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Lighter and Darker and Astrology Forecast May 19-25.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

As the Full Moon in Scorpio leaves our awareness after the weekend of May 18-19, we get ready to come down another notch into what is real in our lives.

The last half of the current lunar cycle begins this week as we view a Moon getting darker by the minute.  At the same time as the lunar cycle darkens, the solar cycle gives us in the Northern Hemisphere of Earth more light by the minute.

The Moon darkens until June 3, as the New Moon in Gemini that day begins the process of the Moon growing once again with more light every night.

At the same time, the Sun brings more light every day until the Summer Solstice on June 21, when the Sun stops at its highest place in the sky to shine the most light of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

Symbolically, the Sun represents the conscious intent for humans to shine, create, fully express, and succeed with utmost confidence.

Symbolically the Moon represents an inner, more instinctual intent to give and receive comfort and nurturance, to protect and express inner values of care and empathy.

So this week our inner and outer worlds are moving in vastly different directions.  Our collective conscious desire is to move with “glass half full” intent to get better and better in our relationship with the world.

Our collective soul/feeling desire is to feel what is natural for us to feel, even if that means sadness, grief,  or even feeling sorry for ourselves at times.

In the “world out there” there are many challenges.  The USA is digging in against its so-called enemies: Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, China, and Russia.   The USA has enacted or is a part of sanctions on all those countries. The USA Natal Mars in Gemini is triggered in May and June by Jupiter being directly opposite in Sagittarius.

No matter what is stated as motivation against these countries, the real reason for much of the conflicts is needs for more power and control, domination, and in some cases control over natural resources like oil and natural gas.

When Trump chose Bolton and Pompeo as integral leaders in his administration, most people knew that meant war was likely to come, as both those men are known to be military hawks hankering for a fight.

We are at a big turning point in our country and world now.  The next 9 months of so will  greatly determine the path we take over the next several years in regards to economy and war.

Especially important will be the next two Eclipse Seasons- in the Summer of 2019 and the Winter of 2019/20.

The Saturn/Pluto powerful configuration is getting closer and closer now, with their only exact conjunction being in January of 2020, which is the climax of their planetary relationship at this time.  Of course Eclipses will also be happening in January 2020, as well as July 2019.

This all will have great effect on our personal lives too. I am now scheduling a webinar for Saturday June 22 from noon-4:30 PM EDT.  We will look at Saturn/Pluto, its history and effect on our human condition then and now. And I will give interpretation for each webinar participant concerning the effect of Saturn/Pluto in their own charts and lives. In this webinar we also take a peek at the next presidential election in November 2020, and an outlook on the economy and the condition of our lives going forward: fee $120 with 1 scholarship offered for those most in need. Write me at for more info and to sign up.

Also I will begin a Podcast/Radio show series on Monday June 3 at the Gemini New Moon. Summer Eclipse Season 2019 begins at that new moon, though the first eclipse will still be a month away. 

Yes we now enter a most important time here on Earth, as the condition of consciousness for each of us is most important for the direction, condition, and quality of our entrance into The Age of Aquarius.

Yes this week we have moved into the “downhill” movement of the waning half of the lunar cycle begun on May 4 at the Taurus New Moon.

That next lunar cycle begins at the New Moon in Gemini on June 3. That is when Sun and Moon are conjunct at 12+ degrees of Gemini.

This week the Sun goes into Gemini on Tuesday May 21.  As we stated, the Moon will join the Sun in Gemini creating a New Moon in Gemini on June 3.

This week when the Sun leaves Taurus and enters Gemini, our intentions begin to be more mental and social and less physical and solitary.

Gemini stirs the mind and nervous system into more activity.  Needs to communicate get stronger, which for many means more talking.   But writing can also be a means to communicate now. People tend to both take classes and create classes during Gemini time.

Gemini rhythm is “information in- information out”- just the facts- no opinions, judgments or editorializing.   That is when Gemini is purely Gemini.

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, the “messenger of the gods”, and it works often by showing signs and symbols and synchronicites that the Universe sends so people can see what direction to move toward and get clearer information.

The mind can go really fast in Gemini and Gemini seeks much mental stimulation and varied interests.  With not enough mental stimulation it can be bored; with too much it can be overwhelmed.

Gemini is the Twins, and as such it has two distinctly different personalities. Sometimes that may feel like the good angel and bad angel, or like Jekyll and Hyde.  But usually it is not that drastically polarized.  But two distinctly different selves do exist in some form for them.

Mars sextiles Uranus in Taurus on May 22, and that may cause some mostly minor shake-up of same-old, same-old.

In personal lives, I know most of you have been experiencing much change, and/or you can feel much change under the surface and coming soon.

The Old World has one more huge gasp in trying to bring back the past and its old Paradigm (Make America Ghastly Again).

The great hope is that it does not cause too much harm and pain during that time.

Our challenge is to not be sucked up into the black hole vortex it creates.  If we do not allow ourselves to be devoured by too much fear or hatred, we will be fine.

Keep focused on how we are entering the Age of Aquarius.  Keep meditating and getting yourself healthier and healthier. Keep remembering that Love and Truth run our Universe, and be that Love and Truth as best you can.

Till next week,


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All In This Together and Astrology Forecast May 14-20.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

As we move past the Wesak Scorpio Full Moon from May 10, we experience the waning half of the lunar cycle that was begun at the Taurus New Moon on April 26.

This current lunar cycle ends at the Gemini New Moon on May 25.

So now as we move downward with the waning Moon, we process all that has been happening since April 26.

The 4th and last quarter of the Taurus lunar cycle happens on Thursday May 18, with the Moon in Aquarius.

Even more processing energy is then available, as well as needs to finish things up, and use more of our detached thinking abilities (Moon in Aquarius).

Moving out of concentration on the physical plane and into more mental concentration will continue as the Sun moves into Gemini on May 20, and then with the New Moon in Gemini on May 25.

Until then the trend is still toward nature, our bodies, the Earth, as well as security, money, physical pleasures and physical resources.

This time concentrating on the physical plane grounds us and grounds our recent ideas, intentions, and visions.

We have slowed down and it has been easier to stay present and pay attention to our surroundings.

Possessions are also important for Taurus and they will hold on for dear life to what they want to keep in their lives, including people.

As we move into Gemini energies and experience, we will find it easier to let go and be more flexible, especially mentally.

Gemini is a mutable air sign, and just using that as a metaphor can give you a sense of what that means.

Everything is lighter and one is more open to thoughts, ideas, information, and communications that stream in and out.  Changing one’s mind is easier to do during Gemini times.

Donald Trump is a Sun in Gemini and it is obvious how often he changes his mind and policies.

For instance he had stated clearly before he was elected that the USA should not intervene in other countries’ affairs like we did in Iraq and Libya. He said we should not fight Syria, but instead put all our concentration on the Islamic State.

Then he decides to bomb Syria when he receives uncollaborated information that Syria used chemical weapons against its own people.

We will not be able to know what he will do next on most any issue, as his ideas will keep changing.  His ethics are totally situational, as they are for many Geminis.

There is not a tendency toward firm foundational mental structures composed of firm ideas and principles.  Instead their minds are changeable and fluid.

Of course this mental fluidity can be great for fast thinking, and tends to be open minded to new ideas and ways of perceiving things.

But it also can be clever at turning and spinning words deceptively.  It may not always be conscious of the fact that it is lying or deceiving.

And of course this open mind will be valuable when new information becomes available, like with Extraterrestrials or Star People, or with investigations into cases that were previously and apparently solved and carved in the stone of set opinion.

But in Trump’s case, his narcissism may need him to spin toward what is favorable to his image of himself and to what he wants to believe, and what he wants us to believe.

He is not a “normal” Gemini, but instead a flawed and unbalanced one.  When someone is flawed or deeply traumatized or with mental and emotional imbalance; they will respond in the worst way of what a sign can be.

For instance Leo is a sign of heartfelt, authentic creative expression. It shines a light of hope and happiness.  That is at its best.

At its worst Leo is totally self centered, dominating, and even narcissistic. It places a high priority on its image and popularity.

Bill Clinton, a Sun in Leo, is a good example of someone who expresses both the highest and lowest potential of what a Leo can be.

Donald Trump has Leo as his rising sign, and his Mars is in Leo conjunct that Ascendent.

When the August Total Solar Eclipse New Moon erupts in August this year, Trump’s Leo tendencies will be heightened because that Eclipse is closely conjunct both his Mars and Rising sign .

His aggressively defensive ego (Mars in Leo) will be triggered by some world event and/or person. And he will then very likely overreact to the situation causing some major experience and drama.

The USA, Israel, North Korea, and Syria will also have important natal planets very closely triggered by that eclipse. This August will be a very important turning point month for world affairs.

We are all so closely connected in so many ways now to peoples all over the world with mass transportation, international commerce, and international communication systems that relatively recently includes social media too.

Just yesterday 99 countries were affected by someone who hacked Microsoft software. Hospital systems and other important systems suffered as a result.  Real innocent people were also greatly affected as a result of this hack.

There will be more events that awaken us more to the fact that we are all so closely connected to one another in this world.

While we have connected so well through media and commerce and other ways, in human to human relations we have not done so well.

Too many of us still make foe or enemy of those who are different: different nation, race, sexual orientation, gender, political affiliation, or religion.

We have a long way to go before we deeply acknowlege we are all of the same family here on Earth.

What will it take for us to evolve to this place of Diversity within Unity, the consciousness needed to enter the Age of Aquarius?

Will we experience an even more devastating computer failure, one that breaks down our usual ways to survive and thrive every day? How about a World War?  Maybe mass communication from some person or group who wants to take over the world or who tell us they are a Savior(s)?  Or maybe a worldwide seen Visitation from other dimensions or planets?

We are quite a ways from having enough people in Age of Aquarius consciousness.   Will the December 2020 date I see as a marking point in our journey to an Age of Aquarius show us enough people in that consciousness to give us hope we have entered the gateway?

This week, however, will be rather tame in comparison to those aforementioned potential events.

Use this week to ground your self and your life, to maybe bring more together what has been your past.   You can then be in better position to more completely embrace this New Chapter of our personal and collective lives on Planet Earth.

This is an important year in our evolution.

Till next week,


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Better Navigating Mercury Retrograde and Astrology Forecast June 1-7

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week we continue through the lunar cycle that began last week at the Gemini New Moon.    So Gemini themes continue to be important:  learning, thinking, communicating, delivering and collecting information, socializing.

It is a good time now to take new classes or even just learn new things in any way that happens.   Gemini is about sharing information with others, taking information in and delivering information out.  There are no judgments in such sharing, no conclusions needed.  There is a satisfaction in learning and in gaining new facts

Gemini is not always concerned in how the information is being received and so it can seem insensitive, when in actuality it sees its “job” as merely to objectively state the facts.   It can be like a pure journalist, one whose job is to just objectively state what happened, not judge or give opinion.  That can seem cold to those who are more feeling oriented.

For instance if one asks a pure Gemini to describe how someone else looks, the fact stating Gemini may say “brown hair, blue eyes, thin legs, big feet and ears, large belly”.  It is merely stating the facts.  More sensitive people might feel embarrassed to hear someone say they have big feet and ears and a large belly.

So some Gemini’s need to learn to filter their natural way of communicating in order to not hurt people’s feelings.  Finding work or activities that appreciate their objective minds and communicating styles would be good for them.

Now sometimes Gemini can get so filled with information and have so many different thoughts or activities to work through that it gets scattered or confused or spacy, not grounded.

But usually it is so bright and aware, curious and questioning, needing more and more puzzles or intellectual challenges.

Speaking of mental workings and communication, the “ruling” planet of Gemini, Mercury, will be going Retrograde again late this coming week.

Next Saturday June 7 at 7:56 AM EDT Mercury will go Retrograde. It will stay that way until July 1 at 8:50 AM EDT.

Mercury is the “ruling” planet of both Gemini and Virgo, and as such can be driven by details, by needs to “figure it out”.

This Mercury will go Retrograde in Cancer, but will actually spend most of its time in Gemini.  And the Sun will be in Gemini also during much of the time Mercury will be Retrograde.

So be careful not to get overwhelmed with details, mental anxiety and stress, and obsessive needs to figure everything out.   Left brain ways of operating will not be as effective as usual, and events may come into your life that strongly suggest you use other means of effectiveness.   If you can meditate more, use your imagination, your intuition and creative thought, then the Retrograde period will be easier. If you can trust your heart more or at least learn to make better relationship between heart and head, then you may be gaining a lot during the Mercury Retrograde period of time.

Mercury Retrograde is not a time to be superstitiously feared or dreaded.   It happens 3-4 times a year and is a part of the natural process of planetary movements.  It is not meant to bring pain or suffering.  Instead it is meant to help readjust our thinking or communication, to shift our perceptions, to give pause to what we have previously decided or to a belief or attitude that no longer serves our soul’s journey, and to trust our hearts and the Universe more.

Sometimes we are so stressed to figure something out so we can fix something that is not working for us in our life, or so we can make a decision that is weighing on us.   We want the stress and anxiety to go away, so we want our answers fast.

But Mercury Retrograde often teaches us that issues need to unfold, that time needs to go by, before an answer is revealed. We learn it is not about our mind figuring out an answer, but instead it is about a process that needs to unfold before clarity can be found, before direction can be seen.   Our soul knows there is magic in the unknown, and allowing a process to unfold brings us that which cannot always be seen by our logical mind.

If I am given a choice between choosing a job at Wendy’s or one at a local department store, I may go back and forth with the pros and cons of each and end up not knowing which is best. I wrack my brain trying to “figure it out”. I stress and get much anxiety forcing my brain to come to a decision, when in actuality neither one feels right to me.

So I let it go, trusting the answer will come to me at the right time. may even go past the time I was supposed to make the decision.

You know those times when you try so hard to remember someone’s name or where they live or some other detail, and trying so hard with your brain just does not bring an answer. Then you let it go, and half an hour later the name or address just comes into your mind without you trying?

And other times, maybe during Mercury Retrograde, you go back and forth straining your brain trying to choose between that Wendy’s or department store job, and all you do is stress with no answer.

Then you let it go, and reflect and meditate and go into your heart.  You allow yourself to wait and trust, to trust your deeper soul, your heart, and the Universe.

A letter comes in the mail a few days later accepting you into a school you had forgotten you had applied to 6 months ago as you had figured you were not accepted.

Your true answer did not reside in the two options you were considering.   This is a potential value to Mercury Retrograde.  You may find it difficult, but it was meant to help you change your perception, to help you learn to trust your deeper soul and the Universe more.

Now of course every Mercury Retrograde does not always bring such treasures, but it will usually help you to shift your perceptions and perhaps even some rigid paradigm you may be clinging to.

These times now are bringing such rapid shifts of consciousness and change, and it is best to be flexible and open. And most of all it is best to stay awake and aware, present and accounted for.   Judgment of your self is not good, but being honest with yourself, holding your self accountable, and wanting to transform the old and toxic patterns is good.

In the greater world important and transformational events will likely begin mid June as Mars reignites the Grand Cross from April, and then events may get even more powerful in late July and August. And then there will be another strong Eclipse Season this autumn 2014.

And keep in mind that on Friday June 13 there is a Full Moon in Sagittarius: Friday the 13th Full Moon.  That will be a most auspicious time to honor the Feminine, the mysteries and beauty of the Feminine, the energies bursting at the seams of our collective human consciousness, ready to help our world evolve and heal.  More on that next week.

You are moving more and more strongly into your authentic soul self, more and more strongly connected to the Universe and the Age of Aquarius.

Till next week,


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