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In the Arms of the Universe and Astrology Forecast July 9-15

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

As I write this forecast/blog, we are still several hours before the Full Moon in Capricorn, which is at 12:07 AM on the 9th of July EDT. This has been a rather sobering and sometimes intense full moon experience for many.

A Capricorn Full Moon is often sobering, but there has been an added edginess to this one, and that is because Pluto is conjunct the Moon and opposite the Sun of this Full Moon.

Pluto of course is the guardian of the underworld, and as such it holds what is lying deep inside our bodies and souls.

In a civilized world, humans have learned to bury their more basic instincts, and hide, even from themselves any emotions that can be seen as negative, like rage, jealousy, shame, envy, greed, lustful feelings, panic, or desperation.

And of course many of those more primal instincts can be very destructive to self, others, or society.

Freud gave those instincts the term “Id”, which he said could be controlled by one’s “superego”, which is our moral compass or conscience.

Pluto, guardian of the underworld, guards our more primal “Id” instincts, and our repressed memories from earlier wounds and traumas.

So when Pluto is around by transit, it can bring up that which we have held down deep inside of us.

If someone says something that pushes our buttons, our usually controlled emotions or instincts may erupt.

Perhaps we will express in passive-agressive ways, or through sarcasm, but often anger/rage, in whatever form, is the result of Pluto triggering our suppressed or repressed instincts or emotions.

Whenever I see Pluto being activated in a chart or activating a chart I know there may be something normally held back, or made secret, that will be expressed.  When I see a combination of Mars and Pluto together, I know something explosive is likely to be expressed.

And I usually watch Mars, Pluto, or Pluto/Mars combinations when looking at a nation’s chart or the leader of a nation’s chart.

In August, at the Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo, Trump’s Mars will be in conjunction with that Eclipse.  The eclipse is at 28+ degrees of Leo, and Trump’s Mars is at 26+ degrees of Leo, a relatively close conjunction.

Bibi Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, also has his Mars at 26+ degrees of Leo, so he and Trump will always have their Mars triggered at the same time, and this eclipse is one of those times.

To add to this series of connections, Israel from its natal chart of May 14, 1948 has its Mars at 28+ degrees of Leo, exactly conjunct the Total Solar Eclipse. And the USA Mars will be in almost exact alignment with Saturn that day.

And another strange connection between Trump and Netanyahu, especially so at the Solar Eclipse this August, is that both were born on days of eclipses:  Netanyahu at a Solar Eclipse in Libra, and Trump at a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius.  Trust me, it is rather rare for someone to be born on the day of an eclipse of any kind.

So we can expect some kind of important turning point to occur for both Israel and the USA near the date of the Solar Eclipse in August.   And whatever it is, it will have to do with something militaristic.

Now that could also mean military is calmed down or held back, but more likely it is activated then in some important way.

And these turning point events do not have to be right on the Eclipse, but within a month or so either way.

Let’s look at this coming week:  This week we begin to come down from the Capricorn Full Moon by Tuesday or Wednesday.  After that, until the next New Moon, in Leo on July 23, we contract, ease up, and gather and center ourselves.

That New Moon in Leo on the 23rd will bring in the first breezes or perhaps winds of Eclipse Season.

Please remember;  all that will happen is necessary to the transformation into an Age of Aquarius.

Our human family, even the most stubborn of us, need to know the old ways must be released forever if we are to survive and evolve.

Dog eat dog, every man for himself, take all you can get, win at all costs belief systems need to be buried.

Believing we live in a meaningless, disconnected Universe that only offers random events, and “scientific” proofs needs to be released.

Believing some are superior and  others inferior in value in our human family has seen its time pass.

Using and abusing the Earth for what we can get from her, and without care for her is killing life on this planet.

Continuing to make our material needs more important than our souls kills our connections to one another, to God/Goddess, to the Universe, and to Nature.

We are on the threshold of an Age of Aquarius, and we are so much closer than it seems on the surface.

So know where we are headed, and get your consciousness and actions aligned with this New Age of Aquarius.

Concentrate on Love and Truth.  Open up to the Light of new consciousness wanting to pour through our veins.  Release the blocks. Clear your chakras. Open your mind and heart, think for your self, feel your truth, make intention to express your authenticity and purpose, be awake to the signs and symbols and synchronicities.

Know all is connected and meaningful, no matter how it looks on the outside, send away your fears and do not feed your hatreds.

We are safe in the arms of the Universe, let go and feel it.

Till next week,


We will do a video in July for the important August Total Solar Eclipse and Eclipse Season.  We will have a new website up to view in July also.

There is a video now of my recent talk at the Enlightenment Expo that my friend Jonne Trees has recorded:

The subject is about navigating the planetary changes this year.

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Resting Up and Astrology Forecast July 2-8.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We have entered the 2nd quarter phase of the lunar cycle that began at the Cancer New Moon on June 23.  So thus we are waxing our way up to the Full Moon in Capricorn on July 7/8.

So this week we are only 3 weeks away from the intial winds of Eclipse Season. Then the 1st eclipse, a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon will be on August 7.  The 2nd eclipse, a most powerful Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo will be on August 21.

These Eclipse Seasons usually happen twice a year, with 2 eclipses in each season.

Eclipse Seasons begin two weeks or so before the first eclipse in a season, and extend to at least two weeks after the last eclipse in a season. These seasons are almost always big turning points in world and personal affairs.

The last Eclipse season was from January 27- March 27 2017.

The Eclipse Seasons often have breakdowns of old habits, patterns, beliefs, and sometimes even breakdowns in relationships, jobs, families, and home lives.

But just as frequently there are usually breakthroughs into awakened thoughts and new ways of living, better relationships, jobs and home lives.

Change is quite frequent during Eclipse Seasons, and much of that change can become transformational, and can open one up to healing of old wounds and traumas.

Keeping status quo is difficult during an Eclipse Season, and usually some part of one’s life will show big movement and change, even if it is one’s belief systems or ways of perceiving one’s life.

Often the issues that are ripe for change and transformation show up before the Eclipse Season, but the intensity of need for their transformation heats up appreciably during the Season, and especially so close to the actual Eclipse event.

If a country or person has any of their personal natal planets in close aspect to the sign and degree of the Eclipse, then that country or person will be most challenged with issues that require one’s close attention.

For instance the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21 will be at almost 29 degreees of Leo.  Donald Trump’s natal Ascendent is at 29 + degrees of Leo and his Mars is at almost 27 degrees of Leo.

So his rising sign, which signifies how he interacts with his world, and his Mars, which signifies how he asserts, fights, and defends himself, are in self involved Leo.

Leo expresses openly and creatively, but when out of balance expresses in a totally self centered way, which if taken to the limit becomes narcissism.

That Leo part of his disposition will be triggered around the eclipse, and since specifically his Mars in Leo will be triggered, he will be vociferously fighting or defending himself (even more than usua), and not unlikely will be using that aggression as Commander in Chief of the United States military.

If your own natal planets will be triggered, you too will have parts of your psyche and life activated and put in the spotlight for change and transformation.

If you have planets from 26 degrees Leo to 1 degree of Virgo you will be greatly affected by that Total Solar Eclipse on August 21.   If you have planets from 26 degrees of Aquarius to 1 degree of Pisces you will be at least substantially affected.

If you have planets from 26 degrees of Taurus to 1 degree of Gemini or 26 degrees of Scorpio to 1 degree of Sagittarius you will be at least somewhat affected.

And of course all of us will be affected by the eclipses as citizens of the world, and most especially the USA where this Total Eclipse will be seen.

World events that are warm now will be much hotter during the actual Eclipse Season, which will begin around the Leo New Moon on July 23.

For now find what nurtures you and helps you to feel safe and loved.  Gather yourself and solidify what is important to you.

It is Sun in Cancer time of year when nature is abundant and the needs for nurturance and unconditional love are at their highest.   What signifies home and family to you needs to be experienced before Eclipse Season begins.

The most vulnerable in our world will need the most care now: our children, our elderly, our wounded, our innocent animals.

This week begins rather intensely as Mars opposes Pluto on Sunday July 2.  Be careful to not emotionally overreact reacting to situations and people.

Also this week, as the Moon gets brighter and brighter on its way to a full moon, Venus will move from Taurus to Gemini on the 4th of July, and will stay in Gemini until July 31.

As Venus moves out of Taurus and into Gemini, it leaves its priority being for physical comfort and care, and for monetary and relationship security.

Its new priority becomes being social and gaining intellectual stimulation, being light and free spirited, and open to being a social butterfly.

On July 5 Mercury leaves Cancer and enters Leo, where it will stay until July 25.

When in Cancer, Mercury’s mental tendencies are to combine its head with its feelings, and sometimes to be confused between thinking and feeling.

As Mercury, the planet of  thinking and communicating, shifts into Leo,  fun creative thinking and openly sharing of ideas become greater priorities.

And at the end of this week,  there is a Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn on July 8 overnight into July 9 at 12:07 AM EDT.

Nurturance and inner values (Cancer) are needing to be balanced with needs for accomplishment and outer validation of one’s efforts (Capricorn).

Balance is also needed between permissive unconditional allowing attitudes (Cancer), with strict guidelines and rules and clear boundaries (Capricorn).

The actual Full Moon has Pluto conjunct the Moon in Capricorn which increases the emotional intensity and opens things up to transformation through catharsis.

Full Moon have an energetic effect a day or two before full moon, on the date of the full moon and up to two days after.  This Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn can also bring up parental issues and can make clear what iis needed for greater stability in one’s life.

The next full moon will be on August 7, a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius.

Time now to nurture and stabilize before the intensity increases in Eclipse Season.

Till next week,


We will do a video in July for the important August Total Solar Eclipse and Eclipse Season.  We will have a new website up to view in July also.

There is a video now of my recent talk at the Enlightenment Expo that my friend Jonne Trees has recorded:

The subject is about navigating the planetary changes this year.

Please take a look at the video David Lonebear Sanipass and I created recently-

If you need any help with your relationship now, I have done couples’ counseling for many years. Do you need to identify and work out old patterns? Do you need to decide whether to stay or go?  I use the astrological model to help in the counseling process. We can use Skype if outside New England. Write me at if interested.

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Opening Up for Change and Astrology Forecast June 25- July 1.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are in the last few weeks before Eclipse Season begins at the New Moon in Leo on July 23.

The first eclipse will not be until the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aquarius on August 7,  but the Leo New Moon in late July will show us the first winds blowing in for the stormy Eclipse Season.

In fact the Leo New Moon in late July will be the first of two Leo New Moons in a row, a relatively rare occurence.

The first Leo New Moon on July 23 is at 1 degree of Leo.  The second Leo New Moon on August 21 is at 29 degrees of Leo.

But more importantly that second Leo New Moon on August 21 will also be a Total Solar Eclipse in Leo.  That Total Solar Eclipse New Moon will be travelling and seen across the USA on a diagonal line from Oregon to South Carolina.

It will be the first Total Solar Eclipse to travel across the USA since June 8 1918. It was then in Gemini.

World War I and the Russian Revolution were in full force then, though the World War would end in November that year.

On the actual date of June 8, 1918 at the Total Solar Eclipse in Gemini, Nova Aquila was discovered. A Nova is a sudden eruption of a bright new star.  This was the brightest nova since 1604 when Kepler’s Nova erupted.

Interestingly this nova became a rare “recurrent nova” as it erupted again in 1941 and 2000.  

1941 was the beginning of World War II for the USA.  2000 was the year George Bush was elected president.  George Bush was president for the 9-11 Twin Towers terrorist attack in 2001 and the beginning of the War in Iraq in 2003, both monumental events.

Most novas occur at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy in late Sagittarius.   Saturn will be at the center of the Galaxy in November of this year.

Yet it is not likely, though it could happen, that a major event will happen exactly on August 21 at the Total Solar Eclipse.

More likely is that August will be a turning point for our world in many ways, and major events could occur in July, August, September, or even beyond that are related to the Total Solar Eclipse.

Stay alert for the signs that will show us what the major turning point will be about- in the world and in our personal lives.

This Total Solar Eclipse very closely aspects USA natal chart (its Moon in Aquarius); Donald Trump’s chart (his Mars and Ascendant); and also the natal charts of Syria and North Korea.  We will talk more about all of this as we get closer to the actual Eclipse event.

This turning point should show us the likelihood of a major war, or instead the diffusing of intensity toward a major war.  It may also show us the direction of our American and world stock markets and economy.

In personal lives, the New Chapter of your life will get a clearing of what is blocking its way,  and a clearer direction of where you are going.

So now we are just beginning the Cancer lunar cycle, which began at the Cancer New Moon on Friday June 23.  This lunar cycle ends on July 23 at the Leo New Moon, which will open up the Eclipse Season.

There will be increasing intensity after that, with a concentration of intensity on August 7 at the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aquarius, then again at the aforementioned Total Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 21.

This week we continue with a growing or waxing Moon, one that will reach fullness on July 8/9 at a Capricorn Full Moon.

Planetarily speaking this week is a mild week, though your transformational journey could still bring you challenges.

That is because we are all being prompted to keep releasing old tapes, old patterns, and old programming that have kept us stuck.   That process will increase exponentially during Eclipse Season, but transformation is accelerating all year long.

As we release these old ways, we open ourselves to brighter light and more loving people and situations.

Of course releasing old ways can also mean leaving jobs or relationships or places we live;  but no matter what,  we need to release that which clogs our consciousness and chakras and stops energy from freely moving through our bodies, minds, and souls.

You will know when it is time to release.   You will know in your body and soul.  You will know by the fact that the same situations keep coming up over and over again.

You will know by seeing old relationship patterns keep recycling in your life.  You will know by seeing you are bored or frustrated with living an inauthentic life or by waiting so long to make change.

We cannot stop the movement of change and transformation in our lives now, yet we are the co-creators of how that change will manifest.

If you see what is happening in your life as meaningful, and not a victimization; then you will have the positive energy and will to transform old unhealthy patterns into new thoughts and ways that will bring better energies, people and situations into your life, and help you to lead a more authentic, satisfying and fulfilled life.

Till next week,


We will do a video in July for the important August Total Solar Eclipse.  We will have a new website for you to view in July also.

There is a video now of my recent talk at the Enlightenment Expo that my friend Jonne Trees has recorded:

The subject is about navigating the planetary changes this year.

Please take a look at the video David Lonebear Sanipass and I created recently-

If you need any help with your relationship now, I have done couples’ counseling for many years. Do you need to identify and work out old patterns? Do you need to decide whether to stay or go?  I use the astrological model to help in the counseling process. We can use Skype if outside New England. Write me at if interested.

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Transformation and Astrology Forecast July 17-23.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

I feel so grateful that I have received the knowledge of the changing of Ages.   I have known for about 25 years that what we are facing now in the world was bound to happen one day.

The chaos of powerful and difficult world events is part of the transition between ages. The old world is facing grave challenges while the new world is seeking to manifest the new frequencies resonant with the Age of Aquarius.

Of course people feel doomed sometimes.  It is because the world as we have known it is struggling to survive and stay alive.

When one faces personal transformation, the feelings are similar.   One is letting go of the “old me” and the old life that goes with it.

Often one’s feelings are  very dark as a result.  For some it feels like they are going to die, whereas in reality they are not truly dying- yet a part of them is dying.

They no longer fit into their old life and their family often begins to feel foreign to them; their job is no longer satisfying; they feel they do not fit into the world.

If they have not yet received the light of new vision or inspiration for their new self and life, they will feel very alone, scared, and often surrounded inside by very dark feelings.

They may feel as if “God” has abandoned them.

They turn a real corner in their hearts and minds when new light begins to shine and they feel they will leave the cocoon they have been darkly residing within.

As they begin to be reborn in a new frequency, they begin to feel better.  Though darker moments will come back at times, those moments will no longer feel hopeless.

This is the transformational process that comes into a person’s life when Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and/or Pluto make planetary transits to an individual’s natal planetary positions.

It often takes 2-5 years for the whole process to complete itself.     After it passes, one then has a new sense of authentic self and a new life and relationships more aligned with who they have been growing into.

Our country and world are in the darker phase of the transformational process -out of the old Pisces Age and into the new Age of Aquarius.

Many of you are seeing the light already, as we witness people talking and acting like there are bridges we can cross to understand one another.  They know we are all one family, albeit quite horribly dysfunctional now.

This past week we experienced another tragic terrorist attack in Nice France, as well as a deadly coup attempt in Turkey.

These world events are coming now more frequently as we are in a new chapter of human life on planet Earth on the way to an Age of Aquarius.

This new phase is creating a “new normal”. The “old normal” cannot be relied upon anymore and this alone can feel frightening and insecure.

We can expect more powerful world events all summer long, and with Saturn squaring Neptune the theme of chaos versus order prevails.

As more deadly and chaotic events erupt in countries, the knee jerk reaction is to forcefully create more controls and order. The danger of course is for citizens to then lose their freedoms and rights in the process.

Events that threaten USA security over the next few months will help determine the winner of the Presidential election.

If people get afraid they turn to the person who most promises them a strong hand- even if that hand is corrupted in other ways.

We can expect a most powerfully transformational journey the rest of 2016.

Each of us must keep the bigger picture in our minds, and learn to find more peace in our hearts.  Fear and hatred are the only real enemies we face now.

This week brings us a couple of planetary shifts, but none of them will take you off course or off your soul’s chosen path.

On Tuesday July 19 there is a Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn at 6:57 PM  EDT.

It is time to “get it together” (Moon in Capicorn) while at the same time we feel like staying at rest in a nurtured way (Sun in Cancer).

This lunation shows us the archetypal “Mother Cancer” opposing the archetypal “Father Capricorn”.

Cancer says to its children, “I care for you unconditionally no matter what you say or do”.  Capricorn says “I expect you to be at your best, doing what will make you better”.

Cancer can be overly permissive with no boundaries.  Capricorn can be overly strict giving no leeway for excuses or even good reasons for ineptitude.

You may also be pulled between home and family (Cancer) and career and outer world obligations (Capricorn).

Expect to feel and experience the Full Moon for at least 3 days- one day before, day of, and one day afterward. More senstive types many feel the Full Moon for up to 5 days.

On Friday July 22nd the Sun leaves Cancer and enters Leo.  This tends to shift consciousness from inner reality and feelings (Cancer) to more outer creative expression (Leo).

Leo likes to play and have fun. It also likes to be noticed and paid attention to.

Its fatal flaw opens up when its ego trumps (pun intended) its heart.    Remember when your parents told you to not let compliments or successes go to your head? That is the challenge of Leo.

Enjoy, create, and play in Leo time to take some this darker energy away.

Till next week,


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We will be discussing the deep layers of consciousness needed during this important time in human evolution.  The class will provide a wider perspective and deeper insight.
I will explain the significance of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in the process of transformation. I will include Chiron into the mix also.  I consider Uranus, Neptune and Pluto as ambassadors of the Age of Aquarius.   They provide us with what we energetically need in order to transform our consciousness and lives aligned with the Age of Aquarius.  As such we will explore a person’s natal aspects with those planets. We will also , its explore in depth the transits of these planets, as they signify times of intense transformation and change.
We will also look at the possibility of newly discovered planets in our solar system, including Nibiru and Dr. Sitchen’s ideas of what that planet signifies for the human family.  This theory if true changes how we view our origins and our human condition.
We are at a very important phase in the transition between a Pisces and Aquarius Age.   World changes through important world events  will be discussed as well as a viewpoint of what and when we can expect of the Age of Aquarius.
We will also find the time to look at class members’ natal charts to see the natal dimensions of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in personal lives. And we will look at transits and times of change in individual participant’s lives as seen by the transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.
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Zombies and Astrology Forecast July 5- 11

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The Capricorn Full Moon has passed and now we move through the waning half of the lunar cycle that was begun on June 16 at the New Moon in Gemini.  

Now we pick up the pieces and process what has been happening in our consciousness and lives.   Over the last several weeks, going back to the Spring Eclipses, we have experienced big shifts in our lives.  The heart openings, breakthroughs, breakdowns, challenges, magic, and difficulties over that time period now need to be examined, emotionally and spiritually processed, and put into some order.

On Monday July 6 the Sun will oppose Pluto and will trigger the Uranus/Pluto square, which is still in effect.    This will help us to more deeply process what has been changing in our lives recently.   Recent relational shifts require more clarity and this Sun/Pluto aspect will help bring issues to the surface.  That will aid our ability to process, gain more clarity, and move through the changes.

This aspect will also require that we release old ways and attitudes that are baggage from our past.  In so doing we are clearing the decks of our hearts and minds, so our new voyage can be more fully embraced.

The triggers to to the Uranus/Pluto square will help the process of transformation:  Monday July 6 Sun opposite Pluto,  July 11 Sun square Uranus, July 15 Mars opposite Pluto, and July 25 Mars opposite Uranus.   These planetary configurations will continue the process of pushing you out of your old comfort zones, to make way for transformational change in your life.

On July 15, as Mars opposes Pluto, there will also be a New Moon in Cancer.  A few days surrounding that date will likely bring much emotional expression and release.     Be careful not to be too angry then or too out of control emotionally. We will write more about next week.

The Mars opposition to Uranus on July 25 will also be a full day of important planetary movement as Venus will be going Retrograde then.  Relationships will be in the spotlight of your life then and will continue to be through September 6 when Venus goes back Direct.  More on that as we get closer to that date.

Then early August will bring a major turning point in our lives, especially so as Saturn goes Direct on August 2.   Saturn going direct is like time marching on. It can give a sense of fate and “now it is time”.

Venus Retrograde in Leo, Jupiter in Leo, and Saturn in Scorpio will be doing a planetary dance with each other in early August that brings us to this important turning point in our lives.

Later when Venus goes Direct on September 6, two powerful eclipses will follow:  A Solar Eclipse New Moon in Virgo on September 13 and then a Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aries on September 27.

The full power of transformation will be erupting in our lives then, and world events will reflect the importance of these eclipses.

These events in the world, which will likely include some economic meltdown and world conflict, will open the doorway to even more breakthroughs in our transitional voyage into the Age of Aquarius.

Right now this week as the Sun triggers the Uranus/Pluto square, there are important decisions to be made on Iran’s nuclear program and Greece’s financial condition.

July 7 appears to represent the time of potential completion of the deal between Iran and the United Nations security council plus Germany.    Even if they do agree to a deal, the backlash from Israel and hardliners in the USA and Iran will likely be fierce.

On July 5 the citizens of Greece will be voting by referendum on their government’s debt crisis.  If they vote no, they will be speaking against the austerity measures demanded by the lenders in order to help satisfy loans given to Greece.

Greece has a recently “voted in” a socialist government that fundamentally opposes the current Capitalist system.   Europe’s future and the future of our global current economic system are being challenged by the crisis in Greece. This past week, banks in Greece had been closed in order to limit withdrawals of money from personal accounts.

And of course the Middle East continues to be in severe crisis with the Islamic State continuing its breakdown of the order in Iraq, Syria, and North Africa.  The Egyptian Sinai region is now in conflict with IS as is the Gaza Strip in Palestine.

And the recent Supreme Court decision to make Gay marriage the law of America is a huge step into the Age of Aquarius.   We can only hope and pray that the backlash for this from fundamentalist haters is not too severe.

In our personal lives there will continue to be breakdowns of old personal systems that no longer hold heart, soul and spirit. Empty structures and “life support systems”  cannot stand up for long.

They will cease to exist as we open our hearts and minds to new consciousness and ways of living our lives. Careers, relationships, home bases, and inner values continue to transform.

Liberation and resulting displays of synchronicity, meaningful symbols, and magic will open more and more in your consciousness and life.  Your heart will be bursting more open too as you experience life from a more pure place again, without the need to control everything.

As your ego subsequently loses its power in your psyche and life, you may feel insecure and/or anxious at first, but more and more you will be feeling alive again.

You know the old question “Is your heart in it”? is always an important question to ask oneself.   That question can be asked about a relationship or job or place you live.  If your heart is not in it anymore, then your heart is dying little by little.

Can you get your heart back into that relationship or home or career? If not it may not last.  Or maybe it will last because of your desperate need to totally control your heart and life in familiar ways.   But then you risk, through time, of joining the dinosaur gathering of soul dead zombies in a suburb of unhappiness.

Till next week,


I have created a new YouTube presentation for the Spring Portal.

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Leo Knighton Tallarico has been a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for 30 years.

Heart connections and Astrology Forecast June 26- July 4.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week has some spirited heart energies moving through that should pick up the pace of creative expression and positive transformational change.

After the Moon moves into lively Sagittarius late Sunday (where it stays until early Wednesday), heart centered Venus in Leo makes relatively graceful connections with both Uranus and Jupiter.

And on Wednesday at 1:32 PM EDT there is a Capricorn Full Moon that holds Neptune in its signature.

Early Monday June 29 Venus in Leo trines Uranus in Aries, triggering the Uranus/Pluto square and Jupiter/Uranus trine.  That means that more positive change will be opened up though relational interactions.   This aspect will be felt for several days leading up to and after the exact meeting.

Then on Wednesday before the Full Moon, Venus in Leo makes another connection- this time a favorable conjunction with Jupiter in Leo.

This is a good week for experiencing strong heart connections with others.  Some of these heart connections may be unexpected, some may up the knowing of connections already felt.

On our road through transformation into an Age of Aquarius, which has been picking up speed in 2014/15;  we need to be more open hearted, trusting the connections that come through our hearts, which are gateways to our souls.

It is best not to label the connections too soon.  Some automatically go to sex or romance when their heart feels a strong connection with someone else.

But that might not be the reason the Universe is bringing you such a strong heart connection.  There are so many possibilities for the hearts merging.

Sometimes it is because you have things to learn from another, things to give to one another.  Sometimes there may be past life recognition that may require further investigation.

Sometimes this person you are feeling heart connection with is meant to be a catalyst for transformational change in your life.  And yes sometimes a sexual and/or romantic involvement may be the stimulant needed for such transformation.

What do you do if you are living a stable, comfortable life, in a committed relationship; and then this powerful heart connection penetrates your soul ?

In pre ’60s culture, people would stay in their stable lives and relationships no matter what.  Perhaps they would have an affair but still stay in the relationship.  Then the ’60s seemed to give people the permission to follow their hearts, even if it meant breaking up relationships and families.

Now there are powerful transformational winds of change again, similar to the ’60s and ’70s.

People have been opening to natural heart and soul connections more readily again lately.  They are even more open to gay or bisexual behavior now, transexual, polyamorous, and open relationships.

This is because there is such strong energy moving through to trust your heart and be true to your authentic being.  But there should be a warning label on these connections:  this relationship or lifestyle will break down your old status quo and suck you into a whirlpool of enormous change.

Yet that might be exactly what you need to grow and evolve, to move out of ego control, and to connect more authentically with your true Self and life purposes.

Trust your heart, but consult with your head.  Use the relationship between them to get the clarity you need.   But of course sometimes the power of the heart connection leaves you no choice but to follow it.  Those kind of connections give no real choice at all, but they do not happen all the time.  When they do, the power of divine Love is making a powerful statement that cannot be denied even if it will disrupt one’s whole life.

It may be wise to have an astrological or other kind of consultation during these kind of crises, so you can get to the deeper meaning of the heart connection and the crossroads you are facing.

Heart connections this week may also be just light and fun ones, ones that promote creative expression. That creative expression will be conducive to your transformational growth. It may help you to better know your authentic self.  Creativity from a heart space almost always opens a doorway into self knowledge.

After Venus makes conjunction with Jupiter in Leo on Wednesday July 1,  there will be a Full Moon in Capricorn.

A Full Moon in Capricorn always has the Sun in Cancer exactly opposite the Moon in Capricorn.  Cancer is our inner personal orientation, while Capricorn is our more outer directed impersonal orientation.

Cancer seeks a safe unconditional setting or personal connection that allows it to be able to be itself naturally and organically.

Capricorn cares more about accomplishment and task oriented projects that require planning and discipline.

Cancer cares more about nurturance and moving wherever its feelings dispose it toward. It does not like set obligations, outer world responsibilities or any “shoulds”.

Capricorn values getting things done efficiently and so has no time for moods or feeling swings.

So now at the Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn it may be a good time to become more aware of how you balance outer responsibilities or career choices with personal home and family considerations.

And do you need more time to “just be” without judging yourself?  Or conversely do you need to “step up to the plate” and do what you have to do even if you do not feel like it?

There will be a strong Neptune connection in this Capricorn Full Moon,  as it trines the Sun and sextiles the Moon.  This suggests a need to surrender to the flow and magic around this Full Moon. Don’t try to figure it all out in your head.  Let clarity unfold instead, in its proper timing.

With Neptune being strong in this lunation, there may be some confusion, so again let go and just let it all be processed later.

On the global scene, there is a deadline this week to come to an agreement with Iran around its nuclear program.  As I write this, there are some big bones of contention still, but most who are directly involved do desire a solution.

The planetary confusion mid week may force a continuation of talks beyond the June 30 deadline, or at least much confusion about what exactly has been agreed to.

And there is no agreement in Greece on its economy.  The latest is that there will be a referendum put to the people to decide on its financial fate.  The economic health of Europe and much of the world are dependent on Greece.

And there was a big sign that the light of the Age of Aquarius in shining through more brightly now as the Supreme Court of the USA made a decision that makes Gay marriage a law of the land.

July will pick up the pace of transformational change again, especially mid to late July and into early August.  A major turning point will develop during that time period.

Enjoy what could be a rather magical week if you are in the flow.

Till next week,


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Blinded by the Light and Astrology Forecast July 13-19

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are moving into the the waning half of the lunar cycle that began at the Cancer New Moon on June 27.   The “climax” of that lunar cycle happened earlier this Saturday June 12.  It was a Cancer/Capricorn Full Moon, meaning Sun in Cancer and Moon opposite  in Capricorn.

This Full Moon brings us to the differences between archetypal mother (Cancer) and father (Capricorn) energies.  Together these signs represent security and safety, but in much different ways.

Cancer helps us to feel safe in our own skin, permissively able to just be whatever we feel like being.  We feel safe at home, and in our personal life.  We are shown how to honor “inner values”, values of caring, empathy, and processing feelings.  We learn to contribute to family.

Capricorn teaches us how to build a sense of security in the outer world, through accomplishment, discipline and planning.  We are made to feel we need to live up to our potential, build a solid career and to contribute to the world.

This Full Moon is meant to balance the Sun in Cancer’s influence from these past three weeks.   We have needed to be more unconditionally loving with ourselves and others, more open with our feelings, more into nurturing ourselves with “just being” instead of doing all the time.

Yes Cancer can be very unconditional, but in that process can sometimes go over the line and be too permissive without healthy boundaries.

So the Moon in Capricorn adds more strictness, healthy rules and boundaries, more self discipline and getting better at taking responsibility for ourself and our own life.

This is a good time to balance inner and outer values and to balance permissiveness with more strict behavior patterns.

This Full Moon is a turning point energetically.  As we are now in the waning half of the lunar cycle, we can begin to slow down, dust ourselves off, and make plans for what we will soon get involved in.

This Capricorn Full Moon begins to let us know we are needing to “get ourselves together” and get ready to make our lives work in all new ways, ways that are resonant with who we are becoming and what this new chapter of our lives can look like.

Soon things will open up more and be more energized.

This week, with the Moon waning however, we still have some time to decide what turns we will soon make.  While we are slowing down somewhat, there will also be counteracting energies.

As such Jupiter will be leaving homey and cave like Cancer for fiery and shining Leo.  This begins this Wednesday July 16.  Jupiter has been in Cancer for a year, will now stay in Leo for a year.

Jupiter opens up and expands whatever it touches, so as it moves into Leo it opens up the creative and spontaneous part of our hearts, helping us to be more creative, open hearted, confident, and shining of our personal light.

If you have ego issues, issues of a personal image being incongruous with your authentic self; then your own light will be blocked from shining to its fullest.   Low self esteem or glorified ego get in the way of natural self expression.

So this year is a good year to work on your ego and self esteem issues, so you can truly be more in your heart.  You can truly learn to love your self more with Jupiter in Leo, not love some image of your self, but love your true and authentic self.

This true and authentic self then has the confidence to express itself unselfconsciously and to shine light and warmth to all around.    And in the process it finds success.

Success is not a a dirty word.   It is about actualizing oneself and one’s potential and finding one’s place in the world from there. It is not about competition with others or about making money and fitting some image of success.  You just have to allow your authentic soul self to align with the Universe and then follow the yellow brick road from there- Of course easier said than done.

There is much ego to release to get there, much programming from society and family to let go of.

So Jupiter in Leo shifts us more intensely into the process of ego and soul self working things out.

Also coming soon, next Sunday July 20,  Saturn will end its Retrograde movement and go back Direct. It has been retrograde since March 2 2014.

Saturn is symbolically both gravity and the hand of time, so you can see how it represents that which you cannot escape. Gravity holds our bodies to this Earth and Time stops for no one, it just keeps on ticking.

As Saturn goes Direct, time marches on and we feel at that time that “reality” rules.

This can sometimes bring a sense of “fate” or “meant to be” or at least like it is time to “get it together” and move on. This feeling can start any time this week leading up to next Sunday.

Then after July 25/26, as Mars goes into Scorpio and the New Moon opens up in Leo conjunct Jupiter; it will be time to take whatever has changed since early this year, whatever we have learned or experienced during the time since then, and go more fully into this New Chapter of our lives.  Ready or Not Here We Come.

You will see this play out in the greater world also.   Events that will feel like they are fated will play out in the Middle East and perhaps other places too, events that will alter our human destiny. These events will thrust us more fully into this New Chapter in  our collective lives on Earth, a new season that is necessary for our evolution into the Age of Aquarius.

June 28 this year was the 100 year anniversary of the beginning of World War I in 1914.  On that date a Serbian man assassinated Austrian Archduke Ferdinand and his wife.  World War I began shortly thereafter from that incident that does not seem to have warranted complete chaos breaking out in the world.  It felt like fate.

In our world now Israel and Hamas are at war that threatens to get much worse. Add that to the power of the newly developed Islamic State in what was Syria and Iraq; the nuclear talk with Iran coming to an end; and the shake up from Arab Spring in 2011, and you can see the potential for complete transformation of the Middle East and our world as a result.

In your own life, please concentrate on the transformation of your own consciousness, not on the “stories” we will be given by the Powers or Media.  It is best to not allow your self to get swept up in the ego dramas of ‘us versus them”, good guys versus bad guys. It is best not to get swept up in bashing President Obama or the Republicans or any other person or party.

We are all in this together, and we all need to work together to create our Age of Aquarius.  And the “better than or worse than” mentality will just keep us stuck in the old paradigm and age.

This world is a co-creation and the new world is also a co-creation.  Transforming our consciousness is the gateway into the Age of Aquarius.   If we keep looking for enemies or looking down or up at anyone else, we are helping to perpetuate the consciousness of the old paradigm and age.

The light of the Age of Aquarius is there for each of us to follow. We just need to allow our souls to lead the way, as our egos will be blinded by the light.

See you next week,


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