Empowering the Disempowered, and Astrology Forecast for May 31-June 7

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We have just passed through a spike of energy into the Aquarian Age with a conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius last week.    Chiron is also close to being in conjunction with both Neptune and Jupiter.  Uranus is making a semisextile aspect to all of them.   Neptune and Jupiter will conjunct once more in Aquarius in December of 2009.  This is a very rare occurrence.

All of these transformational planets are working together to open up the possibilities of connection to the Aquarian Age paradigm.

It is easier and easier to see that we are moving into a more diverse world and country.  President Obama chose a Latina woman Sonia Sotomayor to be Supreme Court judge.    The outcry from some conservative white men is because it is difficult  to let go of their privilege in the old paradigm.

There was a legal case that Sonia Sotomayor voted on as a jurist.  It  concerned testing for firefighters in New Haven.  A white man scored the highest on a test to be an officer, but was denied the job.  The city of New Haven decided that it was not pleased that minorities were not scoring high enough to qualify for the job, so through out the test scores.  Ms. Sotomayor voted in favor of the actions by New Haven.

She also once stated that she as a Latina woman would be superior to a white man making court decisions.

It is true that her statements and actions can be interpreted as reverse racist and sexist.  It is also quite understandable why the white man would cry foul when turned down for the job.

But get used to it America.     Minority people like Sotomayor have been prejudiced against in the USA since its inception.  Women were not able to vote in America until the 20th century, after African Americans.    African Americans and Hispanic Americans have been passed over for jobs and promotions for centuries. Gay and  lesbians are arguably treated worse than anyone else.

Balance and fairness are sometimes only created after a time of re-balancing occurs.  During the time of re-balancing there is unfairness and inequity, but it is part of the process to setting things straight.

And they are being set straight for an Aquarian Age of diversity in unity, fairness and equality.  This world we live in here in America and over the world has been run by Western Civilization for a long time now, and more specifically men, and more specifically white men.

I will not make a case for how the world had been damaged by white men, because I believe the issues are deeper and more complicated than that; but I can make a case for how in a coming Aquarian Age of equality and diversity, we need to empower women, people of color, and people of homosexual persuasion because they need empowerment so they can have a real voice and role in our new world.  We need to hear their experience as it will humble us all and bring us to more caring human values.

This week’s troubles with North Korea and Iran can be interpreted in a somewhat similar manner.    They both are looking for more power and voice in the world.   The countries USA, China, France, Russia, and England are the permanent members of the security council of the United Nations. In effect they run the United Nations and hence the world.  What do they all have in common: the bomb!  These were the first five nations to own the nuclear bomb and this arguably gave them their power in the world.

So why wouldn’t other nations want to share the power?  We need to end our hypocricy and find a way to let go of our own weapons of mass destruction or else let others have their weapons.  And please don’t forget that we in the USA are the only country ever to use the atom bomb on another country.   We killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Nagasaki and Horoshima to end world war 2.

This movement to diversity and equality will force the world to accept the power of those who have been disempowered.  And we face grave danger on the road to the Aquarian Age as countries like North Korea and Iran challenge the system that keeps them out.

President Obama needs to rise above the system and paradigm we have created to see the needs of other nations and peoples like the Palestinians. If we do not treat them with diginity and respect as equals we will create for ourselves much pain. It is written that there will be equality for all, and if we resist we will face much suffering.

Astrology Forecast for week May 31- June 7

Tonight (Saturday May 30) at 9:22 PM Mercury goes back direct after 3+ weeks of difficulty for many people.    Approximately 3 times a year Mercury goes retrograde and readjusts our thinking and communication.  It is a time to shift our perceptions of our life out of default setting and look at things in new ways.   Getting reflective and more right brain helps a lot.

Now as it goes direct it takes about a week to get back to normal speed.  So things begin to get more clear tomorrow, but real clarity may take a week or so for some.

On Sunday Mars moves into slo-mo grounded Taurus after being in forceful fast forward Aries for 6 weeks or so. It will now stay in Taurus until July 12.    While in Aries you may have felt pushed to act and move forward, but now in Taurus, Mars wants us to make solid what we began in Aries. It prompts us to get more involved in earthy activities like gardening, nature, working on the house, building up resources and straightening out our finances.

We are still in the waxing part of the lunation cycle, as the moon’s light increases toward a full moon on June 7.   It is time to be active and energized, and since this is  Gemini lunar cycle, our minds are active and our socializing is light and active also.

Emotional feelings open up to express what bothers us on Thursday and Friday as the Moon goes into Scorpio, but on Saturday and Sunday we feel much positive energy with the Moon in Sagittarius on its way to a very energized Full Moon in Sagittarius 0n Sunday June 7 at 2:12 PM EDT.  This Full Moon motivates us to talk, to philosophize, to share information, to learn, too find answers, to be inspired.

Soon we enter a most intense and powerful summer.

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See you next week

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Castles in the Sand, and Astrology Forecast for May 16-22

By Leo Knighton Tallarico- ON VACATION- NEW POST END OF WEEK   5/29

The United States is an empire, the largest and most powerful empire of all time.  Empires create ways of life for people.  The Roman Empire brought order, street systems, etc to the people it conquered.  It brought its gods and goddesses  and its culture all over the world at the time as it conquered and dominated peoples over the world.

Each one of you can decide for your self the benefit or detriment of Empire.    But all empires fall eventually like castles in the sand.  They are only here temporarily.   And as the Pisces Age ends and Aquarian Age is established, the reality of empire will end also.  USA is the last empire, as Aquarius is about freedom and liberation, about strength to individuals and communities, which connect to a greater decentralized community.

Interestingly and ironically, the USA’s principles,as seen in our constitution and bill of rights, is very Aquarian:    All men are created equal, with certain unalienable rights, among them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  The whole revolution, meant to move beyond rule by kings and queens or presidents and govenments, and to give power to the people, is totally an Aquarian dream of how life should be.

But by building empire and making capitalism our greatest god, we have left our principles behind and do not recognize the hypocrisy of taking over other countries and their freedoms.

Now we have built a military industrial complex that protects the empire, but crumbles the foundation of values for our country.  President Dwight David Eisenhower warned us that the complex threatens freedoms and it has.

And recently we voted in Barack Obama as president of the United States, as so many have hoped for a savior of change to bring us back to our roots and values, and forward into a New Age.

But Obama is only one person.   After inauguration he was immediately pushed by the pressures of empire to fix the leaks in the empire’s machine.  Those leaks are created by an economy which is in big trouble, and by “terrorists” who have made and threaten big chinks in its armor.

Obama can only do so much to truly change the way things are, as this country is run by a gigantic economic system run by super wealthy people, and a miltary run by super powerful military men.

And he is the right man for the job  of plugging the leaks as he is extremely intelligent and capable and success oriented.

But the waves of change of this Universe are bigger than he is.

Be prepared to experience more corrosion of the empire’s machine, which will affect the workings of the whole world.

We are in the beginnings of great transformation which will accelerate as we get closer to the Mayan New World in 2012 and the astrological beginnings of an Aquarian Age in 2020.

We each must be flexible, look for the signs and synchronicities, and trust life, the Universe, one another and ourselves to adjust appropriately.     Remember there is much magic to be enjoyed on the ride forward.

Astrology Forecast May 16- May 22

This year 2009 Jupiter is in Aquarius, where it  resides every twelve years, for a year at a time.    It conjuncts Neptune in Aquarius most of May, June,and July, so we can get a better picture of the changes we are destined to go through.  It is a good time to dream the dream of how the Aquarian Age will bring us to an improved world.   There will be unusual occurences and events that happen during this time.  Be aware that the veil between our waking world and “the world inside the world”, the soul world, are getting thinner and thinner.  You are not psychotic if you begin to see and hear new things in your head and environment.  Consciousness is evolving as we enter a New paradigm and Age

Mercury is still retrograde, and will stay so all this coming week and until May 30.  Perceptions can be confusing, accurate communication can be challenged.   But Mercury retrograde is a good opportunity to  think outside your usual boxes, to say things in different ways than usual, which can help relating.

Saturn has slowed down and will station and go from retrograde to direct late on Saturday night.  It will  move forward almost imperceptively  for about a week.    It will gradually pick up speed and stay direct until January 2010.  Saturn rules time and gravity, so it is time to move forward in your life, but not fast forward, instead with both “feet on the ground”.    Time is ready to “march on”, but be cautious and think of the long-term effects of your decisions and actions now.

Mid week there will be less seriousness and more spark of action as the Moon goes into Aries, but keep in mind that starting this Sunday the 17th, we are in the last quarter of the Moon cycle, Mercury is retrograde, and Saturn is moving very slowly forward.  It is more time to reflect, review, take “down time”, and not push hard on grand new projects or ventures.

The Sun makes its yearly sojourn in Gemini starting on Wednesday the 20th.    Good time to think of taking a new class or doing some new activity based on the mind or communication.

The next New Moon is on Sunday the 24th in Gemini at 8:11 AM EDT.  This event, as a new moon, gets our motors running and ready for action.   Gemini time is a good time to do light social activities, play games, learn more, talk a lot, get great new ideas, be aware of mind connections, get new information, share what you have learned.  Watch out to not get too scattered or mentally overwhelmed with ideas or information.

Leo Knighton Tallarico

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Spirituality and the Aquarian Age, plus Astrology Forecast for May 9-15

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

As we leave the Pisces Age for the Aquarian Age, we individually and collectively move through a great change in our viewpoints about religion and spirituality.

Meaningfully, the Pisces Age began around the time (within a few centuries) that Christ was said to be born.  2160 years is the length of an Age, and so we are on the cusp of the Aquarian Age.  Personally I believe the Aquarian Age begins at the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 0+ degrees of Aquarius in December of 2020.  This in the greater span of time is extremely close to the Mayan calculation of a new Age beginning on Decemebr 20 2012.

Of course it is not that important to get an exact time for these things, as no miraculous or horrible event will likely happen at that specific time.  The changing of Ages is a gradual process of changing paradigms and lifestyles and consciousness over time.

What Christ became to humanity explains some of the meaning of the Pisces Age, most specifically about the spirituality and religion of the age.  Prior to the birth of Christ and the subsequent Christian religion, most practiced spirituality was pagan in nature.   Of course there were glimpses of the One God religions in Judaism and others, but the many Gods and Goddesses, and nature worship prevailed.

Christianity arose during the Pisces Age as did Islam after the coming of Mohammed in the 7th century.   These two religions, born from the seeds of Judaism, grew enormously during the Pisces Age.  Keep in mind that organized religion, for all practical purposes, was a new phenomenon born in the Pisces Age.

These two organized religions account for the vast majority of members of religion on the Earth.  And religion in the Pisces Age has had a dominating effect on our lives and our psyches and consciousness.   Like patriotism to a nation,  organized religion has had the effect of greatly influencing people’s minds, hearts and souls.

And devotion to a religion or nation has blocked many of the natural channels to the voice inside, found in meditation by some, that tells us what is real, true, and aligned with Soul  and Spirit.  It has robbed many of the channel to their own free mindedness.

In fact the modern world, with all its ingrained institutions and their programming of our minds and hearts, has robbed many of direct free and natural access to Mind, Spirit, Soul, Universe,  and “God”.

Don’t get me wrong,, these Religions and Nations and their institutions have served a purpose in our human lives, in alignment with the Pisces Age we are rapidly leaving.

We have learned to organize, and bring together people in unified causes.  We have learned to devote ourselves, in common cause, to something greater than ourselves.    We broke away from pagan rites like sacrificing virgins or animals in death.   We learned to live by rules and morals that have protected us from each other and our more savage instincts.   We have created, from the rules of religion and society, more civility.

But our laws and rules and morals have in many aspects, through time, become empty, without the spirit and soul within which they were originally intended.

The Aquarian Age, like Aquarius, is about moving outside the stale and confining boxes of obsolete and confining reality.  It is about individual connections to greater webs of truth.   Humans are responsible for their own world, not Kings and Queens or governments or religions or Gods.

In order to live in a sustainable world, we need to take back our own minds and hearts and souls so we can create and build a New Age and Paradigm for living.

This new paradigm, as it is integrated inside ourselves, helps open the channels that have closed down in our psyches and bodies, releases the wounds and obstacles, heals the past, and brings us through powerful transformations.

We then can honor our abilities to connect directly with the Universe and all its many facets of spirit and soul.   The saviors are inside of us, love and compassion is inside of us, truth and justice resides within.  The kingdom is within, as the Christ taught.

As we move into this Aquarian Age we take with us the lessons of our spiritual masters and religion, but we give empowerment to “we the people” as individuals responsible for our Earth and our human community and our own spirituality.

Astrology Forecast for week of May 9-May 15

We begin the week facing a recently Retrograde Mercury and a Full Moon in Taurus/Scorpio.    Mercury went retrograde early on Thursday the 7th and the Full Moon is just after midnight, at 12:01 AM on Saturday morning the 9th as our forecast begins.  The days surrounding these events will be the most intense and can be quite difficult.  Some will feel overwhelmed and fearful. I hope that by Monday or Tuesday things will calm down and the rest of the week will be much more mild.

This Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon (Sun in Taurus, Moon in Scorpio) is the Wesak Full Moon, an annual event at this time of year, which is said to connect to Buddha.    It is usually a strong full moon, whose intensity is felt often times in a powerful way.   Shifts in consciousness occur.  Feeling calm like the Buddha (Taurus) in the midst of intensity (Scorpio) is the test. And since both Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs, we know how stubborn people can be during this full moon.  Power struggles often occur.  It can also be a good time for healing emotional ills between people, though sometimes through a blow-up, catharsis and then empathy for other’s position.

On Mother’s day the moon will move into spirited Sagittarius, and for some emotional issues will wait to come out that day .  On Monday the moon will stay in Sagittarius.

The next couple of days will be more sobering and slow as the moon is in serious Saturn-ruled Capricorn.  Best to get down to business and hard work and discipline.

We are now at a waning moon cycle, time to bring energies into more Yin alignment, slowing down.

Soon however Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune and Uranus will be making inspirational aspect to one another.  We will talk more about that next time.

Stay tuned next week Saturday and every Saturday for the next forecast entry here.

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See you next week,

Leo Knighton Tallarico

Money and Flu, Chaos and Order

So many are in panic now about security.  First we hear our economy is the worst it has been since the Great Depression.  Now we hear we are on the verge of a world wide health pandemic flu.  What can shake us up more than fears about health and money?

“They” tell us this recession is the worst since the Great Depression? People were jumping out of high rise building windows, to their death, because of how it bad it was for some back in that day.  Is that the kind of fear we want to buy into.

And with the “swine flu” our leaders have been in panic mode about its potential.   They are acting as if we are in danger of The Great Plague.  Do we all want to wear little masks and wash our hands constantly to keep these demons away?

There is no reason to panic, but there is a reason to pay attention to what is happening.  There are signs and messages to observe,  beyond the fear and fuss.

I most of all notice from all this the fact that we are all so connected now all over the world.    Transportation and commerce connections make us all susceptible when someone gets something contagious anywhere in the world.   Commerce connections make us all vulnerable to the same economic downturn.    And communication networks, like phone and internet and TV, bring  the information and help spread the news and all too often the fear to us all.

The 20th century was the beginning of the cusp between ages.  The Aquarian Age, like the sign Aquarius, is about networks of connection that bring all individual entities together into one greater community.

Now we must learn how to get along together.  We are being forced by events and inexorable movement to a New Age to do so. But how?

We do not naturally trust those who seem to be radically different from us.  We even tend to turn them into enemies.  At that point the connection leaves, or at least any fruitful connection leaves.

And yet we need one another in order to put the world together into a meaningful, sacred, caring, just world.

We do not seem to remember that no matter what the differences we are the same species, we are human beings who have the same needs of safety, security, love, food, community, pride, dignity, truth.  We all laugh, cry, love, hate, feel pain, go to the bathroom, are born and will someday die.  And of course we have in common, only our human brothers and sisters, no other creatures, the conscious awareness that we will one day die. This common knowledge binds our souls deeply together.

I don’t believe we will all meditate or chant ourselves into loving our human brothers and sisters. I believe we will need extraordinary events to force us into deeper knowing of our intrinsic connections and Oneness.

We will need to see that rich or poor, Chinese or American, Muslim or Jew, we are One family all equal with one another in worth.

Perhaps it will take the worst, a world wide disaster to bring us all together.

But perhaps something magical, wondrous, and awesome will bring us together, like a worldwide Visitation from beings from somewhere else in our Universe.

In the meantime don’t buy into all the fuss and fear.  That attitude comes from people who do not view our human journey as meaningful and sacred, and instead see it governed by random chance, dog eat dog survival and material reality only.

Saturn opposite Uranus

An important aspect, Saturn opposite Uranus, which is the midpoint of their cycle together, occurs this year and next.  Their current cycle began when they were in conjunction with one another in 1986-1989.

Saturn is a planet of gravity that holds fast whatever it grabs.  It represents structure, rules, boundaries, discipline, organization and obligations.

Uranus breaks open whatever it touches. It represents freedom, liberation, breakthroughs, awakenings, revolution, anarchy, and “outside the box” thinking and action.

As they oppose each other, the archetype of order (Saturn) comes up against the archetype of chaos (Uranus).

In the late ’80s the Soviet Union broke up during the years that Saturn was in conjunction with Uranus.

We each will be challenged to handle order versus chaos in our own lives.  How much do we hold on tight to our sense of security and how much do we let go to new possibilities?

Do we stay in our old house or relationship or job or old thinking and beliefs which give us a feeling of stability and security?   Or do we break out into less secure but more liberating and potentially magical possibilities?

We will talk more about this aspect as the year progresses.  Watch chaos and order themes play out also in world events.  And watch peoples fight to leave oppression and control by leaders and governments.  The overall movement world wide is power to the people for the future of human kind.

Astrology Report week of May 2- May 9

This week May 2-9 starts out slow and “normal”, but changes mid week as Mercury goes retrograde and late week when there is a Full Moon.

Venus and Mars are in Aries all week, and independence will generally be more important than “connecting” at emotionally intimate levels.

The Sun is in Taurus, and it is natural at this time of year to concentrate on the “body” of things, the physical realities and pleasures of life.

Jupiter is in Aquarius all year, where it will assist us all in our desires to make community and follow our higher principles for living with others.  By the end of May it will conjunct with Neptune in Aquarius, where together they will tend to inspire people to their more idealistic dreams.

Early in the week Mercury slows down, and then turns from direct to retrograde at 1 AM on Thursday the 7th of May.   All day Wednesday the 6th you can know that Mercury is changing directions because things may seem out of whack.  This can happen by communication and thinking miscues and confusion, through delays in gaining clarity and information, or through other unpredictable events or thought processes.  To give you an idea of what it can be like when Mercury is changing directions:  In 2000 when the election for President was between Bush and Gore, there was much confusion that night, as Mercury was changing directions, over who would win. it went back and forth all night.

Slowly over the next few weeks, until May 30, when Mercury goes back direct, our perceptions will change.   During this time, allow your mind to get more reflective and imaginative and less logical.  Allow your mind to open to possibilities and away from strict paradigms or agendas.  It is best to think twice before making any big decisions or signing any important contracts.  Often times those decisions and contracts turn out not being what we had anticipated.

On Saturday May 9 at 12:01 AM EDT there is a Full Moon in Taurus/Scorpio. The effects of a Full Moon are about two days before the actual lunation, the day of the Full Moon, and two days after.  There is the feeling of coming to climax as the moon waxes before the full moon, and then relaxation afterward as the moon begins its waning phase, which lasts until the next New Moon.

This full moon in Taurus/Scorpio can be quite intense at times and power struggles can be experienced.  But the gist of the energies is about Taurus and its ability to be a “rock” of stability, and Scorpio’s ability to bring emotional intensity and passion to a situation.  Keep it calm or get down into the storm of emotions: That is the question.

This could be a week of shifting tides and confusing changes.  All will be fine if you are flexible and open minded and stay aware and conscious.

Last week’s forecast let you know that between Saturday and Monday there would be “potentially powerful events”.  This actualized when we learned about the “swine” flu during that time.

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“See” you next week


Weekly WorldView and Astrology Forecast

Perspectives from the Sky weekly blog and forecast will look at the week ahead, but will also provide a view of the months and years ahead, as well as an overall view and deeper insight into our human life experience and condition.  As a seasoned and long time astrologer I will use astrological maps to assist my perspectives.

Through this column we will be thinking outside the conventional world boxes.  Normally the conventional world presents us with a certain paradigm for reality that we all more or less buy into, and of course if we leave it too much we leave the “reality” that we are taught will keep us safe and “sane.”

But of course many years ago some people left the “sanity” of a flat world philosophy and dared believe the world was round.  And now many people are leaving the reality of our current world reality as its sanity is insane, and the people who have bought into it are getting more and more neurotic, or have ADD, or on prescription meds, or non prescription meds, or are addicted to one thing or another, or are locked into material logic, or are living in a fairy dream world to cope.

The world is truly changing by leaps and bounds now and has been for awhile; but we tenaciously, for security reasons, cling to the old which is literally driving us crazy.    I believe we have been leaving an old world, paradigm and Age and are entering what is sometimes called an Aquarian Age.   Some believe in the Mayan Calendar and believe the New World begins on December 20 2012.  I believe the Aquarian Age semi-officially begins in December of 2020.

The craziness has just begun, the economy in trouble is just the beginning of much more turmoil, which is meant to help us to let go of the old reality and to embrace the new.

Just as it often takes some dramatic event, like someone having an affair, to break up a dead marriage or other relationship, it will take dramatic events to break up our hold on an old age.

This weekly column is meant to talk to those who are in the process of leaving the old paradigm and are searching for new meaning to their lives and/or have already embraced a new paradigm for living.   There are many things new paradigm seekers have in common as we venture out from a world that makes no real sense anymore.

We seek a world built on fairness, truth, caring, and a desire to be part of a human revolution beyond control by “kings and queens” or governments or mega corporations.  That revolution defines us as stewards of the earth and responsible for our own well being and the well being of our human family on the Earth.

We believe in honoring the natural diversity of the human family, but also honoring our connection as one family with common human traits, emotions, and concerns.

We will certainly blow the earth and ourselves up if we do not learn to coexist- it is inevitable.  Our minds are well developed and our technologies reflect this reality, but our hearts and souls must heal and be honored equally with our minds if we are to bring together our human family as one and heal our planet (see http://www.spiritualrenaissance.com).

We also stand ready to connect with those from other planets as we live in one Universe together.  It is certain that before long Visitations will be known by more than a few.   These more public visitations will likely bring us closer together as one Earth Human Family.

This year we will expand our efforts to hold back the tide of hatred from around the world from those we have demonized like Iran and North Korea and Al Queada.  Before we all experience the diversity in Oneness of an Aquarian Age, we are destined to be at war with those we consider our enemies.    The nuclear bomb is a horrible dark cloud hovering over our Earth lives.

Astrology Forecast for Week of 4/25 thru-5/2

There will be 3 eclipses in a row in July/August (a rarity).  There are usually overall 2 eclipses in a row, twice a year, but this year there are 5.  There were 2 in January/February and now 3 coming in July August.  Eclipses happen at new and full moons only.

Eclipses bring shakeups to our personal and collective lives, which cause breakdowns and breakthroughs into change and transformation.  This will be a very intense, transformational, and even hellish summer for some as world events explode into our lives. More on this as we get closer to the summer.

For this week beginning on Saturday the 25th of April:

There was a New Moon in Taurus on Friday the 24th of April at 11:23 PM Eastern daylight time.  It will still be a “dark moon”, however, until Saturday night when the crescent shows.  Before that we are revving up our engines, and at the crescent we begin to move more fully forward.  The kind of movement most conducive to Taurus is slow and deliberate and present with all one’s senses.  Taurus seeks comfort and security, so these issues would be good to follow now.  Try to get more comfortable in your body and in your life.  Manage your physical resources, your home and finances.  Enjoy the relative comfort of nature and the outdoors more.

It is normally important not to push ourselves too much with planets in Taurus, but now we also have Venus and Mars in forceful Aries so you may feel motivated to take more action than Taurus wants.  And on Sunday things could get very intense as Mars in Aries squares “lord of the underworld” Pluto, and some people will show more anger and upset than usual.  Watch the greater world also from Saturday through Monday for potentially powerful events.

Monday there will be a tendency to meet responsibilities and work hard mentally as the Moon squares Saturn in Gemini.  Late Tuesday into Thursday evening you will need more down time and nurturing as the Moon goes into Cancer.

On Thursday the Moon goes into creative and fun loving Leo for a few days.  Also on Thursday Mercury leaves practical Taurus for talkative open-minded Gemini, so let your mind and voice open up more freely now.

We will talk again next weekend.

Leo Knighton Tallarico www.spiritualtherapyastrology.com