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Breaking Out, Breaking Open and Astrology Forecast August 18-24

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We move this week into the third and last week of the Gate opening transformation of August 2013.    It started at the New Moon in Leo on August 6 as Jupiter was making opposition to Pluto.

This week Jupiter squares Uranus and there is a Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius.  Whatever has been still slumbering in your recent transformational journey will get a wake up call, so you will be able to continue your progress.

This Jupiter square Uranus aspect, as the Moon in is turning Full, will likely bring more chaotic energies along with the feelings of breaking out and opening up.   Liberation is in the air, and it will be easier this week to free your self from old patterns and cycles that have tended to linger. Making any kind of change, whether it is about attitude or belief or life situation or relationship patterns, is more doable now.  Emotions may overflow for some as a result of Jupiter in Cancer square Uranus in Aries.

The Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius is this Tuesday August 20 at 9:45 PM EDT.  It will seek to bring head (Aquarius) and heart (Leo) together.   Remember that any decision you want to make now needs a marriage of heart and mind. If one or the other does not feel OK with what you are doing or want to do, then maybe it is not right or not time.   There also may be a feeling of climax or resolution of some issues begun a couple weeks ago.

Jupiter square Uranus is exact early on Wednesday August 21.  So those two days (Tuesday and Wednesday) will be the axis around which the shifts occur this week.  Late on Thursday the  Sun moves into Virgo, letting us know it is time to start thinking about “getting it together”, simplifying, fixing what needs to be fixed, and grounding our lives in working order.  This could put some grounding energy to all the changes swirling around.

Remember that no matter what actually is happening in your life, it is most important to actually allow your self to feel the energy shift, as these planetary events are mostly about energy and energy shifts.  It is from energy or chi or soul or spirit, or whatever word is right for you, that life is moved.

And the planetary alignments are reflective of these energy shifts.  And matter and the physical world are then influenced by these energy expressions.

And every time a planet touches off the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square now, it triggers energy moving to break open stuck blocks, to transform and heal old patterns and ways, to break down old programming, and to move us from dying chapters of our lives to new season of our lives.

As Jupiter squares Uranus now, it is touching off that Uranus/Pluto square of 2012-2016.  This Uranus/Pluto square is the first major interaction between Uranus and Pluto since they were conjunct in !965-1966, touching off the evolution and revolution of the ’60s and ’70s.

Now during these next few years of Uranus square Pluto, the next wave of transformation into a New Age of Aquarius is being touched off.    You can see it beginning all around you, even as our younger generations are getting more and more empowered to make an imprint on what is becoming their world.

The Baby Boomers, who were the young people back in the ’60s and ’70s, can now be mentors for this growing new generation as it seeks direction for handling enormous new energies of transformation. Remember however not to make them in your image.  Their journey will be different.

As we let go of the feelings of security and stability from the old paradigm, we can feel lost at times, just as we did back then in the ’60s and ’70s.    As back then, gender and sexual identity, orientation and desires are becoming more open issues. Relationship needs are more complicated.   And of course the technological world has much more power of our consciousness and lives now too, and is also greatly impacting sexual and relationship ways of being.

But now there is also an economic crisis that is far from being resolved, and many young people can no longer afford college and are concerned about their future careers.  And since 9-11 there is a security and surveillance system in place that threatens to compromise our privacy and human rights. In fact there is an “establishment” and “system” much more powerful than it was during the ’60s revolution.  America is now a Superpower and the head of an Empire.

Nevertheless, there is fear of “terrorism” and a fear of Islamic people that has been programmed into the average American and western world citizen.

The greater world’s interplay with the Islamic world is a most important issue in world events now.    As this three week August transformational journey began, there was a USA world alert to a potential attack from El Queda.  USA embassies around the world were closed.

Also at that time the USA started up talks again between the Palestinians and Israelis, which is an issue that is most important in the Arab and Islamic worlds.

And also quite importantly the military in Egypt has thrown out the democratically elected Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi, and since then hundreds of people have been killed in the streets of Cairo and other cities in Egypt, mostly Muslim Brotherhood supporters.   At the same time there is now much evidence that President Obama will follow up on his recent commitment to get more involved militarily in Syria.

When the Middle East breaks open like Pandora’s box, likely some time between now and spring 2014; and as the stock market has a huge downturn during that same time period, the world will be thrown head first into a crisis of transformation.

Many of the healing crises we are currently going through this year, the challenges in consciousness, the life shifts, the disillusions, the awakenings, the breakdowns and breakthroughs; they are in large part in preparation for what is coming our way.

The Age of Aquarius is coursing through our collective veins of consciousness, clearing the way of programming, toxins and blocks from an old age and paradigm.  Its beams of light will get stronger and stronger as we move through the transition between ages.  You will see and feel more and more connections, know more love, be open to more truth.   You will get your body, soul, and mind more healthy, connect more deeply with your authentic soul self and the Universe, and form an energetic circle with your brothers and sisters all over the world.

There is no stopping this new energy train from powering us to the Age of Aquarius.

See you next week,


There will be a new Youtube video prior to the Autumn Eclipse Season 2013. Will let you know soon when it will happen.

There is an old YOUTUBE video Astrology Forecast for Spring Eclipse Season. Check it out if you feel so moved.

I also created an Astrology Forecast 2013 for youtube, part 1. And Part 2.

There will be a new Youtube video coming out within the next few weeks. I will keep you posted.

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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years

Opening the Gates and Astrology Forecast August 4-10

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The next couple of days are in the dark moon phase, still low key relative to what is coming.

But on Tuesday August 6  at 5:51 PM EDT there is a New Moon in heart centered, creative, hopeful Leo. The next day August 7 Jupiter in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn- triggering the Uranus/Pluto square by beginning to form a T-square with those two planets.

So this week we are ready to get more fully into new starts and new chapters of our lives, ready to shed whatever has been holding us back.  It is time to take the ride of transformation and let true change into our hearts and lives.

If a part of you has been still chewing on the past and past hurts and wrongs, it is time to begin to let go and move forward.   Sometimes total resolution cannot be found, everything cannot be tied into the neat package we desire.  Everyone will not be on board with what you intend or what you want them to understand.   And it is good to know you cannot control that.  What you can do is speak your piece and then let the chips fall where they are meant to land.

Sometimes we just have to stop our brooding because time is up and the starting gun is about to fire.     You can do the best you can with what you have now, and you can stop the blame game, stop looking for fault, stop thinking about “woulda, coulda, shoulda” and just go forward.

And with this Leo New Moon you can go forward if you want with an open hopeful heart.  Leo at its best has a childlike trust in its heart, spontaneously interacting with life.    It trusts its heart to lead the way, and creatively opens doors in the heart of life itself.

When Leo goes wrong it gets out of its heart and into its head. Leo feels most natural when it is receiving attention and treated special.  Remember that Leo’s ruling planet is the Sun, which is the center of the solar system, shining light and heat to all in its solar system. How special is that?

But if the Sun, so to speak , was able to look at itself and get all egotistical about its importance, everything would go downhill.

And that is Leo’s weakness, its ego. Remember your mother telling you, “don’t let it go to your head” when someone compliments you or when you do really well at something?   That is the downfall of Leo, letting its specialness go to its head (its ego).  When that happens they get into the superior/inferior game, get out of their heart, and their glow goes away.

So watch out for your ego or others’ egos usurping the magic of the heart now.  Let your heart shine and let the hearts of others shine now, and then these new beginnings will bring much creative spark and lots of hope for what is best for everyone.

Jupiter triggering the Uranus/Pluto square will be quite powerful for the next 3 weeks, so allow change to flow.  Jupiter will be conjunct Pluto this week, so much intensity is likely to expressed.    In relationships, boxes of closed up emotions may erupt and be expressed without boundaries at times.

Perhaps this will create a catharsis and an outflow of emotions you did not expect.     We are awakening, and beginning to see things we did not see before.

Some new relationships are being born now, but also some old ones are being seen in a new light, making us realize that there is not much left in that old relationship.

So let go this week, and let life happen. Let your heart guide your journey now more than usual.  Your head can give advice to your heart, but would not do well to try to be in control now.

Waves of change are blowing strong now, so let it happen, and in fact enjoy and have fun.

In the Greater World there is a very good chance that powerful events will erupt over the next few weeks.   It feels as if much has been held in abeyance, waiting for the gates to open.  After this New Moon in Leo and during the dance of Jupiter making T-Square with Uranus/Pluto these next few weeks, Pandora’s box of previously controlled emotions and actions will be released.  Nature may also be releasing energy through its disasters during that time.

Also one of the most important issues playing out now is around the Islamic world.  There is so much resentment between western culture and Islamic culture.  There is such fear of “terror” now, but there is also a tinder box of emotions brewing in Egypt, Syria, Israel, Iran, and other countries in the Middle East.

There are peace efforts for Israel/Palestine, but also a power struggle going on for domination of the Middle East. The status quo will not hold for long, big change is on its way there.

There is such a distorted sense of separation between Judeo/Christian culture and Islamic culture.  The spiritual renaissance breaking open in our consciousness and world brings a spirituality of love and connection instead.

Remember that all the change coming in the world and in your personal life is meaningful.   This change may look as if it is about mundane matters, power struggles and money. And of course on one level that is exactly what is happening.

But on another higher level, from a wider and deeper perspective, we are making a huge shift from one age to another.   We are learning to let go of old programming that keeps us stuck in fear and ego, and is helping us to awaken to a new consciousness, the consciousness of the Age of Aquarius.

We are learning that the old way of seeing life through the lens of “us versus them”; someone wins and someone fails; good luck and bad luck; good and evil; or just plain seeing everything as random and meaningless, is not working to give our human family a healthy and loving world.

We are all in this world together, one family, whether we acknowledge it or not.  In fact, until we acknowledge that fact, until we also learn to see all the dots of the Universe as meaningfully connecting with one another, we stay doomed to eventual annihilation.

Our human family is at a major crossroad as we move through the transition between ages.  We choose to evolve into knowing the Oneness, the unity of all the disparate parts; or we choose to see “me and mine against you and yours”, and choose to see everything as disconnected form everything else.

There is less and less time to choose in my estimation.  What do you choose?

See you next week,


There has been a delay in putting out a new YOUTUBE video. Will let you know when it is ready.

There is an old YOUTUBE video Astrology Forecast for Spring Eclipse Season. Check it out if you feel so moved.

I also created an Astrology Forecast 2013 for youtube, part 1. And Part 2.

There will be a new Youtube video coming out within the next few weeks. I will keep you posted.

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on mywebsite.You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years

Illusion or Awakening and Astrology Forecast July 28- August 3

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The week ahead will bring a combination of many different and contradictory energies.    We will be in the last 10 days before a very energized ignition of new beginnings at the New Moon in Leo on August 6.  

Time before a new moon usually brings us to a winding down, some introspection, and preparing for the new beginnings at the new moon.    And of course this last 10 days before an especially important New moon in Leo will have some of that slowing down quality.

And a Grand Sextile alignment on Monday July 29 will add to the feeling of “down and in” and not “up and out”.  There are 6 planets in sextile to one another that day, all six of those planets in yin signs:  Moon in Taurus, Jupiter in Cancer, Venus in Virgo, Saturn in Scorpio, Pluto in Capricorn, and Neptune in Pisces.    These are all water and earth signs, energies that are yinward and inward signs.

So combined with our also moving into the last quarter of the lunar cycle that day, there is a rather slow and “down” movement.  And with only the Sun and Uranus in fire signs, there is not much zest represented either.

Yet counter to those perhaps depressing energies for some, there is a very energized and powerful planetary movement also.  Mars will be triggering the Uranus Pluto square as it opposes Pluto in Capricorn on Saturday/Sunday and squares Uranus in Aries Tuesday through Thursday.

So be very careful not to get too angry or out of control the next several days, as those Mars movements to the transformational planets Uranus and Pluto will tend to shake things up in a powerful way.

Whereas the Grand Sextile and last quarter Moon will tend to flat line you emotionally and spiritually, the Mars movements will activate you and tend to bring more powerful energies.

Overall this coming week will tend to awaken you to Truth, to core reality, and should motivate you to get moving forward with your life.    There may be some disillusion mixed in with the awakening to what is real and true, some disappointment with people, with life, and situations in your life.

That awakening will help you to let go of people or situations or old patterns that will now strike you as impossible to continue.   You will understand at a deeper level than before why it is insane to do things the same way over and over again and keep expecting better results than are possible.

The situations, decisions, and events that happen this week could have long lasting effects on your life.  The next week, starting at the New Moon in Leo on August 6, there will be a more fast pace of action.   Jupiter will be strongly aspecting the Pluto/Uranus revolutionary and evolutionary square at that time, thrusting lives more fast forward.

Whatever was shaken up and out and began to be seeded during Spring Eclipse Season April-June this year, will soon find its way forward in reality and manifestation.

In the Greater World events are erupting that are changing our world.  In Egypt, as Mars is now igniting the Uranus/Pluto square, there is growing violence and chaos that will change not only Egypt in a big way, but also the Middle East and the world.

More and more whistleblowers like Snowden and Assange and Bradley will come forward to expose previously held secrets and expose more truths of corruption and dominance from Corporate and Government institutions.

America and Israel will flex their military muscles more in Syria in order to gain more control of the strategic and resource rich Middle East.   This region of the world will likely ignite the spark of worldwide transformation out of an old age of superpowers and Empires and into a world of Diversity in Unity.

We are also in the beginning stages of spiritual renaissance for the human family on Earth, as we learn there are many different dimensions of reality, beings who dwell on inner planes of spirit, and beings who dwell in many other places in the Universe.

What we have come to rely on as Reality is in large part a collective consensus programmed into our minds and hearts.  As we move through the old age and that dying paradigm of reality, we awaken to new wonders.

So it is OK to grieve the death of our illusions, the passing of our innocence  to what kind of people and institutions have been running our world, and what kind of lies we have believed.

These disillusions will help us to trust our own minds and hearts more and more, not the mainstream institutions anymore.  The Universe has provided us in recent times with the internet, a place we can still find information and do research outside the dominance of the Matrix.

Slowly but surely, but faster all the time, we are trusting our own individual perception of reality; and as we do that more and more as a collective human family, we change our reality and usher in the Age of Aquarius.

How did we ever get fooled into believing that certain people are better and deserve more than others.   Why did we buy into the idea of emperors or kings and queens or dictators or wealthy people or aristocracy running our lives and world?  Historically many of these people are decadent, corrupt, and murderous and have created a world of their rules that perpetuates their wealth and power.

The Earth and our human family of souls will obviously be better off when we the people wake up and take full responsibility.   As we evolve beyond the old paradigm of separation and survival of the fittest mentality, as we evolve beyond a war of the sexes, as we evolve beyond believing in superior/inferior, as we evolve beyond perpetrator/victim consciousness, and as we evolve beyond trying to defeat darkness, we then know the Oneness of All That Is.   We enter Diversity in Unity. We enter the Age of Aquarius.

See you next week,


There has been a delay in putting out a new YOUTUBE video. Will let you know when it is ready.

There is an old YOUTUBE video Astrology Forecast for Spring Eclipse Season. Check it out if you feel so moved.

I also created an Astrology Forecast 2013 for youtube, part 1. And Part 2.

There will be a new Youtube video coming out within the next few weeks. I will keep you posted.

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on mywebsite.You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years

Moving Out of the Fog as Mercury Goes Direct and Astrology Forecast July 21-27

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

As I write this forecast Saturday July 20, Mercury has slowed down while Retrograde into stationary position, and is about to go back Direct at 2:22 PM. 

This has been a rather difficult Mercury Retrograde for most people, and many are sighing a big sense of relief.   It may take, however, a few more days before you feel completely out of the woods and into the blue skies of mental clarity.

So feel the transition today, but still be careful of your thinking and communicating process.  Do you remember November 2000, on the night of the Presidential Election between Gore and Bush II?  That night Mercury was moving from Retrograde back to Direct, and there was all sorts of confusion about who won, back and forth on the announcements by the mainstream media.

It is usually not that mentally challenging as Mercury changes back to Direct, but I am sure you get the message that clarity of mind can be illusive when Mercury is first changing back to Direct.

But soon Mercury will get back to “normal” Direct speed, and you will know the difference.    During this transition of Mercury, there will shifts in both the solar and lunar cycles also.

The Sun shifts from Cancer to Leo on Monday, and there is a Full Moon in Aquarius a short two hours later at 2:07 PM EDT.  And to add to the shifting planetary tides, Mars makes a very emotionally energized conjunction with Jupiter in Cancer.

Most recently, with the Grand Trine in Water and Saturn shifting to Direct, there has been a slow heavy density to move through, and unsettling emotions to deal with, along with Mercury Retrograde’s mental challenges.

The Sun’s movement out of Cancer and into Leo brings us needs to be more creative and spontaneous, to have more fun, and to play.   The Sun in Leo then meets up in opposition to the Moon in Aquarius, making a Full Moon.

That Full Moon combines the Sun in Leo need to trust one’s open and creative heart with the Moon in Aquarius need to trust one’s mind to inventively think one’s way through a situation.  Heart versus Head is keynote for this Full Moon.

Mars conjunct Jupiter in Cancer initiates a very energized time period coming up, when we will be moving forward, out of the reflective, angst ridden time period we have been slogging through the last several weeks.

Things will be begin to open up this week, but you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

From this week though much of August, powerful energies moving us fast forward will be expressed.

First Mars, and then even more intensely Jupiter, will be making a T-Square with the volatile, transformational, evolutionary and revolutionary Uranus/Pluto square.

The balls of change will begin to roll between now and August 6. Then after August 6 at the New Moon in Leo, as Jupiter opposes Pluto, movement forward will accelerate.

If you have been waiting for awhile, especially since the shakeups of the Spring Eclipse Season, to get going with a new chapter of your life, to move forward into new beginnings; the time is soon coming.

If you already have entered that new chapter of your life, but still have not seen the Go Light for full entrance into it, that light will soon shine.

August should open windows of awakening and doorways of new life ventures.   Some of this shift may bring more chaotic energy with it also, helping us to shed the past and welcome the future.

In the greater world, the Middle East is continuing to brew with powerful change coming.  Secretary of State for the USA, John Kerry, has instigated talks between Israel and Palestine.   This is a most important issue to be worked out in the Middle East.  Its resolution would bring greater peace to the region and world.

But of course people have been trying for many, many years to find resolution of the Israeli/Palestinian issue.  To no avail.   Even just the start of these talks, however, will turn so many wheels turning  throughout the region and world.

The conditions of volatile Egypt and Syria will be shifting in a big way as the Israeli/Palestinian issue moves forward.   Israel’s desires to attack Iran will also be influenced by these peace efforts between Israel and Palestine.

The powerful transformation of this region will accelerate during the month of August 2013.

Of course the culture wars in the USA have been ignited with the Trayvon Martin killing, and trial of George Zimmerman.  Nevertheless, we know that the election of President Barack Obama brought a sense of optimism for race relations in the USA.

And while that election certainly showed us that there has been great progress in race relations since the ’60s civil rights movement, this trial showed us there is still much to be done.

African Americans, the only group of people who came to this land of immigrants in chains, have a sensitivity to racial injustice and racial sterotyping beyond what others can imagine.

Imagine that your ancestors were slaves in this country. Really imagine that.   Not coming to liberation from English oppression on the Mayflower, and not coming to find opportunity and religious freedom from Europe in the early 20th century, but treated like animals and dragged here.

It is true that it has been over a hundred and fifty years since emancipation during the civil war, and it is true that racial prejudice goes both ways.    And it is true that we all need to know we are all one family, moving toward Diversity in Unity for the Age of Aquarius.

But it is also true that programmed deep in the consciousness of some people, both black and white in America, is that blacks are inferior and have criminal tendencies, and that whites will ruthlessly keep black people down.

This is part of an old paradigm that is dying with an old age.  The ’60s revolution, with Uranus conjunct Pluto, brought us the civil rights movement. Uranus square Pluto, now moving through our world, will clear up the remnants of what is left of our old racial paradigm.

The Zimmerman case shows us we still need to clear up our stereotypes, judgments, and prejudices.   In its wisdom our Universe brings to light that which we need to release and that which we need to evolve into.

This collective mindset and belief system still needs more rays of healing and transformation for many.     As you look at young people in this country, however, you see the hope for that Age of Aquarius future. So many are color blind, as the worst years of  violent racial division get more and more dim in memory.

Keep in mind, however, whether we are talking about an individual or a culture or country, when transformational energies are strong we face our demons again.

Whatever is left from old traumas comes back into our consciousness, sometimes in “ugly” ways, and gives us an opportunity to do more inner work, to release old wounds, to heal from our past, and to access more awakening light into our souls and minds.

We then evolve our consciousness and change our lives for the better, for ourselves, others and the world.

Stay aligned and present, centered in your heart, and open to the voice of the Universe. And all is well.

See you next week,


There has been a delay in putting out a new YOUTUBE video. Will let you know when it is ready.

There is an old YOUTUBE video Astrology Forecast for Spring Eclipse Season. Check it out if you feel so moved.

I also created an Astrology Forecast 2013 for youtube, part 1. And Part 2.

There will be a new Youtube video coming out within the next few weeks. I will keep you posted.

Please feel free to find more writings and my services on mywebsite.You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years

Getting Through the Night and Astrology Forecast July 7-13

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The energies right now are rather difficult to handle and navigate for many people.  We are in the dark phase of the Moon, waiting for a New Moon on Monday;  Saturn’s rather heavy and “negative” vibes are strong as it is changing directions back to Direct this Monday; and Mercury is still Retrograde until July 20.  Additionally Jupiter in Cancer is beginning to form a soulful Grand Trine in water with Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces.

You may feel like you are slugging through the mud in your life. Things are either not moving at all or moving in a way that is stressful and feels negative at times.   It may be difficult as well to find solutions or clarity, and communication may feel blocked or foggy.

Sometimes we have to simply “hang in there” and wait for the energies to shift.

The first shift will be this Monday July 8, at the New Moon in Cancer, as Saturn actually begins to go Direct as well.

This New Moon will prompt us to move forward with a new lunar cycle beginning.   You will hopefully feel around this time at least a subtle shift forward and some relief.    New Moons bring new starts, and Saturn going back Direct is like Father Time starting the clock back ticking again.

Yet with Mercury still Retrograde and the Grand Trine in feeling oriented water signs, there will still not be any radical movement forward or much help in making big decisions or starting any big and important projects.

You may at least intuitively sense an arrow from the Universe pointing in a certain direction forward.  But please keep in mind that the best thing to do right now is to “process” our thoughts and feelings, not jump to conclusions, or leap into action.

Not jumping to conclusions might be really difficult now, as you may feel very strongly about something.    But feelings and thoughts now may be rather fluid and changeable with the Grand Trine in water, and Mercury Retrograde.

Remember that all big decisions need to be made “holistically”, meaning you want your mind and heart and body wisdom to be all on the same page, in agreement.   And with Mercury Retrograde and the water trine it may happen that things continue to shift back and forth for awhile, that new info or changed feelings alter one’s perceptions.

Some of you also may be feeling as if you have gone backwards, and are now dealing with old patterns of thought and behavior again, issues you were sure you had overcome.

If that is the case, do not judge yourself.  This is temporary and you will soon get back to your knowing the progress you have been making.

This is not an easy time for many people now to stay positive, confident, and trusting.  It is best to use this time to reflect and process, to get in touch with deeper feelings, with what is affecting you at deeper levels of mind and soul.   Getting to a bottom line, holding a rigid agenda, or being goal oriented will not work as well as usual.

So if you are feeling really stressed to find direction or move forward or make a decision, please wait unless you are truly ready to do so. I know how anxious many people get when they have to hold the tension while waiting for clarity or answers.  Do not let the pain of stress force you to jump before it is time.   Find a way to let go and relax as much as possible and to trust that what you need, when you need it, will come to you at the right time.

I know that may be difficult to do now as the heavy “negative” energies that breed fear and mistrust are strong now.  So we need to “go to another level” inside our psyches in order to be OK.

Remember that the “kingdom is within” and that a focus on finding your salvation outside your self is misguided now.

On July 20 Mercury will go direct and on August 6 there is a New Moon in fiery and creative Leo.   Wait if you can until those “milestones” of time before you go fast forward.

In the meantime use this New Moon in Cancer this Monday July 8 at 3:14 AM EDT to begin a month of being in a womb of protection.  In that womb you can nurture your self, go deeper inside your soul, and be around people you consider family, blood or otherwise. It is time to be around people who you can be your self with, who do not judge you or expect you to live up to their standards.

For a few days now, while Saturn is “in the air” with its its stern, serious, and sometimes grave attitudes, you will need more than usual a sense of feeling safe and loved.  The best use of Saturn now is to be disciplined, to face up to what you need to look at, to set up healthy boundaries, and to have patience.

It is true we are in powerfully transformational times, but sometimes we need to rest and recharge.  Do your best to find that time now.

In the greater world Egypt is breaking down again and shows us that it has not found its way yet.   What it is going through is reflective of the nature of change now.

There is a big wave wanting to bring liberation and freedom and “power to the people”.   This is the Aquarian Age getting stronger and stronger.  At the same time there is a powerful backlash, which seeks to control and dominate and slow down change.

In Egypt many are fighting for these freedoms and they have only recently begun to experiment with democracy and legitimate voting.  But their military is still the final word and dominant there. And yet more protests, more fighting, and the beginnings of civil war are breaking out.

In our own country the big story is of Edward Snowden and his leaking of government secrets, secrets of the USA spying in a kind of Big Brother way. At the same time there is desire to keep USA military security strong, hence the fear of information leaking.

If we truly want freedom and the responsibility that requires, do we not as citizens of this country and world want to know everything our leaders are deciding and doing?  Are we not the ones who ultimately must decide in an Aquarian Age of freedom, equality, Diversity in Unity, and governance by the people- not big government or big corporations.

So again liberation, freedom and “power to the people” runs against a strong desire to keep controls through dominance by government, corporations and military.

And liberation brings some chaos by its nature, and the backlash is to keep everything under control.

Remember this is what your personal transformation of consciousness and your life can look like.  There is a part of you wanting to be free of the controls over your life and you seek change to do so. And another part of you may be clinging tight to what is familiar and makes you feel secure.

Trust the process to show you the way, trust your inner light and the light of the Universe to guide your way.  Resist your ego taking over so you can feel in control.  You are here on this Earth in your body for a reason.

Your life is meaningful and your soul’s journey sacred.  Remember this and it becomes easier to trust and walk in alignment.

See you next week,


There has been a delay in putting out a new YOUTUBE video. Will let you know when it is ready.

There is an old YOUTUBE video Astrology Forecast for Spring Eclipse Season. Check it out if you feel so moved.

I also created an Astrology Forecast 2013 for youtube, part 1. And Part 2.

There will be a new Youtube video coming out within the next few weeks. I will keep you posted.

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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years

No Problem, Only Solutions and Astrology Forecast November 18-24

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are right in the middle of the Eclipse Season Autumn 2012.   The Solar Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio brought increased intensity to our lives, and deeper feelings and passions have been surfacing. If you are like many of us, disagreements came up in our friendships and relationships, some very intense and sometimes even nasty. Hopefully you used these conflicts to better understand your self and one another, to clear the air, to find healing.

But in other cases, deep resentments and bitterness came out, and people realized that their relationship or friendship is not good anymore.  And in the greater world, passions intensified, and conflict blew open into ugly war.

As we have been alerting you, the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio would bring a most powerful eruption in the Middle East, and that was a war between Palestinian Hamas and Israel.  This can potentially become a regional Middle East war, as Syria, Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon and Iran could become involved.   Scorpio brings primal passions, New Moons bring fires of ignition, and Solar Eclipses bring at least 10 times more power than the usual New Moon.

CIA director Petraeus has also became involved in a Scorpionic drama of secrets, sex, and perhaps a cover-up in the Libyan murders of 4 Americans, a drama that blew up big around the Scorpio Eclipse.

And as we also alerted you, the economy has shown much trouble- with low corporate earnings, a fiscal cliff to deal with, and a rapidly falling stock market. These issues, along with the problems in Europe, make it clear our world wide economic system needs deep transformation.

The natural disasters I warned about did not happen in any big way last week, but we can definitely expect to see more of them before the eclipse season ends. Of course Hurricane Sandy brought in the first big waves of the Eclipse Season.

All these events are bringing us through the transition between ages, and setting us up for a potentially big shift as the Mayan Calendar ends on December 21, 2012.

We also have written the last couple of weeks about the culture wars in the USA, which seems like a brewing Civil War, with state participants similar to those during the Civil War of 1861-1865.  Lincoln was president then. Obama, who may be his reincarnation, is president now. Whether he is or isn’t, the similarities are striking, even little things like both came from Illinois and Obama insisted on using the same velvet covered Bible that Lincoln used for his presidential inauguration for his own inauguration.

And of course you noticed all the states that have made petition to secede from the United States since Obama was reelected?   Over 700,000 people from mostly southern states have already signed, and states like Texas already have enough signatures to bring their petition to the President. What happens after that I do not know. But with an African American President now, knowing that states during the Civil War were seceding because they wanted to keep slavery in the south, does it not at least seem like some kind of repeating of history or coming full circle is going on?

We in the USA are obviously at a major crossroads in our collective journey.   As we leave an old age to enter an Aquarian Age,  what will happen to our nation?   With our natal Moon in Aquarius, we have a Bill or Rights, Constitution, and core set of values that are about  liberation, equality,self determination, and Diversity in Unity, which resonates with the sign Aquarius and the New Age.

But superpowers are not equal members of the world body, and all peoples- not just Americans- need to be free, and equal, and self determining.   And our whole world needs to be honored as diverse, yet equal and in Unity.  And invading other nations, colonizing and dominating, and wanting them to have our same democracy, capitalism, and way of life is against our core principles.

And haven’t our big Government and Big Corporate institutions taken away our individual freedoms and power of the people here and around the world?

The big changes coming our way are meant to help all of us to release the toxins and blocks that hold us back from fully embracing our New World.

As events swirl into your own life during this eclipse season, open to new consciousness.  Sometimes every way one looks there are apparent stop signs and no potential choice seems right.   But first of all one needs patience and trust, and to believe there is a way, even if it does show yet.

John Lennon sang in one of his last songs, ” no problem, only solutions”.  Meditate on that, there is much truth in that statement in new world consciousness.  When we come up on a challenging situation or event, it is best to look at it as the Universe bringing us a situation that is meaningful for us. It is bringing up issues that need to dealt with, so we can release what is no longer working for us, and open us to new possibilities.

Sometimes we think we are stuck because we are having difficulty letting go of something or some ingrained idea in our head.  Perhaps it is time to let go or release, but our fears and practical concerns hold us back.  Can you trust that if you make a decision based on where the signs and symbols are pointing for you to go, that all will turn out for the best?

” No problem, only solutions”, so there is a way to go that is right for you, and not only right for you but for all concerned.  But that way may not satisfy our ego controls, selfish desires, or security fears.

So when you visualize or pray, ask that you will be shown- by symbols, signs and synchronicities- to the way that is best in the bigger picture for ALL CONCERNED. And the answers you receive might not be what tradition or conventional world “wisdom” believes.  Go outside the boxes and straight to your deeper soul and the Universe.  There true wisdom lies.  There is a way to go that is in the best higher interest of everyone, though in the little picture it may seem bad.

And keep in mind that mind and heart integrity is essential, as sometimes people can see symbols and signs and synchronicities through rose colored glasses or perhaps through the lens of fear.  It is essential that you look with an objective vision, without attaching to any certain way. This does not mean you cannot make intention and co-create with the Universe. But it does mean you respect what is eventually determined by source and deeper soul.

So be flexible during this Eclipse Season, and “listen carefully” to what your deeper soul is showing you that you are ready to listen to.   Let go of old ways that are ripe to be picked off your tree of security.  There are many new ways of seeing and experiencing life now.

In the greater world dramas and in your personal life, new revelations will bring dis-illusion, so you can see the truth.   Though painful at first, these truths will set you free from the old paradigm, and open you to the consciousness and ways of the Aquarian Age.

We have another Eclipse coming on November 28, the week after Thanksgiving here in the USA. It will be a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius/Gemini.  It will also be quite strong, especially so because Mars will be conjunct Pluto then, triggering the Uranus/Pluto revolutionary square.

We are in powerful revolutionary and evolutionary times, more powerful than the ’60s.    All is meant to get better and better, though pain and ugly world events are part of the process sometimes.

This coming week, in between the two eclipses, will be still powerful; but hopefully a bit more tame.  The Sun moves into Sagittarius this coming Wednesday the 21st bringing rising spirits, inspiration, a renewed sense of higher meaning,  and a stronger need to find solution. On Thursday the Sun squares Neptune helping us to surrender, go with the flow, and enter deeper soul realms.  

On Friday Mars squares Uranus, breaking open anything that has been closed down, and taking us outside any boxes that limit our view and experience. This also triggers the Uranus/Pluto square, and brings all the world events to another level of intensity.

And please keep in mind that Mercury is still Retrograde, until November 26, so stay centered and aware, and do not jump to conclusions. Making major decisions is more precarious now, and signing contracts can go bad.  The eclipses are bringing energies that can take us off our normal balance, and making bad decisions while Mercury is still Retrograde.

This does not mean you should be superstitious or fearful; it only means you should realize that perceptions can be off.

See you next week,


As You Know It, So Shall it Be and Astrology Forecast September 16-22.

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Well there is a lot going on astrologically, and of course that means there is a lot going on in the world.  This forecast blog has been letting people know that the Middle East is center stage in the transformation of our planet from an old age and paradigm to an Aquarian Age.

It is where many of our world’s first civilizations were born and where most of our major religions have their roots.  It is where now much of the toxicity based on dysfunctional patterns of separation abound.

This past week, in connection with the Uranus/Pluto square while Pluto changes direction on September 18/19, the Middle East has been erupting. It is ostensibly in turmoil because of a really dumb and horribly disparaging film about Mohammed and Islam.  I saw much of this film on UTube. It portrays Mohammed as a child molester, a fraud, a homosexual, and also a person who sexually uses women and pillages. It is very weird and poorly made, and very disrespectful of the cherished beliefs of millions of people.

This movie is the match that is igniting the dry brush of perceived disgust and disrespect from western nations and peoples toward Islam and its culture.

If not this movie, something else would have ignited the flames.   Soon Syria, Iran, Israel, Egypt, and many other countries will be drawn into the fires of conflict.  Watch carefully this coming week’s news there, and be aware that in November, after the elections, that Syria and Iran especially will be in the spotlight of world affairs and a possible Israeli or western powers invasion could occur.

In November, while Mercury is retrograde, there will be a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio on November 13. That is the exact date anniversary of the coup that brought the Assad family and the Baathist Shiite party in to power in Syria. That was November 13, 1970.

Soon afterwards this year there will be a second eclipse, a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Sagittarius/Gemini on November 28.    Mars will be triggering the Uranus/Pluto square then also as it makes conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn on November 27.

The fires of transformation will be especially strong in late October through December.    This coming week brings much opportunity for healing and transformation also.

The week’s power begins today Saturday September 15 with a New Moon in Virgo at 10:11 PM EDT.   As with all new moons, it is time for new beginnings.   In Virgo it becomes time to get more grounded and real. Virgo is skeptical of anything that flies too high or that stops being “real”.

It is indeed time to get your head out of any dream world clouds of fantasy or illusion, and to see life for real,as that way you can get your life to work better and be more ordered and efficient.  Simplifying your life and fixing and healing what needs to be fixed and healed, is also aligned for this lunar cycle.

Since the Uranus/Pluto square is opening up now also, especially strong because Pluto is stationary, going from retrograde to direct; there is much intensity to deal with.  Change is in the air, and you can best use this time period to allow your deeper issues to come up to the surface where they can better be worked with.  In fact it may be very difficult at times to hold the energies back.

Transformation and healing are dependent on feeling our issues emotionally, not just looking at them intellectually.  In feeling them, we are at the deeper level from which true change is possible.  So at times like this, you may get into emotional discussions that bring up uncomfortable issues that have been previously kept securely “under the rug” of our consciousness.

As they come up, we better understand “where we are at” on a deeper level, and can then better judge if we want to improve something or some relationship or if we want to let it go.  Can an old pattern be healed and transformed, or is it indicative of something that has died and must be let go?

These are not times to stubbornly hold onto the status quo of “same-old, same-old” in our lives. The deck of our lives is being reshuffled and we need to be ready to shift what needs to shifted.

A new chapter of our lives has begun, and we must do our best to see it that way. If we do we can give perspective to what needs to be changed.  What ways are reflective of how we were leading our lives in the chapter that is passing?    What new ways of being have we recently opened up to and are getting used to?

Release what keeps you stuck in old and unsatisfactory attitudes and beliefs.  Embrace that which makes you feel better about your self and life.  You want to be aligned with your authentic soul self and with the Universe, free to see the truth and to love and be loved.  The old patterns of programming from society and family and past lives has not served you so far, so why would they now?

It may feel sometimes that when you release and let things go, that there will be nothing to replace them, but there will be. Life always fills up the vacuum of what has been released, in time.

When you see the destruction in the greater world now, the hatreds and intolerance, the chaos and attempts to militaristically bring order, stay out of its way.

Do not let yourself get emotionally hooked into the dramas, taking sides and picking out enemies.  What is happening is meant to clear the way for a New World. Those who are hooked in are a part of that old world, and will need this time to hopefully see that this is all so toxic and dysfunctional and reflective of a world filled with beliefs of separation.

We are all one, with many shades and differences and orientations. We are all one family. There is dark and light in everything, “good and bad” in everyone and everything, so to speak. There is no religion or race or nation, or sexual orientation superior to any other.   We were created as a Unified Whole, and every cell in that Whole is also meant to  be Whole.

The Aquarian Age is about equality and Diversity in Unity, liberation and freedom, all the opposites joined as one.  Night and Day are unified to make the whole day. Yin and Yang are connected in circular oneness, hot and cold do not fight for which is better. The plug and outlet are meant to be joined.

It is time for each of us to know that all the dots in the Universe are connected with sacred meaning, not in random nothingness.

As you know it, so shall it be.

Use these powerful planetary movements to help you to let go of limiting beliefs, and of an old world and its paradigm, which is on the edge of destruction.  Instead use the transformational openings that are being created to find new connections, and to embrace the Love and Truth that are the pillars that hold up our Universe.

Next Saturday, when we “speak” again, it will be time for the Autumn Equinox, the balancing of the scales of Libra. It will be the “sunset” time of year, when we start our yin-ward movement toward more yearnings for relationship and deeper meaning.

see you next week,


I will be broadcasting some radio shows on blog talk radio in October/November. I will let you know the dates soon. I will also do a new YouTube presentation then also. And here is the the link to YouTube talk I gave a few months ago at our Spiritual Renaissance Center.

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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.