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And the Winner Is?And Astrology Forecast February 2-8

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Eclipse Season Winter 2020 can still be seen in our rear-view mirrors.  

There is more to process through, and hopefully each of us finds the time to do so, with professional support, or close friends, or time for being alone with yourself to sort through and heal from.

The last couple of months brought up so much from deep within our minds, souls, spirits, and bodies.

They have been “brought back up” into our awareness,  because we need more clarity,  direction, insight, and release of old patterns that do not serve us or our evolution into the Age of Aquarius.

Our collective human lives are really in crisis now, as we get more and more certain that our old paradigm is failing us, as we struggle to find our way forward.

Many struggle to be present, or even to just wanting to be present.  Our phones, computers and other tech escapes have us living more and more in a virtual world bubble.

Many more young members of society awaken each morning as adults now.  And as they look out at the world we live in, they are scared to death.

Mass murders at schools, workplaces, restaurants, night clubs and other frequented places, gives many people pause when thinking about going outside their homes for any reason.

Your work needs and your friendship needs can more and more often be “satisfied” from home or on a computer.

Sex lives are also more and more virtual, with internet porn, dating site hookups,  and now human-like sex robots.

We do not even need to go out for groceries or restaurant food, which can be delivered to our door, along with everything else you want and need taken care of by Amazon.

And look at the world “out there”. Our American culture is split, as it once was at the Civil War.

Our economy is for show, not nearly as good as it is being sold to us.

And during this latest Eclipse Season, we were brought to the brink of war with Iran ( which could have triggered  a World War); The Coronavirus outbreak of illness and death started in China; the almost war with Iran that could have led to World War III; and economy and stock market on the brink of severe downturn; and a presidential impeachment process that is about power and politics more than desires for truth, justice, fairness, and community.

Of course our world is at a crisis point at a Crossroads based on bringing back our values that are connected to “our better angels” as Abraham Lincoln alerted us to.  OR NOT making those “better angel” values our highest priority.  The impeachment process showed us, when a vote came for calling witnesses and documents, how winning politically is more important than our cherished values and ideals.

We are in deep trouble, and can no longer operate from a default pattern of energies, habits, and opinions that keep us stuck in the old world, paradigm and Age that do not work for us, or help provide us with Truth, Love and care for one another and our community.

This week, as we are in the beginning of the Lunar Cycle begun at the New Moon in Aquarius on the 24th,  begin our week at Imbolc on the 2nd of February.

Imbolc has been considered a sacred day for hundreds of years, especially by those who find spiritual Oneness in Nature.

Imbolc, called Groundhog Day in our current pop culture, is the half way marker between Winter and Spring. It was considered as a Time of Initiation.

And Groundhog Day is seeing shadows that tell people if Spring is coming early in any given year.

Mercury leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces on Monday February 3, shifting our mind into more imaginative and creative thinking and communicating.

Staunch adherents of “cause and effect” logic find Mercury in Pisces quite challenging, as it is into finding connections and right brain unity more than the bottom line of left brain thinking.

This week tops off with Venus entering battler Aries on Friday the 7th.

This is Venus’ best example of being empowered, self assertive, and true to Self.

Venus in Aries is independent and self confident.  Closest Goddess to this Venus placement in Aries is Athena.

And to top off this week, we have a Full Moon in Leo on the 9th at 2:33 AM EST.

The Sun is in Aquarius opposes the Moon in Leo, which makes the Full Moon.

So Aquarius’ mind is quite different than Leo’s heart.  At this Full Moon you may get a realization that trusting mind more than heart is not the right way to believe and lead one’s life.

Leo ideally is the open heart of a 3 year old whose heart is ready to take on all experiences.  And she also appreciates all the attention she may be getting.

Aquarius knows the value of a clear mind that also possesses higher values. It operates from a web of thought patterns, similar to the Internet.

I did much study this week to be able to find who the next USA president will be.

I felt pretty sure when I predicted Obama would be the Democrat nominee and McCain the Republican nominee in 2008, then Obama the winner. I made prediction around this time of year I believe. Since I was able to predict so early in the process, using my own astro formulas, I believe those 2 were destined to win.

Then in 2016 I predicted early that Trump would be the nominee and eventual winner

This time it is not so easy, as 3 or 4 people do well in the formula.

Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and in a lesser way Bloomberg and Warren all meet the formula criteria. So does Trump fit the formula.

But Elizabeth Warren is also so connected to the Eclipses this year in June and November and most of all she is connected to the Jupiter conjunct Saturn aspect in December that is a symbol of the New Age of Aquarius beginning.   Her natal Jupiter is at 0 degrees 14 minutes of Aquarius.  The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is exactly at 0 degrees 14 minutes of Aquarius

I predict Elizabeth Warren will win,  But I do so with less confidence than in previous years.

In Addition to all this potential confusion, the Universe is throwing a big curve ball on Election Day this year because it has the same crazy planetary aspect it had on Election Day November 7, 2000.

Mercury that night in 2000 was shifting from Retrograde to Direct,  and news anchors all kept going back and forth predicting Bush won, then Gore, then Bush, etc.

We did not know the winner until weeks later when the Supreme Court got involved. Bush won.

Very strangely, and perhaps most importantly, this Election Day on November 3 has the same planetary alignment as it did on Election Day in November 2000. Mercury goes from Retrograde to Direct that day.

Maybe no one will be the clear winner that night. Maybe Trump will not accept the apparent win by Biden or Bernie or Warren.  Very Good chance one of those 2 alternatives or one we cannot see yet will play out.  To be continued.

Till next week,


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Primal Truth and Astrology Forecast October 14-20

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

I am sure many of you have noticed that since Saturn went into Scorpio on October 5,  our experience is deepening, and “darker”  events are showing up more often in the greater world.  

From a more positive standpoint, people are getting more to the core of issues, more intense and passionate.  With Saturn now in Scorpio, it will be much more difficult to keep buried what is boiling under the surface.   So much of the time, for the sake of civility and peace, we keep from expressing what is really bothering us.    Then something triggers an old wound or trauma, someone says something to us that stings us, and we lose control and intensely feel and say that which we previously tried to keep under control.

The Vice Presidential debate this past week exemplifies a Scorpionic intense passionate discussion.  The moderator was not stopping the torrent of intensity between the two debaters.    The most intense and passionate person was Sun in Scorpio Vice President Biden.   He was following his deeper emotions and making faces and interrupting, and dominating much of the experience.   This behavior forced everyone concerned to open up more and state their truth.   Though certainly rude, it was good in many ways as the often pretentious business of politics got more real.  This is Scorpio when it lets down its guard of control.   Sex is also a good example of Scorpio intensity.

At its best sex allows people to be totally consumed by passion, and to act whatever way their instincts and emotions are taking them.  The good, the bad, and the ugly all come out.    Scorpio allows us to be in our primal instincts, without judgement.  Jealousy, rage, envy, fear, and all the so-called negative emotions are opened like Pandora’s Box.  Previously held secrets are opened to be seen.

Saturn in Scorpio will continue through much of 2015.    We are just starting the process of learning to deal with the deeper truths, with the core of issues, with explosive eruptions of previously held-in emotions.  So if you want to truly solve an emotional or relationship problem, the best way now is not to work on the outside of the issue, on the symptoms.   You will be instead be assisted by the Universe in getting to the root of the problem, to truly dealing with it, to letting out the steam of emotions, and to hopefully clear the air, heal and transform into better patterns of behavior.

After October 22nd the Sun will also be in Scorpio and will conjunct Saturn on October 25.  And on November 13 there is a New Moon in Scorpio, many times more powerful than the usual New Moon in Scorpio, as it is a Solar Eclipse also.

So the energies of Scorpio will be getting stronger and stronger.  Inhibitions will have little chance of staying that way.   Especially in November, much will be erupting from deep in our unconscious, from the mysteries of life, to help us to shift out of “same-old, same-old”, and to transform our experience.

That which is ready to die and be released will be set free, including toxic stuck beliefs and patterns.   Some relationships that are currently in trouble, will get to the core of issues and emotions, see the deeper truths, and either end or be reborn again with new life, with new appreciation for one another.  Jobs that are in trouble will face the truth that has been avoided, and people will either leave that job or gain a feeling of gratitude for having the work.

Spiritually, people will have the opportunity to dig down into their deeper fears, release them and gain more trust in their deeper soul and the Universe.

In the greater world there will be events that bring us to deeper truths about our country and world.  These very intense and powerful events will shake us up and disrupt our sense of security, and help us to awaken and act.

The Presidential Election will happen during this time, the Middle East will intensify(with a spotlight on Syria), the truth of the economy will be more evident, and countries and people in general will tend to show their true colors, and will erupt into “on the edge” showdowns and conflicts.

Transformation of our world out of an old Age and into an Aquarian Age will spike and intensify greatly.

November/December 2012 will be a very important turning point in the transformation of our world, our lives, and our collective and individual consciousnesses.

You should feel some of the momentum forward after the New Moon in Libra this week. That New Moon is Monday October 15 at 8:02 AM EDT.

That New Moon starts a lunar cycle that will include Election Day November 6, when Mercury goes retrograde, and will go all the way into the next New Moon, which is the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on November 13.

Since this New Moon is in peaceful Libra, the full extent of the power and intensity that is coming will be held back.  Attempts to keep rational and civil will lead the way.   Keeping the status quo will still be a strong intent, though the desires for changing and transforming our experiences will be still powerful though somewhat in abeyance.

The second presidential debate will be this Tuesday October 16.  Of course that promises to be a lively and intense event, but relative to what is coming, it will be tame.

The next week after that, when the Sun moves into Scorpio and then makes conjunction with Saturn, will be when we will truly start to feel the Eclipse Season blowing in.

Then the “darkness’ will reveal itself in the light of day, and the power of transformation and change will intensify.  On a deeper level, the Universe will be transforming our lives, no matter who is president. If Obama wins, then perhaps the changing of our world will happen somewhat more gracefully. If Romney wins, which I believe will likely happen, then the power of revolutionary and evolutionary change could get much more filled with disruptive and calamitous events.

Remember we are moving to an Aquarian Age, one that promises a more level playing field, a multi-polar world, no more superpowers or countries and peoples considered better or more privileged than anyone else.  The power of the world goes to the people, not kings or queens or mega governments or mega corporations or superpower nations.

Both political parties in the USA are part of the same toxic, corrupt system, run by special interests and the Military/Economic complex President Eisenhower warned us would eventually take away our individual liberties.

The eventual transformation of the world will move us beyond the dysfunctional bickering marriage of Democrats and Republicans, who do not allow for the voice of other parties in the debates or in the dialogue for a better and more healthy community.    Neither party seems to care about the common good and helping our country and world to be better. They both care more about winning and perpetuating the status quo, which continues with unjust wars  and violence, American chauvinism, and poor worldwide economic conditions.

See you next week,


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Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius and Astrology Forecast for August 2-8

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This upcoming week brings us the 3rd and last Eclipse of the Summer of 2009.    It is a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius.    On the west coast of the USA it is at 5:56 PM on Wednesday the 5th of August.  On the east coast at 8:56 PM, and in places east of the USA the eclipse happens on the 6th of August.

A Lunar Eclipse occurs because the  Earth is between the normal Full Moon opposition of the Sun and Moon, and hence its shadow blocks the Sun from shining on the Moon- from our vantage point on Earth.  It is a penumbral eclipse which means the Moon will not be as darkly covered as in a total eclipse.    The eclipse will not be so obvious.   And its complete eclipse process will only be seen in South America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  The eastern half of the USA, at Moonrise, will see the end of the eclipse process.

Remember that eclipses, both Solar and Lunar, are much more powerful versions of New Moons (solar) and full Moons (lunar).   Solar Eclipses, at new Moons, bring powerful new beginnings.    Lunar Eclipses, being Full Moons, bring powerful resolutions or dramatic merging of opposites.

At this Lunar Eclipse Full Moon, with the Sun in Leo opposed by the Moon in Aquarius, there is a dichotomy between personal ego (Leo) with group consciousness (Aquarius).  An example of something that happened on the journey to this Lunar Eclipse Full Moon is what happened in the case of Professor Henry Gates.

Dr. Gates was arrested by Officer Crowley in mid July, a few days before the Solar Eclipse New Moon on July 21.   He was breaking into his own home because the front door was stuck.  A woman called the police and Detective Crowley came to the Gates residence to investigate.  After an argument between them Mr Gates was then handcuffed and arrested.

It is quite likely that his being African American contributed to his arrest, but it is also obvious that his ego and arrogance (“Don’t you know who I am?”) also contributed to his arrest.

Later President Obama said the Police Department acted stupidly.     Three individual egos expressing their viewpoints of the incident.

But this week they all got together at the White House, with Vice president Biden, in a small group to bring the varying egos and viewpoints together.     And this happened less than a week before the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, which has the Sun in individual ego Leo and the Moon in group consciousness Aquarius.

Look at your own life now to view where this drama is playing out.    Where is there a need to bring together individual egos in collaboration with others in a group?    Where can you combine your heart’s desire for what you want or want to express, with a social consciousness or community understanding?

Overall, during this eclipse period, which has its greatest intensity between mid June and mid September, look to let go of that which needs to die in your life, and open up to the breakthroughs, which open new doors of opportunity for you.

It is best to see your life in meaningful ways when you encounter doors closing for you in life.   Relationships end as seasons end; a job loss opens your mind to changing your career, which never suited you anyway.   Life is really not random, unless you see it that way.

In the Greater World look for events to surface and intensify close to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.   These events will blow up into bigger events later in the Summer and into the Fall.  The places most conducive to change surrounding this eclipse:  Pakistan, India, Israel, Iran,  the Baltic region, Jamaica,  Egypt, Bolivia, Eritrea, and Sri Lanka.

Please keep in mind, however, that all regions of the Earth can be influenced by the changes that eclipses bring with them.

And remember that we are all changing our consciousness and lives in alignment with a movement into an Aquarian Age.  The eclipse periods push us faster forward in our growth, helping us to let go of that which needs to be released, and bringing new ideas and opportunities aligned with our personal and collective evolution into the new age.

We are thinking more “green”.  We are seeing us all over the world getting closer through mass transportation, communication, and commerce. It is a “smaller” world, one we all need to get along in together, through all our diversity.    We need to be individually and collectively liberated from dictators, corporations, and governments that oppress and control our hearts, souls, and minds.  We need to take responsibility for own lives and our Earth and human community.  We need to find solutions to the many problems that face us for our future, by thinking outside the boxes of programmed minds.

We are ready, more and more every day, to move out of a rigid paradigm for living on this Earth,  to heal what separates us, to create new ways to be on this Earth and with each other.

We also need to look to the skies for other peoples of the Universe who will greet us before too long, to forever change our perspective about our selves and our lives.  Remember that people were once sure, relatively not that long ago, that the world was flat.

Our world is changing rapidly now and so are we.

Astrology Forecast for August 2- August 8

On Sunday the 2nd of August, the Moon moves from excitable Sagittarius to serious and grounded Capricorn, and later in the day Mercury moves from sunny Leo to work oriented Virgo.  So on Sunday and Monday it would behoove you to keep your feet on the ground and not be too wild.  Serious discussions are possible.

As the Moon goes into Aquarius late on Tuesday, where it will be for the Lunar Eclipse, the vibrations for the eclipse get stronger.   Watch your life and the greater world for signs of change.     See big egos inflate.  Watch other people who care about changing our world to a better place come together.   Watch the interaction unfold.  Remember that it is natural and essential to have an ego, to want to express your personal truth and have a life that you personally desire.  It is not, however, “natural” to make your self essentially a lot better or worse than anyone else.    It is natural and essential to care about what is best for your human community, but unnatural to not also care about your self.

On the 5th at 8:56 PM EDT is the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius.   This is a powerful Full Moon, where you may feel out of balance as your “normal” life is being disrupted. Use the disruption to move with change.  getting out of “same-old, same-old” helps us to dance with a new personal rhythm, one which helps us to grow.

The 6th through the 8th are also within the rays of the Eclipse Full Moon. Remember there can be real magic at full moons, and especially so at Lunar Eclipse Full Moons.

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Our next forecast will post next Saturday afternoon the 8th of August.

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