transform as never before.  I believe by 2020, looking back on now, we will have a difficult time recognizing how it used to be.

The Superpower status of America will be gone, and the USA will be more an equal member of the tribe of peoples all over the Earth.  This does not mean we are a bad people who will be punished. This simply means that the age when empires flourished, beginning with Rome at the very beginning of the Pisces Age, is a time of the past. Aquarius is about liberation and equality, about Diversity in Unity, something the USA has been an example of.

But now that the USA has become a colonialist power and Empire, it has moved away from its enlightening glow; yet its original example is a template for the way the world is moving.  We will soon be a multi-polar world, with no one savior or special privileged nation.   This world stew was created with many different ingredients of peoples and races and nationalities, and in an Aquarian Age all are honored as integral to the overall flavor.

So every time we enter a period of important planetary configurations, as is the current Eclipse Season we now find ourselves within, there is a lot of shaking up of the status quo, a releasing of the past, as has happened with the current storm, and a desire to build anew. There is some pain and healing in the process, and an eventual transformation into a hopefully better world.

So now this week, as the Autumn Eclipse Season continues, there is a Presidential Election, on the day Mercury goes retrograde. The last time Mercury changed directions on a Presidential Election Day was in early November 2000 when it changed from retrograde to direct as Bush opposed Gore. Of course we all remember how crazy that day and the succeeding days were.  There were voting irregularities in Florida, which eventually led to the Supreme Court intervening weeks later to make determinations that led to the victory and Presidency of George Bush.

Already today November 3, Mercury has slowed down and is getting ready to change to retrograde on November 6. Confusion is already in the air. For a while it looks like President Obama will win, then it looks like Governor Romney will win, back and forth, which will continue.  Right now as I write, the momentum is moving in the direction of President Obama, as a result of the storm, which brought compliments to the President from New Jersey republican Governor Chris Christie and an endorsement from New York Mayor Bloomberg.

But with Mercury slowing down and changing to retrograde on Election Day, the winds could shift several times before the results are final.

On a logical level, without knowing for sure the hearts and minds of our American brothers and sisters nor the ultimate wisdom of the Universe, it seems Barack Obama should win.  The country is moving towards the culture he represents, as there is no stopping the equality for gays and lesbians, no stopping the current African American, Latino, and Asian cultures from becoming the majority of America in the near future. There is also no stopping the eventual movement to a more fair and shared economy.

That is our future.  And though Obama is certainly under the strong domination of the Military/Economic complex of the Empire, and unable to push for real and deep transformational change, nevertheless he represents the cultural change that will not be stopped.

But does that mean he will win this election?  Is there not a powerful push back now by a republican party now so influenced by white people, big business, and southern states from the old confederacy?  Do they not want to keep the world the way it has been?  Do not many people in the USA want to keep it the way it “has always been”?   And wouldn’t the fall of the Empire of the USA  be more poetic in the hands of those who have held power for so many years? Obama may be a look at how the culture will be one day in America, but perhaps not yet?

We do not know how this all will turn out on election day, but make no mistake about it, our lives will drastically change no matter who is president. The control by the Establishment of Big Government married with Big Corporation and Big Military is powerful no matter which party or president is in power.   Events will be quite dramatic over the next several years to transform this system no matter who becomes president.

But yes it does matter in our every day lives who is president. And yes it is fine no matter which culture you prefer, as that is what is democracy is all about. Perhaps you prefer Obama, or Romney, or Stein, or Johnson.  Each person deserves to vote their conscience and for someone who best represents their principles, values, and pocketbook.

But soon, no matter who wins, there will be great rage, especially so if there are close races in the so-called swing states like Florida or Ohio.  There will be claims of voter irregularities, especially so in Ohio if Romney wins, as his family owns the voting machines.

There will be a renewal of the old civil war, hopefully without the same violence.    And perhaps Lincoln (Obama) will need to be back in charge to try to make the country whole.   No matter who wins, please do not get in the war between cultures.  Do not demonize those who disagree with you. Believe me, in politics both sides cheat. I remember in 1960 when Kennedy won, everyone knew that democrat Mayor Daley in Chicago rigged the vote for Kennedy to win in Illinois.

Hatred and fear serve an old age, they will not help our country or world.   Do not be a part of the new civil war, it is a war of the past, and the separation of an old age.  We are meant to eventually bring all differences into a circle of diversified wholeness, like a yin-yang symbol.  If you do that in your own consciousness, you are contributing to a New World of Unity consciousness.

The eventual transformation of our world and country is inevitable, and it is such a huge change as we are moving into an Aquarian Age, one that has lasted over 2000 years.  And the Mayan Calendar is ending on December 21, 2012, an age that has lasted over 5000 years.

This Autumn Eclipse Season, which just began in a huge way last week, accelerates even more this coming week, at the last quarter Moon on Election Day, with Mercury going Retrograde.  Then a week later, before we have had much time to digest the election, which perhaps may not even be settled by then, there will be a New Moon, a most powerful New Moon, as it is Solar Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio.

Yes that New Moon will thrust us fast forward, with much Scorpionic passion.   The Middle East should be in the spotlight of world events, and other strong world events will be swirling through our lives. It is quite possible that dramatic new developments will erupt around Syria, Lebanon, Iran, and Israel.

In our personal lives, with the emphasis on Mercury Retrograde this week, there is a movement into a twilight zone of possible confusion. Much will shifting in our mental outlooks, perceptions, and perspective.  With the eclipses right behind, which includes a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on November 28, you will be taken out of your same old-same old patterns and motivated into shifting your life.

Mercury does not go back direct until November 26, at a time when we will be in the sphere of the Lunar Eclipse on November 28 and a very meaningful Mars conjunct Pluto, which will trigger the Pluto/Uranus square.

Get your ego out of the way and you will less likely to erupt into ugly disagreements. But this Scorpio Eclipse New Moon on November 13, will bring with it for many people a digging up of old hurts and resentments, and a clearing of the air potentially.

When the air does eventually clear, you will know better where you are at and where any relationships may be.  Though it is advised to wait before making any big decisions or big moves during Mercury Retrograde, the force of change may be too big for some to wait.   This coming month is meant to shift our personal and world perspectives.

In your personal life, for some the wave of change may be big, leaving you with a seeming choice to hold onto old security structures or instead to move forward in a new direction.   Do not let your ego or intellect make the decision. Use your heart combined with your mind, and your intuition. Let the Universe and your own soul unfold the knowing for you. Watch for synchronicities and symbols, and do not try to control. Sometimes we seek to alleviate the immense tension, and to make a decision before it is ripe.

You will know at the right time if you are patient.  But when the light does come on, do not be afraid to move forward. You will be supported to be your authentic self on your true soul journey of self actualization and finding your true purpose and function in our greater community.

You will not be rewarded for holding onto your victimization or “being a good person” who martyrs themselves.  You were created to be able to actualize your full potential and no one should stop you from that, not even your self.  Release and move forward this month.

See you next week after the election and just before the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio,


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Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

Storms of Change and Astrology Forecast October 28-November 3

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are moving forward this week into a quite intense beginning to Autumn Eclipse Season 2012. On Monday October 29 there is a Full Moon in Scorpio/Taurus that is the last major lunation before the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio on November 13. That will be the first of two eclipses in November, the second is a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Sagittarius/Gemini on November 28.

So the winds of the Eclipse Season blow in this coming week, and here on the east coast USA it is literal as there is Hurricane Sandy blowing in with powerful winds and rain.  It is expected to arrive on the shores of eastern USA close to that Full Moon this Monday.

Metaphorically, as the east is where new daily Suns rise, this Hurricane brings with it to America, on the east coast where the Sun first rises here every day, the beginning of the Eclipse Season for the USA. So we can expect that eclipse season to be a powerful time here.

There is a Presidential Election on November 6, at the last quarter Moon in Scorpio/Leo.  On that same day Mercury changes to retrograde, bringing back shades of the 2000 Presidential Election between Bush and Gore.  That election night, Mercury was also changing directions, from retrograde to direct.  The day when Mercury changes directions, no matter which way it is shifting, is the craziest most confusing time in Mercury’s journey.

In 2000 there was extraordinary confusion about who won, and about voting irregularities.  This time polls show there will likely be a very close election again, and if so people will be screaming about vote fraud again. I am not sure how Election Night will play out this time, but expect some chaos and confusion.

But first we have this storm blowing in at the Full Moon in Scorpio/Taurus on Monday October 29 at 3:49 PM EDT.  The invasive power of Scorpio confronts the fixed Earth of Taurus, quite perfect astrologically for this hurricane forcefully entering the eastern landmass of the USA.

Saturn will be conjunct the Sun, and Pluto will also be making aspect to this Full Moon, bringing more seriousness and depth of emotion and mind. And timed with the election shortly thereafter, and the eclipses shortly after that,  the winds of change will dramatically be shifting the affairs in the USA.

Whichever way the election turns, since the political parties now represent two very different cultures more that anything else, there will be much rage and negativity shown by the losing party.   We have been for some time now entrenched in a culture war here in the USA, and in recent years that war has gotten more and more intense.

Of course we know many crazies on the fringe of the “right” hate President Obama and have threatened his life, yet there were also stories recently about how crazies on the “left” have threatened to assassinate Romney if he becomes president.  These threats were all over Twitter last week.

There is reason to fear a kind of civil war here in America, especially if the economy gets much worse, as money issues often bring out the worst in people.  I have often thought that Obama is a reincarnation of President Lincoln, and of course our current lanky black President would be poetic justice if linked to the Civil War and the emancipation of the slaves.

We could conceivably have a new “civil war” in the USA, with the south now representing much of the republican party, versus the north and especially the northeast, which was most of northern USA in 1860, and is now overwhelmingly democrats.

If this is how things play out, then perhaps Obama (Lincoln) will be the one who wins this election and is called upon to heal the country again.

I still believe, by certain astrological factors I use, that Romney is  more likely to win; but the Universe is a mysterious place and “Lincoln” could be needed again.

If you are someone who has been getting outside the conventional world box, and transforming your consciousness toward more love and truth, healing of our Earth and human community, and alignment with an Aquarian Age, it will be best to not get in the fight between democrats and republicans. That fight is part of an old paradigm of separation.  Let it go and visualize and work for a New World.

So as this storm and full moon blow in, just a week before the election and Mercury Retrograde, and just two weeks before the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio, expect the unexpected.  But we can likely expect the nastiness of this election to get much worse; and we can likely expect the Middle East, especially around the Solar Eclipse to become even more explosive; and we can expect crazy happenings with the economy and stock market.

So batten down the hatches as the storm and full moon blow in.  And be careful in your interpersonal relationships to keep somewhat of a lid on your more negative emotions.    Scorpio can bring with it a stinger to push people’s emotional buttons and Taurus can be so stubborn and resistant. That combination can bring big fights;  and since we are talking Taurus and Scorpio, issues of money and possessions and how they are shared can be in the spotlight of our disagreements. “Tugs of War” can certainly erupt.

Keep in mind that at this Full Moon, and through much of November, that issues will be pushed to come to a head, that energies will be favorable for getting to the core of issues, especially ones that have been previously “pushed under the rug”.  It is a good time, and it will happen quite organically in most cases, to go deeper into what is bothering you or holding you back.  It is a good time this month to “hash it out”, to come to some kind of resolution or at least a clearing of the air.

You will then know better what is needed to be let go and released and what can instead be fixed or healed.  There will be endings, and passing through old “seasons” of your life; and there will be new births and renewals.

So much is changing now and for the next few years because of Uranus square Pluto and moving closer and closer to an Aquarian Age. And how about the Mayan Calendar ending on December 21, 2012?

Each planetary aspect or lunation or eclipse can take on so much more transformational significance or importance than usual now.   Keeping the status quo if it is not aligned with your authentic soul and its journey, will seem impossible sometimes.  It will sometimes feel like holding onto the edge of a cliff with the wind blowing.

All is coming to you in divine order, though sometimes at these crossroads it is up to you to decide which way to turn.  Do not trust your intellect at these times to lead the way. It is the connection between mind and heart  that helps, and an allowing for the Universe and your deeper soul to reveal to you signs and symbols and synchronicities to light the way.

There is no reason to stress and worry, instead trust the process to show you the way at just the right time.  Stress and fear can only close you up so you cannot “see straight”.

Your awareness is getting sharper, your consciousness is expanding, so naturally old ways may not work anymore. It can bring fear at first to let go of old security structures, but time will bring you new security and greater freedom to live your life authentically.

See you next week,

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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.