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Goodbye 2012 and Astrology Forecast December 29- January 5

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Next week we will look at 2013.  This week we say goodbye to 2012.

I am sure for some 2012 did not live up to their expectations.   Especially because of the end of the Mayan Calendar and so much hype and misinformation about that event, many people either expected apocalyptic events- or events that would sweep us into a new dimension of consciousness or a golden age.

The process of transformation is slower than that.   It is true that an old age is dying and horrible events, like what happened in Newtown Connecticut, are part of that process. And yes we are changing our consciousness to align ourselves with an Aquarian Age.

Those who believed an apocalypse was coming were in touch with the inevitable destruction of an old world, its beliefs, institutions and paradigm.  Those who believed a much better world would arrive at the end of 2012 were in touch with the fact that we are leaving an old Pisces Age and in transition to a an Aquarian Age. But we are not there yet.

We need to be more patient as there is much more healing and transformation for our world and for our personal lives on the way.

And yes the speed and intensity of change began to pick up in 2012.  And 2013 will bring a huge spike of change again, even bigger than in 2012.

The old paradigm is barely working anymore.The conditioning and programming we have received to keep us entrenched in the old ways has been breaking down, and people are more and more looking outside their old boxes of consciousness and perception in order to find new and better ways to be and live.

But the Universe is not going to drop a New Age into our laps.  Each of us needs to make the consciousness shifts, change our belief systems, and transform the way we lead our lives.    No matter what planetary alignments come our way, we each need make choices at our personal crossroads, choices that show we trust our authentic natures and trust the Universe.

If at a deep level we cannot shake the fears and negativities that the old world teaches us are true, then no matter what grand openings the Universe provides us with, we will stay stuck.

After John Kennedy was assassinated, we were at a crossroads as a nation.  We could have seen only the pit of darkness, and begin to decay as a nation.  Civil Rights for blacks had been picking up steam during Kennedy’s time as president as Martin Luther King was becoming a beacon of light.

After JFK’s death the ’60s revolution brought us to fight more fiercely for Civil Rights for blacks and women.  We began to challenge the paranoia around communism, and fought to end the Viet Nam war as a result.   We used the transformational crossroads at Kennedy’s death to bring us into a New World, one run more by love and truth and fairness.

After the tragedy of 9-11, we were at another transformational crossroads. But this time we did not choose a high road to travel on. Instead we began to be at war with Muslim peoples, invading Afghanistan, and a few years later Iraq, a country which had nothing to do with 9-11.  We began to take human rights away with Homeland Security and began torture chambers at Guantanamo.   We let fear force us into making protecting security more important than higher Universal principles.

So you can see that countries and people both make decisions and those decisions show the way to what we create.

So in your personal life, the same applies. If you face a difficult event like a divorce or loss of job for instance, it is up to you what attitude you will develop. Of course at first one may get very negative and hopeless. But hopefully, in time one looks to see why the event happened, put meaning to it, and eventually know that it is part of your sacred soul journey.

So do not look for the Universe to provide you with a better world. It is up to you and it is up to us, to use the changes to help us to better align with the frequencies of the Aquarian Age.

Some will devolve and decay, while others will hear the trumpet call of the Aquarian Age and evolve into its golden rays.

Each time there is an Eclipse Season (next one spring of 2013) or an important planetary alignment (Uranus square Pluto 2012-2015), we get our lives and/or consciousness shook up.  What comes to us is not under our control. But how we react, we do have some control over.  We have the ability to choose love and truth and the higher principles of the Aquarian Age, or we can choose to become cynical and fearful.  Our beliefs then produce the reality of our lives.

We are creating our karma, and our world and the world we live in, and the people around us will be affected by our choices.

So yes the end of the Mayan Calendar brought us to another crossroads, as we each chose the direction to move toward. Do you believe we are moving toward greater evolution, toward an Aquarian Age? Do you believe we can become a unified human family, living in Diversity in Unity? Do you believe we are in a major transformation that will help us release old destructive ways and help us to heal our relationship with the Earth and each other?

Do you believe our Universe is a meaningful one, a place of wholeness and connection of all the opposites, like light and dark and male and female, and yin and yang?

If so, then each time there is shakeup of our world and your personal world, use it to release your fears and turn more toward the light of an Aquarian Age.

There is no grand moment when everything ends or when something wonderful has totally begun. Stay present in the process, and move through this transition with as much grace as you can.

This week ahead brings us to the end of Gregorian Calendar 2012. And no one has predicted that calendar’s ending.  2012 brought us a big wave of transformation.

New Year’s Eve, if you are out and about, could be more lively and  maybe even more crazy than usual, with the Moon in Leo and Mars in Aquarius sextile Uranus.

The rest of the week should be energetically tame, with the dark cloud of Saturn/Pluto overhead. That aspect promises to speed up the downfall of institutions that are in decay.

Whichever way the Fiscal Cliff challenge turns, remember we are still looking at a shaky economy and a dysfunctional government. It is all part of the process of ending an old paradigm and age and opening the portals to an Aquarian Age.

See you next week,


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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

A New Day and Astrology Forecast December 23-29

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We have passed through a very intense Eclipse Season, the Winter Solstice and the end of the Mayan Calendar.   It feels like a time for some rest, doesn’t it? Hopefully the holidays will bring you some peace and love from friends and family.

The Winter Solstice did feel more intensely than usual a movement from darkness to light.  Perhaps this sense of rebirth today is more than just the normal Winter Solstice movement from darkest day to return of the light.

The end of the Mayan Calendar did seem to bring a “New Day”.  Perhaps that is because there is something meaningful about the Mayan Calendar ending, or perhaps it is because so many people all over the world put their hearts and souls into believing in and creating a better world.

Whatever it was, today is a new day, but it is not the beginning of the Age of Aquarius yet. We are still deeply in the transition between ages.  You would not wake up to see such a dysfunctional world with such unhealthy values if we had turned the corner already.

Here in America we wake up to see our government up against a so-called Fiscal Cliff, playing chicken with our economic lives.   We still give high priority in this country to wealth, celebrity, power, and privilege. Most people do not seem to realize how this affects our American family, how these values we give to our children teach them what we feel is important.

It used to be at Thanksgiving and Christmas that people came down into their soul and felt more human kindness and compassion, more gratitude and love.  More and more every year now people just rush around buying gifts, beeping car horns in congested traffic jams, and are very irritable and stressed.

Love is much more and much deeper than giving expensive toys and gifts.  Many people have learned to feel that giving  gifts is all the love they are required to show.  Real human interaction is at much more of a premium now.

We bury our hearts and minds in electronic computers and other gadgets, even at the dinner table or when sitting around with loved ones and friends.  We  used to think TVs were a bad influence for our souls and social interaction, but at least with TVs we usually were all watching the same show together.

Now we often are all doing separate things on our computers or phones, while hanging out in the same room or house.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying computers and such are bad.  It is what we are allowing them to do to our lives, consciousness and values that is troublesome.

The internet revolution started up when Uranus made conjunction with Neptune in 1992-1994.  It is meant to be and will stay in our human community. At its best it gives us freedom of information and a social networking that brings us together all over the world.

But at its worst it is depriving us of human intimacy and emotional connection with one another.  We are developing a culture of people with more and more ADHD and other conditions that put us in bubbles separated from the “real” world and each other.

Violent war-like video games put many in a bubble of numbness from feeling the pain and death that comes from real weapons and violence.

I believe these are truly Aquarian Age dilemmas we need to resolve, as mental and social networks are very connected to the sign Aquarius.   As we go further and further through this transition from Pisces to Aquarian Age, we need to find balance between the detached networks of Aquarius with the Earth and our human bodies and souls.

Aquarius tends to detach itself from the usual biological necessity,and as such have influence over gay and lesbian relationships, stem cell research, babies made in new ways, and alternative food sources.

We are developing a world of new families, families created from love and bringing “birds of a feather together”, not solely based on blood anymore. The traditional nuclear family will no longer dominate our culture 20 years from now.

I believe our human community will need to get together to resolve these electronic age issues, as  some if these issues are getting out of hand.   We will need to find our way back to being in intimate and loving relationship with our Earth and human bodies, healing both from electronic rays and detached mindsets.

We need to teach our children to hug and touch and to feel the heart and soul of  others. We need to show example that touching is not for just sex, but for love and affection.

The intensity of change will get stronger this coming year 2013, as Uranus square Pluto brings us more and more events that challenge us to let go of fear,  cynicism, intolerance, and a desperate clinging to familiar ways of keeping outworn security blankets.

We are opening our hearts and minds more, trusting our true selves, one another and the Universe.  We are seeing the deeper and higher meaning for the changes coming into lives, knowing we are each on a sacred soul journey through life.

We are co-creating with the Universe a new Aquarian Age, evolving our consciousness and lives to meet the challenges of shifting into a New Age.

We are patient during the current and upcoming purification process as we change ages, as we face world events that are tragic and sometimes horrific.

We know we are on a ride into the Aquarian Age, and we were all born at just the right time to experience this amazing shift of ages.

So as we settle down into our holiday season, let us visualize the life and world we want to create in conjunction with the natural movement of nature and our Universe.

This coming week should be relatively more quiet, but there are a few notable planetary events:

On Christmas Day, Mars goes into Aquarius and the Sun squares Uranus, so there may be some contrary or even rebellious folks to contend with. A Saturn sextile Pluto aspect is also in effect all week, so there will be a somber and serious tone sometimes. It is best to use this energy to get out of any illusions and “dreamworlds” that keep you from seeing reality, from seeing the truth.

And on Friday December 28, there will be a Full Moon in Capricorn/Cancer at 5:21 AM EST.  Strict Capricorn and permissive Cancer try to balance their differing orientations.  Capricorn seeks grounded boundaries and fair rules. Cancer seeks emotional connection and the ability to change with one’s moods.  Capricorn wants to build solid structures and accomplishment in the world.  Cancer wants to build family bonds based on inner values and unconditional love.

See you next week,


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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

Ignition at the New Moon in Sagittarius, and Astrology Forecast December 9-15

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

This is a rather “down” time for many people, as we go through the darkest solar part of the year, waiting for the Winter Solstice; and we are at the last quarter, “dark” waning phase of the Moon, waiting for the New Moon in Sagittarius this Thursday the 13th.

Many people are now wanting to stay in bed and sleep more, and are finding it difficult sometimes to feel much “positive” energy.  Those more prone to depression may be having an even more difficult time now.

Remember that we just made it through a most intense Eclipse Season, Mercury Retrograde, and election, when things were really shaking up. Now we come down into our deeper feelings and soul, and reflect on the reality of our life.

Things will shift soon, however, as we experience a very energized and lively New Moon in Sagittarius this Thursday the 13th of December. That New Moon will be at 3:42 AM EST.  That same day liberating and “breaking outside the box” Uranus will be going direct.  And of course when any planet is changing directions, especially when going from retrograde to direct, its energy permeates our energy field.

Uranus is often erratic and electric, can bring some chaos, but also breaks us out of stuck places and liberates us from that which we are captured by.

And the Sagittarius New Moon is quite free spirited and uplifting, and can bring with it renewed inspiration and enthusiasm, search for adventure and spirited and spiritual heights.

So together, the New Moon and Uranus are getting ready to send us forward, ready or not.

Of course we will still be in the darkening part of the solar year, waiting for the darkest day at the winter solstice. And of course we will be in the last days of the long count cycle of the Mayan Calendar, waiting for its ending after 5125 years. So we will still be in the “darkest” part of that calendar, waiting for  new beginnings after the Winter Solstice.

So in many ways after the 13th at the New Moon in Sagittarius and Uranus going direct, we will be moving in two different directions. A part of  each of us will be revving up for change and movement forward, reaching for positive feelings.   Another part of us will want to stay more inward and yin-ward, holding back from full movement forward.  We will feel we need more time in the cocoon before coming alive.

How each of us reacts to this dilemma will vary.   Some will be jumping into new flight; others will feel the dark days deep in their soul still and will be more in touch with sadness or loneliness.  Others will feel both, but at different times.

In the greater world, the New Moon and Uranus will be a spark for many issues that are now in waiting.  After the 13th there will be only 8 days before the Winter Solstice and the end of the Mayan Calendar.    So whatever may happen as we get closer to the Mayan Calendar ending will be likely showing itself already as we move through this strong New Moon in Sagittarius.

Syria is a burning Middle East issue now. Western nations, including the USA, are threatening an attack on Syria. Chemical weapons may be involved in Syria.

Egypt is in great turmoil as President Morsy, a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, is being threatened by the same revolutionaries who were part of the Arab Spring that brought him to power in the first place.

Palestinians were just granted a beginning stage of statehood by the UN, overwhelmingly by the world community, with only USA, Canada, Czechoslovakia and a couple of island nations voting against.  Please checkout this video by a Jewish peace group to truly understand the Israeli/Palestinian situation. Israel/Palestine and Iran are volatile situations now.

So the Middle East remains a tinderbox, and the New Moon may set off some fires.

North Korea is set to shoot of a rocket this week also, and much of the world will be on pins and needles for that event.

There is UFO Disclosures documentary supposedly opening this month, which some say will blow the lid off previously held secrets on extraterrestrials.

The USA economy is also a very combustible issue now, as legislators are working through a so-called “fiscal cliff” battle between Republicans and Democrats.  If these two parties continue to play “chicken”, waiting for the other party to blink, our economic lives will be in serious jeopardy.

Any of these issues can be ignited at this New Moon, just days before the Winter Solstice and Mayan calendar ending.

And of course this transition goes beyond the Mayan Calendar ending, and lasts at least over the next decade. We are moving from a Pisces Age into an Aquarian Age, moving to world of Diversity in Unity, liberation from lives controlled by kings, queens, privileged people, mega corporations, dictators, presidents, and governments.

Power is moving to the people, and the current power structures of our world will be broken down or transformed over time, so we can truly address the important issues in our world, like polluted air and oceans, climate change, weapons of mass destruction, over population, unfair distribution of resources, corruption, lack of love and truth, worldwide oppression of certain peoples and women and gays, etc.

As the old world breaks down, we are more able to right these issues by starting over, like the Phoenix rising.

Soon we will know how much of these changes is connected to the Mayan Calendar ending. In fact at and just after the New Moon in Sagittarius we will know.  If not much is ignited then, we can instead expect our honoring of the calendar ending to have more to do with our inner consciousness shifts than outer world events.

Either way, in fact, our concentration as we approach the Mayan Calendar ending needs be about our connection with love and truth, unity consciousness, healing of our Earth and environment, and finding more peace inside, more compassion and empathy for our fellow human, no matter what walk of life they inhabit.

As we move through the end of the Mayan Calendar each of us is facing a kind of inner “judgment day”.

Regardless of what is happening in world events, and some of it will be quite disturbing; where are each of us in our consciousness?  Are we getting more connected to hope, love, healing, and connections with each other, our deeper soul self, the Universe, and a New Age?  Or are we more fearful, lacking in trust, getting more cynical?

If the latter is pulling at your mind and heart, it is time to make a big shift. Therefore it is time to meditate more, to join with more hopeful people, to find ways to be inspired, to heal our selves, to break out of bad situations, to make strong intention to transform our lives with more healthy ways.

No matter what we face in life, each of us is empowered to choose how we will react, what beliefs and attitudes we will have, what actions we will take.

See you next week,

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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

Passing Storms and Astrology Forecast December 2-8.

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Mercury is back direct, the eclipse storms have passed.     It was quite an intense time, begun at the Full Moon in Scorpio/Taurus when Hurricane Sandy blew in severe winds of change to the USA east coast.     The very intense Presidential Election came next, then the War in Gaza on the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio.  The economy has showed signs of distress.  Many personal lives and psyches were shook up also.

Then at the last eclipse this last week, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius/Gemini, Palestine was overwhelmingly accepted by UN vote as a “state“.     Only a few nations voted against this, very notably and disturbingly the USA, Israel, and Canada.   As we have been letting you know, what happens in the Middle East is extremely important for our human family as we transition into an Aquarian Age.

Israel is likely to punish the Palestinians for asking to be admitted into the UN.   At the same time volatility and instability in Egypt and Syria, and other Mideast places promises more big eruptions there.    The Old World’s paradigm is very prevalent there, far away from the New Age values of  love, Diversity in Unity, equality, liberation, and self determination.    And remember because of oil and geopolitical strategies, much of the world is invested in how this region turns.

In our personal lives and consciousness, there is a letdown now after the great intensities of the eclipses.  Some will tend to be depressed now, especially so as we head downward through the darkest days of the year leading to the Winter Solstice and the end of the Mayan Calendar.

There is much to process and sort through after the eclipses, as we are on the wind-down phase of the Eclipse Season, which will end at the New Moon in Sagittarius on December 13, as liberating Uranus goes direct that day also.

But as we sort through the rubble after the eclipse storms, some are more unsure than ever where their lives are headed, as the eclipses broke them out of their “normal” rhythms and mind-frames and shook things up.   Now the old chapter is more obviously over.    But  for many the new chapter has not been defined yet.

Some people now know their relationship or job or home life has changed, ended or about to end.  Perhaps an old way of perceiving things has ended, an old illusion is seen for what it really is.  Now what?

For some there is growing clarity about what is coming next, as they experienced breakthroughs into new ideas,  a new sense of direction for their lives.

But for others there is much more to process, to understand before moving forward.   This coming week, Mercury will have started to move close to its normal speed, and out of the Mercury Storm period.  The Eclipses will be seen more clearly in the rear view mirror and we will start to recover and be ready to move forward.

Do your best now not to jump to conclusions too fast.   You are still in the aftermath of the eclipses and need time to brush your self off, and spend some time to ruminate and reflect, to go deeper inside to find your center again.

From that inner source you will be ready to see and experience the messages and intuitions that will light your way.

This coming week we are in the waning half of the lunar cycle, waiting for a strong New Moon the next week on December 13 in Sagittarius.   The last quarter Moon in Virgo begins this coming Thursday December 6, so energies after that will move even more inward and yin-ward, begging you to contact your inner compass and feel your feelings. Since that Moon will be in Virgo, it is also a time to clean up, fix what needs to fixed, healed and repaired, and prepare  your self for new beginnings after the New Moon in Sagittarius.

We are also in the “dark of the sun” period also, as we move to the darkest day of the year on December 21, 2012 at the Winter Solstice.

This also is the day of the ending of the Mayan Calendar.  I remember back in August of 1987, being in Berkeley California and meditating at the Harmonic  Convergence, which was the beginning of the countdown to December 21 2012.  We all began to  think then about the ending of the Mayan Calendar. It seemed so far away.

Much of the New Age was begun then, as people saw that 2012 date as the beginning of the New World.   I have always resonated with this Mayan Calendar to some degree, but of course mostly have been attuned to the planetary aspects of the Transformational planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, as I consider them the emissaries of the Aquarian Age, which is my yardstick for a New World.

And from 2012-2015 Uranus will square Pluto, which will shake up our old world and open new portals into the Aquarian Age.  The reverberations of those Uranus/Pluto meetings will last years after the 2015 exact squares.  Remember that in 1965-66 Uranus was conjunct Pluto, and this brought in the ’60s revolution, which lasted several years after the conjunction.

And now we will be experiencing the same kind of timing.  The waves of the Uranus/Pluto square and other supporting planetary aspects over these next few years will spread into the 2020’s.

The ride into a New World does not end on December 21, 2012.  But it is a marking point that must be important as so many of us have put so much into visualizing a better world in anticipation for it.  We have gone through years of healing, transformation, and making our minds, bodies, and souls more healthy.

The planets keep turning after the Mayan Calendar ends.   There is much more life to come. Do not expect three days of darkness or a great shifting of the poles that day,as many have predicted. We will not all be miraculously holding hands in a perfectly unified world that day.  We will not all be moving into a new dimension or ascending all at once.

But this will be a time to be a part of a great shift, an internal turn to unity consciousness, to a better sense of Diversity in Unity.  But you will need to be proactive in the process, joining with others, and/or meditating, perhaps doing ceremony, chanting or drumming.

Some will want to feel this alone, and perhaps it will be only a subtle shift for them. Some will make light of it, and see or feel nothing. Many will be disappointed that the world is not breaking down that day,  or that the world will not obviously be a much better place to live in right away.

Don’t expect too much or better yet do not expect anything.    Be centered inside your self and let it all unfold naturally.  Of course we are co-creating our new world, so prayer, visualization, and strong intention can certainly make a big difference.

You can see this as a major turning point on our voyage into an Aquarian Age.   But it is certainly not the end of the world, and not yet the end of the world as we know it.  But we are certainly in the process of moving through the end of the world as we know it, into an Aquarian Age.

See you next week,

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Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

No Problem, Only Solutions and Astrology Forecast November 18-24

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are right in the middle of the Eclipse Season Autumn 2012.   The Solar Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio brought increased intensity to our lives, and deeper feelings and passions have been surfacing. If you are like many of us, disagreements came up in our friendships and relationships, some very intense and sometimes even nasty. Hopefully you used these conflicts to better understand your self and one another, to clear the air, to find healing.

But in other cases, deep resentments and bitterness came out, and people realized that their relationship or friendship is not good anymore.  And in the greater world, passions intensified, and conflict blew open into ugly war.

As we have been alerting you, the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio would bring a most powerful eruption in the Middle East, and that was a war between Palestinian Hamas and Israel.  This can potentially become a regional Middle East war, as Syria, Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon and Iran could become involved.   Scorpio brings primal passions, New Moons bring fires of ignition, and Solar Eclipses bring at least 10 times more power than the usual New Moon.

CIA director Petraeus has also became involved in a Scorpionic drama of secrets, sex, and perhaps a cover-up in the Libyan murders of 4 Americans, a drama that blew up big around the Scorpio Eclipse.

And as we also alerted you, the economy has shown much trouble- with low corporate earnings, a fiscal cliff to deal with, and a rapidly falling stock market. These issues, along with the problems in Europe, make it clear our world wide economic system needs deep transformation.

The natural disasters I warned about did not happen in any big way last week, but we can definitely expect to see more of them before the eclipse season ends. Of course Hurricane Sandy brought in the first big waves of the Eclipse Season.

All these events are bringing us through the transition between ages, and setting us up for a potentially big shift as the Mayan Calendar ends on December 21, 2012.

We also have written the last couple of weeks about the culture wars in the USA, which seems like a brewing Civil War, with state participants similar to those during the Civil War of 1861-1865.  Lincoln was president then. Obama, who may be his reincarnation, is president now. Whether he is or isn’t, the similarities are striking, even little things like both came from Illinois and Obama insisted on using the same velvet covered Bible that Lincoln used for his presidential inauguration for his own inauguration.

And of course you noticed all the states that have made petition to secede from the United States since Obama was reelected?   Over 700,000 people from mostly southern states have already signed, and states like Texas already have enough signatures to bring their petition to the President. What happens after that I do not know. But with an African American President now, knowing that states during the Civil War were seceding because they wanted to keep slavery in the south, does it not at least seem like some kind of repeating of history or coming full circle is going on?

We in the USA are obviously at a major crossroads in our collective journey.   As we leave an old age to enter an Aquarian Age,  what will happen to our nation?   With our natal Moon in Aquarius, we have a Bill or Rights, Constitution, and core set of values that are about  liberation, equality,self determination, and Diversity in Unity, which resonates with the sign Aquarius and the New Age.

But superpowers are not equal members of the world body, and all peoples- not just Americans- need to be free, and equal, and self determining.   And our whole world needs to be honored as diverse, yet equal and in Unity.  And invading other nations, colonizing and dominating, and wanting them to have our same democracy, capitalism, and way of life is against our core principles.

And haven’t our big Government and Big Corporate institutions taken away our individual freedoms and power of the people here and around the world?

The big changes coming our way are meant to help all of us to release the toxins and blocks that hold us back from fully embracing our New World.

As events swirl into your own life during this eclipse season, open to new consciousness.  Sometimes every way one looks there are apparent stop signs and no potential choice seems right.   But first of all one needs patience and trust, and to believe there is a way, even if it does show yet.

John Lennon sang in one of his last songs, ” no problem, only solutions”.  Meditate on that, there is much truth in that statement in new world consciousness.  When we come up on a challenging situation or event, it is best to look at it as the Universe bringing us a situation that is meaningful for us. It is bringing up issues that need to dealt with, so we can release what is no longer working for us, and open us to new possibilities.

Sometimes we think we are stuck because we are having difficulty letting go of something or some ingrained idea in our head.  Perhaps it is time to let go or release, but our fears and practical concerns hold us back.  Can you trust that if you make a decision based on where the signs and symbols are pointing for you to go, that all will turn out for the best?

” No problem, only solutions”, so there is a way to go that is right for you, and not only right for you but for all concerned.  But that way may not satisfy our ego controls, selfish desires, or security fears.

So when you visualize or pray, ask that you will be shown- by symbols, signs and synchronicities- to the way that is best in the bigger picture for ALL CONCERNED. And the answers you receive might not be what tradition or conventional world “wisdom” believes.  Go outside the boxes and straight to your deeper soul and the Universe.  There true wisdom lies.  There is a way to go that is in the best higher interest of everyone, though in the little picture it may seem bad.

And keep in mind that mind and heart integrity is essential, as sometimes people can see symbols and signs and synchronicities through rose colored glasses or perhaps through the lens of fear.  It is essential that you look with an objective vision, without attaching to any certain way. This does not mean you cannot make intention and co-create with the Universe. But it does mean you respect what is eventually determined by source and deeper soul.

So be flexible during this Eclipse Season, and “listen carefully” to what your deeper soul is showing you that you are ready to listen to.   Let go of old ways that are ripe to be picked off your tree of security.  There are many new ways of seeing and experiencing life now.

In the greater world dramas and in your personal life, new revelations will bring dis-illusion, so you can see the truth.   Though painful at first, these truths will set you free from the old paradigm, and open you to the consciousness and ways of the Aquarian Age.

We have another Eclipse coming on November 28, the week after Thanksgiving here in the USA. It will be a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius/Gemini.  It will also be quite strong, especially so because Mars will be conjunct Pluto then, triggering the Uranus/Pluto revolutionary square.

We are in powerful revolutionary and evolutionary times, more powerful than the ’60s.    All is meant to get better and better, though pain and ugly world events are part of the process sometimes.

This coming week, in between the two eclipses, will be still powerful; but hopefully a bit more tame.  The Sun moves into Sagittarius this coming Wednesday the 21st bringing rising spirits, inspiration, a renewed sense of higher meaning,  and a stronger need to find solution. On Thursday the Sun squares Neptune helping us to surrender, go with the flow, and enter deeper soul realms.  

On Friday Mars squares Uranus, breaking open anything that has been closed down, and taking us outside any boxes that limit our view and experience. This also triggers the Uranus/Pluto square, and brings all the world events to another level of intensity.

And please keep in mind that Mercury is still Retrograde, until November 26, so stay centered and aware, and do not jump to conclusions. Making major decisions is more precarious now, and signing contracts can go bad.  The eclipses are bringing energies that can take us off our normal balance, and making bad decisions while Mercury is still Retrograde.

This does not mean you should be superstitious or fearful; it only means you should realize that perceptions can be off.

See you next week,