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And the Winner Is?And Astrology Forecast February 2-8

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Eclipse Season Winter 2020 can still be seen in our rear-view mirrors.  

There is more to process through, and hopefully each of us finds the time to do so, with professional support, or close friends, or time for being alone with yourself to sort through and heal from.

The last couple of months brought up so much from deep within our minds, souls, spirits, and bodies.

They have been “brought back up” into our awareness,  because we need more clarity,  direction, insight, and release of old patterns that do not serve us or our evolution into the Age of Aquarius.

Our collective human lives are really in crisis now, as we get more and more certain that our old paradigm is failing us, as we struggle to find our way forward.

Many struggle to be present, or even to just wanting to be present.  Our phones, computers and other tech escapes have us living more and more in a virtual world bubble.

Many more young members of society awaken each morning as adults now.  And as they look out at the world we live in, they are scared to death.

Mass murders at schools, workplaces, restaurants, night clubs and other frequented places, gives many people pause when thinking about going outside their homes for any reason.

Your work needs and your friendship needs can more and more often be “satisfied” from home or on a computer.

Sex lives are also more and more virtual, with internet porn, dating site hookups,  and now human-like sex robots.

We do not even need to go out for groceries or restaurant food, which can be delivered to our door, along with everything else you want and need taken care of by Amazon.

And look at the world “out there”. Our American culture is split, as it once was at the Civil War.

Our economy is for show, not nearly as good as it is being sold to us.

And during this latest Eclipse Season, we were brought to the brink of war with Iran ( which could have triggered  a World War); The Coronavirus outbreak of illness and death started in China; the almost war with Iran that could have led to World War III; and economy and stock market on the brink of severe downturn; and a presidential impeachment process that is about power and politics more than desires for truth, justice, fairness, and community.

Of course our world is at a crisis point at a Crossroads based on bringing back our values that are connected to “our better angels” as Abraham Lincoln alerted us to.  OR NOT making those “better angel” values our highest priority.  The impeachment process showed us, when a vote came for calling witnesses and documents, how winning politically is more important than our cherished values and ideals.

We are in deep trouble, and can no longer operate from a default pattern of energies, habits, and opinions that keep us stuck in the old world, paradigm and Age that do not work for us, or help provide us with Truth, Love and care for one another and our community.

This week, as we are in the beginning of the Lunar Cycle begun at the New Moon in Aquarius on the 24th,  begin our week at Imbolc on the 2nd of February.

Imbolc has been considered a sacred day for hundreds of years, especially by those who find spiritual Oneness in Nature.

Imbolc, called Groundhog Day in our current pop culture, is the half way marker between Winter and Spring. It was considered as a Time of Initiation.

And Groundhog Day is seeing shadows that tell people if Spring is coming early in any given year.

Mercury leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces on Monday February 3, shifting our mind into more imaginative and creative thinking and communicating.

Staunch adherents of “cause and effect” logic find Mercury in Pisces quite challenging, as it is into finding connections and right brain unity more than the bottom line of left brain thinking.

This week tops off with Venus entering battler Aries on Friday the 7th.

This is Venus’ best example of being empowered, self assertive, and true to Self.

Venus in Aries is independent and self confident.  Closest Goddess to this Venus placement in Aries is Athena.

And to top off this week, we have a Full Moon in Leo on the 9th at 2:33 AM EST.

The Sun is in Aquarius opposes the Moon in Leo, which makes the Full Moon.

So Aquarius’ mind is quite different than Leo’s heart.  At this Full Moon you may get a realization that trusting mind more than heart is not the right way to believe and lead one’s life.

Leo ideally is the open heart of a 3 year old whose heart is ready to take on all experiences.  And she also appreciates all the attention she may be getting.

Aquarius knows the value of a clear mind that also possesses higher values. It operates from a web of thought patterns, similar to the Internet.

I did much study this week to be able to find who the next USA president will be.

I felt pretty sure when I predicted Obama would be the Democrat nominee and McCain the Republican nominee in 2008, then Obama the winner. I made prediction around this time of year I believe. Since I was able to predict so early in the process, using my own astro formulas, I believe those 2 were destined to win.

Then in 2016 I predicted early that Trump would be the nominee and eventual winner

This time it is not so easy, as 3 or 4 people do well in the formula.

Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and in a lesser way Bloomberg and Warren all meet the formula criteria. So does Trump fit the formula.

But Elizabeth Warren is also so connected to the Eclipses this year in June and November and most of all she is connected to the Jupiter conjunct Saturn aspect in December that is a symbol of the New Age of Aquarius beginning.   Her natal Jupiter is at 0 degrees 14 minutes of Aquarius.  The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is exactly at 0 degrees 14 minutes of Aquarius

I predict Elizabeth Warren will win,  But I do so with less confidence than in previous years.

In Addition to all this potential confusion, the Universe is throwing a big curve ball on Election Day this year because it has the same crazy planetary aspect it had on Election Day November 7, 2000.

Mercury that night in 2000 was shifting from Retrograde to Direct,  and news anchors all kept going back and forth predicting Bush won, then Gore, then Bush, etc.

We did not know the winner until weeks later when the Supreme Court got involved. Bush won.

Very strangely, and perhaps most importantly, this Election Day on November 3 has the same planetary alignment as it did on Election Day in November 2000. Mercury goes from Retrograde to Direct that day.

Maybe no one will be the clear winner that night. Maybe Trump will not accept the apparent win by Biden or Bernie or Warren.  Very Good chance one of those 2 alternatives or one we cannot see yet will play out.  To be continued.

Till next week,


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Saturn conjunct Pluto and Astrology Forecast January 12-18

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This weekend has been very powerful and important, as it contains a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon; Uranus going back Direct; and Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.

It is a big turning point for our world transitioning into a new age, and for the personal lives of the inhabitants of this world on Planet Earth.

The ramifications from this time period will last a very long time.

The old world  and its dying paradigm do not resonate with those of us who know, can feel, and are already largely living in the consciousness of the Age of Aquarius.

Saturn conjunct Pluto comes around on average every 35 years.  This time they are in Capricorn;  therefore the rules, regulations, and expectations of a largely patriarchal social structure is ready for repair.  More importantly, that old structure is in the process of deep transformation.

The USA is also on the verge of its first Pluto Return at 27+ degrees of Capricorn. Right now the Pluto/Saturn exact conjunction is at 22+ degrees of Capricorn.

That means it is already ‘in orb” of that Pluto Return, being only 5 degrees away. This Return is influential over the next 5 or 6 years.  The time of the exact Pluto Return is 2022 and 2023.

I have shared with the readers of this forecast blog the knowing that the natal USA Pluto in Capricorn in its 2nd house is exemplified by the Military Industrial Complex which runs so much of the world.

Interestingly in this year 2020, both Saturn and Jupiter will conjunct the USA natal Pluto placement of 27+ degrees of Capricorn.  And this happens while Pluto is closing in on the Pluto Return.

So the condition of the Empire’s Military/Industrial Complex must be ready for a huge shakeup over the next few years, a shakeup that will transform the Complex at its core, drastically changing the world we all live within. The Military and Economy form the Complex and the transformation must mean those two pillars of the old world will be severely threatened over the next several years

And so the exact Saturn/Pluto conjunction on the 12th of January, as well as the exact Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions on April 5 and November 12 will be immensely important as we transition into the Age of Aquarius.

Interestingly, that November 12 conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto happens just days after the USA Presidential Election.

And on December 21 Jupiter will make an exact conjunction with Saturn, which happens every 20 years.

This time Jupiter and Saturn will have just recently left Capricorn and the USA natal Pluto.

They will conjunct at 0+ degrees of Aquarius, an obvious symbol of connection to the Age of Aquarius, perhaps a sign that that Age has begun.

So this week, which finds climax at the Lunar Eclipse and Saturn conjunct Pluto configurations; showed us challenges to the Complex with the dangerous confrontation with Iran and the leaving of negotiations with the USA by North Korea.

Those stories are not even close to ending.

Importantly this weekend, with the planetary highlight being Pluto/Saturn,  there has been a tremendous dumping of fecal matter from the Old Chapter of our lives. 

If you have been slowly sauntering through this process of transformation of consciousness, now it is essential to make commitment to the new consciousness of this New Chapter of our human lives here on the Earth.

The dumping of old stories and old ways now is powerful. This “dumping” creates space for new consciousness, new ways.

It is time to renew your faith in your self, your higher Soul self; and it is also time to renew your faith in the Universe and its connection with your authentic Soul Self.

If you need to leave that job in order to let go of dependence on the security of old world ways, Do It.

If you need to leave your home in order to start fresh in new consciousness, Do It.

If you need to stop sharing the intimacies of your life with your birth family, Do It.  They see you in a certain way that is not you anymore.  They will continue to do that.

You may need to abandon any mirrors in your mind or in other peoples’ eyes that show you how you used to be in that old chapter. The old stories are gone now or are ready to be gone.

Trump is on borrowed time now as President, just as the stock market is on borrowed time.    “Smoke and Mirrors” have been influencing how we see the economy.   That programming also has shaped our attitudes, beliefs, and ego stories.  Releasing these fantasies is essential to your evolution.

We need to carry Love and Truth together into our new chapter, and if not the voyage is doomed.

All planets are Direct now that Uranus has shifted out of Retrograde. All systems are green light “go” for looking ahead now.

There is Civil War forming between the radical left and radical right. Where will that go?

There is outer world war forming with Iran and North Korea.   Russia is involved with Iran and China is involved with North Korea. Where is that going?

There are no more eclipses this Eclipse Season, no more powerful planetary configurations like Saturn Conjunct Pluto.

But Eclipse Season continues for at least a couple weeks more- till the New Moon in Aquarius on January 24.

And all the intense world events that pushed us through this Eclipse Season, like the confrontation with Iran, will bring new events as a result.

I am getting ready for a new podcast and for a talk here locally on Sedona that will be a webcast at the same time.

The podcast will be around the New Moon in Aquarius on January 24, and the talk/webinar will be at the Full Moon in Leo on February 8.  My Predictions for President during that time between new and full moon. More details to follow.

Till next week,


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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Saturday January 23 is bringing us a Full Moon in Aquarius/Leo at 8:46 PM EST.  This lunation represents the potential balance between Head (Aquarius) and Heart (Leo).   Aquarius is also strong on following higher pricinciples or socially conscious behavior, while Leo is strong on following that which makes its heart sing and what would be the more popular choice.

So if you go looking for a car any time soon, will you want it to be environmentally clean with good mileage per gallon (Aquarius) or would you prefer a shiny car with the color that turns you on and has all the toys and whistles inside (Leo)?

This Full Moon is also a time to hold in balance one’s detached and inventive mind (Aquarius), with one’s fun loving open heart (Leo).

Do your want to be noticed and popular (Leo)?  Or would you prefer being a distinct and unusual individual who might not fit in (Aquarius)?

All this Full Moon glow will be shining this weekend (January 23/24), while waiting for Mercury to go back Direct on Monday January 25 at 4:50 PM EST.

Is there any one out there reading this forecast who has really enjoyed this now passing Mercury Retrograde time period?

Seems like most of us will feel quite relieved when Mercury goes back Direct Monday the 25th.

For many it has been a particularly difficult Mercury Retrograde, painful and confusing.

Hope you were able to put off any important decisions or to wait before doing anything of great importance.

After Mercury goes back Direct, the rewind button on our lives stops being used, and we begin to be more present in our current lives, watching for the fog to lift and for more clarity to appear.

It often takes up to a week or so before everything is totally clear, but almost immediately after going Direct, Mercury does show us some clear light.

If you were taken into past memories, you will be able after Mercury goes Direct, to better understand the significance of why those old memories needed to be viewed again.

Are you facing a current life situation that will benefit for the renewed perspective brought on by the rerun of old times?

Always during Mercury Retrograde- whatever way we were perceiving something before it went Retrograde- then feels in doubt. But the doubt should not be acted upon right away nor should one jump to any conclusions brought on by the doubt perceived during the Retrograde period.

Now soon you will have a cleared air experience, seeing with new eyes, eyes no longer cloudy and tired.

So how have you beeen experiencing, during Mercury Retrograde, the stock market moving into negative territory?  And have you jumped to any conclusions about Bernie Sanders’ recent resurgence in so many election polls or Donald Trump’s continued success in such polls?

Let’s wait for the air to clear after Mercury goes Direct to totally assess the situations.

The Stock Market and election polls (especially Bernie Sanders’ ones) are apparently showing us that there is great change coming to our economic system.  But will that trend continue when everyone sobers up from Mercury Retrograde?

As I look out at the Presidential field of candidates, I will let you know in this week’s forecast which candidates look like they have a chance based on an astrological formula, but I will not yet give final predictions until next week or the week after.

The forecast next week will likely be submitted one day early on Friday the 29th or one day late on January 31.  I will be flying to California on Saturday January 30, the usual day I would submit the forecast/blog.

The Republican candidates that passed the formula test are:  Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul.  This test is not based at all on political wisdom or polls. It is strictly based on the astrological formula I have concocted.

The candidates I said have a chance do not include Ted Cruz or Ben Carson, two people the polls have generally been favorable towards. It also does not include Kasich or Huckabee or Fiorinia.  It does, however, include Rand Paul who is doing quite badly in polls.

The formula is about finding candidates who will be step with the USA natal chart of July 4 1776; who are aligned with important astrological movement that will happen during the next Presidential term; and who will have favorable connections to the Party Convention Charts and Election Day charts.

On the Democrat side both Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders show indications they can win both the nomination process and the victory for president.

So better yet, let’s say that those I picked today cannot be ruled out.  In my estimation there are 6 candidates in both parties who cannot be ruled out yet.

We will look next time at who we feel will win the nominations and be President of the USA.

I may also soon look at potential candidates for the Libertarians, like former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson; or Green Party Candidates like Dr. Jill Stein.

Though we know they have little chance of winning we can still look at how they connect to the formula.

I also just read today that former New York Mayor Bloomberg is looking seriously at a third party candidacy.  If so we will look closely at his chances.

Seems as if the current trend is to break away from the system and system candidates, so you never know what or whom that may bring us for President.

The world is shifting so fast now on both personal and global stages.

Hold onto your hats this year for surprising changes and shifts; for new information to show us previously unknown truths of our human condition and its history on Earth and elsewhere.

How we have been taught in schools or families or from our culture does not necessarily show us Truth.

Truth all too often is shown with a bias, with an agenda, with a desire to program and condition others.

Winners in wars show history through their lens or paradigm, while those who lost in wars are shown as evil enemies who represented faulty ways of thinking and living.

And that way is how we are conditioned to look at cultures or religions or countries different than our own. Our people are the “good guys” and their people are the “bad guys” .  And of course the so-called “bad guys” are the “good guys” in their books while we are seen as the “bad guys”

That should tell you everything you need to know about how truth is in the eyes of the beholder- unless one can be objective without bias.

As the old paradigms become ripe to be dropped from our consciousness of what is true and real; we are open to create new world and new ways- All aligned with the Age of Aquarius.

Till next week when Mercury is back Direct,


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Leo Knighton Tallarico has been a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for 30 years.

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Election Forecasting and Astrology Forecast January 17-23

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Mercury remains Retrograde this week, so keep processing and looking at possibilities and options.  Keep reflecting and rewinding in the past and see how it may apply to your current situation.

But resist jumping to any conclusions, as seductive and reassuring as that may be.  And resist rushing forward toward doing any important or meaningful event or project this week.

Thinking with any bottom line intention may be way off, without your knowing it.

It is a great time, however, to meditate, reflect and process.  One’s soul can be more easily accessed now as one’s mind is not operating well from the left brain during Mercury Retrograde.

Contact the reality of where your heart and soul are at now.  Feel that reality, and realize that what they align with and how they see truth has great importance, perhaps more important that what your logical mind sees as truth.

The Sun will move out of Capricorn and into Aquarius this Wednesday January 20.  Time to begin to get outside the box of conventional thinking and rules, and to be more inventive and creative in one’s ways.

Sure there are parts of life that demand that we do things how we are “supposed” to do them, but not as many as you have been programmed to believe.

Aquarius time of year is also a good time to be more socially conscious, to look beyond the self and into the greater group.

Aquarius has web like thinking to it, similar to the internet; so clearing your mind’s passageways is good, so it can travel to whatever places it needs to go.

And with Aquarius, some of those ways will likely be to places that are not part of the “normal” routes.

Aquarius brings fixed ideas and principles, however, as it is a fixed air sign.   It is also driven toward being in groups, but ironically Aquarius is the most individualized of all the signs, caring more about being true to its uniqueness than fitting in.

In politics, the more established candidates for President of the USA could get taken off track this month, opening up the way for those who are more “outside the box”.  Expect surprises.

We are looking at Republican candidates this week.  I have studied the charts of Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Paul, Christie, Carson, Kasich, Bush, and Huckabee.  I looked at each of them in terms of connecting with the USA natal chart; connecting with upcoming planetary transits for the 4 year Presidential term ahead; and how each of their natal charts is affected by the planets during the Republican Convention in mid July and the Election on November 8.

We will not make any predictions till after Mercury goes Retrograde on January 25, but we will now express the planetary connections or lack of them that each candidate shows.

Ben Carson shows some connections to the USA chart, Mainly difficult ones to its Sun, Mars, and Venus. He has little connection to to upcoming transits 2017-2021.   And there are few favorable aspects for him at the convention or on Election Day.  He is a Virgo and Jupiter will be in Virgo, close to his Sun during the Convention, however. But not much else.

John Kasich, a Sun in Taurus,  has meaningful aspects to the USA chart,  both its Sun and Moon.  And he does have some connection to coming aspects in 2017-2021.  But there are no important connections to the Republican Convention. He does, however, have a few positive connections to Election Day.

Rand Paul, a Sun in Capricorn, does have meaningful connections to the USA chart and connection to a few aspects from 2017-2021; but he has very few connections to either the Convention or Election Day.  There are connections to this North and South Nodes, which can be very important, but there is nothing else.

Mike Huckabee, another Sun in Virgo, has strong connections to the USA natal Moon, but little else.  He has some connection to coming aspects, but not many.   He has many connections to the Convention chart, some postive and some really negative.  And he does have a very positive Venus conjunct his North Node in Sagittarius for Election Day, but not much else.

Chris Christie, yet another Sun in Virgo,  has minor connections to the USA chart, a few connections to future aspects,  and negative Saturn transits to his Sun in both the Convention and Election Day charts.

Ted Cruz is another Sun in Capricorn.  So far all Republican candidates are Earth sign people- 3 Virgos, 2 Capricorns, 1 Taurus.

Ted has many connections to the USA chart, especially its Sun and Moon; but he has very few connections to future aspects.  He has some really potentially difficult aspects during the Convention, especially an exact Pluto square his natal Moon in Libra.  He has some favorably considered aspects to his Venus and Jupiter on Election Day, but the Pluto square Moon is again pretty exact that day too.

The last three candidates we look at are the only non Earth signs among the Republican candidates:  Trump and Rubio are Sun in Gemini, Bush Sun in Aquarius- all three are Air signs.

Looking back a second at the Democrat candidates:  Sanders is Virgo and Clinton is Scorpio.  There are no fire signs among the all candidates and only one water: Clinton.

Next Republican to look at is Marco Rubio.  He has few close connections to the USA natal chart, and very few to the future aspects.  He does have a few favorably considered connections at the Convention,  and a couple of conflicting connections on Election Day.

Jeb Bush has many connections to the USA chart, and some important ones to future aspects.  He has a mixed bag of connections to the Convention and Election Day.

 Donald Trump has as many connections to the USA chart as does Bush.  Most glaringly he has strong connection to the USA Mars.  This is most significant if there are big conflicts the USA enters into this year and in the next 4 years.

Trump has many connections to future aspects of 2017-2021 too. He also has strong connection to the USA Pluto in Capricorn, symbolic of financial USA dominance.  That part of the USA chart will be strongly aspected in the next several years.

For the Convention week Trump has many strong planetary connections, some seem “positive” while others seem “negative”.   For Election Day there are a lot of connections again, some seemingly positive and some not as positive.

We will reflect some more on the candidates next week, and then we will make some predictions.   If any of you want more information on the astrological makeup of the candidates, let me know at

I know some of you must have noticed that the stock market has been going way down since the beginning of 2016. This is its worst start ever for the first two weeks of a year.

The economy is in the process of great transformation. Listen to Bernie Sanders and see how many are being inspired by his message of transformation of the Economy.

It may or may not happen as Bernie Sanders suggests, but it is certainly ready for great change aligned with the Age of Aquarius.

Please do not get freaked out by who might be President after President Obama. I know many of you are frightened that Donald Trump may be our next President.

Let me remind everyone that the greatest changes of the ’60s and ’70s revolutionary times happened while Richard Nixon was president.  His policies and attitudes provided much motivation for revolutionary change.

The Age of Aquarius is even closer to reality now than it was back then. Everything happens for a reason, even if it looks and feels “negative” at the time.

There will be a Full Moon in Aquarius/Leo next Saturday the 23rd of January.   It will begin an energetic shift as Mercury goes back Direct two days later on the 25th.

We will discuss more next week.


You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info..

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Leo Knighton Tallarico has been a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for 30 years.

My life partner Deborah has a blog now that will bring to you a greater sense of life’s sacredness and our human connection to our Earth, Feminine mysteries and that which brings us all together in unity.



Light at the End of the Tunnel and Astrology Forecast February 1-7

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This weekend we get through the half way mark of Mercury Retrograde.  During this current Mercury Retrograde movement I have witnessed more than a few people who have been swept into a change of direction.

Often it happens that Mercury retrograde shifts our perceptions so that we consider changing our minds or changing the directions we had chosen before Mercury went Retrograde.  I of course advise that is best to wait before deciding to make major shifts until Mercury goes back Direct again.

But this time I have seen people almost swept into a changed direction with little or no ability to choose otherwise.

In such cases it is aligned with Universal movement and so needs to be accepted as right. If our previously chosen direction or mindset was off course or alignment, then it is right to have this changed during Mercury Retrograde.

But for most there is a only a tease to shift as events or ideas swirl through our lives, and as people or situations from the past provide us a different perspective.  And then we can wait until after Mercury goes back Direct ( in this current case on February 11) before we gain clarity and sense of direction.

But if it feels like a wave of “fate” is carrying you, then there is no choice but to surrender to it.  All you have choice in that case is how you react.

This coming week, as Mercury is in the second half of its Retrograde movement, we also experience Imbolc on Monday February 2 and a Full Moon in Leo on Tuesday February 3 at 6:09 PM EST.

So the theme this week is a turning to the last half of cycles.  That is because not only is Mercury half way through its Retrograde cycle, Imbolc signifies being half way through winter and the Full Moon symbolizes being half way through the lunar cycle.

So you should this week be able to see a light at the end of any tunnel of pain or confusion you might be going through now.

Astrology, with its planetary movements and cycles, teaches us that “this too shall pass”.   The circles of life, the seasons of one’s own soul journeys, always show us to a shift out of whatever we feel stuck within.

Of course people do have the gift (or burden) of choice.  And many people choose to maintain certain attitudes or beliefs even as seasons change or even ages change.

This rigidity seems to keep them stuck, as what you believe has much to do with what your life will be.

But if you stay aligned with the natural and organic shifts of Nature and the Universe, you will have the benefit of awakenings and new beginnings, of renewed opening of mind and heart, of changes that assist personal and global evolution.

Often in the aging process one seeks the kind of security that impedes growth.   It then seemingly gets more difficult to change.

This is not maturity as some claim, but instead often signifies a wariness and weariness  of life that has come with disappointments and disillusions.

When one is young, one is often more open to shifting tides as one’s heart and mind are open and hopeful.

But life can bring bruises and traumas and that tends to close up the channels of natural change inside us.

Life’s traumas instead are meant to shift our attitudes and beliefs and to build a bridge between left and right brain, between mind and heart, between male and female ways of being and thinking.

But these traumas do not force us to shut down our open hearts and minds.  They are meant to merely shift our focus, to motivate us to grow and mature, to change priorities, to heal, to gain more empathy, to transform, and to rebalance.

So keep your connection to your soul and the Universe no matter what happens in your life.   All happens meaningfully if you are open to that way of seeing.

And of course now we are in transition between ages, and Uranus/Pluto square is helping us to transform out of the Pisces Age and into the Age of Aquarius.

Uranus/Pluto is meant to help us to evolve our consciousness and live in accordance with the changing of ages.

There are many changes coming to our world now and in the near future. March/April, with its potent planetary movements, will open a major portal into increased world-wide revolution and evolution. This portal will open channels to more truth and love, new energies of light, and evolved consciousness. It will also bring more economic turmoil and world conflicts.  Things could get extremely intense this late Winter and Spring 2015.

So much needs to change.  Look at the paradigm we live under in this world and what that paradigm creates.  Look at the hatred between cultures and religions and nations.  Look at what  has been happening to the land and environment ,  to the creatures of the Earth.  Look at how we treat one another.  And look at the inequities of living conditions for our human family.

This past week brought a report that showed that half the world’s wealth was owned by 1% of the people on this planet. How can that be the right way to live on Planet Earth?

Why would some people need multiple homes and vehicles and billions of dollars while others struggle to survive? Is it OK to have a paradigm which creates systems built on winners and losers instead of sharers.

Is it not incumbent on the strong to assist those who are weaker or more vulnerable?  Of course it is best to metaphorically show one how to fish instead of just bringing them fish.  Just bringing them fish does not empower and bring one confidence and self esteem.

But a system that encourages greed and domination does not tend to bring out the best in people.

If there is a pie and 6 people who need to eat, why would we develop systems that make it possible for one person to eat the whole pie and let others starve?

I am not saying we necessarily need to develop a system based on communism or socialism, but we  sure do need to build a new one that is fair and fosters equality, an honoring of those who are different from us, and a desire to see all people with a good life and sufficient resources.

And soon we are going to be brought closer to “the edge”,  with economic and military crises.

It makes no sense to me that the pillars of our world are built on an economic and military structure, or as it used to be called, the Military/Industrial complex.

The pillars that must hold up our world and be its foundation must be Universal values like Love and Truth, Fairness and Justice, Unity built from Diversity. Truly honoring and embodying those inner values will necessitate building outer systems that are more fair, transparent, and empathic.

Allow your consciousness to continue to evolve beyond a merely material outlook. Without inner connections and values to balance our material concerns, we are stressed beyond what we can tolerate, and we are divorced from the empathy that connects our souls together.

See you next week,


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Into the Mystic and Astrology Forecast February 8-15

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

The 3 week Mercury Retrograde voyage has begun.  If you can stay inside your self and not be too outer directed during this time period, you will be more able to enter the domain between waking and sleeping, between imagination and true inner spirits.

Since Mercury has gone Retrograde in Pisces, where it will stay for the first week or so of that retrograde voyage, your rewards while meditating may be greater, and your ability to “see” inside may be enhanced.

When you gaze into the woods or stare up at the clouds and see figures or faces, when you enter an old house and feel or sense a presence, is it your imagination or are you experiencing spirits from the other side?

When you hear two sides of an argument and both seem credible, where does the truth lie?    Mercury Retrograde in Pisces has the potential to take you into this world of shifting soul waters, where truth is not easy to ascertain.

Woody Allen and Mia Farrow bring us into foggy alleyways of elusive truth with their story of possible sexual abuse of Dylan Farrow.   Now grown Dylan Farrow claims her father Woody molested her as a young girl, a claim that was also made while she was still a child.  Woody denies and claims Dylan was coached by her enraged mother Mia to tell a lie. He says she was angry because Woody fell in love with and married her daughter Soon Yi many years ago.

To an objective person with no bias either way,  logical left brain logic will be hard pressed to know the truth. One would need to go deeper, reflect and intuit. And even then, you may not be clear. After Mercury has gone direct on February 28, perhaps Truth will be easier to find in this and in other issues. Decisions and direction will be more clear then too.

So get comfortable in these more mystical mental waters.  Realize you may be more apt to space out more, to forget, to have heard it wrong, to have read it wrong.   Your mind, your communication, your communication equipment, may be off at times.    The more time you can spend in quiet reflection and contemplation, in meditation, listening to music, watching movies, zoning out, being in trance, the more you will get the benefits of this Mercury Retrograde time period.

Even after Mercury enters Aquarius, while still Retrograde, on February 13, it will still be beneficial to stay in the “kingdom within” until after February 28 when it goes back Direct.

Remember we are in the prep time before the Spring 2014 Eclipse Season, centered in April when we experience two eclipses, and most importantly an exact Cardinal Grand Cross of planets.

The rhythms of Chaos and Order will be in strong force this spring, as reliable world institutions and structures will be cracking at their foundations, while concerted efforts to bring renewed order will be in full force. This Grand Cross makes an almost exact aspect to the USA natal Sun in Cancer from its birth chart of July 4, 1776, challenging the USA to change and transform.

In your personal life let the healing continue now, let the process play out.  Pushing forward now, or grasping for answers or direction, is unwise.  Trust more the deeper soul, the Universe, to unfold with just the right timing to provide what is needed and when it is needed.

This does not mean you should be passive and unengaged with life.   It only means that anxious striving to relieve the stress or unknowing will not bring what you need.   Your trusting means trusting your self too.  You were made exactly right to execute your life in just the right way.  It is your fears, your old traumas and wounds, your programming by society and family that make it difficult to trust and be aligned with your authentic soul and the Universe.

So use this time period to heal and release those old fears and wounds, and to open deeper to the Truth and Love that are our human Home.

This week we are still in waxing Moon phase, and on Friday February 14 at society’s designated Valentines Day we experience a Full Moon. Of course Full Moons can be experienced in a romantic light, bringing more music and magic to or souls.

This Full Moon is at 6:53 PM EST.  It is made by the Sun in Aquarius shining its light on the Moon in Leo, directly opposite. And oppositions are relational in nature, as I may look at you from opposite the table, two individualized diverse energies looking for common ground and connection.

The Sun in Aquarius shines a light of socially conscious principles on the heart centered creative ground of the Moon in Leo.  The Moon in Leo will go where the heart tells it to go.  The Sun in Aquarius trusts more the mind from its detached perspective.  By itself the heart may go to what feels good but not necessarily bring the best results for all concerned.  By itself the mind may bring what is “right”, but without love or pleasure.

Should you buy the shiny beautiful car your heart desires, or the ecologically efficient compact one?  Can you find a middle ground? Combining heart and head is a good exercise at this Aquarius/Leo Full Moon.

After Friday’s Full Moon, we move into the yin-ward waning Moon cycle, and then on February 18 we experience a month of Sun in Pisces, the last month of winter.

Until next week,


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There is already a YOUTUBE video autumn 2013 forecast out at

There is an old YOUTUBE video Astrology Forecast for Spring Eclipse Season. Check it out if you feel so moved.

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Shifting to More Light and Astrology Forecast January 27- February 2

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

There is a Full Moon in Aquarius/Leo tonight February 26 at 11:38 PM Eastern USA time.  The Sun is in “do it my own way even if people think I am weird” Aquarius.  Opposite that planetary position is the Moon in “I think I am cool, I’m having fun and being popular” Leo.  How does that work if the two come together?  Michael Jackson or Lady Gaga come to mind as good metaphors for that combination.

As this Full Moon is experienced, which is usually for three days (a day before the Full Moon, on the day, and the day after); you may have the experience of thinking and being out side the box, skeptical of conventional reality, while also wanting to be popular, accepted and liked by others.

The Aquarian goes looking for a car and looks to find something different, not the usual car, but also one that is socially conscious, gets good mileage and is environmentally correct.  The Leo wants one that is beautiful and shiny and makes your heart sing every time you see it.

Use this Full Moon to find a balance between what is unique, inventive, and socially conscious, on the one hand; with what is creative, fun, and opens your heart on the other hand.

Aquarius is of the mind and usually possesses idealistic principles that it is committed to living up to.  When off course it is cynical of so much in the world, and feels it cannot fit in anywhere. Leo is of the heart and shines its glowing warm aura for all to be uplifted by. When it is off course it gets too filled with itself and its ego is out of control.

Later this week, on Wednesday the 30th of January, there is a turning point as Jupiter changes from Retrograde to Direct.   The Saturnian Capricorn influence is waning as only Pluto and Venus remain in Capricorn and Venus will enter Aquarius this coming Friday.

So the limiting contracting energies are getting weaker and the expansive rays of Jupiter will be on the rise.  Add the progressive influence of Aquarius, and this coming week brings a feeling of moving more strongly into idealism and high minded pursuits.  Also on Wednesday the Sun squares Saturn, to somewhat dull the upliftment of Jupiter.

But nevertheless the Jupiter shift will help you to shift gears into more hopeful and expansive attitudes.

Adding to that hopeful feeling is Imbolc next Saturday February 2. The pagan celebration of Imbolc has become Groundhog Day in our contemporary world.  It is a symbol of the midpoint of Winter, and now we turn more firmly toward the light and hope of Spring.

So this week begin to shed the doldrums of Winter and begin to visualize more positive movements in your life.

This winter there has been in the media and the mainstream medical world a mission of worry and fear for germs, flu and sickness.  People are now more than ever, it seems, obsessive/compulsive neurotic about staying away from germs.

Though of course germs and viruses do have influence in causing illness, the mainstream world does not acknowledge the wisdom of our souls and bodies in relationship to illness.  Sometimes we need nurturance or time to reflect or time to release emotional toxins or wounds, and our bodies and souls call us to illness.

If we do not need these emotional or spiritual reasons for sickness, then no matter how many germs are around you will not get sick.

Holistic health healers do understand the connection between our psyches, emotions, and spiritual state with our physical world and bodies.

All is connected and can be seen in a meaningful and sacred manner.  The world of germs is not out to “get us”.  And our bodies often need temporary ailments as part of our natural healing.  A healing crisis, though often very painful, brings with it a deep release and a renewal of body and spirit.

We are taught that all is material/physical, bad and good luck, or carelessness and failure.  Instead all is connected and meaningful, holistic and connected to the wisdom of soul and body.

As the light gets stronger every day now, especially after the shift Imbolc brings, bring more light and positive hope into your heart and mind.  When you are connected to your deeper soul and the Universe, all life looks more meaningful and connected, even when it is not going the way your personal will wants it to go. Your ego self does not have the wisdom of your soul and “higher self”.  It seeks to control life and not allow it to unfold naturally.

In March and the Spring of 2013, during Eclipse Season 2013, the status quo of our lives will be shaken up so we get out of our familiar same-old addictions and habits, and open up to the unified rays of your deeper soul and the Universe.

These shakeups will help to get you more in touch with the energies of truth and love, energies that cannot be truly accessed when we are trying to keep old toxic patterns and familiar ways from being let go.

The first eclipse will be a Lunar Eclipse full Moon on April 25; the second a Solar Eclipse New Moon on May 9; and then a more rare third eclipse, another Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on May 25.

Yet energies will begin to intensify as early as March, when Mars and Uranus will make conjunction in Aries near the time of Spring Equinox.

So now this week, feel the shift to more hope and light, but realize it is a deep subtle shift. Do not expect your life to change overnight. Nevertheless, more  “positive” energies are moving in to help you to believe your life is moving just as it should, as long as you are proactively involved.

I have created a new Astrology Forecast 2013 for youtube, part 1.  And Part 2

See you next week,


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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.