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New Year 2013, and Astrology Forecast January 6-12

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By Leo Knighton Tallarico

2013.  What does it look like?  What can we expect?  2012 was such a hyped up year, especially at the end, as many were expecting very dramatic events to erupt then at the end of the Mayan Calendar.

Even though 2012 did not live up to the sensationalism, it nevertheless was a year that shook us up, took us out of our old boxes of thinking and living, and opened us up to expecting more change and transformation over the next several years.

The first exact passes of Uranus square Pluto happened in 2012, and the two eclipse seasons of spring and autumn were quite powerful.

But 2011 was the year when Uranus and Pluto began to get closer (in orb) to being in exact square, and their influence together really began then.

In fact in the summers of 2010 and 2011, there were cardinal t-squares and grand crosses in cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) that connected the transformational outer planets and the eclipses together.  Those years began a wave of revolution and evolution, highlighted by the Uranus/Pluto square getting closer.

2010 brought the Oil Spill off the coast of Louisiana and 2011 brought us the Fukushima earthquake and nuclear disaster.  The oil spill showed us how our addictions to oil were endangering our oceans, wildlife and healthy living on the Earth. The Fukushima disaster showed us how dangerous nuclear energy is to our world in the forms of nuclear power plants, but of course also because of nuclear weapons.

Then also in 2011 the Arab Spring erupted in the Middle East and caused complete transformation of countries like Libya, Tunisia, and most importantly Egypt.  And now Syria is also in the middle of a civil war and drastic change.  These events show us how people want to be liberated from governments that control their freedoms, but these events also show us how much the power structure in the Middle East is rapidly changing now.

And then later in 2011 the Occupy Wall Street movement began, bringing the issue of corporate control of our lives into our consciousness.

Liberation is a very important component of the movement into an Aquarian Age, and more liberation movements are on the way. Liberation from that which controls your free mind and heart will come your way in 2013- if you are ready to let go of those things or people or inner beliefs that have held you back.

In 2012 the Syrian situation got worse, Israel and Hamas in Gaza went to war, and Israel’s threats to attack Iran got stronger.  Also in 2012 President Barack Obama was reelected for a second term as president.

Though there were no big liberation movements in 2012 as there were in 2011; instead we became more aware of how much our world is in decay, as the mass murders and corruptions and dysfunctions of our government were revealed.  So the stage is being further set for more revolution and evolution in 2013.

The Uranus/Pluto square has 3 more years of exact meetings, and then their influence will spread further into the 2020’s.

1965-66 brought us the Uranus/Pluto conjunction, which brought on the ’60s revolution and the first cries of the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius, yet the ’60s revolution lasted well into the ’70s.

So now we face 2013.   Here are some of the aspects to look at in 2013:  Saturn sextile Pluto will last most of 2013 and it hooks up to the Uranus/Pluto square.  Jupiter in Cancer, which begins in late June 2013, will also make aspect to Uranus square Pluto and the Saturn sextile Pluto aspect.   So all the outer planets except Neptune will be interacting with one another in 2013.  That is  unusual, and promises a powerful year of personal and world change.

Saturn sextile Pluto, which is especially strong now and throughout this winter season, brings a deep truth teller into our psyches and world.  Saturn and Pluto together will not allow any illusions or dreamworld to live in.  They will be a rotor-rooter into being real.  Sometimes the lifting of the veils into deeper truths will be painful, as we are forced to let go of illusions about people in our lives and people in the world.

The projections we put on people will not hold up very well, and celebrity will lose its shine of glamour for many. Our government and corporations, our military, and all the institutions that are our old world security structures, will need to transform themselves as more reality and truth about them is revealed.

Secrets will be broken down and we will be better able to see what has been previously covered up.  We will see more clearly the truth of our old world, warts and all. And we will be shown the truth of our selves, and how we have been leading our lives in accordance with programming from the old world. Relationships that we have been hanging onto with old dysfunctions will not be able to keep the truth away any more.  We will see our patterns of relating more clearly, and how they refer to our early family wounds and abuses.

Saturn/Pluto is an aspect that helps us to shed and release through the process of dis-illusion, so we can move on with our lives into more health and wholeness and greater authenticity.

Then is late winter and early spring the Uranus/Pluto square will be triggered by the Sun and Mars and Jupiter.  The Eclipse Season will start in early spring 2013.  And this spring there are 3 eclipses, one more than the usual Eclipse Season.  There is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on April 25 in Taurus/Scorpio; a New Moon Solar Eclipse on May 10 in Taurus; and a second Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on May 25, this one in Gemini/Sagittarius.

Uranus and Pluto make their first exact square to one another on May 20, in the middle of the Eclipse Season Spring 2013, so we can expect a most powerful awakening time period for humanity this coming spring.   Issues concerning the economy, the Middle East and abuses of power all over the world will be in the spotlight.

The summer of 2013 will bring many aspects that touch off the Uranus/Pluto square as well as the Saturn/Pluto sextile.  Change through strong world events will continue in the summer of 2013.

And then the autumn of 2013 brings another Eclipse Season, with a  Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Libra/Aries on October 18 and a Scorpio Solar Eclipse New Moon on October 3 that is conjunct Saturn in Scorpio and occurs two days after the next exact meeting of Uranus square Pluto.   This will be an unbelievably powerful time for transformation, healing, and change in our greater world and in our personal lives.  President Obama has natal planets very connected to these eclipses and planetary patterns, and his life will change in a very big way then.

The Old World will be losing more and more of its grip in 2013, unfortunately through more ugly events, yet each of us will nevertheless see much more light from the Aquarian Age beaming into our consciousness and lives.

This coming week  January 6-13 begins with it reality checks as Mercury makes aspect to Saturn and Pluto on Sunday with Moon in Scorpio, touching off the Saturn/Pluto sextile.  Mercury is our mental perceptions and communications. It is the messenger of the gods, and as such can bring us information from “otherworldly” sources.

The two otherworldly sources, Saturn and Pluto, are rather heavy dudes.  Saturn is the god of gravity, locking us firmly into grounded reality.  Pluto is the god of the underworld, bringing us down into the underground of our psyches, primal passions and emotions, and suppressed thoughts.

The gift of this weekend and of Saturn/Pluto in general is that we can contact our soul and body wisdom, as our distractions and addictions will have a difficult time keeping us away from truth and reality.  You can facilitate this process by staying grounded and not running around in a haze.  Meditation will be helpful.  Do whatever you can to stay connected to your body and soul.

On Monday Mars in Aquarius squares Saturn in Scorpio, again triggering the Saturn/Pluto sextile.  Do not force anything over the next few days, and do not let your ego-will push hard for what it wants.  Let go and allow the natural energies to unfold.

Most of the week will also be in the last quarter of the lunar cycle, so getting excited and moving fast forward is not encouraged.

But the tide will turn this Friday January 11 at the New Moon in Capricorn at 2:44 PM EST. New Beginnings. This is the best time to begin to implement your New Year’s resolutions, to get into more discipline and long term planning, to do what you need to do make your life work better.

See you next week,


I will be doing a Youtube video forecast for 2013 later this week and will give you the link next Saturday.

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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.

Goodbye 2012 and Astrology Forecast December 29- January 5

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by Leo Knighton Tallarico

Next week we will look at 2013.  This week we say goodbye to 2012.

I am sure for some 2012 did not live up to their expectations.   Especially because of the end of the Mayan Calendar and so much hype and misinformation about that event, many people either expected apocalyptic events- or events that would sweep us into a new dimension of consciousness or a golden age.

The process of transformation is slower than that.   It is true that an old age is dying and horrible events, like what happened in Newtown Connecticut, are part of that process. And yes we are changing our consciousness to align ourselves with an Aquarian Age.

Those who believed an apocalypse was coming were in touch with the inevitable destruction of an old world, its beliefs, institutions and paradigm.  Those who believed a much better world would arrive at the end of 2012 were in touch with the fact that we are leaving an old Pisces Age and in transition to a an Aquarian Age. But we are not there yet.

We need to be more patient as there is much more healing and transformation for our world and for our personal lives on the way.

And yes the speed and intensity of change began to pick up in 2012.  And 2013 will bring a huge spike of change again, even bigger than in 2012.

The old paradigm is barely working anymore.The conditioning and programming we have received to keep us entrenched in the old ways has been breaking down, and people are more and more looking outside their old boxes of consciousness and perception in order to find new and better ways to be and live.

But the Universe is not going to drop a New Age into our laps.  Each of us needs to make the consciousness shifts, change our belief systems, and transform the way we lead our lives.    No matter what planetary alignments come our way, we each need make choices at our personal crossroads, choices that show we trust our authentic natures and trust the Universe.

If at a deep level we cannot shake the fears and negativities that the old world teaches us are true, then no matter what grand openings the Universe provides us with, we will stay stuck.

After John Kennedy was assassinated, we were at a crossroads as a nation.  We could have seen only the pit of darkness, and begin to decay as a nation.  Civil Rights for blacks had been picking up steam during Kennedy’s time as president as Martin Luther King was becoming a beacon of light.

After JFK’s death the ’60s revolution brought us to fight more fiercely for Civil Rights for blacks and women.  We began to challenge the paranoia around communism, and fought to end the Viet Nam war as a result.   We used the transformational crossroads at Kennedy’s death to bring us into a New World, one run more by love and truth and fairness.

After the tragedy of 9-11, we were at another transformational crossroads. But this time we did not choose a high road to travel on. Instead we began to be at war with Muslim peoples, invading Afghanistan, and a few years later Iraq, a country which had nothing to do with 9-11.  We began to take human rights away with Homeland Security and began torture chambers at Guantanamo.   We let fear force us into making protecting security more important than higher Universal principles.

So you can see that countries and people both make decisions and those decisions show the way to what we create.

So in your personal life, the same applies. If you face a difficult event like a divorce or loss of job for instance, it is up to you what attitude you will develop. Of course at first one may get very negative and hopeless. But hopefully, in time one looks to see why the event happened, put meaning to it, and eventually know that it is part of your sacred soul journey.

So do not look for the Universe to provide you with a better world. It is up to you and it is up to us, to use the changes to help us to better align with the frequencies of the Aquarian Age.

Some will devolve and decay, while others will hear the trumpet call of the Aquarian Age and evolve into its golden rays.

Each time there is an Eclipse Season (next one spring of 2013) or an important planetary alignment (Uranus square Pluto 2012-2015), we get our lives and/or consciousness shook up.  What comes to us is not under our control. But how we react, we do have some control over.  We have the ability to choose love and truth and the higher principles of the Aquarian Age, or we can choose to become cynical and fearful.  Our beliefs then produce the reality of our lives.

We are creating our karma, and our world and the world we live in, and the people around us will be affected by our choices.

So yes the end of the Mayan Calendar brought us to another crossroads, as we each chose the direction to move toward. Do you believe we are moving toward greater evolution, toward an Aquarian Age? Do you believe we can become a unified human family, living in Diversity in Unity? Do you believe we are in a major transformation that will help us release old destructive ways and help us to heal our relationship with the Earth and each other?

Do you believe our Universe is a meaningful one, a place of wholeness and connection of all the opposites, like light and dark and male and female, and yin and yang?

If so, then each time there is shakeup of our world and your personal world, use it to release your fears and turn more toward the light of an Aquarian Age.

There is no grand moment when everything ends or when something wonderful has totally begun. Stay present in the process, and move through this transition with as much grace as you can.

This week ahead brings us to the end of Gregorian Calendar 2012. And no one has predicted that calendar’s ending.  2012 brought us a big wave of transformation.

New Year’s Eve, if you are out and about, could be more lively and  maybe even more crazy than usual, with the Moon in Leo and Mars in Aquarius sextile Uranus.

The rest of the week should be energetically tame, with the dark cloud of Saturn/Pluto overhead. That aspect promises to speed up the downfall of institutions that are in decay.

Whichever way the Fiscal Cliff challenge turns, remember we are still looking at a shaky economy and a dysfunctional government. It is all part of the process of ending an old paradigm and age and opening the portals to an Aquarian Age.

See you next week,


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Leo Knighton Tallarico is a full time professional astrologer, spiritual guide, counselor, and writer for over 25 years.