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Humble, Grateful, Surrendered and Astrology Forecast February 25- March 3

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

During the Sun in Pisces time of year now, we process, reflect, and go deeper into greater insights and sensitive feelings.

We are still in Eclipse Season even though the last of two eclipses this season is now in our rear view mirror.

That last eclipse, a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aquarius, was on February 15.  As a new moon, it began a lunar cycle and motivated new beginnings.

These Aquarius beginnings are about groups, communities, and social consciousness.  It also is about respecting our own and others’ distinct individuality, even if said individualism is outside the usual boxes and social confines.

So now people are more galvanized to identify with “birds of a feather” groups or communities they feel resonant with.

In the larger world, there is a very polarized and combative separation between USA cultures or groups.

Around that Solar Eclipse in Aquarius there was another horrific mass killing in a high school in Florida.

One of the most glaring fallouts of those murders has been a spotlight shown on the differences between two USA communities.

One is getting more and vociferous about limiting accessibility to military style weapons that have been involved in so many mass murders of innocent people.

The other group, backed by the NRA, is not very open to any gun law changes.  They persist in believing citizens need those weapons in order to defend against a potentially tyrannical USA government of the future. Interestingly many corporations since the massacre are severing their contractual ties to the NRA because of community outrage with laws.

These two distinctly different USA cultures came out of any closets they were in during the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo last August.   Charlottesville riots happened then and caused the murder of a young woman.

Make no mistake about it, these culture wars resemble the differences between cultures during the USA Civil War in 1860-1865.   Southern plantation owners owned slaves and wanted to keep them so that their financial profits could be maintained or increased.

There were two very distinctly opposed cultures that did not live together very well.

And now rural and southern USA people are so different than people in more cosmopolitan areas of the USA.

Something is breaking apart within the USA.  The recent downfall of the USA Stock Market shows more potential for the breakdown of the current system in the USA.

And in the world outside the USA borders, there are growing USA war cries against Iran and North Korea, two countries than were deemed “Axis of Evil” by George Bush.

The Trump administration is showing that it will bully those countries into stopping their nuclear programs, even as Iran has been part of an agreement to hold back that nuclear program. They have not broken the rules of that agreement.

The USA invaded North Korea in the early ’50s and destroyed much of the North while killing so many of its people.  And so now North Korea has determined it cannot trust the USA and must defend itself with nuclear weapons that the USA already has in great abundance and has used.

And both Israel and the USA are putting Iran in their crosshairs.  The USA controlled Iran and put up a puppet president that they dominated.

Then Iran had its revolution in 1979 which threw out that old government and USA dominance there.

The threat of war against North Korea, Iran, and Syria is very real now. And Russia and China could also get involved.

After April 15 is when the threats of war and a bigger stock market crash will get stronger and stronger.

The System of the USA is in the process of transformation, and it must go back to its beautiful core values in that process.

Self Determination, freedom and liberation, equality and justice for all are Universal values that apply to All peoples all over the world.

We have invaded other countries, like Iraq and Syria and Libya, that have not attacked us, nor do they pose much realistic threat to destroy the most powerful country in the world. We have all too often imposed our values and ways of governing on others without their consent.

Can you imagine how we would react to any country that invaded us (for our own good they would say) or tried to dominate us into living our lives as they deemed correct?

The USA natal Pluto in Capricorn in its second house is being squared by Uranus in Aries. This is the beginning of the transformation of the USA military and economic power in the world.  Within the next 4-5 years Saturn, Jupiter, and then Pluto itself will conjunct the USA natal Pluto (its first Pluto Return).

This is the timeframe for transformation of the USA Military/Economic Complex that dominates so much of our country’s “we the people”. as well as the peoples’ of the world.

This transformation will help create the new Age of Aquarius, an age of Diversity within Unity, equality, and freedom.

The USA Moon in Aquarius, which so represents this new age, is shown in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We believe in Equality, Freedom of Expression, Self Determination, and liberation of all peoples so they can, as “we the people”, govern and take responsibility for our human community and sacred Earth.  This is for all peoples, cultures, genders, sexual orientations, spiritual or religious ways of being or non religious ways of being-  All Over the World.

This week, the now passed Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aquarius has transitioned to the full moon, a Full Moon in Virgo on March 1 at 7:51 PM EST. This full moon has Neptune strong in its signature.

Full Moons in Virgo always have the Sun in Pisces opposite the Moon in Virgo.

This is a relatively gentle full moon energetically, one that requires a letting go of ego controls, and a surrender to something greater than one’s ego. Neptune makes it even more necessary to let go and surrender. Spaciness, foggy mind, imagination, and contact with inner spiritual world may be stronger at this time.

Virgo is into service, simplicity, order, and physical purity.  It is most resonant with the “real” world.

Pisces is into being in frequencies, dimensions, feelings, and tones that are not not seen in the material world.  It seeks purity of the psyche, feelings and emotions.

Music sounds and feelings are a world of Pisces.  Virgo is the techniques and instruments that allow the music to be heard and felt.

Meditation is Pisces but the techniques used to get into that deeper meditative state is Virgo.

When body and soul are united, Pisces and Virgo are in balance.   Pisces goes with the flow, Virgo needs to be in charge of efficiency and creating order.   Virgo needs perfection and the ability to fix what is not perfect.

Pisces needs to let go and trust that all will turn our fine if we surrender our control.

So use this Full Moon in Pisces/Virgo to process and heal, to reconcile, to show what we can be grateful for, to humble us.

We are all moving in our consciousness and lives into just where we need to be to meet the changing World around us.

Remember that all is happening for a reason, and in the bigger picture you are growing, learning, and evolving in alignment with the Universe and our Soul Self.

If “we are the ones we have been waiting for”, we must know that the challenges in the World are OUR challenges, ones we are very equipped to deal with, no matter how it may look on the outside.

If we let fear take over we lose our way.

In the bigger picture all is evolving into the Age of Aquarius.  And it could not happen if there was not enormous change and transformation, or if we hung on too tightly to what used to be, or if we demand change happens exactly the way we need it to happen.

Till next week,


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Settling Into New Reality and Astrology Forecast March 12-18.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This coming week should be much tamer, and less stressful and intense than it has been over the last several months.

For those of you affected by the current Venus Retrograde movement, however, relationships may still bring you some intensity and perhaps stress.

The week starts out this Sunday with a Full Moon in Virgo, which means that the Sun is in Pisces and is directly opposite the Full Moon in Virgo.

This Full Moon in Virgo is at 10:54 AM EDT.  It is the first day of Daylight Savings Time for most of the USA.

This annual Full Moon in Virgo is usually pretty gentle and soft.  I have no reason to believe it will be any different for most people this year.

Both Virgo and Pisces are signs that are meant to keep egos from getting too big.  Pisces can be very selfless and surrendered, and Virgo is at its best when keeping things simple and humble.

So this Full Moon in Virgo will serve you best if you keep your ego in check and concentrate more on your job or being of service.

Now of course Venus in Aries has other aims.   It is bold and proud and concentrates on being true to Self and empowered.

So you might feel both extremes in the few days surrounding this Full Moon.   You will have a pull to stand tall and hold your ground, while also wanting to be humble and allowing of others.

Do not be afraid to assert yourself now and assert your needs. Just do your best to do that in a way that the other person will hear and take in.

Good communication is not just about self expression. It is also about listening and being aware of those you are communicating to.

There has been so much change and so much new to get used to in the world over the last several months.

The election of Donald Trump to be President represents a major turning point for our country and world.

Everything now is much more out in the open, and for better or worse people are speaking their minds now without as much filter or control.

This of course can be very dangerous as Pandora’s Box of previously suppressed emotions has broken open.

There is much more hatred shown lately and violence often feels more on the verge of erupting.

This is also happening in the greater world, as Iran and North Korea are rattling their sabers, in large part as a reaction to the new USA administration’s more militant posture.

South Korea had its President impeached this last week, and it is unpredictable how China and especially North Korea will react to that.

The USA intends to put up in South Korea a missile shield and both China and North Korea have threatened reprisals if that happens.

Since Trump was elected both North Korea and Iran have tested long range missiles, in defiance of International rules.

Before this coming summer is over much of this tension will come to a head.  And also new economic realities will show themselves before this year is out.

August is the most intense month this year, and it could be extremely powerful as there are two elipses including a most important Total Solar Eclipse in Leo that will cross all the United States for the first time since 1918.

This turning point of Trump’s election is part of the planetary movements that require our human family to experience a deep transformation.

That transformation at its best will help us to heal and to reset our priorities and hence the paradigm we operate within.

Our Earth has been beaten up, our environment and oceans made so toxic, and our human family more and more self destructive.

Weapons of mass destruction, might makes right beliefs, and such a wide separation between sexes, religions, nations, cultures, families and races make a danger for us all.

We must be ready now to evolve into states of mind and consciousness that see us all as connected, all part of the same Earth family, living in a sacred world and a meaningful Universe.

The differences between us must be honored and respected, but must not separate us from the unity of heart and soul that is always there ready to be recognized and felt.

This is Diversity within Unity and is the light of consciousness wanting to stream into each of us as a foundation for the Age of Aquarius.

Also part of the Age of Aquarius is computers, technology, and internet. This will likely not go away, it will likely instead keep expanding.

If it does go away, it will be because it has not been integrated with our bodies, our Earth and our needs for intimate connection with one another.

If we continue to create electronic bubbles for ourselves that keep us separate from others and our deeper souls and bodies, then all will crumble and die.

It is not the technology that is bad, it is what we are doing or not doing that is damaging to our hearts, souls, and intimate relationships.  Our Earth’s nature and creatures are also endangered by our disconnection.

True empathy is our potential savior now,   As we are able to feel the reality of other beings, we make the deeper connections that transform our world into a new paradigm and age. Diversity within Unity becomes a healthy reality.

If we continue to live in US versus Them consciousness, we will end up destroying one another when “push comes to shove”, which is not that far away.

Though this should be a tamer week than usual, we still are dealing with Venus Retrograde issues, and end of Winter Pisces deeper reflections.

Mid week could get somewhat more emotionally intense as the Moon goes into Scorpio from Wednesday through most of Friday.  

You may also experience some “stop signs” when the Sun squares Saturn on Friday.

And late Friday into Saturday will bring a strong tendency to tell it like it is in a frank and straight forward manner as Mercury conjuncts Venus Retrograde early Saturday the 18th

Then next week on the 20th,  Winter officially ends at the Spring Equinox as the Sun moves into Aries.

We will talk more about that next week.


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Relationship Balancing and Astrology Forecast March 5-11

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Last weekend we passed through a powerful Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces, while at the same time experiencing a “breaking things open” aspect: Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries.

As Jupiter in Libra was exactly opposite that conjunction, relationship issues come more strongly into our awareness.   And the Cardinal T-square of Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter was triggered in the process, motivating Transformation in the world and in our personal lives.

We are truly 100% over the hump and now into a New Chapter of our lives, collectively and personally.

Collectively, the presidential election in the USA was the first signpost showing us a new path we are taking.  Eclipse Season this winter of 2017 has been bringing waves of change that are sweeping us faster forward on our journey.

As we look out into the greater world we can see many great challenges ahead.   There are two very different USA cultures that are clashing quite hatefully with one another.

Neither represents by itself what we need to move toward on our journey into the Age of Aquarius.

“Conservative” and “liberal”, or in reality all opposites, will need to find a way to join in circular unity, for the greater good of the community, in order to have a healthy and whole human condition in the Age of Aquarius.

And we are a long way from that condition.  And this is not just in the USA.  All over the world a new paradigm must be realized.  That new paradigm is about all the distinct parts of a whole being recognized and honored. All the opposites are valued in their intrinsic nature: male/female, yin/yang, dark/light, etc.

And in so doing we are building a Diversity within Unity world.

That means that even in our personal relationships we need to move beyond the idea that one person’s way is superior to someone else’s way, that someone is inherently better than someone else in value.

We will disagree of course, but respecting  the other person and their viewpoint is important. If you cannot do that, then that relationship is not one you should be in.

And now we get help with relationship issues as Venus is now Retrograde, and will stay that way until April 15 when it goes back Direct.

Yes that means that relationships and heart matters will be in the spotlight of your life, and you can expect some reflection on how relationships were in your past.

You may have strong memories of those people who used to have importance in your life,  and those memories may come from waking thoughts and feelings about people, but also may come through dreams and “in the flesh” appearances.

You may also have strong memories of how current relationships used to be back in the day.

And you will be working on relationhip issues more than usual.

But there are other parts to this Venus Retrograde.  Venus is a strong symbol for the feminine principle, and in Aries the feminine is bold, forceful, and stands up strong and brave for what it believes.

Athena is an archetypal Goddess who is very Aries in nature.  She is a warrioress, a woman born from the head of Zeus, and the head is the part of the body that Aries “rules”.

Venus in Aries does not bow down to anyone, and now in our world it seems like women are being called upon to assert themselves more and to not take abuse or “second class citizen” treatment.

Degrading of the Feminine is most prevalent in other cultures where women cannot attend school or vote or drive a car, or are sold into sex.

And even in America, women are often not yet paid equally for doing the same jobs as men, and they are also often not treated as equal in value to men.

But keep in mind that many women have bought into the old paradigm too, so the transformation of belief systems and values is for all.

Instead of putting blame on one gender or another, it is important to realize that we all “signed” onto a paradigm contract that now needs to be torn up and a new one realized.

In the old paradigm, so-called male values have been more highly honored in cultures all around the world.

The building of big militaries, the ambition to get rich, the “dog eat dog” mentality is of great importance in most cultures of this world.

“Survival of the fittest” mentality has dysfunctionally grown into power abuses, domination, war, and “us versus them” belief systems.

There is arguably not enough empathy, compassion, or sense of connection in our collective consciousness and cultural models.

True spiritual values that are not mainly based on rules and commandments and superiority are not valued enough either.

There is fighting or going to war for one’s God that is happening in many parts of this world too.

Being in survival and outer directed takes up so much energy in our world.

And the greatest of all “feminine” values, Love is sadly lacking in so much of life.

So it is time to reflect on and act on bringing the Feminine values to a stronger place in our cultures and hearts now.

And Venus in Aries represents the power of the Feminine and standing up tall for Feminine values.

All of us, male and female need to incorporate more love and care and connection into our lives now.

The proliferation of nuclear weapons, bombs, pornography and electronic devices show us the lesser priority shown for  love, intimacy and true deep connection in our world and daily lives.

This week after the big Solar Eclipse New Moon, we are led up to a Full Moon in Virgo on Sunday March 12.  We will look at that more closely next week.

So we are now still moving through Eclipse Season and will be until March 27 at the New Moon in Aries.

So now we process what has been happening this Eclipse Season, keep our eye on the New Chapter and what it is unfolding into. And we keep releasing that which was part of that old chapter that we will not be taking with us going forward.

With Venus being retrograde in Aries till April 15, in the process of improving our relationships, we also will need to strike better balance between independence and being true to oneself on the one hand, with being in relaionship and united on the other hand.

Doing so brings us more into Diversity within Unity in our own lives, as it is important to be true to our authentic self while also being unified in relationship.

Neither person should sacrifice their integrity of being in order to make a relationship work.

Till next week


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Choosing or not Choosing Change, and Astrology Forecast February 21-27

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The Full Moon in Virgo is on Monday February 22  at 1:20 PM EST.     The Eclipse Season has already been bringing in winds of change.

This Full Moon, however, pushes the winds even stronger; and then in two more weeks, on March 8, there is the first of two Eclipses:  A Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces.

The power of transformation is getting stronger and stronger now, breaking down centers of moderation and control.

You can see this happening politcally as candiates like Trump and Sanders are doing well.   They are not members of the moderate wing of their parties, each instead speaking with a strong voice that does not much care about being cautious or restrained.

For any kind of true transformation to take place, that which holds things together must be broken down, so real change can move through without much obstruction or obstacles.

In the late ’60s and ’70s there was great transformation moving through our collective and individual consciousness, as well as through our world. The center was breaking down, in th eworld and in each one of us.

Uranus conjunct Pluto triggered that revolution; now Uranus square Pluto has been triggering this one.

Like the ’60s, people are tired of doing “business as usual” in a corrupt world,  trying to keep privilege and wealth in the same hands over and over again.

Like in the ’60s, people are tired of secret and lies, and other attempts to continue programming  people to be robots or even slaves to those who remain in control and in power.

As our lives continue to come apart at the seams of our old paradigm, allow your self to be more flexible, not fighting change, and instead trusting it to be happening for a reason, with meaning.

I realize that is easier to do when change is happening because of the birth of a baby, or a new and obviously better job, or moving to a better home; but divorces, and even deaths happen so we can move forward into new phases or seasons of our lives.

And now as we move through a Full Moon in Virgo on the way to our first of two eclipses, we are definitely in transition between phases or chapters of our lives.

So many people I talk with or work with now are in transition, letting go of what is passing, and opening up to what is right for them now.

And yes for many there are decisions to make as they move through their transition:  decisions that will affect the quality of the new chapter of their lives.

But can we choose whether we will go through to a new chapter or not?  Do we have that kind of control of our lives and fates?

Well sometimes it is obvious we cannot, like when someone leaves us or dies, or when we are fired from a job or evicted from a home.

But how about if we choose to cheat on our spouse or choose to move to a new home or leave our job on our own?

What if we choose to not cheat or not move or not leave the job?

If we chose to cheat, we are already unsatisfied with our current relationship. And if we leave a home or job, we are similarly unhappy.

So we could choose to stay unsatisfied, could we not? And if we did, would we be choosing to not move forward into a new phase of our lives?

No actually each above example represents a turning point in our lives as we sense we are needing to make choices.

If we move on from our status quo, we are obviously entering a new chapter of our lives.

But if we choose to stay, we are entering a new phase of life too.  Staying showed we were more certainly commiting to our previously chosen life.

Inside ourselves we know we have entered a new chapter, one based on security and stability. We have passed our chance to move into something new and perhaps better.

We have sunken more deeply into our lives, precluding any big chosen changes for likely an extended period of time.

If our choice was out of alignment with the Universe’s higher destiny for us, then we will lose our opportunity for perhaps all our life to ride that destiny.

But we will gain a sense of safety and predictability.

Now such choices may be at yoru doorstep.  How do you want to move through this transitionary time on Planet Earth for the human race?

What potential changes are opportunities for greater satisfacion, personal evolution, and greater connection to our authentic Self and the Universe?

And what potential changes are just temptations to leave our chosen path and to be distracted from our true potential and destiny.

March and April open a Portal into an acceleration through these times of transition into the Age of Aquarius.  Trust your heart, but use your head. That marriage between heart and head is so important now.

This week at the Full Moon in Pisces/Virgo on Monday we move through a relatively gentle full moon.

And with all the intensity now, that will be welcomed by many.

But keep in mind that although this Full Moon is rather gentle, we are also in the first winds of the Eclipse Season.

Change is moving through no matter what.

This Full Moon in Pisces/Virgo strongly suggests we let go, surrender to the Universe and the process of transformation.

It is not aligned now to have too strong an agenda or too much contol.

Choose to not only let go, but to be of service. Let go another notch of ego now, and allow your Higher Self to show the way.

Pisces is rather pure energetically, being sensitive to emotions and feelings that are toxic or even overly intense.  Virgo is rather pure physically, sensitive to environmental toxins and germs that may be around.  It will not tolerate well anything that harms the body.

So as you let go you will feel these senstivities even more.   Let your self be removed from toxic environments, psychologically, spiritually, mentally, or physically.    It is OK to take care of your self.

Next passage after this Full Moon will be at the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces on March 8.   We will have much to say about that in the next few weeks.

Till next week,


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To Be or Not to Be and Astrology Forecast March 2-15

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

It is transition time this week, as Mercury has just gone Direct; there is a New Moon in Pisces Saturday March 1 at 3 AM EST; Mars changes directions and goes Retrograde- also on March 1; Saturn goes Retrograde on March 2; and Jupiter goes Direct on Thursday March 6.

As planets change direction, either from Direct to Retrograde or from Retrograde to Direct; their meaning and energy have increased intensity and importance.

Add the New Moon in Pisces to these directional shifts, and there will be a feeling of new horizons to move toward, new consciousness to experience, and deeper feelings to explore.

A symbol of Pisces is two fishes going in opposite directions.  This is symbolic of navigating one’s soul consciousness waters and deciding which direction to move in- upstream or downstream, positive or negative.

Though the Pisces world is often rather nebulous, and hence it does not always know what it wants or what direction to go; most Pisces people do tend to be either glass half full or glass half empty people.

Sure the more positive Pisces can have periods of dark negativity, feelings of hurtful victimization; negative ways of escapism like drugs, alcohol, or disassociation, and not feeling up to the task of being in “reality”, they nevertheless always go back to their core of resilience, faith in life, and hope for better times.

The glass half empty Pisces has moments of hope and joy, but at their core they identify with being a victim and not up to the task of cold hard reality, as they see it.

Though both are dreamers and know inside themselves what a better humanity would look like, the half full Pisces believes we can one day create heaven on Earth, while the half empty Pisces down deep believes human life is painful and history will keep repeating itself.

So these next few weeks, with emphasis on this coming week as planets are changing directions and Pisces has its annual new moon event, it is time for each of us, no matter what sign, to decide if our personal glass of life is half full or half empty.

With the planets changing directions during this Pisces mutable month before spring, events and inner stirrings will draw you into deeper and changeable feelings and consciousness.

As we shift, is there hope in your heart or cynicism at your core?

Mercury going direct should help you to revive and think more clearly now.   Mars and Saturn changing directions at the same time this weekend may have you feeling both stop and go inside your self- desires to act and caution to hold back.  Best to not go to any extremes, not be impulsive, and just “let it pass”.

When Mars goes Retrograde, which it will do from March 1- May 19, it is a significant passage as it happens only once every other year.  While it is retrograde we are going deeper to decide what we truly want or desire and what direction we want to move toward.  We also may be dealing with issues of will, assertiveness, empowerment, and anger during that time

By mid week this week, however, as Jupiter goes Direct on Thursday March 6 (where it will stay until December) ; there should be feelings of renewal and perhaps an expansive outpouring of emotions.

Jupiter going Direct will sweep you into your inner tides of soulful feelings and emotions, and deeper into deciding “glass half full or half empty”?

This is important now to stay with, be present for, and find your way to deciding.  As winds of change will pick up appreciably after March 30 at the Aries Moon, a new moon that will push us over the edge into a most powerful Spring Eclipse Season 2014; it is time now over the next 4 weeks to build a more solid inner foundation.

This week especially your inner world may swirl back and forth, up and down like a ship on the ocean.  It is a great time to meditate, to go with your flow, and especially to watch your dreams, both waking and sleeping.   Put a journal next to your bed and record your dreams, looking for signs and symbols to reveal your inner truths.

The greater world also will be swirling and bouncing up and down with events, looking like it is not sure where it is going. The stock market should be up and down looking for direction; current hot spots like Syria, Iran, Ukraine, Thailand, Egypt, Israel, Afghanistan, Venezuela, and Korea may be swinging back and forth from dangerous to settled. Ukraine right now is especially important as old Cold War issues between Russia and the West are surfacing again, as they battle for control of that country.

As a culture we are needing to know what direction we are moving in on many issues.  Are we on the verge of giving a better living wage to workers or not?  Are we now going to commit our world to meeting the challenge of Climate Change on Earth?  Or better yet are we going to commit to healing our Earth and developing worldwide policies to clean the environment, and begin developing clean energy sources?

Have we turned the corner to believe our world and its people are of one family, with many varied members:  Diversity in Unity?  That belief will help us to eventually evolve to a new species, one that knows ONENESS, and knows all the dots of the Universe are connected and held up by the twin pillars of Love and Truth? Or are we going to have another world war, a war built on the cynical belief that all tribes of human are out for themselves, against all others for the wealth and power of the world?

How we see it will determine what will manifest.  Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

In your personal life the same issue is before you.  Have all your relationship “failures” brought you to believe you are undeserving and will never have healthy relationships, that all men or women are no good, that you have horrible luck or are jinxed?

Or do you believe each of your past relationships, whether family, friend or romantic, happened for a reason, was a learning experience, and deepened your soul awareness, your empathy and wisdom?

Of course we go back and forth sometimes in our emotions and beliefs, the pain so horrible we see only the pit of despair below.   But we can navigate those soul waters, with perhaps a little help from our friends, healers, therapists and counselors, to learn to see from a wider perspective, and to know we are evolving and progressing.

As we soon move into Spring Eclipse 2014 Season, where will your soul swimming take you?  What will your glass of life look like?

Or as Hamlet said, “To Be or Not To Be, That is the Question”.

I will be in Mexico on the ocean for vacation till March 10.  Not sure if I will write next Saturday or not.  If I do it will be shorter than usual.

The next full forecast will be at the Ides of March on March 15,  just before the Full Moon in Pisces/Virgo.

talk with you soon,


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Inner Voyages and Astrology Forecast February 17- March 2

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Next week I will vacationing out of the country and into the Caribbean islands for some needed R&R.   The next Perspectives from the Sky will be posted Saturday March 2.

These next two weeks are not good for any ambitious endeavors or grand scale projects or powerful new beginnings.   Spring 2013 will be intense and powerful, and in fact by mid to late March the table will already be set up with much activity and fiery energies.

But for now, and for next few weeks, it is best to go with the flow, go into your inner world and feelings, and prepare for a most powerful Spring Eclipse Season.

In fact this coming Monday February 18 the Sun moves into deep, flowing oceanic Pisces.   Pisces time of year is a time to let go of outer direction and instead spend internal time, time to reflect and surrender one’s need to push forward or get a lot done.

Pisces is the “Kingdom Within”, the nebulous, imaginative domain of spiritual insight and Universal flow. Pisces dreams of a better,  more gentle and caring world, and often feels like a fish out of water in the harder, colder world of conventional reality.

Pisces seeks to escape worldly pressures and stress, and does so through music, drugs or alcohol, daydreaming, imagination, water sports, poetry, fantasy, romanticizing,  disassociation, or deep meditation.

Pisces can be very giving, even sacrificial, but needs to protect itself against identifying with being a victim.  It is a most sensitive sign, and can pick up the “tone” or essence of a person or situation.  It can also feel the emotions of other people, and some Pisces can also be hurt very easily.

Pisces can become very devoted to whomever they love, caring deeply for them.  They have a bit of each of the signs inside them, which makes for being good actors. As such they are very empathetic and compassionate, but can lose their identity because of this ability to put themselves in the shoes of others.

So at this Pisces time of year, you can see how the energies will generally be more gentle and flowing, and less attracted to stressful life. So let go and surrender your ambitious agendas for awhile.

Also on Monday the 18th, Saturn changes directions from Direct to Retrograde. So Saturn’s serious and taskmaster energy will be “in the air” also. That means that even though we are switching to “go with the flow” Pisces on Monday, we also may feel for a couple days like we should be doing something or getting something accomplished.

Saturn with Sun in Pisces brings a rather “down” or yin feeling to things.  For some that combination may feel depressing, for others it will feel grounded and calm.

The Sun conjuncts god of the Sea Neptune on Wednesday/Thursday February 20/21. Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces, and will go well with the Sun in Pisces those days.  So allow your self to let go and surrender to your inner world, or you may be brought there anyway.  Spend time meditating or swimming or listening to music or watching movies, or reading or in spiritual practice or in contemplation as much as possible for the next several days.

And this movement to inner reflection will get even stronger as Mercury goes Retrograde again on Saturday February 23 at 4:41 AM EST.  Mercury will remain in Retrograde until March 17.

So during that time of Mercury Retrograde, your mind will be shifting its perceptual focus, slowly but surely thinking and communicating in different ways. Combined with Sun in Pisces you may be drawn to old days, thoughts of the past. People from your past may come back into your life or at least back into your memories.

For some this may feel like visiting one’s “ghosts and issues from the past”.  This is happening  so they can move into a new chapter of their lives this spring and summer, with less emotional  baggage from the past.

Let your self feel the sadness or grief that may come over the next few weeks, as you release and cleanse your soul of the old chapter of your life.

Remember that there will be renewal and new beginnings this spring and summer, and your life will experience more activity then and perhaps big changes too.  This last month of winter, with Mercury Retrograde also,  will help you to prepare your consciousness and life for the upcoming awakenings.

On February 25, with Mercury recently having gone Retrograde, there will be a Full Moon in Pisces/Virgo at 3:26 PM EST.  This is usually a very gentle Full Moon.  It will have a bit more energy to it this year, as Jupiter in Gemini will be in close aspect to this Full Moon.  Information and communication issues may be bringing either more excitement or more anxiety, depending on the person and situation.

Virgo is perfectionistic and focused on putting things in order, analyzing or fixing.  Pisces trusts more the natural flow and tends to be calm and accepting, or even passive at times.

They both tend toward service or sacrifice, and want to help.   So this Full Moon is a good time to let go of your ego or selfish desires, and instead to let something than self lead your way.

To add to this theme, Venus enters Pisces on the Full Moon day and joins Neptune in Pisces on Thursday February 25.  Venus, Goddess of Love, is ready to surrender more to love now, and to make others more important than itself. Just be careful not to be too sacrificial or martyred.

Out in the greater world over the next couple of weeks, watch for the economy and stock market to run into some trouble, and for issues that bring up sadness and loss to get more plentiful.

Use this time in your personal life to go deeper in your feelings and spirituality, to cleanse and heal your body and soul, to reconnect with your inner values, to make your life more sacred and connected to the Universe. This will give you a good foundation for the Spring Eclipse Season 2013, coming soon.

See you again on March 2 for the next Perspectives from the Sky,


I have created an Astrology Forecast 2013 for youtube, part 1.  And Part 2

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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years

Ship of Fools and Astrology Forecast for February 26- March 3

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

I am leaving for vacation today, will miss one week’s forecasting next Saturday.  My next forecast will be on Saturday March 10.  Planetarily speaking, the next couple of weeks will be relatively slow.    We experienced a New Moon in Pisces on February 21 and the Full Moon in Virgo will not be until March 8.   There are no major aspects in between.  We are still in the midst of Mars Retrograde, and will be until April 13.

So generally it is time to go inward and yin-ward, to process your thoughts and feelings, to reconnect spiritually, to heal, to release, to surrender your striving will.

We are walking through the last few weeks of Winter, taking our time to look at any ghosts from the past that need our attention before they are released.

Spring begins on March 20 here on the east coast USA and all points east of here.  Spring is on March 19 to most points west of here.   After that renewed life begins energetically.  Nature begins to stir from its winter sleep.

Until then we go with the flow and go deeper inside.  Mars is Retrograde and Mercury will also go Retrograde on March 12.  The theme is of rewind and reflect and recalculate and readjust and re-member.

Soon enough the Eclipse Season will be upon us and there will be little time for inward journeying and healing.  Energies of change will be greatly accelerating then.

If we take time to look outside of our inner soul swimming now, we see a world way out of balance.    Have you been watching the Republican debates this winter?

Except for Ron Paul, everyone says whatever they believe will turn on the more mentally dense and neanderthal base of the party.

Conservative is not a bad thing in essence, if its intentions are to slow too rapid growth, to put limits on overly permissive attitudes, to protect valued principles, to honor tradition and rules, and to put limits on excessive spending.

But “conservatives” over the last several years have spent as much as liberals, especially for military.  And conservatives have all too often in recent decades stood for bigotry and hatred and a blockage of energies of progress, growth, evolution, and more unfied connection with our brothers and sisters all over the world.

And so called liberals have gotten more wimpy and do not stand tall enough for what they believe in.  They are bought out by special interests as much as conservatives, and in recent years have gotten more and more enamored with military adventurism.

I saw an ad recently that showed a ballot with three choices: republican, democrat, and awake.   That is more and more the case here in the USA.  We need third party movements that can be truly viable, so people will have real choice again.

There is an Aquarian Age developing, and the old crusty ways and people need to go.  In America now, at least in the mainstream, new and fresh voices are not heard.   People who speak the truth have little voice to be heard.  Again Ron Paul is refreshing in that he speaks straight and frank and down to Earth. He also feels strongly about liberties guaranteed by the constitution, and obviously realizes that we are spending too much money on the military and that we have have unjustly invaded other countries around the world.

But he has a past of publishing very bigoted newsletters that he says he didn’t read, and he may be too beholden to the Republican Party.    But at least he is saying things that the people of this country need to hear and so many young people especially are listening.

As time and change speed up, many new voices will be heard, voices that speak truth and love, and help to lead us forward into a New World.

These voices will come through the cracks in the foundation of that Old World crumbling.  The voices will get stronger and stronger, as it gets more obvious that there is no hope of resurrecting the current system.

The current economic system will still unravel, no matter how it appears to be improving now.  There is military conflict brewing, conflict that will make it obvious to all discerning and caring souls that we cannot continue anymore in the old ways.

The holes in the Titanic old world ship cannot be held much longer with the duct tape of smoke and mirrors.     Judgement Day is nigh for that ship of fools who are holding too tightly to old security systems that are no longer viable.

The days of privilege for the few are rapidly vanishing.  The days of an old paradigm run on dominance and greed is dissolving.

The new Eclipse Season, with eclipses on May 20 and June 4, will soon shake up our world, and help us to better release the old ways.  New voices of reason and care will emerge.

Tune in now, during this inward time before the storms, to the deep movement of transformation into a New Paradim and World.  You will find energies and spirits that bring hope and new vision and inspiration.  They are waiting for your connection.

See you soon,


Please feel free to find more writings and my services on mywebsite.You can get an astrological session with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

He predicted the Iraq War of 2003- in early 2001 when Bush first took office; predicted the 9-11 attacks with an article “The Tower”, written in June 2001. He predicted Obama and McCain would get the presidential nominations in november 2007, when both were low in the polls; and correctly predicted the current economic downturn before it occurred.