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Full Moon Transformations and Astrology Forecast October 13-19

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week begins with a very powerful Full Moon in Libra/Aries that makes a very close square to Pluto; and Pluto is stronger than usual and is still moving relatively slow, because it went back Direct as recently as October 3.

So we experience the usual back and forth archetypal polarity between Aries and Libra, which  is also duality between Mars and Venus,  yang (Mars, Aries)  and yin (Venus, Libra), or male (Mars) and female (Venus).

And as it becomes a futile attempt for connection and balance between these opposites, Pluto then tends to blow it all up for a reboot.

And so many people this last week have had “on the edge” experiences- relationship breakups; deaths;  injury or illness with friends and pets;  job loss or job challenges; or needs to leave their homes soon.

This is Pluto’s influence on it all, an explosive energy intent on breaking down old ways, then providing space and time for new birth.

And this is just a transformational appetizer, as the big meal of transformation is December/January.  At that time we will be in Winter Eclipse Season with two eclipses, one of which connects with the not usual conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.

Out in the mainstream world, much at times feels very dark, disconnected, and hopeless.

Leadership in USA now is inconsistent, self focused, defensive, hateful, and apparently not really concerned with doing what is right and honorable. Truth and Love do not have fertile ground for growth and many people are quite frightened.

We are coming up to the “dark before the dawn” chapter of our collective lives.

The rot of the old paradigm is getting smellier and more ugly.  We need to let it go. We need to bury it.

There is no real hope in bringing back the Obama years, or the ’60s or “80s, or to more innocent times gone by.

Bu we are quite able to enter a new and different consciousness frequency, one connected to the Age of Aquarius, Truth and Love, Diversity Within Unity.

But each of us needs to let go of our being locked up in our heads, of our needs to be in control all the time, of our fears running our lives and making our decisions.

At the same time as our mainstream world feels like it is being sucked into some black hole of ego despair,  I can feel more connections and Love all around, and much more ability to find Truth within the trickster deflections.

In the human collective there are lower and higher frequencies to be immersed into. The lower ego frequency is what much of the mainstream world revolves around.  The higher frequency of the divine God/Goddess realms is where those who are evolving can better connect with.

But ultimately it is the marriage between the two that takes us forward in our evolution. And Chiron is the bridge between the two realms.

We must feel our human feelings and hear our ego’s fears, but they cannot be in charge.  Running the show needs to be left in the loving hands of our Higher Self, our Heart and Soul, our connection to Spirit.

On Sunday the 13th at the Full Moon in Aries at 5:08 PM EDT, with Pluto exactly squaring that Moon and Jupiter exactly trining that Moon, there  are differing energies trying to connect with one another. Some wanting to fly up higher, some wanting the depths below.

Best bet is to let go of control, of our controlling minds, and surrender to the vast waters of outer space, to the Love and Truth that move through the veins of the Universe and into you and me.

Meditate, get lost in nature or music or loving connections with your soul family.

On Monday October 14 the Sun squares Pluto, which means that the prince of the dark underground Pluto wants to connect with the shining hope of the Sun in balanced Libra.

So Pluto will carry the shining Sun into the underground lair of Pluto.  One of Pluto’s faces is Kali, and she always desires to carry inflated ego heads into her inner dungeon of atonement, which is at-one-ment.

Down there on her shelves are the heads of those who were filled with hubris, like Nixon and Clinton.

She has an empty space waiting for the Donald. It will not be too much longer before he arrives, by hook or crook as they say- by impeachment or election loss.

But we must all learn our lessons through all of this. We Americans have created this.  When the highest priorities of a culture are materialistic, with such strong needs for fame and fortune, it creates Donalds as out-growths of those priorities.

So we are cleaning up and purging our old ways that are so divorced from our “better angels”.

Each of us needs purpose in our lives, each of us has a function within the larger community.  This is Age of Aquarius consciousness, a social consciousness.

Climate Change is recognized in our social consciousness, in our desires to care for the future of the human family here on Earth.

Paying attention to our material needs is important too, as it reflects our reality right now.

But it does not need to be our highest priority. Saving our world and future is our highest priority. Within that paradigm, we learn to survive and thrive on the material plane too. It is not black or white.

So we are then spiritual beings living in a material world, needing material support to hold our higher values and to help manifest those values into solid structures on Earth.

We are not instead material beings searching for spiritual support and meaning, so we can keep our more base values in control of our existence.

As we are experiencing now, all is rapidly changing- death of the old is coming in more forcibly and frequently.

So let any chains on your legs be released. It is time to break free of anything holding you back from your authenticity and from your higher values.  As you choose to move forward now, assistance will be there for you, from other planes of existence if needed.

And yes we can feel the breath of beings from somewhere else disclosing their existence on this plane of reality.

We are meeting them half way between our usual frequencies and theirs.

Stop giving the Donald so much attention and power.  Concentrate on your higher values, your function and purpose, on your heart desires.  We cannot let our demons run our minds and hearts with fear and hopelessness.

Till next week,


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Strong Full Moon in Aries and Astrology Forecast October 6-12

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Is that light we seem to be seeing at the end of the tunnel real or the result of tampering? Knowing what is real or not real is not as easy to ascertain as it used to be.

Are the facts we are presented real or made up?

Who is telling the truth and who is not?

With the ability to alter a picture or a film, is what one is seeing real or not?

Listen to news show and hear the spin that news commentators use to persuade you, not inform you.

These are the tools that the old age and paradigm “use” to keep consciousness confused and stuck.

“Stuck and confused” is somewhat similar to “divide and conquer’ as both conditions dis-empower, break apart, and leave people feeling separate, weaker and more vulnerable to bullying and power abuses.

Therefore coming together as confident participants in a new global community paradigm has big challenges.

If this sounds like paranoid ravings about a deep state or some other projected enemy, that is not my perception or intention.

This is all happening inside our human collective consciousness, in my estimation not from some horrible enemy from the material world.  The horrible enemies result from our soul struggles.

The old paradigm does not let go voluntarily.  The new paradigm is not embraced so easily. We battle with ourselves.

Our ego self is used to running the show, and it certainly runs the old paradigm.

The “Authentic Higher Self” is guided by Soul and attached to the Universe and its natural cycles, energies, and patterns.

We have been taking some time to acknowledge, try on, and accept this new paradigm and each of our purposes’ within it.

We have decisions to make, directions to take, and most importantly commitments to adhere to.

Prior to the next Mercury Retrograde it would be beneficial to know where we are going, when we go, and how to we do what we need to do.

Mercury goes Retrograde on October 31 (Samhain/Halloween), and does not go back Direct until November 20. Two days later on November 22, the Sun goes into free spirited Sagittarius.

Then on the 26th there is a New Moon in adventurous Sagittarius, followed by mystical Neptune going Direct on November 27.

Then in mid December, Winter Eclipse Season 2019/2020 begins. The highlight of that eclipse season is a very powerful Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn exact conjunction on January 12, 2020.

That conjunction is two days after a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer.  And that Lunar Eclipse is just two weeks after a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn on Christmas Day 2019.

Time has been marching forward since Saturn went Direct on September 18, and deep transformation has been revving up its engines since Pluto went direct last week October 2.

That means that Saturn and Pluto now are going straight forward, without interruption, toward their date with destiny on January 12 2020.

You can easily see how much is already being shaken up in our world on the way to that conjunction.

Collective sanity is being eclipsed by a world that is falling apart at the seams, and yet pretending all is as it should be, and that the pendulum will swing back in the other direction before too long.  Sanity and decency will return and all will be normal again.

The old normal is forever gone. The pendulum is becoming obsolete and broken now.

We are starting up a New Chapter in a New Paradigm.

And with Pluto and Saturn starting their Direct route together toward their 2020 conjunction, we can concentrate on our own transformational journey.

This week begins with the 2nd quarter of the Moon’s phase, with the Moon in Capricorn on October 5.

Then on October 7, Mercury in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus.  It is wake up time, no more time for slumber, little time left for sitting on the fence of indecision.

Our main choice now is in who will lead you now? Is it your ego or your higher Self?

We need commitments now, no more wishy-washy.  Choosing the Higher Self seems more risky as the ego’s semblance of being in control feels more secure than the kind of surrender that the Soul requires.

Higher Self does not require figuring it out by straining our left brains.  Higher Self prefers being part of natural unfolding by following the “yellow brick road”, so to speak.

There is a trust and faith required in letting go and allowing natural Universal cycles and symbols to guide us.

And with a big turning point ahead of us next Eclipse Season this coming December and January, we need to experience maintenance of our inner hearts and souls.

On Tuesday October 8 this week, Venus goes into Scorpio, causing our relationships to get more real, to be expressing from a deeper soul passion.  If any of your relationships have been stagnant or forced to be merely pleasant, holding back truths, they will “get down” now into more intensity and depth.

Mars in Libra opposes Chiron in Aries on the 8th also.  This is another sign that needs to keep the peace are challenged by energies of power and force.

That same theme plays out at the Full Moon in Aries (Sun in Libra) on Sunday the 13th.  That Full Moon is at the same cardinal sign 20+degrees- this time in Aries.  Pluto changed directions at 20+ degrees of cardinal sign Capricorn last week.

If you have any planets in Aries, Libra, Cancer, or Capricorn, at between 17 and 23 degrees, your life is moving through a turning point of some kind around this Full Moon in Aries.

And Pluto is closely connected inside this Full Moon in Aries, as it is still at 20+ degrees of Capricorn, very closely square the 20+ degree Full Moon in Aries.

You are being pushed off the fence of indecision.  Time to choose. Resistance causes pain and suffering.

Higher Self or Ego Self? You are choosing your own destiny. This is not about killing the ego! It is about putting the ego in its place.

That place is as a subordinate to your Higher Self, which is connected to All.  You may not feel as much in control that way, but you will feel more aligned, lighter, free, and expressing your authentic Self.

Out in the mainstream ego controlled world, culture war ramps up with the impeachment process.  And watch out for Israel and the Middle East.  China and North Korea versus the USA will take a new turn soon also.

And you have to know that the Stock Market and Economy are in danger of a significant crash soon, very likely sometime this Autumn or Winter.

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction in January promises a destruction of old world ego dominance.

The primaries for Democrat candidate for President of the USA will be intensifying greatly, as we get closer to the first caucus in Iowa in February.

My beginning steps at predicting the Democrat’s candidate for President have begun. A quick look at the candidates showed me Warren, Mayor Pete, and Harris as having the charts most aligned for winning the nomination. I will continue to analyze, and hope to give you a final prediction in the next few weeks.

I also will examine more closely charts of countries and world leaders, so we can get a feel for what may happen around the globe in the next few months.

In the meantime keep feeding the knowing that all is divinely guided. We are in transition between Ages. December 2020 is a major turning point into the Age of Aquarius.  Synchronistically, the USA Presidential election is a mere month prior.

This week contains a very strong and important Full Moon in Aries with Pluto prominent. Trust the Process.

Till next week


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The Brief Pause and Astrology Forecast October 1-7

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Now that Eclipse Season is over, there is a quite noticeable decrease in intensity, both in personal lives and in world affairs.  The storm has passed. 

And quite a storm it was, literally and figuratively.  There were some actual powerful hurricanes and earthquakes; war drums beating loudly in Korea; and culture wars getting stronger as can be seen in Charlottesville and surrounding the Kapernick protests.

These issues have not gone away, but are resting relatively peacefully as we go through civilized and relational Sun in Libra time of year

We are gathering ourselves, picking up the pieces, figuring out where we are at in our lives and consciousness,  and looking for clarity and direction.

Clarity and direction are still allusive for many, even after the Eclipse Season and Mercury going back Direct again.

For example- in the greater world,  even though the North Korea issue has lost some of the steam of  potential war; it is not clear what will happen next.

Before long there will be changing tides into more intensity, beginning on October 10 when Jupiter leaves balanced and peaceful Libra and enters passionate and intense Scorpio. Jupiter will stay in Scorpio for about a year.

When the Sun also goes into Scorpio on October 22/23, intensity will grow even more.

Libra is relational and always intends to listen to others, abide by civilized societal rules, and find balance between differing opinions and needs.

It is relational on a mostly mental or heart level, and seeks the pleasant and the “good”.

Scorpio seeks emotional connection in a passionate way, not caring much for how issues are nicely decorated. It wants to get to the core of those issues. And it wants to know someone fully, the good, the bad, and the ugly. It wants what is “real”.

So as we move from Libra energies to Scorpio ones, that which has been buried for the sake of peace, will tend to rear its ugly head again.

Anything that  has not been fully resolved or even fully expressed yet, will tend to erupt again.

But for now we can lean peacefully into the Libra pleasant zone, and find some sanity and balance.  Two planets still in Virgo,  Venus and Mars, seek order and analytical logic. And great intensity is anathema to them, as it is to Libra

There is not much in the chaotic zones this week, so enjoy the tempering of the energies and use them to realign yourself now.

The transformational energies were enormous in August and September, especially surrounding the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo toward the end of August.

You have likely released much of what was ready to be let go, and let in the light of new energies that are more resonant with your own new paradigm and new chapter for your life.

Have you taken the leap forward like the Fool card in Tarot? Do you trust being in the new zone that has been opening up for you?

Likely there is more to come, and the transformational process has more room to grow.

In the greater world,  the changes have been swirling through us in an accelerated manner.

Trump’s presidential world is foreign to most of us, as no previous president has been so non presidential, nor so narcissistic or so vengeful around often petty concerns.

Look at this world. How can transformation be mostly over? It is not.  There is so much that needs to be broken down and released.  Our collective world has such crazy priorities, such often hypocritical ways; and such abusive treatment of those judged to be different, those who are considered “less than”, and those who have been designated enemies.

Many of our institutions reflect those diseased ways of being.  We will never be more ready for great transformation of our world.

And since so much of our world is dominated by the Military/Industrial Complex that President Eisenhower warned us about, the institutions that keep that dominance must be vastly transformed or ended.

The North Korea issue will not go away. Syria and the Middle East are on only a brief break. And our world economy and health system are needing to dramatically transform into ones that are more fair for all of the humans on this Earth.

And the breakdowns of the old order and paradigm are a large part of the process to get to that new age.

And with Donald Trump as president, it is assured that the road to that new age will be quite rocky and difficult.

Yet in our personal lives we can more gracefully transform our consciousness and life if we are awake to the process and what needs to change.

Putting our head in the sand will make the process more stormy, and holding on for dear life to what needs to be let go will bring us more pain.

Change can be stressful and not very comfortable,  but you must admit that a flat line existence is boring and tends to kill our soul, spirit, and heart.

This week will be relatively tame, except around the Aries Full Moon on Thursday October 5.  The few days surrounding that lunation should be more intensified, especially concerning relationships.

With the Full Moon giving us Sun in Libra and Moon in Aries, we will be balancing our needs with needs of others, and balancing being civilized and peaceful versus being more straightforward, direct and even combative.

In the greater world,  determining war (Aries) or peace (Libra) could be in discussions.

And Pluto is square to that Full Moon alignment, adding much more intensity and passion to our relationship issues.  And Pluto is the wild card this week that could bring us back to some storminess and out of the peacefulness this week.  It also potentially adds more energies for deep transformation, often as a breakthrough during difficult interactions with others.

This Aries Full Moon will be at 2:40 PM EDT. 

Mars conjunct Venus in Virgo will happen that same day, adding a need to fix things and people, and possibly being obsessive in seeking exact order or perfection to things.

Do your best to stay out of ugly power struggles around this Full Moon, and instead search for win/win resolutions with others.

Till next week,


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Raising Consciousness and Astrology Forecast October 16-22

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

As we move closer to Scorpio time of year, intensity and primal passion are building inside our collective human souls.

The presidential election in the USA is already intense yet will get much more so.

Can you believe how low in consciousness Americans are going during this Election Season?

With so many important issues to discuss, the media and candidates are totally obsessed with sexual issues concerning Donald Trump and Bill Clinton.

Though to some extent it is good to address the women’s issues that have come out, and that are important for us as a human family;  this is more about character assassination and mean spirited attacks on one another.

It is no mere coincidence that Wikileaks is now increasing the email dirt against Clinton, while women have now decided a month before election to suddenly come out against Trump.

This is war- not an attempt to look at serious world and American issues.

As we get closer to the Sun moving into Scorpio on October 22 and a Scorpio New Moon on October 30, there are war drums beating that could potentially turn into World War III.

Russia and the USA are seriously challenging one another over Syria; while North Korea keeps testing more nuclear bombs; and forces gather to try to defeat the Islamic State in important Mosul Iraq.

If one tunes into all that or just feels deep inside the collective human unconscious, it is getting more and more apparent that something very big is about to explode in the world.

The only question in my mind is whether this will happen prior to the Election or after it.

Before the Election we have a Full Moon in forceful Aries conjuct Uranus on October 16;   aggressive Mars conjunct guardian of the underworld Pluto on October 19; Mars square Uranus on October 29; and a New Moon in Scorpio on October 30.

Any of these could be a trigger for an important world event, and at the least they suggest darker secrets to be exposed.

The Full Moon has the Sun in Libra opposing Moon conjunct Uranus in Aries at 12:23 AM October 16.

This annual Full Moon usually brings a conflict between desires to make relationship and make peace (Libra) versus a desire to be frank and assertive and thus potentially bring conflict (Aries).  Uranus conjunct the Moon in Aries suggests more weight toward impulsive forceful assertions.

In world events this brings the potential for serious conflict in the world over the next couple of weeks.

In personal lives this could be a wake-up call (Uranus) to transform old relationship patterns and to balance self empowerment (Aries) with a real listening in relationship (Libra).

Some people are very empowered already and need to be more sensitive to others.

Others are usually very accommodating of their mates or friends but tend to be rather small in asserting their own needs.

This Full Moon gives a real opportunity to strike a better balance and to change old relationship patterns that have proven not to work well.

Uranus gives the possibility to wake up outside the usual boxes of thought and to make the changes.

On Ocober 19 Mars conjuncts Pluto.  Conjunct means they share the same space in a 360 degree circle- in this case both at around 15 degrees of Capricorn.

Conjunct means they seek to bring their energies together and in this case in Capricorn. Capricorn wants to build or maintain solid structures or systems. Mars and Pluto together tend to create much potentially explosive power together. They can be ruthless when together.

This can create world conflicts through the ruthless power of the system, the state. or corporate or militay institutions.

In personal lives this can mean a powerful attempt to maintain or create controls.  Be careful this week not to get into power and control battles with others, as they could get nasty.

Instead use this Mars/Pluto aspect to make your self aware of authority or to assert your own authority.

On Saturday October 22 there is a 4th quarter Moon in Cancer as the Sun makes its annual move into Scorpio.

This may bring a feeling of being “brought down”.   Resist the temptation to get depressed, and instead use it to go deeper inside to see what is real and true for you.

Scorpio helps us to get in touch with deeper soul issues, to see inside the veils of secrecy.  It also helps us to find our passion and to honor our more primal instincts.

4th quarter Moons alert us to “wrap things up” and to prepare for the next new moon- this one to be in Scorpio on October 30.

We are in a collective transition into a whole new chapter of our lives.  The Election here in the USA is an obvious symbol that things are changing.

An important way to change is in consciousness.   If we keep trying to create enemies and keep trying to demonize others we stay locked in old consciousness.

Yes we need to create boundaries betwen what we believe and stand for, and what others believe and stand for.  But we do not need to make us the good guys, and them the bad guys.

It is a difference of opinion and lifestyle, not a reason to hate or destroy.

Till next week,


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Election Madness and Astrology Forecast October 9-15.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The power of transformation grows stronger as we get closer the USA Presidential Election

As of today as I write this forecast on October 8, the outward signs all point to a Clinton victory on November 9.  Donald Trump got caught several years ago by a hot mic that recorded him making very disrespectful remarks about women.

Though he has suffered many such turning points in this election process, this one seems to be even worse, especially coming at this time so close to Election Day.

But there is still a full month and 2 debates to go before the Election.

As we wrote back about a year ago, Trump will win if there is some event just prior to the Election that threatens USA security- like a terrorist attack or market crash.

Additionally some huge negative revelation about Hilary Clinton by Wikileaks could have the same effect.

I truly believe there will be more twists and turns prior to Election Day, so no “counting chickens before they are hatched”.

This Election is a huge turning point for America and all the world.  President Obama will be seen as having had a big effect on our country and world, especially so in having the USA be a more equal member of the global community.

But transformation can be a journey of to and fro, in that sometimes there is a powerful feeling of new birth followed by a backtrack to old ways that cannot fully die before being starkly experienced again.

Will we go back toward more dysfunctional and toxic energies before we can embrace the new ways and new consciousness of the Age of Aquarius?

Sometimes a President leads us into a chapter of our lives that takes us backwards and forwards in transformation at the same time.

Nixon represented an America stuck in the past with corruption, bigotry, power abuse, and a desire to keep privilege in the same hands as before.

But that chapter of life that he represented also brought with it great transformational leaps forward as revolutionary energies brought a new world of greater equality for women, blacks, and others.

Nixon resigned from office and the war in Viet Nam ended.

So no matter who wins the Presidential Election this November, the powerful waves of Transformation will bring a tsunami of change.

No one person nor what they represent is bigger than the cycles of the Universe and Nature.

This does not mean it makes no difference who wins or that your vote does not count.

Who becomes president will affect the tone and quality of our human experience

Will transformation happen more gracefully or will it bring us more conflict and difficulty?

Right now we are entering the second quarter Moon of the lunar cycle that began at the Libra New Moon on September 30.

The next New Moon will be on October 30 in Scorpio.  That New Moon will begin the lunar cycle that will carry us through the Election.

On Election Day November 8 we will have just entered the second quarter Moon just as we are doing now.  The second quarter Moon now is in Capricorn and on November 7 it will be in Aquarius.

Second quarter moons challenge the theme created at the new moon, yet they also rev up our life engines another notch- waxing more on the way to the Full Moon- the climax and major turning point of the lunar cycle.

This month’s 2nd quarter Moon in Capricorn on Sunday October 9 challenges the balance and charm of Libra with energies of grounding gravity and seriousness.

On November 7, a day before the Election, the passionate instincts of Scorpio will be challenged by the more dispassionate detached intellect of Aquarius:   Passion or social consciousness?

This week, after the second quarter Moon in Capricorn, we move toward the Full Moon in Aries on October 16.

So this week you can move more forward with the waxing lunar energies. You will have more energy to get things done and be more active.

But where are you in your soul’s transformational journey, as the greater world is going through such major change?

Transformation seeks to bring us to greater authenticity and being true to our soul’s wishes.

But each of us has been conditioned and programmed to be a certain way and to live “normal” lives as society sees it.

But when we wake up with spiritual emergence, we learn we are unfulfilled by what we are doing and what we have chosen.

This can be a most liberating and at the same time most painful turning point in our lives.

We begin to see a new life more aligned with our true self and deeper needs, but we can also see that the process of transformation will require us to let go of security systems we have been accustomed to.

Our changing beliefs and transforming energy fields may then give us the feeling we are not as connected to people we love, or jobs that have given us security, or homes that have given us comfort.

A part of us may want to run away and start anew, while another part of us may want to cling even tighter to what we have known.

Always remember that a greater force is guiding the way and ultimately brings your soul’s true needs to your life.

It may not feel that way at first, as our ego is stubborn about what it wants for us.    But our deeper soul and the soul of the Universe knows what we need to move through karma, or to evolve, or to satisfy our purposes for our lifetime.

Society tells us to get a good paying job, to raise a family, to prepare for retirement, and to wait until you die.  Add some parties, some TV, and some vacations and what else is there?

But our deeper souls want love and truth, a life that is meaningful, self actualization, a sense of purpose, contribution, and connection; and a sense we are continually growing and evolving.

Our life is a sacred soul journey, not a random happening with no real meaning.

Know that this next month on the way to an election, with the major events we are likely to experience between now and then, is leading us through to the next chapter of life in America and on Earth.

And it is leading us ever closer to the Age of Aquarius.

Til next week,


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Occupy Wall Street, Hope in America; and Astrology Forecast for October 2-15

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

While on the one hand we have experienced this year the beginnings of revolution for democracy in countries that have been run by tyrants and dictators and oppressive governments; there is sumultaneously a movement within so-called democracies to transform their systems.  Some are preaching to not vote anymore.

The Arab Spring has shown us revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Syria, and other Arab countries to throw off the yoke of control over the people by dictators like Egyptian president Mubarak.   Many of the revolutionaries are also tired of their countries being controlled by western powers, especially the USA. They want true democracy, where the people decide what their government and lives will be like.

But in Europe and the USA there is another movement happening, a revolution by mostly young people who have become disillusioned by the current state of their democracies. In the USA, this is exemplified by the Occupy Wall Street protests going on in New York.  These people and others in the western world are sick and tired of their individual voice in their world having been taken over by big corporate and other special interests.  They know their government leaders are mainly pawns to the power of the Military/Economic Empire.  They believe therefore that their vote is meaningless.

These people are contemplating not voting anymore.  The envision a world similar to the internet’s world wide web.     That New World would be decentralized, non hierarchal, where people would be truly liberated, but also responsible for themselves and the world they live in.

Wha they are envisioning is truly an Aquarian world.      Aquarius is about decentralization, no central control and no ladder of a power structure.  There is equality and equal value of all individuals and peoples.  There is no privilege and no more values of intrinsic superiority and inferiority.  “All Men (people) are created Equal” is an Aquarian value and the USA has its natal Moon in Aquarius.    This right to equality is part of our national conscience.    One country or religion is not superior to another.  That superior/inferior value is part of the old paradigm.

So you can see how the revolutionary movements, both the Arab Spring, and the beginning shoots of western world revolution, are bringing us to an Aquarian Age.  These new growths, connected to the Aquarian Age, are appearing in the cracks of the structure of our Old World as it begins to crumble.

So as you watch the often depressing disillusions of the values of our old world, which is now filled by corruption, dysfunction, incompetency, lies, pretenses, and lack of love and compassion, do not despair.   It is true that the cracks in the Old World structure will get bigger and bigger as catastrophic events explode into our world. Institutions we have relied on will crumble to the ground.

But these new green and fresh growths of new ideas and energies will soon flood through the openings in the fallen old structure, to provide us with the hope for our future here on Earth.

I am sure you have noticed that most of the revolutionary movement has been peaceful.  Hopefully the protesters and revolutionaries will stay peaceful, as Ghandi and Martin Luther King Junior taught us through their civil disobedience movements that progress can be made that way.

But it is quite possible, even likely, that the Powers That Were will panic and use excessive violence to keep their old world’s domination.

Expect the nature of the Universe, and its “desire” to bring in new energies and ideas and a new Age, to break down the Old World and its paradigm and power.   The economy, which provides privilege to some, cannot stay like it has in our past, because it is not conducive to the principle that all are created equal.

And superpower nations who dominate as a military bully will not stand in the Aquarian Age.  We must all, as American citizens, contribute to the transformation of our American family into one that takes care of all its members, returns to its awesome values from its beginnings, and connects as an equal member with all peoples around the world to create, in alignment with Aquarian Age values, a healthy human community and Earth.

The changes coming will be increasingly intense, from now until 2020 at least.   The Mayan Calendar, according to Johan Calleman is ending after some 16 billion years.  He expects earth shaking events to happen between now and October 28 2011, when he says the calendar is ending and a new unity consciousness is born.  Comet Elenin’s closest approach to Earth is in mid October and so coincides with this calendar ending.   Comet Elenin has been disintegrating, however, and its meaning therefore is more nebulous.

Regardless of what happens between now and then, the planets keep moving after that, and inform us of the changes coming to our world and human family.  The Aquarian Age is not fully formed yet by any imagination, and I personally believe we will not pass through that portal until after December 2020, when Jupiter conjucts Saturn in Aquarius at 0+ degrees.

Remember, however, that more important than finding a date when the New World begins, is each of us finding inside our self the consciousness that aligns us with that Aquarian Age.  That consciousness will bring you more fully to your authentic Self, one not so tainted by the programming of the old culture.  That consciousness will also motivate you to find your function and purpose within our greater human community.  You will combine your individuality into the unity of our new Earth community.  Your new consciousness will be connected spiritually to the Oneness of the Universe, so you will be better able to receive its meaningful messages and co-create within its wholeness.

You will respect the individuality of others, regardless of their orientations, as you realize more and more that we each are a part of the balance of the Universe, like the balance of nature.  Each individual creation is a cell in the greater body of the human family, and is integral, once it functions according to its authenticity, in the “ecosystem” of the Universe.

You will know that all the dots of the Universe are connected meaningfully, and all happens as part of the cycles and seasons of the spheres of that Universe.

I will not be writing this blog next week, as I am on vacation, but will return on Saturday October 15 for a new written Perspectives from the Sky, as well as as radio presentation as well (see below).

Keep in mind  till then that we are now in the first half of the Libra lunar cycle, which began this past Tuesday September 27 at the Libra New Moon.  That began a monthly journey into concentration on relationship, fairness, and balance. This does not mean only romantic relationships, but all relationships and social skills and endeavors. It also means making relationship, as in bringing things together, like an artist or decorator does. It is looking for balance or fairness, like in the scales of justice.  It is making the connections between ideas and thoughts also, realizing how one thing makes relationship with another.

The next Full Moon, will be in Aries on Tuesday October 11 at 10:06 PM EDT.  The strength of self and being true to self and one’s independence will want to be combined with relationship. It is important to assert your needs as an individual, and not be a doormat in your relationships.

See you in two weeks,


I broadcast a new radio show on Saturday July 16 at 1 PM EDT which you can still hear. Another new one is scheduled for October 15 at 1 PM.

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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

He predicted the Iraq War of 2003- in early 2001 when Bush first took office; predicted the 9-11 attacks with an article “The Tower”, written in June 2001. He predicted Obama and McCain would get the presidential nominations in november 2007, when both were low in the polls; and correctly predicted the current economic downturn before it occurred

Pluto Rules- and Astrology Forecast for October 17-23

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

It has been unusually difficult lately making any decisions.  Not completely sure why.  Perhaps it is because of the sense of big changes coming  our way.   We know that the way our lives look now, before the shifting tides, is much different than how they will soon look.   So how can we know what to do, especially as we do not know exactly what is going to happen.

The 33 miners in Chile were rescued from deep within a mine this past week.  That was such a wonderful thing to hear about.    Their ability to survive the ordeal,  the rescue by their community, the well wishes from people all over the world, was great to see.  

I noticed in the news today, only a few days after the rescue, that 4 miners are trapped in Equador, and that an explosion in a Chinese Coal mine just killed 21 miners, while 16 more are trapped there.     What is the message?   What are the signs telling us?

Deep withing the bowels of the Earth, in the Plutonian underground of Dante’s Inferno, there are transformational energies brewing.  Pluto’s kind of transformation is like the journey of the bird phoenix.   It rises from the ashes of despair into powerful and inspirational rebirth.    We are approaching Pluto’s favorite time of year, when the Sun moves into Scorpio, this year on Saturday October 23- next Saturday.   

Here in the Northern Hemisphere Scorpio time of year shows us trees going bare, colder and darker days, and Samhain/Halloween, when the veils between the worlds is thinnest.    With such dramatic underground activity this year, with only Mars and retrograde Venus now being in Scorpio, we can likely expect some powerful stirrings to occur this late October through November.

Of course the elections will be on November 2, in early Sun in Scorpio time, just after Samhain.  Mars will still be in Scorpio and Venus still in retrograde in Scorpio.    Will Tea Party candidates erupt more forcefully, through victory, into our political landscape?  What kind of culture shock will this bring to our American lives and the world?

Even if they win big, the Tea Party is only a blip on the screen of history. It is fossils of old times trying to resurrect the past. It will not last long as an Aquarian Age is inexorably moving into our human consciousness and world. The Tea Party is about people who do not want the old world to end.   Many want the Reagan years to never end, and are sincerely believing they will lose their freedom to a world of socialism. 

Last week I wrote about a big event(s) coming our way from late October to Mid November or from December 5  to January 18, 2011.

A big red flag can be seen in the Middle East now. The peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians have apparently failed.   Iran and Israel are obviously building up mutual animosity toward one another, that feels like immanent war approaching.  Turkey and Lebanon are getting closer to Iran. China is getting closer to Iran.  The whole arab and Muslim nation are losing hope that Israel truly wants to end the occupation of Palestinians. Most do not believe the USA can be a fair broker of peace as it has Israel as its strong ally.    

Many in the USA, including Bill O’Reilly of Fox news, who represents many people in the USA, believe that Muslims attacked the USA and do not deserve to put up a mosque near the site of the 9-11 attacks.  They truly see Islam as their enemy, not just some radical people who were also Muslim.  Grave lack of trust is coming  from Judeo-Christian cultures against Muslim cultures- especially from Israel and America, but also many in Europe.  Lack of trust from Muslim cultures against Judeo-Christian cultures is also prevalent.  This portends major conflict for the near future, as things seem to be coming to a boiling point. 

Another interesting development is the more mainstream spotlight on UFOs.  Recently many from the USA airforce stated they saw UFOs hovering near a nuclear weapons depot and soon therafter nuclear weapons were disabled. This week in New York City hundreds of people stopped and stared at objects in the sky that have not been identified by any authorities.

Back some years ago, when I hosted a radio talk show in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I interviewed John Mack,  professor and psychiatrist at Harvard University and a Pulitzer prize writer. He had written a book, “Passport to the Cosmos”, based on his studies and interviews of people who claimed to have been abducted by aliens. 

He expected to find out that the people were mentally unbalanced, his being a psychiatrist, of course.  Instead he found the people quite credible.  And he also found that they all had some similar experiences, though from very different cultures, and had not talked to one another.  One such similarity is that they found out from their abductors that they believed we humans were destroying ourselves and the Earth, and they wanted to help.

Were the UFOs encountered by the USA airforce wanting to dismantle our nuclear weapons because they know where we are headed with them?    Are we on the verge of some dangerous conflicts that need intervention from more evolved beings? Is this possible?

Well perhaps this is all rather dramatic of me.  Perhaps the big events coming our way soon will be something with the economy or something else we cannot envision yet.

Yet the astrologcal aspects from this summer were quite rare and promise new seasons of our human lives here on Earth.   And soon there will be a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on the winter solstice, touching off and triggering many of the aspects of the Summer of 2010.   

And right after that, there will be a Solar Eclipse New Moon at 13+ degrees of Capricorn, directly and closely opposite the USA natal Sun at 13+ degrees of Cancer.

Timing of events is always challenging, and perhaps the big events will happen later in the year of 2011 than I have predicted, but they are coming soon.

And all of you who have been working on your selves, transforming your consciousness and lives in anticipation of a New World being born, will be brought forward into greater transformation and healing, into more healthy and connected lives, more community, a greater sense of purpose, more soul and spirit in your life, more magic and synchronicity, deeper connection to your authentic self, the Universe and each other.

October 17-23

Of course Venus is still retrograde in Scorpio, and relationships and heart issues are in the spotlight.  This is not only romantic relationships, but also friendships and family bonds and work relationships.   Let the past in- through people showing up in your life in person, or through dreams and memories. Retrograde periods often take us back, so we can better understand and give perspective to our current lives and relationships.   You have a good opportunity, during Venus Retrograde, to transform and improve your current relationships, to end bad ones, to meet new people who will assist your journey.

This week leads up to our second Aries Full Moon in a row, this one on Friday October 22 at 9:37 PM EDT.    Relationship issues are again emphasized, but your need to assert your self or your independence can be a big part of the dialogue now.

The Sun goes into Scorpio on Saturday October 23 at 8:35 AM EDT.  It is time to go deeper into your mind and emotions, to see the core of truth, not to live in dream world about reality.   As emotions get stronger it is important to not keep them locked up inside, but instead to express them. Just remember that if you have been holding back these feelings for a long time, they could come on explosively, so be careful.

Talk to you next week. I have put off the next radio show but will let you know a week before it broadcasts.

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.  You can get an astrological session with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life.  Please write for more info. Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

He predicted the Iraq War of 2003- in early 2001 when Bush first took office; predicted the 9-11 attacks with an article “The Tower”, written in June 2001.  He predicted Obama and McCain would get the presidential nominations in november 2007, when both were low in the polls; and correctly predicted the current economic downturn before it occurred.