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The Force of Change Now and Astrology Forecast March 29- April 4

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week energies for action  increase substantially, but early in the week you may face a temporary stop sign for those energies.

Nothing however will slow down or mute powerful Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn later this week, a force that will explode into our consciousness and lives this week. They are exactly conjunct on April 4, the date of the Webinar I will be presenting on 4/4/4.

Jupiter is the god on the highest, on Mount Olympus, where the gods and goddesses gathered together.  He was considered the ultimate god, energetically rising and expanding, inspiring and uplifting

Pluto is god of the underworld, delving beneath the Earth for deeper truths, hidden agendas, lost souls, deeper insight, death and rebirth in the process of transformation

Pluto and Jupiter have a most difficult relationship with one another as they operate at cross purposes. Pluto goes far down and Jupiter goes far up.

Together they are explosive, and as such can change the direction or trajectory of whatever has been previously decided or committed to. They can also open up and move most anything that has been previously stuck or trapped or repressed.

We are still in the waxing half of the lunar cycle this week, a cycle that began at the Aries New Moon on March 24.

Aries New Moons almost always suggest (or demand) that we shake off the cobwebs of Winter in a very assertive manner.

Last Winter was quite dark and inhospitable.   The coronavirus scare began and soon after the stock market took many dives into fear and panic.

Saturn conjunct Pluto, and 2 powerful eclipses near the beginning of Winter, set the stage for the surreal world we were about to enter.

And now one season later,  that same virus and same struggling stock market and economy have built up much momentum for debilitating fear and panic within the crowd of our programmed humanity.

Yes we are in a large crisis, all of us together.  We truly are ONE large human family, now more evidently than ever, connected by soul, heart, mind and body.

And it is the body of our family being severely threatened: Our actual individual bodies threatened by a deadly virus; and the material security of our finances.

And of course our souls, spirits, and minds have been greatly threatened as a result.

We must now know and accept that what is happening is happening for meaningful reasons. This is not random “bad luck” or punishment for our sins, though there may be some human collective karma thrown into the “reasons”.  And I believe this is not “doom and gloom end of the world”.

We are in the transition between an Age of Pisces and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

And since we are only about 9 months away from a “turning of the corner” into the Age of Aquarius (as signified by the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 0+ degrees of AQUARIUS on Winter Solstice this year). And that event is less than two months after a most important Presidential Election.

And by a not just mere coincidence, Mercury changes directions back to Direct on Election Day.  Meaningfully, that is what Mercury was doing on the day of the Presidential Election in November 2000, when Bush and Gore ran against one another.  To stations went back and forth all night from Gore winning or Bush winning.

We have so much to discuss at the Webinar next Saturday the 4th of April. Since 2020 reduces to a 4, our webinar is on 4/4/4. 

If you want to attend write me at  Cost is $20. There is a series of Webinars (all on Zoom) on the first Saturday of the next 3 months- 4 in all. All 4 together costs $70. If you cannot attend you can purchase the recording.

This week begins in the waxing half of the Aries lunar cycle, which is strengthened by the 2nd quarter beginning on April 1. 

Prior to that 2nd quarter beginning, Mars goes into Aquarius on March 30, bringing the force of revolution into a New Age.

But Mars is presented with a strong STOP sign the next day on the 31st of March, as Saturn conjuncts that same Mars. That Stop sign is for pause, that pause to make commitment to embody are higher ideals.

We are forming deep within our Collective Souls a joining together that is more powerful than all the armies and banks in the world.

That Collective is inhabited by a Soul Force for the Age of Aquarius.  Love and Truth guide us,  fear is only let in for short spurts of time. Panic must be nipped in the bud, before it becomes a black hole of despair.

Venus goes into Gemini this week on April 3. It will stay in Gemini for a long time as it goes Retrograde there on May 13.

Mars this year goes Retrograde also, in Aries on September 9.  Mars, god of war, stays in Aries until January 2021. Mars loves to be in Aries, its sign of purest expression.  War involving Israel is likely then.

These two planets, Mars and Venus, represent respectively Male and Female.  This year our relationships are ready to transform in order to create a unity that cannot be destroyed as long as Love and Truth guide the way. Our Yin and Yang energies need to be more true to their essence. And from that incorporation of Truth for what they each represent and embody, comes a strong desire to be balanced with one another, to be unified like the Yin/Yang symbol.

This virus and stock market will keep us in crisis mode until our collective souls and minds recognize and integrate the opportunities for Aquarian Age evolution and revolution for our human family.

We are now still fighting the culture wars here in the USA and our political parties are a large part of it.  How bad do  things need to get before we recognize our Soul connections and begin assisting one another? I already have been seeing signs of this in our world, people helping people regardless of religion, sexual orientation, privilege, etc.

Back in the Day our not too distant ancestors in America faced a Great Depression sandwiched between 2 World Wars.  It made our country more unified and many began to realize all Americans are part of the same American Family.

Now the Unity needs have expanded.  We need the whole globe of people coming together, knowing we are parts of the same Family regardless of country, religion, political connection or sexual orientation.

This Virus is showing us how small this world really is now, as we are so interdependent with one another.

And stock markets have been falling all over the world, affecting the sense of security and well being for all of us.  We in the USA and Western Civilization have known more prosperity and comfort than most of the world.

In a world of Equals and of Diversity within Unity, we in the west will learn we are not in essence Superior to than any other culture or country.   We need to come back to our cherished values, and demote our desires for wealth and Fame.  We are being given the opportunity to rearrange our priorities now.

Soul values have been largely ignored over the years as power and wealth have been put on a value pedestal.

Now the higher values are ready to stream more and more into our Consciousness and Lives. And the Jupiter conjunct Pluto aspect of April 4 will be most helpful of that process of integrating higher with deeper values.

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction from last January is close by degree to the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction now.

Whatever began this last winter will meet up with an equal force this Spring. That force will tend to strengthen what was developed back in the Winter or it will provide energies to combat what was developed back then- or more likely both strengthen and combat.

This is a time of great Transformation. Do your best to stay focused on that reality.  Everything seems to be falling apart. In reality the falling apart is part of a large bigger picture.

The falling apart should help you to release what needs to go.  Do not hang on too tightly to anything, especially not the shore of the river of your old normal reality.

Till next week,


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Clearing Skies and Astrology Forecast March 8-14

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

There is a big energy shift early this week, as there is a Full Moon in Virgo as well as Mercury going back Direct on Monday March 9.

So much has been brewing since Eclipse Season in December/January, a time period that resulted in such important world developments on the one hand; and an acceleration of personal growth on the other hand.

And most recently, since the New Moon in Pisces on February 23 and Mercury Going Retrograde on February 16; events have greatly intensified.

The coronavirus seemed to sneak into our world and grow so rapidly,   The stock market has been barreling downward during this time period.  Some people are feeling their sense of security beginning to crumble.

You readers of this weekly forecast blog have been alerted for some time now that this was coming.  It is all part of the process of transition from an Age of Pisces to an Age of Aquarius.

The Old Paradigm, based on fear, separation, randomness and disconnections is in the process of ending its reign.  The leaders and their sheep will seek out those who are susceptible to joining in the misery, as “misery does like company.

The more we perceive these changes through the lens of Fear, the greater chance we have of being sucked into its Black Hole of despair and panic.

The more we obsess on all this, the greater the likelihood we will not see the doorways leading to consciousness and direction into the New Age.

Wars are also going to break out, and the seduction to feel revenge, hatred, and demonizing of other cultures, religions, etc. will be very high.

We need to be strongly connected to our deeper soul, to our cleared hearts and minds, and to those whom we have learned to trust.

There can be grace in all this too, if we are able to truly acknowledge, integrate,  trust and rely on consciousness that leads us on the path to a new world.

And it will also be important to be around people and situations that mirror the new consciousness and vibrations we are owning and responsible for.

This week there is a big shift in perception, as Mercury goes back Direct again on Monday March 9 at 11:49 PM EDT.

For many this Mercury Retrograde, now passing, had them question what had previously been decided.

Relationships that appeared to be solid and committed were looked at with skepticism during the Retrograde.

Work that seemed on a good track of progress, during the Retrograde started to seem not resonant anymore.

Places one wanted to move to started to not look too good anymore.

Hopefully you resisted actually manifesting what you were newly contemplating during the Retrograde.

As is always recommended, wait until Mercury goes back Direct, and has been so for a week or more, before making final decisions on anything of importance in your life.

As perceptions subtly begin to shift this week, resist jumping to conclusions too rapidly, or being impulsive.

At 1:48 PM on Monday the 9th, there is a Full Moon in Pisces/Virgo.  Neptune will be closely conjunct that Sun in Pisces and opposite that Moon in Virgo.

With Mercury also changing directions that day, there could be some serious confusion and unknowing.  Do not push an agenda this week, especially early this week.

Do not force your mind to find an answer or fix anything.  Truly trust the process this week, and then slowly clarity and direction will form.

Remember that so much now is changing on so many levels of being.  The old “normal” is transforming into something else.  We cannot cling to what used to give us a sense of security. That is shifting rapidly away.

And please make sure you do not panic about Covid disease or finances.

The Presidential Election we are moving toward is an unknown right now too, and very reflective of the conflicts our culture is moving through.

Do people vote for Biden, which makes them feel more secure as he reminds us of the time President Obama was in the White House? That time seems long ago now, but makes us feel the old normal can be manifested again.

Bernie is supported more by people who are sick and tired of an economic system that rewards the wealthy and privileged. His victory would bring a huge transformation to our world, which would be more aligned with what is actually happening “on the ground” of our reality now.

But with all the current insecurities, his vision might be too scary for some right now.

And with an economy in such turmoil, Trump would not be re-elected.  If it seems much better in November he has a better chance.

Some weeks ago, I let you all know that Bernie, Elizabeth,  Biden, Mayor Mike, and Trump all fit the formula I have used to predict that Obama in 2008 and Trump in 2016 would win.

All of them are apparently out of the race now except for Bernie, Biden and Trump.

I also broke the tie of all those candidates being possible winners by saying Warren would win, though I did not have much confidence in that. I based that on her strong connection to the coming eclipses in June and December this year.

So perhaps she is chosen Vice President, which would fit her being closely tied astrologically with what the USA will be going through over the next 4-5 years, which is a strong basis for my formula.

The next 10 months will be very important in the reality of the changing of Ages.  Much will happen that will give shape to our Age of Aquarius, which will experience a huge Turning Point in December 2020 with two eclipses as well as the telling Jupiter conjunct Saturn  at 0+ degrees of Aquarius.

That to me is a sign that we will “turn a corner” into that Age.  And how perfect it is that the Presidential Election is a month prior to that important Jupiter/Saturn conjunction.

Many of you were born when you were, so you can be a part of these powerfully changing times.  Find out what your purpose is now for being alive, and you will get much fuel for living!

Till next week


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Bringing us all Together and Astrology Forecast February 29- March 7

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are in the approximate middle of a time period that has all but one planet in Yin signs (water and earth) instead of Yang signs (fire and air); we are in the last few weeks of Winter; we are the midst of Mercury Retrograde (until March 9).

Yin is “down and in”; Yang is “up and out”. Overabundance of Yang may cause mania.  An over abundance of Yin may cause depression.

So now we are energetically more in a “down and in”  state of being, which might not be good for those prone to depression.

And take a look at the world now as we move through this time period:  Coronavirus striking people to be sick and killing some-all over the world;  the stock market in the throes of a record setting crash;  a recently experienced impeachment process for the President of the USA; a general sense of foreboding- waiting for the Big Event.

We have been writing about just such a time period for quite some time now, and now it is here.

But we all know that this all is part of the process of letting go of an old and dying paradigm, and welcoming in the consciousness and ways of the Age of Aquarius.

There is an important question not answered yet:  Just how difficult and painful will these labor pains be on the way to the New Age?

We need to come together as a human family if we are to be ready for the Age of Aquarius.  Could this Coronavirus bring us all together, as we realize that everyone is susceptible to getting really sick and dying?

Or will it take a mass sighting or disclosure of UFO’s or Extraterrestrials?

With an Age of Aquarius, we are moving into a world that will know “it takes a Village” of collaboration with one another to solve problems and take care of one another. This happens as there is a “letting go” of the “nuclear family” being our most important model of how to live on Earth.

We are opening new doors into new families with the growing acceptance of LGBTQ families; the increasing failures of model nuclear families;  and new ways of viewing and experiencing love and sexuality.

We are needing to release the old stories of how life must be lived, and open our minds and hearts to new ways to connect with one another.

And that is such an important ingredient in creating the new world.  We must be open to new ideas and new ways to be, to live, to express.

We need to get back to expressing ourselves creatively and authentically.  As we do, we are in position to take in for “download” Universal ideas for living on Planet Earth.

We are blocked from receiving bold new ideas if we are still beholden to programmed ways of being from the Old Paradigm.

We are more and more ready for fresh ideas that will show us the way of coming together in all our Diversity all over the world.

The way we demonize people from different cultures, countries, religions and sexual orientations is antiquated,  destructive, self serving, and keeps us in consciousness steps backward in evolution.

Keeping weapons of mass destruction is insane, self destructive, and keeping up the story of killing an evil enemy.

How is it that Japan and Italy and Germany in 1945 were our evil enemies and now are our best friends?

It is about time for an Age of Aquarius, that we all, all over the world, work together in harmony, for the Community.

It becomes more and more possible to live in such a world if we learn to share what we have on the Earth, and we learn that no one nor any country, nor any religion, etc. is intrinsically better or worse than any other group.

And it is silly to believe that someone who is better at “making money” deserves more privilege than someone not as good at “making money”.  That old attitude from an old paradigm gives more opportunity and power to those who are corrupt, ruthless, materialistic, and selfish.

I can clearly see who will be visited in zoos of the future,-the leaders of the old Paradigm

And we wonder why we have the world leaders we get stuck with? Our programmed values dictate how we live our lives, what priorities we have, and what is valued.

This week we are still with a waxing Moon, glowing with more light each day until its climax on March 9 at a Full Moon in Virgo.   Mercury goes back Direct that same day.

The New Moon that started this lunar cycle was a New Moon in Pisces on February 23.

Pisces can hold everything we are, can be, or ever were.  It is a sponge for all emotions, soaking up everything all around it.  Then the sponge gets squeezed and releases all the toxicity.

Pisces can shape-shift into anything or anyone it needs to be to please others or to protect itself.  As the arguably last sign, it is just before the new beginnings of Aries Springtime.

The Pisces sponge also scoops up the “ghosts”of the past that still need to be processed and dealt with before closure and release. The less baggage we take with us into our new cycles the better will be our experience going forward.

So now with the energies going mainly inward and yin-ward, we surrender our separate old ego self that was attached to the Old Paradigm.

Next week we experience the Virgo Full Moon and Mercury going Direct.

For now gain a deep and insightful understanding of what has been happening, of what now needs to be released. We can also get closer now to being able to open our arms to what is coming soon.

As we each get more in touch with the big picture, we know we are moving toward more knowing  that all is connected in Unity, all the diverse elements of our little personal world, of the whole world and the whole Universe

Till next week


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Moving in the Flow and Astrology Forecast February 23-29

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week we drop deeper,  questioning previous “near certainties” in our mind.

The  Moon catches up to the Sun(already in Pisces) on Sunday the 23rd of February at 10:32 AM EST, forming a New Moon in Pisces.  Mystical waves surrounding us,  as we let go more into the unseen flow

Mercury is now more adjusted to its Retrograde status while in dreamy Pisces.

Also, we are in the last month of Winter, delving more deeply into perhaps forbidden waters of soulful feelings in Soul.

All signs point to inner travels this week, delving more deeply into our wounds, our traumas, our confusions, our personal needs for love and affection and more open discussions.

This will be a continuing theme this end of winter, one that assists us in letting go, releasing, and being more prepared for big strides forward after the New Moon in Aries on March 24.

Mercury Retrograde is also known as a time to bring back people from our past, sometimes people we hardly knew “back in the day”;  but always Mercury Retrograde can assist us in rearranging our mind , our priorities, and our inner landscapes.

Pisces of course flows well with inner soulful movement. 

All signs point downward now, downward toward concerns for our inner world, which includes our own inner and personal needs.

And we can get more humble as we let this all happen, as we let ourselves let go into other dimensions of consciousness.

Already this past week, I have witnessed, more than usual, examples of people in various degrees of sadness, grief, loneliness, self loathing, and even hopelessness.

That theme continues till around March 24 at that New Moon in Aries

I believe we are on a journey between ages, between dimensions, between an  old sense of self and into a new sense of self, one still largely unknown to us.

We can all see the big mess out there in the world, and many of our fellow humans continue to demonize opponents or people they seem to not truly understand.

It right now seems really challenging to get ourselves into the new alignments of the Universe as we move from the Pisces Age to the Age of Aquarius.

But I believe a large enough collective of humans has emerged  as guides, counselors, healers in alignment with this New Age.

We have been witnessing a crack in our human collective, one that is splitting us and everything around us.

I am also personally witnessing my fellow humans falling into much greater Love, rising up to meet the New World.

We are almost ready now to “Face the Day”, to ride with our destinies.

Each of us is getting closer, (some much more so than others) into the consciousness of this Age of Aquarius.

Before and/or after Jupiter makes conjunction with Pluto on April 4, more explosive energies and events will be experienced.

When Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn conjunct each other in December this year, added to the eclipses then, we will have turned a major corner into the Age of Aquarius.

The American Presidential Election happens on November 3, the Month before the December shifts.

That election will largely tell us where our collective human spirit resides as we travel through this turning point into the Age of Aquarius.

The symbol of this shift is the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 0+ degrees of Aquarius on December 21, the same day as the Winter Solstice this year.

Jupiter makes conjunction with Saturn every 20 years, and is representative of the direction our culture is moving toward for the net 20 years.

The race for the USA presidency, which often looks like a circus, will tell us much about whether the turn toward the New Age will be relatively graceful or not.

Much will happen during the rest of this year, many important events to move through.

It feels like some extraordinary events will bring the breakdowns needed to open us up to new energies for a New Age.

More and more recently, it feels like extraordinary unexpected events will happen.  The  notion of Extraterrestrials has been getting stronger in my consciousness lately.

Their appearance and the destruction of our old world may go hand in hand before too long.

The New Moon in Pisces Sunday sets the pace for more sensitivity and compassion this week.  Pisces helps us to know there are values more important than wealth. and fame.

What is more important than kindness, empathy, and awareness of our human family members who are in pain? The priorities we set for ourselves and our lives tell us so much about who we are.

Till next week,


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The Dawning and Astrology Forecast August 4-10

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Eclipse Season has ended; Mercury has gone back Direct;  we have passed through a New Moon in confident Leo last week.

So now we can begin to leave behind for awhile the intense emotional feelings,  the deep emotional processing, and the family dramas. We can now begin to think about where we are at, and what directions we want to move in.

The air is getting cleaner, so to speak, so we can see more clearly what is really going on in our lives.  We are beginning to be more certain of what direction to take, what decisions to make.  Look more closely and you will see the light of hope beginning to shine.

It is getting to be time to show up, to act, to follow our hearts toward what is right for us now.

It is certainly more true than ever, however, that the old world we live in is falling apart at the seams.

Impeachment proceedings against the president of the USA  look pretty certain now.

World economies are being more stressed as renewed tariffs against China look more certain.

Trump has left the Iran peace deal orchestrated by President Obama and is bullying other nations to keep and increase sanctions against them. This affects all the Middle East, as also does the stuckness of the relationship between occupied Palestine and occupier Israel.

The USA last week left a nuclear deal with Russia that was shaped by President Obama, so the relationship with Russia is getting worse and worse.

So we now need to get it together with our personal lives, so we are better prepared to handle what is coming our way soon. And now that the Eclipses and Mercury Retrograde have passed, we are for the most part more able to move forward with more positive energy.

Remember that this falling apart in the world is meant to be, as it helps crash an old corrupt, self centered, random and meaningless, disconnected, soul dead old world.

This week begins with an intense Mars inconjunct Pluto aspect on Sunday August 4.  This opens up the energy field for powerful weather events, world conflicts, and these all too frequent mass murders in the USA.

Remember also that Mars in Leo is moving through degrees of the zodiac that will trigger the position of the Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo from August 2017.

What was happening for you that summer?  As you revisit what happened,  process and release, you can make progress in your life around those issues that came up back then.

In the greater world, look at North Korea, China, Israel, Iran, and USA for potential events.  Pakistan and India also have their natal charts triggered this month of Mars going through Leo.

Mars will be exactly triggering the 2017 Total Eclipse in Leo next week after the 11th of August.

And next week begins powerfully on Sunday the 11th as both Uranus and Jupiter change directions that day: Uranus going Retrograde and Jupiter going back Direct.  That puts the energies and meaning of those planets in the spotlight.  Uranus is liberation, revolution, and “outside the box” energies. Jupiter is expansion, upliftment, higher meaning, and resolution.

Those strong planetary turnings will open the doorway to even  more important events later that week.

That Sunday, the USA north and south nodes of the Moon are triggered, suggesting fated events may present themselves.

Also Russia and Ukraine have emphasis in their charts then. Later that week North Korea, Trump, Israel, Netanyahu, and the USA will need to be looked at for potential important events.

It is time to get real with what is happening in our world.  Those of us who experienced the ’60s and ’70s revolution and consciousness evolution see and feel many similarities between that time and now.

Just look at Trump and Nixon. Of course we are talking Impeachment, but also trash talking by both of them about other people.  Trump is more out in the open with his petty insults and hated enemies. We had to hear the infamous Nixon tapes to know about his hatreds and pettiness.

Back then there was also a culture war, as there is now. And the Nixon “silent majority” was well known for its statement of “love it or leave it” against people who protested USA involvement in the war in Viet Nam, or people who criticized the USA for its civil rights abuses at that time.

There was a big sexual revolution then also, and traditional gender identity and roles were challenged. And now LGBTQ and especially Trans movements are more powerful than ever.

People were singing and talking about the dawning of the Age of Aquarius then, and now we are closer than ever to that Age’s gateway.  People knew then, as now, that an old world needed to die so a new one could be born

New Age spiritual and astrology movements were beginning then too, and now those ideas are strong again.

What happened in the 60s and 70s opened the way for what has been revived now.

The Beatles came into people’s lives then to serve as a model for evolution of consciousness, and revolution into a new age.  The Beatles broke up in the late ’70s.

Then John Lennon was killed in December 1980,  and the lights went out for the revolution and evolution into a new age.

President Reagan was voted in a month before the Lennon killing, and we all knew what that meant.

Looking back,  that time served as a time to gain some stability, and now it is time again to rise up again and change this world.

This is not merely about a pendulum going back and forth between liberal and conservative, but more importantly is about finishing the job that was started back in the 60s/70s!

The Millennial generation shows signs it is aligned with the great changes needed in our world, as the younger generation was then.

This election is in some ways similar to 1968.  Eugene McCarthy was the hope to be president and to change the world radically.

But Hubert Humphrey was the moderate and he won the democratic primary and went on to face Richard Nixon. He lost.

Now we have moderate Joe Biden facing off against many who profess more “radical” beliefs like the Green New Deal or Universal Health Care.

So who will face Trump? Or Pence if Trump is impeached?  And will it be a moderate voice like Biden? Or does the Age of Aquarius require a more “radical” candidate like Warren, Sanders, or Gabbard?

I will be getting more serious about finding the astrological answer to that question now as we  move forward.

For now, look for important events to open up in August, events that will show us what directions our world and country are going toward.

This week and early next week have potentially very fiery planetary movements.

As I write this, I see a Mars inconjunct aspect to Pluto event just happened:  killings at a mall in El Paso.  And this is only a few days after another mass killing at a Walmart in Mississippi

Mars (god of war) and Pluto (god of the Underworld) are bringing up the shadows and s–t from the bowels of our nation.

It is time to make revolutionary changes in our country, with guns, violent video games, and ultra violent movies. This is what we are feeding our souls and the souls of our children.

It is time to transform the violent collective consciousness in our world now, and that begins with each of us.

It is time to open our minds and hearts to the peace and love of an Age of Aquarius. If that sounds corny or too dreamy to you, perhaps you have entered the non magical land of Cynical. 

Till next week,


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Eclipse Season Begins and Astrology Forecast June 16-22.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

A bugle sounds for us to wake up from hiding this week.  As the bugle sounds, the first strong winds of Summer Eclipse Season 2019 begin to blow in.

The first of 2 eclipses, however, does not arrive until July 2; nevertheless, the Full Moon in Sagittarius this week on Monday the 17th opens up the Eclipse Season. And Summer Solstice is also this week on Friday the 21st.

Summer Solstice on the 21st is at 11:54 AM EDT. This day is the day when light is at its greatest and dark is at its least.  But dark minutes start growing right after the Summer Solstice and light begins to retreat.

Summer Solstice is also the beginning of having the Sun in Cancer for the next 30 days. The Sun in Cancer, the sign of Mother nature, shows us a time when Nature is in full bloom at its most abundant.  Cancer is a sign of nurturance, like a Mother feeding a baby.

Cancer likes to be taken care of or to take care of others, and at its best loves unconditionally.  At its worst it lacks boundaries and can hover over those it loves, giving them little room to breathe- hence the word s-mother.

This is a good month to be with family, whatever family truly means to you.  Being supportive and being supported is in line with Cancer too.

The next 9 months or so will thrust us forward into new dimensions of Love and Truth, even as darker realities burst some bubbles of our illusions.

This Summer Eclipse Season 2019 will last into August, and it will bring with it the beginning of presidential debates in preparation  for Election Day in November 2020.

Winter Eclipse Season 2019/2020 will be a climactic time period, which will include the powerful and important Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on January 12, 2020.  That conjunction will be right after and conjunct the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon In Cancer on January 10, 2020. (See webinar information below).

Right now, this week we awaken our spirits and souls with the Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius, which is only one day after an important Jupiter/Neptune square.  That square has Jupiter in Sagittarius (its favorite place to be) squaring Neptune in Pisces (its favorite place to be) on Sunday June 16.

And both Jupiter and Neptune are part of the signature of the Sagittarius Full Moon the next day on June 17.  Jupiter is widely conjunct the Moon, while Neptune in Pisces is square that Moon.

This is a lot of energy opening up. It may feel chaotic at times for some. Others may experience an opening into spiritual dimensions, with increased signs and synchronicities from the Universe.

The Gemini/Sagittarius Full Moon is usually one that opens up the mind and stimulates a need to find resolution, meaning and understanding, even in the face of much information to sort out.

Lively conversation is usually opened up during this Sag Full Moon.  Jumping to conclusions is common during this lunation.  Enhanced intuition and rapid fire thinking are common at this full moon.

With Jupiter and Neptune also involved, some will get confused and/or out of usual mental balance.

If you can surrender your need to keep an agenda or fixed paradigm, you may open to new perceptions and judgments that will assist your growth.

And surrender is a good strategy for this week, a surrender to something greater and to a bigger picture of what is happening.

You may also this week get a good sense of what this Summer Eclipse Season is all about for you and for our world.  What issues are needing to be focused on?  What needs to be changed or transformed?  What needs to be released? What do you need to let in?

Eclipse Seasons always shake us out of status quo reality and thinking. They take us off our usual balance so we can be more vulnerable to growing and evolving. They bring a greater energetic intensity too.

Besides the Solar Eclipse on July 2, there is a Lunar Eclipse on July 16; and mixed in with it all is Mercury being Retrograde from July 2 through July 31.

Back to this week: We have Jupiter square Neptune on Sunday June 16 (though it will be felt most of the week); Mercury making aspects to Neptune, Jupiter, and Saturn- also on the 16th.

Neptune is slowing down now to go Retrograde on Friday the 21st- the same day as the Summer Solstice. When a planet slows down to change directions its energy is much stronger. Confusion, chaos, as well as deeper insight and psychic abilities are enhanced with a strong Neptune. The Inner Kingdom beckons.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is on the 17th, merging with the aforementioned Neptune aspect of the 16th. It may be too easy for some to be overwhelmed with information and details now.

It may also be challenging for some to find truth within all the clashing information and energy shifts.

That search for truth is our reality most of the time now. Everyone (most especially news media) is pushing an agenda and few seem to be interested in what is real or true if it does not fit into the agenda.

On Wednesday the 19th the conjunction of Mercury and Mars opposes Pluto.  That is a very intense combination and very powerful.  There is more likelihood to be involved in a war of words this week in our personal life conversations. Anger is too easy to feel and express now- be careful.

Even more dangerously, a war of words out in the world is getting more likely now.  Even before this week, the USA and Iran have been thrust into near war.

The USA leadership is obviously setting us up for war with Iran, as it did similarly with Iraq and Libya. Remember Iraq being said to possess weapons of mass destruction?

Can “we the people” be that stupid again?  The USA and Western World made an agreement with Iran under the Obama administration, and Iran is said to have complied.

Trump unilaterally “tore up” the agreement and now through increasing sanctions is pushing Iran into extreme economic  difficulty.

We have made greater enemy of Russia and China also, with economic sanctions and tariffs on each of them.

Remember however, that all this Old World separation and enemy making is not our future. We are needing a deep purge of this old fecal matter from our collective unconscious.

The dark in our world is growing inside its walls of separation, while at the same time light is pushing through the cracks of those walls, wanting to inspire us to leave the darkened walls and to create a new world out in the fields of Nature.

That Nature so needs our loving embrace now, and we need its embrace too.  The technological world we are building must stop its movement away from having healthy bodies and a healthy Earth to live on.

Technology has a very important role in the Age of Aquarius, but without a healthy Earth and healthy human bodies and souls to cradle it, all will vanish.

These next 9 months are crucial for what will happen on Election Day and after.

Let’s get a good start on it all this week as Summer Eclipse Season 2019 commences, as Summer Solstice occurs too.

The “reality” of the mainstream culture is distorted and toxified now.   It is an old paradigm that we have been programmed into.

George Orwell was divinely inspired to write the book 1984.  Look around at our world now. So many have forgotten how to truly think for themselves, on both sides of thinking.  There is a conservative agenda’s mantra to follow and uniform to wear. And there is a liberal political correctness to follow and uniform to wear.

The New Age thrusts us outside the boxes, so we can think and feel for ourselves

Remember the movie Truman’s World with Jim Carrey?  He was programmed from birth to believe real life was what he was experiencing every day. But his “real life” was just a set for the TV program he was constantly the star of, 24 hours a day- every day.  His view of nature was in reality a made up television set.  On the edges of the set, however unbeknownst to him, curtains could be opened to view and enter true Nature and the Real World.

There is no Age of Aquarius until enough people have left the programmed set and seen the beauty and wonder beyond the walls.

Info on this week’s webinar below.  Regular Podcasts/Radio Show to soon follow.

Till next week


with Leo Knighton Tallarico

JUNE 22nd, 12noon – 4:30pm (EDT)

It is time for Powerful Transformation at the Saturn/Pluto conjunction as well as the July and January eclipses!!

In 2019 Saturn and Pluto get very close and in January 2020
they are exactly conjunct one another at the time of the eclipses.

Those two planets have an approximate 35 year cycle with one another, and when they meet up, most always show huge change in both personal and global life arenas.

What personal life changes can I expect during this time?
How does the Saturn/Pluto conjunction fit into my natal chart?

What is the history of world changes with Saturn/Pluto meetings?

What events can be expected in the world and in the USA over the next 2-3 years?

How does the Age of Aquarius fit in with all this?

All these questions will be answered, and yet we will also give some preliminary glance at the charts of presidential candidates.

Please join us for this one day class/webinar live
on June 22nd between 12 noon and 4:30 PM EDT.
Cost is $120, payable through PayPal.

If interested please write Leo at: to sign up or ask questions.

On sign up please give Leo your birth date, time, and place.

About: Leo Knighton Tallarico
Leo has been a full time professional Astrologer for 34+ years.  His approach is soul-oriented and insightful, both psychologically and spiritually, and is focused on the transformation of consciousness into the Aquarian Age.
He offers astrological chart analysis along with on-going counseling at the crossroads of life for individuals and couples. Leo has lived and practiced in Chicago, Illinois, Madison, Wisconsin, the San Francisco Bay Area, California, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Portland, Maine. He has spoken at numerous venues and conferences in those areas and taught astrology classes at College of San Francisco and via webinar across the world.  He hosted his own radio show, Renaissance Radio Hour, on public radio in Santa Fe from 2000-2003.  Leo has been
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Lighter and Darker and Astrology Forecast May 19-25.

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

As the Full Moon in Scorpio leaves our awareness after the weekend of May 18-19, we get ready to come down another notch into what is real in our lives.

The last half of the current lunar cycle begins this week as we view a Moon getting darker by the minute.  At the same time as the lunar cycle darkens, the solar cycle gives us in the Northern Hemisphere of Earth more light by the minute.

The Moon darkens until June 3, as the New Moon in Gemini that day begins the process of the Moon growing once again with more light every night.

At the same time, the Sun brings more light every day until the Summer Solstice on June 21, when the Sun stops at its highest place in the sky to shine the most light of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

Symbolically, the Sun represents the conscious intent for humans to shine, create, fully express, and succeed with utmost confidence.

Symbolically the Moon represents an inner, more instinctual intent to give and receive comfort and nurturance, to protect and express inner values of care and empathy.

So this week our inner and outer worlds are moving in vastly different directions.  Our collective conscious desire is to move with “glass half full” intent to get better and better in our relationship with the world.

Our collective soul/feeling desire is to feel what is natural for us to feel, even if that means sadness, grief,  or even feeling sorry for ourselves at times.

In the “world out there” there are many challenges.  The USA is digging in against its so-called enemies: Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, China, and Russia.   The USA has enacted or is a part of sanctions on all those countries. The USA Natal Mars in Gemini is triggered in May and June by Jupiter being directly opposite in Sagittarius.

No matter what is stated as motivation against these countries, the real reason for much of the conflicts is needs for more power and control, domination, and in some cases control over natural resources like oil and natural gas.

When Trump chose Bolton and Pompeo as integral leaders in his administration, most people knew that meant war was likely to come, as both those men are known to be military hawks hankering for a fight.

We are at a big turning point in our country and world now.  The next 9 months of so will  greatly determine the path we take over the next several years in regards to economy and war.

Especially important will be the next two Eclipse Seasons- in the Summer of 2019 and the Winter of 2019/20.

The Saturn/Pluto powerful configuration is getting closer and closer now, with their only exact conjunction being in January of 2020, which is the climax of their planetary relationship at this time.  Of course Eclipses will also be happening in January 2020, as well as July 2019.

This all will have great effect on our personal lives too. I am now scheduling a webinar for Saturday June 22 from noon-4:30 PM EDT.  We will look at Saturn/Pluto, its history and effect on our human condition then and now. And I will give interpretation for each webinar participant concerning the effect of Saturn/Pluto in their own charts and lives. In this webinar we also take a peek at the next presidential election in November 2020, and an outlook on the economy and the condition of our lives going forward: fee $120 with 1 scholarship offered for those most in need. Write me at for more info and to sign up.

Also I will begin a Podcast/Radio show series on Monday June 3 at the Gemini New Moon. Summer Eclipse Season 2019 begins at that new moon, though the first eclipse will still be a month away. 

Yes we now enter a most important time here on Earth, as the condition of consciousness for each of us is most important for the direction, condition, and quality of our entrance into The Age of Aquarius.

Yes this week we have moved into the “downhill” movement of the waning half of the lunar cycle begun on May 4 at the Taurus New Moon.

That next lunar cycle begins at the New Moon in Gemini on June 3. That is when Sun and Moon are conjunct at 12+ degrees of Gemini.

This week the Sun goes into Gemini on Tuesday May 21.  As we stated, the Moon will join the Sun in Gemini creating a New Moon in Gemini on June 3.

This week when the Sun leaves Taurus and enters Gemini, our intentions begin to be more mental and social and less physical and solitary.

Gemini stirs the mind and nervous system into more activity.  Needs to communicate get stronger, which for many means more talking.   But writing can also be a means to communicate now. People tend to both take classes and create classes during Gemini time.

Gemini rhythm is “information in- information out”- just the facts- no opinions, judgments or editorializing.   That is when Gemini is purely Gemini.

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, the “messenger of the gods”, and it works often by showing signs and symbols and synchronicites that the Universe sends so people can see what direction to move toward and get clearer information.

The mind can go really fast in Gemini and Gemini seeks much mental stimulation and varied interests.  With not enough mental stimulation it can be bored; with too much it can be overwhelmed.

Gemini is the Twins, and as such it has two distinctly different personalities. Sometimes that may feel like the good angel and bad angel, or like Jekyll and Hyde.  But usually it is not that drastically polarized.  But two distinctly different selves do exist in some form for them.

Mars sextiles Uranus in Taurus on May 22, and that may cause some mostly minor shake-up of same-old, same-old.

In personal lives, I know most of you have been experiencing much change, and/or you can feel much change under the surface and coming soon.

The Old World has one more huge gasp in trying to bring back the past and its old Paradigm (Make America Ghastly Again).

The great hope is that it does not cause too much harm and pain during that time.

Our challenge is to not be sucked up into the black hole vortex it creates.  If we do not allow ourselves to be devoured by too much fear or hatred, we will be fine.

Keep focused on how we are entering the Age of Aquarius.  Keep meditating and getting yourself healthier and healthier. Keep remembering that Love and Truth run our Universe, and be that Love and Truth as best you can.

Till next week,


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