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Breaking Away and Astrology Forecast February 10-16

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

As we passed through the New Moon in Aquarius this last week, we effectively put an end to Winter Eclipse Season 2019.

This coming week, still “climbing upward” through the waxing half of the current lunar cycle, we experience a powerful and liberating planetary combination of Mars conjunct Uranus at the last degree of Aries (29+ degrees).

Last week, after the Aquarius New Moon on the 4th, the first winds of this Mars/Uranus conjunction were blowing in.

Events, that are a direct result of the recent eclipses, will be ready to enter our world, both personal and collective.  The next few months will be filled up with important and life changing wake-up calls and motivations to push our lives forward.

The Mars/Uranus conjunction, which we began experiencing last week, brought many difficulties in relationships.  Mars/Uranus in Aries is very independence minded, action oriented, and motivates one to be true to Self sometimes at all costs.

Any boxes you are in, especially boxes that have severely limited your independence and freedom, will want to break open.  Action that you have been putting off will be triggered for movement forward.  Relationships that have tried your patience and your ability to retain compassion, will be severely tested.

Desires for liberation and “breaking out” will open up more in each of us.

And any boxes you have been pushed into or pushed yourself into will be cracking open.

This Uranus/Mars conjunction is exact on the 12th, overnight into the 13th; but its effects will be felt all week long.

You may be challenged to be empathetic in relationships, as this Mars/Uranus conjunction tends toward the needs of Self more than “others”.

Co-dependence and relationship patterns that enable people to stay stuck, will be threatened as well.

This conjunction happens at 29+ degrees of Aries, so it triggers by trine the important Total Solar Eclipse (that travelled across the USA) in August 2017.

Remember the passion for war between North Korea and the USA then? Remember the violence in Charlottesville Virginia that month, violence that felt like the American Civil War in the late 1800’s? This had a strong racial element to  it, with marches by KKK and neo nazi’s.

Now this month there is a second meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un; and Virginia has been facing racial issues with its Governor this month.

But there is another conflict going on that is not directly related to those issues, but is beginning to have the same passion for war. It is not so much with North Korea yet, but with Venezuela now.

Venezuela has the world’s largest supply of oil reserves and is a weak country militarily.  It is now in the crosshairs of the USA military as it is going through a coup attempt against its elected President Maduro.

The USA and some European countries are firmly backing the opposition leader who has already declared himself the new president. This is obviously an attempt to control Venezuela, as was previously done in many countries by the USA and other colonialist nations.

And most recently Iraq, Syria, and Libya have been invaded or helped to destabilize by the USA.

Phony reasons for invasion are made up, like WMDs in Iraq, chemical attacks by Syrian government in Syria, etc.

Now some countries will claim to be saviors for the Venezuela people.   Many new leaders in the USA see this old pattern coming back up again and want no part of the regime change that is being set up by the USA and some western countries.

Besides the Total Solar Eclipse button being pushed by the Mars/Uranus conjunction this week, the USA natal Mars at 21+ degrees of Gemini is being opposed by Jupiter in Sagittarius now.

Important USA military and police actions have occurred when the USA Mars is activated.  And the assassinations of JFK and MLK both happened when that USA natal Mars was triggered.

Remember that the USA Military and Economic Empire is in the process of huge transformation now and through the early 2020’s.

In fact the USA natal Pluto in its 2nd house at almost 28 degrees of Capricorn (which symbolically is the Military/Industrial complex) is being activated by the square of the Mars/Uranus conjunction in Aries this week.

Israel, Syria, and North Korean planets are being activated by that Mars/Uranus conjunction now too. And Venezuela’s Jupiter and Pluto are being triggered by the Jupiter transit this week.

In May/June this year Jupiter, accompanied by Mars in Gemini, will again hit that same 21+ degree of Gemini.

Whatever happens this week, and overall in February, will give us strong clues of what will happen in the near future to the Military/Industrial Complex of the USA.

This means big transformation in this New Chapter of life, on the way to the Age of Aquarius.

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortex, who is growing by leaps and bounds after being elected to the USA House of Representatives, is attempting with others to present a New Deal for the future USA.

She and other House leaders put out a new Green Deal, which shows the potential for combating Climate Change, providing health and education for all Americans. And part of the solution is presented as higher taxes for the wealthiest of people.

Some inclusion of Socialism in the USA is said to be needed to make the New Green Deal work.

And it is no mere coincidence that Venezuela is categorized as being a socialist country, as we prepare to tear it down.

Europe already has health care for all, and we in the USA already have “socialistic” programs like Medicare, and government funded public schools, police departments and fire departments.

Transformation is expanding and accelerating.  In December 2020, at the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 0+ degrees of Aquarius, we will find an open portal to the Age of Aquarius.

This is only a month or so past the Presidential Election in November 2020.

Much will change before then, in our world and in our personal lives.

This week there is the Mars/Uranus conjunction, then the next day Mars leaves Aries and enters Taurus, where it will stay till late March.

Mars in Taurus will make what has been opening up for us real, grounded, and solid. It brings the energy of manifestation.

Let the energies of liberation, truth telling, independence, and self-concern into your life strongly this week.  But stay aware of your relationships too.  Do not “throw the baby out with the bath water”.

Do your best to preserve healthy relationships. Instead of abandoning those relationships, try instead letting go of the old dynamics and patterns that have been harming your relationships.

We are ready now to go forward toward our new normal, having lost sight of the old normal. It has been difficult for many lately- being in this kind of purgatory or limbo.

But now energies are accelerating for real change and movement forward.  Hitch a ride.

See you next week,


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The Challenge of the Aquarian Age and Astrology Forecast for February 14-20

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are moving through a New Moon in Aquarius this weekend, February 13-14.    It is especially noteworthy as it makes conjunction with Neptune.  Aquarius takes us into the mental ethers and networks. It takes us beyond the ONE, and into the Many.   It is about decentralized networks like the intenet.   It is groups, community, and social networks.    As it conjuncts Neptune we are more connected to friends and communities and social networks from our deeper soul, not just from our minds.   Deep healings can occur in and through group settings now, in community, on social networks, in a club, at a retreat, even with family.  This is true for the whole lunar month ahead.

But the process may not be so easy and graceful for many, as Neptune can bring you through fogs of disorientation on the way to deep healing.  You may need to face old patterns of behavior in social situations that make you feel bad about your self, ashamed, or challenged.

Even on social networks like Facebook, people are facing their social and group inner demons.    When you write something on Facebook, your whole communiy of friends sees it and responds to it.  You have put your self on the line for all to see.   “Community” gets to know more about who you are.  You hope your community of friends will be unconditional with you, but that is not always possible.  Even the groups you become fans of, the games you play, the friends you pick, the pictures you put up, they all say much about who you are.

So now this month ahead you will receive healings from your communities.  People may say things to you or write things to you that all can see that will make you feel good about your self and may even make you cry.  You may feel drawn to say things to people you have never said to them before that will make them feel very good about themselves.  Give it a try this month, it is in alignment with Universal movement.

There is an Aquarian Age we are moving into, and group communities and networks will be growing more and more.  Many believe the establishment of the internet was the beginning waves of our Aquarian Age. It is a decentralized network of people and information and web sites. It connects us all in greater community.  There is also a freedom of movement and information, a power to the people, so to speak, without much intervention from government or central controls.  This is Aquarius.

But Aquarius must be careful not to leave the soul, the feelings and body. Aquarius is higher mind, mental airwave connections like the internet.  It is also cell phones, ipods, and technology in general.   We are challenged, by these technologies, to be present in our bodies, to be present for our lives, to feel, to truly connect with others.  So often now we are not looking at someone and touching them.  We are having only virtual relationships.

Last year I was at a baseball game and a young boy about 7 or 8 years old was intently playing video games while the baseball game was played, while people were yelling and having fun.  He only looked up once or twice from his video game, to grab some food from his mom, and to give a dirty look at a woman who was yelling too loud while he was playing his game.

We must make conscious effort to stay in our souls and bodies, and not get addicted to our technology.

Uranus is the planet that is the “ruler” of Aquarius.  It is the planetary corollation to Aquarius. Myth has it that Uranus was a sky god who was married to Gaia, Goddess of the Earth.  They were not very connected. She complaned about him all the time how he was not connected to her, and instead fooled around with other women.    She wanted to hurt him and asked her many children to help her. They all turned her down except Saturn.  Keep in mind that Saturn is the ruler of gravity, just what someone not connected to the Earth would need.

Saturn severed the testicles of his father Uranus. Those testicles dropped into the waters and became Venus, Goddess of Love.

That love is what connects the Sky God to the Earth.

Our human family, especially those who are most connected to technology, in developed countries, are often dangerously leaving their connection with Gaia, destroying the Earth and environment.  They also use science and technology to drop bombs on people, even innocent civilian people. 

They call the casualties and killings collateral damage. These are real people like me and you, real people with homes and families and jobs that get destroyed.  We killed over 200,000 people with nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in world war II.   We have recently killed innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. And soon we are likely to kill more people in Iran.

These raiders will be brought down from the Sky to see what they are doing to our Earth and its people.    Saturn’s gravitational pull will before long pull them down to face what they are doing.  The Saturn square Pluto and Saturn opposite Uranus aspects this year will help this to happen.  Saturn is also the lord of karma and it is time to take responsibility for our actions.

Technological breakthroughs will continue, and are meant to be as we enter an Aquarian Age.  Social networks and the internet will continue to grow and prosper.  But we can also bring our selves more into our bodies, into our feelings and emotions, into reality. 

We can pay more attention to what the Earth needs from us, pay more attention to our human-ness, to our mates’ and friends’ needs, touch one another more, care for those who are suffering.  Arrogance is “sky” detached from what is is to be human, so to speak.

We can now balance heaven and earth, mind and body; so we can heal our human family and Earth and its environment, and proudly and in wholeness enter the Aquarian Age together. 

Besides the New Moon in Aquarius this weekend, the other astrological highlight this week is the Sun moving into Pisces on Thursday the 18th.  That means there is only one more month of winter, until the Aries spring equinox. 

Pisces is the surrender of our egos and the letting go to nature and the flow of the Universe. Pisces tends, during its surrender, to sacrifice it self and take care of others’ needs before its own. It is adept at being whatever  and whoever it needs to be. AS the last sign before the beginning of spring, it contains all the previous signs within itself.  This flexibility combined with letting go of the ego can challenge Pisces to develop a solid self and a straight forward life plan.  Some of them can seem passive and evasive, but actually it is their way- to enter other realms, to trust the flow, to go through a mysterious often circuitous process to get where they are going.     

This month do not try too hard, instead let go and trust life.  And heal and release and get your self ready body and soul for new beginnings in the spring.

See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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