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Rushing River of Change and Astrology Forecast June 9-15.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week on Sunday/Monday the Moon in Virgo makes a square with the Sun in Gemini.  This makes for a half Moon lit up in the Sky, beginning the 2nd quarter phase of the lunar cycle.  That cycle began on June 3 at the New Moon in Gemini.

Of course this Gemini lunar cycle shows us the importance of communication, yet also shows us the importance of having an open mind that is filled more with questions than answers.

So in your personal life it is aligned now to open your mind up to more possibilities and ideas, instead of closed minded surety of your opinion and ways.

It is also fortuitous now to be present and to make a strong effort to be present in relationships as a true listener.

As a couples’s counselor, I sometimes witness people who believe that if their intentions are good they have done no wrong in what they say or do to others.

Not true! It is most important to truly be aware of how a person will receive what you are communicating. That is one reason that it is important to ask questions so you know where the other person stands in their emotions and thoughts.

Most people in relationship get really concentrated in defending their position and in “winning” the argument.

Really healthy relationships have each person in the relationship having empathy for what the other person believes or feels.  This does not mean sacrificing your needs or opinions to keep the other person happy.

You can be solid in being true to yourself, while at the same time having a true understanding of the other person, their needs and desires.

When each person honors their own self and sovereignty , they are in a potentially healthy position to honor and respect the other person too.  Win/Win is the goal which can be attained most always in most situations.

As the second quarter Moon in Virgo passes through late this weekend, there is the potential for nervous energy, anxiety, and obsessive thinking.   Both Virgo and Gemini are ruled by the planet Mercury.  Mercury operates in the brain/mind and through the nervous system and spine.

Yes it is a prime time for analyzing, logical thought, and information gathering and expressing.   But I am pretty sure you do not want to be in mental overload or obsessive thought, pushing for answers and solutions.

Sunday/Monday, while the Moon is in Virgo, there is an aspect that will offset the monkey mind.

Neptune in Pisces will be in a challenging square to that Sun in Gemini and Moon in Virgo.  Neptune, mythic god of the ocean, does not do well with left brain needs to mentally “figure it out”.

Instead it seeks and expresses the more flowing energies of music, metaphor, art, meditation and connection with everyone and everything. It is best to surrender to the “Kingdom Within” when Neptune is strong.

So it is best now, with the left brain and right brain in battle with one another, to allow the process to unfold without much stress from pushing an agenda, or needing to be right.

Late in the week Mars makes several aspects that should give us a preview of coming attractions.  Mars in Cancer this week trines Neptune, opposes Saturn and gets closer (next week) to an opposition to Pluto.

And all this is connected to where Saturn and Pluto will be for their January 2020 conjunction with one another as another Eclipse Season rolls in.

That is an important time period for our human family, and perhaps some clues from the Universe will soon show us what is coming to our personal and collective lives. Look for the symbols and their messages and synchronicities.  What wants to die and what needs to be born?

From this Summer Eclipse Season that begins at the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 17, to the Winter Eclipse Season 2019/2020; there will be important events, breakthroughs, liberations, revelations and enlightenments.  There will also be disillusions, heartaches, and life challenges.

As a human family we are moving back to, and forward to the purity of the Universe with its pillars of Love and Truth. When each of us is mainly connected to Love and Truth, all else will eventually fall into place.

Look at our world now-  false news is everywhere. It can be really difficult to sift through all the information and opinion to find truth.

And look at the status of love shown out in the world.  Relationships are dominated by struggles for power and control, and negotiating for getting what one wants.  Love brings grace with it and desires for win/win.  Without sufficient Love, we bargain for what we want all the time, and pretty consistently look for wins at the expense of the losers.

This is fine in sports or other contests, but is it right, healthy and satisfying for the rest of our lives too?

Saturn/Pluto is close now to conjunction (only 3 degrees apart) and will stay close during this approaching Summer 2019 Eclipse Season.

In January 2020 they will be exactly conjunct at 22+ degrees of Capricorn- one day after the Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 20 degrees Capricorn/Cancer- so close to Saturn/Pluto. And Uranus changes direction to Direct then also.

All that is why we are presenting a class and talk on Saturn/Pluto, which will include the eclipses. Class is on Saturday June 22 at noon and lasting till 4:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time. We will be deeply discussing world affairs, the Presidential race and potential impeachment, and most importantly the changes of  consciousness and lifestyles needed to adapt to the Age of Aquarius. In that process we will look at individual charts also to find where the Eclipses and Saturn/Pluto reside in your life and chart.

How might that affect your life? We still have some openings in the class. Write me at for more info and to sign up to attend.

This year’s Summer Eclipse Season rapidly approaches now. The Full Moon on the 17th brings the first strong winds of change. The 21st brings in Summer Solstice with a strong Neptune changing directions. Then July 2 brings us the first eclipse: A Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer that also shows us Saturn and Pluto closing in on one another.

Keep an eye out for world events that will open the portals for new light pouring through for our consciousness and lives.

Be open to change in your own life too.  This time period resembles the ’60s and ’70s, when change was overwhelming at times. But it felt so good to have the old status-quo corruptions, injustices, and power abuses challenged and  transformed.

And now we experience the next great wave of transformation. Let go of the shore and allow the river of evolutionary change take you, and bring you to a world of personal purpose and meaning.

Till next week,


I am working on getting a podcast out soon and before the Eclipses.

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Lunar Eclipse in Leo and Astrology Forecast January 13-19

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are in between 2 strong eclipses this week, waiting on the second one: a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo on January 21 at 12:16 AM EST.

All Full Moons have the Sun and Moon exactly opposite one another, and all Lunar Eclipses are Full Moons.

This one has the Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Leo at almost 1 degree of each sign.

The Sun is in Aquarius, so it wants to shine its light on the mind, the inventive, unusual thinking of the mind.  From there it develops firm principles it is determined to keep (Aquarius is a fixed air sign).

While in Aquarius, it also looks beyond the personal and subjective, and sees more from a detached, more objective mental state.  It wants to join groups or be a part of socially conscious causes, but even as it is so group conscious, at the same time it needs to be very individualized and unique.

It can identify as the “odd man out”, the black sheep,  the one who is different, the one who rebels against  the common thinking and common way of being

Aquarius carries the principle of equality, everyone is equal in intrinsic value to one another.

But as it  demands equality, it can go overboard with that principle and demand everyone in the group wearing the same “uniform” so to speak.

When it does that it loses half of what it represents. It is meant to be within a group while being a distinctive individual.

If it goes to wanting all in the group being the same, it loses the individual part of being an Aquarius.

On the contrary, if it becomes so different from everyone else that it can no longer find a group it identifies with, then it leaves the group part of being Aquarius.

So if Aquarius is done right and honors both group needs and unique individuality inside it, it then can be a member of a Diversity Within Unity paradigm.

So the Leo Moon opposes that Aquarius Sun in the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on January 21.

That Leo Moon wants to express in an open-hearted creative fashion.  It wants to shine its bright light and have fun like a 3 year old child does.

And in the process, it seeks attention, as it craves being liked and admired. It wants to be special.

So there is one of the conflicts between Aquarius and Leo.  Leo wants natural open hearted expression without filter or censor.

Aquarius is more socially conscious and does not want to say the wrong thing or stand out in the crowd.

And it may have an attitude against those who think they are superior, special, or privileged.

And Leo may think that Aquarius expresses in a boring intellectual manner. It may have an attitude against groups that they see as never making decisions or never energized enough to manifest.

So look at “we the people” and then look at President Trump and his administration.

Look at the growing nationalism in the world, a nationalism that is most always using tyrants or despots to run those countries.

But also look at the growing of consciousness that seeks to spread the wealth in the world.

Can we develop a world of social consciousness, equality between peoples, mental ingenuity,and freedom to be whatever you want to be (Aquarius)?

Can we develop with it a world of heart-opened creative expression that has leaders who provide inspiration and motivation (Leo)?

As a former Sun in Leo President with Aquarius Rising used to say “yes we can”.

So the Aquarius/Leo Lunar Eclipse gets so close this week and you will be feeling it days before it actually happens on January 20/21.

This week, on the 13th, about half way between eclipses, Neptune in Pisces squares Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Neptune loves to be Pisces, said to be the ruler of Pisces.  Jupiter loves to be in Sagittarius, the sign it is said to rule.

Together they seek to transport consciousness into other dimensions. Neptune travels into many differing frequencies of consciousness and soul, navigating the depths of watery, mystical and musical realms- without boundaries.

Jupiter in Sagittarius seeks to soar high above the ground looking down from the bigger picture, inspired and inspiring, uplifting and uplifted, finding greater meaning for lives from the higher dimensions.

Together Jupiter in Sagittarius with Neptune in Pisces are best experienced through the process of surrendering and yielding to the greater power of the Universe, to the wisdom of the Ages, to the silence at the Source.

Deep meditation, psychedelic journeys,  synchronicity, signs from the Universe, knowing all is connected, is all available at this Jupiter square Neptune which can be felt for several days.

Imagine your Self at midnight, at the dark of the Moon, in a small boat in the middle of the ocean, no land in sight, having no direction. And up in the sky above you, in a sky filled with thousands of stars,  is a flying object with many multicolored lights hovering above you.

You feel vulnerable and you know you have no control. All you can do is surrender and with faith appreciate the beauty and majesty of what you are experiencing.

Jupiter square Neptune can also bring a disorientation from “normal” ways of thinking and seeing. It can be confusion, desires to escape, perhaps escape with substances,  and a feeling of chaos.

So it is best to meditate; or dance and sing; or stare at the night sky; or use your imagination to see beyond the veil of our conventional world.

Being in between the eclipses, and also on the day of moving into a second quarter phase of the Moon, this can be a rather intense time of transition.

You are moving more and more fully into this New Chapter of your life.

This week starts with Neptune square Jupiter on the 13th, the same day as the second quarter Moon in Aries is pushing us upward and onward.  And also on the 13th is a Mercury conjunct Saturn in Capricorn that may be sobering and facing reality.

So that is a mixed bag with seemingly contradictory messages.

Jupiter square Neptune is other-worldly while Mercury conjunct Saturn is taking our minds to stark reality.

And all of this is happening right in the middle of two eclipses. with the second one on the way for early next week.

Use this week to remind your self not to jump to conclusions now, and to know you are in transition between life chapters and in the middle of strong transformational energies.

If you are unsure of what is happening or where you are going, join the club. It has grown in membership.

So much is changing so fast, it is not easy or maybe even possible to get a firm grip on your life.

So let go of controls, learn to just Be Now in the present moment with your mind surrendered into a supportive role.

All is happening in divine order even if it feels like a shit show some of the time.

The stock market will continue downward movement soon, the government will likely stay closed with impeachment on the back burner, and the Middle East is a match away from explosion.

We are moving more and more strongly toward the Age of Aquarius.  This is a process of evolution into that consciousness and world, so let the process play out without letting fear or panic rule you.

Trust and faith can go a long way now, and that includes trust and faith in your Self.

There will be the first podcast of Perspectives from the Sky coming out next week. Will let you know how to connect to it.

Oh by the way we safely arrived in Sedona Arizona last week and are really enjoying the beauty of land and sky here.

Till next week,


Here is new video:

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After the Eclipse Storms, and Astrology Forecast for August 9-15

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We have weathered the intensity of the storms of 3 eclipses in a row this summer of 2009.

In the greater world the winds of the storm began blowing in mid June at the Iranian election and the protests.  Then Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died on the same day in late June.  The winds were getting stronger.  Life was already feeling more strange before the first eclipse happened on July 7.

After that our personal lives have been taken off balance from our “normal” lives through challenges with work, relationships, family, pets, health and homes.  For some everything has felt just plain weird.  We are being prepared for even bigger changes to come soon.

But right now it is time to gather our wits, review our lives, and see how they have been changing during these last couple of months..

We are passing out of an old phase of our lives and getting ready to enter a new season.  The deaths of old celebrity iconic friends who were still relatively young, like Jackson and Fawcett, brought us back in our memories to old times gone by, before moving forward.

Some of the shakeups in our lives brought us to sad goodbyes to homes we have  lived in, to old friends and romantic partners, to pets, to jobs.  Many have only begun their goodbyes, and have not fully let go of those people or jobs or homes.  Others are just now letting into their awareness how unhappy or disconnected they are from these people or things from their past.  They need to now decide how they will go forward with their lives.

Many are still hoping they can hold onto the past and the way life has been, to go back to “normal”, to be the way we used to be.   Can we get our economy back on track?  Can we get our home values back up like they used to be?  Can we get our common human values back?

The eclipse period is still in effect until mid September or so, and the overall effects of this eclipse will last for months or years to come.

In the greater world, now that the actual eclipse dates have passed, we will slowly begin to see events open up that are a result of what has happened during the eclipses.

Where does Iran go now that it has experienced the presidential election that was challenged by many of its people as well as the the world body?

What happens now to North Korea since it shot off nuclear and missile tests and then welcomed President Clinton for a pardon of two USA citizens?

What will happen in the Middle East now, especially in Israel/Palestine,  as this place holds the key for peace in much of the world and with terrorism?

Has the honeymoon now ended for Obama as his poll numbers change? Will the  American people challenge him more as he presents his health care package and we begin to see how the economy will really evolve?  Is his life in danger as the radical right- wing grows more angry?

And what will happen now with the economy?  Have we turned a corner to now watch the economy slowly improve?  Or will late summer and autumn show us we are still in deep trouble?

Our world and human community are moving from one Age to another.  The Mayans believe that 2012 is the turning point into a new age.  I believe the Aquarian Age begins around 2020.  So we can see that much change is on our collective doorstep as we are truly entering a new age and paradigm on Earth.

The changes happening in your life may feel random or about bad and good luck.  The changes may feel as though it is because of your fault or of someone else’s fault.

But as the seasons of our life change, we must change with them.  Leaves fall and hairs get gray and children graduate college.   And great Ages change also.  And as they do we all change together, different from one another, but all aligned in our souls to the big changes coming our way.  And those changes will transform our lives on Earth in ways beyond our current imagination.

Astrology Forecast for August 9-15

We have just passed through the last of 3 eclipses in a row, the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon of August 5/6.   The eclipse period, however lasts until mid September, and the impact of this time period will be even longer lasting.   Events related to the shakeup of the eclipses will last through the autumn at least.

Mid way through Sunday August 9,  the Moon moves out of peaceful and flowing Pisces, where it has been since Friday morning, and into go-getter Aries.   You will feel more active, with Moon in Aries, through Tuesday.  Mid afternoon through early evening on Sunday, as that Moon in Aries squares explosive Pluto, there will be an increase in emotional intensity.

On Monday the 10th and Tuesday the 11th you may feel frustrated by events that seem to hold you back from what you want.  This is connected to the square between Mars and Saturn late on Monday.

On Wednesday the Moon moves into slow and easy Taurus.  On Thursday the Moon in Taurus squares the Sun in Leo to begin the last quarter turn of the waning Moon.  There could be a shift now connected to the eclipse energies and its challenges.  This is the last lunar marking point before a New Moon next week on the 20th of August.

That New Moon will be the first “normal” new moon or full moon since late June.   The ones since late June have all been eclipses.

Spirits lift on Friday the 14th this week as the Moon goes into Gemini and the Sun opposes Jupiter.   And the forecast week ends on Saturday the 15th with the Moon still in Gemini.  Good day to have varied interests,  lots of social interaction or to take a class.

“See” you next week for a new forecast.  Please visit my website for more nformation or to get information about having a reading with me that will give you a broader and deeper perspective of your life and current challenges.  Or write me at  Comments made below are always encouraged.

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Castles in the Sand, and Astrology Forecast for May 16-22

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico- ON VACATION- NEW POST END OF WEEK   5/29

The United States is an empire, the largest and most powerful empire of all time.  Empires create ways of life for people.  The Roman Empire brought order, street systems, etc to the people it conquered.  It brought its gods and goddesses  and its culture all over the world at the time as it conquered and dominated peoples over the world.

Each one of you can decide for your self the benefit or detriment of Empire.    But all empires fall eventually like castles in the sand.  They are only here temporarily.   And as the Pisces Age ends and Aquarian Age is established, the reality of empire will end also.  USA is the last empire, as Aquarius is about freedom and liberation, about strength to individuals and communities, which connect to a greater decentralized community.

Interestingly and ironically, the USA’s principles,as seen in our constitution and bill of rights, is very Aquarian:    All men are created equal, with certain unalienable rights, among them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  The whole revolution, meant to move beyond rule by kings and queens or presidents and govenments, and to give power to the people, is totally an Aquarian dream of how life should be.

But by building empire and making capitalism our greatest god, we have left our principles behind and do not recognize the hypocrisy of taking over other countries and their freedoms.

Now we have built a military industrial complex that protects the empire, but crumbles the foundation of values for our country.  President Dwight David Eisenhower warned us that the complex threatens freedoms and it has.

And recently we voted in Barack Obama as president of the United States, as so many have hoped for a savior of change to bring us back to our roots and values, and forward into a New Age.

But Obama is only one person.   After inauguration he was immediately pushed by the pressures of empire to fix the leaks in the empire’s machine.  Those leaks are created by an economy which is in big trouble, and by “terrorists” who have made and threaten big chinks in its armor.

Obama can only do so much to truly change the way things are, as this country is run by a gigantic economic system run by super wealthy people, and a miltary run by super powerful military men.

And he is the right man for the job  of plugging the leaks as he is extremely intelligent and capable and success oriented.

But the waves of change of this Universe are bigger than he is.

Be prepared to experience more corrosion of the empire’s machine, which will affect the workings of the whole world.

We are in the beginnings of great transformation which will accelerate as we get closer to the Mayan New World in 2012 and the astrological beginnings of an Aquarian Age in 2020.

We each must be flexible, look for the signs and synchronicities, and trust life, the Universe, one another and ourselves to adjust appropriately.     Remember there is much magic to be enjoyed on the ride forward.

Astrology Forecast May 16- May 22

This year 2009 Jupiter is in Aquarius, where it  resides every twelve years, for a year at a time.    It conjuncts Neptune in Aquarius most of May, June,and July, so we can get a better picture of the changes we are destined to go through.  It is a good time to dream the dream of how the Aquarian Age will bring us to an improved world.   There will be unusual occurences and events that happen during this time.  Be aware that the veil between our waking world and “the world inside the world”, the soul world, are getting thinner and thinner.  You are not psychotic if you begin to see and hear new things in your head and environment.  Consciousness is evolving as we enter a New paradigm and Age

Mercury is still retrograde, and will stay so all this coming week and until May 30.  Perceptions can be confusing, accurate communication can be challenged.   But Mercury retrograde is a good opportunity to  think outside your usual boxes, to say things in different ways than usual, which can help relating.

Saturn has slowed down and will station and go from retrograde to direct late on Saturday night.  It will  move forward almost imperceptively  for about a week.    It will gradually pick up speed and stay direct until January 2010.  Saturn rules time and gravity, so it is time to move forward in your life, but not fast forward, instead with both “feet on the ground”.    Time is ready to “march on”, but be cautious and think of the long-term effects of your decisions and actions now.

Mid week there will be less seriousness and more spark of action as the Moon goes into Aries, but keep in mind that starting this Sunday the 17th, we are in the last quarter of the Moon cycle, Mercury is retrograde, and Saturn is moving very slowly forward.  It is more time to reflect, review, take “down time”, and not push hard on grand new projects or ventures.

The Sun makes its yearly sojourn in Gemini starting on Wednesday the 20th.    Good time to think of taking a new class or doing some new activity based on the mind or communication.

The next New Moon is on Sunday the 24th in Gemini at 8:11 AM EDT.  This event, as a new moon, gets our motors running and ready for action.   Gemini time is a good time to do light social activities, play games, learn more, talk a lot, get great new ideas, be aware of mind connections, get new information, share what you have learned.  Watch out to not get too scattered or mentally overwhelmed with ideas or information.

Leo Knighton Tallarico

“See” you next week.  In the meantime if you are interested in contacting or using my services write me at or visit my web site.

Money and Flu, Chaos and Order

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So many are in panic now about security.  First we hear our economy is the worst it has been since the Great Depression.  Now we hear we are on the verge of a world wide health pandemic flu.  What can shake us up more than fears about health and money?

“They” tell us this recession is the worst since the Great Depression? People were jumping out of high rise building windows, to their death, because of how it bad it was for some back in that day.  Is that the kind of fear we want to buy into.

And with the “swine flu” our leaders have been in panic mode about its potential.   They are acting as if we are in danger of The Great Plague.  Do we all want to wear little masks and wash our hands constantly to keep these demons away?

There is no reason to panic, but there is a reason to pay attention to what is happening.  There are signs and messages to observe,  beyond the fear and fuss.

I most of all notice from all this the fact that we are all so connected now all over the world.    Transportation and commerce connections make us all susceptible when someone gets something contagious anywhere in the world.   Commerce connections make us all vulnerable to the same economic downturn.    And communication networks, like phone and internet and TV, bring  the information and help spread the news and all too often the fear to us all.

The 20th century was the beginning of the cusp between ages.  The Aquarian Age, like the sign Aquarius, is about networks of connection that bring all individual entities together into one greater community.

Now we must learn how to get along together.  We are being forced by events and inexorable movement to a New Age to do so. But how?

We do not naturally trust those who seem to be radically different from us.  We even tend to turn them into enemies.  At that point the connection leaves, or at least any fruitful connection leaves.

And yet we need one another in order to put the world together into a meaningful, sacred, caring, just world.

We do not seem to remember that no matter what the differences we are the same species, we are human beings who have the same needs of safety, security, love, food, community, pride, dignity, truth.  We all laugh, cry, love, hate, feel pain, go to the bathroom, are born and will someday die.  And of course we have in common, only our human brothers and sisters, no other creatures, the conscious awareness that we will one day die. This common knowledge binds our souls deeply together.

I don’t believe we will all meditate or chant ourselves into loving our human brothers and sisters. I believe we will need extraordinary events to force us into deeper knowing of our intrinsic connections and Oneness.

We will need to see that rich or poor, Chinese or American, Muslim or Jew, we are One family all equal with one another in worth.

Perhaps it will take the worst, a world wide disaster to bring us all together.

But perhaps something magical, wondrous, and awesome will bring us together, like a worldwide Visitation from beings from somewhere else in our Universe.

In the meantime don’t buy into all the fuss and fear.  That attitude comes from people who do not view our human journey as meaningful and sacred, and instead see it governed by random chance, dog eat dog survival and material reality only.

Saturn opposite Uranus

An important aspect, Saturn opposite Uranus, which is the midpoint of their cycle together, occurs this year and next.  Their current cycle began when they were in conjunction with one another in 1986-1989.

Saturn is a planet of gravity that holds fast whatever it grabs.  It represents structure, rules, boundaries, discipline, organization and obligations.

Uranus breaks open whatever it touches. It represents freedom, liberation, breakthroughs, awakenings, revolution, anarchy, and “outside the box” thinking and action.

As they oppose each other, the archetype of order (Saturn) comes up against the archetype of chaos (Uranus).

In the late ’80s the Soviet Union broke up during the years that Saturn was in conjunction with Uranus.

We each will be challenged to handle order versus chaos in our own lives.  How much do we hold on tight to our sense of security and how much do we let go to new possibilities?

Do we stay in our old house or relationship or job or old thinking and beliefs which give us a feeling of stability and security?   Or do we break out into less secure but more liberating and potentially magical possibilities?

We will talk more about this aspect as the year progresses.  Watch chaos and order themes play out also in world events.  And watch peoples fight to leave oppression and control by leaders and governments.  The overall movement world wide is power to the people for the future of human kind.

Astrology Report week of May 2- May 9

This week May 2-9 starts out slow and “normal”, but changes mid week as Mercury goes retrograde and late week when there is a Full Moon.

Venus and Mars are in Aries all week, and independence will generally be more important than “connecting” at emotionally intimate levels.

The Sun is in Taurus, and it is natural at this time of year to concentrate on the “body” of things, the physical realities and pleasures of life.

Jupiter is in Aquarius all year, where it will assist us all in our desires to make community and follow our higher principles for living with others.  By the end of May it will conjunct with Neptune in Aquarius, where together they will tend to inspire people to their more idealistic dreams.

Early in the week Mercury slows down, and then turns from direct to retrograde at 1 AM on Thursday the 7th of May.   All day Wednesday the 6th you can know that Mercury is changing directions because things may seem out of whack.  This can happen by communication and thinking miscues and confusion, through delays in gaining clarity and information, or through other unpredictable events or thought processes.  To give you an idea of what it can be like when Mercury is changing directions:  In 2000 when the election for President was between Bush and Gore, there was much confusion that night, as Mercury was changing directions, over who would win. it went back and forth all night.

Slowly over the next few weeks, until May 30, when Mercury goes back direct, our perceptions will change.   During this time, allow your mind to get more reflective and imaginative and less logical.  Allow your mind to open to possibilities and away from strict paradigms or agendas.  It is best to think twice before making any big decisions or signing any important contracts.  Often times those decisions and contracts turn out not being what we had anticipated.

On Saturday May 9 at 12:01 AM EDT there is a Full Moon in Taurus/Scorpio. The effects of a Full Moon are about two days before the actual lunation, the day of the Full Moon, and two days after.  There is the feeling of coming to climax as the moon waxes before the full moon, and then relaxation afterward as the moon begins its waning phase, which lasts until the next New Moon.

This full moon in Taurus/Scorpio can be quite intense at times and power struggles can be experienced.  But the gist of the energies is about Taurus and its ability to be a “rock” of stability, and Scorpio’s ability to bring emotional intensity and passion to a situation.  Keep it calm or get down into the storm of emotions: That is the question.

This could be a week of shifting tides and confusing changes.  All will be fine if you are flexible and open minded and stay aware and conscious.

Last week’s forecast let you know that between Saturday and Monday there would be “potentially powerful events”.  This actualized when we learned about the “swine” flu during that time.

You can peruse more writings or contact me for a reading at

“See” you next week


Weekly WorldView and Astrology Forecast

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Perspectives from the Sky weekly blog and forecast will look at the week ahead, but will also provide a view of the months and years ahead, as well as an overall view and deeper insight into our human life experience and condition.  As a seasoned and long time astrologer I will use astrological maps to assist my perspectives.

Through this column we will be thinking outside the conventional world boxes.  Normally the conventional world presents us with a certain paradigm for reality that we all more or less buy into, and of course if we leave it too much we leave the “reality” that we are taught will keep us safe and “sane.”

But of course many years ago some people left the “sanity” of a flat world philosophy and dared believe the world was round.  And now many people are leaving the reality of our current world reality as its sanity is insane, and the people who have bought into it are getting more and more neurotic, or have ADD, or on prescription meds, or non prescription meds, or are addicted to one thing or another, or are locked into material logic, or are living in a fairy dream world to cope.

The world is truly changing by leaps and bounds now and has been for awhile; but we tenaciously, for security reasons, cling to the old which is literally driving us crazy.    I believe we have been leaving an old world, paradigm and Age and are entering what is sometimes called an Aquarian Age.   Some believe in the Mayan Calendar and believe the New World begins on December 20 2012.  I believe the Aquarian Age semi-officially begins in December of 2020.

The craziness has just begun, the economy in trouble is just the beginning of much more turmoil, which is meant to help us to let go of the old reality and to embrace the new.

Just as it often takes some dramatic event, like someone having an affair, to break up a dead marriage or other relationship, it will take dramatic events to break up our hold on an old age.

This weekly column is meant to talk to those who are in the process of leaving the old paradigm and are searching for new meaning to their lives and/or have already embraced a new paradigm for living.   There are many things new paradigm seekers have in common as we venture out from a world that makes no real sense anymore.

We seek a world built on fairness, truth, caring, and a desire to be part of a human revolution beyond control by “kings and queens” or governments or mega corporations.  That revolution defines us as stewards of the earth and responsible for our own well being and the well being of our human family on the Earth.

We believe in honoring the natural diversity of the human family, but also honoring our connection as one family with common human traits, emotions, and concerns.

We will certainly blow the earth and ourselves up if we do not learn to coexist- it is inevitable.  Our minds are well developed and our technologies reflect this reality, but our hearts and souls must heal and be honored equally with our minds if we are to bring together our human family as one and heal our planet (see

We also stand ready to connect with those from other planets as we live in one Universe together.  It is certain that before long Visitations will be known by more than a few.   These more public visitations will likely bring us closer together as one Earth Human Family.

This year we will expand our efforts to hold back the tide of hatred from around the world from those we have demonized like Iran and North Korea and Al Queada.  Before we all experience the diversity in Oneness of an Aquarian Age, we are destined to be at war with those we consider our enemies.    The nuclear bomb is a horrible dark cloud hovering over our Earth lives.

Astrology Forecast for Week of 4/25 thru-5/2

There will be 3 eclipses in a row in July/August (a rarity).  There are usually overall 2 eclipses in a row, twice a year, but this year there are 5.  There were 2 in January/February and now 3 coming in July August.  Eclipses happen at new and full moons only.

Eclipses bring shakeups to our personal and collective lives, which cause breakdowns and breakthroughs into change and transformation.  This will be a very intense, transformational, and even hellish summer for some as world events explode into our lives. More on this as we get closer to the summer.

For this week beginning on Saturday the 25th of April:

There was a New Moon in Taurus on Friday the 24th of April at 11:23 PM Eastern daylight time.  It will still be a “dark moon”, however, until Saturday night when the crescent shows.  Before that we are revving up our engines, and at the crescent we begin to move more fully forward.  The kind of movement most conducive to Taurus is slow and deliberate and present with all one’s senses.  Taurus seeks comfort and security, so these issues would be good to follow now.  Try to get more comfortable in your body and in your life.  Manage your physical resources, your home and finances.  Enjoy the relative comfort of nature and the outdoors more.

It is normally important not to push ourselves too much with planets in Taurus, but now we also have Venus and Mars in forceful Aries so you may feel motivated to take more action than Taurus wants.  And on Sunday things could get very intense as Mars in Aries squares “lord of the underworld” Pluto, and some people will show more anger and upset than usual.  Watch the greater world also from Saturday through Monday for potentially powerful events.

Monday there will be a tendency to meet responsibilities and work hard mentally as the Moon squares Saturn in Gemini.  Late Tuesday into Thursday evening you will need more down time and nurturing as the Moon goes into Cancer.

On Thursday the Moon goes into creative and fun loving Leo for a few days.  Also on Thursday Mercury leaves practical Taurus for talkative open-minded Gemini, so let your mind and voice open up more freely now.

We will talk again next weekend.

Leo Knighton Tallarico