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Winter Solstice, Mercury Retrograde, and Astrology Forecast December 18-24

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week we experience changing planetary winds:   Mercury Retrograde, Winter Solstice, 4th quarter Moon, and Mars in Pisces.

Inward and Yinward is the prevailing theme of this week’s turning point energies.

Winter Solstice takes us into the darkest day of the year.  The 4th quarter Moon takes us into the darkest phase of the lunar cycle.  Mars leaving Aquarius for Pisces takes us more inward into deeper consciousness.  Mercury Retrograde turns us more reflective and inner directed.

Mercury goes Retrograde on December 19 at 5:55 AM. It will stay Retrograde until January 8 2017 when it goes back Direct.

The 19th is also the day that the electors cast their votes for President of the USA.

Back on November 7 of 2000 on election day, Mercury was changing direction from Retrograde to Direct.

On the day Mercury changes direction from Direct to Retrograde or from Retrograde to Direct, it can be quite a confusing day.

That day in 2000 media anchors kept going back and forth in announcing victory for Bush, then Gore, then Bush, then Gore, etc.

It was many weeks afterward when Bush was declared President.

So it does seem meaningful that the electors cast their votes for President on the day Mercury changes direction.

This certainly does not mean that the vote will be reversed and the Presidency will be taken away from Trump.

But it could very well mean the day will bring some confusion as to what is happening with the votes.  Already this electoral vote is more controversial then past electoral voting, as some electors have already promised to change their vote or to abstain from voting.

And the questioning of the Electoral College being used instead of popular vote is already happening.  So you can see Mercury doing its job as we get closer and closer to the day it goes retrograde.

The Mercury Retrograde time period shows us a shift in our mental perceptions and a questioning of previous mind frames, paradigms, decisions, and beliefs.

Mercury Retrograde also can kind of rewind the clock of our lives, bringing back old memories through dreams, daytime thoughts, and from people actually showing up again in our lives.  This rewind can help us to better put our current lives in perspective, and provide us with deeper insight into current issues and relationships.

Mercury Retrograde also can bring spaciness, forgetfulness, difficult communication, and challenges with technological communication networks and equipment.

Mercury Retrograde is not usually a good time to make big decisions or to start important new projects.

On January 8, when it goes back Direct, clarity begins to form again.  It is interesting that the results from electoral votes on December 19 will not be reported until January 6, just before Mercury goes back Direct again.

Mercury Retrograde is best experienced from a reflective inner directed mind.   And inner direction this week is not just shown by Mercury but also because the 4th quarter of the current lunar cycle begins on December 2o.

This 4th quarter Moon is in Virgo and suggests we need to  become more discerning and simplified- in contrast to the rising flames of intution from the Sun in Sagittarius.

So there is more inward and yinward energetic movement.  This 4th quarter lunar phase, when lunar light gets darker and darker, ends with the New Moon in Capricorn on December 28/29. 

And there is even more turning inward as we experience the darkest time of year just before the Winter Solstice.

The moment we symbolically turn back again to more light every day is on December 21 at 5:44 AM EST.

This lead up to the Winter Solstice and the day of the Solstice is a very solemn time period.

We may experience deep feelings like sadness and grief, yet if totally present internally we may feel the hope that comes back as the light returns on Winter Solstice.

Every day light will get more time until Spring Equinox when light and dark are equal.

Christmas is aligned with the Winter Solstice in that Christ is considered the light of hope for people, especially those who suffer in their darkness of their suffering.

The Sun moves into Capricorn on Winter Solstice and begins a month of feeling responsibility, rules and regulations, desires to build and accomplish, needs to be disciplined and organized.

But more inward movement is suggested with Mars moving into Pisces on December 19.  It will stay in Pisces until January 28 when it goes into fiery Aries.

From December 19 until January  28 Mars will be swimming in watery Pisces.  Neptune, god of the ocean, is the “ruling” planet of Pisces.

Mars is usually a very active planet, self assertive, action oriented, willful, and forceful.

But in Pisces it is more peaceful, inner directed, flowing, passive, and self sacrificing.

It seeks to take it easy, to go with the flow, and explore inner dimensions and spiritual worlds.

It is not a great force for new beginnings or willful forcing of what one desires.

But it is great at diving into psychological insights, and processing deeper emotions and thoughts.

So almost all the planetary aspects this week suggest it is best to slow down, relax, go inward, and feel your feelings.

For many there is more time to do so now, as they have holiday season’s slow down of work from their jobs.

Do your best not to run around and stress, instead remember that deeper values are what the holidays represent.

And though many are feeling really down about the election, Standing Rock, Aleppo, and where our country and world are headed; remember that the Nature of the Universe is bringing us through transformation into a New World and Age.

Though it may seem like darker days for humanity are upon us and will continue for a long time, in actuality beyond the TV screen of our world and outer lives we are awakening and evolving.

More and more people are breaking the chains of societal programming and leaving the herd that is walking off the cliff of an old human paradigm for living on this Earth.

The return of the light on Winter Solstice shows us not the hope of shifting the results of the election, but instead the hope that no matter what the election results show, there is no stopping the train into the Age of Aquarius.

Till next week,


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Streams of Change and Astrology Forecast February 7-13

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico


In March a Major Portal will open the floodgates of accelerated transformational changes for both our global and personal lives. 

Two important Eclipses will burst forward then:  a Solar Eclipse New Moon in water sign Pisces, and a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aries/Libra

Of course those waters flowing through the new Portal will seek to break down any blockages in systems, souls, and bodies; so these healing waters of revolution and evolution can live more fully in us.

So we have about a month before this transformational energy comes rushing through.

This Monday February 8 brings us an important new beginning with a New Moon in Aquarius.

In many ways sensitive people will begin to experience the Eclipse Season after this New Moon in Aquarius.

Floods of soulful energies will pour through our world beginning at the Solar Eclipse in water sign Pisces.  

Water Bearer Aquarius, an air sign, carries streams of change that will open into an ocean of change at the Solar Eclipse in Pisces. Neptune is the “ruler” of Pisces and of course Neptune is the God of the Oceans.

The New Moon this week in Aquarius is at 9:39 AM EST.  It brings the beginning waves of the Eclipse Season.

So an important lunar cycle begins at the New Moon in Aquarius this week.  It carries the energies and issues that will burst forth in March, dramatically changing our lives both personally and globally.

Then April will continue the onslaught of transformational energies, as the Uranus/Pluto square (still in effect), will be triggered as Mars changes directions and Mercury goes Retrograde again.

So at this New Moon in Aquarius, allow the new energies to seep in slowly before their Grand opening in March and April.

This New Moon in Aquarius gets us more attuned with our need to be very distinct individualized persons, being authentic and not molding ourselves according to societal or family dictates.

At the same time as we get in touch with that which makes us unique and different,  aligned with the sign Aquarius we ironically seek socially conscious groups that we can somehow fit into.

Often I write about Diversity within Unity being the callling card of the Age of Aquarius.

Aquarius is about being your unique self with unique function in the community, equal in value to all others, all in unity.

This New Moon in Aquarius is a good time to really get in touch with what you believe in idealistically and politically.

The elections for President should be about who answers your calls for the type of world you believe in, not who is the lesser of evils.

If people keep voting for lesser of two evils, we will always have an “evil” world, so to speak.

This time there are candidates outside the usual boxes, as the world is moving into a New Age.  Vote your heart and conscience, not according to some political “wisdom”.

The Iowa caucus showed favorites doing well, and Ted Cruz won the Republican caucus while Sanders and Clinton were pretty much even.

Astrologically speaking, I do not see Cruz winning.   Rubio, Trump, Bush, and Sanders look the best astrologically to me.

Though my astrological formula has done well in the past, keep in mind that we all vote and nothing is written in stone.

But for Cruz or someone else who does not fit into, by formula,  what is coming into our country and world does not make sense to me.

The New Moon in Aquarius brings with it on February 8- a Chinese New Year of the Monkey.  The monkey is considered a mentally agile symbol and great gains technologically make sense as a result this, as well as new ideas and inventions this coming year.

This year already has shown us that the recent transformational energies are now taking hold and becoming more real.

Yes the Presidential campaigns are showing us how the electorate wants change away from same-old doing business as usual.

The USA has been having its very central core broken down over the last couple of years as Uranus and Pluto have been making aspect to its Sun in Cancer.

The presidential elections show how the USA no longer knows who it is as its identity has been changing.  President Barack Hussein Obama has brought a whole new kind of president, outside the usual box of white anglo saxon protestant male.

And our detente with Cuba and Iran has changed our relationship to the world.  And our not blindly following Israel’s needs has also changed our relationship to them and the Muslim world.

The Middle East is so important to the world’s transformation into a New Age.

The Middle East is where most of our major religions and civilizations were born. It is where the transition between ages is brewing, where a New World will erupt from.

Will we in the USA continue the path President Obama represents and elect someone who continues to be on that track?

Or will we elect someone who sees America as better than the rest, and hates Muslims or others who they feel threaten the American way of life.

Will we bring in a president who will represent Diversity in Unity, equality for all;  or will we need to go back two dangerous steps before we go three steps forward later?

The presidential choices are more clear now than since the ’60s and ’70s.  Each of us must now reach for our “better angels” inside us.  Revenge, fear and hatred will take us into a dark tunnel of pain.  Love combined with Truth will take us to the best places, places aligned with the best of the Age of Aquarius.

Till next week,


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Leo Knighton Tallarico has been a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for 30 years.

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Presidential Primaries and Caucuses and Astrology Forecast January 31- Feb. 6

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

The skies of our minds are clearing now as Mercury is back Direct.  And by the end of this coming week, Mercury will be back to speed and opening the way to even more clarity and direcion for our lives.

And just in time for the primary Presidential election process.

As we enter February 2016, Presidential primary and caucus action begin. February 1 is the Iowa caucus and February 9 is the New Hampshire primary vote.

We are looking today at the chances of each candidate, both Republican and Democrat, to be the nominee of their party and eventual President of the United States.

I have my own formula, a formula that worked by my predicting Obama and McCain as the nominees at a time when Hilary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani were way ahead in the polls. I actually then believed at the time that my formula must be really bogus.

This formula is based on how each candidate passes these tests: 1) How their natal chart connects with the USA chart from its birth on July 4 1776. If there are many connections then that candidate resonates on some level with the intentions of the country. 2) How their natal charts match up with planetary movements during the time of the next Presidential term,early 2017- early 2021. This gives me the knowledge that whatever crises we face in the world over the next four years or so, the President will in step with. 3) How do their natal charts match up with planetary movement at the party conventions this summer and Election Day November 8.

The forthcoming predictions are based strictly on the astrological formula, not on any political analysis.

Please don’t blame the messenger of the information, haha me.

We are looking at Ted Cruz (Capricorn), Marco Rubio (Gemini), Donald Trump (Gemini), Rand Paul (Capricorn), Jeb Bush (Aquarius), Chris Christie (Virgo), John Kasich (Taurus), and Ben Carson (Virgo)for the Republicans and Hilary Clinton (Scorpio) and Bernie Sanders (Virgo) for the Democrats.

In another issue we will look at the Libertarian and Green candidates and the former mayor of NY Michael Bloomberg who may try a third party run.

The candidates who show positive connectivity to the formula are Bush, Trump, Paul, Rubio, and Kasich for the Republicans; and Clinton and Sanders for the Democrats.

When we look at those who shine within the formula, Trump, Bush, Rubio, and Sanders stand out the most.

Again I am doing my utmost best to not project my wants, media ideas, or so-called political wisdom to the situation- strictly using the formulas that worked in 2008.

BTW- I gave Obama the edge over McCain for the Presidency then, based on the formula.

Let’s look at this month ahead and then we make the final picks later in this column.

Even as I write about the “race” to become President, I have such mixed feelings about it all.   In America it is a contest and competition with billions of dollars spent in order to win.   This money could be used for so many better causes than to criticize opponents in TV ads, for instance.

There is little sense of community dialogue about what would be best for the people of the country. Instead it feels like candidates selling the public on themselves as they tear about their opponents- while spending tons of money. It is a process that rewards narcissism and wealth.

But it is what it is, and we will try to figure out who will win and have some fun with it all.

As February opens with the Iowa caucuses on the 1st, we are in the last quarter Moon phase. As such there is a feeling of coming down into reality. It is also Imbolc, a time our ancestors honored as the mid way point between Winter Solstice and Spring equinox. It was considered a time of Initiation.

Now in today’s more superficial world, it is called Groundhog Day, when that animal looks for shadows and signs of an early or late spring arriving.

It will be a big initiation into the Primary voting season and some candidates will already get a sense of hope for the spring of 2016.

One week later, on February 8 there will be a New Moon in Aquarius as the voting in New Hampshire arrives the next day.

There will be some dropouts after this vote, while others will feel much more confident of their cause.

Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and John Kasich should be at a turning point around the New Hampshire vote, as is seen in the astrology of that time period. They will each either choose to commit more firmly to staying in, or will definitely be out.

That New Moon in Aquarius coincides with Chinese New Year, and it will be the Year of the Monkey. Some of the candidates for President of the USA fit that description well.

Aquarius is a socially and politically conscious sign. It also uses its head more than its heart, often priding itself on the ability to be detached in thinking and having inventive genius.

Aquarius has a web like thinking ability similar to the internet, and Aquarians usually feel “different”-  outside normal boxes and often feel they just cannot “fit in”.

But at the same time they are always desiring to fit in with some group, getting disappointed often.

I think it was Groucho Marks who once said that any group that wanted him as a member was not a group he wanted to join.

So at this New Moon in Aquarius, on February 8 at 9:39 AM EST,  it is a good time to get with people or groups who you truly relate with, and who honor you for your unique individuality as well.

So for President it looks like this: On the Republican side, Trump seems like the best bet to win. Bush or Rubio look next best.

For the Dems, Sanders looks slightly better then Clinton.

For actual President, Trump has important planets that connect with the USA Mars (war) and its Pluto in the 2nd house (economy), so I believe that if there are urgent crises that erupt before November 8, Trump will win. And that possibility is pretty real.

And if not then I believe Sanders (or perhaps Clinton) will win.

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Leo Knighton Tallarico has been a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for 30 years.

My life partner Deborah has a blog now that will bring to you a greater sense of life’s sacredness and our human connection to our Earth, Feminine mysteries and that which brings us all together in unity.


Storms of Change and Astrology Forecast October 28-November 3

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are moving forward this week into a quite intense beginning to Autumn Eclipse Season 2012. On Monday October 29 there is a Full Moon in Scorpio/Taurus that is the last major lunation before the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio on November 13. That will be the first of two eclipses in November, the second is a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Sagittarius/Gemini on November 28.

So the winds of the Eclipse Season blow in this coming week, and here on the east coast USA it is literal as there is Hurricane Sandy blowing in with powerful winds and rain.  It is expected to arrive on the shores of eastern USA close to that Full Moon this Monday.

Metaphorically, as the east is where new daily Suns rise, this Hurricane brings with it to America, on the east coast where the Sun first rises here every day, the beginning of the Eclipse Season for the USA. So we can expect that eclipse season to be a powerful time here.

There is a Presidential Election on November 6, at the last quarter Moon in Scorpio/Leo.  On that same day Mercury changes to retrograde, bringing back shades of the 2000 Presidential Election between Bush and Gore.  That election night, Mercury was also changing directions, from retrograde to direct.  The day when Mercury changes directions, no matter which way it is shifting, is the craziest most confusing time in Mercury’s journey.

In 2000 there was extraordinary confusion about who won, and about voting irregularities.  This time polls show there will likely be a very close election again, and if so people will be screaming about vote fraud again. I am not sure how Election Night will play out this time, but expect some chaos and confusion.

But first we have this storm blowing in at the Full Moon in Scorpio/Taurus on Monday October 29 at 3:49 PM EDT.  The invasive power of Scorpio confronts the fixed Earth of Taurus, quite perfect astrologically for this hurricane forcefully entering the eastern landmass of the USA.

Saturn will be conjunct the Sun, and Pluto will also be making aspect to this Full Moon, bringing more seriousness and depth of emotion and mind. And timed with the election shortly thereafter, and the eclipses shortly after that,  the winds of change will dramatically be shifting the affairs in the USA.

Whichever way the election turns, since the political parties now represent two very different cultures more that anything else, there will be much rage and negativity shown by the losing party.   We have been for some time now entrenched in a culture war here in the USA, and in recent years that war has gotten more and more intense.

Of course we know many crazies on the fringe of the “right” hate President Obama and have threatened his life, yet there were also stories recently about how crazies on the “left” have threatened to assassinate Romney if he becomes president.  These threats were all over Twitter last week.

There is reason to fear a kind of civil war here in America, especially if the economy gets much worse, as money issues often bring out the worst in people.  I have often thought that Obama is a reincarnation of President Lincoln, and of course our current lanky black President would be poetic justice if linked to the Civil War and the emancipation of the slaves.

We could conceivably have a new “civil war” in the USA, with the south now representing much of the republican party, versus the north and especially the northeast, which was most of northern USA in 1860, and is now overwhelmingly democrats.

If this is how things play out, then perhaps Obama (Lincoln) will be the one who wins this election and is called upon to heal the country again.

I still believe, by certain astrological factors I use, that Romney is  more likely to win; but the Universe is a mysterious place and “Lincoln” could be needed again.

If you are someone who has been getting outside the conventional world box, and transforming your consciousness toward more love and truth, healing of our Earth and human community, and alignment with an Aquarian Age, it will be best to not get in the fight between democrats and republicans. That fight is part of an old paradigm of separation.  Let it go and visualize and work for a New World.

So as this storm and full moon blow in, just a week before the election and Mercury Retrograde, and just two weeks before the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio, expect the unexpected.  But we can likely expect the nastiness of this election to get much worse; and we can likely expect the Middle East, especially around the Solar Eclipse to become even more explosive; and we can expect crazy happenings with the economy and stock market.

So batten down the hatches as the storm and full moon blow in.  And be careful in your interpersonal relationships to keep somewhat of a lid on your more negative emotions.    Scorpio can bring with it a stinger to push people’s emotional buttons and Taurus can be so stubborn and resistant. That combination can bring big fights;  and since we are talking Taurus and Scorpio, issues of money and possessions and how they are shared can be in the spotlight of our disagreements. “Tugs of War” can certainly erupt.

Keep in mind that at this Full Moon, and through much of November, that issues will be pushed to come to a head, that energies will be favorable for getting to the core of issues, especially ones that have been previously “pushed under the rug”.  It is a good time, and it will happen quite organically in most cases, to go deeper into what is bothering you or holding you back.  It is a good time this month to “hash it out”, to come to some kind of resolution or at least a clearing of the air.

You will then know better what is needed to be let go and released and what can instead be fixed or healed.  There will be endings, and passing through old “seasons” of your life; and there will be new births and renewals.

So much is changing now and for the next few years because of Uranus square Pluto and moving closer and closer to an Aquarian Age. And how about the Mayan Calendar ending on December 21, 2012?

Each planetary aspect or lunation or eclipse can take on so much more transformational significance or importance than usual now.   Keeping the status quo if it is not aligned with your authentic soul and its journey, will seem impossible sometimes.  It will sometimes feel like holding onto the edge of a cliff with the wind blowing.

All is coming to you in divine order, though sometimes at these crossroads it is up to you to decide which way to turn.  Do not trust your intellect at these times to lead the way. It is the connection between mind and heart  that helps, and an allowing for the Universe and your deeper soul to reveal to you signs and symbols and synchronicities to light the way.

There is no reason to stress and worry, instead trust the process to show you the way at just the right time.  Stress and fear can only close you up so you cannot “see straight”.

Your awareness is getting sharper, your consciousness is expanding, so naturally old ways may not work anymore. It can bring fear at first to let go of old security structures, but time will bring you new security and greater freedom to live your life authentically.

See you next week,

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Please feel free to find more writings and my services on my website.You can get an astrological consultation with me during these changing times to help you on your path and with your life. Please write for more info.

Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.