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Solar Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio and Astrology Forecast November 11-17

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Well finally the Presidential election is over.  Obama has won and many people I know are quite happy now. Some were upset when I wrote several weeks ago that I felt, according to an astrological formula I use, that Romney had a slight edge to win.

This formula is based on matching the candidates’ charts with upcoming planetary aspects and the USA natal chart.  Important aspects that will also make aspect to the USA chart, like the Uranus/Pluto square from 2012-2015, would require in my view, strong connections with the chart of the president. This is obviously because it is unlikely that someone so prominent in the world would not be connected to aspects that will change the world.  And this formula has always worked for me almost perfectly, for over 20 years. I knew Obama and McCain would be candidates and Obama would likely win long before either was a strong candidate.

But this time neither candidate was strongly connected to the Uranus/Pluto square, which is such a powerful symbol of transformation for our country, as it will make close aspect to the USA Sun during the next few years.  So I looked for more minor aspects, and believed Romney had a slight advantage.

However, when Mercury went into its “storm period”, which is when it is slowing down before it goes retrograde, the tide turned.  Mercury goes into its storm about a week or so before it goes retrograde, and perceptions begin to change already.    In this case, Mercury went into its storm around the time the actual storm of Sandy blew into America.  And a powerful Full Moon was happening at the same time.

Those aspects, connected to that storm, began to change perceptions. President Obama began to look especially presidential in handling the storm and Governor Christie of New Jersey and and Mayor Bloomberg of New York showed much appreciation of President Obama.  When I wrote last week’s forecast I wrote how I felt that the winds had turned in favor of President Obama, who I believe may be a reincarnation  of Abraham Lincoln, our president during the Civil War of 1861-1865.  And I stated a new civil war is brewing in America now, largely with huge disagreements between values of the North and South , and perhaps we need Lincoln again.

But still I have been wondering why President Obama does not have any natal planets making major aspect to the Uranus/Pluto square. He does have Saturn in Scorpio making a square to his Sun, which is a very difficult aspect, which is close at the time of his inauguration, and exact in the autumn of 2013. And there are two eclipses at that time which are very close to planets in his natal chart, but not much of importance after 2013.

So then I started thinking how Lincoln was assassinated during his presidency. Then I looked at some coincidences.  Lincoln began his presidency in 1861. Obama was born 100 years later in 1961.  And John Kennedy, who was also assassinated, began his presidency in 1961, the year Obama was born and exactly 100 years from when Lincoln began his presidency.   Kennedy and Lincoln were both very involved with civil rights for Black people, during times when that was of urgent importance in America.  And of course most people know the other odd coincidences between Kennedy and Lincoln, like both had Vice Presidents named Johnson, one of whom was born in 1808 and the other in 1908; Lincoln’s secretary was named Kennedy and Kennedy’s secretary named Lincoln. Google it and you will find many more such connections between them.

So now there appears to be a connection between Lincoln, who freed the slaves; Kennedy who helped lead the Civil Rights movement; and Obama who is the product of those breakthroughs as the first African American President. It makes no difference if they are all the same soul, reincarnated, or not.  They all indeed are very connected.

And why was President Obama not fully present at that first debate? Was his soul reluctant to meet his future destiny while winning the presidency?   And why has this stoic man been crying so much just before and just after this election?

I am very concerned his fate is the same as Lincoln and Kennedy. And if so I believe this would happen next autumn or shortly before or after.  Is this a part of the great transformational change for America coming our way?  Is another Pisces Age martyrdom necessary to transform our country into an equal member of the Aquarian Age we are moving into? In future installments I will further analyze why I believe Obama may be the reincarnation of Lincoln, a man he admires and often quotes, and look deeper into his possible fate, and into whether we can change that potential fate with our co-creation with the Universe.

So now as I write this we are in a dark Moon phase, awaiting a most strong New Moon, a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio.  This will begin a lunar cycle that will include a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius/Gemini on November 28 and a Mars’ triggering of the Uranus/Pluto square on November 27.  Mercury will be retrograde most of that time.  

And then the next Lunar cycle will begin with a Sagittarius New Moon on December 13, which happens on the same day as liberating Uranus changes directions. This free spirited beginning to that new lunar cycle will bring us through the Mayan Calendar ending on December 21, 2012.

The Solar Eclipse in Scorpio will be this coming Tuesday November 13 at 5:08 PM EST.  It will be about strong new beginnings, and the emphasis will be about emotional releases, renewed intensity and passion, primal expressions, trusting one’s instincts, and revealing previously held emotions or secrets.  Pandora’s box will begin to open and we will be dealing with issues that were previously kept under wraps.

It will be a good time to get involved in the mysteries, psychologically, spiritually, and otherwise.  You will find your self going deeper inside your mind, heart, feelings, and psyche.  You will find it more difficult holding back what you truly feel at the core of your being. It will be a time of powerful release of old emotional fecal matter, so you can embrace a renewed life.  Scorpio takes us deep into the bowels of our soul, and brings up old matters that have been blocking our path.  We then often have a Phoenix Rising type of rebirth that thrusts us forward in our life journey.

So the Eclipses will take you out of your usual balance and comfort zone, and make it easier to let go of the past and embrace the future. And because Mercury will still be retrograde, it is more likely that people, emotions, and issues from the past will return. This will help you to end phases of your life that are ending, and for some to come full circle before moving forward again.

In the greater world, issues of the economy and its weaknesses will come front and center into our awareness.  Before the year is out we will be reminded of how vulnerable our economic system is, and how much in debt our country remains.  We may be taken to an edge of economic danger as politicians argue how best to balance the budget and get our system in better shape.   We will eventually need a deep transformation of our whole economic system.

Natural disasters are also likely to continue during the Eclipse Season, as Mother Nature is an important part of our Healing and Transformation journey.

The Middle East is quite a tinder box also, as the civil war in Syria continues, as tensions with Iran mount, as Libya remains in the spotlight of concerns about cover-up. Israel is in a much more precarious position since the Arab Spring has broken down previous walls of restraint and brought more power to Muslim organizations, as in Egypt. Israel may feel like a cornered animal and feel it needs to strike.  If it ended its oppression of the Palestinian peoples, however, it would likely ease the hatred felt in the Arab world, but this is unlikely to happen.

Secrets revealed, and sexual issues are also very Scorpionic in nature, and the resigning by CIA director Patraeus because of an extramarital affair fits perfectly. Other such events are likely.

Everything will not be about disaster, however.    Things are opening up from a very deep level of our collective consciousness.   We are learning that we can connect in ways we never imagined.   Souls all over the Earth and beyond our Earth are connected by a Unity of Soul and Mind. It is getting easier to remove the restraints and limitations, and to find the frequencies of communication and connection with other souls, alive and dead, worldly and otherworldly.

Secrets about Visitations from beings outside our “normal” world will be coming into the light soon.   The connections between our dreams and other worlds will be more evident. We as a human race have made such leaps of progress on the material plane. It is now time to make progress on the other planes, spiritual planes, and consciousness planes of existence.

So this is becoming a wonder-full and challenging time to be alive, all at the same time. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

See you next week,


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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

The Obama Sacrifice? Astrology Forecast October 18-24

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Obama’s presidency has brought with it hope in America and around the globe for a better world.  And have no doubt that a better world is in the making as we slowly move more solidly into an Aquarian Age.    

Perhaps the last several years have made many people think that we have been going backwards into more greed and more hatred for those who are different from us.    Many people were getting more and more cynical about our world and about America.   We seemed to be moving further and further away from our American principles and values.

Obama truly has givin people that hope he preaches about.  He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prized because of that hope, not on what he has accomplished.     

And as Obama pushes us further forward into a world that learns to share the wealth of the Earth, pushes us further forward into a world of more equality between peoples, pushes us to learn to accept all peoples regardless of race, national origin, sexual preference, gender,, etc;  he also pushes the buttons of people who do not want the world to change in those ways.

Perhaps we have forgotten about Martin Luther King Jr. or Bobby Kennedy or John Kennedy or even John Lennon?

They all were pushing us forward to those same values stated above, and they were all assassinated!  Make no mistake about it.    Obama’s life will be increasingly in danger as he pushes harder and harder for those dreams to come true.

Our Aquarian president Abraham Lincoln also pushed us forward by emancipating the slaves and holding firm with our American and Divine principle of all being created equal.    And he also was assassinated!

Obama has been angering many progressives when he tries to make compromises or stays in wars or appears to be weak with his principles.  But he may be wise to be moving slowly, so as to blunt the knives of anger from his detractors.

And of course our Military-Industrial system and empire are so tightly and securely bound that it is difficult to make real changes very fast.

But remember that the Universe is so much bigger than human foibles.   Nature is more powerful than our will.   We reside within the Universe, on the Earth.  We are guests, not rulers of the world.

And the planetary cycles that turn the wheels of our Universal experience on planet Earth keep churning even as we make our own personal dramas so important.

And a big cycle, one that lasts 2150 years is coming to a close.  The Pisces Age, begun maybe 100 or so years before the birth of Christ, is ending and the Aquarian Age is being birthed.

The Pisces Age of sacrificial saviors and organized religion is coming to a close.   The Aquarian Age of personal responsibility for a healthy world community begins.

And how does President Obama fit into all this change?  He appears to so many as another savior and if he is, he is our last.

It is so sad to think he will be assassinated.  It is so sad to think he is a sacrifice for the Aquarian Age.

But as you listen to people like Limbaugh or Beck and realize how many thousands of people they speak to and represent, you realize what a large segment of our society is against and even hateful of our President Obama.

And there are among those hateful a large handful who are deranged in their rage.    And perhaps one who lurks in the shadows of horrid fate.

2010 will bring much change and accelerate our movement forward into an Aquarian Age.  But at the same time as we move more quickly into this New Age, horrible destruction will bring the ashes from which a phoenix will rise from, to birth our Aquarian Age.

We pray that this soul we call Obama will be a new archetype, one of the Aquarian Age, beyond the need for saviors anymore.  Perhaps he is this new Aquarian soul who shows us we no longer need saviors to carry all the responsibility for us and die for us.  Perhaps instead he will lead us to ourselves and the knowledge that “we are the ones we have been waiting for”-  we the people.

Astrology Forecast for October 18-24

Our week begins with a New Moon in Libra on October 17/18.  It is at 10:30 PM on the 17th on the west coast of the USA, but at 1:33 AM on the 18th on the east coast.

Libra shows us peace and grace and civility.  It sometimes is so much so this way as to preclude our ability to be real.

So for now whatever is simmering under the surface in the underground of Scorpio emotions, will wait before it surfaces.    The beauty of autumn leaves similarly temporarily hides the coming starkness of bare branches and darker and colder days ahead.  

But for now enjoy the relative harmony of your experience as we experience this New Moon in Libra, the beginning of our new lunar month.  Concentrate on your relationships and how to communicate with others in a way they can truly hear you.  Be aware of their presence and of the importance of making your relationship work well for you both.

On Sunday the Moon goes into Scorpio for a couple days of deepening our awareness and our emotional expression. 

The Moon is in uplifting Sagittarius on Wednesday and Thursday and it is a good time to find answers and meaning to what you have been questioning recently.

On Thursday the Sun moves out of Libra and goes into its annual journey through Scorpio.     Mid way through this Sun in Scorpio things will intensify greatly in your personal world and in the greater world when Saturn makes its first of three passes in square to Pluto.  This will be happen on November 15.

Scorpio deepens our experience and helps us to see inside the superficial outer layers of life.    Scorpio also deepens our emotional state and helps us to release what needs to be released.       If you know any Scorpios you know how intense they can be and how they seem to hold in so much.  But it will come out in time, and the longer they wait to express it the better chance it will come out like a volcanic eruption. 

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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