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Beyond the Veil and Astrology Forecast October 29- November 4

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week Scorpio energies stay strong while we take the waxing ride up to a Full Moon in Taurus on Friday/Saturday October 27/28.

The Scorpionic secrets from the Kennedy files were opened last week, but only partially. This partial opening of those files of course stimulates conspiracy feelings.

It is pretty obvious, in my estimation, that the Powers That Be (whether we consider that as the Deep State or Military/Industrial Complex or New World Order or Illuminati or whatever ), intend to keep control of lives and of the Paradigm that has been programmed into the herd of humanity. People knowing the truth hurts their cause.

However, as the portals to the Age of Aquarius keep opening, breakdowns of the Order will happen more and more often.  As they do, the Order will want to get more and more oppressive and dominating of our lives.

Look at Catalonia.  It is pushing for independence from Spain.  And thus Spain took violent control over Catalonia.

Now the Civil War there has begun.

And here in the USA a culture war revealed itself so much more during the last Eclipse Season.   Those who praised Trump during the Presidential Election process last year, like White Supremicists, were part of an a hateful conflict in Charlottesville during that last Eclipse Season.

It is obvious that this Culture War is dividing the USA in a large way, and it will get much more inflamed next year. And then chaotic change versus dominating Order will become a more intense conflict.

Let me peer just a bit into 2018. Of course I will put out a more comprehensive written forecast, as well as YouTube and audio forecasts in early 2018.

There will be another Eclipse Season in January/February 2018.   Whatever was begun during Eclipse Season in July-September 2017 will break open to a whole new level then.

In the global scene, besides the Charlottesville incident, North Korea and the USA began engaging in a dangerous war of words with one another.  That is now destined to break open into a major conflict.  And the culture war inside the USA will also get more heated, especially so as Trump is now destined to be challenged in a major way next year.

People within the government and outside the government will seek to have him overthrown from the Presidency.

And next year the stock market and economy will also face major downfalls. So you can see how the Order will be threatened in a big way next year, so it will then seek to keep things under strict control to maintain its power.

Much of the turmoil next year will be triggered during the January/February Eclipse season, the highlight being a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aquarius on February 15.  That Eclipse will be almost exactly conjunct the USA natal Moon in Aquarius, and opposite Trump’s natal Mars and Ascendant in Leo.

Whatever in your life opened up during the July-September time period last year, will be burst more forward in January-March 2018.

Our world is transforming in a major way. It must if we are to enter an Age of Aquarius.

It is not easy to let go of old paradigms or ways of life, even if they are painful, self denying, and have made us unhappy and stuck. The old and familiar give us a sense of security and safety even if they were not either secure of safe.  Many years ago when I quit cigarettes, I felt like I was saying goodbye to an old friend (one that was killing me).

We need to let go of the old and familiar in a very big way now, inside ourselves especially.  We need to each empower ourselves in ways we never have before.  In doing so, we can stand up for ourselves and for what we believe in.

Look at how women are standing up against abuse of power now.  Look how African Americans are standing up (or taking a knee) against oppression now.  Do you also see how this is part of the current culture war?

If this becomes more a war between liberal and conservative viewpoints instead of standing up for what one believes, we move into that culture war which will continue to divide us in an unhealthy way.

Conservatives are not the enemy, liberals are not the enemy.  It is in the essence of the Universe’s natural seasons of life, to let go and release that which is not aligned with where we are evolving. That movement requires no enemies.

And a consciousness of Diversity within Unity is aligned with that Age of Aquarius.  And conservative viewpoints are part of that new age.  But bigotry, hatred, and discrimination are not part of that age; and so conservative viewpoints and white men, for instance, can be very much a part of this new age. If you judge, discriminate, and hate based on a category of people, you have become one of the biased, prejudicial people you have disliked.

Expect a big breakdown of old security systems next year, in the world and in our personal lives.

This week we are moving toward a Full Moon in Taurus, which is at 1:23 AM EDT Saturday November 4.

That means the Sun will be in Scorpio exactly opposite the Moon in Taurus.

Taurus stands for solid, calm unaffected stability.  Scorpio possesses intense passionate emotions.  So these two opposite energy fields clash,  but can make relationship with one another in the best expression of this Full Moon.

You may mainly stand for calm stability, and if so be prepared to let in more intense energies around this Full Moon in Taurus.

Or you may be really intense and passionate yourself around this Full Moon, and if so do not expect everyone to meet you there.  Be prepared for people who might put up a wall to protect themselves from what they experience as too much intensity to handle.

You may feel you need to decide between these two opposite ways of being inside your self: letting out your deepest empowered truth, or instead keeping it inside in a safe way.

Taurus Full Moons can also bring about “tugs of war”, as both signs can be rather stubborn.

But this Full Moon in Scorpio/Taurus can also become a very nice mixture of passionate soulful feelings (Scorpio) within a solid physical structure or body (Taurus).

So sex can be very enjoyable with that combination.

Earlier this week, on October 31, it is Halloween in many cultures, which meaningfully coincides with the ancient natural yearly turning point Samhain.

It is half way between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice.  Halloween got its inspiration from Samhain as Samhain has been known as the time of year when the veils between worlds is the thinnest.

The world of the dead is more open to be seen.  Connecting with those in your life who died is more possible now, and many say ghosts can be more easily experienced at this time of year. So it is easy to see how Halloween came about.

Till next week


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Get What You Need and Astrology Forecast October 30- November 5

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The New Moon in Scorpio on Sunday October 30 begins the lunar cycle that will lead into the Election on November 8.   That New Moon in Scorpio happens at 1:38 PM EDT.

Of course new moons always mean new beginnings, new starts, and energy to get going.

Being in Scorpio this new moon brings  emotional intensity,  primal instincts, a lazer beam into deeper thoughts and feelings, a revealing of previously hidden secrets,  and more passion.

Primal instincts, emotional intensity and greater passion usually translates into more “real” feelings and expressions.

In the Presidential Election process, this will mean that the “gloves are taken off” completely and it will get even uglier than before.

The process of revealing hidden secrets has already begun as the FBI has said it is looking again at Clinton emails, emails that were newly procurred from its investigation of Anthony Weiner’s sexting investigation.

I wrote many months ago that I leaned toward astrologically believing Donald Trump would win this election, especially so if security issues became more important through world events.

So I now believe that if these new emails strongly suggest that our USA security was compromised by the Clinton state department personal servers, then that will fit and Donald Trump will win.

Much can still happen before November 8, and both sides will continue their ugly strategy of ruthless attacks on one another.

Wouldn’t it be great if the candidates concentrated on the issues that are so important for this country now?

The day after the New Moon on October 31 is Samhain, the original reason for honoring that date.

Relatively recently October 31 became Halloween and November 1 is the religious All Saints Day.

Samhain is approximately half way between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice. It was said by our more ancient ancestors to be the day that the veils between the “outer seen world” and the “inner invisible world” are the thinnest.

I am sure you can see how contacting the spirits or ghosts from the unseen world could be scary for some, and hence Halloween.

Around Samhain is said to be a  good time to make contact with loved ones who have died, or ghosts trapped on the Earth plane.

It is also a good time during Scorpio time of year to trust your instincts more or to see deeper truth.

People may be more willing to share their secrets or on the contrary to hold more tightly to them.

If you have been holding onto resentments that you have not previously expressed, this may be a good time to let them out and express.

Remember that the longer you hold back strong emotions, the more lethal they become.

It is like putting a mildly anger person in a closet.  If you keep them there inside the closet a long time, their emotions will build to something much more intensely rageful than before.

So now might be a good time to “come out of the closet”, to express your feelings or even to reveal your true self or secrets you have held onto.

On the 2nd/3rd of November Mercury in Scorpio will sextile mythological “guardian of the underworld” Pluto.

Expressions of deeper truths will be more likely during that time period.

Scorpio also represents “darker” energies, and here in the Northern Hemisphere it coincides with days becoming darker and colder.

We are all settling into our deeper emotions and deeper realities.  Libra sought to turn issues into more peace, more beauty, more civilized behavior.

The next sign Scorpio wants what is real, whatever that turns out to be.  It will reject “rose colored glasses” even if it makes things easier to handle.

For spiritual people this time of year is great for seeing deeply with greater insight.   It is a good time to express one’s deeper truth and to merge more deeply with others at the core level of being.

Sex can be great during Scorpio time of year too, as we are more taken by our passionate instincts.

In the process of expressing our instincts, we get to the truth we have suppressed or repressed; we then can release old wounds and traumas.

There is a potential healing and then there is a renewal or rebirth.

Scorpio, which is “ruled” by Pluto, represents true transformation at the deepest of levels.

So now you are ripe to go deeper in your transformational process, to raise Kundalini, to shed old skins, to make powerful new beginnings.

Our world is in the same state.  We are about to shed the old skin from an old chapter of our collective lives.

As the Obama era comes to end, so does a dying season of our lives.

We are getting ready for whatever happens next, for whatever the results of the election will be.

Remember that how it will look on the surface will not be the same as the deeper reality.

We are in the process of transformation between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius.

And just like when a relationship ends through divorce or death, it can feel so horrible at first.

But then later we may realize how meaningful it was for the disolution of that relationship.

We are ready at a collective soul level to leave an old era of our lives, and to grow and evolve into a new era of our lives.

Life is more a mystery than we realize.   And we may not always get what we want, but we do get what it is that we truly need. (thank you Rolling Stones).

Till next week,


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Deepening our Experience and Astrology Forecast October 25- 31

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This coming week should bring a deepening into one’s body and soul.  Water and Earth signs are strongly represented this week.  Water and Earth together bring energies “down and in” instead of “up and out”. Together they represent Yin instead of Yang.

There is a Full Moon on Tuesday the 27th at 8:05 AM EDT.  That Full Moon has the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus.   Scorpio is water and Taurus is Earth, both Yin signs.

Both are “fixed” signs as Scorpio is fixed water and Taurus is fixed Earth  Water is feelings, emotions, and soul.   Earth is nature, practicality, and the body.

Since Scorpio is fixed water there is a tendency to hold onto feelings and emotions.

Since Taurus is fixed earth, it tends to want to hold onto that which gives it a sense of physical security.

At a Scorpio/Taurus Full Moon, as this one is, there can be “tugs or war” between people who stubbornly hold onto their position or agenda.

Taurus does not like too much emotion or intensity, and Scorpio does not like anyone who lacks emotion or passion.

So there can be a conflict between people who represent each of those positions.

Be careful this week not to let your “buttons” get pushed or to push someone else’s buttons.   If it does happen, then it must be because emotions need to be expressed in order to clear the stale air of suppressed feelings.

All week there will be a pull downward into that which is real.  There is a strong emphasis on the signs Scorpio, Taurus, and Virgo.  That leaves little room this week for escapism or avoidance or over romantacizing.

There is a need to make real now, to go deeper to know the truth.

Finding the truth may take you down into the dark corners of your psyche.  In fact you may also be able to go even deeper than that.

Saturday the 31st brings us into Samhain, an annual energetic passage that our ancestors celebrated.

Modern pop culture calls it Halloween and in religion it is called All Saints Day.

Samhain is approximately half way between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice.  It is a time when the veils between worlds are very thin.

As such one can, with meditative effort, get in touch with the spirit world and with those who have passed through death into other dimensions.

Try this through your meditation or through ceremony and ritual or even just staring into fire and making a soul intention to contact spirit.

It is easy to see why, as a result of this easier contact with the spirit world at Samhain,  tha tHalloween was created.   The more easy contact with spirits must have brought some fears of ghosts and monsters to people back in the day.

So use this time of year to let the spirit world into your consciousness. Allow the increasing darkness at this time of year to help you to go deeeper into the soul.

To foster this process we turn our clocks back overnight from October 31 to November 1.   It is time to be more inner directed, with less energy put into striving and set outer directed agendas.

Getting more in touch with mysteries, and with opening up previously closed secrets is in order now.  Also doing more introspection and delving more deeply into one’s unconscious is  in order now.

After the Full Moon on Tuesday the 27th we enter the last and waning half of the lunar cycle.  The light of the Moon will begin to dim, prompting us even more to go deeper.

It may be helpful at this time of year to be able to process your feelings with someone.  That will help you to gain objective perspective.  Do your best to not allow yourself to get into dark dramas inside your self or with others.

There is still alot to process, sort through and make sense of from all the storms of the eclipse season.

After the New Moon in Scorpio on November 11, it will be time to get more fully immersed in the new chapter of your life.

In the greater world, the eclipses took us into a faltering economy and stock market; major upheaval in Jerusalem and elsewhere in Palestine and Israel; Russia beginning to bomb in Syria; and China and the USA daring each other in waters near the South China Sea.

For now most of these issues have settled down in intensity. But the fact that they all erupted during the Eclipses in September strongly suggests that these matters are important ones that will come back to haunt us- excuse the pun.

The transformation of our old world and its institutions will continue.   There will be much more powerful changes on the way. The events during the recent Eclipse Season “set the table” for what is to come.

So it is likely that around and after the New Moon in Scorpio, world events will intensify again, especially those that are connected to the events that erupted in September.

In your own life, you continue to be ripe for awakenings, deeper realizations, and generally big breakthroughs into new lands of consciousness.  We are each evolving, through personal transformation, into more authentic soul beings.  As we transform we become more attuned to the energies and realities of the Age of Aquarius.

These breakthroughs also help us to shed the weight of EGO, the part of each of us that has allegiance to needs to dominate and control reality in service to the laws of separation and chance.   As we trust more, we let go to our soul self, our “higher self”, the part of us  that is connected to the Universe, nature, and that which connects everything and everyone together with meaning.

We give allegiance to the flags of Love and Truth and the birthing of a New World of stewardship of our Earth, its creatures, and our human family.   We can sense more and more the tone and frequency of a world of Diversity and distinct Individuality connected to the Unity of greater Community.

Till next week,


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Leo Knighton Tallarico has been a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for 30 years.

Powerful Transformation and Astrology Forecast October 27- November 2

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are entering an important time period now.   The centerpiece of this time period, in the midst of Autumn Eclipse Season 2013, will be from October 30- November 6.    Within that time frame is an exact Uranus/Pluto square on November 1 and a Hybrid Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio on November 3.

The power of the “underworld”, where deep transformation brews, will be at its most powerful.    Pluto mythologically is the Guardian of the Underworld, Hades.    Pluto is the planet most affiliated with the sign Scorpio, which will hold the energy for the Solar Eclipse.

Mercury Retrograde is also in Scorpio now and at the time of the coming Solar Eclipse. And of course the Uranus/Pluto aspect on November 1 includes the Underworld Guardian as well.  There are a lot of strong and mysterious energies to hold now.

This week on October 31-November 1 is Samhain, commonly known in modern times as Halloween.     Our ancestors knew that every year at this time, which is approximately mid way between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice, that the veil “between worlds” is the thinnest and most permeable.

We are able to lift the lid from the inner dimension and make contact with frequencies and spirits from “down under”.    It is more common at this time of year to do double takes on certain spots in our sight, as we may glance at movement of spirits, but not able to see them clearly.

It is a good time for psychic feelings, and also for contacting those who have died.  Deeper emotions are also more accessible now.

But do not let the “pull downward” into your deeper feelings upset you. It is normal now to feel deeper emotions, maybe even thoughts of times past that you have heretofore pushed into the darker corners of your psyche.

It may be time to resurrect those memories so you can integrate a part of who you have been,  back into your awareness.    That which has been suppressed, especially so-called “negative” thoughts or emotions, may need to be exposed again so you can heal some part of your self or relationship.

Just after Samhain is the Uranus/Pluto square on November 1 and then the Solar Eclipse on November 3.

This Uranus/Pluto exact square is the 4th of 7 exact passes between them. The last pass will be in March of 2015.  The most powerful pass will be in April of 2014, when Uranus and Pluto are part of a Grand Cross alignment that will make an almost exact aspect to the USA natal Sun.  Two Eclipses will also be activated that month.

Of course you know that the last major meeting of Uranus and Pluto was in 1965-66, and it ignited the ,60s revolution and evolution.  They were conjunct midway through Virgo back then.  That started the current Uranus/Pluto cycle, and now the revolution and evolution begun at that time goes to the next level, at a much more accelerated pace again.

The Hybrid Total Solar Eclipse is on Sunday November 3 at 7:50 AM Eastern Standard Time, in fact the first day after we turn our clocks back. That Solar Eclipse should be visible here on the east coast, but not so in western USA time zones.  Those in southern Europe and Africa will also be able to view this eclipse.    It is Hybrid because it will not be a Total eclipse everywhere and at all times.

This eclipse should cause a powerful shakeup of the status quo. Emotional intensity will be increasing as we get closer and closer to the actual event.   Intensity could stay strong days afterward.

Previously held secrets are being exposed, like the NSA spying on USA allies, such as Germany.   More secrets could be exposed, and perhaps some in your personal life as well. Emotions and events from the usually hidden “underworld” will emerge and cause us to shift our consciousness and perhaps our lives as well.

We will experience that which has been previously controlled, and in some cases inner demons will be released so they can be worked with, expressed and let go of.

Being polite will tend to give way to being being authentic and real.  It will be more difficult to be phony or pretentious.  It will also be easier now to see people’s “darker” side and ulterior motives, but remember that sometimes what looks to be real is actually the result of being a bit paranoid.     Check things out before jumping to conclusions.

Also be careful not to have explosions of temperament, explosions which will burn bridges of trust between you and others. Express authentically but watch out for how much you might be hurting someone’s feelings.

This is a time of potential empowerment and renewed passion, so trust the process now to take you there, even if it gets a bit “ugly” sometimes.

In the greater world, Pandora’s Box of  held back truths will tend to open up.

Our weak economy will likely be more exposed, and in foreign affairs issues with Syrian, Iran, and Israel will likely intensify. Israel is very unhappy with the apparently changing relationship between Iran and Syria- with the United States.   Israel could potentially make an attack on Iran around this Solar Eclipse or at the next New Moon in Sagittarius on December 2.

If neither the economy or the Middle East go into serious crisis during the Autumn Eclipse Season lasting into early December, then I believe we will get a “pardon” until late winter or spring 2014. Of course other powerful world events may happen during this current Eclipse Season.  The powerful planetary movements now make difficult aspect to President Obama’s natal chart.   He will be under great stress and challenge. He is in my estimation part of a bridge from one age to the next.  He has much of both Ages in his soul, and as he goes back and forth he becomes hard to read.

The old world, the old age, the old paradigm are dying as they do not provide our human family a fair, just, loving,  competent structure to live and work within.   Our children and future generations will need a new structure and paradigm, one where all our human family is able to live a quality life. The vast disparity between super rich and poor is not serving our human family.   Wars that are mostly about greed and power do not serve our human family.

We are ready to transform our world, but first we each need to de-program ourselves as to what is “normal”.  We are told that the way it is- is how it has always been- and always will be.  We are taught that life is random, not truly meaningful. We are taught that we live in a world of survival of the fittest, every man for himself or his own family or nation or religion.

Us against Them is what we have been programmed to believe and of course we act that belief out.

It is a time of great change upon us.  Just as we learned that we live in a round world, not a flat one; we are now ready to metaphorically know that same reality in other areas of our life.

Round creates circles and circles are wholeness or unity.    A flat world is a world of straight lines of separation.  We are all one, one family.  All the differences can be encompassed in a circle of unity, like the Moon or Sun or the Yin/Yang symbol.

Nature and the Universe show us the unity through these symbols, and now it time for us to live that way here on Earth with our brothers and sisters in every part of this world. Diversity in Unity is the Age of Aquarius.   Our path on the circle has almost entered that Age, but rocky roads we will need to collectively walk before we arrive.

See you next week,

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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years

Lifting The Veils and Astrology Forecast for October 31- November 6

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Halloween, of course, is the modern day equivalent of Samhain, a celebration of the approximate midpoint between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice.   It is considered the time of year when there is turn toward the darkness; it is also considered a time when the veils between worlds is thinnest. 

Halloween is almost like a modern satirical version of Samhain. The turn toward the darkness can bring in fear for some.  And of course as the veil gets thinner between worlds, the underworld of spirits and lost souls become more accessible to our waking consciousness.  Halloween is our modern attempt to make relationship with the darker world of “ghosts and goblins”, in a light way.

The dream state and awake state are closer to one another now also.    Our habitual natures and driven lives can feel a loss of control. It is time to let go and surrender to the process of alllowing the unseeen world to merge more with our seen world.  Some people try now to contact those who have passed from our lives, who have died.   Some feel “re-connected” with those who have passed

In reality our days are truly getting darker and darker now, until Winter Solstice when the dark minutes of the day are greatest, but then turning back toward lighter days thereafter.  And the coming Winter Solstice of 2010 promises to be a doozy, as there is a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon right on the day of the solstice.

As we have been letting you know in recent writings, some big events are coming to our collective lives between late October and mid January.   I would probably extend that end date out to the end of winter, as the event of a Lunar Eclipse on the Winter Solstice provides us with a “signature” for the winter season. That season promises to be filled with intensity, change, and deep transformation for our human condition here on Earth.

And of course some events have aleady been surfacing, as we have entered that time frame begun at the end of October.  This past week, there was a 7.7 Earthquake in Indonesia that caused a tsunami and killed a few hundred people.  The next day there was an eruption of a volcano, also in Indonesia.  

And yesterday there was a potential muti-pronged terror attack that is apparently thwarted.  There were explosives found inside printers headed for Chicago synagogues.  There are presumably other explosives that may still be out there.

The coming events  will get more powerful, and are meant to break us out of an old paradigm, and old and tired way of living our lives as humans here on Planet Earth. 

It should be quite obvious to anyone looking with clear eyes at our world, that our conventional old world ways are not working anymore, and in fact are quite toxic and destructive to our free and natural hearts, souls, bodies, and minds.

The big events coming our way this late autumn and winter, though painful at times, will help us release and move beyond an old chapter of our lives, in fact an old and dying Pisces Age, begun over 2000 years ago.

This clearing of the old chapter and paradigm will break free an opening for new and creative energies to help us build a new world and Aquarian Age.   The Phoenix will rise from the ashes of a dying old world.

What may some of these big events be like?   It is quite possible that our economy will experience a big event or revelation that will turn the stock market and our economy fast downward. It is possible that the Middle East will break open into greater hostilities and war. It is possible that the western world will experence a powerful attack on its people and interests. It is possible that there will be a great revelation about UFOs or alien visitations that will totally transform our paradigm and lives forever.  It is possible that natural disasters will greatly shift our Earth structure. It is possible there are surprise events we cannot imagine now that are coming our way.

This week October 31-November 6

Not only have we entered the solar cycle dark time of year, we also have just entered the waning part of the lunar cycle, as the night skies get darker and darker until the New Moon on November 6.  That last lunar phase began on Saturday October 30.  Halloween/Samhain is October 31/November 1.  Election Day, November 2, is at a dark time in both the lunar and solar cycle. Results that may not seem very enlightened or progressive may be coming our way that day.   Do not worry. This will not be a long term shift, but a “negative” way of shaking up the status quo way of doing political business. 

Progress into an Aquarian Age is inexorable. Nothing can stop it, yet we can make it a more difficult transition if we stubbornly hold onto old ways and beliefs too strongly.  The Rally to Restore Sanity shows us progressive forces are coming our way much more strongly in the near future.

Venus in Scorpio is about half way through its retrograde cycle now.     Relationship issues are reaching a climax this week ahead.   You can go deeper into insight, get more empowered to state your truth.   You can now release your old demons and dyfunctional patterns.  Some relationships will have to end now, others will find healing and new life.  As Venus enter backwards into Libra next week, relationship issues will find more balance and peace.   Venus will go back direct on November 18 and will go full circle to where it began on December 20.

There will be New Moon in Scorpio on November 5 at 9:52 PM PDT and on November  6 at 12:52 AM.   This happens a couple days after the election.  Greater events will be coming our way after that date.  These events will reflect the power and intensity of Scorpio.  It is time to “get down” into what is real, what brings out our real emotions and deeper truth.  Being polite when we do not feel it will not work then.  We cannot solve our problems by lying and covering up what is really going on for us.  The Truth truly does set us free. Expect more revelations in the world that bring more disillusion, but set us on the path of truth and healing.

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.  You can get an astrological session with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life.  Please write for more info. Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

He predicted the Iraq War of 2003- in early 2001 when Bush first took office; predicted the 9-11 attacks with an article “The Tower”, written in June 2001.  He predicted Obama and McCain would get the presidential nominations in november 2007, when both were low in the polls; and correctly predicted the current economic downturn before it occurred.